The Case Against the Minnesota Vikings

| August 2nd, 2016


The following is the first of a four-part series breaking down why the other teams in the NFC North won’t be contenders this season. (The Packers get two parts.)

The Vikings made the playoffs last year because Adrian Peterson had an eight-game stretch that was as good as any he’s had in his career. If the now 31-year-old back can’t do that again, they won’t be taking the next step so many are predicting for them.

After a stink bomb in their opener, AP averaged 116.3 rushing yards per game, scored five touchdowns and his team went 7-1, averaging 24.4 points per game.

After that, he averaged 71.1 yards per game and the Vikings went 4-4, averaging 22 points per game (despite blowing out the Bears and the Giants).

So outside of Peterson’s historic eight-game stretch, they went 4-5 outside and averaged 19.9 points per game.

Maybe we should never bet against Peterson, but history has shown us we should definitely never bet against Father Time. Peterson is 31 and had 39 more rushing attempts than any other player in the league last year. Just like 2013, a drop off is likely. Betting on a 31-year-old running back, no matter how great he was, just seems unwise.

If Peterson can’t carry the team again, who can? There’s no evidence it’s Teddy Bridgewater.

Vikings fans and people who loved Bridgewater before he ever played an NFL game will tell you he’s a good quarterback. Some will tell you he’s one of the 10 best in the league, that it’s everyone else’s fault they couldn’t pass the ball. The eye test and the numbers say something different.

Bridgewater couldn’t push the ball down the field. According to ESPN’s statistics:

  • Bridgewater completed just 11 of 33 passes that traveled more than 20 yards down the field with three touchdowns and four interceptions.
  • Hell, on passes that traveled more than 10 yards down the field, he was well under 60 percent with six touchdowns and eight interceptions.
  • On third down with nine or more yards to go, Bridgewater averaged 7.25 yards per attempt and had a passer rating of 72.4.
  • The Vikings were tied for 19th in third down percentage, according to Football Outsiders they were 29th in passing on third-and-short.
  • FO also has a metric in which they essentially rank how conservative each quarterback is, judging by their play on third down. Bridgewater, not surprisingly, ranked third-to-last with Blaine Gabbert and Alex Smith. Third down is considered a quarterback’s down and Bridgewater stunk.

Alex Smith is the name that stands out when comparing Bridgewater. They’re the same guy. The good news for the Vikings is they’ve built the kind of team that can win with a game manager. They have a terrific coach, solid defense and good specials. The bad news is, as Smith has shown throughout his career, winning with a QB who can’t make plays down the field will always be difficult. Everything else has to be clicking.

The Vikings have tried to improve the offense around Bridgewater. They seem to know that Peterson likely won’t be able to carry them again, so they invested in their offensive line and drafted a slow receiver. But, ultimately, it all boils down to Bridgewater and we still don’t have any evidence he can handle it.

With their defense and special teams, the Vikings will be tough to beat. But without improved quarterback play, they’re not contenders.


  • Scharfinator

    “Vikings fans and people who loved Bridgewater before he ever played an NFL game will tell you he’s a good quarterback. Some will tell you he’s one of the 10 best in the league, that it’s everyone else’s fault they couldn’t pass the ball. The eye test and the numbers say something different.”

    This sounds so freaking familiar. Where have I heard this before…? =P

    • MB30SD

      But there’s a big difference between teddy’s arm and cuttys. There’s zero question about the talent gap, it’s all about the decision making with cutty… and the available skills that cause some of those bad decisions (aka, “I can fit that fucking ball into that tiny fucking gap between those 4 fucking dbs because I have a cannon for an arm bitches…. oh, whoops.”)

      The lost fumbles I have no idea about… he doesn’t have small hands like rexy does he??

      • Dunno which is worse. A Qb with no arm or with no IQ.

        It’s like the Scarecrow without a brain or lion without a heart.

        But I guess a “maturity” and a good OC can make up for a lot in the IQ dept.

      • Scharfinator

        Man, I never even said the name Cutler! Someone is projecting! =D

    • Big Mike

      When Cutler’s cast has been decent, he’s been good. When his defense hasn’t sucked, he’s been good.

  • BearDown100393
    • Exactly zero of his former OCs still are OCs in the NFL. They are all either out of the NFL or working at lower positions, except Adam Gase, who was promoted to HC based largely off his work with Cutler.

      AKA Cutler isn’t a coach killer, the coaches he’s had to work with are underqualified buffoons.

      • Bender McLugh

        Trestman being the only one, if you accept that he may have called some of the O.

