Three Easy Ways to Watch the Bears Finish Their Painful 2016 Campaign

| November 25th, 2016

Even with news breaking that Jay Cutler’s shoulder injury may not be season ending, he still isn’t playing football in the next few weeks. This means the Bears have two options at QB: Matt Barkley and David Fales. (It’s gotten so bad there was drama surrounding their attempt to sign Jake Rudock off the Lions practice squad.)

So how should you watch? I’ll tell you.


Fans seem to lose context over the duration of a football game. Third string quarterback playing? WHY DON’T THEY RUN THE BALL MORE? Defense on the field for 48 minutes? WHY CAN’T THEY STOP EM ON THIRD DOWN?

I know my opinion that the Bears are only guaranteed sixteen games a season so I always root for them to win is not popular. It’s easier for fans to say, “Fuck it, I hope they lose” because it removes any emotional investment from the proceedings and allows many to cling to the Dream of The Franchise-Changing Draft Pick.

But in the case of the next six games, I’m encouraging fans to root without emotion. Because the results of these next six games no longer have much to do with the future of the Chicago Bears. With these kids at quarterback, winning just ain’t gonna happen.


You don’t need to be a professional scout to understand the complexities of an NFL play. But you often have to ignore where the football is going.

Why not watch Cody Whitehair exclusively for a series? See what he’s asked to do in the offense. Why not watch Nick Kwiatkoski as he (hopefully) takes over for Freeman in the middle? Why not watch Jordan Howard on the plays he doesn’t touch the ball?

No, this isn’t an exciting way to watch football. But it’s quite possibly the only way to drain value from these final six contests.



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  • Huge Bears Penis

    Last way is the best way to watch this painful season, I think it should be FIRST.

    • Johnnywad

      First, middle and last.

      • Huge Bears Penis

        do we need to have an intervention?

        • Johnnywad

          Hell no. It’s the other people that have a problem with my drinking. Not me. Talk to them.

  • Sauron’s right eyeball

    It’s a beautiful day. Hope everyone survived the inlaws and the food.

    I would not suggest taking any depressants throughout the rest of the season gents. I recommend watching lots of funny movies until the end of the season.

  • BearDown100393

    “Root without emotion”

  • CanadaBear

    I’ve got a better idea. Come here every day and bitch about the crappy team!

  • BerwynBomber

    “DaBearsBlog @dabearsblog Surprised we haven’t heard any rumblings out of Vikings locker room. That defense has to be furious every week. They’re still a top unit.”

    I would be surprised if they were turning teams over and sacking QBs at the rate they were their first six games of the season. Yeah, the O has fallen apart, but their D looked otherworldly at the beginning of the year. Still, a very good top unit but doubtfully as fearful as they first appeared.

    • Johnnywad

      The Bears picked them apart for Christ’s sake.

      • BerwynBomber

        So did PHI and WAS if memory serves. And Stafford strafed them in the first DET/MIN meeting, I believe.

      • Irish Sweetness

        Jay Cutler picked them apart.

        • CanadaBear

          Yeah, Cutler had one good game this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Add more years to his contract!

    • I said in their hot start that they were the 2012 Bears. Toast of the league when their defense is also playing offense on a regular basis.

      Look like shit when that stops happening.

      • You also said the pack will win the division!
        Tsk tsk

        • nobody’s perfect, and I never claim to be. Years of mediocre to bad drafts finally starting to catch up to GB.

          Though watch how revitalized they look next year when a new HC brings in a good offensive plan and Rodgers has open guys to throw to again. He’s still unbelievably good, IMO.

  • Big Mike

    focus off the ball takes some time to do. But it is rewarding. We have some good football players. It also gives you a sense of how small the margin of error is. You see a play where it looks like the QB or LT screwed up, but come to realize it was a pick route and the inside receiver ran the wrong route and the play was a wreck. Or TE blocking out instead of down, creating a double team leaving the Tackle without help he thought was coming and doubling the second most dangerous defensive player, instead of the primary threat. Shit like this happens a dozen times a game to the Bears. Probably once or twice a week to top teams

  • Irish Sweetness

    Root without emotion ???

    Isn’t that a paradox? I’m looking forward to seeing Falesy get his shot, he deserves one, I’m sure he’ll be fine – and it’s all good, we’re well on our way to a top pick. We don’t even need to worry about more injuries!

    • Huge Bears Penis

      Fales “deserves” a shot?!?!?!? WTF. He does not deserve jack shit. no one deserves anything. Here is a concept earn the fucking shot. This is a guy that could not get off the Practice Squad when we had fucking PICKLES as a backup. HE SUCKS!

      • Weed Superman (GP)

        Worst of all time!!!! ALL TIME!!!! ANTI-CANTON FOR HIM!!!!

        • Huge Bears Penis

          Fales deserving a shot is like me saying I deserve to fuck Kate Upton, simply because I jerked off to one of her pictures!

          • Sauron’s right eyeball


        • Johnnywad

          HOF……..FOR LOSERS!!!!!!

      • Irish Sweetness

        He’s been with us a while. He deserves a shot more than a blow-in bum like Brian Hoyer is what I’m saying.

    • Dyczko_89

      I agree Irish, I would’ve also tried to bring Northwestern grad Mike Kafka a million times over Barkley. Kafka is a very athletic change of pace QB and with all the injuries to the OL he would be at his best. Wouldn’t be the looking at him as a savior, definitely someone not relying in sitting in the pocket waiting on someone to get open. For Fales the time is now ! Make an impression and if so run the rest of the season with him as the #1 slot, cementing him at least at the prime backup (#2), next season over Hoyer. As for 2017 starting QB, give Fales the shot, but probably buy some time by “renting” one if he fails to impress in camp. Hoyer not an option, if Fales can’t beat Hoyer in camp the shit is gonna hit the fan, and a season (or seasons) of 2-14 or 3-13, are gonna be common place at the shores of Lake Michigan.

