When Mariota Proved Unattainable, Young Bears GM Prudently Committed to Cutler

| May 21st, 2015



The Bears made it clear they weren’t going to ditch Jay Cutler without a replacement in mind. Marcus Mariota was that replacement. When Ryan Pace failed to land the Oregon quarterback at the top of this year’s draft, he realize the team’s best chance to win and his best chance to remain Bears GM is Cutler under center. While the team has only committed to Cutler for one season, there’s a good chance the new regime sees him as the guy who can potentially win them a bunch of games. If, for no other reason, because finding someone better isn’t easy to do.

If you go over the last five draft classes, sixty-one quarterbacks have been takenand you can count the number who turned out to be as good as Cutler on one hand. The only one to throw more touchdown passes than Cutler last year was Andrew Luck. Even if you go back to when Cutler was drafted in 2006, how many quarterbacks have been drafted since that ended up being as good or better? Not many. The Dolphins just gave Ryan Tannehill a big contract, not because they think he’s great, but because they don’t think they can find any better.

Good veteran quarterbacks don’t become available. It’s why the Bears didn’t hesitate to sign Cutler and why the Dolphins made sure to lock Tannehill up. The best quarterbacks are usually drafted early, earlier than the Bears plan on drafting again. For every Aaron Rodgers that falls later in the first round, there are two Brady Quinns. For every Russell Wilson who falls beyond that, there are three Seneca Wallaces.

In Mariota, the Bears saw a franchise guy who could carry their team for the next decade. There’s a good chance they don’t see anyone with the same potential next year and, even if they do, it’s not likely that they’ll be able to draft him. It wasn’t that the Titans didn’t want Cutler. It was that they wanted Cutler and a hell of a lot more. The same was true with Philip Rivers. When the asking price got too high, the Bears pulled back and went to Plan B: Building a team around Cutler.

With the seventh pick, the Bears gave Cutler a receiver who can jump over defensive backs AND score from anywhere on the field. In the third round they gave him someone who is going to protect him and make the line calls for the rest of his Bears career. Then they added a running back who is going to keep Matt Forte fresh in 2015 and probably replace him in 2016.

That’s two skill position players and a blocker in the first four rounds. The previous regimes managed to draft just three skill position players and two blockers that early in the previous six years. Good teams surround their quarterback with talent and that’s what the Bears are doing with Cutler.

“In my mind, we just got Jay another dynamic weapon. That’s what I’m excited about. I hope he’s fired up because we just gave him another powerful weapon. With this receiving core, this only adds to Jay’s ability to distribute the ball.”


The Bears don’t have a young, capable quarterback on their roster and they don’t have a head coach willing to wait out a 3-5 year developmental process. Cutler’s contract becomes less obtrusive each season he remains on the roster. Obviously the quarterback needs to play better than last year. He also needs to stay healthy. But if Cutler is just the player he has been, if he plays to his numbers, he’ll remain with the Bears for the foreseeable future.

The Bears know they have a good quarterback in Cutler. If they have a chance to upgrade the position, they’ll certainly do so. The same is true with all positions. But the Bears also know that finding an upgrade isn’t going to be easy and it isn’t likely. Their plan right now has to and should be to build around Cutler.

Like it or not, that’s their best shot.

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  • AlbertInTucson

    “When Mariota Proved Unattainable, Young Bears GM Prudently Committed to Cutler”

    Like he had a choice at that point?

    • MikeBrownhadaPosse

      He could have imprudently committed to Pickles.

      • Trac

        It’s time for outside the beltway thinking Brownie. Hee hee

      • AlbertInTucson

        No, I meant a REAL choice.

    • chitownproud85

      Yeah kind of cringed when I read some parts of this. Is Cutty the best option? Yeah, what else is there…? But honestly, propping up this .500 at best shitfest seems counterproductive. I’m sure my tune would change when we were halfway into another 5-11 campaign, but damn. I’m not sure I can see an immediate future where we win anything of any significance, Cutler or not. My only hope comes in the form of coaching – at the end of the day its players, but there is NO way this isnt a massive coaching upgrade and therefore should swing some games on its own, right? RIGHT?

    • he could have just said “I don’t want you, you’re not my guy” and dumped him just because, figuring he’d rather suck with anybody else than be decent with Cutler and hoping something better will eventually come along. Some people would have done that.

      • NewBearInTown

        The theory there is that the team has to try SOMETHING else. Its a poor theory.
        There is a lot of value in a .500 record from an institutional standpoint. Keeps morale up, keeps the club attractive to free agents, keeps the winning mentality.

  • TheBigCheesy


    Never. Leave.

    • beninnorcal

      Hey, remember that last game your Pack pissed away? Classic.

      • BillW

        That was awesome

    • The GP

      Bah-Bah-Bah-Bahstick. Now a Viking BTW.

    • SC Dave

      No, but this is the point. The Packers will totally own us, regular season and playoffs both so long as Cutler is our QB. The faithful refuse to see he simply CANNOT beat them. But I know it, and totally understand Cheesy delight.

      And its why we have to keep the one player the fudgies fear – Shea McClelli

      And no, I’m not kidding at all

      • Waffle

        I seem to remember the bears in front of the pack in 2013 to enter the playoffs and knock the pack off but gave up a 90yr drive including 4 3rd down conversions and 3 4th down conversions including the last 4th down of the game…….

        At some point we will probably remember it’s a team game. It’s unacceptable to buy into what you stated in your post above.

        • That’s the game that gave me hope for Cutler going forward.
          Then, after all the pre-season hype and Michael Irvin and a few others proclaiming Cutler will be the dark horse MVP in 2014…
          First game. Boom. INT right to the gut of a fat-boy. Game Blouses.
          And all that went through my head was Woodson, “Cutler will be Cutler…”
          Now, here we are, again.

          • Waffle

            He had a bad ass game if you recall. He forced it no doubt on that play but let’s not forget the plays he ripped off that game. It happens, it’s football….it’s just that when other QB’s do it the result is not always the defense giving up a soul crushing 75yd drive or not punting.
            Turnovers have to be reduced but i refuse to rewrite history or performances.

      • this has nothing to do with Cutler…

        Great QBs own their division. Look at Brady. Look at Peyton. Look at Luck starting up in IND. Those guys straight up own their division.

        • Waffle

          Luck plays in the afc south. The AFC South.

          • I know. But the point still stands: great QBs own their division. Rodgers also owns DET and MIN, are we gonna blame that on Cutler too?

          • Scharfinator

            Is Brees a great QB?

          • I think he’s a notch below the top guys of his generation because he has failed to find the consistent success they do.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Not now. Big Ben. A-Rod. I don’t know if I could stretch the word ‘great’ to anyone else right now. Maybe Wilson.

          • Scharfinator

            I don’t know if I can agree about Rapeburger. Definitely A-Rod, the prick.

          • Waffle

            Wilson is not great, he’s on a great team.

          • Do great QBs chuck 4 picks in a championship game?

          • Waffle

            i agree completely. Luck plays in a clownish division though and will always be propped up even more as a result.

          • And the AFCE has been dogshit forever too.

    • Waffle

      It’s annoying when packers fans say that and then purport themselves to be knowledgeable.

    • Irish Sweetness

      This is exhibit A of why we should have traded him.

      • NO ONE wanted him, Irish. Can you blame them?
        Browns would rather ride with Johnny Cocaine.
        Titans never even thought about it. They wanted Mariota or a King’s Ransom all along.
        Bills and Jets would rather start a thai hooker with some rugby background before Cutler.

        And if we weren’t going to get at least a 3rd, screw that.

  • Bender (Call Saul) McLugh

    Wow, Scrabble will never be the same, this is sad….

    Behold some of the other words that will now be permissible in official Scrabble gameplay, according to the Guardian:

    Lolz (13 points)
    Bezzy (18 points)
    Thanx (15 points)
    Lotsa (5 points)
    Cazh (18 points)
    Wuz (15 points)

    • Bender (Call Saul) McLugh

      incidentially “Vadgers” mysteriously left off the new list of acceptable words.

    • BillW

      Not only are most of the examples not actually words, they seem arbitrary. Once you start allowing text message slng, where “duz” it stop? It would seem that literally any abbreviation now is a “word”.

      All but one of the examples use z or x – so maybe it’s a way to speed up the game or prevent the board from getting blocked as easy. But I can’t see playing Scrabble with that set of “words”.

      I had to look up Cazh, Lolz, and Bezzy. Bezzy comes out as either best friend or slut. Boy, there’s a useful word (lolz).

      • Irish Sweetness

        We live in a post-literate society now. The youth are regressing. Life expectancy and educational standards are dropping. And we’re entering the age of Aquarius.

        Anybody got any acid?

        HUNTIN’ ! YO!

        • Before the 60s, acid had a different meaning. Damn hippies ruining The Queen’s English.
          Now, pass me the crumpets while I pack my pipe and watch “The Good Olde Days”

    • English has always been very flexible compared to other languages. I think I read somewhere that for a new word to enter the French language, it has to go through some sort of Academy to get approved. Needless to say, those words won’t fly in L’Academie. HOWEVER, those words will be used regardless of what the balds/beards proclaim from the ivory tower, and a lot of times those words are English esp when it comes to products or techie stuff. So, to combat that, the French banned using english words when French alternatives existed (I think Quebec did the same), but how do you “google” in french? how about “xeroxing”?

      English is on the other end of the spectrum. In order for a word to become “official”. The OED is probably the unofficial English cannon, and a few years back “Bling” and “Noob” entered, so all bets were off after that.

      I just wonder what criteria they use, like how culturally popular must a word be perceived in order to get consideration into the dictionary. It seems highly subjective, but English seems to err on the side of being too inclusive than exclusive, then it’s lexicon darwinism…what ever sticks, survives, while words like tomfoolery go the way of the dodo…

  • Trac

    Yup, might as well may straw with hay. Yay Jay!

