Across The Middle: Bears, Back to Life

| October 4th, 2017

I grew up on Bears vs. Packers.

As most DBB readers already know, I grew up in Wisconsin, right near the Minnesota border, and had to sit on the sidelines while Packers and Vikings fans battled it out. But the two times a year the Bears played the Packers were the best two weeks of the season. They were my Super Bowl simply because I knew the Bears had no shot of getting to the actual Super Bowl.

I’ll admit there were times when I cried after the Bears lost to the Packers. One of the happiest days of my life was the Walter Payton game. The 2010 NFC Championship was one of the worst. The Bears beating the Packers meant everything to me.

Last Thursday’s game meant nothing. I didn’t have any hope. Something wasn’t right in my Bearsmosphere and I’m damn glad they fixed it.

And Thursday night played out exactly how I feared it would.

Dom Capers loaded the box to take the run away.

Mike Glennon needed to make plays and couldn’t.

The Bears needed to make a change.

They knew it and, finally, they did.

Now, you can feel the buzz. The Bears are back. Or at least their games will actually mean something. I don’t know if Mitch Trubisky is going to turn the franchise around, but I know it’s possible. They have a player with the talent to make plays happen that otherwise shouldn’t.

The Bears aren’t going to win the Super Bowl this year. They never were, regardless of who was at QB. But now they can show fans they are on the right path.

And, if they’re not, there will be no question about what needs to be done.

“Mike Glennon is bad. He just is not good.”

Those were the words of Michael Cohen of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to his podcast parter Tom Silverstein when he was wondering how the Packers defense allowed the Bears to get anything in the passing game at all. Cohen said what we’ve known for weeks, but it was interesting hearing another perspective.

A lot has been said since the Bears admitted their mistake with Glennon. But I don’t actually blame GM Ryan Pace for the decision to sign him. He took a shot, he missed, it happens. I’d be much more worried about the GM who doesn’t take shots.

Quarterbacks are such a crapshoot. The Bears weren’t the only ones fooled by Glennon. Tampa Bay wanted to make him the highest-paid backup in the league and a handful of other teams were interested in him. He chose the Bears.

Look at what the Seattle genius duo of John Schneider and Pete Carroll did before finding Russell Wilson. Forget about Matt Flynn for a moment. They gave up assets to get Charlie Whitehurst and signed Tarvaris Jackson as a free agent. Look at all the quarterbacks the Patriots spent high draft picks on between Tom Brady and Jimmy Garoppolo. Ted Thompson spent a second round pick on Brian Brohm. Bill Walsh loved Giovanni Carmazzi. It goes on and on.

The smart thing that Pace did was make sure the Bears won’t be paying for this in the future.

Don’t Know What You Got Til Its Gone

The really stupid things Pace has done is let good veterans go for no apparent reason.

I know he isn’t exactly lighting it up with the Dolphins, but the Bears would be able to play out their plan of keeping Mitch Trubisky on the bench if they had kept Jay Cutler.  Hell, the Bears would probably be 3-1 or, at worst, 2-2 with Cutler.

I have yet to hear a legitimate reason as to why cutting him for Glennon was a good idea. I just hear people say “it was time” or bring up his injuries. Well, if he got hurt, Trubisky would’ve gotten valuable experience without the pressure of needing the full time job. Also, Alshon Jeffery has flat out said that he would’ve stayed with the Bears if Cutler were the quarterback.

But, that might not even be the worst example.

Cutting Robbie Gould because he had a bad training camp in order to sign Connor Barth is inexcusable.

Gould just came off a year in which he made seven field goals beyond 50 yards. He excelled in bad conditions and made a hell of a lot more game-winning kicks than he missed. His leg was the only reason San Francisco was in their game last week. Knock Gould for missing the game-winner against San Francisco two years ago all you want, but he kept the team in games by not missing kicks earlier.

Since the Bears let Gould go, he hasn’t missed a field goal. Not one. Overall, his kick percentage is 91.6, one of the best marks in the league. Barth is at 87.8% and 50% on kicks greater than 40 yards. Gould is 100% and they both have 10 attempts.

Bring On the Vikings

A lot of people are coming off watching the Vikings against the Lions and thinking the Bears should win this game. They certainly can win it, but the Vikings are pretty good.

Minnesota melted down against Detroit. They made some stupid mistakes, but they still almost beat a pretty good team despite them. They won’t have Dalvin Cook and who knows what the hell is going on with Sam Bradford. But they have some good receivers and their defense is tough.

As I wrote in my coach power rankings, Pat Shurmur is doing a damn good job with the Minnesota offense. It’s near impossible to stay relevant with a backup quarterback, especially when the backup is Case Keenum. But, here the Vikings are.

If the Bears are going to win, they’re going to need Trubisky to play like a stud. The Vikings have a solid run defense, but they’ve given up more than 280 passing yards twice already.

Can you imagine how the fan base would react if Trubisky lit the Vikings up in a Monday night win? It’s unlikely, I know, but it’s possible. That wasn’t the case a week ago.

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  • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

    “Cutting Robbie Gould because he had a bad training camp”
    yes just disregard he missed 6 FGs and an XP the year before and he missed 3 FG and an XP the year before that. Oh yeah disregard the 4 XP he has missed since we cut him. And disregard the fact he can’t consistently get touchbacks on kickoffs.

    BTW this is not an endorsement of Barth, he should be gone too.

    • SC Dave

      You’re all alone in your rabid hatred of the Bears’ all-time scoring leader, HBP.

      • Scharfinator

        Found a photo of MBP when he starts talking about Gould…


        • Bender McLugh


      • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

        I don’t hate him, for the most part he did a great job while he was a Bear. Kickers have one job – kicking the ball. I can forgive misses of 50+ and occasionally 40+. But when a kicker starts missing sub 40 yard FGs he should be cut, unless there is some weather event that causes the miss like gale force winds. Gould may be perfect on FGs since we cut him but he is still missing XPs, which is a sign that something is still wrong.

    • fishing florida

      your picture? are you 12 years old on your mommy’s computer?

  • beninnorcal

    Anyone know of any decent Bears-related podcasts besides the official Bears propaganda podcast?

    • Ronald Raes

      Hoge & Jahns?

    • Scharfinator


  • SC Dave

    “But I don’t actually blame GM Ryan Pace for the decision
    to sign him. He took a shot, he missed, it happens. I’d be much more
    worried about the GM who doesn’t take shots.

    Quarterbacks are such a crapshoot.”

    My sentiments exactly, Andrew.

    • Sahr Gborie

      Yes finding a QB is a crapshoot. Im just curious as to what Pace saw in Glennon. How did he not see this disaster coming? Did he really look at the crop of FA QB and think this is the best I can do?

      • Scharfinator

        Who was the better choice in FA? Honest question, I can’t remember one way or another.

        • Sahr Gborie

          jokingly anyone else but Glennon. but seriously the options in FA were:
          1.Cutler, David Fales, Sanchez, Da Destroya, Kaepernick, RG3, Osweiler, Fitzpatrick, Geno Smith, Nick Foles, Matt Barkley

          • Scharfinator

            I don’t think many of those are great picks buuuuut…

            I think we’d have done okay with Fitz… or shit just starting Sanchez.