  • Weed Superman (GP)

    Biggsy was on radio waves this morning.

    For Thanksgiving, Biggsy got a industrial 55-gallon steel drum and filled it up with 45 gallons of vegetable oil. He put in on a fire until it was boiling. He then bread battered 3 full 30 pound turkeys and dropped them in there, along with 14 elephant ears. He then went to Walmart and got an industrial compressor and a firehose and filled that with cranberry sauce. That’s good eatin.

    After that, today he said that the Bears and Pace are asking if the Pats are taking calls on Garrafollo, but that the Pats put 3 years into him after taking him 2nd round from Eastern, and they would want a mid range or high 1 for him, and if that was the case, Pace would probably not pay that. And that no way, no how, would Romo ever come to Chicago. Pace would not want him, Romo would not want to come.

    He also thinks everyone knows Cutler will be released, that the story is over here, and nobody will offer anything to pick up his deal, preferring he hit the market and seeing how that goes.

    Happy Friday.

    • Make RedZone Conv% Great Again

      All is possible with a line/run game like Dallas or a culture/OC like new England.

      Thinking that a guy will translate to our talent wasteland is foolish.

      Bears need talent at every single position.

      Top OL and Top defender in first two rounds, winning college qb in the 3rd preferably mobile and get some damn DBs in FA.

      • Weed Superman (GP)

        Biggsy needs a 2017 resolution: more Giardiniera less Beef

    • CanadaBear

      I’ve been saying that most of this season. For some reason Wil keeps talking about a trade or Cutler’s next contract. Same with Irish. If they get anything in a trade it would be a conditional pick in the lower rounds at best. I still say the Bears get nada and cut him. There are a handful of shitty teams that need a QB but why would they want an old, semi-washed up (can you be washed up when you were only mediocre to start?) with a horrible rep and iffy production at best?

      • BerwynBomber

        JWood has said the same thing — that Cutler is a total bargain for $16M.

        I’m skeptical. I hope those guys are right. But I think teams will wait for him to be released and renegotiate. He will get Fitzpatrick money, even though Cutty is, historically, a much better QB.

        Despite what we have heard on this blog for the last couple of years, the PE contract for Cutty is still crap and only “good” in comparison to other eyesore contracts. .

        • Irish Sweetness

          Who’s releasing a first round pick?

          • CanadaBear

            Happens all the time.

      • Weed Superman (GP)

        Cutler could be a backup to Mariota for the Titans, and even then I don’t see why they would want him. Cutler seems to do best when he gets to “see how it’s done”, and he might actually make a decent backup. His zero leadership skills and his inability to connect with people that resulted in him being constantly on the wrong page with his receivers would be less of a deficiency if he were a backup.

        • BerwynBomber

          Cutty would be a superb back-up (if he could accept the role). The main issues would be a) how established is the starter, and b) what type of money would you have to pay Cutty.

          But yeah, he and his family love Nashville and there would be no QB controversy with Mariota. Would come down to how cheap TEN could get him on the open market and/or whether a starting opportunity was available as I assume Cutty would prefer the latter.

          • Dunno how much his wife would like Nashville.
            She thought Chicago was purgatory compared to the OC, i cant imagine Nashville.
            Now that l.a. has a team, maybe he backsup ” mentors” Goff while she pursues her career.
            She seems to be the one in charge anyways

        • Irish Sweetness

          The locker would disagree with you on the leadership skills. That’s not what I’ve heard, and it was very evident in the Minny game when the cameras followed him along the bench.

      • Huge Bears Penis

        I am still of the opinion that if he is not traded, he will still be on the roster next year.

        • CanadaBear

          I hope you’re wrong. Not sure I’ve got year 9 of the Jay Cutler dynasty in me.

          • Huge Bears Penis

            I am not saying he is going to be starting next year, I am saying his contract is manageable enough next year to keep him on the roster, and hope for injuries on other teams, ala Bradford and the Eagles.

      • Irish and Will base their scenarios on the premise that Cutler is good. He is not.
        Not only has he regressed this yr, but added another yr and two injuries to his body.
        I’m w Biggsie. Cutler will be released, and Cutler will only start as a last resort by a desperate team ala Fitz.
        Other than that, he’ll serve as a high end backup or “bridge” w a much cheaper contract IMO

        • Make RedZone Conv% Great Again

          Dude, you’re like a Hoyer Lives Matter activist. No matter what happens in the game you parrot the same shit. Laughable.

          • If so, im not the only one. Read down.

          • Make RedZone Conv% Great Again

            it’s unfortunate. You didn’t even watch the Texans game, you did everything possible to play down the success in the Vikings game and you simply could not give a guy a fucking compliment in the Giants game. How many fucking drops Butch, 6?
            Dropped picks, missed fumble recovery opportunities? Tackles like fucking turnstiles? And all you do is make a false summary of Cutlers injury plagued season. Laughable man, it’s really bad.

          • I gave him credit for the Vikings game. I even said b4 the game that it wouldn’t surprise me if he throws for 300 and 3 TDs (or 3ints)
            Then he goes to Tampa and shits the bed again.
            How is that any diff than his previous yrs?
            Defend his performance vs Tampa.
            You’ll blame everyone else i bet , per usual.

          • Make RedZone Conv% Great Again

            I don’t blame “everyone else” blame goes where it’s fucking supposed to go. Why the fuck do other QB’s get to have bad games. I understand that our QB needs to not only be infallible but it’s a little unfair and unrealistic to think that he is the reason the fucking team sucks cock.

            He had a bad fucking game. A really bad fucking game. Sorry that i don’t make a career summary judgement as a result of it.