    • The GP

      I was thinking you would go with “feed 5000 with five small loaves and two fish” rather than the Rumpelstiltkin play.

  • The GP

    When a dying cancer patient takes time to impugn Tommy’s character, it sucks for Tommy.


    Oh Tommy, it is your summer of discontent. You will just have to stew in your 43 bedroom mansion with your supermodel wife. Life’s hard.

    • NewBearInTown

      Tom Brady sketch starts at around 54:40
      Tom Brady sketch starts at around 54:40

    • SC Dave

      Fuck that cheatin cunt. And i dont mean the wife

  • AlbertInTucson

    “DaBearsBlog @dabearsblog
    Scoring touchdowns is hard enough…”

    Well, at least it is for THE BEARS.

  • BearDown100393

    The only reason Cutler is still a Bear is because no other team wanted him or his contract. Sugar coat and dance around that truth all you want. A shit sandwich is still a shit sandwich no matter how many condiments are added to it.

    • if the Bears had cut Cutler, watch how many teams would have lined up to give him a bigger contract than what they would have absorbed by trading him.

      Ryan Tannehill just signed a deal that will pay him more over the next 2 years than Cutler will receive. At that point, the guaranteed money for both is gone.

      Bottom line: if you have a QB who’s a solid starter (there are about 20 of these guys in the world), he’s either on a rookie contract or getting paid at least as much as Jay Cutler. Welcome to the modern NFL.

      • BearDown100393

        Jay Cutler will always attract attention because of his arm. And undeniably it is impressive. I’ve watched him in camp. It does not take a football genius to realize the difference when he throws a deep route versus the others. I get it. However that is about as far as it goes to his skills as a QB. Whatever remaining “potential” is probably elapsed. There is no way either Pace or Fox want to “build around Jay” especially after management stated the exact opposite. The reality is the team is stuck with him. There is a huge difference. The players are not stupid and know the deal. Whether or not they personally like him is really not the issue. As awkward as this sounds (and flimsy), “it is what it is”. IMO that is not a recipe toward creating a championship team. How can it be? Teams have to be “all in” regarding a run at a SB. IMO that will not happen with #6 behind center on this team.

        • he is an average starting QB. No better, no worse.

          Here’s the kicker: if you’re looking to build a team from scratch, an average NFL QB has more value than any non-QB in the entire NFL. Ergo Cutler is one of the 20 most valuable players in the NFL, which explains why his massive contract is actually in line with the current QB market.

          But I agree with you that Cutler will be gone by 2017.

          • BearDown100393

            BTW I have been checking out your blog. Some real solid thoughts and analysis.

          • Doc Hamstring


            SO much this.

            I don’t think many in the NFL believe the “Cutler is poison” or “Cutler is a coach-killer” narrative trotted out by the media (and some over-the-top fans). I think most in the NFL see him as a talented guy who underperforms and/or isn’t consistent, which makes him… about average. Given that means that half the teams in the league would improve with Cutler under center, he is certainly valued by the NFL.

          • BearDown100393

            He has great physical talent. He under performs because of his attitude. His physical attributes are negated by what goes on between his ears. Cutler is not some young project. He is now a veteran. And he has accomplished nothing other than beating a 7-9 Seattle team in the playoffs. At best he is “average”. That is nothing to hang any hat upon.

          • Doc Hamstring

            See, this is the narrative I don’t buy. His “attitude” on the field is no different from Brady or Rodgers. Brady calls out his receivers and his OL on the field, he gets called a “fiery leader.” Rodgers cusses out his coach on the sideline, it elicits shrugs or–at worst–people question the coach. Cutler gets mad at the swinging door that was J’Marcus Webb, and he’s called a bad teammate.

            I think Cutler’s mental weakness is his gunslinger mentality, and his tendency to believe HE is the guy who has to save the day. So he forces things, he gets sloppy, and he hangs onto the ball while trying to make things happen in the pocket–leading to those stupid-ass fumbles, sacks, and INTs when he should throw the ball away.

            Take away his “gunslinger” mentality, and I don’t think there is an attitude problem. If anything, he has the perfect mentality for a big-arm QB: he doesn’t give a shit. If he gets picked, he’s not afraid to throw the same damn pass again.

            That’s the frustrating thing about Cutler. He’s got ALL the tools–a very good arm, mobile, and the right attitude about throwing. But he is like Rex Grossman on acid, and has squandered the talent he so obviously has.

            Just like Grossman probably would’ve been a much better QB with better coaching early on, I think Cutler would’ve benefited greatly from having a decent coach (OC) his first few years in Chicago, instead of the Martz/Tice train wreck.

          • SC Dave

            It is a shame the the poor guys had such pathetic coaching.

          • BearDown100393

            He didn’t seem that interested when Elway offered advice.

          • BearDown100393

            I understand your points but not exactly on the same page regarding interpretation. Cutler’s command presence simply stinks. It isn’t about ranting or raving but rather his seeming indifference. Perhaps that is a matter of opinion or interpretation. But I’m not the first to point this out or the last. As for “all the tools”, again I won’t argue about his natural ability to throw the football or his gun slinging mentality but rather his lacking in fundamentals. Does he ever seem to get better with quarterback fundamentals? In my opinion, no he does not. Throwing off the back foot? Handling the football like a live grenade? Does he work at his craft to improve upon it each off season? Again, I don’t know either way. There is so much more to the position than throwing the football. It is an art. And skills other than throwing the football are going to become more important to Cutler as he ages. Because when some of that zip does disappear (and it will, you cannot defy time), he will have to adapt or die career wise. I simply don’t want that conclusion to occur with him in a Bears uniform.

          • It’s ok to have a gun slinger mentality as long as a QB has other qualities to compensate for it, for instance, intangibles, leadership, clutch drives.
            Think Favre or to a lesser extent, Rivers.
            Cutler doesn’t have those to counter-balance his gun-slinging, and that’s why he’ll never be known as a winner.

      • Doc Hamstring

        While I agree with your point, the reason why the Bears weren’t able to trade him was because a trade partner would have had to GIVE the Bears something AS WELL as absorb his contract.

        Cutler gets cut, then another team just has to give him a contract.

        I can’t imagine Pace trading Cutler for a 5th-rounder just to get his contract off the books. Nor can I imagine any teams trading a 2nd-rounder for Cutler when they think there’s a realistic chance they can get him for free if/when the Bears cut him.

        • I also think Cutler’s value is at an all-time low right now due to the dumpster fire of 2014. Trestman made a concerted effort to scapegoat Cutler for everything that illed the Bears last year, and some fans and media (and possibly NFL people) fell for it. Watch Chicago return to respectability in the next year or 2, and his value will only go up.

          • Johnnywad

            I agree Woody. I’m glad Pace had sense enough to hang on to him given his market value.

          • It’s hard to imagine Cutler’s value dropping (but he can always get benched or inj, then what are we getting for him?)

            Let’s say Cutler has a typical Cutty year. Eh, 3,800 yds, 22 TDs, 16 TOs – 7-9 record.

            He’ll be another year older next season. With no noticeable improvement. Most teams will still be committed to their QBs. Winston, Mariotta, Carr, Bortles…maybe a few more teams are on the market for QBs (RG3, Bradford, Jets, Bills), but there’ll be a new crop of QBs in the draft, while some other teams might be willing to ride with cheaper options like those guys who theoretically bombed (like RG3, Bradford, Geno Smith, EJ Manuel) or even gamble on someone like Mike Glennon, Mettenberg, or go for cheaper QB vets than Cutler.

            In other words, the 2016 QB market might not make an older Cutler more appealing even if he has an avg year.

            Psychologically, teams rather gamble on hope than settle for mediocrity, and signing Cutler seems like admitting the latter.

      • Tannenhill has more “upside” though. He’s younger, been durable, and is still learning the position and the scheme. Plus, he doesn’t have “cutty face”, and by most accounts has the intangibles.
        Doesn’t mean he’ll be better than Cutler, but I’m willing to bet that most Bears’ fan would swap Tannenhil for Cutler straight up in a New York minute.
        Wouldn’t you?

    • willbest

      Nonsense. If Pace wanted him gone he would be gone (see Brandon Marshall). The Bears also had the ability to assume a greater portion of his contract. The only thing we know is that Pace valued Jay Cutler more than he was being offered for him.

      • BearDown100393

        Keep eating that shit sandwich when the Bears miss the playoffs again this season.

        • willbest

          They weren’t making the playoffs this season regardless of who was under center.

          • BearDown100393


        • Waffle

          you can admit that the Bears didn’t miss the playoffs last year because of the QB right?

          • Huge Bear’s Penis

            nope all Cutlers fault. Cutler also is the cause of Global Warming, and the reason there will be no peace in the middle east.

  • Ken

    I don’t know if Mariota is any better than Cutler. Plus how can you justify mortgaging your future, like the Bears already accomplished with Cutler twice (once from Denver acquisition and a second time with the most recent contract extension), on another QB, and a rookie that has not thrown 1 NFL pass?

    • Trac

      You cant, that’s why they didn’t. He he.

    • Doc Hamstring

      1st-round QBs have what, about a 50/50 boom/bust ratio? So maybe Mariota would be great. But maybe he’d crap out. If he DID end up great, the Bears would’ve mortgaged their future to get him–and there are plenty of data points indicating that teams that trade up for their franchise QBs end up having problems, even if the QB pans out. And if Mariota was a bust? It would’ve been Mirer all over again.

      Cutler has not been as bad as Mirer, despite costing about the same.

      I’m fine with the Bears re-build so far. I’m expecting something within a game of .500 in 2015, jettisoning Cutler, and then picking up some transition-vet for 2016, with the defensive re-build being complete at that point.

      • BerwynBomber

        Agreed. The only issue that makes the move a little less riskier in the past is that rookie contracts are more sane. But it would have been risky/costly.

        And yes Cutler is a known quantity. Overpaid, IMO, but the worst of the overpaying is over.