        • yeah, but he was very overpromoted as a HC. And even his OC track record is very spotty.

          • Bender McLugh


          • Swing Tackle of Destiny

            Cryptkeeper stymied Flacco and the Ravens O last year. I can’t believe Harbaugh can’t see that.

          • to be fair, BAL O had 0 decent WRs after Steve Smith went down early in the year. And bad RBs.

          • And even then, Flacco I think had his highest compete % of his career if I remember correctly. But we all know those checkdowns don’t win shit!

          • AlbertInTucson

            Hard for me to be concerned with being fair to the guy who let the Bears become a dumpster fire on AND off the field.

  • The case against the Vikings: they have the worst QB in the division

    The case for the Vikings: they have the best non-QB roster in the division by a wide margin

    This will be fascinating to watch

    • You think the Bridgewater is worse then Lesbo?

      Dunno. Photo finish.

      • Stafford is basically younger version of Cutler. Maybe slightly worse, but not much. That’s much more valuable than Alex Smith 2.0, if that is indeed what Bridgewater turns out to be.

        • Lesbo is less mobile and a bit more scatterbrained than Diabetes Cutty, but yeah, very similar. Plus, he’s a pudgy lesbo (nttawwt)

          • AlbertInTucson

            His first season without Calvin Johnson from the get-go.

          • Huge Bear’s Penis

            sack/hit Cutty 9-10 times in a half and he becomes pretty scatterbrained.

    • Big Mike

      I don’t think defensively that is true. The Bears are pushing them.

      • I would disagree. You could argue the front 7s are similar, though I would give the edge to MIN, but the Vikings have a vastly superior secondary, featuring perhaps the best S in the NFL in Harrison Smith.

        In another years’ time, maybe the Bears will be able to make that claim. Not yet, IMO.

        • Big Mike

          You need some more kool aid. I don’t disagree with you. But the fact that we can even come close, has to be worth something given where we were just a year ago. Considering where we were two years ago, this could be the most impressive 2 year turn around for any unit in the NFL.

          Add in Cutler over Bridgewater, I think the Bears can pass the Vikings.

          • I don’t think Waffle is riding the Tradewinds this time.

            Adding Tre and Freeman is a MASSIVE upgrade for stopping the run and pass. Throw in some leaner meaner Goldman, and it’ll be really tough going up the middle on us.

            And Hicks is a man mountain which some around the league believe can be a star and the steal of FA.

            If we stuff the middle, Bridgewater will have to test the perimeter with his weak ass arm. That to me spells disaster.

          • and plz, no one say “His arm isn’t that weak.”

            I’ve seen him play a lot. It’s as weak as a romanian can opener.

          • Big Mike

            His arm is awful. Nice to find some Bears’ fans here that are willing to get a little excited. It’s interesting, I watch every minute of every Bears game, plus some of our division’s teams and then the marquis matchups. Maybe 2-3 non bears games a week. Cutler’s arm strength is easily noticeable compared to just about every other QB I watch. You don’t notice on the deep ball as much (maybe because the Bears rarely through it), but on the deep outs, or tosses to the wide side of the field, he just flicks the ball out there on a rope. You see other QB’s ball on those same throws and it’s like man, that took forever to get there.

          • CanadaBear

            I like those throws where he’s trying to fit it into a tight window. They usually have some smoke on ’em. Glad I don’t have to try and catch one of those in December at Soldier Field.

          • As they say, the great ones make it look effortless, and Cutty’s arm strength is def great.

            Like you said, it seems like he just flicks it from any platform (prolly why he got into that backpeddling shit) and it just zooms over like a lazer.

            There’s a lot of QBs in the league who must show proper mechanics and get into the throw to hit that 15 yard out.

            Guys like Cutty, Favre could do it going backwards on one leg.

            Man, I wish I had that arm.

            Guess I’ll just have to settle for my divine wang.

        • You’re about to get Jericho’d

          wait until Bridgewater plays against a Bears D that doesn’t feature Timu, Anderson, Callahan, Dunne, Unrein, Gaston, 3 injured OLB’s and Acho.
          This is going to be a decimation.

          • Bears have done OK vs some of the big names in our div. Megatron, AP and even Rodgers are kept in check by the Bears (relatively speaking). But somehow, we still end up fucking losing.

          • You’re about to get Jericho’d

            wait until you see Fangio’s D run with guys with talent and heart instead of just heart.

        • MB30SD

          so I haven’t seen smith play data, what’s the big whoop? do you know?

          He’s the white kid out of ND right?

