• Shady

    RIP Buddy.

  • AlbertInTucson

    Happy Trails, buddy. And thanks for the most special season in the Bears post-merger era.

    Condolences to Rex and Rob.

    • Gracie Gurley


      • beninnorcal

        Fuck you, Gracie. This shit is ridiculous.

  • AlbertInTucson

  • BearDown100393

    So few achieve such a moment in life as that photograph depicts. It is perfection. And well earned. RIP Coach.

  • Irish Sweetness

    Buddy got defense. Pressure.
    The only co-ordinator ever carried off the field in a Super Bowl. Says it all.

    R.I.P. Coach.

  • CanadaBear

    I only wish that Buddy and Iron Mike could have checked their egos at the door. R.I.P. Buddy. His letter to his players on that 30 for 30 show was beyond emotional. Pretty easy to see why the D would have run through a wall for him.

  • MB30SD

    R. I. P. 4-6

  • Doc Nitty

    R.I.P. buddy.

    Bears fans will never forget you.

  • Sactowns#1


  • bigrobstunner


  • Max

    Thanks Buddy… You will be missed

  • RIP , Buddy.
    As someone who has attended two funerals in two weeks , condolences to family.
    He might have been rough and tumble , but that made for one glorious season, and like most objects charged w that much intensity , the center could not hold , but what a masterpiece…

  • Swing Tackle of Destiny
  • Bears-4-Ever

    RIP Buddy. We’ll never forget you or the 4-6 Defense you created to get us SB XX.

    I think of all the great players you now have at your disposal up in the Big Stadium in the Sky. They have been waiting all this time for a Defensive Coordinator. Now the wait is over…they got the very best.

  • CanadaBear
  • BuddhaJoe

    A larger than life character ahead of his time. RIP buddy (Buddy). Use that 46 to crush those angels in Heaven pick-up games!

  • Shady

    Found this list of Buddy Ryan quotes. Personal fave is number 3.


    1. “Kevin Gilbride will be selling insurance in two years.”

    Instead of offering an apology, this is what Ryan told reporters after punching offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride on the sideline when they coached together with the Houston Oilers.

    2. “Some say the 46 is just an eight-man front. That’s like saying Marilyn Monroe is just a girl.”

    Ryan’s defense with the Chicago Bears in 1985 allowed a total of 10 points in three playoff games en route to a Super Bowl victory.

    3. “QBs are overpaid, overrated, pompous bastards and must be punished.”

    That was an actual quote from Ryan’s playbook.

    4. “He looks like a reject guard from the USFL, he’s so damn fat.”

    That’s how Ryan described running back Michael Haddix. Haddix is the only running back since the merger (minimum 500 attempts) to average worse than 3.1 yards per carry.

    5. “Trade him for a six-pack. It doesn’t even have to be cold.”

    Ryan summed up his thoughts on running back Earnest Jackson.

    6. “Football kickers are like taxi cabs. You can always go out and hire another one.”

    The 2016 version: “Football kickers are like Uber drivers. Just download the app.” Or something like that.

    7. “Offense my butt. Our offense is for Randall [Cunningham] to make five big plays and we’ll win.”

    Perhaps no coach in history has summed up his offensive philosophy more accurately and more succinctly.

    8. “If you listen to the fans, you’ll be sitting up there with them.”

    When Bill Belichick was coaching the Cleveland Browns, he attributed this quote to Ryan.

    9. “It was so easy my wife could have made them, and she didn’t even know these guys.”

    Ryan explained that he didn’t find making roster cuts to be all that difficult.

    10. “We might have the worst bunch of guys together we’ve ever seen as a football team. I don’t know what anybody else has, but I’d trade mine with anybody, sight unseen.”

    Ryan left no room for interpretation about how he felt about his roster of replacement players with the Eagles.

    • beninnorcal

      Actually, they shut their opponents out in the playoffs, the only 10 points they gave up in the postseason was in the SB.

      • CanadaBear

        If they hadn’t given up that FG early on the Walter fumble, NE would have been shut out. No way they give up that TD in garbage time if they were still 0 for the playoffs. Great stuff!

  • Jack Lacan

    Trust there’s plenty or horses and land up there for Buddy.

  • Swing Tackle of Destiny

    If you have not seen the 30 for 30 on the Bills, you should. 4 Super Bowls. In a row.

    Lost them all.

    The town threw parades for them anyhow. Refused to hate on Scott Norwood. The team started being down, then up, then down, then just plain being too tough to die. The AFC was weak those years? The Bills were 16-2 against the NFC during the regular season those years. They have 8 in the Pro HOF.

    If the Bears and Buddy are the poster boys for squandered opportunities, egos that fired off red hot and couldn’t allow for more success and just being a shining star for the one season, the Bills are the antithesis of that. A team that will not quit, personified by Jim Kelly, a man who just will not quit. And there is Marv Levy, reading them Shakespeare and telling them tales of his high school class, a third of whom died in WW2.

    That was a helluva team. They ran into Jimmy Johnson and his Cowboys for those last two years. A shame. I can’t think of a fan alive outside Dallas who doesn’t wish the Bills took both games. Again, personified by Don Beebe and the “not on my watch” run down and strip fumble. Just so much heart.

    It made me be ashamed to be a Bears fan, honestly. Or a Chicago fan. This is a town that made death threats against Steve Bartman, until he ran to a hole in Arizona and hid. Buffalo is a town that gives Scott Norwood a standing ovation every time he comes to a game. Anyhow…

    • Irish Sweetness

      I always rated them as one of the best teams ever. AFC champs four years in a row? Only Cleveland beat that I think. Great achievement. Kelly is one of the most under-rated QBs ever, and a truly tough man.

    • CanadaBear

      I’ve said for years that Chicago has some of the dumbest fans on the planet. At what point will the Soldier Field crowd figure out they should shut up when the Bears are in the red zone? I doubt it ever happens in my lifetime. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    • MB30SD

      It is buffalo after all… what else do those poor motherfuckerz have?!?!

  • Irish Sweetness

    Eric Dickerson ✔ @EricDickerson
    #RIPBuddy. Your 85 @ChicagoBears Defense was the best I faced in the @NFL

  • Swing Tackle of Destiny

    “Hartenstine, McMichael and I, we would do clean and jerks at 375. Fridge would come in and pick that up like he was picking up his cat. He was looney strong.” -Hampton.

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