  • Viva

    I must post Da Hawksce on gameday or they will lose. Please remind me on Saturday.

    • BillW

      PLease put a reminder on your phone or a sticky note on your forehead.

  • BerwynBomber

    “The Bears made it clear they weren’t going to ditch Jay Cutler without a replacement in mind.”

    When did they make that clear? The only thing they made clear was that they were not willing to cut him and eat a significant portion of his contract.

    POX, I’m betting, would have been fine going into the camp with Pickles, Fales and low level FA or draft pick. The problem was no one wanted Cutler. They couldn’t unloaded him. So POX will play him this year, because yes, they owe him a ton of money and he is better than Pickles or Fales. At least for now.

    But the Mariota thing was never about a replacement. Pace would replace Cutler with a bag of deflated footballs if someone would assume his contract. Mariota was about the future. Pace was betting the kid could be elite.

  • Doc Hamstring

    My daughter asked me at what point I’d consider her to be “grown up.” I told her when she stopped putting ketchup on her hot dogs.

    • BearDown100393

      Always comical watching a grown adult going insane over another person’s ketchup preference on a hot dog. Just witnessed this the other day.

      • BillW

        Ketchup on a hot dog is like nails on a chalkboard ot me. It bothers many people (like me) and others wonder what’s the big deal.

        • Sactowns#1

          Ketchup on a hotdog is just un-American and shows that someone’s parents didn’t love them enough to teach them the proper way to dress a dog.
          Now catsup on a hotdog is a totally different matter.

          • BillW

            I don’t trust a condiment that has two ways of spelling it.

  • Bear Down in Tampa

    Guys, leftover point from the other day about the 47 yard PAT because of excessive celebrations. Turns out any personal fouls that occur after a TD is scored will be enforced on the ensuing KO. The other team won’t even have the option to enforce on the try.


    • weak sauce. They should make it cost to get a penalty on a TD play. It could cost you a point now.

      • Scharfinator

        That would be a very very interesting change. As close as possible to literally taking points off the board for personal fouls.

    • BillW

      I am really getting sick of the arbitrary nature of a multi-billion dollar industry. Being run like a mom and pop shop that can’t decrease revenue if they tried.

      It makes all the sense in the world to give the team the option. Let’s say a team scores at near the end of the game. Little time or no time left on the clock. They need the extra point to win or to tie. Excessive celbration costs litterally nothing.

      I am really beginning to hate this game. Seriously. Punishments made up on the fly. Rule changes for no good reason. And now weakening a real potential the impact of the rule change.

      To say nothing of making defense essentially illegal; making the QB a disproportionate important position when there are not nearly enough decent ones to go around.

      And another insult: Freakin’ Bears are finally putting a sit down bar / fast food place where the vast space in the west concourse is. They needed to put at least tables and stools there from the beginning. And they are charging FIFTY DOLLARS to get in!

      • BearDown100393

        The game itself is fine. It is those in charge of its management and future direction that need to be disposed.

    • Huge Bear’s Penis

      true but back to back holding penalties could result in a 52 yard PAT

  • Irish Sweetness

    “The Bears don’t have a young, capable quarterback on their roster and they don’t have a head coach willing to wait out a 3-5 year developmental process.”

    Nobody that writes for, or that reads this blog, knows that. Until they dump Fales, he’s the kid. It wasn’t prudent to keep Cutler if he was shoppable, not when you want to rebuild. He represents a top pick or two. Prudence would have been trading him for picks, paying Fitzy 6M, spread out the cash in FA. Run the ball, tough D, skill everywhere.

    • Johnnywad

      He was on the block and there was no deal to be had. The market dictated that he was not worth a top pick or two given his contract.

    • BerwynBomber

      But they could not find any takers for Cutler. That was the problem.

      In terms of Fitzpatrick, I would have preferred Sanchez, but I get your point: sign a semi-capable veteran for a third or fourth of the cost of Cutty and try to develop or draft a kid over the next couple of years.

      Frankly, I don’t know why Andrew and Blogfather are set on these fictional “feel good” stories about Cutler. Such stories do nothing but make me question one’s ability to be objective about the team. There is no indication that Pace was unwilling to move Cutler without a replacement. While there is every indication that he simply could not move Cutler. (My hunch is POX would have gone with Pickles if it meant moving Cutler.)

      In terms of ’16, it will depend on Cutler. If he plays well in ’15, he could be around for his final year of guaranteed money. If he plays average or poorly, my bet is Pace will try to shop him again.

      • willbest

        Cutler is a Bear in 2016 unless he gets injured and gets the Alex Smith treatment. You could say he could be bad, but that isn’t particularly likely.

        • Doc Hamstring

          In 2016?

          Here is the FA class for 2016 (in order of their 2015 cap hit):

          Eli Manning
          Phillip Rivers
          Cam Newton
          Sam Bradford
          Chase Daniel
          Matt Cassel
          Drew Stanton
          Chad Henne
          Ryan Fitzpatrick
          Matt Hasselbeck
          Matt Moore
          wait, I’ll just stop here. Russell Wilson is on the list, but like Eli, Rivers, and Newton, there’s no way Russell Wilson is going to be available. If their teams don’t re-sign them with a generous extension, something weird happened. Except for Rivers, who is probably at the tail end of his career and SD might be willing to part ways.

          So yeah, I don’t see any realistic chance for an upgrade over Cutler for 2016. And the Bears (hopefully) won’t be drafting high enough to get a franchise QB in next year’s draft.

          • BerwynBomber

            Again, first and foremost Pace was trying to move Cutler. The upgrade/replacement stuff was secondary except in the long-term sense. Hence, even if they had drafted Mariota, chances are he would not have been an immediate upgrade.

            That is why I think Pace will be shopping Cutler again next off-season unless Jay has a near career-like year and/or the Bears make the playoffs.

          • Irish Sweetness

            I’d sell the farm for Wilson, but you’re right, he won’t hit the market.

            I’ll have Fitzy off that list. Then deal Cutler.

      • BearDown100393

        Because the bloggers live in a fear factory of life without #6. They (and others) cannot show faith in an organization that has historically employed terrible quarterbacks. Cutler is average at best and that is sufficient for these types to defend him at all cost. The only alternative in their world is restoring the past.

  • Irish Sweetness

    This new rule is crazy.

    If you want to change the game via the PAT, change the value of it. Changing the manner in which it’s kicked, instead of changing the value of it – whilst increasing the probability of injury to linemen – is just silly.

    • BillW

      The talk for a while was eliminating kickoffs. They’ve already done a few things to discourage FGs (move goalposts. ball comes back to spot of kick on a miss; FG on first possession in OT not enough to win). Now apparently encourage going for 2.

      The game is still called “FOOTball” isn’t it? Or are they eventually going to change that too?

      • willbest


        • BillW

          Maybe the Patriots will lobby for “softball”.

  • willbest

    Every team passed on Wilson twice. That is getting lucky, not smart. Kaepernick came up in 2011 which was way too early to be moving on from a guy that we just traded for. So really the only QB worth drafting without giving up a mountain of compensation for was Derek Carr (and maybe Bridgewater), and Emery had just handed Cutler a ton of money so that was out.

    Pace comes in and he see Mariota, but the price is too much. What good is a franchise QB, if you have to give up your aspirations of repairing your D for 2-3 years at which point the offense needs a complete overhaul. A 5 year plan is a great way to get fired as a GM.

    And they do have a 3-5 year development prospect in Shane Carden.

    • hindsight is 20-20, but how much better off would the Bears look if they had given McCown a 2 year, $10M deal, tagged Cutler and traded him for a 2nd round pick, and drafted Bridgewater in round 1 in 2014?

      • willbest

        Hard to tell. If they did that, they probably would have gone 7-9 and we would still have Emery/Trestmen. Now we have Pace/Fox.

        • no way they would have been any better last year. The entire team fell apart due to shitty coaching. A veteran journeyman QB and rookie don’t change that. If anything, they’re a little worse.

          • willbest

            If you did the McCown/Bridgewater approach though the expectation wouldn’t have been playoffs and there wouldn’t have been that level of dysfunction in the locker room. Plus you would have had 13 million in additional cap to go after one or even two of the high priced safeties/DE’s that were available.

            I think a functional Bears team even with McCown goes 2-1 to finish the season against the saints, lions, vikings. And maybe they don’t beat San Fran, but then I think they would either pick up the Carolina, Bills, or Dolphins game.

      • Doc Hamstring

        Again, you cannot franchise tag a guy and then trade him. Either the league or the NFLPA would cry foul.

        • not at all. That’s what the Patriots did with Matt Cassel.

          • Doc Hamstring

            That was in 2009. The 2011 CBA ended that. The player’s salary is fully guaranteed and counts against the signing team’s cap, whether or not he is traded.

          • Do you have a source for that? I haven’t been able to find anything.

            As far as I can tell, once a player signs a franchise tag they are guaranteed that money, but it’s all salary, so it goes to whatever team they would be traded to.

          • Doc Hamstring


            “The moment the tag is issued, the entire amount of the tag counts against the salary cap. Thus, a team cannot use the franchise tag if it would put them over the salary cap.”

            The tag thus counts against the signing team. They’re on the hook for the contract–towards their cap. I couldn’t find if the player’s contract would hit his new team’s cap, too, but I would imagine it would, because giving a team a “free ride” of cap space would be a pretty huge advantage.

            The long and the short is that the guaranteed portion (which is all of it, for a franchise tag) counts against the team’s cap immediately, and trading the player doesn’t eliminate the cap hit–although the trade means the new team would pay the salary.

          • Once they sign it, in counts on the cap. Just like any deal. But that article says nothing about it staying with the team after a trade. They could sign it before free agency, you trade them at the start of free agency, and then that money is off your cap.

    • BerwynBomber

      So you are saying that Pace really didn’t going after Mariota? And are you arguing that if Mariota turns into the next Luck, any non-contending team w/out a franchise QB in place (you know, like the Bears) would not have given the Titans nearly anything for that pick?

