Second Preaseason (Meaningless) Game In the Books…

| August 19th, 2016

Five thoughts:

  • Jay Cutler looked terrific in his limited but not limited enough performance. He was decisive, accurate and did what he has always done: extended plays when there seemed to be nothing to extend. (What did I learn here? Nothing.)
  • Alshon Jeffery played like a star. Why? Because he is a star. Do the Bears agree with that assessment? I’m not sure. But I am starting to get the sense that Alshon is going to run up his tab for 16 + games starting in September.
  • Several players looked like they were guaranteed roster guys: Moeaki, Mariani, Thompson, Anderson (starting over Jones, Timu). As I always argue, teams know a bulk of their roster decisions well before a preseason game is ever played.
  • The Bears don’t have a center on the roster. And they are one player deep at the other four spots. Offensive line is still a year away.
  • Jeremy Langford showed what I didn’t need him to show. There won’t be a running back by committee in Chicago. Not if Langford runs like he did tonight.


  • Bears announced late last night that Kyle Fuller underwent a knee scope and is out for a while. I’ve heard talk of him playing the opener but the opener is in three weeks. The likelihood is Fuller returns 2-3 weeks into the season and, really, why rush him back before that?
  • Of course 2 of the 4 roster guys I mentioned above got hurt. Both Thompson and Moeaki came out of the game dinged up. For Thompson, the injury is a brutal blow. The Bears want him to be their primary kick returner but  that means contributing across the specials landscape and possibly on offense. Missing significant time will be a massive hurdle for him to leap.
  • Today’s buzz word will be “depth”. Watch. Last night was not an indictment of the team’s depth. No team has a good second or third unit. And the Besrs played almost a quarter with their 2s against the Pats 1s.
  • But the Bears have zero depth at the two areas I’ve been pointing out all spring: secondary and OL. It’s why they are a year away from contending.

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  • EnderWiggin

    If Jeffery plays 16 games this season, he’ll retire a Bear.

    • willbest

      If the Bears think White is a legit WR#1, they will let somebody else pay Jeffery $16 mil a year.

      • EnderWiggin

        No, they won’t. Remember, all the Falcon fans thought it was the same situation with Roddy/Julio. Instead, Atlanta had one of the finest duos for 5 or 6 years.

        • But Julio was still on his Rook deal, and then when he blew up, Roddy was broken down and forgotten.

          It’s hard to pay two top flight WRs, but at least the Bears don’t have to worry about White for a couple more years. I’m sure they can frontload Alshon’s contract with that in mind. We got like 20M to spare.

          • SC Dave

            Um, White is on his rookie deal for two more years after this.

    • You’re about to get Jericho’d

      If Jeffery plays 16 games we are at least 9-7

      • Bobby Douglass

        I like him. And I am sorry for that.

    • Hope so. He’s talented, and if he lasts 16, that means he’s not made of china.

      OR if you’re cynical, that he wants to cash in then call it a career.

      Alshon looks likes he wants to make a statement though.

  • Irish Sweetness

    I don’t get this one.

    DaBearsBlog @dabearsblog
    Well Brian Hoyer stinks. Bet but he’s a decent backup.

    He stinks but he’s a good backup?

    Fales and now Shaw methinks, are better than Hoyer. Shaw knows how to use his feet and get out of trouble. He looks good.

    • Shaw is undersized and doesn’t look prepared. At ALL.

      He’s spunky, but He’s like a smaller weaker armed Dan LeFever.

      • Irish Sweetness

        Drew Brees is under-sized. Shaw can run. He doesn’t get stuck in a pocket. With him starting after Cutler and no Hoyer, we win that game. Happy to have Fales and Shaw in there … on the bench … for the whole season.

      • mgnickel

        Completely disagree here. Our O-line will not be great this year, we have 1 injury already, Slausen gone, and we are 1 more injury away from chaos. Connor Shaw has proved that he knows how to make completions and first downs when plays break down. The man is a gamer, while he doesn’t have Jay’s arm – nobody on the roster does. We know what we have in Hoyer – he’s garbage. Count on Shaw.

  • Shady

    Kyle Fuller has knee scope, will miss several weeks. Gonna need a young CB to step up…


  • Folks, this is no more positive than last week was negative. Bears are a good roster. They’ll be a good team. – Jeff

    I disagree. The Bears looked like a HS team last week.

    This week, even though they “lost” they showed a lot more.

    If that Oline would’ve given up another 7+ sacks, ppl would be really worried, and for valid reasons.

    Also, gotta remember, this is a 6 win team only a year removed from a historically embarrassing regime. These little improvements I think go a long way towards changing the losing mentality, if only incrementally.

    The Pats can afford to go 0-4 in the PS and look like shit cuz they’re a proven commodity. We cannot.

    But it sure did look like Bill wanted to win even if it is “meaningless”

    • Irish Sweetness

      I absolutely hope we go 0-4 now.

      3/1 against Houston at that point.

  • Irish Sweetness
    • condensed! like my schlong!

      Cutty passes batted down twice. Hmmmm

      • Irish Sweetness

        They just show each play on the loop, no filler.Just watching the first quarter again – yeah, a batted pass made us settle for a field goal. I like how we looked tonight, at least the first team. Alshon and Jeffrey looked good/great, as did the starting OL.

        Even Moeaki and Housler don’t look useless at TE. Just look a little rough around the edges at DB.

        • willbest

          Proniski has like 6 years NFL experience. He is what he is

          • Irish Sweetness

            Some guys don’t show it on the practice field. He sprinted across the field to help out the corner in this game and cleaned somebody’s clock. Depth at least.

      • there was a 3rd one on the 1st drive that got tipped too. Still some issues w/ OL familiarity there. Cutler needs to work with them more to know where the throwing lanes are going to be.

        • hope so. I always wonder why dlinemen just don’t jump up after 3 seconds when it’s a pass.

          Seems like a nobrainer to the quickhit WCO

      • Yvonnewwilliams2

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    • AlbertInTucson


  • Irish Sweetness


    B.Hoyer 14 4 85 0/0 0 52 1 22.6
    J.Cutler 12 8 83 1/4 0 29 0 86.5
    C.Shaw 6 4 42 0/0 1 22 0 126.4

    Without Hoyer, we were pretty good. Shaw averaged over 6 YPR too. Langford averaged nearly 7 yards.