          • Sahr Gborie

            i agree. but hindsight is always 20/20

          • BearDown100393

            All 3 incumbents from last season were more viable than Giraffe.

      • SC Dave

        In hindsight, I’m curious too.

      • Ososfan

        My theory is that they took Glennon to not let anyone know they were taking MT. I’d like to keep it that way lol

    • BearDown100393

      It was a self inflicted head wound bringing aboard Giraffe.

  • Ronald Raes

    the whole ‘mike glennon is bad’ paragraph…A-f’n-men.

  • Sahr Gborie

    Josh Bellamy says Mitch Trubisky is a ‘baller.’ But its above his pay grade to decide if Mike Glennon got a fair shake. Here is a crazy thought to consider…the entire offense conspired against Glennon by dropping catches so that Mitch “Baller” Trubisky could play

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      interesting… but it is more likely Glennon just sucks.

      • evantonio

        Glennon may suck, but he’s only on one end of the pass.

        • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

          Drops happen. Bears WRs drop 5% of the passes. League average drop around 4% of passes. It’s more about the timing of the drops than the number of drops.

    • Sir_Larry

      Pretty sure none of the current crop of stud WRs we have out there now can afford to be intentionally dropping balls. They are continually playing for 1) reps, and 2) a contract next year.

    • Malice Halice

      Dem dropped passes STILL doesn’t account for his INTs tho

    • Ososfan

      Bellamy needs to focus on not dropping easy catches…

    • fishing florida

      dumb as hell.

  • Tortured Bear fan

    Bellamy said. “Just another guy coming in.”, what he really meant ” Just more drops from another guy “

  • BearDown100393

    Name a GM worse than Pace in the NFC North.

    And now think of a HC in the division worse than Fox.

    It begins there.

    • Bender McLugh

      why exactly

    • Sahr Gborie

      2015 Pace became Bears GM. He inherited a Crappy team and a Crappy QB. What more do you want from the guy?

      2005 Thompson became Packers GM. Thompson is the longest tenured GM in the North and should be ashamed as GM because he has not given Rodgers enough weapons to win multiple SB. Look at what NE does for Brady

      2016 Quinn became Lions GM. Quinn was with the Patriots for all his life. He was groomed by the Hoodies himself. Plus the Lions have hit on some recent draft picks. He inherited a good QB with a good team on the verge of contending

      2016 Spielman became Vikings GM. Spielman has been with the vikings since 2006 as Vice President of Player Personnel. He’s been involved in their drafts for a long time. Nuff said.

      • willbest

        Its pretty much criminal the Packers only have 1 SB in his tenure considering the QB talent he had.

        Vikings are generally a decent team that can’t find a QB.

        Lions… they have a culture problem because they seem to draft pretty well and find talent. They just lack discipline, focus.

        • Sahr Gborie

          Everything you just said make me look at Pace in a generally positive light even with his miscalculations.

          Just look at the Patriots and you will understand why Thompson is a criminal who should be locked up. Plus Pace is building a team around MT: offense just needs WR’s and the defense just needs depth and another stud pass rusher.

          Vikings need a QB and we just found ours for the next decade God willing everything goes right

          Lions have a culture/discipline problem that Pace did not want so he brought in Fox to lay the foundation for the next HC.

          We will run the North in 2-3 yrs. Bear Down!!!

      • BearDown100393

        10 wins. Season 3.
        It all rides on Mitch.

  • CanadaBear

    I love revisionist history. I hated to see Robbie go but he was obviously on the downside of his career and he cost the Beloved 3 games in his last 2 years. His kicks couldn’t sniff the end zone unless the wind coming off the lake gave them a boost. My issue is Barth isn’t any better. I’ve never heard the story about Alshon saying he would stay if Cutler stayed. I’d need to see a link before I’m buying that one. The Bears offered him $12 mil/year and he took $10 mil with the Eagles. Why cry over a guy leaving that didn’t want to stay?

    Also, the Queens run D on Sunday sucked. The Loins almost had a 100 yard rusher for the first time in years.

    • willbest

      Gould also missed like 4 games to injury, and was getting paid a handsome 3+ million a year.

      Yeah we don’t need the money, but he wasn’t playing at an elite level so there wasn’t much of a point of continuing to pay him like one. And no, this isn’t an endorsement for Barth. We need to find the next Gould. Not poo-poo about a player that looked like he lost his edge and wasn’t merely suffering the yips.

      • CanadaBear

        Yeah, I like Gould as much as anyone on here (same with Alshon) but ya gotta be honest with the evaluations or you end up with a half dozen guys on the roster that are past their prime, making too much money and aren’t getting it done.

        • Sahr Gborie

          half dozen guys on the roster that are past their prime, making too much money and aren’t getting it done….Sounds like Emery’s entire time as a GM

        • SC Dave

          I’ve always wondered how much Mannelly retiring hurt the whole thing.

          Place kicking is a three man operation.

          • CanadaBear

            No doubt. Robbie was getting paid at an elite level for a kicker and wasn’t living up to it. I hated to see him go but like Alshon, time marches on.

      • SC Dave

        Lost his edge explains making his last 21?

        • willbest

          2013 – he cost us the playoffs
          2014 – he missed 4 games and kicked 75% (incidentally in his 4 game absence the Bears experienced their first on side kick success in a decade)
          2015 – 85%, 2 missed from inside the 40.

          So after 2.5 years of being unreliable the Bears cut him. Yes that looks like losing his edge.

          As for his 21 straight. Good for him. He is still only hitting 85% on extra points. Which is a what? 33 yard attempt? He also hasn’t even attempted anything over 49 yards in the last 2 years.

          • Joecashflow

            Since they moved the touch back to the 25, I think not kicking a TB might be an advantage. Make them earn every yd, to quote Belicheck.

    • SC Dave

      A lot of players were not at their best under Trestman.

      • Sahr Gborie

        Trestman was a coach in over his head and Emery cold not get a draft right if Bilecheck drew up his draft board

    • SC Dave

      Interesting speculation on Alshon. Maybe Wentz was a big part of why he chose Philly?

      • CanadaBear

        If it’s speculation OK but Andrew made it sound like it was a fact. I’ve never seen anything directly quoting Alshon or his agent saying anything remotely like that.

    • Ososfan

      Let’s hope 24 demolishes that defense again

  • CanadaBear

    Don’t know if you guys were watching the game last night. Here’s a clip they should show every kid on why you don’t want to be a catcher.


    • willbest

      MLB hates people watching its product.

      • CanadaBear

        From the centerfield camera it was a bullseye. The poor guy couldn’t even fake like it hit somewhere else. Of course, all the players were laughing like hell. Good times!

      • Scharfinator

        Fifa too!

  • BerwynBomber

    Andrew’s bemoaning the loss of Cutler and Gould? Good lord. That is Irish-level silly. I am resisting the urge to waste typing breath on it. (And hope to remain strong for the remainder of the day/until a new thread is posted.)

    In terms of belittling Case Keenum … I don’t know. I’d argue he is one of the better back-ups in the league. He can completely shit the bed (that is one of the reasons he is a career back-up) but he can provide a team a decent game or two. And he seems to be doing that for MIN. Thus far.