      My bet is NOT that Pace walked away from the table but that the Titans did. TENN listened to a few offers and ultimately decided thanks but no thanks.

      • willbest

        I have no idea how aggressively Pace went after Mariota. I am confident that he looked into it enough to come to the determination that he didn’t want to pay for him. Now whether that was based on a Titans counter offer that he walked away from or the Titans just kept telling him no until he had nothing more he felt like offering is known only by about 5-6 people.

        It is interesting you bring up Luck, because he clearly demonstrates the limits of what an elite QB can do on a bad team. Which is to say beat up on a crappy division (16-2) and go 17-13 against everybody else. So if you are betting on somebody being the next Luck, they are going to have to be the next Luck.

        Draft picks are like Super Bowl tickets. Its one thing to have them at face value, its quite another to pay $10,000 to go watch the Seahawks blowout the Broncos.

        • BerwynBomber

          You are insane. So you wouldn’t mortgage a good deal of your future for the next Luck?

          Just because we haven’t seen an elite QB here since Sid Luckman is no reason to be daft.

          P.S. And I’m not saying Mariota is the next Luck but if you think he will be elite you give TENN half your team for him.

          • willbest

            Here is the thing about Andrew Luck and spending 3-4 firsts, and 2-3 seconds. If you are going to spend that kind of scratch on him, its not “you think” its “you believe in your soul”. And odds are if you do, other people know how good he is too. Which means like Luck or Winston. They aren’t for sale. Its only QBs with questions that are for sale, and then they are only for sale because the team has some answer at QB.

          • Irish Sweetness

            I’m trying to think of when a team mortgaged for a QB and got rewarded. After twenty seconds I’m stopping.

  • Sactowns#1

    You’re going to see exactly what we missed out on in the first 4 games the Pats play this season. Jimmy Garappolo is going to turn some heads. The guy can be a franchise QB and after studying under one of the NFL’s best I predict he goes 3-1. But hey we got Ego Ferguson instead so we should be happy. lol

    • Doc Hamstring

      Matt Cassell looked impressive the year Brady got injured. What has Cassell done since?

      So forgive me if the grain of salt I have with your 3-1 prediction is the size of Garappolo’s head.

      • BerwynBomber

        Cassel is still my reason for saying it is more about Belichick than Brady in NE.

        11-5 with a QB who had not played since HS? That was insane. And TECHNICALLY, there were 11-4 in games that Cassel started.

        That said I am not sure Garappolo lights it on fire. And my bet is it will only be for two games (as opposed to four) after Brady’s appeal.

  • The GP

    Plan B: Building a team around Cutler.

    That’s not really what’s happening. It’s a one and done for Jay. Unless he makes the Pro Bowl, he’s done here.

    What’s encouraging is that the team is building a balanced team, improving all areas and vastly improving scouting and coaching. This is a transition 8-8 team, maybe 9-7 or 10-6 wildcard on the outside. That’s ok. This is a season still worth watching to see HOW we are getting better.

    • That’s what’s providing me with the ineffable glimmer of hope…the changes in the structure and scouting dept. If those remain the same, it’s like remodeling a house infested with termites, and the biggest termite of them all is this guy.


      I believe George isn’t a bafoon, which is more than what some teams can claim about their owners, so somewhere between him and Pace some “Inception” type re-structuring has to happen. From the top office guys to the lowley scouts with a bagel in their mouth trying to catch the next bus.

      Raze the quitters and venture capitalists posing as football players, and we’ll have a team we can root for again.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Yup. This’ll be no ’84 season. The up-and-coming stretching their muscles. We’re a long way from being that team.

      Is there any starter on the 2015 Bears, better than their counterpart on the ’84 team?
      Martellus over Moorehead or Wrightman. That’s all I got.

  • The GP

    HBO says it could be the Bills, Skins or Texans for Hard Knocks.

    Oh please be the Skins. Pleeeease…..

    THe Skins could change their mascot to the face of Buffalo Bill and hand out lotion at games….


    • AlbertInTucson

      Because the ‘Skins aren’t a big enough Circus already.

  • The GP
    • beninnorcal

      Nah he’s fine, it wasn’t Grinder that was hacked.

  • So, somewhat off topic, but I was reading up on Aaron Hernandez and decided to do a little investigating of my own. This is an interesting article on The Bloods, but perhaps MORE “interesting” (I can think of other adjectives more suitable) are the comments.

    Welcome to his world…


    • And on that same site, another highly debatable topic for those interested in civil liberties and separation of church and state.
      It basically outlines how the Narco Cartels are creating their own religion in order to “motivate” their members. They may even look at muslim terrorists as a template. If you can make a guy blow themselves up after all, what is doing life for a superior?
      As Hitler once remarked, “Religion has its uses.”


      The more relevant question for law enforcement is this: if cartel members in prison want to congregate with each other in order to “worship”, can the penal system deny them that right?

      We all know they’re going to talk about anything but god, but they can still claim religious assembly.

  • Normally I don’t wade into Tebow waters. But if NFL moves back extra point & moves 2-pt conversion to 1…Chip Kelly looks very, very smart. – Jeff

    I think I read somewhere that it would be statistically better for a coach to simply always go for the two, that they would score more over time. Mathematically it makes sense, but coaches are too scared –

    • Doc Hamstring

      Statistically isn’t the same as functionally. This is something Gregggg Easterbrook with his “never punt!” strategy doesn’t quite get.

      Let’s say you convert 60% of your 2-point conversions. That means you score more points than kicking 1-point PATs at 97% accuracy.

      But you’ll tend to convert more of your 2-point conversions against bad teams, and fewer against good teams. Which means you’ll be scoring more points in situations where you don’t need them (e.g., 45-12 drubbings against JAX) and fewer points in situations where you DO need them (e.g., tight games against division rivals).

      • BillW

        Excellent point esp re greggg and not punting. . In analytics we look at value at risk. Probability alone cannot dictate decisions. Especially when there are other factors like the opponent as you say that make up that probability.

        Another factor is the clock. Actually clock and score and opponent all together

        There actually is an ongoing argument for basketball. Is there such a thing as being in a zone? Does a player hit several shots in a row due to that or because averages say that’s likely to happen from time to time. Like getting 9 heads in a row for a coin flip. Likely to happen if you flip the coin dozens of times)

        So going for 2 is much more complex than pure statistics.
        It’s why coaches get paid to make those decisions and not statisticians

        • Having played years of bball, there is a zone. Sometimes that ball just feels good coming off the finger tips, better than other times. It’s a feeling, and the results follow. Like that one time Jordan made like 6 THREES in a row, and he just smiled and shrugged.
          It’s almost metaphysical

          • Doc Hamstring

            Yeah, I had the zone in volleyball. There would be games when every time I hit the ball, it was perfect. I could not hit it wrong. Then, there would be the normal games when more often than I’d like to admit, the ball just went squirrely on me.

            But, like Bill points out, that is all part and parcel of a normal distribution. You can flip a coin 20 times in a row and get all heads…. if you’re flipping it 10,000 times, you’re gonna have those odd runs.

          • BillW

            I didn’t have time to be more articulate. To me the question is this:is the streak a natural thing given some innate shooting percent, or is the shooting percent what it is in part due to the occasional streak?

            I vote for the latter. A skilled act is not subject to probability (luck) like a coin flip is. The shooting success determines the ultimate average, . The average doesn’t determine the shooting success

            And the hawks scored as I typed this. I am taking credit. . You’re welcome

          • It’s an interesting question, and it has all sorts of surprising implications, Bill.
            For me personally, a “zone” always started with a feeling. For example, angles, how I jumped, just how the ball came off my hand, all that stuff just seemed to mesh together, and I couldn’t miss, no matter who was guarding me (and sooner or later smart teams would double or, get really physical, or switch to zone or something).

            Teammates would know too. They would just keep feeding me until I seemed to cool off.

            But for me, the feeling always came first. There were other times where I would make a lot of shots, but I wouldn’t feel unstoppable. It was just a “good game”, but I wasn’t in the “zone” per se (and the team would know that too).

            It might just be more psychological or something, that whole “feel good, good things will happen” effect, and obviously you can’t feel “zen” all the time. But on the court, it was very real. Everyone knew when certain players just got on that zone (as opposed to streak, which I suppose is a fine line).

            To me, going on a streak is purely statistical
            Being in a “zone” was more a state of mind which shaped statistics, if that makes any sense.

            I guess I would have to investigate it more, to be honest. Hmmm….

  • Huge Bear’s Penis

    Andrew Dennehy should be docked blog points for bringing up Cutler. I know its the off-season and there isn’t much to talk about but the Cutler topic has been hashed and rehashed so much already. Its almost like an AA meeting.

    Hi my name is HBP, and i am a Cutler supporter. I understand he will never be “great”, he is what he is and our best option.

    • AlbertInTucson

      Have to agree.

      No new ground broken here and it’s certainly NOT a decision that says anything, one way or the other, about Pace.

      It’s a no-brainer.

      They tried to move Cutler.

      They couldn’t.

      Next best option?

      Hope the new staff can use him to better advantage than the previous staff.

      • Johnnywad

        Burma Shave

        • AlbertInTucson

          An now, as requested, a word from our sponsor….

          Tried to move Cutty…

          …but it’s plain to see,

          There’s no interest, buddy…

          …so HE’S s our “Plan B”.


          • Johnnywad

            That’s the stuff. You had the bones for a good one in your last post

      • willbest

        My bad. I forgot Poe’s Law and posted on the suggestion thread:

        “More Jay Cutler commentary. There should be a daily post about him. Even during the off season. I shouldn’t have to find out that he is expecting a third kid in those “something new”/”around the web” sections. It should be headline news around here.”