    • Scharfinator

      I saw that too… Shaw had a good game. Granted, he was playing against scrubs, but if he can keep that up maybe he stays a practice squad QB or beats out Hoyer.

      • Irish Sweetness

        He was playing WITH scrubs too. That’s what’s good, if he was getting Jay’s protection – which was good today – then he might be a guy.

      • willbest

        Doesn’t Shaw have more than 6 games active on an NFL roster? He might not be PS eligible.

        • Scharfinator

          Ohh, I have no idea. You could be totally right.

        • mgnickel

          I know he started for the browns for at least 1 game last year

          • Joecashflow

            Hoyer was the starter for Texans, last year. Lost 30-0, 15 completions, 4 INTs, vs KC in the playoffs. As bad as it gets. Everybody can have a bad game, but you knew that was his last game as a Texan. Yet they made the playoffs. So maybe Gase will stick with him. I would say, it ain’t decided yet and he better play better in PS, or he might be gone.

          • Doc Nitty

            I hope Gase sticks with him. He hasn’t had a chance to suck on the Dolphins yet.

        • Irish Sweetness

          Practice squad??? We cut Hoyer and keep Shaw and Fales. Shaw would be signed off the practice squad. Nobody in the league wants Hoyer.

    • mgnickel

      Shaw had a hell of a game, I hope we keep him. He is scrappy and has history with Alshon. He will win games if we need him to.

  • Scharfinator

    I did not see a ton of pressure on NE QB’s in this cut down replay.

    We’re supposed to be better at this right?

    • Big Mike

      There was quite a bit of pressure, just didn’t get there.

  • One good thing I saw last night was Cutler looking to TEs a lot, even with Miller out. That shows he’s developing confidence in Moeaki and Housler, and they both delivered a bit.

    Important to have a TE you can trust when you’re playing behind a bad OL.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Moeaki was the leading receiver and hit his targets. Housler had a 51 yard TD, good words were said about him when we got him off the Texans I think.

      • the starting OL did a decent job, the OL depth is absolute shit.

        You have to realize what Hoyer is: he’s a guy who can look competent behind a good OL with a strong running game to hide him, but put him behind Chicago’s shit 2nd OL against starters and he’s going to get exposed.

        Hoyer has easily been one of the best 40-50 NFL QBs in the last 3-4 years, so unless he pulled a Schaub and turned to shit overnight, he’s a solid backup. You can’t judge him fairly playing with Bears backups against NE starters, and notice he looked better later in the game after NE had put in their backups.

        • Irish Sweetness

          Hoyer wasn’t playing with the backups, that was the first string OL.

          Which is why we should cut him. Any QB in the NFL looks good behind a line.
          Shaw looked good with nothing but scrubs around him – no excuses there. Hoyer is no good under pressure and that’s maybe the most important trait in any QB.

          Fales is good, promising. Both Fales and Shaw have shown the ability to avoid pressure. Why would we keep Hoyer around when the other two are keepers? The judgement has come from the five teams who have cut him after keeping him around for a season. He is not a good quarterback.

  • You’re about to get Jericho’d

    They will review the batted passes and adjust.
    Loved the short TE passes off of play fakes. That’s a quick 5 yards erra time.

    No Miller or Royal yet either. It was apparent that Alshon and White could have caught 10+ balls each against that D. No reason to blow the wad in a meaningless game.

    Bears D still having issues covering crossing routes. Watching our 2nd and 3rd team D was depressing because that was our starting D last year.

    Fangio will have plenty of options this year for Bullard and any OLB to run stunts. Bullard looked like pre injury Tommie Harris off the ball. Like he was in fucking fast forward. Scary.

    • Big Mike

      “Bears D still having issues covering crossing routes. Watching our 2nd
      and 3rd team D was depressing because that was our starting D last year.”

      No, this is why we’re excited!! Although I’d say “sad” and “relieved”

      • You’re about to get Jericho’d

        Don’t get me wrong, I love it, it was just a little sad watching sutton ferguson timu acho and the boys getting smoked a bit.

        • Big Mike

          yeah. bad defense is frustrating to watch.

  • Blackhawks63

    1. The OT situation is bad. Neither Leno or Massie is a viable starting OT.
    2. The C situation with Larsen is not inspiring. He struggled again last night.
    3. The OG is solid. Long of course, but I also like what I have seen out of Whitehair.
    4. The TE situation is very weak beyond Miller. And with Miller, it’s forever a question of health.
    5. The WR situation should be good. Feel good about Jeffrey. White is still a work in progress. Mariani has quietly become Cutler’s securuity blankey. End the Braverman experiment now please. Bellamy looks ok and is a keeper.
    6. The backup QB situation is awful. Hoyer is awful. I suspect the Bear’s backup QB for the 2016 season is not yet on this roster and that Pace will pick somebody up who is cut from another team.
    7. The RB situation is very meh. I think we will be OK there, but it still is an open question.
    8. The DL situation is good I think. Goldman and Hicks make the defense go. Bullard shows some developmental process. Unrein gets the job done in his plugger role. Neither Ferguson or Sutton should be on this roster and I suspect both end up being cut.
    9. The OLB should be good. I have major concerns over Floyd panning out because he EASILY gets pushed around, but for now I trust Pace, Fox and Fangio on that pick. We will be in big trouble of McPhee’s knee health curtails his season or effectiveness though. Houston should be worried about job security right now. Acho played well.
    10. The ILB situation should be good, but we shall see. Jones is awful and has the football IQ of a goal post. Need to see Trevathan and Freeman in action of course. Kwiatowski is a work in progress and again I’ll have to trust Pace, Fox and Fangio on that one.
    11. The DB situation at both Safety and CB worries a great deal. Amos is going to be OK. The rookies will be relied upon very heavily. Have to think Fuller is on the cusp of becoming yet another Chicago first round bust, but lets see when he comes back from his knee scope in a few weeks. Absolutely essential that Porter have a good season.
    12. Special teams were improved. The punting situation is problematic however.

    Overall? I really like and have faith in Pace and Fox. But the rebuilding continues and this roster has a lot of developmental pieces and not remotely enough depth at this point. My head forecasts a 6 win season with hope for a much brighter future.