    That said, w/out Cook they’re probably toast for the remainder of the year. And I could see Keenum reverting to norm quickly. Like against us.

    CW would say this will be a low-scoring game which we can win. Bears hope says Trubisky picks them apart and we win by three scores.

    • willbest

      You been triggered.

    • Don’t the Bears make subpar QBs into superstars?

      Add Kenum to that list…

      • Ososfan

        Let’s hope that trend stops this year

  • King of DBB

    “Antonio has done an extremely good job of tricking people,” former teammate Ryan Clark said on ESPN Radio. “He’s done a very good spin job of having us think, or making people think who don’t know him, that it’s all about the Pittsburgh Steelers, [Brown is] just a hard worker who’s here to win football games. No, untrue. Antonio Brown loves Antonio Brown. If you listen to people talk about him. If you listen to the media, a lot of time the fans, they have an adoration for him that is not necessarily a depiction of who he is. He’s like most receivers. He’s selfish. Selfish as hell and a primadonna.”

    • Sahr Gborie

      Damn. Brutal Take

    • It’s all part of the plan

      and that is from Ryan Clark, not some run of the mill punk trying to make it in the media game.

    • BerwynBomber

      R-berger calling out Brown in public also seems a shot at Tomlin. In other words, the HC is incapable of keeping our diva in check so I’ll do it.

      • CanadaBear

        Not sure who the coach was that grabbed Brown’s jersey but I was shocked when Brown took a swing at him and nothing was done.

        • willbest

          That should have been a suspension.

          • CanadaBear

            Maybe the guy is just some type of assistant but he grabbed Brown’s jersey around the shoulders trying to get him to settle down and Brown swung around with his fist balled up. Didn’t hit anything but if I was the HC Brown would have been sent to the showers at the very least.

        • BerwynBomber

          That was Haley. Don’t know if I would call Brown’s move a “swing”. More a violent shrug.

          (But I only saw the replay once.)

          • CanadaBear

            He swung around hard and had his fist balled up.

          • BerwynBomber

            Fair enough. But I think some people have an animal instinct when cornered or grabbed from behind. I once instinctually cocked my fist at my chiropractor (when he had been working on me) and he stepped back and said something like “whoa tiger” and we both had a laugh about it. (Ironic side note: my chiro had once been an amateur boxer of some acclaim.)

            Anyway, most players especially professionals I would assume don’t like being touched or grabbed by a coach.

            Brown’s egregious act was his tantrum that led to that moment. A) you’re showing up your QB there and b) (and most importantly) you take yourself out of the game for a spell and become a distraction as I think they literally had to sit him for a series until he calmed down.

          • CanadaBear

            I definitely agree about the reaction but he showed absolutely no remorse when he saw it was a coach. He was in full tantrum meltdown. Sounds like it’s a good thing your chiro didn’t hear a bell ring when you reacted!!!!!!!!!

        • Ososfan

          I think it was their OC, lol. Word is that he’s losing his touch and the players are getting tired of his play calling….

      • SC Dave

        Its also part of why they make people captains, BB.

        • BerwynBomber

          Of course. But you want your HC running point on that. Not a team captain.

          • SC Dave

            I hear you, but not entirely sure I agree. Peer pressure can be a damn powerful force.

      • AlbertInTucson

        Bad looks that screams

        “Yeah, we won, but I’d be happier if I got more looks/touches and we lost.’

        • Didn’t they say the same about Sweetness not scoring a TD in the SB?

          • Ososfan

            Ditka should be lambasted over that every day

      • BearDown100393

        Because the ‘Burger’s own reputation as a citizen is impeccable…..

    • willbest

      What is it about catching a football that makes people psychologically predisposed to this sort of thing?

      • That’s a good question worthy of Vienna psychology conferences.

        I think that the position reinforces or even exaggerates certain alpha traits.

        For one, most good WRs ARE always open.

        I can speak from personal experience that there’s NOTHING more frustating than being wide open and the QB dumps it off and the O has to get off the field.

        I can almost guarantee you that every good WR 100% believes they are always open or can make the catch anyways, so by their logic, why not throw it to them all the time?

    • Bender McLugh

      Just give him the damn BALL already

    • Ososfan

      Ouch, AB has definitely changed, he used to be hungry and humble while fighting for every inch and yard, these past childish acts of his are so upsetting, I’ve been a huge fan of his since 2011 and am just flabbergasted with the new AB….

  • The reason the Bears couldn’t keep Cutler is that they wanted people to think they weren’t drafting a QB in the first round. If they had kept Cutler, everybody would have known they were.

    By paying Glennon like a starter, they were able to convince people that QB was not on their round 1 wish list (and they had EVERYBODY convinced of that).

    Now as to why they played Glennon for a month, I have no idea. But that’s why they had to cut Cutler and overpay Glennon.

    • CanadaBear

      Not to mention the Bears trying to sell year 9 of the Cutler regime was impossible. Everyone knew the only way Cutler could take the Bears to the promised land is to have a fabulous D and ST’s, fabulous OL, WR’s, TE’s and RB’s and they would need a few things to break his way. In other words, never gonna happen.

      • BerwynBomber

        And even then …
        But I disagree about selling year 9. Cutler fans have always outweighed Cutler skeptics in the Bears fan base (I point to virtually every poll Jeff ever conducted involving Cutler).
        I just think Pace had seen enough of Cutler’s career to know what he was and wasn’t and there was an outside chance a guy like Glennon might proved to be some Matt Ryan Jr. Pace, I suspect, also knew that Cutler would create a QB controversy that, in the end, wouldn’t be worth the headache. Cutler never gave off the impression he had any interest in being a back-up. In fact, quite the opposite.

      • BearDown100393

        All Pace accomplished by bringing in Giraffe was actually making Cutler haters wish he was still in Chicago.

      • In other words, the Dilfered it.

    • BerwynBomber

      Nah, there were a number of good reasons to move on from Cutler. And there remain a number of good reasons why it was wise to move on from Cutler (even after the Glennon mini-debacle).

      But I don’t buy the Glennon signing as pure draft fake-out theory. That would require Pace to have either known for absolute certain that CLE or SF would not draft Trubisky or for us to believe that Pace would have been happy with either Trubisky, Watson or Mahomes.

      I just think after ten years they were smart enough to realize what Cutler was and wasn’t but after less than a year of actual playing time were dumb enough to believe in the longshot promise of Glennon.

      • CanadaBear

        That and two bites at the QB apple. Holy crap was that first bite sour!!!!!!!!!!!

        • BerwynBomber

          Yes, should have stated that. That was my implication. And to the Bears credit, they obviously were hedging on Glennon. Pace almost certainly knew his professional career in the Bears FO hinged upon Trubisky.

      • Sahr Gborie

        So they gave up on the devil they knew the one they didn’t know. No thanks. I will stick with predraft some theory. Pace wanted a QB and was doing everything in his power to get said QB. sitting MT was part of his plan I believe because MT only had a few games under his belt. His gamble was that Glennon would play decent enough to keep MT on the bench for the year. That is the only part of his plan that failed because he underestimated how low Glennons floor was.

      • I’m sure it wasn’t purely that for Glennon. Like Andrew said, they swung and missed there.

        But if they actually had any confidence in Glennon as a starter, his contract would have been structured very differently and they wouldn’t have traded up to grab Trubisky.

