OTAs Begin Today

| May 24th, 2016

DETROIT, MI - NOVEMBER 27: Alshon Jeffery #17 of the Chicago Bears scores a first quarter touchdown in front of DeAndre Levy #54 of the Detroit Lions at Ford Field on November 27 , 2014 in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)

Here are three questions in the early stages of the offseason program.

(1) Is there light at the end of the Alshon Jeffery / Bears organization tunnel? I’ve argued many times that if the Bears valued Jeffery as a top receiver his contract would take about thirteen minutes to complete. There are literally a dozen templates out there. The truth is they don’t – at least right now – and Ryan Pace seems not only content with Jeffery playing 2016 on the tag but that seems to be his preference. So…when does Jeffery show up?

(2) Who is lining up next to Adrian Amos at safety come September? If you look at this roster it might be the only position that is truly up for grabs.

(3) Can they stay healthy? No other question really matters until the Bears kick off in Houston on September 11th.

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  • CanadaBear

    Point #2 is really a pisser if it’s true. How can a 6-10 team have only 1 position battle going into the new season? It’s not like they have addressed all the issues from last year. I see C, LG and RB all up for grabs on the O. On the D I see DE, CB and S up for grabs and ST’s the long snapper and punter are still in play. And that’s just the starting lineup.

    • Agree, esp with nickle CB which is basically a starter.
      Whos gonna be DE? Corn Wash could push

      Floyd will be eased in, so OLB opposite McPhee should be open initially.

      • CanadaBear

        I agree with both of ya. This staff is willing to try different players when the incumbents aren’t playing well. Like Wil said about the contracts, not a lot of commitment there from POX.

        • I honestly envision Fangio using A LOT of subpackages.
          He has much more talent to be flexible this season.

          “Starter” might just be a title.

          The only “3 down” players I don’t see coming off the field are McPhee, Tre and Amos.

          Everyone else can be switched out depending on situation.

          For instance, Goldman, Freeman, Hicks could be subbed out on obvious passing downs

          There’ll be a heavy rotation of Young, CornWash, Floyd and whoever wins the Nickle.

          And on short yd stuff, bring in the big boys.

          • willbest

            I doubt CornWash makes the team.

          • CanadaBear

            On the bubble for sure.

          • As long as he’s healthy, I think he’ll be a force. But who knows.

          • Ososfan

            I’ve been a fan of Cornwash but it seems his time is running out, unfortunately. Everyone says he has(had) great potential….

    • willbest

      5 spots on defense are open, 6 if you count Nickel corner. Only the LBs, Porter and Hicks are getting commitment level money. Now they are going to give Goldman, Amos, Bullard, and Fuller every opportunity but they aren’t going to hesitate to move on if they aren’t up to snuff.

      RB is also up for grabs. You don’t give the keys to the kingdom to a 5th round rook. There is a reason he wasn’t drafted #4 a la Zeke. And you don’t go out and try to sign CJ Anderson if you know your current guy is the guy.

    • That’s the only “position battle” in that there is no clear-cut favorite.

      Plenty of other spots are open for business, it’s just they have a leader in the clubhouse.

      Just to name a few:
      LG and C. 4 guys for 2 spots: Whitehair and Grasu are leaders in the clubhouse due to draft status, but Ramirez and Larsen both have a shot to start).
      3rd DL starter (next to Goldman and Hicks). I’d assume Bullard is leader in the clubhouse, but Ferguson and Unrein both have a shot.
      OLB opposite McPhee. They’ll all play, but who emerges as the “starter” out of Houston, Young, and Floyd? Young is probably the early favorite there.
      RB. Langford is the favorite, but Howard could impress.

      I’m sure there are more too. Bryce Callahan seems far from a lock at nickelback, but I have no idea who else could realistically beat him out. Certainly won’t be Sherrick McManis. They brought in a punter to push O’Donnell. Mariani vs. Royal for slot?

      • CanadaBear

        I agree with ya but a lot of those guys have a very tenuous hold on the starting spot. Not to mention I love how this staff will pull someone if they aren’t playing well.

        • yeah, those are all position battles. I just said the guys who will likely get the first crack at it. All those positions are up in the air though.

      • I don’t think Young will play opposite McPhee.

        Young was a 4-3 wide-9 DE. I would be surprised if he can cover, and the weak-side LB even in a 3-4 must be able to cover.

        One of the reasons they drafted Floyd.