    • Joecashflow

      Appreciate your analysis. No use giving atta boys to the few shining stars. There are not enough to compete. Better to have a critical eye and hope, hope they can pull it together. That’s certainly not being negative. It’s being realistic. As I recall, alot of national media are putting the Bears somewhere in 20-27th place. Leave the cheerleadering to maings. haha. A lot of us see a whole bunch of work and another draft year before we turn it around. Or am I being too negative? Cutler looked good. There.

    • 1. I can buy Massie perhaps not being up to par, esp in pass pro, but Leno? We don’t know yet. Jury still out. He’s at the very least serviceable. Can’t assume he’ll suck. He didn’t look horrible last year.

      2. We don’t really have a C, true. Larsen however is still getting acclimated with everyone and everything. Plus, C and LG usually work in tandem.

      3. Agree. Realistically, Jury still out on Whitehair, but see #2.

      4. Who in the league has a great TE situation? I bet you’d be hard pressed to name the Steelers TE, or who the back up is for the Skins (who like us, have an inj prone starter), or any team for that matter outside the Pats. Looking around the league, TE is thin period, so it’s kinda relative. They all seem injured, and the guys behind them aren’t household names.

      5. Agree. Braverman will likely be gone. Mariani and Ballamy in.

      6. Meh. Hoyer is better than what he’s showed already. How many games is Jimmy Garrapolo gonna win for the Pats? Dunno. Cuz he’s a back up, and they tend to all suck.

      7. No way. Langford looks like the real deal, and the rest serve their roles. The RBs themselves I’m not worried about. The oline is another matter.

      8. Agree. I’m ok with our Dline, though I still think we need that one dominant stud. Is Hicks that guy? Goldman? Bullard. Dunno. They’re avg right now IMO. Hopefully they become more.

      9. I’m probably more cynical on Floyd than you are. He does get pushed around. Spins to nowhere. But Young and McPhee are the real deals, while Houston, Acho and the rest will pitch in.

      10. ILBs majorly improved, though my alarms are buzzing about Freeman’s coverage. Either way, both those guys lead their old teams in tackles. They’ll be swarming, and our backups in, Timu, Anderson, etc started last year, so they have experience just in case. K-man has some upside.

      11. I agree that secondary is a concern, esp with Fuller out. But if we get Cromartie, it’s really a wash. It’s not as if Fuller was looking like Deon Sanders. Amos like you said is solid, and hopefully a better supporing cast and another season raises his play. The other S, nickle will be worth monitoring, but Fangio has a knack for squeezing the most out of the secondary going back to SF.

      12. Agree.

      Overall. I don’t think the parts make the whole, esp when you have good proven coaches like Fox and Fangio. The one I’m most worried about is Loggains, but I think the coaches will make them win more than 6 games (barring Cutty going down).

      Bears were in games last year they had no reason being in, and no one can say they’re not improved on paper this year, so hard to imagine they’ll tread water.

      I think .500 is the low bar, esp when considering a relatively soft schedule.

  • MB30SD

    Oh my fucking god… you mean the sky ISN’T falling after the 2nd PRESEASON game?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!? You mean there might still be hope for an 8-8 season!??!?!?!?!?

    Ps… blackhawk, you’re still a miserable dickbag.

    • Blackhawks63

      Because I predict a 6 win season I’m a miserable dickbag? Whatever. Your assessment on the worth of posters here correlates to how optimistic or pessimistic they are on the 2016 season. That’s your problem moron.

      Nobody is suggesting you can’t predict this is a playoff bound team. I don’t agree with you at all, but then again I could care less about what you or anybody else on here predicts.

      • MB30SD

        No dude, its not what you post but how. you are constantly so fucking negative, just look at what you see and make an honest logical reasonable judgement call. The constant moaning and unsubstantiated bitching just because you wan to, sucks.

        I’m sure you’re a lovely man in real life.

        • Blackhawks63

          Constantly negative? I think reading is fundamental. I think if you read my post below there is actually quite a lot that I wrote that is positive. It is what it is. The 2016 Chicago Bears are still not a very good football team and the rebuilding continues. I have solid faith in Pace and Fox. But more time is needed. We just aren’t good enough (yet) and depth is a real issue.

          Get back to me just like you got back to everybody last season after 16 games professing shock for how the season ended. You’ll be puking up your kool-aid once more if you think the 2016 Bears are a playoff bound team. Your delusionment is not my problem.

          Go Bears.

          • MB30SD

            go back and read my stuff maings. I have no coolaid, like in life, I try to take a very logical and reasonable approach to everything. I didn’t predict anything last year, and I’m not predicting anything this year.

            My sole and overarching single comment thus far is: we HAVE to be better than last year. Period.

      • You’re about to get Jericho’d

        We’re leary of you my longtime bears fan cynic. Mainly because you were such an intolerable curmudgeon last year. Fucking brutal even as curmudgeon sometimes connotes a lovable quality.
        You’re like Ray Rice talking about finding a way to work out marital differences on the heals of knocking your wife the fuck out.

        You abused before so unfortunately your path back into the league will be more difficult.

        • Blackhawks63

          I think you need to get some very very real help.

          • You’re about to get Jericho’d

            Haha, Most abusers blame the victim.

          • MB30SD


        • willbest

          He wasn’t married. Gal went and married him after he did that. Women like that don’t want protection.

      • you don’t even care about what I predict?

    • Bobby Douglass

      *This*… is an interesting observation.

      • Scharfinator

        It’s just so worn out and reused though. 😛

    • i think you misspelled 14-2.

      • MB30SD

        HA! well played sir, well played.

  • willbest

    So I looked into it. Shaw is PS eligible, Fales may or may not be, but my gut tells me no and I don’t have time to get into the weeds to make sure. So its just a matter of clearing waivers. And I know Irish likes his man Shaw, but teams are generally comfortable sacrificing QB3 on the active roster, and despite how bad Hoyer looks, he is QB#2.

  • CanadaBear

    Not that I believe Fales or Shaw are all that but if Cutler goes down the Bears season is over. If POX thinks either one of these guys have the goods to be the backup, go with ’em. It’s not like Hoyer’s going to save the season. I’m guessing POX isn’t all in on either Fales or Shaw. Who knows?