        • BearDown100393

          There was no they.

          There was Ryan Pace. His call. His plunder.

          • Sahr Gborie

            He also hedged his bet on Glennon by drafting MT. What more do you want from him? Maybe he should kidnap Brady/Rodgers/Manning and make a Frankenstein QB.

          • BearDown100393

            He should have kept an incumbent and done the same thing. This whole hypothetical deductive game regarding Giraffe is plain stupid.

          • Sahr Gborie

            None of that matters anymore. We have MT.

          • SC Dave

            You’re off the chain, dude. Wrong is not necessarily stupid.

    • AlbertInTucson

      I respect your opinions mightily, professor, but that sounds like a bit of a reach/rationalization to me.

      • Sahr Gborie

        How do you explain the Glennon signing then?

        • BearDown100393

          Apparently Pace really believed the rest of the NFL thought Giraffe was one heck of a hidden gem. So he wined and dined the Giraffe, seduced him, floated the courtship to folks like Peter King all in an elaborate ruse to make the rest of the NFL solidly convinced Giraffe was under center for the next 10 seasons at Soldier Field. No way could the Bears be interested in Mitch Trubisky decried the jungle! Why would the Bears want another quarterback after the steal of the century right from under Tampa’s nose? And then kowabungee – Pace drafted Mitch! Why that sneaky SOB cried the rest of the NFL – he fooled us! Yes, completely plausible. And just to keep the cover in tact, play Giraffe 4 games, going 1-3 and being annihilated in Green Bay on prime time was COMPLETELY WORTH IT. The fans will understand. Ya know, the real ones right? The real smart ones who GET Pacebot’s programming. The diehards solidly in McCaskeys’ corner. Yup completely makes sense now. How stupid of me for not believing in the script. This was the plan all along. Plain as day. What will be Pacebot’s next devious plan? Tune in next week for Scooby Doo’s Mystery Adventures to find out….

          • Sahr Gborie

            1. Glennon was an unknown to most of the league. Not a lot of tape on him.

            2. Pace has talked about how important the development of a QB is and how it should not be rushed.

            3. Pace believed Glennon was a good enought QB that he would play respectable ball. He was dead wrong on that.

            4.Playing Glennon was part of the plan to help mold MT by keeping him on the bench and bringing him along slowly.

            None of this will matter if MT is everything we hope he is. MNF cant come soon enought. I have not been this excited for a Bears game since the SB

          • BerwynBomber

            “I have not been this excited for a Bears game since the SB”

            So the 2010 NFCC being hosted at Soldier against our all-time rival didn’t do it for ya?

          • BearDown100393

            Don’t ruin the feel good vibe……

          • Sahr Gborie

            You really think that compares to the SB?

          • BerwynBomber

            Did I say that?

          • SC Dave

            That’s not the point dude. I was way more excited about the NFC Championship than a Monday night game of a 1-3 team.

          • BearDown100393

            1. There was a reason for lack of tape. He stunk.
            2. Anyone can say the same thing. That is NFL GM Rhetoric 101. Only McCaskey would take that for brilliance.
            3. Yes he was dead wrong. Hopefully he will be right about Mitch. Or he should be fired.
            4. Giraffe should have lost his job after Game 2. And he should be cut now.

            I want Mitch to succeed. I want Pace to turn up aces on this pick. But I am not going to excuse him for Giraffe.

          • Sahr Gborie

            2. Have you looked at the list of 2017 FA QB that were on the market? The list is not pretty. Not saying Glennon was the best but I can rationalize/understand why Pace picked him.

          • BearDown100393

            I don’t. It was plain stupid. And bad judgement. He is worse than what we already had. And Pace didn’t see it.

          • Sahr Gborie

            You are right Pace whiffed on Glennon bad. But Tampa was willing to make him the highest paid backup for a reason. And as far as i’m concerned Pace rectified his mistake by drafting MT.

          • BearDown100393

            Time will tell.

        • AlbertInTucson

          A complete whiff.

    • BearDown100393

      Yeah let’s go with that.

    • Ososfan

      Cutler somewhat admitted he was done with the Bears so…. “don’t caaaarrreeee”

  • It’s all part of the plan

    I am excited to watch Mitch hand off to Cohen, carry out his play fake at 100% speed and create that sliver of defensive doubt that let’s Mocha Ninja take it to the fucking house. A LA CASA.

    • King of DBB
      • Bender McLugh

        Fake News.

        • King of DBB

          Santa dead? Jay dooooonnn’t caaaaaare.

          • Jay is from Santa Claus, Indiana.

            Tradition goes he flicks ashed cig butts at orphans every Christmas.

    • It’s gonna be awesome.

      I mean fuck, look at how old man Alex Smith and dad runner Cousins kept drives alive simply with their legs.

      That read option is going to put a lot of stress on Ds, esp in the redzone.

      Finally nice to be on the other side of that coin.

      • SC Dave

        And they still have Jordan Howard to deal with.

        • I predict a SERIOUS uptick to the TEs.

          They’re the ones who usually run drags and slip by when the defenders are worried about that bootleg.

          Think Trub will be hitting them all day on the run.

          • SC Dave

            The Shaheen Show!

            Get your tickets early!

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            so far all he does is catch TDs.

          • I think someone predicted he’d have 100 yds receiving but 10 TDs.

      • It’s all part of the plan

        haha, dad runner.

    • Ososfan

      I like Mocha Ninja! Awesome name!

  • BerwynBomber
    • willbest

      “I feel like I am ready” ?!?!?!?

      Fuck feelings Mitch. Being ready is a state of mind. Get it.

  • AlbertInTucson

    DaBearsBlog @dabearsblog
    This is a really fun game preview but it would be helpful if I knew which quarterback was playing for Minny.

    Last I read/heard was Zimmer was “hoping” to have Bradford back by week 6.

    But Vegas now has the Vikes at -3 and it COULD be Bradford according to this…


  • King of DBB

    Who has the better NFL career: Watson or Tr00b?

    • BearDown100393

      Find out in about 5 seasons.

    • Trub.

      But I wish the best for Watson. Hopefully it’s an Elway/Marino thang, with us the Elway and SB rings.

      • BearDown100393

        So Pace will have all the parts in place for a SB when Mitch is 38 years old?


        • We can only hope.

          • BearDown100393

            So what do we do in the meantime? Make fun of Jeff’s haircut?

          • Same as we have been doing since 85…

            Bitching about politics, revealing UFO conspiracies, betting parlays, tittie fridays…

          • BearDown100393


          • SC Dave

            Same as it ever was.

      • Sahr Gborie

        Once a team has the quarterback position figured out, it’s a lot easier to make roster repairs elsewhere. It’s when you have to get better around a quarterback that isn’t an elite passer that you run into real issues.

        Houston has a better team than us so adding Watson gives them the edge right now.

        If Pace hits on the next 2 drafts and FA we could be challenging for the NFC Championship instead of a Wild Card spot or talking about “this team has potential”

        • Yeah, that’s the thing. I think in the short term Watson might do better simply because the Texans have a SB ready team now. They’ve been hitting on draft picks for years now. Just on O, Fuller/Hopkins – Miller/Froman – decent Oline (not to mention that D with Watt and Clowney)

          I read some ridicules stat that relayed that they’re the only team to have the past 12 first rd picks still on the team, something or other.