            We have shit talent everywhere, guys getting hurt like fucking gangbusters, guys getting popped for PED’s and once again we ONLY focus on the QB. We may not be Cleveland but you guys are the fan equivalent of the Cleveland team. The most vocal of the “fans” seem to be the ones most fixated on one guy.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Cutty is generally the scapegoat for things. For years, he drove us mad – but he doesn’t deserve any crap from fans now. I hope he’s here next season. Curious to see what Pace does with top picks, and I hope he has the balls to trade down once Garret is gone (if we’re not drafting a QB n the first).

          • Cutler defenders always present false dichotomies.

            Like Tice sucks, so Cutler must be good
            Or Hester sucks, so Cutler must be good
            Or Webb sucks, so Cutler must be good

            Tice, Hester, Webb AND Cutler could all suck.

            Not mutually exclusive.

            Like Canada concisely expressed.

            Cutler is not the ONLY problem, but he’s proven he’s not the solution either.

            You were the same guy that wanted Fitz and McCown starting over Cutler not too long ago.

            In the words of Keshawn Johnson

            C’mon man!

          • Make RedZone Conv% Great Again

            jesus christ man , could you have used worse examples?

            Tice as OC?
            Hester as WR in a system later in his career where he had to decide where to be?
            J’Marcus Webb?

            The proof was obvious that they were insane issues. Now you’re just trolling. lol, for a minute there i thought you actually believed your post….

          • Irish Sweetness

            So his thumb/shoulder hasn’t played into him having a bad game?

            Cutty turned the corner last season. He played most of his few games this season in a similar fashion, and some hurt. He hurt his shoulder in NYG. One bad game does not a bad QB make. Consistency is hard for any QB. Look at Aaron.

        • Irish Sweetness

          After watching him pick Minny apart you don’t think he’s a good QB? So he ‘accidentally’ made a bunch of great passes and won the game?

          Releasing Cutler should be a sack-able offense for Pace. Bradford was got for a first, he’s a but younger, but somebody will give it up for Cutty when they’re #1 goes down. They always do.

          • So are teams supposed to ignore the Tampa, Philly games, and the other decade + games like that 4INT Hall game?

            Being a good QB means across games, even seasons, not just 1 or 3 games a year.

            Lemme ask you this, would you ever start Jay in FF for a whole season?

          • Make RedZone Conv% Great Again

            you just brought up fantasy. fucking gay. FUCKING GAY.

          • Huge Bears Penis

            I have started Jay in a whole FF season. Got 2nd that year.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Just in from FOX news ….. Biggsy farted. He was 47.

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  • Weed Superman (GP)

    Butch got 25 points from Jordan Reed, his TE. That’s some FF karma, there.

    • I was already looking into backup TEs by halftime.
      Don’t know what it is, but the top TEs always seem to get hurt. GroNK, Reed, Eifert, etc
      Only one that is kinda durable is Olsen, but that might be cuz he falls down when the brees hits him.
      Those rought TEs fighting for extra yds get drilled eventually i guess

      • willbest

        Its probably a function of their height/build and what they are required to do. They are blocking and getting hit by LBs and DLs rather than CBs

  • Weed Superman (GP)
    • Jesus.
      I don’t know who is full of themselves more.

      That’s a cage-match I would pay to see.

      Old KGB killa vs former navy seal as seen in “Under Siege”

    • CanadaBear

      I’m guessing his waist size is pushing 60″.

  • Sometimes teams get lucky. Dallas did. Seattle had just paid Matt Flynn
    millions when drafting Russel Wilson. But that story isn’t exciting….Great point by @KimJonesSports. Patriots take QB every year, evaluate position great. Took Jacoby Brissett with Dak on the board. – Jeff

    And Redskins drafted Cousins in the 4rth even though they just unloaded for RG3.

    Let’s hope some of that Dak/Cousins/Carr/Wilson luck bounces our way next year.

    We’re fucking due.

    • Make RedZone Conv% Great Again

      Dak is surrounded by OL, RB, WR and TE talent.
      Wilson had an insane run game and a league leading D
      Carr was made a priority and is now coming into his own but even as of last year was inconconsistent.
      Cousins was being laughed at just last year.

      • Neither Carr or Cousins really had a great Oline.

        Avg at best.

        I thought Cousins started looking good after that “You like that” game.
        Carr also looked good and I could tell right away he was a cut above the Bortles of this league.
        You can tell by their play.

        Sometimes QBs turn the corner and improve their squad.

      • CanadaBear

        They all came into their own before their 12th season (if JC does come into his own next year).

        • Make RedZone Conv% Great Again

          Everyone knows when Seattle turned the corner. That draft where they hit on every single draft pick.
          Cousins was a punchline until very recently and even then has had off games this year.
          What Dallas did with their O line and RB acquisition was unprecedented and that’s why everyone keeps talking about it. Dallas has more talent on their O line RIGHT NOW than we’ve had since 2008 – 2016 combined.

          • CanadaBear

            If Cutler played for either team, those teams would be worse for it.

          • Make RedZone Conv% Great Again

            those teams would be worse if Cutler was the quarterback? why even make a comment like that? That’s not the fucking point.

          • CanadaBear

            OK, here’s my point. After 11 years the jury is in. Cutler is mediocre at best. He will kill you with TO’s and boneheaded decisions. Tough fucker that ends up missing half a dozen games every year. Doesn’t make anyone better on a consistent basis. For every good game there is a stinker and everything in between. His pocket presence is like every other part of his game, really good or really bad. Holding the ball around your hip has proved to be a bad strategy but after 11 fucking years he can’t fucking figure it out. I’ve been done with him for 2.5 seasons and in that time it’s been groundhog day.

