Bears Thump Niners & There’s Plenty To Feel Good About

| December 5th, 2016


You will hear it across Chicago today: “…but the Niners suck.” And there’s no denying that fact. The Niners do, in fact, suck. They are probably the league’s worst team. (I don’t consider Cleveland a team.) But good teams beat sucky teams convincingly. Good teams play meaningless fourth quarters against sucky teams. And the Bears, with their third or fourth-string quarterback, looked an awful lot like a good team yesterday.

Rapid fire…

  • I’ve been using #barkleytime as something of a joke but, you know, I’m starting to think it might not be. As impressive as Barkley was against the Titans a week ago, he was ten times more impressive in the conditions at Soldier Field yesterday. And if het got a little more help from his receivers, he might have been staring down a gaudy stat line. Nevertheless, a near-100 quarterback rating in the slush when the opposing quarterbacks looked like Abbot & Costello Meet the Snow, is exemplary. (More on Barkley coming later today/tomorrow.)
  • I can’t remember seeing a two-win team play with the emotion the Bears played with yesterday. Defensively, offensively, everything. They were fired up from the opening whistle. Seeing that makes me want to slap all the “they should lose” people across their faces.
  • Jordan Howard. That is all. No, that’s not all. His five-yard touchdown run may be my favorite play of the season. The Niners weren’t keeping him out of the end zone with 18 defenders.
  • Say this about Josh Bellamy: he gets open! And I give the Bears coaching staff/QB credit for sticking with him after the second big drop. I would have sat him on the bench and left him there. They didn’t and they were handsomely rewarded for it.
  • Noah Spence is having a terrific year in Tampa and Joey Bosa is terrific but Leonard Floyd may now be the front-runner (as predicted here) for defensive rookie of the year. If Floyd can get his sack total into double digits, I’m not sure they can keep the award away from him.

  • Marquess Wilson. Again. I’m making a new rule. I’m not writing a word about Wilson until he plays two consecutive games, start to finish. Until then there’s no point.
  • Eddie Goldman and Akiem Hicks, especially in tandem, are lethal. The Bears need to add a third powerhouse to that defensive line this offseason.
  • Nick Kwiatkoski got a workout yesterday but certainly proved he can play in this league. Bears are set at inside linebacker in 2017.
  • A little concerning that Jonathan Bullard was a healthy scratch yesterday. Bears need to be evaluating players but like Bullard but this is a clear sign Fox and Fangio don’t believe he’s picking up the game quickly enough.
  • Doesn’t sound like the Cody Whitehair injury is serious. But man, did it look serious.
  • Connor Barth going four-for-four in those conditions is a good sign.
  • Pat O’Donnell has to be the worst short-punter in the game. Does he ever NOT put the ball in the end zone? Aim for the ten, Pat. Hopefully you’ll get a fair catch out of it.
  • Last point. Everybody needs to stop ripping Dowell Loggains. The Bears offensive coordinator is NOT an issue for this team. Yesterday he called as good a game as you will ever see in conditions like those. His play-calling was varied and surprising. His balance was pitch perfect. And his recognition, at the end of the first half, that Barkley was capable of throwing it through the mush, won the Bears the ballgame going away.

From Adam Jahns’ column:

“It does feel good,” coach John Fox said. “Hats off to those guys in the locker room. A lot of the young guys had to answer the bell, and they’ve done an outstanding job.”

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  • beninnorcal

    Didn’t watch the game live as I was busy catching striped bass in the delta yesterday, but had it on the radio. Watched it when I got home and it was an entertaining one.

    -Akiem Hicks continues to look like my favorite FA move from Pace.

    -Jordan Howard seems quite special.

    -A certain under-sized whitey lb named Kazoosky or something seems to know where to be at most times and made plays.

    -Glad Lenny Floyd’s injury wasn’t a season(or career)-ender. He’s been fun to watch this year.

    Probably wouldn’t have hurt them Bears to lose yesturday, but I’ll take a team with a pulse over a ‘suck for Luck’ squad any day.

    On a side note, I’ve never been the biggest Kaep fan, but I actually felt bad for him yesturday. It was sad.

    • beninnorcal

      Failed to mention: for the second week in a row, a certain Matt Barkley looks the part. I will stay tuned. Another nice game from that guy.