          That’s nuts. They just needed a decent HC and QB.

          They may have found one.

          I still question Watson’s durability, but we’ll see.

          They should be competitive right away.

          We still need a WR, a S, maybe a RT, ILB and one more pass rusher. (not to mention a real K)

          • Sahr Gborie

            I have to say I really dislike Emery. He really set us back something serious.

            In a previous post I was asking what we shold focus on in the 1st round:

            Defense (S or ILB) or Offense (RT or WR)? Either way I am excited for this coming draft because it finally feels like we are working towards something.

          • It’s way too early to see what we need in first rd. So many things can happen still.

            The obvious hole is at WR, but White left a rancid taste in most mouths. I don’t know if Pace has the balls to draft WR in the 1st again.

            We don’t know if Eddie Jackson is real yet. If he sucks, move S up cuz Demps did NOT impress while in.

            I think Pace wants to build that Oline still, and he was rumored to go hard after that Ravens RT this offseason, so wouldn’t be surprised at all if he continues to build Oline, specifically at OT.

            And can never roster enough pass rusher, so if we’re in the top 7ish, that will likely be the target.

            Those I would say are the waay too early targets. But all that will change depending on whom Pace signs in FA.

          • Sahr Gborie

            1st RD – Edge
            2nd RD – RT
            3rd RD – WR

          • King of DBB

            Emery got you Long and Fuller. And Fuller was a bust until this season.

            Everything else he did was shit. A lot of shit.

          • Leno?

          • CanadaBear

            Not unlike your avatar, the reverse midas touch.

          • BerwynBomber

            Fuller had an excellent rookie year.

          • Ososfan

            I blame Angelo more. At least Emery could evaluate some Oline talent and WR’s…

          • SC Dave

            Don’t forget Mercilus.

          • Yup.

  • FF…

    Sneeaaky bastards.

    Off the waiver wire…

    Kamura. $10 to Waffle (Shady bid $9) Waffle loves him those 3rd down backs like Cohen and McCaffrey

    Aaron Jones $7 to Willie . Apparently banking on Tye’s rib being inj

    Gallman $2 to NBIT. Sneaky play, betting that the 3 other HBs suck and that MacAdoo gets his pedo stache out of his ass

    Fat Eddy $3 Bears 505. 3 others bid, but not much faith there. SEA always uses a 3 man rotation

    Rawls, $1 Butch. Eh. See above. I liked Rawls last yr, just always hurt.

    Hoyer $1. Willie. Da destroya!

  • The funny part about the QB revisionist bitching is that no matter what, Pace would’ve got shit slung on him by the locals no matter what.

    Let us travel back in time (Wayne’s world flashback)

    Option #1. Keep Hoyer.

    SOME, I won’t name who (ahem) wanted to keep Hoyer. Didn’t turn the ball over. Didn’t get sacked. Didn’t make stupid ass decisions. But didn’t throw it 60 yds like Cutler in that MIA hail mary.

    Keeping Hoyer would’ve pissed off many

    Option #2. Trading for Jimmy G.

    First of all, the Pats would’ve bent Pace over like he was Marcellus Wallace and brought out the gimp, so right off the bat fans would’ve got on Pace over the trade rape.

    Also, we still have NO idea if Jimmy G is any good without Bill. (Matt Cassell)

    Option #3. Getting Tryod, which was never really an option

    Option #4. Signing and starting Mark Sanchez

    Could you imagine if Pace had done this? The mob would’ve revolted.

    So you see 20/20 revisonist philosophers, Glennon LOOKS like a horrible decision now, but given the options back then, they may have all stunk.

    And lets not forget that in our current reality, Pace DID get his #1 QB.


    In those other scenarios, we may not end up with him.

    To quote the Bard

    “All’s well that ends well”

    • SC Dave

      Instant giant upvote by the end of the first paragraph. Bears fans are so predictably, meatheadedly negative.

      • And Cutler was NEVER an option either, for those wondering (I know you weren’t, but others).

        Both Hoyer and Cutler may be benched by season’s end.

        Ironically, the best former bear QB? McCown?

        Who knew.

        • SC Dave

          That is downright FRIGHTENING.

        • willbest

          I would have brought back McCown if I had all the information. I didn’t mind Glennon because he looked reasonably efficient. If I would have looked at the tape like others and saw him fart around until it was lob jump balls to VJax or Evans, I would have passed. Especially considering we let Jeffery walk so there was nobody for him to throw jump balls too.

          • Yeah but McCown has been “retiring” for like 3 years.

            If Pace had signed him, that would’ve signaled to the Browns “Bears drafting QB @3”

            And they saved up enough ammo to outbid us moving up with the 9ers.

          • willbest

            And yet in Bizzaro NFL McCown has lead a team with no WRs to a 2-2 season when everybody knew they were tanking.

          • yeah, that’s what I mean.

            EVERYONE would’ve bitched if the Bears signed McCown (except for a very few who wanted to keep him and dump Cutler back in the day like Irish proposed originally).

            So really, it was no-win Kobayashi Maru scenario for Pace this yr in FA.

            His real legacy will be judged by the draft. Trub-v-Watson

            Heck, MB just texted me a pic of the the top 5 rookies. Adams was #3, Hooker #5, so some are still pissed he even took Trub.

          • Sahr Gborie

            I’m just gald we didn’t take a defensive player like I and many others had hoped for. Garrett has not seen the field since he was drafted. Have not heard about Jamal Adams leadership at all.

          • willbest

            I haven’t seen either play but Hooker has a stat line on pace for the pro-bowl.

            Malik Hooker with 3 INTs, 3 PDs, 6 tackles and 5 assists.

            Jamal Adams has 12 tackles, 4 assists, 2 PDs, and a sack.

            Our Eddie has 12 tackles, 1 assist, and 1 PD

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      talk about revisionist history, last year Hoyer threw a hail mary exactly like Cutty’s in MIA. seriously it was wobbling and ended up 10yards out of bounds.

      • Yes but it did not come with a bunch of strip sacks and redzone INTs.

        • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

          I hated Hoyer but in retrospect I would have him over Glennon any day. I assumed Glennon would be a slightly better version of Hoyer.

          • SC Dave

            Most of us did, HBP. An upgrade over Hoyer or Barkley.

          • I originally predicted an Eli-ish season.

            Mostly short stuff with some downfield throws to go along with immobility and TOs.

            Nothing spectacular. Kinda between Cutler and Hoyer.

            Not as many TOs but with more redzone profiency.

            What we ended up getting was the worst of both. TOs with cuckery.

            But we NEEDED to find out first (IMO).

            I gave him 4 games, the hardest. He sucked. Move on.

            That’s the way I see it.

            I don’t like losing either, but it’s like taking medicine. Know that in the long run, it’s better to stay the course.

    • BearDown100393

      The Bard can only be quoted in that manner if MT delivers the goods. Hopefully he will. It won’t be overnight. But soon enough.

