Turn the Beat Around: Words of Wisdom From the Hired Hands

| June 20th, 2016



From his piece in the Sun-Times:

How does Kevin White look?

Like a work in progress. His physical gifts are apparent. He’s fast and imposing. But his drops stood out, especially when Jeffery was out of town. White is under pressure to be a difference-maker and is clearly learning the finer points of being an NFL receiver. But I’ll say this: when Jeffery did return for minicamp, White’s play seemingly improved.

Many have larger expectations for White in what will be his rookie campaign. None of those expectations are possible if he doesn’t catch the ball. Whilst other writers – including one for this site – have been leading the White Hype Train, I’ll remain cautiously optimistic.


From his piece in the Tribune:

Cornerback Bryce Callahan, defensive end Akiem Hicks and, not surprisingly, wide receiver Kevin White consistently flashed during the spring. Callahan is the leading candidate to be the nickel cornerback, a position he played last season. He took advantage of ample time working outside while an undisclosed injury sidelined Kyle Fuller. Callahan led all defensive backs with four interceptions in the offseason, a statistic kept on the wall of their meeting room.

“That’s one of the main things Vic (Fangio) was preaching,” Callahan said. “We need more takeaways and more interceptions.”

Callahan has added nearly 10 pounds of muscle to his upper body, getting to him 193 pounds. He felt being under 185 might have led to getting dinged last season. While he’s not tall at 5-foot-10, he has a 41-inch vertical jump and is fluid in the middle of the field.

Callahan’s emergence would greatly improved the backend of the Bears secondary, still the team’s least talented meeting room.


From his piece for ESPN:

Tight ends (3): Zach MillerTony MoeakiBen Braunecker (cut: Rob HouslerKhari LeeGreg ScruggsGannon Sinclair, Joe Sommers).

* Housler did not participate in minicamp, so that will be a situation to monitor. The Bears seem to like Braunecker, who many thought would be drafted. Lee can still make the team if he stays healthy and has a successful preseason, but Moeaki (if available) is a proven commodity. This will be another interesting position to follow in the preseason.

Braunecker is the fascinating player here. He will quickly become a fan favorite if he hangs on through the summer.


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  • AlbertInTucson

    “But his drops stood out,”

    Happy Monday, everybody!

  • CanadaBear

    From the end of the last thread. Not that I’m all in on the Al-Jazeera PED’s story about the NFL (Peyton Manning and a few others) but I did find it interesting that 3 of the players named were Fudgies and the NFL still hasn’t looked into it. We all kinda kid about the Fudgies getting special treatment from the NFL/media but if this story is true, fuck me. Besides Peyton the story lists Matthews, Neal and Peppers as using steroids.


    • MB30SD

      assholes. Peppers is a fucking traitor.

      • SC Dave

        Panthers fans would no doubt agree.

        • MB30SD

          yes, but there’s a diff between being your run-of-the-mill NFL mercenary for highest bid, and a dude who turns around and goes to your most hated rival as an extra FU.

          That and I don’t give a fuck about the panthers… bastards have two of the best IMLBs in the game and can’t whine about anything.

          • CanadaBear

            I don’t give a shit about Pep going to the Fudgies. The part that pisses me off is he mailed it in the last year in Chicago and then decides to ball again when he leaves (not to mention the steroid angle).

          • MB30SD

            that too

          • Seriously. The Bears cut him, he’s free to go wherever he wants. I have no problem with him going to GB. Great situation for him given where he was at in his career.

            Airmailing 2013, on the other hand, pisses me off.

          • MB30SD

            can’t you guys let me have my fun!?

            Fucking reason and logic

          • Sactowns#1

            Whats the difference between Peppers doing that and just about every other exBear becoming infinitely better when put on a new team. I expect Forte to be the MVP this year.

          • Huge Bear’s Penis

            which ex Bears became infinitely better on new teams?

          • Sactowns#1

            In recent memory, Greg Olson is doing pretty well, BM obviously still a stud, Cedric Besnon crushed people, I’m sure I could look back at our rosters and find quite a few for you if you like.

          • Huge Bear’s Penis

            Olson and BM did not become infinitely better on new teams and Benson had the same ypc after leaving. You made it sound like everyone that left the Bears instantly became Pro Bowlers or got significantly better. I might concede on Olson, but my suggestion is to keep looking.

  • MB30SD
    • Irish Sweetness

      That Kardashian link works yo!

  • Irish Sweetness

    Three things jumped out of that for me.