      • Trac

        i Like a clean shave as well Al but I think it’s time to get behind the team and Jay is our QB. We had our time to belly ache last year and I’m redrawing the lines as a fan. Cutler has a clean slate this year until he doesn’t(if you know what I mean). Go Bears!

    • BearDown100393

      Ultimate Jay Cutler Contest: Jay Cutler (elite bodybuilder) swaps day jobs with Jay Cutler (mediocre quarterback). Which Cutler rules supreme? Tune in to the O channel every Sunday night. Hosted by Kristin Cavallari.

  • Viva

    Da Hawksce!!!

    • BillW

      Thank you!

  • Irish Sweetness

    Could it be true? Is it Back To The Eighties? Big hair and John Hughes. Leggings and blinded shades.
    Power running and defense.


  • BillW

    Fatigue? Jammer was way too nonchalant in his own zone. One careless play could turn into 3 1 deficit

    • Trac

      The Hawks are out shooting the Ducks and the box score shows an evenly matched game. It’s gonna be down to the wire.

      • BillW

        Certainly is. I just fear that little things like that make the difference in an evenly matched game

        Well, that and a short handed goal on our part

  • Trac
  • BillW

    I don’t know enough about hockey to have an opinion about much. But I think that if you give up 3 goals in 37 seconds after taking a 2 goal lead you don’t deserve to be in the finals

    A great team to watch but apparently not good enough this year. Still rather see them in the final four even if they lose

    • willbest

      I don’t even know what that was. A complete loss in concentration.
      I don’t have cable so this is one of the few games I get to watch being on NBC. The Hawks never look elite to me, but they win, so what do I know. You can’t go to the semi-finals 5 times in 7 years without being elite.

      • Big Mike

        The Hawks have had let ups consistently this year and in the playoffs. They grind and grind and when they build a lead, they give have given it back time after time. It’s like they get to the mountain top, take a breath and relax. Then they have to grind it out again. They did it against the Predators and even in sweeping the Wild, that was probably the least dominant sweep you will ever see. Q will talk about needing to play a 60 minute games. They haven’t been doing that. They’ve played maybe 1 game, end to end this season. But yet, here they are 6 wins from the Cup.

        My keys to the next 2 games Sharp and Hossa need to get on the board. Brickell needs to pay bigger. Timmonen can’t be on the ice. If they have to roll with 5 defenseman, so be it.

        • willbest

          I recall (and its been 20 years so maybe my mind exaggerates) a Bulls team that pretty much only played the 4th quarter one year. Like 20-30% of their wins were double digit come from behinds in the 4th.

    • their D just doesn’t have the necessary depth. TVR was supposed to help there, but has missed pretty much the whole year hurt. Then Roszival-who wasn’t very good either-got hurt, and the Hawks are basically playing 4 defenders.

    • AlbertInTucson

      The Duck must be thinking “Damn! We should already be awaiting the winner of NYR-Tampa’.

      Still, I don’t see the hawks being able to win this thing.

      Nice, though, of Antoine Vermette to win it in the 2nd O.T after being pantsed for Anheim’s 3rd goal.

      And who is #4 in the Hawks’ jersey and what have you done with Nicolas Hjalmerson?

      • Viva

        Our guys are grinders, Al. I think the Hawks win the next two and advance. Does Anaheim have the mental chops to hang with us…I think not.

        • AlbertInTucson

          I admire your optimism and, of course,hope you’re right.Prragmatist that I am, I’ll believe it when I see it.

          Have to give credit to Blog MIA, Barb. He had the same confidence/faith in the Hawks.

          • Barb was actually less abrasive when he talked Hawks.

          • AlbertInTucson

            Very true.

            But all that blind “Patriost Love” was very off-putting and I do not miss THAT.

    • SC Dave

      It’s only hockey

  • The GP

    Rumble Johnson got all of Cormier’s mashed potato stomach dropped on him. He had some bombs, but not enough gas.

    • Irish Sweetness

      I thought Belfort was beating the shit out of Weidman standing up. He cut him, bashed him up good. Went to the floor, game over. It’s weird, he doesn’t get the takedown and Belfort would have killed him. Weidman is very beatable standing up.

      Travis Browne v Arlovski was the fight of the night. I can’t remember seeing a better fight. Arlovski is the real deal – he was bashing Fedor at Affliction when Fedor through a wild blind punch and caught him cold. But the Travis Browned fight was real entertainment. Check it out on mmashare.

  • BillW

    Viva –
    If you do not come on this board every day (game or not) to post “Da Hawksce!” we will have to make you watch every loss of 2014 Bears season again.

    This is where experience helps for the Hawks. Give up 3 goals in 37 seconds and no panic. May not have the horses on D but no quit. . Love them.

    • we’ll make him watch NE and at GB on a loop for all eternity.

      • Viva

        To be fair, watching Trestman coach last year felt like an eternity.

        If this were to happen at what point am I cursing Ginny for disbanding the Honey Bears? Little eye candy would ease the sting. Talking an eternity here.

        • Irish Sweetness

          Interesting to see what Tresty does with the Ravens.

    • Viva

      Roger that.

    • Big Mike

      What a terrible 37 seconds. None of the analysis I have seen breaks down what happened there. On the 2nd goal Timmonen, simply plays a guy the wrong way. I couldn’t tell what happened on the other 2.

      • burntorangenavyblue

        The D went completely soft and did not keep an eye on the offensive players that were around Crawford, they just stared at where the puck was. Plus, one goal was scored when Hawks tried a pass right down the middle of traffic and it was turned over. This D has a tendency to gas out or brain fart when they get a “comfortable” lead.

    • SC Dave

      Who cares? This is a football blog… about, you know, the Bears.

  • Trac
  • Viva

    Da Hawksce!!!

    • BillW

      Thank you

  • John Doe

    Some key players missing from 2015 Chicago Bears photo shoot posted on Da Site.

    No Martellus Bennett at all. And no Will Sutton either. Bad sign for both of these. Heck, even Marquess Wilson made the photo shoot.

    I think if a traditional 4-3 teams lose DT to injury during the off season, Sutton will be moved. I just don’t see a spot for him in Fangio’s 3-4. Goldman and Terry Williams clearly are ahead of everyone else at NT at this point. And there is a crowd at 5 tech: MacDonald, Jenkins, Ratliff, Ferguson. Plus McPhee and Houston can play 5 tech as well and play better than Sutton.

    Forte is in the photo shoot. But if Pace gets a real good offer from a team on the verge of contending and breaking through, I think Pace will move him in a heartbeat. I think Jerruh might go for it given Romo is getting older every year.

    Pace might still try to stock up picks for 2016 by trading Bennett, Forte and Sutton.


    • The GP

      Ferg will be a 0-tech NT. Or he won’t be a Bear.

      • John Doe

        No. Ego Ferguson himself said that the coaches asked him to get down to 290 and he will be playing 5 tech. Watch his photo in the photo shoot. HIs arms have more definition whereas last year he had soft arms. Definitely looks like he has put in a lot of work in the weight room.

        • John Doe


          Aaron Leming‏@AaronLemingNFL
          W DL Ego Ferguson confirming he plans on playing under 300 pounds this year & focusing on pass rushing, that speaks volumes where he’ll play


          • The GP

            They will stand McPhee and Houston up then perhaps. Shae and Bostic inside. That’s a huge front 7.

          • John Doe

            They can get very creative.

            How about 2-5 front? Eddie Goldman and Terry Williams up front as 700 pound beef wall to occupy and eat up 2 blockers each.

            Then have 5 LBs. Jared Allen, Pernell McPhee, Shea, Jones and Sam Acho.

            Who will rush, who will drop back? It will be a headache for offenses.

            D-line is going to be good this year.

          • That would be pretty close to the “Amoba” defense.
            For years I’ve wanted the Bears to get at least 1 Ted Washington, and now we might have TWO!
            Those fat boys can come in handy at the goaline or 3rd and short.

          • Irish Sweetness

            That’s an awesome idea. I’d swap out Shea for McDonald though.Throw the two man line right back at the Packers.

        • Irish Sweetness

          And Shea? How is Shea looking? Has he blown up?

          Expected answer = “Has he fuck.”

      • Irish Sweetness

        The oracles at NFL.COM have Ratliff as a starting DE in our 3-4 ?

    • SC Dave

      Stop the tradeforte idiocy. Please?

      • John Doe

        Cut the stupid sentimentality, please? He is playing his last year anyway and he is not part of new regime’s long-term plan. So they will try to get something for him while they can. Why is this so hard to understand?

        • Trac

          Cause he’s the anti-cutler. Hee hee.

        • SC Dave

          So, unlike everyone else the world, YOU somehow know the long-term plans of the franchise.

          The hubris of some fans never ceases to astonish me.

          • John Doe

            So you think Forte will still be the feature back in 2017 and 2018?

    • BearDown100393

      If Matt Forte doesn’t deserve to be a Bear than Cutler needs to be burned at the stake.

      • John Doe

        It has got nothing to do with whether Forte deserves to be a Bear.

        It is based on cold practical logic.

        Forte is not in the long-term plan of Pace and Fox no matter how much meatball fans do not like this simple fact. He is in his last year and they will not give him another contract at even $3-4 million a year.

        So if Forte is not going to be here when the Bears contend on a regular basis then why not get something from him from a needy, interested team rather than just play him out for one year?

        And it has nothing to do with Cutler either. We know they tried to trade Cutler but nobody wants him. Forte, on the other hand, has some demand in the market.

        • BearDown100393

          And who replaces Forte? And I like meatballs.

          • John Doe

            John Fox and Adam Gase did great with UDFA CJ Anderson last year.

            They can do equally well with JaQuizz Rodgers, Jeremy Langford, and Ka’Deem Carey.

            I bet Fox is not as hung up over Forte as some Bears fan are.

          • BearDown100393

            Maybe. Maybe not. But fairly certain Fox loves meatballs.