    • Malice Halice

      Tru. Except for Tyrod, all those options/qb’s just ain’t good nuff. So at that point Glennon had the best upside when u put cost/experience together. Nobody KNEW how shitty Glennon was UNTIL these prior 4 weeks. N like I mentioned b4 Pace drew up a contract to get us
      a) a franchise qb
      B) a bridge qb
      C) a qb that could play good enough to get CHI extra picks at the end of year.
      I can’t ever get mad at Pace for that but DAYUM Glennon was detrimental.

      • Yeah, I would’ve liked Tyrod too, but he was never really leaving Buff.

        He wasn’t even linked to other teams, even though it seemed like Buff was preparing to move on from him (they drafted Peterman in case Tyrod sucked).

      • SC Dave

        Jwff would disagree with theast sentence. He got Mitch in early.

        And really, all we gave up was money, and *maybe* two wins, when you think sbout it.

    • Irish Sweetness

      The most obvious option wasn’t listed. Keep Cutler.

      When one does not know what to do, do nothing.

      Keep Cutler, draft Mitch. Money saved. Paybook already known. Unleash the kid when you want.

  • Sahr Gborie

    Bears Tried Out Kickers Roberto Aguayo & Josh Lambo

    • I can’t for the life of me figure out what’s up with Aquayo. He was arguably the best college K of all-time.

      This would be like Tony Gwynn suddenly batting .190.

      Massive yips.

      I think we should give some young kid with a 50 yd leg a shot.

      • AlbertInTucson

        Shouldn’t Lambo be kicking for the Packers?

        • Ososfan


  • Some good vibes to go with the Trubster…

    Chicago Bears Run Defense – The Bears have faced some formidable running backs through the first month of the season (Devonta Freeman, Le’Veon Bell and Ty Montgomery among them), yet they are the only team that has yet to allow a run of at least 15 yards. And only Philly and Denver have allowed fewer yards from scrimmage to the running back position. Dalvin Cook owners might be tempted to pick up Latavius Murray and/or Jerick McKinnon to plug in for Cook this week at Chicago on Monday night, but they should seek other options – Roto

    • BearDown100393

      Bird Cage must figure out some form of pass threat in order to maximize the run game. Vikings D has to be somewhat aware of pass potential otherwise Trubisky will be blitzed non-stop. And it would help if receivers…. ahem Bellamy….. do what they are paid to do. Catch the damn ball.

      • Johnnywad

        I think Trubisky will do really well against the blitz. He’s got the athleticism to turn that against them from what I saw. That’s provided of course that he can process it. But that kid looked special when improvising and on the move.

        • SC Dave

          True, but the guys that are actually like, in the NFL, are a bit faster.

          Guess we’ll find out in a few days.

      • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

        Bird Cage probably does not have to change much. Just need the QB to look down field and hit the open guys, there were open guys the first 4 weeks. Glennon was afraid to make the throw or just did not see them. Glennon locked on WR and jumped too quickly to the checkdown.

      • I don’t think the VIkes are a blitzing type of D, but historically Ds in general do blitz a lot more vs Rooks.

  • Malice Halice

    John brown
    Kamar Aiken
    Allen Robinson
    Jarvis Landry
    Danny Amendola
    Julius Edelman
    Jordan Matthews
    Martavis Bryant
    Paul Richardson
    Tyrell Pryor
    These r all available WR this year FA. Pace should get atleast 2 of these guys!

    • BearDown100393

      Not Pryor.

      • Sahr Gborie

        Take someone in the draft and bring Alshon back. Not a lot of great WR’s in FA. The guy from Miami wants a payday that’s not going to happen with the Bears

        • BearDown100393

          Pace took Kevin White. It is a killer when a top pick does not pan out (either due to injury or bust status)

          • Sahr Gborie

            We can’t keep buying talent during FA. We have to find homegrown talent.

            We whiffed on the QB position for how many years thought FA and the draft. Now we might have gottent it right with MT. It only cost us 18 million plus a few mid round picks. We will have to do the same thing with the WR position. If white had worked out no one would be complaining. Hindsight allows everyone to be an expert. What kind of WR talent did Emery/Angelo get us? No much. Let’s give Pace a chance to get things right. This Bears ship is not going to be fixed overnight

          • Malice Halice

            At positions like WR, secondary, n Linebacker for FA, yes it can happen overnight. Along with drafting those positions as well. All the talent we got on O has been atrocious. We need to TAKE guys from teams, Not PICKUP ! HUUUGE DIFFERENCE!

          • SC Dave

            ??? Sitton is good. Sims is probably fine.

            The WRs, on the other hand.

            The only non-JAG leaves for Philly, our #7 pick busts, leaving our great hope a converted QB, who also got broken.

            We need a Div2 UDFA next year tjat becomes the best WR since Jerry (fucking) Rice.

          • willbest

            According to Irish our WR core this year was way better than last year, and our best WR core ever.

            Sorry, Irish. I have had to eat a lot of crow this off season what with Cutler not getting a gig until it fell into his lap, and Glennon being worse than Hoyer that I threw you under the bus.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Your WR corps is as good as the guy throwing the football. End of.

            I saw Mitch dropping balls into baby’s baske in PS. To guys called Rounds or Brown, and maybe they’re not even on the team now. So why not Monday night.

            Deonte, Bellamy, Miller, Sims, Cohen – he hasn’t got anyone to throw it to? Really?

          • willbest

            Again, he didn’t have the same pressure in his face he will tonight. The WRs didn’t have the same coverage. You basically saw him excel in a college+ game. And that is to be expected since he did well in his year of college starts.

            Matt Ryan pretty much proved WRs aren’t plug and play this past week when he didn’t have Julio or Sinu. WRs might be overrated since there is only so much they can do but you can’t just throw JAGs out there and expect results.

          • Sahr Gborie

            Taking guys as you put it requires spending money on someone who is not a homegrown talet. Pace is very careful about spending money on outside talent. I think he was quoted before as saying that its harder to comeback from the player you spent money on in FA than the one you didn’t.

            All that being said I think we will pick up WR/RT/ILB/S from the draft and from free agency. When Pace attacks a position he does it from all angles to make sure he is covered.

            Think of how stupid he would have looked if he only signed Glennon and drafted Thomas/Garrett/Adams instead of MT

          • Teams shouldn’t use FA as the main source of talent, but they should use FA to complement and fill holes.

            The problem is that Pace doesn’t sign sure-fire blue-chip FAs.

            Even McPhee and Hicks at the time were more B-side songs.

            One could argue Pace didn’t want to splurge because he wanted to build the core first and was realistic about SB chances, but STILL when he gets the chance, he should be signing higher quality FAs.

            I mean, ONE Garcon would’ve been worth Wright/Wheaton/Cruz/Royal combined.

            ONE TJ Ward would’ve been worth 10 Demps or Rolles

            Ironically the highest graded FA he signed was Sitton.

            We need to sign better FAs period.

            Esp given the Bears inj history.

          • SC Dave

            No problem with the Sitton signing in my book.

            And isnt Pace a giant fan of a clean inner pocket for his QBs?

            I would be. The worst shit for an offense is DTs in the backfield

          • I’m happy with the Sitton signing too, esp after fucking up by letting Slauson go, that’s why I want MORE of those types.

            If Sitton washes out, fine. But his AP resume is what we need more of at other positions, not a bunch of dollar bin specials.