    1. Bryce is for real.

    2. Kyle Fuller sidelined by “undisclosed injury “. Here we go.

    3. No mention of us having picked up a WR yet.

    • Huge Bear’s Penis

      3. they are trying to keep Braverman a secret. They don’t want everyone to know they have a Future HOFer on the roster just yet.

    • BearDown100393

      Fuller hasn’t been right since being dropped on his head at training camp.

  • MB30SD

    GP… hubba hubba. and only $3.25!!


    • Swing Tackle of Destiny

      The car was used as a daily driver early in its life, before GT40 restoration expert Robert Ash bought it in 1984.

      A daily driver?

      • MB30SD

        you ever been to my Ex inlaw’s hood… daily driver will take on a whole new definition

        • Swing Tackle of Destiny

          I am actually curious, and I know you need to be vague but:

          What did your ex’s family do that they were that loaded? Own Park Place and Broadway with hotel?

          • MB30SD


  • Let’s hold off on the 2nd year player hype train.

    Goldman and Amos are established starters, but we don’t know if they’ll just be solid guys or difference makers.

    Langford and Grasu are expected starters, but both played a lot as rookies and didn’t impress. Both could easily end up looking like busts by the end of this year.

    We know nothing about White right now.

    So yes, 5 of his 6 draft picks from 2015 enter camp as starters. That doesn’t necessarily mean anything though. Only 2 established themselves last year. Let’s re-visit this halfway through the season and see how things look.

    • FWIW, I really like this draft class and think probably 4 of the 5 will end up being solid starters or better. I just think the praise in that piece was a bit over the top considering how little 3 of those 5 have proven so far.

      • MB30SD

        I liked langford for the role he filled. We’ll find out this year obviously, but I think he’ll do well from the eye test.

    • Irish Sweetness

      … and Howard is the main dude.

    • Big Mike

      The whole off season is about getting hyped about a guy, then tearing him down, and getting hyped again and tearing him down. It was a great draft all the guys are starters, it was a so-so draft some of them might be starters, some contributors, the draft sucked. Followed by we have to wait and see.

  • Swing Tackle of Destiny

    So I finish the 30 for 30 series, and here is what I came away with:

    Marcus Allen is a dick.

    OJ does everything for this guy. Acknowledges him as the heir apparent, gets him TV gigs, gets him on HBO, treats him like a brother – puts him in the circles to get NFL broadcasting gigs. All he asks of the guy is that he not fuck Nicole. At this stage, Nicole has moved out and she is sleeping around, coking it up and giving blowjobs to losers (seriously, that boyfriend guy was a d-bag).

    OJ is losing it, peeping in windows, sending agents to clubs to spy – he’s gone loony. But he asks, he ASKS, Marcus – man, I have treated you like the Trojan brother – can you sit this one out? Marcus can’t do it. He taps Nicole every which way, and then denies it later under deposition. Dude. Come ON.

    All through the whole thing, you keep thinking – Nicole and OJ have the most spiraling destructive relationship one has ever seen. They fuck around on each other, he beats her, they make up and get coked out their minds, they get back together, he beats her badly, she leaves, does more coke. OJ stalks her. Holy shit. It was batshit insane. They spiraled in that 80s excess.

    Also, OJ has narcissistic personality disorder. Bad. real bad. He’s fucked up on 10 different levels, probably because of his dad being in the closet, badly. He has issue upon issue. He needed years of therapy, but never got it. He would have made a terrific African despot.

    Oh, and the Goldman kid gets the rawest deal ever. Has no relationship to Nicole, outside of the fact she is a regular at the restaurant and the owner asked him to bring her mother’s glasses back to her house. Wrong place wrong time kid. Sad.

    • BearDown100393

      But instead he became Avis car rental guy. Who murdered people.

      • Swing Tackle of Destiny


        • BearDown100393

          Damn. Should have Googled.

          • Swing Tackle of Destiny

            The series has the ex-CEO of Hertz on there. He secretly brought OJ to Augusta and other courses where blacks were not allowed. OJ was most at home with old, white, rich guys talking business.

          • BearDown100393

            And doing blow.

          • Swing Tackle of Destiny

            and fucking hookers. Dude was the poster boy for hookers and blow.

          • MB30SD

            I don’t get the hooker thing. Yeah I know, you pay them to leave… still, I can do that online in a day, or pick up a chick in a bar.

            Hookers are for ugly/desperate dudes who can’t get laid (or are married… filthy bastards)… OJ was far from either of those.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Nah man. Di Caprio uses them all the time. They’re like McDonalds. You want to fuck, you want to have some fun, but you don’t want to put in weeks/months of groundwork and dates … it’s pure freedom. It’s about choice.

          • MB30SD

            I get that aspect, kinda sad.

