Dannehy’s Free Agency Tiers: Potential Building Blocks

| February 11th, 2016

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Building Blocks

These are the guys to watch. In his postseason presser, Ryan Pace said the team wasn’t going to spent big on one guy, instead spreading their money out. That could mean multiple players from this tier.

Malik Jackson, DL, Denver

Pros: He gained much more recognition in the playoffs as one of the best pass rushing and run-stopping defensive linemen in the league. Jackson constantly drew double teams, freeing others up for sacks.

Cons: The draft figures to be strong along the defensive line this year and Jackson is likely looking for a big pay day — which could explain why the Broncos extended Derek Wolfe instead. With Eddie Golman already in place, the Bears could sign a significantly cheaper veteran and develop linemen behind him.

Jaye Howard, DL, Kansas City

Pros: A good athlete who is really tough against the run. Showed some pass-rush ability. Dominated Vlad Ducasse and Hroniss Grasu. Would immediately be the team’s second best defensive lineman.

Cons: Kind of a one-year wonder. Played less than half of his team’s snaps every other year. Kansas City usually took him off the field in passing situations. Committed eight penalties last year. If Jackson and Wilkerson get huge contracts, Howard’s price could be driven up. The question needs to be asked again: Do you pay for a player, or draft and develop behind him?

Danny Trevathan, LB, Denver

Pros: Instinctive and rangy, Trevathan has been a key to the Broncos defense this year after missing most of the 2014 season. He has excelled in coverage and shows really good instincts. Rated by Pro Football Focus as one of the best tacklers in the league.

Cons: Do we really know how good he is? He has six studs around him in the front seven, so he rarely has to shed blockers. Has a reputation as being good in coverage, but the Patriots were targeting him. How much do you pay for someone who doesn’t have much immediate effect on the quarterback?

Marvin Jones, WR, Cincinnati

Pros: About as sure-handed as they come. Good size, good speed and productive, despite shaky quarterback play. Good after the catch and can get deep. Could be a significantly cheaper alternative if they decided to move on from Alshon Jeffery.

Cons: Not a Number One, which would mean they’d be relying a lot more on Kevin White to develop into one. No way of knowing how much he benefited from playing opposite A.J. Green.

Reggie Nelson, S, Cincinnati

Pros: Has a lot of range and elite ball skills. Had eight interceptions last year and has had 30 in his career. Hasn’t missed a game in two years and is considered a good tackler.

Cons: He’s 32 and will turn 33 early next season. He can still play, but for how much longer? How much of his success was due to playing with a really good defensive line?

Bruce Irvin, LB, Seattle

Pros: A poor man’s Von Miller. Very strong and athletic. Can hold his own at the point of attack and drop back in coverage. Has played in a scheme that may not fit his strengths.

Cons: Why hasn’t Seattle featured him more? The Seahawks tend to know what they have and we’ve seen other players leave and fail. He played just 75 percent of their snaps last year. He hasn’t been the kind of pass-rusher most thought he would be.

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  • MB30SD

    Konichiwa bitches

    • MikeBrownhadaPosse

      Nike won’t allow it. Sales, baby, sales.

      • MB30SD

        What’s with the sudden show?!

        • MikeBrownhadaPosse

          Couldn’t let you guys get all lonely without me in the off-season

        • Trac

          Was thinking the same thing. I’ve missed my brownie.

      • willbest

        Wrong sport. That being said, I am literally dumbfounded how much money is thrown at basketball players for shoe endorsements.

        • You never bought Jordans instead of Kevin Garnett shoes?

          • willbest

            Yeah my mom wasn’t about to spend more than $30 on a pair of shoes “I would just out grow them”. By the time I started making my own money around 12, having cool shoes was a rather low priority.

    • Brandon Marshall not going anywhere, biiiatch.

      Trevathan can become our Brandon Marshall much like McPhee kinda became our Suggs.

      At this point, can’t be worse than Shea.

  • MikeBrownhadaPosse

    No way of knowing how much he benefited from playing next to AJ Green? Well, safe to say it was more than a little. Herpaderp.

  • RenoBear

    Hey guys, thanks everyone for the kind words and support the last couple days. Being down here in Florida with the family has really helped, and we will keep moving forward. My dad is the strongest man I know, he’s as mentally tough as you will ever find, yet open and verbal with his feelings. It’s a great combination, and makes the process a lot easier. His capacity for compartmentalization of his thoughts is other worldly. Being here with him is the best, we get talking and laughing and then remember why we are here. But boy does this work, and is helping with the process with our whole family. Thanks again blog brethren, now it’s off to cold ass Minnesota in the morning for services next week. Bear down!

    • CanadaBear

      Great news Reno! Glad your dad is doing well. Nothing like family!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Trac

      Your post is awesome. Glad you’re getting to spend time with your dad. Dads are amazing. My Dad told me he loved me for the 1st time in my life last time I saw him in Sept. He’s old school and even though I knew he always loved me, you could have knocked me over with a feather when he said it.

      • burntorangenavyblue

        That reminds me of a Red/Eric Foreman type relationship, hehe.