          • NOT with Carey or Rodgers, I can tell you that. We’d have to take one in the butt this year if Forte is gone, and find a true 3 down back next draft (that’s why I wanted Yeldon).

            Langford looks promising, but HBs built like him always give me pause. The tall slasher types always are dinged up (McFadden) unless they’re built like AP.

            I prefer HBs with thunder-thighs, vision and attitude.

          • Irish Sweetness

            CJ was like third string at season opener though, right?

          • Irish Sweetness

            If Forte was to be traded, then another back (other than Langford) would need to be in place. Rodgers and Carey? Carey is not a bell-cow for sure. Next draft we need to find a good one.

          • BearDown100393

            Yup, still need Forte this season.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Martellus is on the trade block, has been for some time. He’s fucking CRAZY. And it takes one to know one.

  • If you’re bored and want to kill 5 minutes in the shitter…Uni-rankings.


    • Holy crap. The new Brown’s uni reflect their franchise, which is not a good thing.

      • Trac

        Would love to see the old bucs and oilers uni ‘ s too.

        • Oilers would be cool. But gotta come with some coach wearing a huge cowboy hat.

          • Trac

            Oilers are now the Colts yes? Wait, no, who?

          • Trac

            My bad, the Titans used to be the oilers.

    • Trac

      I love the Chiefs uni ‘ s. Redskins as well. I guess I have an affinity for teams that portray American Indians in a legendary fashion.

      • I’ve always liked the Raiders. gotta love da black vader unis.

        Bolts are kinda cool in a different way.

        From the new teams, Ravens are kinda cool.

        Browns have just been ugly all along, and somehow they just got uglier.

        • Trac

          Raiders minus madden aren’t the same.

      • Irish Sweetness

        Our away uniform is still the sexiest thing in the NFL.

    • BearDown100393

      Cannot explain why the Chargers powder blues are epic.

      • Trac

        Always liked their old uni’s, the Fins too.

      • AlbertInTucson

        Loved those. Watched a LOT of Charger games on Sunday afternoons on WMAQ back in the day.

        Hadl to Lance “Bambi” Alworth and Gary “The Ghost” Garrison.

      • Yup. Can’t explain why either. Powder-blue and football seem antithetical, but somehow it works.
        Seems like it represents the team/city perfectly, much like the Steeler’s and sadly, the Brown’s uni.

    • The GP

      The Titans uni font screams “Nascar”

      Way over ranked at 12.

      I also agree the Bears would be well served to drop Nike’s flywire collar. It looks stupid on the Bears uni, it clashes with the classic stripes.

      • Irish Sweetness

        The classic stripes are nearly as bad as the Packers throwbacks, or the Steelers bumble-bees.

  • Trac
    • BearDown100393

      Pop stars don’t exist. They were replaced by talentless twerking sluts.

    • Irish Sweetness

      1998. Smash that.

  • Trac
  • Trac

    Three bold predictions for 2015.

    1) The Bears will make the playoffs.
    2) The Packers won’t make the playoffs.
    3) The Lesbian will get carried off the field in a stretcher in at least one Bears game.

    • BearDown100393

      A) The Bears won’t make the playoffs but will better represent themselves.
      B) The Packers will win the division by default.
      C) Absolutely.

    • Tradewind Memorial Day Weekend, eh?
      I’ll buy it.

    • Irish Sweetness

      I’ve only got one.

      Conor McGregor makes Jose Aldo his bitch inside two rounds on July 11.

  • Trac

    I’m hoping the Bears roster is a lot better than we realize. It’s going to be a great year to watch them grow under the new staff.

    • AlbertInTucson

      I’m hoping it’s a lot better than we FEAR.

  • Irish Sweetness

    The next time somebody tells you they’re seeing ghosts in their room and hearing voices in their heads …. call the FBI. Seriously.

    Just talked to a prof here at the uni, and he told me something incredible that he’d been dealing with the last three weeks. Electronic Harrassment. Unbelievable.

    He was pleasuring his missus in their bedroom. All of a sudden he sees these ‘images’ projected into the room, and hears voices in his head. The imaging was being diffracted by a material in his curtains. Being a physics professor, he twigs straight away that he’s seeing microwave transmissions and that his auditory sense is being attacked. He had some form of detector in the house and he was able to verify that his house was being probed. They use a combination of microwave, infra-red etc., pump it through software on a good PC and you get a full-res picture, recordable of course.

    After realising what was happening, he called the U.S. Embassy and the FBI were put on to it. A simple cease and desist call to the house stopped them in their tracks. It’s not their house, but these people are fairly manipulative, some old guy owned the house.

    In a country that believes in ghosts, you wouldn’t want to be going to the police with a story of ghosts and hearing sounds in your head. If they’re doing it here, you know they’re doing it Stateside. Bigtime.


  • I wonder what the top 5 “keywords” would be if Jeff did install a search?

    1. Cutler
    2. Boobs
    3. Lovie
    4. Blind Squirrel
    5. Aliens

    • AlbertInTucson

      That IS, actually, SIX key words…

      • Haha, true. I’m so conditioned by this blog, if a psychoanalyst ever did a word association game with me, it’d turn up interesting results…


  • Viva

    Da Hawkcse!

    • Waffle

      Good morning to you to sir.

      • Viva

        Good morning.

        • Waffle

          my pick to click tonight is Richards and young Teuvo.

          • Viva

            I think Bicks will find the back of the net!

          • Viva

            Teuvo was a stud…
            Bicks was a dud.

    • BillW

      Thank you

  • The GP

    I wonder why Jeff is leaving important stories “on the table” this offseason. Hubby Bubby isn’t covering the stories either. Perhaps because it’s too “inside” or nitty gritty.

    But the fact is: the talk radio morons and the basic low-iq fan after Lovie’s last season and the Nessman Nightmare (TM) go on the waves and say “fire them all. start over, clean out Halas Hall and begin again.” Hell, after a sore Bears loss that is ALL you hear on post-game radio, so much so that outside of Doug and OB (RIP Doug) it wasn’t worth bothering with.

    But now? They actually DID rip and replace. And it’s deep. The whole scouting crew is dumped. Head of player personnel was dumped. Top to bottom on coaches, even gym guys like S&C are new. EVERYBODY IS NEW. It’s as much a reboot as you will probably see in your lifetime.

    But no stories on it. Stories on who these new people are. Where are they from? Why did they get the job? There’s essentially a new club to get to know, from George on down. There are hold over players, but a new team begins 2015 – one that will operate and deal nothing like idiot Emery and his clean edge of incompetence. Hopefully once the season ramps up, there will be more items on all the changes that went on up in Lake Forest.

    • BearDown100393

      There will really be only one long running story to be continued. And that of course will be the fate of Jay Cutler. I agree with your points. There is much to unearth and reveal with the new staff and management. However I’m guessing 99% of coverage will revolve around the pout. This truly is a unique period in Bears history regarding the massive turnover in personnel. And strangely all is very quiet. Maybe that is not a bad thing?

      • John Doe

        “the pout”.. LOL!

    • SC Dave

      Good points. Perhaps writing of the sort you suggest is too difficult for most of the media.

    • Viva

      Write it…

      • Thinking the same. If those guys at Bearsreport? Can get some heavy hitters, maybe they can investigate into the new faces.

    • Trac

      Call TMZ, you may even get a finders fee. He he.

  • John Doe

    There goes Ryan Pace’s memorial day weekend. Chicago media will go after him for signing this guy in the first place.

    Damian Trujillo @newsdamian · 23m23 minutes ago
    BREAKING. Deja Vu. Ray McDonald arrested again. Domestic Violence. Possible Child Endangerment. #SCPD. @ChicagoBears

    • RenoBear

      Oh gloom and doom! Pace took a chance. Regardless of being guilty or not, McDonald is clearly incapable of controlling himself in domestic arguments. So if the Bests just dump him quickly, there’s no huge PR hit. They took a chance, guys a p.o.s. , oh well.. Cut him

      • BearDown100393

        This is quite a shock. After all, George was so impressed that McDonald paid for his own airfare.

        • The GP

          He promised George he would be good.

          • BearDown100393

            I think by now everyone should be aware of the falsehoods for hope & change.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Aaron promised Kraft.

    • BearDown100393

      Just don’t sign guys named Ray. And especially if the last name is also Donovan.

      • Irish Sweetness

        That’s Raycial.

        • BearDown100393


  • Waffle

    If it’s an old occurrence investigate
    if it’s new cut and move on

    lol, fucking animals can’t help themselves.

    • BillW

      If he is not cut before the day is out George and Ryan have lost all the good will they got. George was played for a fool and pace will never win a suggestion like that ever again

      Pace lost more on this than George in my opinion

      • Waffle

        the article i read didn’t really elaborate if this was an old incident that charges are now being brought on. Regardless, Ray is a risky player and it’s kind of looking like it’s not going to go well.
        Hopefully we still take calculated risks in the future. Not everyone can be a farm boy boy scout but we don’t need a roster of rapermeisters and child beaters either.

        I just find it all amusing. It’s just a big joke. Very rarely do you come across someone who is exceptional at something that is not a complete fucking sociopath or weirdo in some respect.

  • Waffle

    Jeff, seriously? That’s an amateur ass comment right there about Fangio.

    Paraphrasing you:

    Hey, one of top D coordinators in the NFL today…..don’t ever give your opinion again on players that could do well in the Bears defense because you may have vouched for a guy one time that chose to make another mistake because he had free fucking will.

    dumb fucking tweet.

  • Waffle

    When I heard that, when I heard the team I spend so much time
    thinking about and cheering for signed this man with a checkered past,
    my initial reaction was a simple, “Ugh”.Ugh as in how could the Bears
    overlook a track record of violence towards women in the name of good
    defensive line play….But there was an even worse Ugh. Ugh as in the realization that the
    first time McDonald buries Aaron Rodgers or Matthew Stafford or Teddy
    Bridgewater I will be the first one to applaud and forget all his
    transgressions. – Jeff Hughes

    Who’s the one that should be questioning his own humanity? I get where you are coming from and the push and pull of wanting your team to do well but then realizing that some of the guys that cause the team to do well may be the exact guys you’d never want your daughter to be with, your kids to be around etc… but sometimes your posts don’t match up with your disdain for the people that tweet and comment on your blog. It’s uneven.