          • AlbertInTucson


          • MB30SD

            jesus christo on a fucking bike Al.

            Thanks for that massive flaming arrow made of crushed glass and steel shards to the heart. Fucken-A

          • AlbertInTucson

            When I saw where he was drafted, I had to see why he wasn’t a Bear.

          • MB30SD

            siiiiiiiiiiiiiigh. I have a migraine now.

          • AlbertInTucson

            Is it wrong to be rooting for McClellin to fall in his face or, better still, get CUT in NE???

          • MB30SD

            Nope, god know I just want that sack of farmer out of the nfl for good.

        • AlbertInTucson

          Oh, for a Harrison Smith among our DBs.

  • Doc Nitty

    The Case against the Vikings:

    They are the fucking Vikings.

    • MB30SD



  • Bender McLugh

    Did you see B Marsh picked Cutler to be the MVP this year?? Seems like he’s missin’ his ol’ friend, isn’t that sweet?

    • Amazing what a few months of thinking you’ll be catching passes from Geno Smith does to you.

      But seriously, he’s in the past touted Cutler as MVP candidate, touted Hester as the top WR on a team featuring him, touted Orton > Cutler, touted the Jets’ RB as the best in the NFL before last season, and said in this same interview that Ryan Fitpatrick is elite.

      Translation: Marshall says a lot of stupid shit, and it should all be ignored.

      • Huge Bear’s Penis

        maybe he is just off his meds.

        • you can’t actually treat Borderline Personality Disorder, Marshall’s illness, with meds. It has to be treated with therapy and learning techniques to keep yourself in the right mindset.

          • I wonder why that is? Meds imply a ‘chemical imbalance’ so either doctors don’t think it’s due to that, or they haven’t made a pill to “correct” it.

            I’m a “soft determinist” so I suspect it has to be chemical, unless he had a truly traumatic upbringing, but other NFL players (including Braverman) have prolly had harsher histories.

          • I just looked it up, I remember hearing this from Brandon Marshall’s a football life. It turns out you can’t treat BPD itself with medication, but you can treat many of its symptoms (depression and anxiety being the main two). Similar to many mental illnesses.

          • Cormonster

            My sister is a shrink. I asked her several years ago about BPD regarding Marshall. She said they are by far the toughest people to deal with and there is no “cure”. You can treat it and manage it, but it’s usually still always a problem. The problem usually stems from a traumatic upbringing or being ignored growing up.

            A couple other things she told me. One of the worst situations with a patient is when they have an over-inflated view of you. When a patient constantly praises her, she knows eventually that person will feel slighted in some way and the inevitable backlash is worse. She also said it’s very hard for people with BPD to maintain close friendships or stay close to family members due to their erratic behavior. Another point she made was that when someone with BPD is in a bad mood, they project it onto everyone around them.

            She made some other points, but those are some of the ones that stuck with me regarding Marshall. That may help explain his locker room problems and eventual outbursts at Cutler.

          • ah, I was just typing. Interesting. So it’s trauma.

            But still, how come some ppl get BPD while others who were as abused or worse don’t?


          • You’re about to get Jericho’d

            the brain and it’s mysterious ways.

          • CanadaBear

            I remember you telling me that. It totally makes sense. I replied to you about The Crusher yesterday. It might make you laugh.

          • Cormonster

            I saw that. Pretty funny.

          • I think it was you, or maybe someone else on here, who said they knew ppl with it.

            So I guess what I would wanna know is what is the CAUSE for BPD? Does it differ per person?

            It just seems like an odd disease since ppl can theoretically go their entire lives with it undiagnosed.

            I tracked basically his entire career, and up until he got diagnosed, he seemed like another Aldon – just another knucklehead athlete always “at the wrong place wrong time”

            Then he got shanked by his own girl in the PS (and still balled that year!), and I was like, “Well nice knowing you.” but he somehow got his shit together.

            I just wonder how many more football players (or the population in general) have BPD. We just shake our heads and mutter “Knucklehead” (like I did with Bmarsh) but maybe it’s more.

            Follow up question would be – can concussions make someone BPD?

            Dunno. Just curious if anyone is familiar with these. I’ll prolly read up on it later, but I read a book on neuroscience esp with the brain and emotions and one of the lessons I took away is that A LOT of ppl are walking around with brain damage which affects behavior significantly even if the “damage” is minor.

            It’s kinda scary actually.

          • AlbertInTucson

            I wonder. Does being a Bears fan for decades qualify as a “Mental Illness”?