          • CanadaBear

            Pace has to see his bargain shopping has been only marginally successful. If MT looks like the real deal this year, I think Pace will get more aggressive in FA. Part of the problem is the Bears suck and Illinois taxes are relatively high. Because of that Pace has to over pay. If it only affected that one contract that wouldn’t be much of an issue but it throws the team salary structure out of whack. Not much reason to go there when you suck.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            When it comes to Pace’s thriftiness, it probably is influenced by the cap hell the Saints seemed to always be in. The Saints spent on FA players that did not pan out, mostly on the defensive side. I don’t mind him being thrifty these first few years. The cupboards were bare, he could take chances knowing the team wasn’t going to be playoff bound for a few years. If those chances panned out,like Hicks, he had the cap space to extend them. I expect him to open the pocket books this next year on a Pass rusher, probably a DB and a WR. I am not overly thrilled with the WRs listed as FA, but anything will help.

          • Sahr Gborie

            Taking Glennons 4 game performance into consideration I’m glad Pace did not splurge on WR/S/CB talent. This team is not making the playoffs.

            We are better of building the core of the team first with draft talent and they the rest of what we need in FA.

            I expect pace to make it rain this upcoming FA especially if MT becomes a baller

          • Ososfan

            I’m praying that happens

          • SC Dave

            Emery got Marshall and Jeffrey. Best two receivers the Bears have had sinc3 Harlon Hill (who was the fucking bomb until his Achilles went… Don Hutson good).

          • Sahr Gborie

            Very true. I give credit where credit is due.

            I’m willing to give Pace a chance to get the WR position right. He did it with the RBs.

          • CanadaBear

            Not so fast Dave. Gault had about 3,500 yds and 27 TD’s in 5 years with the Beloved. Marcus Robinson had 2,500 yds and 20 TD’s in 5 years with the Bears. Alshon had 4.500 yds and 26 TD’s. Better numbers overall but the rules make it a lot easier to pad the stats in these pass happy times. I think Alson was better than either one of these guys but he wasn’t that much better.

          • SC Dave

            I guess I don’t understand – if Alshon was better than all those WR, how far back do you go to find a better one? I stand by Harlon Hill – the greatest receiver in Chicago Bears history, until being ruined by a bad tendon and subsequent alcohol abuse.

          • Irish Sweetness

            How would we know if we had good or bad receivers given the kind of passes they’ve been thrown for the last thirty years?

        • Malice Halice

          I’m thinkin Pace finna make it rain this year FA, we need a BONAFIDE star at wideout. Landry is atop the list along with amendola n Edelman. We need the savvy that Landry brings to da table. N Richardson has HANDS

          • Irish Sweetness

            We don’t need any kind of a star at wideout. We have slots already. All we’re missing is a guy to stretch the field, a tall guy. Offensive tackles, guards .. .this is what we need. Mitch takes care of the rest. He’ll make the receivers.

            Cam and Kevin are on the team remember.

      • Malice Halice

        Agree, Pryor sucks n he was my original starter (along with Jeffery). Thank goodness I got Diggs n Chris Hogan.

    • Julian Edelman is the only mac from that list, but I doubt Pats release (even though he is coming off an INJ).

      The rest are just gonna be overpaid 3 star guys, but hey, we need all the help possible at WR.

      Brown and Bryant are deep threats.
      Robinson would intrigue me. He’s a good route runner with decent size.

      Landry I think is more slot. Have to double check that.

      I don’t know if Pryor is tough enough to go over the middle. I’ve seen him alligator arm it more than once. But again, he’s an athletic freak with size.

      • Irish Sweetness

        We need a receiver over six feet tall. We do.


    Great article but dam it was like cutting a wound open again with the 3 cuts. .
    Cutty the staff was done
    But the other 2
    Shake my fucking head

  • Joecashflow

    Jay Cutler on the now-infamous Wildcat play: “Sit there, don’t get hit, don’t touch anybody, don’t move. I feel like I executed that one.”

    • CanadaBear

      Everyone was making fun of him but if he engaged with the DB and fucked up his hand …

      • TBC

        …then all of the DB’s left on the Dolphins’ schedule would have had a fit?

        • MrARodgers

          yeah, Cuntler is such a bum. He’s our 4th favorite quarterback of all time am i right TBC? We all shed a tear when he left the NFC North. Remember when good old Woodson said that Jay is always going to give you a chance. Remember how awesome that was? Do you remember when our guys would say that it’s just typical Cutler? That was awesome.

      • Joecashflow

        Gase actual said post game that Jay did exactly what he was supposed to do on that play. Regarding his INT in the end zone, Gase also said Jay has to throw that pass as an act of faith and the WR needs to do what he’s supposed to do. Gase said he called that first down play in like 1 second, because head sets were not working at all the sideline running back and forth Jay had to do. So, less about Jay, than strange call and FUBAR, Still, no TDs in 2 week now. That’s a screwed up offense.

    • Should’ve lit up a cig.

      • Ghost of Packers Past Glory

        That was savage!

      • Irish Sweetness

        And the little thug-life glasses slide over onto his eyes ….

    • madscout12

      I love that quote. I wish there was a video.

  • willbest
    • willbest

      to reeducation he must go.

    • He’s in SC. Doubt there’s much backlash. As long as he doesn’t kneel while being a misogynist, he’s ok.

      I think many who didn’t grow up with liberal parents are somewhat sexist. Just something one must be cognizant of.

      I remember one time I caught myself telling my nephew, “Don’t cry like a lil girl.” Is that “misogynist”?

      Dunno. I didn’t even think about it. It just came out. Then I reflected, “why did I say that?”

      Because that’s what I heard a million times growing up.

      So now I just tell them, “Don’t cry. Batman wouldn’t cry”

      Progress? Dunno.

      But I feel bad for ppl now on 24hour news cycle and social media pariahs.

      I mean, Elliot pulled flashed some girls boobs. I can only imagine what the 85 Bears did in New Orleans. But hey, it was before the 24hr spotlight.

      Cam will issue some generic apology. Maybe “meet” with some fem leaders. Bleh.

      • willbest

        North Carolina, and he did the black power salute this past week after a TD, so the real question is what is he going to do for the hat trick.

        And if you have a boy and girl, you know there are sex differences. Testosterone actually inhibits emotion which in turn increases a mans threshold for tears. Your nephew’s balls haven’t gone into overdrive yet. So while he doesn’t have the same ability to suppress those emotions, you are conditioning him for it.

        Both your statements reinforce gender stereotypes. The first one expresses disapproval, the latter gives him a goal to aspire to. I don’t see anything wrong with that, but then the people that don’t have any kids of their own seem to consider me barbaric in my desire to enforce gender roles.

        I find Cam’s comment interesting in the sense that he was surprised by her book learning. He and his teammates study the stuff because that is how they get better at actually playing the game. As a woman she isn’t capable of playing the game, but she still cared enough to learn all about it. I suspect that is where his “funny” came from.

      • BerwynBomber

        Don’t know if I feel bad for Cam. He always seemed a bit of a smug douche. But I hear you about the 24 hour news cycle and social media. And yes, sexism in football? Who could ever imagine? Shocking!

        • willbest

          In defense of the news cycle. This was at a press conference. Not some indie journalist that caught him by surprise with a technical football question while he was signing autographs for some kids on his way out to his car or something.