          • Sactowns#1

            Weeks or months? Dude I’m not Leo and it normally takes one date. ONE. The one thing the paid ladies have going for them is they’ll never hit you up for paternity. That’s about it. I’d much rather date a citizen and take my chances than hook up with some human trafficking victim.

          • MB30SD

            I was going to say this, but felt like I was starting to sound like a douchebag (more than usual I mean).

            Yep, some light texting and one date. That’s about it. 99.9% of the time the chicks are just as interested in getting home as I am getting them the fuck outta my house. It’s a good deal. I loooooves being single maings… especially in san diego… especially I’m summer.

          • Irish Sweetness

            That was the most surprising thing, he really did think he was white. I was gobsmacked when he said in an interview he didn’t really understand what “all the fuss was about” in Watts. Goes to a white college, all his friends are white, and then he says that in the cop car driving away from Rockingham ….

        • Scharfinator

          I thought using the name Hertz was a pun on hurting/murdering people – but instead you were being factual.


    • Maybe Al Davis knew Marcus was a dick?
      Or did Al Davis turn Marcus into a dick?

      Chicken or egg…

    • Irish Sweetness

      I’m 3 episodes in. Great stuff. Feelings so far:

      1. It’s a good historical document of L.A. I didn’t know about that girl La’Tosha girl before, but the history of riots and injustice was almost as forefront, if not more so, than OJ in the documentary. That fucking cop saying he was afraid King would get up off the ground and threaten his life? Damn, that Doomsday creature from Batman v Superman wouldn’t have gotten up from that beat-down. Jesus, that was attempted murder.

      2. The coverage of the Bronco chase is next level. Bizarro world. To think there were 3 or 4 SWAT teams with a bead on the Bronco at Rockingham and if OJ stepped out he was getting dropped …. wow. The cops actually did well in handing it over to SWAT there. One has to think this is indicative of guilt. Amazing reveal – OJ is being driven by the cops from Rockingham under arrest, he comments: “What are all these niggers doing in Brentwood?”

      3. Who needs friends like Marcus Allen?

      4. I always thought Goldman was banging Nicole and so OJ would have been double upset and that caused him to almost decapitate her. But he worked at Mezza Luna, the owner of which it turns out she was dating. Goldman was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

      5. Talk about co-dependency. If she really did call 911 8 or 9 times then sorry but she’s a dumb bitch and it cost her life. The LAPD are also at fault there and their interview where he sat down without a lawyer was brutal. The prosecution ever calling Mark Fuhrman to the stand is the greatest fumble of all-time next to the glove-fitting.

      • Swing Tackle of Destiny

        Jackie Glass delivers the smack down with all the aplomb of the aggrieved whitey.

      • SC Dave


        That is all.

    • Darlenejlee3
  • Swing Tackle of Destiny

    Bourbonaiss schedule posted. Everything is weekday in the morning, from 930 to 1130 am. No afternoon sessions.

    One Saturday in the morning, after that is the family day at Soldier Field.

    All in all, it’s the least friendly to the public that the schedule has ever been. Nobody is going to be able to go on weekdays in the mornings except the unemployed and maybe some dudes on vacation.

    If you want access to the team, this is probably your year. This schedule means the crowds will be light. Biggsy can take off for lunch and this year doesn’t need to worry how long that takes.

  • Nice sum Jeff.

    Like how u gathered pertinent info from Biggs and Jahns.

    Let’s throw out stats for now. We all know the famous quote about 3 types of lies…and it’s even more so in the NFL where context can make mirages seem like palaces and vice versa.

    Eye test.

    Callahan. Passed it. Potential there. So far looks quicktwitch. Maybe another Jennings (post juggs, pre inj).
    Langford. Same with flashes of big play ability.
    Goldman. Same, but showed flashes where he can dominate.
    Amos. Passed, but doesn’t show that ballhawking, though can lay the wood. He also needs to work on coverage.
    Grasu. Utterly failed. He’ll Vereen it unless roids are that effective.
    Carey. ? Classic “Coach, you need 1 yd, I can get u 3. Oh, you need 5 yds? I can get you 3”. If Howard can do that, then Carey becomes expendable since he’s not “their” guy.
    Fuller. ? AKA Neckbrace. Looked pretty inconsistent to me. So on top of perhaps not being a scheme-fit, not tracking the ball well, he’s inj prone? If he weren’t a #1, he’d be lucky to be a nickle.

    • MB30SD

      I can agree with the vast majority of this. I think the # is up on fuller… not so on grassie, we’ll know for sure this year.