    • Hoyer can manage a 1-2 game stretch better than Clausen. If Cutler goes down for more than that they’re screwed, but they have very little margin for error to make the playoffs anyway, so w/e.

      • willbest

        That last part is true for pretty much every team.

    • Hoyer is better than what he’s looked like in PS. Gotta remember, our Oline is highly dubious. Our backups, even worse.

      I’m sure he’s still getting used to all the new personnel, terminology wrinkles, etc.
      QB is not like HB. Can’t just plug em.

      I think Hoyer’s biggest asset will be helping Cutty in the classroom and sidelines. I always wanted a Matt Hasselbeck type, a cerebral mentor to help cutty out. Hoyer may not be all that, but I think he can def help Cutty on game day, and that’s all that matters to me.

      If Cutty goes down for more than 4 games, we’re fucked anyways, Shaw or nor Shaw.

  • AlbertInTucson

    Last night was more fun to watch than last week.

    • willbest

      Last week the Bears first O got embarrassed by Denver’s second D. This week they moved the ball well against the Pats first D.

      I wonder if that speaks to how good Denver is or how bad the Patriots are. Or perhaps Jeff is right even while he draws conclusions from it, and the preseason doesn’t mean anything.

      • I think the first game was a confluence of events.

        1. We do have a new Oline. New LG, C and RT. Only Leno and Long are leftovers. So, it’s only natural there’ll be growing pains.

        2. These growing pains got exacerbated by Wade Phillips rushing more than 4, including delayed S blitzes.

        3. New WR in White/TEs too. Moeki, Houseler and White won’t be on the same page with Cutler, esp with hot routes and blitz recognition.

        4. Cutty looked rusty. 1st game real action, but also new OC. No matter how much “continuity” is kept by Loggains, it’ll be different than Gase, esp with practically a totally renovated O (that’s not even mentioning Langford).

        I think this past game was a bit more indicative of where we are. Lots of things to clean up. Shitty depth. But a robust rungame and resurgent D should make us competitive mostly.

  • The Ghost of Super Bowl XX

    Nice game for Terry “Fucking” Williams, fans must be pleasant.

    • EnderWiggin

      For 6’1” 495 lbs, the guy showed some hustle and strength. But running backs/qbs seemed to slip through his hands like buttah.

      • You’re about to get Jericho’d

        it’s amazing that he’s that quick for being 5’11 498lbs.

        • Huge Bear’s Penis

          it is weird the Terry “Fucking” Williams’ legend feels like it shrinking and growing at the same time.

  • Sactowns#1

    Bears are kicking the tires on Antonio Cromartie. He’s a little long in the tooth but the guy has had some stellar years in the past. What does the community say?

    • This must mean Fuller is worse than we’d imagine.

      I guess it would depend on what other CBs are available, and for what cost.

      I don’t have any PFF stats on it, but from what I remember, Cromartie and Fuller are essentially a wash at this stage of their careers.

      Fuller obviously is younger with more upside, but come gameday this year, Cromartie can be serviceable, much like Porter was.

      Just give Cro a “prove it deal”.

      • Bender McLugh

        agreed. Also, read that the Pats have a glut of good CB’s so they’ll probably cut ties with a few come roster trimming time. Worth keeping an eye on those.

    • You’re about to get Jericho’d

      he’s got hip problems but we only need him for 3-5 games. I say yes. We don’t need him to be Revis.

  • AlbertInTucson

    The Viking rush said “Hello” to Russell Wilson several times last night.

    • SC Dave

      Not surprised. Vikes are pointing up, unfortunately.

      • Big Mike

        On defense.

        • SC Dave

          Yeah yeah. That’s what I meant.

    • Seahawks Oline is dare I say, Bear-ish.

      Makes what Wilson does all that more remarkable.

      That dude went insane late season, even behind that Oline – impressive.

  • willbest

    lol. Bill plagiarizes Hillary’s cookie recipe for the ‘First Lady’ cookie contest.

  • SC Dave

    Any plans for us to attend a game this season?

    • Sactowns#1

      I would be happy with having a meet up at the least. Lets pick a date and make it happen!

      • SC Dave

        I would really like to finally meet some of you assholes*.

        * and I mean that in the nicest way

  • SC Dave

    The whole idea of a Little League World Series boggles my mind. What the fuck ever became of the concept of PLAYING sports and games?

    • Big Mike

      The Little League world series has been going of for a pretty long time. Like the 50s and 60s.

      • SC Dave

        I know, but still. ..

    • I don’t really like it either, SC .

      To me, there are two types of people.

      Those who play sports for fun
      And those who play sports to win.

      It’s been my experience that the latter group are giant DICKS, and I might argue, pathological (See, Tiger, Jordan, etc).

      I played organized Baseball, Basketball and Football and that’s when it turns into work. That’s when coaches get involved and indoctrinate kids that they must win or are somehow less human. And it is indoctrination in the truest sense. Coaches brainwash the youth that in order to have fun you must win, and make you feel like utter dogshit if you lose cuz it reflects badly on them.

      That’s a lot different then just getting your bball out of the closet and going to a pick up game, or doing a thanksgiving football game with your pals.

      Now, A LOT depends on the coach. My pop-warner coach is still my fav coach, and even though he drilled us hard, he always reminded us, “Hey, just have fun. That’s what we’re here for.” And he would take us to Shakeys even if we lost (other coaches didn’t cuz Losers don’t get Shakeys apparently).

      But sadly, not many were like my Pop-Warner coach (Many were more like drill instructors, which is handy, if you’re going to fucking war and not just hitting or catching a ball)

      Sports were intended to be fun, but naturally our consumerist society has disfigured the original joy of a simply taking the field or court without having to worry about perfection.

      That’s my 2cents.

      • CanadaBear

        Only played organized baseball (the last year I was 14) but was lucky to have either good coaches that weren’t psychos or bad coaches that were super nice.

        • I grew up playing sports organized or not. I think it was just a way for our parents to dump us off for a few hours lol

          It was a mix. My HS basketball coach was a dick. His assistant was cool.

          My HS football coaches were ALL dicks. My position coach was ok I guess. But it definitely wasn’t about “fun”.