        If anything, they might move McPhee over and put Young at ROLB in on obvious pass downs.

        Though McPhee’s strength is also pass rush.

        It’ll be interesting to see how they mix and match.

        I wouldn’t mind seeing some amoeba d. I think we have the personnell to do it.

        One down linemen in Goldman (or Tayo!).

        Everyone else – McPhee, Floyd, Houston, Young, Tre, Freeman standing up, moving around, giving Oline’s nightmares.

        New 46, bitches!

        • Ososfan

          A year under his belt and more time to practice with any set-backs I believe will greatly help young out. He did extremely last year and I think Fangio will talk him up to keep getting better. I read the bears are looking at extending Young and I’d be very happy if that happens!

      • Irish Sweetness

        Fox has already said there’s a committee at RB. Lots of Langford, Howard and Perry. Unrein and Howard at the goal. Tayo in as TE.

        • Ososfan

          Hahaha hahaha! Tayo has some quick feet, you never know. Haha

        • Got some bad news for ya, Irish.

          Perry’s getting cut.

          PS HOFer

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  • The Yes Guy


  • Ronald Raes

    On #1 : As Andrew Brandt likes to say, deadlines spur action. In this case, the deadline is mid-july. If then don’t sign a deal by then, i’ll start believing this whole Jeffery mess.

    Jeff seems to forget all these other receiver deals were also signed at the very last minute. I still believe this one will too, and Jeffery will be a Bear “for the next 2-3 years, and then we’ll see”, just like every other top NFL player that signs a long term deal.

    • CanadaBear

      Hope you’re correct. Totally agree about deadlines and signings.

  • Swing Tackle of Destiny
  • Old Broken Romanian Jericho

    My gut is telling me the Alshon saga doesn’t turn out well. When you’re rebuilding and trying to make a run and you’re holding out (don’t try to tell me he’s not trying to make a statement) it’s poison for a young team. They can look at one of the vets on the team and his behavior and it becomes acceptable and it only hurts the team. When stars hold out their teams don’t win consistently and i’m sure there are numbers to back that up.

    • CanadaBear

      Wake me when he misses any mandatory functions.

      • Old Broken Romanian Jericho

        tell me one team that’s won a superbowl in the modern era where the star player held out.

        • Bender McLugh

          Cutty is holding out?

          • Old Broken Romanian Jericho

            lol, nevah

          • willbest

            Seahawks got to the division round of the playoffs last year with 3 contract disputes (Lynch, Kam, Bennett). And quite frankly they would have made it to the Super Bowl if they hadn’t decided to trade out their only competent lineman for a receiving TE that Wilson didn’t even want because the second he got hurt Wilson became possessed with the spirit of Dan Marino.

          • That run Wilson went on was nuts.

          • Old Broken Romanian Jericho

            1. Lynch isn’t close to being the best on that team
            2. Kam holding out almost torpedoed the season
            3. Bennett, although a total fucking loon, NEVER let’s his play deteriorate and is at the same time ALWAYS bitching about his deal.

          • Bennett bros might be proof that being an ass is genetic.

          • Ososfan

            Unlike his brother, Bennett seemingly never quits

          • Ososfan

            Haha, so money.

        • Doc Nitty

          Emmitt Smith

          • Doc Nitty

            I know, Alshon is NO Emmitt Smith.

          • Old Broken Romanian Jericho

            Emmitt Smith’s dad could have run behind that line.

          • Doc Nitty

            They were 0-2 while he held out and they steamrolled after he came back. He’s no Walter, but the dude was a bonafide stud.

        • CanadaBear

          Who’s holding out? If he doesn’t show for mandatory activities then let’s worry about it. And did you really bring up the Superbowl?

          • willbest

            He isn’t going to miss mandatories. He signed his offer sheet. Von Miller on the other hand is holding out.

        • Huge Bear’s Penis

          i am hoping Tayo or Terry Fucking Williams! does not hold out. Not sure why they would but it would be devastating.

          • Ososfan

            Hahahahaha! Terry Williams is a legend and so is Tayo. They would never dream of holding out.

        • Even assuming your theory, our SB run is realistically next year.
          This year we crush the pack and kitties, and assume the rightful position as #1 in the NFCN, as the universe should be.

      • Ososfan


    • few things.
      1. Optimistically, He got used to training on his own cuz of Bmarsh. This isn’t all that rare. AP does it all the time, and he’s always ready to go for the season.
      Pessimistically, he’s fat, lazy AND greedy.
      2. He’ll eventually return and everyone will say the normal shit, “It’s a business.” “Couldn’t stand not being with my boys.” “This will all work itself out” yada yada

      Right now, Alshon has a bit of hand, so he’s using it.