    • BuddhaJoe

      It’s not like Grassu totally embarrassed himself either. He got thrown in before he was ready when Montgomery went down and given that, I thought he acquitted himself well. I would still like someone behind him for a backup plan though. Another reason they should have kept Slausson I guess.

      • I would argue Amos had it worse since our secondary last year was crap esp behind a suspect pass rush, yet he found a way to be serviceable.

        Grasu looked like he shouldn’t have even been a backup. If I remember correctly, POX essentially benched him even though they badly needed him.

        • BuddhaJoe

          I think you’re right about Amos. I thought Grassu was getting better towards the end of the season but I’m no expert. If he’s bulked up like they say and learned from his mistakes I think he’ll be good. Not Olin good but servicable at the least.

      • Swing Tackle of Destiny

        We created a name for his badness on this blog.

        He was routinely getting blown up inside and bull rushed into Cutler, he was unable to turn his man nullifying the inside run game, and don’t even ask about short yardage and goal line play. He was so far underpowered it was hugely noticeable.

  • Irish Sweetness

    Next season on “Made in America: Scot Free” … Robert Wagner.

    • CanadaBear

      I was so hot for Natalie Wood when I was a kid. She was really short and had it all going on.

  • Big Mike

    9 wins. That’s all I can say about this team. I think they are a 9 win team.

    • beninnorcal

      Agreed. And I’ll take that. Hopefully a couple of this years picks pan out then maybe a 10-11 win club in ’17.
      I wouldn’t be suprised if they got 10 wins this year, though. This schedule looks a lot nicer than last year’s.

      • Huge Bear’s Penis

        16-0 bitches.

    • CanadaBear

      I’m sticking with 8-8 but have no idea. I’m basing it on the D improving, ST’s improving and the O taking a step back. If the O stays the same or improves, playoffs are a reality. If not, oh well. I think the O is really going to miss Slauson, Forte and The Black Uni. Hope I’m wrong about the O.

      • Big Mike

        9.. What are you a Packers’ fan. 🙂

        I don’t think the offense is taking a step back. I know that’s the popular opinion. I’ll give you my reasons.
        – The coaching staff knows what they have. They are professional, veteran coaches. Pace knows what we have. So..
        – They must have felt confident in Grasu, Whitehair, etc in order to let Slauson go.
        – On Grasu, everyone’s worried about his strength and size. Yeah he got his ass whooped and was bullied and pushed back into Cutler’s lap. Ask any Center ever, they’ll tell you that only happens when they are slow to react and don’t have their hands and feet set. Only an absolute BEAST like HOF quality center can avoid getting bull rushed like Grasu did, if their feet and hands aren’t in place.
        – They must have confidence in Leno.
        – Long back at RG is a 10x upgrade
        – Massie at RT is a push from last year. (not a popular opinion, but against quick pass rushers last year Long showed his inexperience at RT. He wasn’t pro-bowl good RT. He was pro-bowl good OL but not RT. I think next to Long, Massie is a very nice RT.
        – WR – biggest upgrade on offense is WR.
        Braverman, pushing Royal is way better than the special teams guys they had in the slot
        Kevin White over Marques Wilson all day long
        Alshon – over anyone that was the #1 (marcus mariani was the # 1 WR one week

        Langston, Carey, Howard at RB will perform better than the Bears RBs did last year, because of passing threat more than 5 yards downfield.

        Cutler- will be better this year than last.
        TE- well we’re sort of f’d here.
        -All in all offense is going to be better.

        Defensively, we’ve gone from shitty to very good at ILB.
        Old and slow on the DL to young and Fast
        Competition at OLB
        Good front 7 makes DB’s better. Callahan coming along as slot corner, fuller has another year of experience and its a make or break year for him. Amos should be better. Porter we’ll see.

        9 wins 🙂

        • CanadaBear

          That’s a lot of positivity for only 1 extra win! I think we could bridge that gap with the RB scenario. We disagree on Langford a bit and I think losing Forte is going to be a lot bigger deal than people think. Who knows?

          • Big Mike

            Amen. Lots of positivity. Until further notice based on how Fox and Pace have guttend this team of old ass slow players and created a young, fast team, found 5 starters last year, found great impact price conscious free agents and are returning the team to a bad ass smash mouth team. They have my trust.

          • CanadaBear

            A few head scratching moves and all those slow starts keep me from being all in. I’m pretty close. 85-90% there.

          • Big Mike

            Slauson what are the other head scratchers? Slow starts to games? Considering they were outmanned every week, I’d say that was almost by design.