          I last played organized baseball around 14, and they seemed to strike a good balance (and we were a championship team). I did better under those types of coaches (made the all-star, and even though I was supposed to rotate out, they just left me in the whole game).

          But to me, pick up games were just more fun.

          Not saying organized sports doesn’t have its benefits. The EXPERIENCE with teammates (not coaches, or the actual games) were almost worth the fucking suffering.

          And some say that organized sports teaches a person to be selfless, competitive and determined, which can translate to the ‘real world’.

          Dunno. I guess if you have no/bad parents then coaches and organized sports can act as a positve structure, but if you have a decent environment and aren’t a complete maniac, you’ll prolly end up ok.

          I have mixed feelings about it, I suppose. But for sure if I had kids playing I would meet the coach and audit a few practices just to see what’s being drilled into my son.

          • SC Dave

            TEAMMATES were what made it so cool.

          • Huge Bear’s Penis

            I played organized baseball until my Senior year of HS. I always had good coaches that were able to balance the game between having fun and winning. I stopped playing my Senior year because of a new coach. It was all about winning to him, constant drills, punishment for mistakes, and the idiot thought Baseball should be year round and required weight lifting in the off season.

            I was an umpire for years for the summer leagues at all age levels. The problem I saw was mainly with the coaches. I dealt with all kinds of coaches. There were a lot of great coaches that taught the game, encouraged the kids, and had a focus on sportsmanship, all while making it fun. Then there were the coaches that were all about winning. These coaches yelled at kids for making mistakes, yelled at umps about calls and were just not good.

            As an ump it gave me the unique perspective of the impact of coaches on the kids. I saw kids that loved the game and were pretty good at it for their ages, and I was able to watch them for multiple years. They played on different teams with different coaches each year. It was easily noticeable the impact of a bad coach. Once a kid had a bad experience because of a coaching style, they lose the “love” of the game. A lot of the kids would not sign up to play the next year.

            I would encourage all parents to do what you suggested and meet the coaches and audit practices, but not everyone has the time to do that. Offer to assist during games, get involved, but remember the kids are still just playing a game that is supposed to be fun, and your kid may not actually be any good and that is not the coaches, umpires, or the parents fault.

          • Yeah, I hear yeah. It was kinda the same with me and football my senior year. The coaches were just complete assholes. I wasn’t having fun anymore. And I wanted to focus more on varsity Bball. But little did I know, THAT HC was a dickhead too. He looked like a dickish John Stockton. I actually QUIT the basketball team that year, well, at least for a few days. I returned, but we ALL hated them so much, and we kept losing, so it was just brutal.

            Like you said, gotta strike a balance. No coincidence my last baseball team I was in, they struck that balance, and we were champs, and I made the allstars. I personally respond better to being treated like a normal human being (or kid, for that matter).

            I guess some need the constant negative reinforcement and endless ball busting. I didn’t.

            I know what you mean by crazy coaches and parents. I went to see my nephew play flag football and some guy was handing out flyers. I’m like, “Oh, carwash or something?” He’s like “No” and kept passing them out. I read it, it was how parents and spectators should behave – at an 8 yr old flag football game! I was like, how bad does it fucking get now adays. Geesh.

            My bro-in-law is pretty good and being involved though. He checks them out beforehand (maybe cuz he’s a teach and played also). He did that too with Sensai’s. If he thought that guy was a Kobra Kai wannabe, he just pulled them out. Eventually he found his old Sensai, but he moved so couldn’t attend anymore.

            Gotta def check out the environment. I know a lot of parents just assume the best (my mom didn’t even meet the coaches at all), but due diligence brothers.

          • Cormonster

            I had very similar experiences as you guys. My Little League coach was awesome and I loved it. He made it fun and was a great teacher of the fundamentals. We had the best record in a very large league (28-30 teams) two years in a row. We lost in the playoffs both years because the coach made sure everyone got at least one at bat per game and one inning in the field. That and our pitcher had some bad games.

            Then I got drafted real high for Pony League by my friend’s Dad, who was a complete nut. He drafted me because I was a really good hitter (batted around .500 with a .612 OBP), and catcher with a very strong arm. He ruined me over the next two years. I progressively got worse the longer he coached. He forced me to change my stance and approach and yelled non-stop every time I was at the plate. His negative crybaby attitude rubbed off on the team, and about 1/2 way through the second season I just walked out of practice one day and never returned.

            Same with football. I had fun coaches all the way up until HS, and I even loved the practices. The HS coach was a dick with a huge ego and told me he wouldn’t play me unless I worked out year around. I did it for about three months and said fuck this. I quit and got a job and car and just played lots of pick up baseball and football games. I missed the pads but I didn’t want to put up with the coach. I don’t think most of my friends who stayed on the team had a positive experience.

          • Wow, that was really good Corm! I batted about the same my allstar year which is why the coaches didn’t take me out of the game! lol

            I was lead-off, but I played center. I remember one practice late in the season something came up, and they put me at catcher, and they’re like, “if we knew you were that good at catcher, we would’ve put you there” and I thought in my head “there’s a reason I didn’t tell you guys”. Catcher is brutal on the body, esp the knees.

            I liked meditating out there in center field with all that green.

            In retrospect, I probably should’ve stuck to baseball. I had more of a baseball body (5’9 175) then basketball or football. But I just liked those sports more at the time. Oh well.

            That coach sounds like a complete prick, and I have come across some like that. My HS football coach was probably a lot like that. What drove me crazy wasn’t even the dickhead part, cuz you kinda get immune to it after a few years, but that he would play favorites for no apparent reason.

            I remember I used to run routes for the backup QB and he was waaaay better than the starter. I mean, the dude could zip it 40 yds on a dime no problem, but for some fucking reason, the HC decided to go with this Mario bros knockoff that couldn’t throw for shit, but could run.

            I remember it got so bad one time that our backup QBs dad came over to the headcoach and pulled him aside, right there in practice.

            His dad was like leader of the Mongols biker around the area, and you can tell the HC was a little worried lol

            I think the whole team was rooting that the Mongol would kick his ass.

            Our backup QB was a little embarrassed, but fuck, dudes like that need to be taken down a notch sometimes.

            He still didn’t get a start though. What a shame. I seriously think he could’ve got a scholarship at least to a JUCO or something.