          • Make RedZone Conv% Great Again

            I’m going to try not to do this anymore. I find it incredible that you guys can watch virtually every single other team in this game make mistakes within said game and still win. Chicago, after the demise of the defense and special teams, due to age, injury, neglect and incompetence has become a place where a turnover or bad pass will most certainly lose you the game. Fuck, we lost to teams this year with 0 turnovers and 300+yds passing. If you can’t understand why that happens I can’t help you.
            At the very least If you walked away from that Jags, Indy, Texans, Giants games and the panic button was not fucking screaming in your ear regarding the talent on this roster and in this org than you are blind as to the plight of a neglected and talent deficient team in the NFL and what it really looks like.

          • CanadaBear

            There’s only been 1 constant in the last 8 years of Chicago Bears football. I’m ready to move on.

          • Make RedZone Conv% Great Again

            You’re referring to 1 Pro Bowl defender drafted? Is that the constant? The consistency of the organizations inability to draft meaningful talent to keep a dominant Defense at the top of the food chain? if so, i completely agree!

          • CanadaBear

            My god Johnny if your kids came up with that many excuses for something you’d either laugh or cry.

          • Make RedZone Conv% Great Again

            Canada, we don’t have pro bowl players on our team despite what the media tells you about Kyle Long. His RT campaign while admirable, was a fucking disaster.

            We DON”T HAVE TALENT. They don’t draft talent and haven’t done so for years. You should save your disdain for our front office man. They fucked us with viagra pricks for years.

            Teams that have pro bowlers on D tend to make the playoffs more. The more probowlers the more they win. It’s just football man. If you call than an excuse please identify yourself as a member of the McCaskey’s right now.

            Also, not agreeing with me that the drafting is what killed this team is unacceptable. Everyone on this blog should be in agreement that the team has failed because we failed to draft any core players for the last 8yrs or so.

          • CanadaBear

            Of course the roster sucks, I said 8-8 in preseason when most were predicting much better. I’m quite certain my Bears football IQ is compatible with most. You see something most don’t see. Is it all cutler’s fault? Of course not. Is a lot of it his fault? Fucking A right it is. If Cutler is playing for the Beloved next year, I’ll probably be less visible here. It means the entire org is OK with the status quo.

          • Make RedZone Conv% Great Again

            You should be way more offended with the following list:
            38 Adrian Amos FS
            20 De’Vante Bausby CB
            26 Deon Bush FS
            37 Bryce Callahan CB
            32 Deiondre’ Hall CB
            36 DeAndre Houston-Carson FS
            30 Demontre Hurst S
            29 Harold Jones-Quartey SS
            22 Cre’Von LeBlanc CB
            27 Sherrick McManis CB
            21 Tracy Porter CB
            31 Chris Prosinski

          • CanadaBear

            Please list every Bears roster in the last 8 years to prove your point. Which is the Bears suck, except when they don’t and if Jay happens to be playing when they don’t suck it’s all due to him.

          • Make RedZone Conv% Great Again

            I”m going to keep doing it to remind people that you need fucking talent to win in the NFL. Talent man, not just luck.

          • Make RedZone Conv% Great Again

            I don’t need to go back 8 years when i can sum it up in 2012 which i did above. The team had talent, albeit dwindling and aging and they went 10-6 with a bullshit O scheme.
            They did it because they scored when they needed to, had an all pro WR, a guy to get it to him and probowlers on D including 4 all pros. Then they go and FUCK THE DRAFT TO PIECES.

          • willbest

            The only season that Jay has lost the Bears (expect through his injury) was 2013. Because we could have made the playoffs that year with 3 better plays from him. Though we could have also made the playoffs with 1 better play from Gould. And everybody on D that just gave the packers a TD because the ball was just sitting on the field all pretty like.

          • Make RedZone Conv% Great Again

            You should be frustrated with this one:

            11 Josh Bellamy
            17 Alshon Jeffery
            81 Cameron Meredith
            19 Eddie Royal
            14 Deonte Thompson KR
            10 Marquess Wilson

          • Make RedZone Conv% Great Again

            This part should piss you off:

            Number of Bears Defensive Players drafted since 2008 that have made the pro bowl:
            1 (Henry Melton in 2012) – you know the year where the D had 4 ALL PROS and Cutler played fucking streetball to Marshall all year?

            Unfortunately the draft reared it’s ugly head again and we drafted

          • MB30SD

            Totally with you Canada

          • willbest

            We don’t have a stud pass rusher or ball hawks in the secondary. So while I can go position by position in the front 7 and like the person, there is no von miller that just makes everybody else on the defense so much better. Which means nothing short of Drew Brees is going to get this team over the hump on offense.

          • willbest

            Dak is still playing like a top 10 QB (I won’t call him one unless he repeats it next year). Dez and Witten aren’t throwing the ball to themselves, and while they get open, they aren’t bailing Dak out every other play. Hell for the first few games Dak was wisely not forcing it to Dez and Cole Beasley was looking like a WR1. And that was when Elliot was the second best RB on the team (back in weeks 1 & 2) and not looking like anything special.

            The Boys would probably be 11-0 right now if Dak was QB1 to start training camp. Obviously that is crazy taught when you are saying 4th rounder vs. Tony Romo but in hindsight if he had those reps he beats the Giants week 1.

          • Make RedZone Conv% Great Again

            wait, so you’re saying that a top college QB can thrive surrounded by NFL caliber talent? Holy shit, i think you have found the solution to success in the NFL.

          • Irish Sweetness

            And he has to get it nice and neat into Beasley … he’s accurate … mobile … a leader .. .smart. And Pace passed on him three times.

          • Bill passed on Daq three times too.

          • Make RedZone Conv% Great Again

            he may cum too quick once in a while too. The guy is not god, just consistently good.

          • MB30SD

            Yes!! That’s what we needs my maings.

            Not a 100 qbr one game and 4 TOs the next. If I see one more fucking strip-sack…..