        • Trac

          Haha. No, my Dad was nothing like him. Australian golden gloves champ back in the day, not even close.

    • Family is great medicine in times of tragedy, Reno.

      It’s probably all surreal at the moment, but sometimes a death can bring the family together more. That’s what happened when my beloved uncle died. Everyone decided at the funeral that we should get together more often. A last parting gift.

      Hang in there.

      • RenoBear

        Yeah man, no doubt! After my sister passed a few years back, we’ve been more proactive about seeing each other (I mean it’s tough, we are in every corner of the US), culminating in my dear mom putting together a family reunion where we got EVERYONE in the immediate family, us kids, grandkids and great grandkids all together last summer in Michigan. It was a helluva time, and she was adamant that she wanted to do it bc ‘you don’t know when it can happen again’ bc we lesrned that lesson w my sister Tracy .., and sure enough Mom’s gone 6 months later … Poof. God I m glad she put that reunion together . Thanks man

    • DaMurph

      Sorry for your loss Reno!

      • RenoBear

        Thanks murph. Getting through it, glad to be witth family. Flying to Chicago for a day this morning, then off to Minnesota tomorrow. I will hit up Portillo’s tonight, little bit of comfort food!

  • Trac

    I don’t give a rats ass about Andrews building blocks. Know what I care about right? My 8 lb Italian Beef kit from Portillo’s that just arrived at my front door. Mmmm….Hee hee

  • I’m kinda curious how Pace is going to handle Alshon.

    It’s essentially a buyers(sellers?) market for WR. There’s Alshon, then no one else, so no doubt there’ll be dirty pool offers that are outrages for Alshon, and in turn he’s gonna bring those numbers to the Bears.

    Just remember who traded up for you Alshon when everyone thought you were soft, lazy, and FAT.

    • DaBearsBlog

      I continue to contend there is no chance Alshon isn’t on the roster next season.

      • I agree, even if he gets franchised, which will kill Irish.

        But what I’m curious about is – will he get OVERPAID?

        You think Alshon gets more than TY Hilton, Jeff?

        • BearDown100393

          He was overpaid this season.

    • willbest

      Alshon is also an unusual case in that he is partly paid already. He sold 13% of his future earnings for $7.5 million or something. Which probably also requires that he play football for X number of years, and buy some sort of injury bond.

      He isn’t Dez or Antonio or Julio. But quite frankly he looks better than Thomas (14mil). And is certainly better than Hilton or Wallace who are getting 13 and 12 respectively. Is he AJ Green? Probably not. But that is going to be his argument. And now that CJ is calling it quits Green is the highest paid WR by season (15 mil average).

      I see 5 year 70 million which is what Dez and DT got, but with only 30 million guaranteed due to injury considerations (12-15 million less than Dez/DT).

      Incidentally, I expect Antonio Brown to start raising a stink over his pay. He has 2 years left on his contract, but he is only making $8.5 mil a season. He should be making nearly twice that amount.

  • On Trevathan…everyone knows my mancrush for him, but if Brady/Bill target ANY LB, that LB is not gonna withstand it the whole game. Not many QBs can loft it over perfectly into the hands of a HB full speed. Trevathan was there in coverage, but there’s no defense for a perfect pass/route.

    Though, it is true about questioning how good he can be with lesser talent surrounding him.

    Then again, I had the same reservations about McPhee.

    • Huge Bear’s Penis

      I am with you everything i have seen from Trevathan I have liked. I would really love to see him as a Bear. Even if he is a little of a let down because like Jeff said he is playing with 6 studs around him, he is still light years ahead of CD.

      • MB30SD

        My little penis is light years ahead of cd.

  • NO to Irvin. He’s already admitted he wants to get paid, and he’s a liability in the run.

    We don’t need a better version of Shea, because that’s not much of an improvement.

    Nelson is too old. I can understand with Weddle cuz he’s a superior talent, maybe a notch below old Woodson, but no Nelson

  • The days of blocking the best athletes in league with big fat white
    dudes from the Big Ten are over. Some NFL team is gonna get this soon. -Jeff

    The problem is, the freak black guys (or even white, like Watt) will always be shifted from Oline/TE to D.

    It seems the way to go is to get a very athletic oversized TE and make him a LT, but how many TEs are willing to be faceless Olinemen, esp when they see the passrushers attacking, doing their dances, and getting PAID.

  • I know it’d be crazy for Peyton to play another year, but wouldn’t it be cool if the Browns got him for 1 year to mentor their new QB? Also, bring a certain professionalism to the organization which desperately needs it.

    The Cleveland Plain Dealer expects the Browns to take a quarterback at No. 2 overall.

    Beat writer Mary Kay Cabot expects the Browns to take a signal caller “unless something unforeseen happens in free agency” or a trade. As in, the team lands an acceptable starter. That’s highly unlikely in this year’s market. Kay Cabot expects the Browns’ choice to come down to North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz or Cal’s Jared Goff. All of this was said with the caveat that it remains very early in the process. Neither Wentz nor Goff are viewed as slam dunk top 10 picks at the moment. A “highly-respected personnel man” told the paper last monththat the Browns should take Wentz. – roto

    • MikeBrownhadaPosse

      I’d put the likelihood of him affiliating himself with that dumpster fire of an organization at slim to none. Papa John’s pays better.