          • Decades of aggravation with incremental moments of joy?

            Oh, sorry, I was thinking about marriage.

          • CanadaBear

            Only if it’s paired with being a Sox/Cubs fan for decades. Yes, we both qualify!

          • AlbertInTucson

            …He said, as the White Sox begin their 2nd decade of obscurity since that brief shining moment in ’05.

          • CanadaBear

            At least you had that one year! I’m hoping this is the year for the Cubs but it’s difficult to have any real confidence. Like I always tell people, anyone can have a bad century (+).

          • AlbertInTucson

            I wouldn’t mind seeing the Cubs end their drought.

            I love all the moves Maddon made Sunday and how they eventually came back and won that game.

          • AlbertInTucson

            I remember still being concerned when they were up 3 games to none in the Series.

          • CanadaBear

            In ’84 after the Cubs were up 2-0 in the series and they blew the next two games, i went for a bike ride during game 5 because I was sure they would blow it. That was the Leon Durham error game. Same thing after the Bartman game. I take the Bears losses much harder due to a 16-game schedule.

          • CanadaBear

            I read about BMarsh’s upbringing. Not good.

          • BearDown100393

            A diagnosis of BPD is not a license for local village idiot.

          • Village idiots are preferable to murderers and rapists.
            I hold the same theory for “born again” christians who “found” jesus in jail.
            Rather be annoyed than shanked.

          • MB30SD

            does that cover crazy, off the rails trac?

          • Speaking of raving mad men, where the hell is he?

          • Big Mike

            These types of illness are very difficult to deal with. Often confused with Bi-polar disorder (which may be even more difficult to treat). Brandon Marshall’s issue is not BPD. It’s being an asshole.

          • CanadaBear

            He can be an asshole but overall there’s much more going on than that. He’s all over the map all the time. When he had the 45 min press conference, complete with a thick handout for each press member, I was positive he wasn’t long for the Beloved.

          • Big Mike

            I’m very in tune with mental illness and its impact. My daughter is bi-polar and we’ve been to hell and back fighting this. Sometimes people hide bad behavior behind their mental illness and make it tougher for anyone else with a mental illness. I don’t know what to think of Marshall. If he’s struggling, why is he so public about it? Where is his therapist in all of this? Going on national television and filling air time doesn’t seem to be sound therapy.

          • Huge Bear’s Penis

            you are right the treatment is normally therapy, but meds are often used to help reduce some of their symptoms like anxiety, impulsiveness, depression, and aggression. I have a friend that has BPD and he takes several meds to help with those fairly common symptoms. And when he goes off them it is easily noticeable. Not everyone with BPD needs meds, so my comment was probably insensitive, and I should not have said it.

    • Big Mike

      He’s planting the seeds of his year 2 meltdown.

  • You know who would have been a great signing for the Vikings? Anquan Boldin.

    Possession WR who’s an excellent run blocker. Fits their offense to a T.

    Glad they didn’t get him.

    • Would’ve been. But instead they got speedy receivers who Bridegewater can’t hit.


      • CanadaBear

        Stephon Diggs had a decent year with Teddy.

        • AlbertInTucson

          Due in large part to the Bears.

        • Diggs has a lot of the same potential that Odell shows.

          Except, he’s on the Queens with Teddy Peeshooter.

  • You’re about to get Jericho’d

    Blog favorite Billy Jax 3 down for the year with a torn pectoral muscle. Fall off the bone tender baby mmmmmmmm..

  • You’re about to get Jericho’d

    The best thing about a day off from practice is that no one can get hurt.

  • Big Mike

    How would Cutler fare against the same benchmarks?

  • DaCoaches Mustache

    Teddy Bridgewater is Lamar from revenge of the Nerds.

    • Alanagscott

      <<s:t. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★:::::::!!bc448a:….,….

    • Minaaforrest1

      <<a:y. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★:::::::!!bx220a:….,..

  • I just googled past SB winners to see how many “weak armed” QBs have won it.

    List isn’t all that encouraging if you’re a Queen’s fan.


    Pretty much just Dilfer and Brad Johnson since 2000.

    So maybe like 1 team every decade wins the SB with a “game manager” type (and those Ds must be historically dominate).

    That being said, as the Bengals have proved, teams can consistently win their division and make the playoffs with good Ds and caretaker QBs, so the while I don’t foresee any rings on Bridgewater’s fingers any time soon, I do think he makes the NFCN one of the toughest divisions going forward. Vadgers, Lesbo and him are gonna be around for a while.

    • BearDown100393

      Add Manning this past season.