            Know what I’m sayin? We just need to find someone consistently good.

            …so, let’s talk about what consistently good means. Lay it on me!

      • Irish Sweetness

        Dak looks Russell Wilson-ish though. He escaped out of some situations where other guys get sacked yesterday. Maybe Kizer is that guy for us. He smells like a stud.

        • Make RedZone Conv% Great Again

          It’s not like Dak Prescott was some unknown fucking quantity. He was fucking prolific in college running and throwing. He’s 6’2 225 as well. That is what you need in this new NFL. If i hear the name MIke Glennon one more fucking time……

  • Sitton is doubtful, Floyd out.

    I hope it’s just precautionary with Floyd.

    I also wonder if we want to see more of Adams or ride with Massie.

    Adams was pretty terrible last go, but I think that was his first game in forever.

    We pretty much know what we have in Massie.

    I’m still a bit dumbfounded how the Kush/Larsen combo utterly dominated the Vike’s D, but could’n’t repeat the result.

    I sorta wanna see them for a few games together to at least see if it was a fluke, or if we have viable depth.

    If Kush ends up being a gem, might even think about moving Long back to RT next season.

    • CanadaBear

      Floyd’s in the concussion protocol.

      • Oh, so he had a concussion on top of the neck thing?

        Didn’t know that.

  • “Braverman doesn’t need anything. Plenty to work on with Bellamy and Meredith and Wilson.” – Jeff


    I understand working with Bellamy, Meredith, Wilson, but if Royal is not going to be here next year, why not make Royal inactive and put Braverman in to get some reps?

    Braverman looked like crap returning and catching in the PS, but who knows?

    Maybe he’s a gamer.

    (Also, try the Angus cheese melt!)

    • willbest

      Because you are paying Royal $5 million this year so you might as well get your money’s worth. Same with Massie. Only people you expect to be around long term do you consider pussy footing when the season is unofficially over. Like Long since we are paying him to be around the next 3 years.

      • Yeah, but isn’t Royal also hurt? (like always), so how much better is a hurt Royal over a healthy and hungry Braverman?

        Not sure if we should start Braverman rest of season, but I would like to see at least a two games of him in.

        Rest Royal. Let him heal.

        IF Braverman sucks (possible), then just put him back in.

        • Make RedZone Conv% Great Again

          Braverman is best suited for a team whose OC can dial up short quick hitting routes designed to showcase the quickness of the WR. Teams like the Patriots have long utilized technicians like Welker, Amendola and Edelman over the traditional split WR.

          uh, it seems like we almost try not to do that. When is the last time Alshon caught more than 1 quick slant in a game? That by itself should show you how fucked our O is.

    • Huge Bears Penis

      Braverman doesn’t need anything, because he is already so awesome. He is like the secret weapon we don’t want the enemy to see just yet. FUTURE HOFer!!!!

  • MMm delicious left over glazed hammy and turkey sandwhiches…

    Dudes I wanna see.

    Bullard. Everyone seems to forget about this guy. Is he inj? Pace trading down all those spots thinking Bullard was better than all those Dlinemen at the top of the 2nd. Wanna see if he was right.

    Whitehair. The guy we landed trading down after the Puke scouped up that OT. I loved his profile since Jeff featured it. If he’s a 10 yr starter, that goes a LONG way for protection, esp if we get a green QB.

    Secondary. I mean, fuck, EVERYBODY.

    Think we know Amos is not a ballhawk and can’t really cover one-on-one. But, that’s a lot of SS to be honest.

    But how about Bush, Hall, Quartey, Callahan, or Fuller for that matter? Can at least TWO prove they should start?

    CornWash. The forgotten manchild.

    He’s actually healthy and wanna see if he can remain so and still wreak havoc.

    We’re so thin at Dline, who’s there? Hicks, Goldman, and nada.

    SPeaking of which, is Goldman always going to be hurt? jeesh. He looks like he’s chiseled, but apparently out of cheesecake.

    The White Duo, Braukner and Kwitiaowski.

    They were calling Braukner “Bronk”. Hopefully it’s not just cuz he was white and big, but with Miller down and a dubious inj record, gotta hope Bronk balls. But gotta be patient. TE is usu painfully slow to develop.

    Kwit. Fox was still mispronouncing his name midway through the season, so hopefully he’ll at least make Fox pronounce his name right finally.

    Love his size/speed and that he came from a S background. Freeman/Tre have been solid, but how many TOs have they forced?

    Kwit might be able to change that with some of his S skills.

  • I think Will and I brought this up b4, but the 17 QB market should be robust


    Under the radar guys who intrigue me are Landry Jones and McCarron

    • Make RedZone Conv% Great Again

      Butch, Landry fucking Jones. I don’t know if i can get the emotion across over the internet but….PLEASE come to my house with the LSD you are on. You are convinced that Landry Jones is still in college and has not proven himself to be a complete used condom in the pros. That be some powerful drugs.

      • I said he intrigues me, not that he’s the next Brady.

        Both Jones and McCarron did OK when called upon, and are not old and broken down.

        Any QB in that tier we bring in would obviously have to earn a spot. At worst, they’re backups.

        Backups that are infinitely superior to Barkley/Clausens of the league.

        • Make RedZone Conv% Great Again

          i can get on board with McCarron as competition

          • Huge Bears Penis

            McCarron is in the same boat as Garropolo. They are both under contract for 2017. We would have to trade for either, then it comes down to what either the Bengals or Pats want for them. Personally, I would go with McCarron. I liked him coming out of college, and I don’t trust NE backups as starters on other teams, since it never seems to work out.

          • Make RedZone Conv% Great Again

            no trading, just draft then.

          • BerwynBomber

            McCarron would also be presumably less costly.

    • willbest

      I have seen enough of Landry Jones to not want him.