      Post draft, most teams won’t be as desperate (unless there’s an injury).

      Not too worried, for now.

    • Swing Tackle of Destiny

      I picture waffle at Bourbonaiss and Alshon walks to the bleachers to sign autographs, and Waffle produces a cream puff and offers it.

      “Here, I heard you like these. “

      • Old Broken Romanian Jericho

        Biggsy would hit me with a blow gun from under the bleachers and it would float down into his waiting and loving mouth.

      • I would photoshop an “Jefferies” jersey on the ghost buster marshmallow man. Make a print out, and ask him to sign it.

        • Ososfan

          I’d buy that Jersey!

      • Ososfan


    • Slated starters for 2016 who were starters when Pace took over the team:

      Kyle Fuller
      Jay Cutler
      Kyle Long
      Alshon Jeffery

      4 out of 24 (I count 12 starters on both sides to account for 3WR/nickel looks).

      And Alshon is in his last year as a Bear. So Pace came in, looked at the roster, and saw three guys he wanted as part of the future of the team.


      • That Guy

        In fairness, that’s most GMs. In fact, if you look at good teams that return to the Superbowl after around five years it is astonishing how few players are still there.

    • Ososfan

      Yes sir, I agree to an extent. But Pace doesn’t seem to be all to worried about it, YET….

  • MB30SD
  • Sactowns#1

    Well I survived Portland and have returned. That city has so much good food and great beer its silly! Pinball in every bar and cute outdoorsy chicks everywhere you turn. To relocate to Ecuador or Portland. Hmmm…

    • Swing Tackle of Destiny

      Both are destined to crumble from Earthquakes, so there is that

      I watched a little of San Andreas on HBO last night, since I have the app. Man, what a stupid movie. Of course Carla Gugino was going to see what a man’s man the Rock is.

      • MB30SD

        Dude, the daughter in that movie is a fucking 14. She is SOOO hot

        • Swing Tackle of Destiny
          • MB30SD

            you don’t seem to remember my story about the russian chick on Halloween the a few months out of my divorce.

            Basically a 10+, asked my buddy to tell me she wanted me to take her home with me. I passed. A russian 10+, with brown hair and bright blue eyes, with a 10 body… I passed. *I PASSED GP*

            All I could picture was me waking up in a bathtub full of ice missing a kidney. (my buddy wouldn’t talk to me for a week)

        • willbest

          Alexandra Daddario? the Percy Jackson girl?

          Apparently the Rock loves her. He brought her on board his Baywatch movie to play Summer. I can’t believe he looked at that project and said yeah this needs to be made, and I could be the Hoff.

          • Meh. Elegant. Nice to look at.

            I prefer voluptuous.

            Can’t fuck photographs (well, MB can! …nttawwt)

          • DaMurph

            MB is starting to appreciate a bit of voluptuous!

          • Bender McLugh

            she goes topless in Californication (I believe) sexing up David Duchovny. Rough life that dude has.

          • MB30SD

            super rich successful dudes get bored man. He’s earned it.

            Any yeah, I guess her. Yow!

        • Sactowns#1

          The whole time I was watching the movie I was like “Wait. How the hell did these two give birth to a little white chick?” lol

          • willbest

            The mini-series Ascension has that problem. At least with something like San Andreas you can assume adoption. Not so much when the premise of the show is 600 people in a ship for 50 years practicing eugenics.

          • Sactowns#1

            Never heard of it but it sounds interesting. I’ll have to check it out.

    • CanadaBear

      How was Charles Bradley?

      • Sactowns#1

        AWESOME! He was quite the performer. Show was just under 2 hours and that’s not including the opening act. His band was fantastic, he had 2 costume changes in there and you can tell he really and truly loves his audience and is impacted by the love he feels from them.
        Crystal Ballroom was interesting. It’s an old-school ballroom up on the 3rd or 4th floor of this old brick building and has one of those original ballroom floors that have bounce to them. Cool venue amazing show.

    • Doc Nitty

      Love me some Portland. The question is, how do you handle rain and gloom? It’s not as bad as Seattle, but it’s not great.

      Mt. Hood is close by for skiing, lots of outdoor activities everywhere. Lots of live music, hippy chicks, and as you say, great beer.