  • AlbertInTucson

    Ocho Cinco lasted just tres dias as a browns’; coach…


    • BearDown100393

      1st unofficial coach on permanent concussion protocol

  • You’re about to get Jericho’d

    Waffle’s Final Roster Prediction Machine:
    QBs (2)
    RBs (4)
    WRs (5)
    TEs (3)
    OL (9)
    Leno Jr
    Bucholz – SIlatolu if he ever gets healthy
    DL (7)
    Cornwash ( I can’t believe I just wrote that)
    LB (10)
    Trevathan ILB
    Freeman ILB
    Houston OLB
    Young OLB
    Floyd OLB
    McPhee OLB
    Acho OLB
    Kwiatkowksi ILB
    John Timu ILB
    Anderson ILB
    DBs (11)
    D. Hall
    Specials (3)
    Some Dude to snap
    I thought about if they Bears would keep 3 QB’s and I had to say no because I think they’ll need 4 RB’s because of the run game. I think change of pace backs are important but I just can’t see Rodgers making the team over Carey if it’s one or the other. Carey was a punk and has now turned into a fucking bowling ball of death in the run game willing to do whatever it takes to make the team. Don’t think the coaches haven’t noticed. I think they both make the team with Perry being the odd man out and sent to the PS.
    WR is tough but the top 3 are easy. Alshon, KW and Royal are locks to make the team. Royal plays inside and outside as can Alshon. KW will do whatever they fucking tell him to. Mariani played too well last year when it counted to be left out and Cutler trusts the shit out of him. Bellamy plays well on specials and can play inside and outside as well. Little Danny Braverman, Meredith are SOL.
    Tight End is a tough call because they are all the same dude. Miller, Moeaki and Housler are all effectively huge WR’s. Miller should not play specials, Moeaki is too fragile and Housler plays in all phases. Moeaki will not make the team and Housler will. The real decision is between Khari Lee who showed me nothing last year and a young hungry rook like Harvard NerdDork Braunecker, Joe Sommers (poor mans clone of the Saints dude we wanted) and Greg Scruggs (video game physique and overall monster). I think they love Scruggs but he’s too raw to take up a spot. I think the final 3 are Miller, Housler and the unspectacular Khari Lee (like ordering a turkey club at a restaurant when you don’t know what you want).
    OL is a fucking crapshoot because it will come down to health. If Silatolu is healthy he makes the team as the 4th Guard. If he doesn’t it opens the door for some fucking no name to come in and get Cutler killed. Larsen is the Slauson utility player of this year and will move to Center if Grasu goes down.
    Defensive Line is going to be pretty straightforward with the only question being who makes the 7th spot. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I think Cornwash makes it because he can play specials…until he can’t…can play OLB kind of and can kick down to DE because he’s fucking 290+ now.
    LB is also straightforward. I think they keep Timu AND Anderson and let Jones and Barrow walk. Kwiatkowski was a 4th rd pick so unfortunately we have to waste a spot on him.
    DB is like fucking preschool this year with the only real question being if Boykin is healthy does he snag one of the CB spots and can he beat out Callahan. If he is not there are going to be a lot of dudes on this team that are rooks.
    Bush, DHC, D.Hall, Bausby are all new guys.
    Specials are specials.
    I also don’t know how they fit Lasike the FB in there. Do we really need a fullback and a DL that can play fullback better than our fullback? Who fucking knows. All I know is that we are going to run up peoples ass.
    Up. The. Ass.

    • MB30SD


      • You’re about to get Jericho’d


    • I doubt we’ll ride with 4 RBs.

      I think Carey will end up being the odd man out cuz neither Howard nor Langford are proven receivers, while Jizz is.

      That seems like a lot of LBs too. I know we run a 3-4 now, but I don’t think we’ll ride with 10 (how many last year?)

      Kwiatlawtski (or whatever) is gonna replace either Timu or Anderson or both.

      I think we’ll ride with an extra Oline cuz maybe POX now realizes “holy shit! Olinemen get inj and we have shit depth” (maybe).

      Or an extra secondary guy to see what sticks.

      I think if POX feels very comfy with Hoyer, the might try to stash Fales again and go with 2 QBs. But POX will have to take the pulse to see if some team will try to snatch Fales again. Even if a team does, Bears can just do like last year and promote him to team and release that extra special teamer.