      Brady is 39. I know he pretends like he is going to play to 45, but we watched Peyton and Farve fall off cliffs. If the Pats have any thoughts that Jimmy G is the real deal, then he isn’t going anywhere. And if they let him go for anything less than two firsts you know they don’t think he is either. Look at what the Vikings gave up for Sam Bradford.

      I like McCarron but I doubt I like him enough to give up a (high) 2nd for him. Which is probably what the Bengals will want.

      I am signing Glennon or Foles (assuming he is cut) ASAP. I think our O-line could be special if we find a quality right tackle, and our run game should take a lot of pressure of the passing game. And I presume we are bringing Jeffery back.

      • Make RedZone Conv% Great Again

        there will be no Glennon or Foles talk on this board. I will not allow it.

        • willbest

          The board is bipolar. This time next year everybody will be saying “man if only we had a QB like Cutler we would be 6-4 instead of 3-7”

          • I can tell you now, that I will def NOT be saying that.

            And I doubt MB, SC, GP, Sac, Canada, etc will either.

          • willbest

            Pfft. You all said you wouldn’t be saying President Trump either.

          • I actually predicted the opposite.

            Trump would win the general, and the “rigged” electorate would nominate Hill.

            One of the few things Trump and I probably agreed on.

            My rational is that his campaign reminded me a lot of the Terminator’s run.

            Everyone in Cali first viewed it as a gimmick. Then, everyone was pissed at the economy and all that, and said, “fuck it, why not? stick it to the establishment”.

            Americans love novelties.

          • Sauron’s right eyeball

            Ahem…it’s not official until Jan 20th.

          • MB30SD


          • CanadaBear

            “This time next year everybody will be saying “man if only we had a QB like Cutler we would be 6-4 instead of 3-7”

            REALLY? By everybody you mean you, Johnny and possibly Jeff?

          • BerwynBomber

            And Andrew, and WillB himself, and Buddha Joe to name but a few more.

          • I think even Jeff jumped off that crashing plane.

          • MB30SD


            I’m done with the int stripsack special dude

          • You get two for one on black friday.

          • Sauron’s right eyeball

            Dude, I wish there was some nostalgia to back up your comment but alas, the only thing I was able to find in the NFL Films archive was Josh McDaniels laughing his assistant off. Sigh…

          • MB30SD

            He laughed his assistant off?!?

            iPhones huh… Pffffttttt… Amiright

        • Glennon had 30TDs vs 15INTs on an absolute shit Lovie Offense team.
          So I can see some hope in him, esp since he’s still young AND the Bucs did not want to trade him.

          But his comp % was around 59%. Anything sub 62 doesn’t cut it in the NFL, esp if they’re not running

          Foles, pass. Agree. No way.

          • Make RedZone Conv% Great Again

            the next Bears QB needs to be mobile. Stork is anti-mobile.

      • Huge Bears Penis

        depending if we are able to trade Cutty, and what we get for him. I might be willing give a high 2nd for McCarron.

        • willbest

          Part of that logic depends on where you are drafting I suppose. If we are drafting 2nd and plan on picking up a QB then you aren’t trading for McCarron. But if we somehow win 2 more games and are drafting 5th, or Pace really doesn’t like the 2 QBs at the top of the board this year, then trading for McCarron (if you think he is the best QB option) becomes more palatable. Because then we can trade back from say #2 to #5 and pick up the best tackle or d-linemen

          • MB30SD

            Mccarron is super high quality dude, but he has an arm like linguini that’s been forgotten in boiling water for like… Overnight.

          • so like your wang?


            How was Turkey Day?

            Does the tribe celebrate it, or does it get in the way of one of the million holidays you guys use to take off work?

            Zing Zing!


          • MB30SD

            Exactly like my Wang.

            Cool man. Even though it was my year to have the kids on tgiving, I did the right thing and offered to take them to the ex’s parents house. It was good thanks, but my god am I happy I pulled the ripcord on that funny farm. Haha

            What’d you do… Go to some super popular but underground speakeasy/pub gastronome… To have tofurkey?

            Fucking hipsters

          • GastroPub was FRIENDSGIVING

            Get it right.

            It was cool. Spent it with parents, sis, brolaw and nephews (and aunt popped by with desserts)

            Lots of food. Mostly watched the games and played some Texas Hold em (went out with a royal straight. Ugh!)

            My nephews are 8 and 6 (I think), so they mostly play video games in the other room.

            Different than when I was growing up and like a million cousins and friends would play on the streets till dinner.

            Less broken arms and missing teeth, I guess.

          • MB30SD

            Smh. Kids these days

          • BerwynBomber

            Yeah, that’s my fear — he seems to have all the intangibles but lacks the raw talent.

            Pennington got away with that (to a point), but he’s the exception to the rule. And even Pennington had superior touch to somewhat compensate for his pop gun.

          • MB30SD

            Yep… At least he has a hot wife

          • Sauron’s right eyeball

            Like Fales?

          • MB30SD

            No fales is the cloudy water with the leftover pasta schmeg

          • Sauron’s right eyeball

            Haha. The visual on that is hilarious.

      • Next QB FA market will be the most intriguing in a long time. A PFT poster also threw Nassib and Cook into the ring. I’ll just quote verbatim.