      • Yeah, 0% chance of it happening.
        However, I never heard of Wentz being in the top 10 B4, and has gotten the dreaded Mayock nod as the #1QB. This is the same guy who liked Gabbert over Newton. He’s not good at QB evaluations.

        But hey, the more QBs get drafted b4 us, the better.

    • MB30SD

      I have a much more poignant question for you my boy…

      Who gives a fuck about the browns

    • That Guy

      If Manning was open to the idea, how would that even work?

      The Browns will not be contenders next year, so we’re looking at possibly 10 losses. Manning would be better retiring as a Superbowl Champion.

      The Browns won’t be able to pay even what Denver was giving him this year after a discount. So Manning is doing all of this for maybe $6M per year? I doubt his ego or his body would make that deal worth it.

      The “mentor” role is a bit misleading. Is Manning going to start? When are you supposed to put the rookie in? What do you do if Manning gets hurt or if his arm gets even worse than this year?

      If Manning is going to sit on the bench, why is he on the roster at all? Hire him as a coach. And if he’s going to be a coach (let’s say QBs coach), he gets even less money to work with an organization he has no connection to. I suspect he’s much more likely to take that job in one of the cities he’s attached to: Denver, Indy or even Tennessee.

      A surprise might also be Manning getting hired by the Patriots to work with Brady and Bellichek. I could see the Pats bringing him in as an “offensive consultant” and finding out how effective he is mentoring while not wearing a uniform.

  • burntorangenavyblue

    As much of an expert you are Jeff about everything Bears related, you really shouldn’t be surprised that you didn’t get much out of watching 30 for 30’s take about the 85′ team. You probably could have done a better job of digging and scooping for tidbits about that team. The way ESPN likes to treat certain cities and their team sports (nothing against the 30 for 30 team, really), maybe that’s why?

  • T’Challa

    Trevathan would be the only one for sure on this list for me. Jackson is an option if Wilkerson is unavailable. Teaming Trevathan up with Ragland in the draft would solve our ILB issues for some time.

    • I think Moe is gonna ask for the moon.
      Paying Dlinemen loads of money always involves bust risk.

      Just ask Skins and Fins

      • The GP

        Fat Albert and that idiot who wrecked his 454SS

      • T’Challa

        You are correct. And I am skeptical. Mo’s body of work has been more consistent than any other DL who is a FA now. Tough decision.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Imagine Trevathan, Ragland and Wilkerson! We could afford that. Draft an OT and OG. Decent WR. Set.

      • T’Challa

        With a line up like that, the Bears would be Superbowl contenders. I would add a DE in the second round like Curry or Washington. That would be perfect!

  • The GP

    Jonesy, Jonesy, who can I turn to?
    You give me somethin’ I can hold on to
    I know you think we’re like the others before
    Who saw your name and number on the wall

    Jonesy, we got your number
    We need to make you ours

    Jonesy, don’t change your salary number

    It’s 8,675,309

  • willbest

    I don’t know why, but I couldn’t stop laughing at egg russian roulette.


  • Texans are hunting for a QB. I bet they’re willing to trade up (thy’re 22ish).

    If they want to snatch a QB, maybe Bears trade down.

    In early 20s, we can still likely draft best S, OG, or run plugging Dlinemen, and maybe take a chance on Jalyon Smith (ND)? Who would be top 10 for sure if healthy.

    Myles Jack at 22 would be awesome too, and we’d likely get an extra 2nd and 4rth and some future pick

    • willbest

      According to the draft points chart. We should get their 1st, 2nd, and 2 4th rounders for our 1st. We could then see about trading our 2nd and the Texan’s 4th to get back into the 1st.

      Of course, that is all easier said than done.

      • I think the Texans are pretty sick and tired of not having a QB. Their owner already said he’d be shopping for one in this draft.

        I doubt any of the top 4 QBs drop to 22.

        I can see them as a real trade down option, and reaping 22, a 2nd and an extra 4rth would really help with plugging in a lot of holes esp with how POX has proven to be draft savvy.

        But if a guy like NkDmiche drops to us, then that’ll be a tough decision if both options are on the table.

        • T’Challa

          The Rams at 16 might just be looking at a QB too.

  • Irish Sweetness

    That’s the thing about Trevathan and Marvin Jones – how much did they benefit from the guys around them? Using Cutty as our window-guideline, do we have the time to draft and develop LBs? Not really. I hope we buy two LBs and draft a stud in that respect. I wouldn’t mind if they spent a chunk of cash on Eric Berry, he’s still young. Splash on Berry and Wilkerson, maybe a Trevathan … a WR or two. Draft a DE, OT, OG and LB.

  • Irish Sweetness

    So weird seeing Fox News this morning before I went to work. Three chicks up top blathering on about Sanders election campaign. Tiny ticker tape below “Gravitation waves confirmed ……”


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