          • Cormonster

            I batted lead-off also and my younger brother batted 3rd. He was a better hitter than me. He was just a pure hitter who crushed the ball. He had the exact same batting stance as Andre Dawson. I was more of a low line drive hitter, plus I was really good at getting lead off bunt singles. I was really fast and averaged probably 1.5 stolen bases a game. I absolutely loved catching. I would catch the entire batting practice every practice. I loved the mental part of it and being involved in every defensive play of every game. Like you, me and my brother were almost never taken out of a game unless we had a big lead.

            Our HS football team had a lot of politics involved. Inferior players often started because of who their Dad was and what business he owned. I can see why the football coach wanted me to work out. As a sophomore I only weighed about 120 and was 5’7 or 5’8. During junior year I grew 4-5 inches and added 70 pounds. Now I’m about the size of a corner of safety at 6’1 and 205 with a 2-3 inch vertical.

            If I stuck with any sport in HS I would have probably been best at track in the 400 or 800.

          • CanadaBear

            I umpired little league as a kid and slow-pitch softball in my 20’s. The kids were never an issue in little league. The parents/coaches were usually good but there were always those special ones. The slow-pitch softball games were rarely an issue unless someone was tanked.

          • Big Mike

            You must have had awful coaches. Our HS football team has been to the State Championship 6A 3 of the last 6 years with 1 Championship. Just doesn’t happen in our program.

      • SC Dave

        I agree with 100% of that. Let kids be kids, for god’s sake.

        • This is what happens otherwise as per The Breakfast Club

          Funny. Now that I think of it. I kinda did both parts in my life – Emilio Estevz (the jock) and Judd Nelson (the rebel who eventually soured on that)

          I specifically remember the moment it happened, and it happened to be during practice.

          We were all doing jumping jacks as the sun was setting, and a bunch of “rebels” were cutting across the field.

          Then the head coach turned to us and barked, “You see them guys. Losers. They’ll never amount to anything in life. They’re zeros”

          At that moment it was like a buddhist epiphany, “Fuck this shit. I’m with them”

      • SC Dave

        Oh, and a site I bet would interest you is http://changingthegameproject.com/about/

      • Big Mike

        You had a bad run of coaches. Its all about learning to play the game, having fun, facing adversity and testing yourself. Just had first scrimmage of the season. We worked hard, had fun and got better.

  • I think I like Bolt more


    Not sure if Americans are less patriotic though. Compared to what age? for sure compared to 40-50s, but how about 60s? Or how patriotic were southerners during the civil war (or slaves, minorities and women for that matter).

    I know I still get moved by the American anthem when I hear it. Good on Bolt. Shows what we still mean to some around the world, and what we could mean to the future.

    • Irish Sweetness

      He’s looking for a visa.

  • MB30SD

    Handball… an Olympic sport? Have you seen this atrocity? Unathletic Scandinavian dude’s playing soccer with their hands and a tiny ball… pun that. Yesh.

    • AlbertInTucson

      There are like, 300 “Olympic” sports.

      I’m sure we could cut that by a half in about 15 minutes.

      • Huge Bear’s Penis

        there are only 26 sports in this years Olympics, the different events in sports like gymnastics, track and field, and swimming only make it seem like there is 300.

    • Is bowling an Olympic sport yet?

      I always felt like put-put golf should be an Olympic sport!

      Out of all the sports, that probably pissed me off the most. Think it would be fun to watch. As fun as ping pong and hand ball.

      Also, we should dominate handball. We got like the most prisoners on earth.

      Let em out to compete in the Olympics!

      (then summarily put them right back in)

  • Joecashflow

    Belichick post game conference 11.5 minutes. Fox, 1.5 min. Chicago Press have no questions or shut off or what? Belichick actually cordial when he wants to be. At least I have an idea of what he thinks of individual play. Bears? Nope.

    • If a reporter asks Bill an actual football question (that’s not about injuries), he’s pretty indepth and insightful.

      But when reporters start asking if Jimmy is gonna replace Tom, that’s when the grouch comes out.

  • Yvonnewwilliams2

    <<hp.. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★::::::!il273r:….,…..

  • AlbertInTucson
    • You’re about to get Jericho’d

      all these fucking animals need to do is graduate from ND and their lives are fucking set for ultra success. Jobs and opportunities thrown at them, money and promotions thrown at them, doors opened immediately for being young and black and from ND. If these fucking morons can’t succeed what chance does the kid whose entire male side of the family is a fucking waste?

      That culture is poison.

      • MB30SD

        The purge is coming. One way or another, it’s coming. Whether man or mother nature imposes it is the only question.

        Gold, guns, and pussy… the zombie apocalypse is neigh!!

        • willbest

          I am hoping for peaceful secession. We aren’t there yet though. Gotta run out of money first.

          • MB30SD

            Nah, no such thing. World war Z is coming one way or another.

            Not real zombies, but some resource catastrophe (grid failure or overpopulation or terrorist dirty bomb attack or some shit) will cause some level of societal collapse and all hell will break loose at some point. Stok up on the critical 3 boys. GGP

          • SC Dave

            Or something as “mundane” as a collapse of the monetary system.

          • MB30SD

            Sure, that’ll do it

      • AlbertInTucson

        The demise of the American nuclear family.

    • I think every black person now hates cops. I really do. The deep seeded resentment was already there, but now with all the cops assassinating them on camera, the hatred is now deeper, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a thug on the street or wall street headhunter.

      Even Michael Jordan finally broke his silence.

      Dunno what the solution is. I guess one can say the black community needs a new MLK, one that preaches peace and forgiveness, but that’s easy to say when you’re not the one getting beat down and shot in the face.

      • You’re about to get Jericho’d

        They’re at fucking Notre Dame, a top institution in the world, going to school for free, rolling around with weed and loaded gun and fucking fighting cops. Fucking bullshit. Don’t be a fucking enabler.

        We’ve now gotten to the point a few months ago where a black college student at a private university i attended accused a cab driver of taking my party over hers “because she was black”….the fucking cab driver was black.

        • There’s nothing to enable. They’ll be punished, as they should be.

          But it’s not as if the black community is fighting cops just for the fuck of it.

          There’s a root cause for it, and if you ignore it, then it’ll only get worse.

          I’ve been saying it for years, that’s it’s brooding, but now we hear of planned assassinations of cops, ambushes.