        “Obviously, even the guys who are paid millions to evaluate QBs have a hard time getting it right. We have seen so many examples of super star QBs that everyone overlooked. There are two guys that aren’t on this list that I think are championship caliber QBs. Ryan Nassib was a 4th round pick for NYG in ’13, and he’s on the depth chart behing an ironman, 2 time super bowl winner. He’s only completed 9 of 10 career passes, so nobody knows he’s a stud. You have to go back to his college tape. Before you say he was a fourth round pick, lower your voice so you don’t sound ridiculous. The other guy is a rookie 4th round pick and currently #3 on the Raiders depth chart. With Derek Carr playing the way he is, Conner Cook isn’t getting on the field unless there is an injury. Teams might be able to pry him away from the Raiders. But nobody knows he’s that good. Again, go look at his MSU tape. He’s better than Dak Prescott. In fact, I’ll bet most scouts had him rated above Prescott. Just watch the tape and judge for yourself. Too many people listen to what others are saying, and that’s the main reason evaluating QBs is so hard. It’s crazy that teams will pay millions for a proven loser before they take a chance on a proven winner like Nassib or Cook.”

        • BerwynBomber

          Not interested in Nassib.
          Cook might be worth kicking the tires on.

      • BerwynBomber

        McCarron for a 2nd might be intriguing. He was semi-impressive in the two games I saw him last year and each were prime-time numbers against quality opponents.

        He seemed to have most of the intangibles. Only thing questionable is pure talent as moxie can only take a QB so far.

  • CanadaBear

    Here’s some good news. Not really a surprise if you were watching.

    Per ESPN Stats & Info, Jordan Howard is averaging 2.66 yards after contact per rush this season, highest in the NFL (min. 100 rushes). Seattle’s Thomas Rawls is the only rookie in the last five years with a higher average (2.68 in 2015).

  • So, I went and looked at Cooks like a PFT guy suggested. He’s DEF good. 6’4 230ish. Mobile. Accurate. Anticipation. Pro system. etc.

    BUT…the reason he fell was cuz of his “leadership” or lack-thereof.

    I remember coming out of the draft, scouts were coining him “Hollywood Cooks”

    But hey, Vadgers fell for sorta the same reason.

    A high 4rth to pry him from the Raiders?

    Here’s Cook on Gruden’s QB Camp. Judge for yourself.

    • Weed Superman (GP)
      • lmao I never saw that one.

        That is…eerie

      • Hey, GP, you’re a michigan man, any low down on Connor Cooks?

        • Weed Superman (GP)

          Never draft a QB from MSU. Except Cousins.

          • MB30SD

            Wtf man… Bullshit

      • MB30SD

        Jesus. Can caliendo and Berman rent a very small Cessna and fly home during a very bad storm. Yeesh

  • Johnnywad

    Next guy that says they want to see Braverman play real NFL games has to shampoo homeless guy balls.

    • Huge Bears Penis

      He is a FUTURE HOFer!

      • Johnnywad

        I’ll not stand for your overt Semitism.

        • Huge Bears Penis

          you should have faith and show more respect to the 2nd coming.

          • Johnnywad

            Ok. Here’s my best shot……. He’s so slow, that it just might work. He won’t be very far downfield when the shitty pocket created by some dudes I’ve never heard of collapses on Barkley’s limp dick, I mean arm. As such, he will still be a viable 7 yard target. And what with all the linebackers in the vicinity, his tiny catch radius will not hurt him, as the throwing lanes will be very small, like him.

          • Huge Bears Penis

            that’s a little better. I am sure you will come around more when you see him walk on water, then turn that water into wine for a post game celebration.

          • Sauron’s right eyeball

            Aaah but remember…..faith is believing without seeing.

          • MB30SD

            Yay science!!!

          • Sauron’s right eyeball

            It’s a great computer program though.

          • MB30SD

            Yes. Or as Marx once said…

          • CanadaBear

            Or as Archie Bunker explained it, “Faith is something nobody in his right mind would believe.”

          • Sauron’s right eyeball

            It was the programming for the ages. Its time to move on to when evra house gets their own flying car. I can’t wait.

          • Sauron’s right eyeball

            Eye have to say that it depends entirely on what it is you believe in. Seeing is believing but only to a point. Hahaha

          • willbest

            It it is Semitism them it would be the first coming.

          • Sauron’s right eyeball

            I have software to guard against this virus.

  • Anthonyjsimpson

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  • BearDown100393


  • MB30SD

    Adios fidel.

    Sayonara bitch

    • CanadaBear

      The thought of Americans coming to visit killed him!

      • MB30SD

        Probably. Good riddance.

        • CanadaBear

          Almost every time I’ve been involved in a conversation about Cuba, the first thing Canadians say to me is, “The best part about it is there are no Americans.” I never say anything, I just grin from ear to ear and then wait for it. The next sentence is almost always, “Oh fuck, I forgot you’re an American. You aren’t like the rest of them.” I just laugh and tell them, actually I am like most of them. I know most of them are basing it on seeing Ugly Rich Americans acting like tools in Canada. I saw plenty of that guiding bike tours.

          • Do most Canadians dislike Americans?

            What do they think of us down of the border?

            Wouldn’t be the first country who hates us, that’s for sure.

          • CanadaBear

            Most don’t hate Americans. Like in the US, the less intelligent and the more insulated they are, the more likely they are to be prejudiced. Mostly they just don’t understand Americans obsession with handguns and not having universal health care. They laugh like hell about building a wall between Canada and the US. If they sneaked into the US they would have to sneak back out if something went wrong with their health! The only real incentive to sneak into the US is better weather.

          • Which region has the best weather in Canada? Vancouver?

            haha, yeah, well, even Cuba supposedly has better health care than the U.S.

            My Italian friend who fucked up his ankle playing soccer was shocked at how much it was going to cost to fix and rehab it.

            It would’ve been cheaper for him to fly back to Italy, get it healed over there, then fly back.

            And he WORKS at a hospital, albeit doing research.

            Canada has its own racist anti-american rednicks!