    • SC Dave

      Were I an NFL DC, I would have everybody that sacks Kaepernick “take a knee” as their celebration. My second favorite play of the game (after Jordan running through most of 49ers defense into the end zone) was the sack where three of our guys landed on his ass.

  • Sauron’s right eyeball

    Barring a trade, Cuttler riding pine behind Barkley next year? Why not?

    • SC Dave

      The Bears should let whoever is on the pre-season roster compete for the job – as a team should always do.

    • BerwynBomber

      Unless Cutler is willing to restructure his deal, or tear up his existing contract (and frankly I can’t pretend to know how those things are covered in the CBA), I doubt the Bears want to pay him $16M next year, especially coming off shoulder surgery.

      In terms of Barkley, the Bears need more of an assessment … which hopefully the final four games provide. My thinking right now is his ceiling is as a bridge guy, his floor is PS, and space he might ultimately occupy is as a solid #2. But obviously TBD.

      Fun to watch, though. Makes the last four games, at least, semi-interesting.

      • Huge Bears Penis

        I’m not real worried about cap space, we are going to be able to carry over almost 10mill from this year, add that to the projected Cap increase of around 10 mill, we are in pretty good position even with keeping Cutler’s contract.

        • DaBearsBlog

          Not sure you guys heard Pace with Joniak yesterday but man, it sounds like Cutler is gone.

          • MB30SD

            Excellent. Sayonara

          • Johnnywad

            Hats off to Ryan Pace for fielding second and third string quarterbacks this year that can actually play a little bit. Hoyer and Barkley are both proving themselves serviceable. If not for the attrition this season, the Bears would be wild card contenders even with their QB3 under center.

          • CanadaBear


          • BerwynBomber

            Meh. Good for Pace but the entire NFCN was banged up. We took it to extreme levels, but it’s not like GB, DET and MIN weren’t dealing with major injuries themselves.

          • MB30SD

            I saw yesterday that we’re 3rd in IRed players since Sept 1.


          • Johnnywad

            Good at something.

          • MB30SD


          • Huge Bears Penis

            only 3rd?

          • MB30SD

            I know, that’s what the damn was for… I was surprised. I figured we’d be the winner of that one thing far and away. I think the browns and chargers were on the list too.

          • Huge Bears Penis

            i guess they did put the Sept 1. restriction on it so doesn’t count anyone we lost in preseason.

          • MB30SD


          • Huge Bears Penis

            I got interested to see how much money the Bears and others have wrapped up on the IR.

            Chi- $37.1 mill
            Min – $31.1 mill
            SD – $28.5 mill
            Hou- $26.4 mill

            WOOHOO! we are #1 in that.

            These numbers are courtesy of overthecap.com

          • MB30SD

            oh that’s right… it was minny.

            damn man.

          • Where would Lions, Vikes or Puke be with THEIR 4rth string QB?

            NVM the rest of the injuries.

          • Don’t forget the Shaw-Shank Redemption!

          • Huge Bears Penis

            I told you before Shaw-Shank Redemption is overrated like the movie

          • Scharfinator

            Is the interview available anywhere on the interwebz?

      • dave

        Let both Cutler and Jeffries hit the road. Use the money fixing the OT position and the DB positions as well as picking up a good QB prospect to learn behind Barkley.

        • You still want to let Alshon walk even after all those drops and White/Miller’s papermache bones?

          Also, gotta remember that he’s a solid run blocker, which should help us become run oriented.

          Releasing Alshon would be just create another hole to fill through the draft.

      • Sauron’s right eyeball


  • Huge Bears Penis

    So Barkley is starting to look like a thing. Not going to ‘Crown his Ass’ yet, but if you want to ‘Crown his ass’ then crown it. If he keeps this play up through the last games, I will then begin to get excited.

    Yesterday he played within the system, not taking unnecessary chances. The blown screen play was a prime example. He saw it wasn’t there and did not try to force it like Cutty would. Instead he rolled out and rushed for some yards. He was hitting WRs in stride, and if they could catch it would be an interesting stat line again.

    Another thing I like is that he isn’t Captain Checkdown like Hoyer. He shown he has been willing to stretch the field a little.

    Going forward, I would like to see more from him in the Red Zone. As much as I love seeing Howard carrying defenders on his back for scores, we need to see how Barkley handles the tight confines of the red zone. Give him a chance to put the red zone INTs behind him and see if he can make plays.