      • You’re about to get Jericho’d

        In my most humble opinion after last year there is no way Carey doesn’t make this team. We rode with 10 LB’s last year because they play specials too. I could see Timu OR Anderson going but not both. Those guys behind a better DL would be quality ILB depth. Nick the White is a rookie and is white.
        9 OL is enough but I have a bad feeling that our issue will be at Center this year regardless of injury.

        • I thought Carey performed better than I expected, but not many teams go with 4 RBs.
          I could see keeping LBs for specials, esp if some like McPhee are still nicked up, but I think the Bears kept so many last year cuz they knew they had shit there and were trying to throw #s at the position.

          But, who knows.

          Maybe we’ll keep 2 kickers, one that could kick off, convert onsides and make game winners, and Gould for everything else.

          • MB30SD

            I am just praying to 8LB baby jebuses that we don’t have a shit-ton of injuries this year. That alone might get us to the playoffs


          • You’re about to get Jericho’d

            I just can’t see the Bears rolling with Langford, Howard and Rodgers. It just feels really needlessly risky.
            Special team are always better when manned by defensive guys.

    • willbest

      I see a 6th WR to be honest. Our top 3 WRs put together 1 players worth of games last year. Although I think they will keep Wilson on PUP and make the decision about him in week 6 or whatever it is. Not a bad break glass in case of emergency.

      • You’re about to get Jericho’d

        Well, the 6th WR they keep is a waste unless it’s a big one.

        • Huge Bear’s Penis


    • willbest

      I agree that Fales time in Chicago is over. I am almost positive he has enough active game day roster appearances to negate his practice squad eligibility.

    • willbest

      Wasn’t Callahan a solid Nickel for us last year?

      • You’re about to get Jericho’d

        Bears seam to like him but Boykin, if healthy, also has some game.

        • Didn’t Boykin get hurt on his first practice already?

          I think this is where the extra DB and one less HB kicks in.

          • You’re about to get Jericho’d

            who among us hasn’t strained a pectoral muscle trying to tackle a 230lb tailback?

          • MB30SD

            Me… not sure about head trauma, but never a strained pec (zey ahhh too yuuuugeeee!!!)

          • MB30SD


    • Huge Bear’s Penis

      Braverman SOL!!!!!! The Jew god is going to smite you. I can’t be believe you are leaving him out. He WILL be the greatest ever!!!!

  • AlbertInTucson

    Thank you for stating the OBVIOUS, Wanda…


    Here’s a sample…

    “Quarterback Jay Cutler will need to utilize short passes and connect on long passes to gain ground against the Texans defense.”

    Well, DUH! Talk about a REVELATION!

    • BearDown100393

      “The offensive line has a sole purpose and that is to protect Cutler and
      make opportunities happen for the run game and receiving core to score
      points.” – Football For Dummies authored by Wanda Wiedman http://nflspinzone.com/2016/07/29/chicago-bears-offensive-line-no-need-panic/

      • AlbertInTucson

        Yes, another “Gem of Wisdom” from this article.

    • SC Dave

      Why do so few know it is a receiver ‘corps’, and not ‘core’?

      It is that these clowning writers dictate to their fucking iphones and never actually type?

      • Bender McLugh

        That sounds about right

      • AlbertInTucson


        All the receivers make up the “Corps of receivers.”

        A couple of them could be your core receivers.

        Nothing wrong with Corps in that usage.

        You wouldn’t call it the United States Marine Core.

  • MB30SD
  • You’re about to get Jericho’d
    • MB30SD

      so fucking excited to see what it’s like to have real NFL linebackers again… been so fucking long I’ve forgotten. SMMFH

    • I rosterbated to this article so hard!

      MLB, FB, Barking, flying, swag and thumping.


  • willbest

    Jeff has either gone full retard with his McCain tweet or is demonstrating a grandmaster level of skill in trolling.

    • AlbertInTucson

      He doesn’t even attempt to explain the supposed virtues of Hilary Clinton.

      Because none exist.

      • MB30SD

        I like them abo…. meh, never mind.

    • MB30SD

      why’s that will, because he has different beliefs than you?

      • willbest

        Because he thought McCain would make a brilliant president when he had made public comments to the effect that the US should be at war with Iran

  • AlbertInTucson

    DaBearsBlog @dabearsblog
    “John McCain is an American hero who could have been a brilliant president. Please, John. Do what’s right for your country. Denounce him.”


    Denounce HER, John.

    McCain been one of my Senators for 33 years and I voted for him every time but, at this point in time, he is the poster child for term limits.

    The job is Senator, folks. Not Pope.

  • Swing Tackle of Destiny
  • Swing Tackle of Destiny

    More 21 sets.



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