          • CanadaBear

            Keeping/moving CD to ILB, moving Jones inside, total lack of planning when Long was moved to RT in week one, Pickles at backup QB, just off the top of my pointy little head.

          • Big Mike

            I’m like a trauma patient. I forget the bad ones. Some of those might have been out of desperation. But can’t say that about all of those.

          • CanadaBear

            I’m sure part of it is going from being epically bad and winning 5 to looking professional but not much better at 6 wins. Seems underwhelming but I have to keep in mind they also turned the roster over in 2 years.

          • Big Mike

            My man.. Turning over this roster in 2 years is huge. That was 5 wins heading towards 3 or 2. Last year’s six was definitely pointing towards 7 or 8. No injuries wiping out ALL of the wide receivers, that’s one win. Robbie Gould breaks even on two kicks that’s eight.

            TE is the only position that really really drops off.

            I’m betting on Grasu being a stud. His problems were reaction time and technique as much as overall strength.

          • Scharfinator

            That and losing Gase – who seemed to have the Cutler arrow pointing up. Everyone assumes he will play as smart as last year without the same OC… I sure hope so, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • Scharfinator

      3-13. I’m trying my best to be pleasantly surprised. 😛

      • MB30SD

        always under promise and over deliver

    • You’re about to get Jericho’d

      Legit 11-5 barring catastrophic injury to WR and QB position.

  • Swing Tackle of Destiny

    If Fox doesn’t get a 10 win wildcard season, it will be considered a step back season. If he doesn’t have injuries to pin that on, there will be disappointment.

    But – we always have lots and lots of injuries.

    • This is a team that has won a total of 11 games the last 2 years. They lost 3 of their 6 best offensive players.

      And getting less than 10 wins will be a step back? Please.

      8 wins would be a sizable step forward for this team. That’s going from bad to respectable. 10 wins would be a giant leap.

      • Sactowns#1

        Lost? More like gave away three of their best players

        • The only one that was dumb, IMO, was Slauson.

          It’s smart to move on from did at the time they did. History is not kind to guys at his age with his usage, and that wall hits hard.

          Bennett they decided had to go for off-field reasons. I can live with that.

          Getting rid of Slauson for no reason… that one still gets me. And I feel like it’s going to come back to haunt them this year.

          • MB30SD

            I assume you’re talking about 22 in your second paragraph

          • Sactowns#1

            Getting rid of BM before the new coach even came on? This team has a recent track record of getting rid of quality guys and getting very little in return.

          • CanadaBear

            Gotta agree but you have to assume nobody was offering anything. It’s a pisser about both BMarsh and Black Uni but POX were going to change the culture and they had to go.

          • Sactowns#1

            As anyone in management will tell you, you don’t change corporate culture by changing the workers.

          • CanadaBear

            I think toxic people are canned all the time and more often than not the culture improved when they were gone.

          • MB30SD


          • Cormonster

            The best thing that happened in my business in the last 5 years was my two top employees quitting. Both were about to get canned by me before they left on their own (one to start his own business, the other to live closer to his girlfriend). Both of them had developed bad attitudes that infected everyone else. They had developed an entitlement mentality and no amount of money or benefits was enough. Other guys have stepped up to fill their roles, and everyone all around seems much happier, including myself.

          • MB30SD

            Dis again

      • MB30SD


  • BearDown100393

    16-0. Record setting offense. Record setting defense. Every starter named to Pro Bowl. Defense shuts out every playoff opponent. Super Bowl largest point differential in history. NFL contracts Green Bay out of the league.

    • Swing Tackle of Destiny

      Grasu to the Pro Bowl!

      • CanadaBear

        Let’s not get carried away!

        • Swing Tackle of Destiny

          Josh Bellamy to the Pro Bowl!

          • EnderWiggin

            Haha, this is actually possible! (6 or 7 or so ST tackles aught to do it!)

  • MB30SD
    • Swing Tackle of Destiny

      That Ferrari I showed you that Phil Hill’s kid was driving – that thing is worth $16M. Insanity.

  • AlbertInTucson


    “DaBearsBlog @dabearsblog
    Us Dustin Johnson fans have been through just as much as Cleveland. Screw them.”

    Uh, no, Blogfather, you haven’t.

    Dustin Johnson’s been on the PGA tour for all of 8 years.

    Cleveland’s last Championship was celebrated 20 years before Johnson was even BORN.

    Johnson fan’s and Cleveland fan’s angst aren’t even in the same universe.


    • SC Dave

      ‘We’ Dustin…

    • BearDown100393

      Golf and soccer. Just patiently waiting for the bowling and bass fishing tweets.

  • Swing Tackle of Destiny
  • Darlenejlee3

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