    The Defenses the last couple weeks are around the bottom of league. However going forward I think we will be able to get a good enough feel for his decision making against better D’s. I am looking forward to seeing what the kid can do.

    Barkley is not some UDFA or low round draft pick, he was projected to be a possible 1st round pick, but a shoulder injury derailed that. There is talent there

    • MB30SD

      Agree. One thing… He’s from SC, so we’ll need the rest of the year to really evaluate. Detroit’s D didn’t look anything like bottom of the barrel yesterday, so next week will be interesting

      • Huge Bears Penis

        Agree, Detroit D seems to be coming on lately, Minn D is pretty good, and Washington is no slouch, and Fuck the Packers. So I am pretty sure there will be enough there to get a good read on Barkley’s ability.

        • MB30SD

          Agreed again.

          I hope we lose valiantly and by a last second point ever game… Except the packers. Super fuck the packers and that smug cunt of a dickbag qb of theirs.

          Ready and willing for my slap Jeff.

          • DaBearsBlog

            I’ve met you. I need you behind me. No slap.

          • MB30SD

            Always man. But I want to stop winning totally meaningless games. I want them to play like lions and showcase all the young guys… But wins are pointless… Except against the pack.

            And funnily enough, we’ve never met. I’ll be in chi in Jan though. We should do a blog meet up some time Jeff.

          • Sactowns#1

            Maybe Blogfather met you back when you were selling the devil’s lettuce out of the back of your VW van.

          • MB30SD


          • Big Mike

            Fuck the Packers, right in the face

    • BerwynBomber

      He throws down the seam well and his stationary mechanics are very solid, even if they weren’t on display yesterday due to the conditions.

      I counted one poor decision all day — a 2nd down short pass to Meredith in the right flat when we were on the Niner’s 20 late in the third/early fourth. Barkley was under duress and the ball was late and lofted. A dangerous pass and unfortunately the thing we saw from Cutler too often.

      But that was it. Otherwise, it was a clean game. And yeah, next week should be a true test.

      Only thing we have to get used to is a QB w/out Jay’s cannon. In that regard, we were spoiled. Half the league’s starters have Barkley’s arm but we were used to Cutty’s Ardolis Chapman-like heat. It’s a bit of an adjustment.

      • MB30SD

        As long as there are far fewer TO, the adjustment should be a pleasure

      • willbest

        Barkley gets it down the field unlike Hoyer. I can live with that. But its going to take more than 2 games for me to want to play him as QB1 next year. I am definitely ready to sign him up as QB2 though.

        • BerwynBomber

          Yeah, I wasn’t implying he’s a #1. Only that any starter we have next year will unlikely have Cutty’s arm strength.

      • Huge Bears Penis

        the cannon arm is nice but not necessary. I actually thought Jay’s arm strength is a liability sometimes. He seems to use it as a crutch which lead to bad mechanics. He rarely threw guys open, and hung on the ball too long knowing he could fire it in.

    • Yup. Sometimes fans forget that if he came out a year earlier, Barkley may have been the #1 OVERALL pick.

      So, if we tapped into that, then the Bears basically discovered a 1st overall pick for like 500K or something.

      Other thing I kinda worry about is his durability. He has that Cutler/Romo frame. 6’2 220ish

      But if he keeps playing smart football, dumping it off, throwing it away, navigating the pocket, throwing it in 3 seconds, that should help protect him.

  • MB30SD

    To be fair I’ve unfortunately watched more charges games than ours due to circumstance and SD TV programming… But in order for Floyd to jump bosa, he better have high double digits.

    I was a bosa bust guy, but that dude is a massive disruptor. He’s in the QBs face almost erra play erra week man. He needs to stop letting QBs slip through his fingers, but if he didn’t the dude would already have like 15 sacks. He’s a beast

    • Huge Bears Penis

      I am just glad Floyd is in the discussion. A lot of people were down on him around here, undersized, seemed lost first couple games. The kid has stepped up, just needs to continue.

      • MB30SD


      • Personally, I’ve just never seen a 6’6 230 LB become a dominant player.

        Closest comp is Jason Taylor, but he was only 6’2 and therefor more compact.

        I thought Floyd would be nothing more than a subpackage rusher, and I for me, we could’ve got Bruce Irvin in FA for that (and he is doing well in OAK).

        If Floyd does continue to excel, he’ll change the mold for scouts.