  • BillW

    I know you are angry Jeff. We all are. Tweeting is dumb in the best of cases on my opinion. Really dangerous when you are angry. With all respect you are sounding very stupid

    • Huge Bear’s Penis

      that new fangled interwebs tweeting thing is going to be the end of humanity. it is so dumb. LOL

    • Seems like a new adage. Never make a decision angry – never tweet angry.
      Both apparently have long term ramifications.

  • It looked like Ray was going to skate too, I think that part of it is forgotten now.
    The first charge was dismissed, right?

    And the 2nd charge by most accounts was going to be dismissed because he caught it all on vid, and HE was counter-suing/charging or something.

    Unless Ray is the unluckiest player in the NFL, don’t see how this new incident does him any favors though.

    But it’s no biggie, really.

    Take a chance on a player who was most likely going to be found not-guilty by the penal system. He screwed up. Cut him. End of story.

    It’s not as if the Bears invested Cutty money on him.

  • On another McDonald note.
    Don’t think it makes George look bad. After all, he did NOT want McDonald, but Pace and Fangio both stuck out their neck for McDonald (who like I mentioned, was not going to be found guilty on his priors).

    Sometimes you have to trust the advice of your consiegleries – George did hire them after all to do just that – provide sound football judgments. That’s why you pay them “football guys” millions, right (as opposed to George and Sweaty Teddy)?

    In this specific case, it didn’t work out. Let’s hope it’s an isolated occurrence.

    If a person is inclined to hold George accountable, then Accorsi (for recommending Pace) and Fox (for allowing Fangio on his staff and oking his support) must be too.

    Guilt by association goes all ways.

    • BerwynBomber

      Agreed. George doesn’t look as bad as Pace or Fangio but he looks gullible all the same. Probably should have trusted his gut instincts the first time.

      Btw, given that BMarsh was eventually run out due to locker room/insubordination issues, I’m guessing the Bears will be done with high-risk character guys for a few years.

      • I think Bmarsh is different though.

        There are players who are criminals or morally repugnant but are great teammates. It seems counter-intuitive, but it’s true. Ray Rice is most likely a murderer or at the very least, an accomplice to murder while spouting about God.

        On the other side, some players never commit a crime yet are cancerous in the locker room. Terrell Owens is probably the poster boy for this, but I’m sure more examples can be found.

        Bmarsh was a little of both, actually. He was involved in some domestic disputes with his current wife. Sought help. Cleaned up. But he was still like Owens in the locker room.

        I think what will happen in the NFL is that some petty misdemeanors like DUI, substance abuse, etc, will be looked over, while an emphasis is put to crack down on domestic and child abuse.

        Ironically, almost like jailhouse rules. Rapists and pedos are at the bottom rung there too.

        • BerwynBomber

          Well, BMarsh had a rap sheet as long as his arm. But yes, he apparently kept his nose clean while here.

          Still, can’t see George signing off on a guy like him or McDonald anytime soon.

          • That’s what I’m thinking too. The McCaskeys value tradition and recognize their unique place in the NFL as the charter team (that’s why they kept hiring “clean” guys like Lovie).

            Georgie breaks his conservative trend once and gets slapped in the face.

            He’ll probably go back to being conservative on that front. Just hope he doesn’t get TOO puritanical and ONLY wants boyscouts from now on.

        • Irish Sweetness

          But they give a loon like McDonald a locker, and toss Brandon ? It stinks.

      • Doc Hamstring

        Didn’t both Pace and McCaskey say that Marshall was traded because of his contract vs. performance, and NOT because of any personality conflict or lockerroom issues?

        Oh yeah, here:


        • Irish Sweetness

          That’s a poor argument they make when Jay Cutler is on the roster … talking about salary versus performance.

    • BearDown100393

      The Bears will move forward without missing a beat….

  • BearDown100393

    I never liked this signing so to condemn it further is moot.

    • It depends how you look at it.
      If you don’t like it on strictly moral grounds, then you have to apply that too all of the current roster, and possible future players coming out of college or hitting the FA market.

      If you don’t like it on football grounds, I don’t see how that’s possible.
      They gave McDonald a one-yr prove it deal with almost no monetary penalty. If he gets cut, it won’t hurt the Bears much. They already were creating depth at DE.

      • BearDown100393

        He beats women. That is a deal breaker for me.

        • But the first charge was dismissed, and the 2nd one might be too.
          He ALLEGEDLY beats women, though naturally, where there’s smoke there’s fire.

          If you’re going by that, then must the Bears release Carey too?


          • BearDown100393

            Yeah get rid of him also.

          • So any player who is accused of beating women (and children, I’m assuming), even if not convicted, can’t be ZBears?

            How about DUIs? or drug charges? or resisting arrest? Dead beat dads, etc

            Not saying you’re wrong, just want to get a feel where you draw the line.

          • Trac

            Hell hath no fury like a women’s scorn.

          • SC Dave

            It’s a “woman scorned”, isn’t it?

          • Trac

            True, true.

          • BearDown100393

            Men don’t beat women. That is my line.

          • Trac

            I’ve seen women call the cops and lie about being hit. Happens all the time. Gotta let it play out first.

          • BearDown100393

            When you know you know.

          • Exactly, Trac.
            My friend (and yes, it was a friend and not me!) told me his story.

            He was arguing with his then GF, things got heated (alcohol was involved, for her, weed). She picked up the nearest object which just happened to be a hockey stick. Made a whack at him. He caught it. Pushed her to the ground. Took away the stick.

            She threatened, “Fuck you, I’m calling the cops”. He replied, “Go the fuck ahead, you tried to whack me!”

            Cops get there. Look at her all crying and frazzled and maybe looking like she got in a tussle. They look at him drunk and irate. Bam. He gets arrested.

            She later tried to drop the charges, but this was right after the O.J. law took effect in Cali. The cops had to charge my friend.

            He avoided jail time or anything, but had to go to some B.S. anger management courses where he had to sit around and listen to REAL scum.

            And naturally, had to pay thousands for fees and what not, not to mention that he’s now a “women beater” on his record.

            And to top it all off, they got married and were married for like 17 yrs! They only recently got divorced like last year, and it had nothing to do with domestic violence.

            I know that’s just ONE story, but I’m sure it’s not a rare incident.

          • Doc Hamstring

            From the DOJ, quoted in a handbook for judges in Ohio:

            “In reality the overwhelming
            majority of women who report abuse are telling the truth, and an even
            greater number do not report the abuse . . . most abused women do not
            disclose victimization, even when reporting such information may be of
            vital importance to them . . . [O]f course, it is important to sort through
            varying accounts to ensure that no one is falsely accused of violent
            behavior. Nevertheless, studies continue to confirm that underreporting of
            violence is a much more significant problem than false accusations.”

          • Irish Sweetness

            I’ll tell you that the under-reporting of crazy-ass bitches hitting men is HUGE. No man is going to the police. This picture gets painted that there’s a world of helpless, innocent Olive Oyls out there, and every dude is like Brutus. There are a lot of pyscho hose beasts out there who bring good men down.

          • Trac

            From Trac:

            “In reality, while domestic violence is a horrible thing and does occur with alarming frequency, however, the constitution protects the right of American citizens to be viewed in the eyes of the law as innocent until proven guilty. In no way should a person lose their presumption of innocence due to political correctness, political pressure or public opinion. A person should never have to rely on the court of public opinion for justice.”

  • Trac

    While evra one seems to be putting McDonald in front of a firing squad, I think it needs to be noted that the same women that accused him of assault last time is behind this latest arrest as well. Read this report, you may see what I see.


    • Shady

      The fact he put himself in that situation again is reason enough for me to say gtfo.

      • As they say in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels…”Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity.”

      • Trac

        Who knows, birches be cray cray though, wouldn’t want to be him, that’s fo sho.

    • BearDown100393

      He put himself in front of the firing line.

  • BerwynBomber
    • BearDown100393

      A french fry line awaits. How appropriate.

  • In the words of Denis Miller “Ouch, babe.”

    “NFL.com’s Chris Wesseling says Charles Sims’ film called to mind “a slow-motion C.J. Spiller, lacking the explosive lateral agility and breakaway speed while showing nothing between the tackles.” – Roto

    That has to be one of the funniest and most damning player evaluations I’ve run across.
    Sims was projected to be a poor man’s Forte, but unlike Forte, he’s just not been productive to date.

    In some ways, Wesseling can be talking about Forte. Forte too lacks that explosiveness, break away speed or between the tackles trucking, but Forte does have one GREAT attribute that over rides his drawbacks.


  • “It is very easy to praise the release of Ray McDonald. It was far more
    difficult and rare to criticize and lobby against the signing.” – Jeff

    Funny, I don’t recall Jeff opposing the Bmarsh signing, and perhaps his most popular piece is on Bmarsh and redemption.

    I guess you gotta wear green cleats for Jeff.

    • RenoBear

      Funny thing is…there’s no ‘praise’ for the release of McDonald..just a general ‘no shit. they better have released that piece of crap’. I laugh at chicago media like Morrissey saying how much damage has been done by Pace and George already just by even signing him. Get over yourselves you self-righteous assholes. The team took a chance. Turns out all the red flags were legit. Team cuts asshole IMMEDIATELY. End of story. no big fucking deal

      • BillW

        Right. I said they better release him today or suffer a pr hit. They released him. No pr hit. Took a chance and pulled the plug at the first incident

      • BearDown100393

        No damage done.

      • Doc Hamstring

        100% agreed. The only smudge on the team is McCaskey vouching for McDonald. But even that came with caveats, and McDonald didn’t live up to them, so he’s history.