      • Sactowns#1

        I actually really like that weather. The big thing is the cost of housing there has gone WAY up over the last 5-10 years. Now it’s only about 30% cheaper than here in Cali. Problem number 2, Sac is really diverse and I’ve become accustomed to that. Portland is about 99% white folks, many of whom look, dress, act the same. So the monoculture combined with a lack of women of color is a big draw back.
        But the arts scene and food and drink scene there is probably one of the best in the nation.

        • willbest

          Sure, but no sales tax is nice.

        • Old Broken Romanian Jericho

          god you fucking hate white people.

          • Swing Tackle of Destiny

            Irish and I are coming out with a new concert DVD for our band, Zionist Conspiracy. I was thinking of naming it “Women of Color” at the behest of Irish.

          • Old Broken Romanian Jericho

            Your world tour will be epic. Irish will feast on Zika like it’s red curry beef. Nom nom nom nom.

          • Also on the tracks

            “Zimbabwe Zika” and the always popular “Ebony Ebola.”

            “Botswanian Ballad” is also a soulful journey through the nether bush….

          • willbest

            Actually that read more like he hates fucking white people.

            ed. He must be one of those colonizers I have read so much about.

          • Sactowns#1

            Actually I just hate being places where every person is the same. If it’s all white folks can I get some bikers, cowboys, corporate suits, rednecks, etc? Not just all bearded hipsters in flannel.

          • willbest

            I don’t think any place like that could exist long term. There was a nifty web app somebody designed a few years back to show how segregation is naturally occurring and stable in any voluntary environment where there is even a slight (say 5%) preference to be around your own kind. I tried to find it for a few minutes on google and couldn’t because there are too many news article and sites dedicated to that topic.

            Then again I suppose it depends on what you consider important. My white suburban neighborhood is pretty diverse if you look at upbringing, occupation, religion, and politics, but you aren’t going to find anybody that doesn’t subscribe to the “despised” child rearing paradigm.

          • Sactowns#1

            That place has most certainly existed long term, it’s called California. Just take a trip to San Francisco and see for yourself.

          • L.A. is like that too. Jewish bikers
            , indian rappers, chinese rockabillies, white cholos…

          • willbest

            We might be talking about different things. I guess in Portland you can’t drive 20 minutes and find a different scene as you can in california. But then California is not a stable environment just by eyeballing its demographics from 1950 to present. Neither is san fran, but I will grant it achieved some stability between 2000 and 2010.


            But even in California people self segregate by neighborhood.

          • ppl in L.A. do NOT self segregate by neighborhood.

            Ppl travel everywhere, and each area code is its own culture.

            Self segregation implies poor ppl have a choice. If a black or latino has enough $, they get the fuck out of south la, etc and move to nicer neighborhoods, and no one bats an eye.

            Some neighborhoods are more asian, latino, white, etc but it’s not like a planned scheme.

            just the way history broke, and we still live with that legacy, but that’s everywhere, not just l.a.

            what’s different about L.A. than a lot of other cities is that its really diverse.

            My neighbor is af am (from the south), the other one is mexican, the next house is Indian, and I know from driving there’s whites, Filipinos and who knows what else.

            That’s not atypical in L.A.

          • willbest

            Race is just one method of segregation, they are finding political segregation in neighborhoods now too.


            Note that is by county and not gerrymandered districts. Each of your neighborhoods though has a defining characteristic.

            For example, I can go out into my street and throw a baseball and hit a korean family’s home. polish immigrant, jew, muslim, indian, catholic, ww2 vet, etc. What I am not going to hit is a single person, single mother, or DINKs. People are married and either have kids or had them and are too stubborn to move to avoid the property taxes.

        • Doc Nitty

          Best city for bike lanes and general rider safety in the U.S.

          • Sactowns#1

            I noticed a few stretched where they had installed huge planters between the bike lane and the auto lane. I was impressed.

        • I kinda feel the same.

          It’s weird, but I remember when I traveled to the south, the thing I missed?

          Asians! (not their driving though).

          I was just so used to seeing them, that when they were not around, I was like “where’s my spicy tofu and garish neon green hondas?!”

          My pal was stationed at Fort Polk, and he said that base was very segregated. Blacks with blacks, whites with whites, and latinos somewhere in between. But the asians also hung out with the latinos, oddly enough. Maybe it was just a cali thing.

    • DaMurph

      Ecuador= more sun!