    • Big Mike

      Bosa is a beast. ROY voting doesn’t matter to be. The fact that Floyd and double digit sacks are in the same sentence, makes me very happy!

      • MB30SD

        Excellent point

    • Yeah, we get the SD games up here too, unfortunately (maybe preparing us for the L.A. move), and Bosa does seem like the real deal.

      And more amazing that he did it while basically missing all of training camp and I think even some games due to that stupid ass Charger stance on his contract.

      • MB30SD


  • burntorangenavyblue

    My friends and family were more interested in watching CK getting creamated than anything else. Brother opened up the hottub during the snow. Good party all around!

  • CanadaBear

    Apparently I’m not supposed to rip on Nathan Lane (per Jeff), but if he’s so wonderful why did it take him the entire first half to take the kid gloves off Barkley? I think NL is doing a lot better but let’s not start jerking each other off over his last couple of games.

    • willbest

      He was 13 rushes, and 4 passes, before Barkley did his all pro 2-minute drill in the blizzard. None of the passes were caught (though only 1 was for sure Barkley’s fault). Which is probably why he kept running it unless he needed to pass.

      They only attempted 18 passes compared to 40 rushes, but they were actually balanced at the half 14 rushes to 10 pass plays.

      • CanadaBear

        I’m not grinding on NL but I need to see some consistency over the last 4 games before I’m all in with him.

        • Bender McLugh

          to be fair, I think he’s been much more balanced with what he’s had to work with due to injuries. I’m down with keeping BirdCage for next season.

          • CanadaBear

            I don’t think he’s the problem but it sure took him a while to get his mojo calling plays. Who knows? With all the injuries it’s hard to know what to believe.

          • Bender McLugh

            yeah, I have to go with the injuries theory. It also seems that a healthy Kush/Larsen is outperforming an injured Long/Sitton. To me that just bodes well for depth next year & not anything bad about Long/Sitton.

          • Totally agree, esp about the Kush/Larsen combo.

            Another thing – whoever our Oline coach is – he’s doing a GREAT job.

            We all know Long and Sitton are the truth, but

            Leno was a questionmark, but he seems to be rounding out.
            Whitehair, who never played C, ditto.
            We all deemed Larsen a buster in PS, and he’s serviceable.
            Kush looks good.
            Even Massie has played better as of late (don’t believe me? Put on that Adams game)

            The rungame has been dominant at times, and when Barkley/Hoyer were in, the sacks were nearly non-existent.

            So a rare tip-o-the hat to one of our coordinators.

          • Huge Bears Penis

            I like the fact that I don’t know who our Oline coach is.

          • willbest

            Kind of sucks to live on the O-line. 9 times out of 10 if people know your name, its not for a good reason.

          • Huge Bears Penis

            unless you are Mike Tice, I think he puts it in his contract that he must be mentioned during telecasts and how great he is as an Oline coach.

    • Think playcall was a confluence of events.

      -Snowy conditions – perhaps makes most OCs lean run heavy
      – Protect green QB – we might say, let it rain! but Birdcage prolly wanted to build Barkley’s confidence
      – Dubious WR – 10 drops might make ANY OC gun shy

      But yeah, Birdcage was too conservative at first regardless, and it was only the circumstance that changed his approach.

  • willbest

    Cutler 1-4: 14.8 ppg
    Hoyer 1-4: 16.6 ppg
    Barkley 1-1: 23.5 ppg (and it should be 2-0 and 27 ppg)

    And yes 9ers and Titans are bad D’s. But so were are the Packers, Jags, and Colts.

  • AlbertInTucson

    I was MIA yesterday.

    Had a priority personal mission at game time and then didn’t feel like going to the bar to watch.

    Have only seen NFL.com highlight package so I was spared the Bellamy TD drop.

    Enjoyed seeing the ignorant little kid that is Kap get pummeled often.

    • MB30SD

      that dude is allergic to TD catches… and contract extensions it would seem

  • dave

    Number one need, world class left tackle. Leno a great back-up and could move to right tackle. The interior O line and defensive front seven is set. This draft can be team changing given the expected depth next year when blue chippers come out of the infirmary, presuming a rigorous off season rehab program. That leaves plenty of picks for d backs, receivers and shots at d linemen. I hope the Bears get a shot to trade down from their number one, then combine lower picks for blue chippers in the late first round, possibly obtaining another second and another third. Five good picks from the first three rounds could fix all that needs fixing if that the OT positions get massive upgrades. Massive means Massie to the bench.