          If you wanna know why it’s come to that, and how to stop it, maybe figure out why they hate cops so much.

          It’s no different than in other countries where the citizens don’t trust cops either, so it’s not just an af-am “culture”.

          • You’re about to get Jericho’d

            Hey, I’m playing with my son in the backyard. Maybe I’ll become a fucking folk hero and they’ll write a yahoo article about me.

            Wake up.

          • willbest

            Its not culture? Are police uniquely racist against blacks? Asians and Hispanics aren’t getting into trouble at DOUBLE their population representation. Blacks aren’t even singled out statistically if you adjust police altercation rates to correspond to violent crime rates by race.

            You want to prattle on about systemic, be my guess, but its not the police that are creating the systemic problem, they are just who society has tasked to deal with it. And because half the population can’t rub two neurons together police are forced to reckon with the blowback.

            And yes there are bad cops. There is also an epidemic of female teachers raping teenage boys, the catholic church was covering up pedophile priest for decades, Psychopathy runs rampant among C-executives, etc. But we aren’t targeting random teachers for execution.

          • MB30SD

            Yeah, where in thee fuck was the teacher thing when I was in school? !?!

          • CanadaBear

            I had no idea it was an epidemic.

          • MB30SD

            And you spelled “lucky” wrong will

          • You’re about to get Jericho’d

            i had two smoking hot teachers in highschool. My latin teacher and my communications teacher. Both in their low 20’s. Both soooo hot. I’m not saying that it’s right for a 14yr old to be seduced by a teacher but by the time I was a junior or senior i’m fairly certain I would be ready for teacher sex at all times.

          • CanadaBear

            I had a nun (probably late 20’s) put her hands all over me a few times when she made me stay after school. I was in 7th grade (12-13) at the time. I knew what was going on but was in total denial about it. My first could have been a nun. Let that sink in for a while. And to think I have no use for religion!!!!!!!!!!!

          • You’re about to get Jericho’d

            7th grade would be a little scandalous, you’d be fucked up.

          • CanadaBear

            Like I’m not already!

          • Huge Bear’s Penis

            its called ‘laying on of hands’ she was just trying to heal your tortured soul at least that’s what the Priest always told me.

          • CanadaBear

            Never had any priests try anything. Had a few in HS knock me around a bit but that was it. If that was their idea of foreplay it didn’t work.

          • AlbertInTucson

            Ever see HEAVEN HELP US?

          • MB30SD

            Exactly. All our teachers were fat and old, but we had one super hot teachers aid we all wanted to fuck.

          • willbest

            Many of them aren’t hot. Though unsurprisingly hot teachers tend to avoid any jail time or get less than a year. Where the less attractive ones might have to spend 3 years in jail. Ain’t know privilege like attractive white girl privilege.

          • MB30SD

            I like attractive white girl privilege… when it’s my privilage. Hee hee

          • It’s the chicken and the egg. Obviously, it goes back to slavery, jim crow laws, segregation, lynching, being unable to buy homes in certain neighborhoods, or marry white women, etc etc

            A lot of ppl say “hey, let it go!” but the harassment still happens. You only see the shootings on tv now, but a lot of times it’s a daily violations that dehumanize , and it doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor.

            (As a matter of fact, if a black man drives a nice car through a bad neighborhood, everyone assumes he’s a drug dealer and is probably MORE likely to get pulled over or jacked).

            Like I said, this resentment didn’t just pop out of nowhere. There’s a cause to it. And IMO, it the perception that cops are their enemies, whether you agree with it or not.

            If you can offer another cause, I’d like to hear it.

            If we cannot diagnose the illness, then we can’t treat it. Simple as that.

          • willbest

            So I started to respond to this and then I started outlining, and that outline got substantial and I realized that I could probably do 10,000 words or more on the various factors I believe are responsible. I also have a list of common sense things the government should do, but it doesn’t because its not going to get any politician more voters or generate more money for any corporations.

            My chief complaint though is family. The government actually punishes family formation among the poor and lower class. Of course, families are dangerous to people with power. They provide support and make people difficult to control.

        • Johnnywad

          Yep. Most of what we’re seeing is bullshit.

          I spent three hours today fishing with a state trooper. Listening to him talk about it all ….. It’s unbelievable the bullshit these guys put up with. There are in fact a handful of bad cases of cops out of control. The trouble is, there are literally hundreds of thousands of hours of body cam footage out there every year without incident. One asshole cop loses his mind for 30 seconds and shoots somebody and the next thing you know, cops a thousand miles away are being ambushed. It’s sad and frightening. It just doesn’t make any sense.

          I’ve said it before, and I don’t know you from the next guy, you need to move your family man. This shit isn’t going away. Fuck em. Easier to just leave.

          • MB30SD

            you know where to come my brother. Endless fish tacos and juvenile white sharks patrolling just beyond the breakers await you. It might not be Narnia, but it’s close.

          • Johnnywad

            I love me some fish tacos but the sharks are out.

            Some day, I’m spending a week at Del Mar.

          • MB30SD

            Bring it my brother. I’ll show you around.

          • AlbertInTucson

            Stereotyping cops based on the abuses highlighted in You Tube clips is just as bad as stereotyping anyone by their ethnicity or race.

  • Doc Nitty

    To Cor
    I implore
    To play with me Chess once more
    For life is a bore
    And I’m like a whore
    Who doesn’t get sex no more.

    Hey Rabbit
    Let’s have it.
    Come play with me Chess a bit
    Cause my life is shit
    And Chess is the tits
    And all I have left are wits.

    New Bear
    Dont go there
    To where the Chess board sits bare
    Come pull up a chair
    And answer my dare
    When the Sabbath Sun sets so fair.

    And Ososfan
    Let’s do this, man
    Come play with me Chess again
    Come up with a plan
    And get over-ran
    I’ll even spot you a man.

    To others
    I utter
    I’ll play goddamn Chess with your mothers
    If I had my druthers
    I’d play with my brothers
    But I’m willing to take on all-comers.

    • Johnnywad

      I’m not very good Doc, but I’ll play. You on Chess With Friends? My handle is “Chess Club Equipment Manager” if you’re interested.