        The team gave him zero guaranteed money. There was literally no commitment lost, other than the time and pennies spent looking into McDonald’s situation.

        This shouldn’t be any more than a blip on the radar.

        • BearDown100393

          He gave the man a chance. I never agreed with the decision but what’s the point of throwing stones over it now? I’d harp if the Bears didn’t release him after the arrest and breaking his word to the team. But that didn’t happen anyway. Moving on….

    • BerwynBomber

      Not defending Blogfather but BMarsh was B.R. (Before Rice).

      For some NFL fans a dude who abuses women was always a dude who abuses women. For others, their attitudes changed after Ray Rice.

      • I guess he can’t squeeze that into 140 characters.

      • Marshall also expressed remorse for his actions and was working to change them. McDonald, despite repeated issues with the police, continues to act like nothing is wrong. That’s a HUGE difference.

      • Irish Sweetness

        Not for a second do I think BM was unloading on his gf. She has cray cray written all over her, and if girls like that get jealous and get an idea in their head …. out comes the knife,.

        • W all do respect, i thin u cray cray. So she just stopped stabbing ppl coinciding w his treatment, or maybe he learned to not turn into the Hulk and she no longer had to fear for her life

          • Irish Sweetness

            I don’t think his gf was defending her life, no. I’d say it was BM who was defending his life.

          • Riiiighht. Bmarsh, like McDonald, is merely a victim of circumstance. Actually, I think McDonald might have a better case than Bmarsh of winning Walter Payton award.

            March 14, 2012

            Newly acquired Bears receiver Brandon Marshall has a long list of off-field incidents and twice has been arrested for suspicion of domestic violence. Here is a timeline of those events.

            Oct. 31, 2004: During his junior year at Central Florida, Marshall was arrested at a Denny’s restaurant in Orlando, Fla., on charges of assault on a police officer, disorderly conduct, trespass and resisting arrest without violence and refusal to obey. The charges were dismissed.

            April 8, 2005: Marshall was charged with retail theft, a misdemeanor, after trying to return a stolen set of bed sheets, valued at $19.99, to a Burlington Coat Factory. The charge was dropped.

            June 17, 2006: Marshall and longtime girlfriend Rasheedah Watley both filed police reports alleging physical abuse by the other in a long altercation at an Orlando apartment. No arrests or charges were made.

            Jan. 1, 2007: Marshall was at the Denver nightclub Shelter with Broncos teammates Javon Walker and Darrent Williams, attending a birthday party for Nuggets forward Kenyon Martin. As the group left the club in a limousine, Williams was shot fatally in the neck by an unknown assailant. Walker later said the shooter was likely another man at the nightclub who was seeking retaliation after an altercation with Marshall’s cousin that evening. Marshall testified at the trial of gunman Willie Clark that he helped escalate the dispute that led to Williams’ death.

            Jan. 24, 2007: According to the Denver Post, police interviewed Marshall and his father after an argument in an Orlando parking lot. Marshall claimed his father tried to hit him with his car. His father claimed Marshall had fired a gun. Both men declined to press charges.

            March 18, 2007: In Atlanta, Watley told police Marshall punched her and took her purse while in a hotel. Marshall was gone before police arrived. No charges were filed.

            March 21, 2007: According to the Denver Post, police in Palm Beach County, Fla., interviewed Marshall and Watley twice in the same night after two loud arguments. Both said the disturbances were not physical in nature. No arrests or charges were made.

            March 26, 2007: Marshall was arrested in a Denver suburb on suspicion of domestic violence. Watley reported Marshall prevented a taxi she was in from leaving his house. Marshall completed anger management counseling and the charges were dropped two months later.

            June 8, 2007: According to the Denver Post, two incident reports were filed by Atlanta police. A friend of Watley’s claimed Marshall hit her car and then threw a rock at the passenger door as Watley was riding in the passenger seat. Watley also told police Marshall cut her in the thigh and punched her in the face. She was taken by ambulance to a local hospital. Marshall was not present when police arrived. No charges were filed.

            June 30, 2007: According to the Denver Post, Watley told Atlanta police Marshall punched and choked her at his condo. She had a bruise and scratches. Marshall was not present when police arrived. No charges were filed.

            Oct. 22, 2007: Marshall was arrested in Denver and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol. He was pulled over driving the wrong way on a one-way street hours after a game. He later pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of driving while ability-impaired and was sentenced to one year of probation and 24 hours of community service.

            March 6, 2008: Marshall was arrested on charges of misdemeanor battery in Atlanta after a dispute with Watley. She told police he punched her in the mouth and eye. Marshall said he cut his hand on glass.

            Aug. 6, 2008: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended Marshall for three games for violating the league’s personal conduct policy. The suspension was reduced to one regular-season game and a fine of an additional game check, costing him $52,353.

            March 1, 2009: Marshall was arrested in Atlanta on disorderly conduct charges after allegedly being involved in a dispute with then-fiancee, Michi Nogami-Campbell, now his wife. Charges were dropped the next day.

            Aug. 14, 2009: Marshall was found not guilty on the battery charges from the March 2008 arrest in Atlanta.

            April 23, 2011: Marshall was taken to Broward General Medical Center after Nogami-Campbell stabbed him in the abdomen at their Florida home. Nogami-Campbell told police she stabbed Marshall “out of self-defense.”

            Sunday: Marshall is accused by a 24-year-old woman of punching her in the eye, leaving a black eye, in an altercation outside a club in New York. Marshall’s attorney says it was Marshall’s wife that was injured and says the couple are the true victims in the case.

            Sources: Tribune news services, South Florida Sun-Sentinel


          • And that’s just the stuff that got REPORTED.
            But somehow he’s Ghandi compared to McDonald.

            For all we know, McDonald suffers from a mental disorder too.

          • Doc Hamstring

            Marshall did have a diagnosis–after much of his off-field incidents. That’s not an excuse, but it casts the incidents in a different light. After he got treatment, his off-field incidents were reduced to one allegation that didn’t have enough behind it for police to even investigate.

            Maybe McDonald DOES have a mental health issue. If so, it behooves him and his family and friends to get him in to see a professional. Not for his playing career–because frankly, he’s radioactive at this point and at 31, no one is going to want to take the chance–but for his life. He keeps up this way, he’ll be Aaron Hernandez’s pen pen pal.

          • BearDown100393

            We are all mentally ill. Look hard for the symptoms to match a diagnosis, and you’ll find it. Then find a physician to collaborate and make it official. Just takes a script pad with a license number printed on it.

          • Waffle

            Rapetitis B?

    • Huge Bear’s Penis

      Bmarsh was also diagnosed as bat shit crazy, i believe that is the correct medical terminology. He was seeing doctors and therapists to help his bat shit craziness. so he realized something was wrong accepted it and tried to learn to how live with it. that is something we have not heard about McDonald.

  • I have George’s interview with McDonald!

  • Waffle

    i don’t think anyone’s praising the release of Ray McDonald and the Bears are no worse off for taking a risk that didn’t pan out. It’s a business and it was a calculated risk and it was done swiftly and no one at Halas Hall will think about it for another moment. So long Ray, we hardly knew ya, certainly not long enough for you to rape us and beat us whilst holding a baby. Now fuck off.

    Now back to Cutler and his “attitude” and something he said or did back in 2006 at a meeting with Elway and Shanahan when he was 21.

  • Waffle

    Long tweeting good riddance doesn’t illustrate the gray area of signing McDonald and if I’m not mistaken wasn’t Kyle an ardent supporter of second chances and not necessarily ardent in support of the signing of McDonald? Jeff….you slippin bro.

    Long simply saying, sometimes you deserve 2nd chances in this life….and this guy took his repeated chances and fucking pissed on them. Hence Long saying Good Riddance.

    • Doc Hamstring

      Yeah, saying “good riddance” after a guy blows his 2nd (or 3rd, or 4th, or whatever it was) chance is not being hypocritical. If anything, it’s the affirmation that the guy who got the 2nd chance and didn’t blow it needs to keep things on the straight and narrow himself.

  • AlbertInTucson

    “DaBearsBlog @dabearsblog
    It is very easy to praise the release of Ray McDonald. It was far more difficult and rare to criticize and lobby against the signing.”

    ” I told you so”.

    Yeah, everybody wants to read THAT.

  • BearDown100393

    3 goals. 11 shots. 1 period. Fugly.

    • BillW

      Ducks are tough. Dumb name but very good team. If the hawks don’t come back it’s still only 1 loss

      • BearDown100393

        Anaheim is a tough determined team with an effective forecheck. The Hawks defensive liabilities are exposed again.

        • BillW

          But no quit. Gotta love it.

          • BearDown100393

            4-2 Ducks. Not a great game from Mr. Sharp.

          • BearDown100393

            4-3 now after Toews did an incredible Hull imitation.

          • BearDown100393

            Toews is simply unbelievable.

          • AlbertInTucson

            Q paired his two aces.

          • AlbertInTucson

            Ugly ending tonight. VERY ugly.

          • Viva

            Holy shit was he bad!

  • BillW

    Jeff. Give up the twitter. You are not good at it. Not that anyone is

    • BearDown100393

      Not everyone is Kyle Long…..

    • Johnnywad

      Just stop reading it

      • BillW

        Great idea

    • AlbertInTucson

      As is repeated demonstrated, the root of “Twitter” is “Twit”.

      • Irish Sweetness

        “Nothing Twitters or Tweets like a Twat!”, quoth the raven.

    • AlbertInTucson

      And now, a word from our sponsor…

      Oh. the nonsense that shows up on Twitter,

      and repeats and repeats and repeats.

      Stuff that mostly make folks quite bitter,

      and proves only BIRDS should author “tweets”.


  • BearDown100393

    This NHL broadcast proudly presented by Bosley Hairclub for Men. Gary, you are so fired.

  • ch0rn

    Tannehill > Cutler.

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