    Side note: Kap getting capped at Soldier Field was icing on the cake.

    • willbest

      Leno was tried at RT and it almost got him cut. He is an average LT who will be making 6-8 million a year when his rookie contract expires

      • Wasn’t that RG?

        Either way, yeah, Leno SUCKED BALLS on the right side.

        Don’t fix what aint broke

        • willbest

          No it was RT. He was doing OTA reps at LT in 2015 because bushrod was hurt. Long was doing RT reps because Mills was hurt. Then Mills and Bushrod came back and Long as doing RG work and then Mills and Leno sucked at RT during the pre-season so they moved Long back out there for the season and went with that dumbass guy at RG. Mills got cut and Leno stayed on as the backup swing tackle.

          A few games into 2015 Bushrod went down and Leno made the most of his opportunity.

    • Honestly, I’d keep Leno at LT and try to get a badass RT. I don’t care which OT is a stud, just get one stud and one serviceable and that’s great. Leno is serviceable.

      Many of the top pass rushers these days actually go opposite RT more than LT. The distinction doesn’t matter all that much anymore.

      • No way would I want a RT in the first 2 rounds (unless we trade down)

        Spriggs who was believed to be the best RT in the draft fell to the mid 2nd.

        I wouldn’t mind a solid RT prospect in the early 3rd or beyond, but it’s not high on my list.

        Pass rusher , CB and FS concern me more.

        • Von Miller, Khalil Mack, Justin Houston all rush primarily against the RT. Floyd moves around and rushes both for Bears. Same for Clay Matthews.

          It was a logical response to offenses placing such a premium on putting their best pass protector on the left side. Defenses responded by putting their best pass rusher on the right side.

          The LT/RT distinction doesn’t matter any more. Get one who kicks ass on either side and you can scheme to help the other.

  • CanadaBear

    They have finally taken equal opportunity too far. A fat girl fashion show popped up on my FB feed.

    • MB30SD

      oh heeeeellll naaaaahhhhhh!!!!

    • Huge Bears Penis

      I am not on FB, but don’t they target what shows up in your feed based on web searches?

      • MB30SD

        hahahahahahahaha! ZING!

    • Sixes.

  • SC Dave

    Found my avatar picture

  • AlbertInTucson

    Vaulting back into first in my FF league by defeating the team we’re chasing!

    Thanks, Houston, for holding Erin under 250 yards and only 2 TDs.

    We are one of 2 9-4 teams but win the tie-breaker.

    Our “Ofer” team finally got a win last week!

  • Sactowns#1

    Well I went to my buddies house where there were 3 Niners fans and 2 Bears fans (including myself). Before the game we joked that we would all be rooting for the opposing team and for the first half that’s about how it went. But once Barkley went on that 2 min drill at the end of the first we were intrigued. Then with the D making back to back stops I was interested. Add in a couple nice runs from howard and I was actually excited. My Niners friends seemed genuinely jealous that we have some clear building blocks for next year while they’re still trying to figure out what their offense is.

    on a side note, we did a vertical tasting of 2013-2015 Bourbon County. The 13 and 15 were super tasty. The 2014 was sour and meh. The 2016 coffee bourbon barrel aged was very nice as well and I highly recommend it!

    • MB30SD

      I noticed the 9ers in the offseason… and not for the right reasons. They made some seriously WTF?!? moves. Like seriously they were doing things that would guarantee a horrific season. One of the dads at my kid’s school is a fan and I was like, ‘dude, are they sucking for luck already… or is their GM just totally and wholly clueless?!?!”

      he was like, “uhhh, both maybe?!”

      They are fucking abject dogshit.

      that said, I think us picking 3 or 4 is still probable. Honestly, out of the remaining games I see us only having a real chance at the Browns game. So the bottom of the pack is still (in ascending order):

      1. Browns
      2. 49ers
      3. Us
      4. Jags (and I have them below/above us because they beat us)

      Let’s not get all heroic for nothing here. I would love to fuck the packers up, aside from that… close, hard fought games where we don’t pull it out in the final seconds and miss it by one or two points will be fine thank you.

      Sorry I’m not sorry.

      • SC Dave

        Fuck that. Need to beat GB.