    • You’re about to get Jericho’d

      Come to Chicago for a weekend Doc. Drinks and dinner on me. Coke and blasian native American bartender stripper triathletes on MB

      • MB30SD

        …and this time, bring real fucking shoes you god damned philistine!

        • Doc Nitty


        • Doc Nitty

          Brand new $200 hiking boots not good enough for the Chi.

          • CanadaBear

            Only if you’re dancing with the hippie chicks.

          • MB30SD


          • I hope you didn’t try going to a club in hiking boots.

            Only John Cena can get away with that

          • Doc Nitty

            (hangs head in shame)

          • CanadaBear
          • MB30SD

            Indeed… he did.

            Bouncer took one look and was like, “you…. nope.”

            We all looked down and were like, damn. Haha

          • Jaunitatchase1

            <<hp.. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★::::::!il565r:….,……..

    • Irish Sweetness

      Don’t lose the power
      Take your meat to the shower

    • Cormonster

      I’ll start up a game later this week to help titillate your senses.

  • CanadaBear

    Royal’s back at practice and Langford is in a walking boot.

    • Langford in a walking boot? FUKKKKK

      • CanadaBear

        Have no idea if it’s serious. You know Fox won’t enlighten anyone.

      • Irish Sweetness

        For real? Howard looks good. Perry. The boys …. we’re good.

        • Perry is fully healthy but didn’t play in the game the other night.

          He gone.

          • Irish Sweetness

            I thought he played ST?

          • per official NFL snap counts, he didn’t enter the game.

  • MB30SD

    Just watched California chrome blow away the field.

  • That Guy

    I may have totally missed out by now, but is there a blog fantasy league on yahoo this year? Would like to get in if there is still a spot. Always a good time.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Somebody had an auction thing in the pipeline I think. I’ve got about 25 teams, I’m good!

      • MB30SD

        Butch does

        Gorked by seals

  • Irish Sweetness

    Not surprised motherf**er!

    Nate Diaz got Stockton-slapped. All hail the King.

    • CanadaBear

      He barely won on the cards. I don’t follow this stuff but a majority decision in boxing is winning by the skin of your teeth.

      • Bender McLugh

        I just watched the fight (rutube.ru) and Connor owned him except for ~2-3 min of the fight, only one good elbow landed from Diaz. Score card might have been close but it didn’t seem that way to me.

        • MB30SD

          Ed Zachary

          Diaz tough as old leather though

      • MB30SD

        It wasn’t that close canada. Diaz got knocked down 4 times, his face looked like mincemeat by Rd 3. He pretty much got his ass beat up till the third round when Connor started getting badly gasses, then Diaz landed a few shots, but nothing crazy. Diaz is just a tough motherfucker and McGregor needs to fire his conditioning coach, who sucks massive balls.

        You’re going into a 5 Rd battle with a guy who has a granite chin, how in thee fuck are you totally gassed going INTO Rd 3?!?!

        Terrible prep, but McGregor was pretty obviously the much better fighter, while Diaz is just a very scrappy guy who’s as tough as nails.

        • CanadaBear

          Needless to say I didn’t watch it. Not into MMA/UFC. Was the scoring totally fucked or is this common?

          • MB30SD

            no, not totally fucked. Diaz constantly attacked and pressed and just would not give up. When mcgregor got tired diaz went after him… I think it should have been unanimous, but I get why the middle judge scored it a tie.

            Good fight.

          • Irish Sweetness

            The first round was a clear 10 8 to McGregor though. He knocked his opponent down twice and didn’t get touched himself. All three judges scored it only 10 9 McGregor.

      • Irish Sweetness

        Nah, Diaz face was mush afterwards. He had 40 strikes on his knee. Knocked down three times. It was a brutal fight that went both ways though. Good stuff.

  • CanadaBear

    Kyle Long sat out practice with a shoulder issue. Bad shoulders and OL is not a good thing.

    • You’re about to get Jericho’d

      and Langford also hurt during practice. Lingering little nicks entering the season always sucks. If Karlos Williams wasn’t suspended for the first 4 games I’d snatch him up at RB. The Bears need to keep adding vet depth at OL as well.
      Unfortunately we’ll have to roll with the TE’s we have this year. I think Moeaki, Housler and Miller are all serviceable in the pass game thought so it’s not a huge deal. Langford having a foot injury is problematic.

      • CanadaBear

        Fox said someone landed on his foot in the NE game. They reported he was moving around the practice field pretty well for being in a walking boot. Doesn’t sound too bad. Kyle with a shoulder injury really worries me. Hope it’s nothing.

      • Irish Sweetness

        Had my eye on Karlos too. I must be up to 25 FF teams drafted now.

        Christine Michael looks like a stud, but Prosise might be their pass-catching back, and Rawls is the main-main … tough to get your bell-cow from Seattle. James White is the top dog in PPR leagues for the Pats now that Dion Lewis has to get his knee scoped. Still mostly going with Woodhead/Riddick in PPRs. Terrance West looks quick. DeAngelo will only start for three games now. Looking at the Dallas backs it might not be a foregone conclusion that Elliott gets all the carries. David Johnson might be the best points merchant at RB this season.

  • GP portrayed by Eric Roberts

    I can share some of weekend activity

    Woodward Cruise Green Light, otherwise known as 20,000 bits of Detroit iron, 10,000 of which are Scat Pack Challengers. And a couple Lambos.

    Across from Billy Sims BBQ. I didn’t have any Lions BBQ, no.

    Ignore the damn chopper, GP

    OK look, GP brought a yellow Vette to the cruise. What a dbag car. Shoulda run that 69 Chevelle.

    • CanadaBear

      At least you didn’t bring that ’58 Impala convertible with the Continental kit. Striking to see the ’57 Bel Air, one of the most iconic cars in Detroit history, behind that hideous beast.

  • GP portrayed by Eric Roberts

    Tambo: https://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/bbk0rogngptzjzta03cc.jpg

    If you don’t have your FF name picked yet, may I suggest Tambo Slice

    • MB30SD


  • GP portrayed by Eric Roberts

    Singletary is on Hard Knocks with the Rams next week.

  • Irish Sweetness

    Watching the Dolphins and Dallas I saw Jermon Bushrod playing right guard with Laremy Tunsil at LG.
    If their defense is any good they’ll be a decent team this year.

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