            Somehow, that’s strangely comforting lol

          • CanadaBear

            The Okanagan Valley (Where Kelowna and Penticton are located) is really nice. Fairly arid, wine-growing region of Western Canada with some nice lakes, mts, etc. but they do get snow and it’s overcast all winter. Vancouver area and Vancouver Island (where I live) don’t get much snow (in 2+ winters I’ve seen about 1-2 inches of snow, total) and it goes away immediately. Rains all winter and is overcast. Normal temps are mid to upper 40’s with a low around freezing. We get a few sunny days in the winter but most of them are overcast with some breaks in the clouds type thing. Winter is basically Nov-Feb. Once the winter rains stop it’s Spring on steroids. Once the flowers start blooming, the bike route I take all the time will have a stretch of at least 1 mile of non-stop fragrances and most of the ride is fairly fragrant. This lasts for about 6 weeks. It’s a temperate climate so it warms up slowly. In the Summer the normal highs are low 80’s/lows, low 50’s. Pretty fucking ideal! Spring and Fall it rains a bit but it’s no big deal. There’s a reason the Island is so lush. Pretty sure it’s a lot like the weather around Seattle and the Olympic Peninsula in Wash.

          • MB30SD

            Sounds lovely… No thanks.

            I’ll take 72 avg all year round thanks. It’s the overcast all winter that gets me. Can’t do it.

          • CanadaBear

            That’s the hard part. Calgary is one of the sunniest places in Canada. The problem is the weather is hideous.

            I could live in SD (my brother lived there for years and his wife still does) but my Beloved Bride would have to go through all the immigration BS. Not to mention we would need health insurance for her (and me for a little while longer). Gotta say I don’t miss the traffic. It’s got to be nuts in SD at times.

          • MB30SD

            Yeah, it’s not nearly LA… But it can def be bad. Well Worth it though

    • Pretty sure the U.S. had a pack with the U.S.S.R not to assassinate Fidel (prob part of the missile crises deal), and we honored it even after no more U.S.S.R

      Never mind that we’re not supposed to be assassinating foreign leaders to start.

      And for all this talk about communism, equality, etc it always devolves into dictatorship, cronyism, and nepotism. Now Fidel’s bro is in charge, much like Kim Jong Il’s son.

      Or as Animal Farm infamously said “some are more equal than others”

      • SC Dave

        Yeah, when the CIA capped that dude in south vietnam, that assassination shit was stopped.

        • MB30SD

          Too bad. Kim Jun, Putin, and pretty much erra asshole in the Arab world could very much use it.

          Nice barret from a mile out. Leaves a nice message behind too. Fuck, let’s get back to basics here boys… Waterboarding’s for pussies. Nothing a .50 can’t fix.

        • Beatricedconover

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      • SC Dave

        It’s why the fucking globalists are so scary and brexit and trump make me happy vis-a-vis the alternatives.

        World Government vs the people is about ten times more likely to resemble the old Soviet Union than the Unites States

        • Well, not sure if “globalist” is an economic-political ideology like Communism.

          In fact, I think corporations more than bureaucracies are the ones who pushing globalism – free trade among countries, which I think is the dream of capitalism.

          But the results might be about the same, which is the little man getting screwed and having to compete vs some Chinese bum making $2 a month or something.

          Somehow all this has to get balanced world wide, cuz I think all civilizations recognize, when certain countries are dirt poor and volatile, that destabilizes everything, is bad for business, and eventually leads to wars.

          • Huge Bears Penis

            “Globalism of the corporations, by the corporation, and for the corporations, shall not perish from the Earth.” – Abraham Lincoln

            its one of my favorite quotes.

    • AlbertInTucson

      May he rot in hell.

  • WTF is urban meyers thinking?

  • Isn’t Peppers supposed to be a top 10 pick?

    That’s the first time I’ve heard his name called all day, and it was when the QB ran past him.

  • SC Dave

    Enjoying the Notre Dame game. Fuck thise assholes.

    Go Auburn!

    • It is POURING over here in L.A.
      Windy too.

      • MB30SD

        Not so bad here. Rained a little, some wind, but nothing crazy

  • Isn’t Kizer supposed to be good?
    How is Notre Dame 4-7 and has a whopping 7 points going into the half vs SC?

  • That Notre Dame game has a few prospects that might be Bear relevant.

    Obviously Kizer, who hasn’t impressed me.

    LT from Notre Dame Mike McGlinchey

    SC Adoree Jackson who looks like a baller. Already returned one for a TD, and ran a 52 rec for a TD, and yeah, looks good at CB.

    Could kill 3 birds with 1 stone with him (CB, KR, PR)

    And if we don’t draft a QB next season, SC QB Sam Darnodl in ’18

    • Jackson got baited big time by Kizer on a SLUGO TD.

      Bit on that slant knowing Jackson would jump it.

      Nice throw by Kizer.

      • lol Jackson just returned a Kickoff for a TD to makeup.


        Dude returns it like Hester.

    • AlbertInTucson

      Kizer did not look like a QB who should be making himself available in this year’s draft.

    • BerwynBomber

      Except for Watson, it is looking more and more like a 2nd round QB draft.

      Not only Darnodl in ’18 but potentially Browning and Rosen too.

  • MB30SD

    Fucking Michigan. Smh

  • AlbertInTucson

    “Three Easy Ways to Watch the Bears Finish Their Painful 2016 Campaign.’

    Sorry, there IS no “easy way” to watch this campaign.

    • EnderWiggin

      But the drinking point may help.

      • Scharfinator

        IT DID TODAY

  • BerwynBomber

    “DaBearsBlog @dabearsblog This Speight character sucks.”

    He played with a broken clavicle. Were it Cutty, you would have blown him five ways till Sunday and presented him a Purple Heart afterward.

    As it was, Michigan gagged. Even setting aside coughing up a ten point lead in the second half, they had two critical RZ turnovers in the first half. One in their own end (a pick six) and one on OSU’s goal line on a fumbled exchange.

    Can’t win big ballgames when giving away fourteen points like that. Especially on the road.

  • Beatricedconover

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