        • MB30SD

          ” I would love to fuck the packers up, aside from that”

          and also see below. Even if we were 1-14 and needed to lose to them to get a paradigm shifting QB int he draft with the loss, I would still want us to beat those fucks. I hate them (and rodgers) so much.

    • Yeah, my friend likes the 9ers, so I’m loving us beating them cuz he was soooooooo smug when they had Montana and Young.

      Payback, bitches.

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  • MB30SD

    DaBearsBlog @dabearsblog
    For me, Floyd is the defensive rookie of the year now but Bosa is probably going to win it.

    As I said below Jeff, unless bosa gets injured or somehow drops off a cliff, AND floyd goes crazy… bosa def deserves it. That dude is disruptive pretty much every single play… even though I’ve personally seen him let 5-10 sacks slip through his hands (literally)

    • Yes, seems like I was wrong on both (mark it on your calendars, Butch was wrong!)

      I thought Bosa would be an Ogunleye/Alex Brown type. A very solid but unspectacular player.

      And I feared Floyd would be another Dion Jordan, esp with reports leaking that he was like 230, and getting stonewalled in those first few games.

      But both are flashing, which I think is another rarity.

      Two top pass rushers in the draft actually living up to the billing.

      Still early in their careers, so fingers crossed.

      • Huge Bears Penis

        HA! YOU WERE WRONG!!!! LOSER!!!

      • MB30SD

        dude, I know I sound like a fanboi here, but I think you and I were ALLLL about him being a guido busto.

        I’ve now been forced (damn friends/TV schedules) to watch 4 chargers games. The dude is not flashing, he is consistently a fucking animal. Easily their best DL. It’s rare the dude doesn’t cause some kind of havoc on the field when it’s a pass or the run goes up the middle or to his side. He’s on another level than floyd in my mind… that being said, I’ve only seen two or so highlights of floyd’s play.

  • MB30SD

    From my discussion with HBP below.

    Here’s even more stats about the leagues IR issues: http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/injured-reserve/

    We have the second most players on IR with 20 (TWENTY!!!!!). Only San Diego has more than us. But our IRed players are more expensive than them, so there’s that.

  • Captain Obvious

    I cannot overstate this:

    It is FAR more important to develop the young talent on the roster and let them learn how to win (their individual matchups, and whole games) than it is to “tank” in order to move up a few picks. Unless there is a CANNOT-MISS franchise QB available, the difference in the 2nd pick and the 6th pick is nowhere near what improvements guys like Bellamy, Wilson, Floyd, Kwiatgrobowski, Brown, all those d-backs, etc., are going to make getting meaningful snaps in meaningful games.

    Wanting the Bears to tank means putting guys in who definitely can’t get the job done, and taking snaps away from guys who can (and should) contribute in 2017. And it means not knowing, come camp time, if Bellamy et al are going to be worth a roster spot, or if some other unknown should take those spots.

    Come August, I’d like to know that the Bears are 5-deep with quality WRs more than I’d like to know they got a marginally better pick in the 1st round.

  • Captain Obvious

    There has been talk about where Kap will land next year, too. Seeing his performance in the snow yesterday, I hope Pace has made the right conclusion about whether to bring Kap to Chicago.

    • Huge Bears Penis

      I hope Pace has never even considered him an option in the 1st place.

    • NEVER gonna happen.

      Kap is in the perfect system to thrive now, and he was benched for fucking Gabbert.

      He’s a backup, and I’m not sure how much he benefits a team as one either.

      • Captain Obvious

        There are plenty of people who see Kap’s past performance as the true Kap than the past few (post-Harbaugh) years. I think it’s not unrealistic for a team to think they can “fix” what went wrong with him. I don’t think the Bears are a team that would think that, but there’s no doubt in the FA class of 2017 that Kap will be one of the best options. I think if anyone in Halas Hall was considering Kap to any degree, this game was going to be a test. If Kap came out and put the beat-down on the Beloved, there’s a chance Pace considers him.

        Getting his ass beaten meant that he’s more likely headed to Cleveland to be RGIV.

        • willbest

          Kaep’s performance was a function of Harbaugh’s creative run scheming and Harbaugh’s experience as a QB in understanding Kaep’s limitations. It is unlikely another OC or HC will be able to replicate it. Largely because Kaep still not going to go through his progressions, and he isn’t all that accurate, which means like Cutler he is easier to manipulate by opposing defenses.