          • Yeah but it seems like players get interviewed A LOT more than before.

            This no doubt is an NFL ploy for more publicity-profit, but maybe they’ll rethink their philo going forward.

            Dumb athletes giving interviews in an overly PC world may not be a good formula.

            Then again, any publicity is good publicity…

          • BerwynBomber

            Good point. But social media tends to compounds things like this. Some time for the good. Some time for the bad.

          • willbest

            You are right. This doesn’t make the 8 pages of the sports section, and it doesn’t merit space in a 30 minute news program, or on A-17 human interest. The internet made space/time constraints on news disappear, and social media the distribution channel of anything that anybody finds emotionally compelling. Couple that with the notion that all feelings are valid, and you have a weapons grade platform.

      • SC Dave

        So when Tarik wanted to “scream like a little girl”, it was good?

        Goddamn it the world FUCKING SUCKS NOW.

        All the motherfucking umbragist pussies pissing and moaning about any imagined offense.

        And for the record, Charlotte is in NORTH Carolina.

        • I think the times-are-o-changing when it comes to language.

          I remember growing up it wasn’t a big deal to say, “Don’t be a fag/homo”. It was probably the #1 “insult”.

          But that type of language is being phased out I think, by parents.

          Same goes with “Tarded”, “bitch” “Fat ass”, “midget” etc

          Common in my child hood, not so much now (except fat ass. Fat Asses aren’t organized enough I guess)

          Racial/ethnic slurs were also common, but didn’t make them right.

          The slope gets really slippery though.

          Like “throwing like a girl” sexist? Throwing like a grandma offensive to grandmas?

          Some of it becomes like the def of porn. Know it when I see it.

          • willbest

            Your definition of porn is different than mine. The tragedy of that line is it was being spoken by the guy in power. “porn is what we say it is, we will let you know”

            That isn’t a way to have a functional society.

          • I take it to mean some concepts can’t be defined legally.

            “defining” goes all the way back to Plato.

            When does a chair stop being chair?

            Does it need 4 legs? 2 legs? Does it have to be round? Can it hover? etc etc

            A lot of abstracts can’t be pinned down exactly (like beauty, lewdness, obscenity, etc) and must be somewhat amiable to social-geographic context.

            That’s the way I interpret that.

            Like I had a friend who taught in Japan and he said the kids over there would put their two hands together like a gun and poke ea other in the ass.

            You’d probably get arrested over here for that.

          • willbest

            Okay, but when the guy saying it is tasked with writing the legal definitions and he doesn’t provide guidance (or wash his hands of the responsibility in saying this isn’t a legal matter its a social/cultural one) you got serious problems.

          • Yeah, but HOW is he suppose to define “porn” or “art”?

            I suppose some guidelines must exist, but he was likely dealing with a huge gray area, and I think trusted other judge’s judgment going forward as opposed to trying to define porn once and for all.

            Don’t know if defining porn is even possible.

            Nudity? Lots of art with nudity

            Penetration? lots of porn w out penetration

            Sexual? Intent? Lewdness? good luck with that.

            To me it’s kinda like a joke.

            You can’t really define what a joke is for everyone everywhere forever, but most ppl can get a feel for one when encountered

          • Irish Sweetness

            When the Tsunami of 2004 happened, I noticed that was a big thing with the kids in the playground. Poking each other up the ass going “Tsunami!”.

            I would say a chair stops being a chair when you can no longer sit on it.

          • BerwynBomber

            Was that line originally about porn or art? I’m kinda thinking it originated in regard to the latter and was paraphrased for the former.

          • willbest

            The case involved a theater owner that showed a pornographic film. The question was whether the display was obscene or if there could be some sort of artistic expression, or scientific value. They found it wasn’t obscene. I don’t recall what the film actually involved.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Porn causes sexual thoughts and has no artistic merit, that was the official line – once upon a time – as Bill Hicks presented it.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Racism, misogyny, bigotry … it’s all the rage now. Notice that?

            Say what you like. The gloves are off.

          • Humans are tribal in an international digital age.

      • EnderWiggin

        I think you mean:
        “Don’t cry, Batperson wouldn’t cry”

    • SC Dave

      So, who is this Harry Lyles, and what is his gender identity? I’d select “pussy”

  • Not dogging it I guess.

    Panthers DE Julius Peppers was named NFC Defensive Player of the Week for Week 4.

    The 37-year-old played a big part in the Panthers’ Week 4
    road win over the Patriots, notching a pair of sacks against Tom Brady
    and hitting and hurrying him another three times. A part-time player at
    this stage of his career, Peppers is only playing about half the snaps
    but is fifth in the NFL with 4.5 sacks.

    • willbest

      He is finishing his career a panther? Interesting.

      • BerwynBomber

        It’s the Woodson move. Finish up with your original franchise. After both did stints with the Cheese.

    • BerwynBomber

      HoFer. Never thought he dogged it here.

      • willbest

        He took a few plays off.

        • CanadaBear

          His last year with the Beloved he took a lot of plays off.

    • willbest

      4.5 sacks already at 37. DAMN. He has already earned his 3.5 million he is making this year.

      • willbest

        Fun fact. Peppers now has 148 sacks, which places him #5 all time. He will pass Chris Doleman in 2.5 sacks. Kevin Green is within striking distance at 160, Reggie White and Bruce Smith with 198 and 200 respectively are not, unless he has 5 more years left in his tank.

        • I was surprised to run across that too at 37.

          I still think he’s the greatest physical specimen in football of my generation. Dude was just a beast. I saw him run down Vick in his prime. 6’7 290 running down that dude. It was incredible.

          I bet he’s still faster and stronger than most 27 DEs.

    • BerwynBomber

      Woodson and Peppers are/were a lot alike. Freak athletes who could do everything and beyond that their position required and still produced at the very end of their careers.

      Woodson, IIRC, earned a PB spot his very last year in the league and in his penultimate year he has more TTs than any safety in the league.

      Doesn’t shock me that Pep is producing for CAR. Dude’s a beast.

    • Irish Sweetness

      The last DE we had.

      • willbest

        You hate Hicks apparently.

  • BerwynBomber

    Btw, Diggs leads the entire league in receiving yards. Third in the league? Thielen, who seems like Jordy Nelson 2.0.

    • I liked no Diggity right away. He seemed like an Antonio Brown clone. But naturally the Vikes didn’t know how to use him. Now that Peterson’s gone, they revamped the O to feature him.

      Be interesting to see if teams smother him now without Cook drawing attention.

      Thielen came as more of a surprise. Don’t even remember him in draft talk.

      • CanadaBear

        UFA from Minnesota State.

    • willbest

      woah, and he hasn’t even gotten to pad his stats against the Bears yet. Am I right Al?

  • MrBearsox02 .

    Fuck the moron writing DaBearsblog ! Reading his ridiculous rambling bull shit makes me hope his supplier stops delivering his magic mushrooms and acid cocktail just long enough so he clears his mind and sees his insanity and commits himself to an institution with no internet !

  • ButtonShoes

    “The Bears weren’t the only ones fooled by Glennon.”

    No kidding. There were a lot of Bears fans who were somehow fooled by Glennon, too.

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