      • Old Broken Romanian Jericho

        More Sun! Less Whites!

        • Swing Tackle of Destiny

          I thought that was Evergreen Plaza’s motto last holiday season.

          • Old Broken Romanian Jericho

            Evergreen is no more.

        • Sactowns#1

          Ecuador was really diverse, at least in Montanita. The brewery owner is from Cali, two of the club owners are Israelis, met a few retired ex pats from New Engladn area, a lot of folks from all over central America are there.

        • Doc Nitty

          Fewer whites. Don’t get me started!

          • Old Broken Romanian Jericho

            Fewer whites doesn’t fit the joke. it just makes me sound white and out of touch with the street.

    • The Ghost of Super Bowl XX

      More Español

  • willbest

    In retail sports news The Sports Authority is closing all its stores, and will begin selling out its inventory for the next 3 months. So there should be some okay value on sporting equipment there over the summer. No doubt 400 of its 463 stores will be replaced with Chase banks.

    • Sactowns#1

      Nah. Check cashing stores to leech from the poor and give to the rich. Theyre all the fad.

  • Swing Tackle of Destiny

    How deeply ironic is it that Ken Starr would be fired over covering up rape allegations?

    I mean, the guy who produced the report to get Clinton impeached and salaciously told stories on CNN about how Bill liked to put his cigar tips in Monica’s snatch for extra smoke flavor is shit canned because he was covering up the football team assaulting women.

    That guy is the shit on your shoe. He’s actually beneath that. A disgusting plutocrat, the living incarnation of Grima Wormtounge.


    Lest this be derided as ‘political’ I should point out it concerns football and coaching at Baylor.

    • willbest

      I am convinced that being a trial lawyer long term damages your brain to the point where it becomes difficult to return to “civilian” life. Your clients aren’t always the nicest sorts, and you have to repress that shit in order to be the best merc possible. Damages your moral compass after a while and you can convince yourself of anything.

      • That Guy

        That’s why I can’t take certain cases. I can’t do that.

        In some senses its frustrating because I’d make a lot more money if I could. But I’m not too upset about it.

        • Swing Tackle of Destiny

          Well, sir – that would make you unlike all the attorneys I know personally. So I applaud that. I guess – not knowing what type of law you practice or what you are turning down.

          • That Guy

            I help people start businesses. I litigate commercial disputes. I do estate planning. But my firm mostly focuses on bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is a great area to practice in because you essentially take debtors who are in no win situations, give the creditors the best reasonable outcome they can hope for and then let the debtor have a fresh start.

        • Ososfan

          You Da man!!!!

      • Being a lawyer def is a strange profession.

        Seems to me like most of the time prosecutors care more about their careers, and that defense lawyers care more about $.

        Somewhere between those two justice gets lost.

        In some ways, defense lawyers are like high priced garbage men.

        They gotta get dirty but society needs it to be done.

        But at least garbage men can take a shower and sleep soundly.

        Defense lawyers can’t wash off the sewage festering in their conscience as easily.

        • Swing Tackle of Destiny

          If a lawyer gets a guy off, and the guy kills or rapes again – or even just steals lots and lots of widows and orphans money – you would think it would bother them.

          But I know many many lawyers, and it just doesn’t.

          • Guess it’s just kinda like war.
            After a while u get used to the mire.
            (cuz if u don’t, you go crazy or get killed)
            Then, even, might learn to love it.

            “Get some!”

          • willbest

            In fairness to lawyers 1 in 4 to 5 is a substance abuser. So they do a lot of self medicating. But I am convinced every single high priced criminal defense attorney is a pyschopath for that very reason.

            The public defenders aren’t really in it for the money, and they don’t get people off either. Its been 15 years since I took criminal law but the professor said something like 95% of indictments result in plea deals, of those that go to trial 80% result in a guilty verdict, and 90% of guilty verdicts that are appealed are upheld. So the number of people that “get off” who are arrested is somewhere around 3%.

            And it has to work that way. Cook County has roughly 500 DAs handling 30,000+ felonies, and 250,000+ misdemeanors. There is zero chance they could handle that load if the criminal element went all prisoner dilemma and agreed to force a trial for every arrest.

          • Makes u think, tho.
            What if all u.s. criminals created an “arab spring” movement and all decide to take it to court.

            Would be funny.


          • Irish Sweetness

            I’m guessing then that you should never ever asks to be appointed a lawyer?

