Money Mouth: Divisional Round Picks

| January 15th, 2016

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I have no idea what’s going to happen this weekend. Not a single result would surprise me. So I’m going back to picking SOMETHING for these games. I finished the season six over .500. Still have a chance to get to ten over. But I need a strong performance. (For some reason I didn’t include spreads last week but I would have gone 2-2 any way you slice it.)


Here’s what Bill Belichick knows: his offensive line can’t protect Tom Brady from the Chiefs pass rush. And since no coach in history has been better at self-evaluation, he won’t ask them to try. Instead Brady will go to the quick-release pass attack with Edelman Edelman Edelman and neutralize Houston, Hali and company. I think it works. Not sure if Pats are healthy enough to win but they are healthy enough to score.


I am going to be rooting very hard in this game so I’m making an emotional hedge. Would love to lose this one.


Here are the Carolina scores over the last 8 games: 27, 44, 33, 41, 38, 38, 13, 38. I say they play with a chip on their shoulder as the media at-large keeps trying to convince fans the team is overrated. (2015 Panthers remind me an awful lot of the 2006 Bears. Nobody thought that team could make the Super Bowl until their plane landed in Miami.) Bold prediction: Panthers beat them up.

I will not be making a selection in the Broncos/Steelers game as there’s no point. Unless someone can prove to me Roethlisberger will be healthy it’s a sucker’s wager. But without Antonio Brown I’d need a big number to take Pittsburgh.

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  • chitownproud85

    So uh…how about that Kyle Long pro bowl selection? Since there are three types of votes that go into ones ability to be picked…is that an indicator that coaches/players saw a little more ++++ out of Kyle than we did(he tried his ass off, but RT was tough for him)? Or did the fans literally just get him back to Hawaii again by spamming? Name recognition matters, but I never would have guessed he’d make it this year. Too much down with his up.

    • BerwynBomber

      Well, he was BY FAR the best RT in the division. In terms of being one of the top four or five in the conference, who knows. But he played remarkably well given that, a few days before the season started, they told him he was switching positions.

      A couple of bad games near the end, and as others have noted, he was probably relying too much on athleticism to compensate for technique, or lack thereof, but overall he did a solid job. In fact, the overall line graded out well, especially when you consider its injuries and relative lack of experience.

  • willbest

    On the other hand, the Broncos are benching their best QB in the playoffs so their backup QB can save face, that might work against a decimated Steelers, it won’t against the Chiefs.
    Chiefs, Cards, Panthers, Broncos.

    • Scharfinator

      “benching their best QB in the playoffs so their backup QB can save face”

      Yeah, what the fuck are they doing over there?

  • BerwynBomber

    Pats, Cards, Seahawks, Broncos.

    The two locks are Cards and Broncos. The Cheese are by far the worst team of the remaining eight (suspect another ARI blowout) and PIT has no Brown and will be playing with a QB who might otherwise be having season-ending surgery, or the least be out a few weeks.

    The coin flips are Pats and Seahawks. Unfortunately, I think NE prevails even if I’m sick as hell of them. And the CAR/SEA game will be a defensive struggle despite the presence of MVP Newton and MVP candidate Wilson.

  • BerwynBomber
  • Captain Obvious

    OK, since I went 4-for-4 last weekend, it’s time for the streak to continue.

    Cap’n’s Picks:

    Straight up: Pats (as much as I want to be wrong), AZ, Carolina, Denver

    ATS: Pats (saa), GB (+7.5), Carolina, Pitt (+7.5)

    So, straight up, I went with all road teams last week, and all home teams this week.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Nice one! First time it ever happened, amazingly.

  • SC Dave

    I know its a dead thread, but nice pic.

    Go Panthers!!

  • Irish Sweetness

    For some reason you can’t back a team to win AND double it with the O/U bet. Not on my site. Why not?

    I wanted the Steelers +7.5 AND the under on 40 points (it’s below freezing at Mile High). No deal.

    Went with the Steelers +7.5 AND the Chiefs +5. Big Ben slightly hampered and no Antonio is cancelled out by El Gran Chokerino himself, Senor Manning. Think there’ll be three defensive battles this weekend, and head starts of that magnitude are significant. Have no idea who wins.

    It’ll be brass monkeys in New England and Mile high so went with another double :

    Unders on PIT-DEN (40) AND NE-KC (43.5)

    Peyton will be choke-tastic as per. No AB and a wonky shoulder for BB combined with Denver’s D.

    Gronk’s knee may be a problem and KC will have him covered. The pass rush should pose Brady a problem or two, and the weather should keep Alex Smith quiet (and there’s probably no Maclin)

  • Irish Sweetness

    Just wondering how you think the Packers can over come a 38-8 thrashing by the Cards two weeks ago Blogfather?

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