          • MB30SD

            Also that Jim Harbaugh is a football god.

  • BillW

    Can’t get excited as Jeff over Birdcage. As Moose said several times, the receivers should have a distinct advantage in the snow – esp with double moves. That’s what I saw. That. plus apparently from what I read the 9ers kept in man to man to stack against the run.

    I was more impressed reading that Barkley learned in the game how he needed to change his release given the weather (more like “pushing” the ball than trying to throw a normal spiral).

    Before the last drive in the first half I was OK with them losing – though I always want them to win. After that, I figured it would be demoralizing for too many players to lose to that crappy team.

    Lot of decisions to be made for next year and a lot of game experience and video to help make it.

    But I still think they could use an OC. Let’s see what he does as the competition steps up now. I know we’re over-matched, but I expect some decent drives at the least. Else this was a case of the weather and the bad team we played.

    • willbest

      I never advocate naked tanking. But Fox is such a horrible game manager you have to wonder if its intentional sometimes. Like last week when he blew the TO to save 6 seconds, effectively taking half the playbook away from his OC on Barkley’s last stand. Hell he even put the game in the hands of his D by not kicking the on-side kick. Now I would have done that too but those are the decisions that the coach makes that can hurt or help a teams flow of the game.

      I think if you are giving Fox a mulligan on injuries you are doing it to the entire coaching staff (well except the S&C guys, they need to go). Its not like Loggains has had any consistency with who his RB, TE, QB, O-line, and WR are every week. Add to that nightmare preparing for a new D and its quirks each week, and figuring out how your ragtag group of misfits can exploit it, and the worst I can say about him is he is at least competent even if he hasn’t done anything inspiring.

  • Captain Obvious

    One last comment to round out my trio.

    The thing I like most about Floyd is that he’s getting a lot of snaps late in his rookie season. So the knock on him about being light (and therefore more prone to getting beat up and beat down over a long pro season) isn’t panning out. Imagine him after putting on some weight in the offseason training program. Kid’s got a lot of upside. A metric fuckton of upside. Given how scary his injury was, and his first game back he’s dialed in on the QB and playing with abandon… he’s got the right attitude, and he’s got a body that recovered from a scary encounter.

    I’m sold on him. For the record, I was content with the pick in May, but every week I’m happier with the pick. This was one hell of a draft for Pace. Take Zeke Elliot off the table, and you’ve got legit OROY and DROY candidates from the same draft class. And Whitehair is even more solid than you expect a high 2nd round pick to be.

    If Pace can fix coaching deficiencies and the QB situation as well as he’s improving the rest of the roster, he’ll have his own bust in Canton.

    • SC Dave

      A little early for Canton, but I’d say the franchise would be pointing up.

      • Captain Obvious


        Plus, turning the QB situation around like he turned around the ILB position is a lot harder. I don’t see the QB problem getting fixed in 2017, and who knows what 2018 will look like? Given that the team is re-building the defense — and the backfield is still a huge liability — and the offense is going to be structured as a power run game, we don’t need a top 10 QB to be a playoff team. We just need a guy who can make good throws and not fumble any time the pocket collapses and a D-lineman sneezes on the ball.

    • Grasu put on weight, and look what happened to him.

      Not saying (or hoping) the same will be true of Floyd, but for some players it’s just hard to put on that weight without stressing other parts of the body. I say let him fill out little by little.

      Honestly, I don’t care too much about his weight. Floyd has proven effective so at his current weight. Also, sometimes players gain weight and lose that explosiveness (happens to HBs all the time, like Langford this yr who bulked up to be a workhorse back, then was ineffective AND hurt).

      As for durability, a lot of time that’s just luck.

      • Captain Obvious

        I don’t think Floyd needs to put on weight for weight’s sake. I think he’s got a long frame that will fill out with the right training program. And extra muscle will give him more tricks in his pass-rushing bag.

        And I don’t think Grasu’s weight gain tore his ACL. ACL tears are freak things. AP’s ACL didn’t tear because he weighed too much.

  • Huge Bears Penis

    I hate when this happens, I wish there was easy way to tell everyone there is a New Thread.

    • AlbertInTucson

      Thank you.

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  • Sauron’s right eyeball

    My diabolical plan has failed so far Butch. 505 had a net loss of points due to our trade and NB is finding out that Antonio Brown is hit and miss. hee hee

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