          • willbest

            Better than doing it yourself, but not if you want to fight the man, no. For all the talk about evil cops, you usually aren’t arrested unless they have a pretty strong case against you.

          • That’s the one thing I asked a detective about.
            What’s the most bs on tv with all these law and order shows?

            He said that only ONCE in his 50 yr career did they arrest the “wrong” guy.

            That never happens in real life. That ONE guy ended up suing the city for millions of dollars.

            But all these TV shows always arrest like 3 different ppl before arresting the real criminal.

            He said that was baloney.

            Also said that most detectives abuse drink or drugs, and usually only hang out with other detectives and their fams.

            It’s like the mafia.

        • SC Dave

          Class action lawsuits, along with 24 hour news, have led to the decline of America.

  • Swing Tackle of Destiny

    The Detroit Lions have posted this new, exciting report about the 2016 Detroit Lions


  • Old Broken Romanian Jericho

    “Insiders said that White, in the closed portions of practice late last season prior to his being placed on IR, displayed jaw-dropping speed and burst, to the point of Jay Cutler joking that he couldn’t overthrow the kid”

    “Fuck Yes”
    -Waffle in Chicago

    • Unleash the bombs! Let them fall from the sky.

      White Rain!

    • SC Dave

      DONNNNT CARRRRRE until I see it on the field. When it matters. Like a league game, or something.

      • Johnnywad

        You don’t get excited about new, really fast, talented, muscle mountains of wide receiver in Bears uniforms Dave?
        Just old players that aren’t Bears anymore?

        • willbest

          Not until you see him against NFL talent. College highlight reel falls into the “what have you done for me lately category”.

          • Johnnywad

            So why even pay attention to a single thing Bears related, such as this blog, until the season is underway? How can you not be excited at the prospect of new talent joining the team? I’m not carving out a spot for him in Canton just yet, but I am very excited to see what the kid’s got.

          • willbest

            Partly because we lost 6 games by less than a touchdown last year and if we had a player as good as people say White is that would have been 10-6 and in the playoffs instead of 6-10.

            Partly because there are so many questions about the rest of the team and there are so few questions about the WR core. Like we know its Jeffery, White, Royal

          • Johnnywad

            Given that, one would assume you would be full of hope and excitement at the potential White holds.

          • willbest

            Well I know he holds the potential for season ending injury during OTA.

            I don’t hate the kid, nor do I think he is going to suck. But he was drafted to be a perennial top 10 WR (aka better than BMarsh and Jeffery). This is a ridiculously high bar and he is going to need to show it first.

            Incidentally, I don’t believe he has done anything to fuel the hype. Every press conference I have heard him give talks about how he feels its progressing and just wanting to help the team.

  • Swing Tackle of Destiny

    “Football is a violent sport one that I don’t believe humans are meant to play.” Buffalo Bills GM today on radio

    Uhhhhh… Ok. Not sure how to process that. Does that mean you think players are sub-human?

    He then went on to say that he hopes Sammy Watkins stops getting injured.

    Strange days.

    • I’m sure he’ll spin it “super-humans”. These are not mere mortals.

      Except Sammy the Hammy. He’s subhuman.

    • willbest

      Maybe he is speaking at a primal level. There are a lot of things humans aren’t meant to do. Go to space, fly, cross oceans, live in houses,

      • Captain Obvious

        Yeah, that’s what I took it as. Humans aren’t designed and built to play football, which is why you get injured, why you have to wear equipment.

        OTOH, humans are designed to run and to swim, which is why you can do those activities with no protective equipment

    • Ososfan

      Saw that on ESPN all the analysts were lost for words. Bone-headed comment… Smh

  • Irish Sweetness

    On (2), I don’t see how anyone other than Jones-Quartey starts beside Amos. On what basis would a 4th or 6th round rookie start over him?

    • willbest

      On the basis that they impress when given the opportunity to show their stuff in a preseason game?

  • Ososfan

    Big thank you to you blog fam for the well wishes regarding my surgery, hopefully Alshon is in constant contact with the team but any quotes by coach Fox regarding Jeffery, seem to show he’s a bit ticked that his #1 WR is still not with the team, but I agree with Jeff, I see the bears leaving Alshon with the franchise tag and seeing how he plays out the year and give him a hefty contract for next year, I wouldn’t be too worried about the Alshon situation until next year, anyways, BEAR DOWN and no waffle I’d only get on my knees to upper-cut yo ass for not “putting respek on my name.” lol

  • Carissalhostetler2

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