Trading Down is Best Option for Bears

| April 28th, 2015

“What if I told you the Bears could come out of the 2015 NFL Draft with four starters taken in the first three rounds? You’d be intrigued, right? Well, that’s exactly what the Bears have a chance to do if they play their cards right Thursday night.”

With a top 10 pick, the Bears need to think one of two ways: Either get a great player or get a few good players. The problem with the Bears having the seventh pick in this year’s draft is that there doesn’t seem to be seven great players, which means their best option will likely be to trade back.

Here are the standards for a top 10 pick:

  • Will either start or play on significant snaps (third downs) as a rookie, unless he’s a QB.
  • Someone who plays a crucial position. He either helps your QB or makes the other team’s QB’s life hell.
  • A great athlete. The best players are almost always great athletes.
  • Had at least a moderately productive collegiate career.
  • Has to be a key part of their identity for the next five-to-10 years.

How many of this year’s consensus top picks fit that criteria? The most common names are Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota, Amari Cooper, Kevin White, Leonard Williams, Vic Beasley and Brandon Scherff. Seven guys and the Bears have the seventh pick. Easy, right?

Not if the seventh guy doesn’t fit a crucial position or if you can get a similarly-graded player later.

Factor in team needs because every team does. Don’t listen when they say “best player available.” They’re lying. Unless it is a player who is ranked so much higher than everyone else and they just can’t believe that player dropped, they’re drafting a position that makes sense for their team. The Bears have a 60-year-old coach, he didn’t come to the team to rebuild. He might be convinced to take a franchise quarterback, but they aren’t going to take a player at another position to sit on the bench for a year. If they don’t win in Year 1, he wants to win big in Year 2.

As I’ve covered in the past, I don’t like the other pass rushers and I don’t think a complementary player should be drafted that high. It’s impossible to predict how the draft will play out.

My guess is that Winston will go first and Mariota second, I’ll say to the Jets. I think Beasley will go third, White will be selected fourth, Cooper fifth and Williams sixth. That leaves the Bears with Scherff at seventh.

If that’s the way they want to go, it would be hard to complain. Throw Scherff at right tackle and let him and Kyle Long kick ass for the next decade. It would fit John Fox’s desire to pound the ball and keep Jay Cutler (and whatever quarterback comes next) clean. It would be very similar to what the Cowboys did last year with Zack Martin at guard. It makes sense.The Bears would be a better team with Scherff.

Scherff might be a great player, but he’s a right tackle. Does even the best right tackle move the needle for his team? The Bears had James “Big Cat” Williams at right tackle for years. He was awesome. They were awful.

If the Bears are really going to commit to the running game more, Scherff will help as a mauler, but it would also put less priority on pass-blocking from the position. If they’re committed to a power running game, could they survive with Jordan Mills there again? Mills was a good run-blocker and there’s no guarantee that Scherff is going to be a better pass-blocker, some don’t even see him as a tackle. Could Mike Ola continue to develop into a starter? Charles Leno? It doesn’t make sense to move Kyle Long. Couldn’t they get a starter later in the draft at that position? The Packers built the best offensive line in the league with mostly mid-round picks. Ryan Pace’s former team, the Saints, did so too.

I’m a big fan of Scherff as a prospect. If the Bears were an offensive lineman away from contending, I’d be all for it. But who do they take in the second round? A defensive lineman? Receiver? Running back? Pass rusher? Defensive back? You can argue they need every one of those positions urgently. They can’t fill them all this year, but what if they can get a prospect similar to Scherff later in the draft and get fill another hole?

Teams are going to want to move up. They’re going to want the seventh pick to grab a pass rusher or a receiver and the Bears need to take advantage of their desperation. Obviously, there’s a chance that another player could go in the top seven and cause  Kevin White or Vic Beasley to drop. I love Beasley, but I suspect the Bears don’t because of how much they’ve spoken about wanting length.

There’s a rumor that the Saints want Beasley and they’re certainly in the market for a pass-rusher. There are also rumors that the Dolphins are looking to move up. The cost for either to get the Bears pick would be their first and second round picks. The Saints, especially, have the ammunition to do so since they also possess the 31st pick of the draft. Say the Bears move back to 13 and take back the 44th pick. Or to 14 and take the Dolphins’ 47th pick. Players taken in the top 50 should start right away.

With the 13th or 14th pick, the Bears suddenly have more options that make sense for them. For one, I don’t think anyone should rule out Scherff dropping, or they could look at one of the other top tackles. They could also be filling a huge void in their secondary.

Landon Collins is widely considered to be the best safety in the draft, he’d almost certainly be there at 13. They could also have a chance at the top cornerbacks. I like Trae Waynes as an outside cornerback. Someone with the size, length and speed to keep up with Jordy Nelson and Megatron. They could draft Waynes and move Kyle Fuller to the nickel/rover that Charles Woodson mastered in a very similar defense with the Packers. Or they could take super athlete Byron Jones to play the rover spot. Let him run around and take the ball away while he develops as either a cornerback or safety.

Really, all of the cornerbacks are options as there’s no consensus at that position.

Then, we get to the 39th pick for the Bears and likely a ton of options. A receiver like Phillip Dorsett or Devin Smith will probably be available. They could double up on defensive backs with Eric Rowe or grab a defensive lineman like Henry Anderson or, one of my personal favorites, Preston Smith.

Whatever they don’t do with the 39th pick, they could do with the 44th or their other pick, giving them three starters.

Now moving on to the 71st pick. Say they drafted a wide receiver and a defensive lineman in the second round, they could still likely get an offensive tackle like Donovan Smith to compete with Ola and Mills. If they’re looking more toward the future, they could go with another defensive back like Ibraheim Campbell or Josh Shaw. Maybe they add a center, a quarterback or a running back?

The names and the positions aren’t necessarily important. What is important is that they get good players, preferably defenders because building a nasty defense is the best way to contend next year and going forward.

Unless they’re going to reach for a player, the Bears options are limited at seven. If they can move back and pick up another pick in the top of the second round, it should be an easy call.

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    Seven guys and the Bears have the seventh pick. Easy, right?

    It is easy. If you trade back, you don’t get a shot at one of the 7 players widely considered to be an impact player with a long career. Butch posted a article that said the draft really just had 16 first round players.

    Given that, I don’t see trading back making sense. What if i told you that everyone at pick 17 or later would be out of the league in 3 years, but the top 16 have chances at 5-10 year careers. Does that make the decision easier?

    Data – we need stats here.

    • NewBearInTown

      A couple threads back I posted a list of the last ten drafts showing that there have been two true impact players taken between 7 and 15 every year since 2005. Conventional stats that I’ve seen say that the top 13 picks are more or less equivalent in terms of likelihood of success (though I think QBs are likely different).
      Trading back a few spots wouldn’t be a bad thing; the question is how far.
      One option that I find attractive is a deal with Cleveland where we give them our first and second for their two first rounders and an extra third day pick.
      If that deal is on the table, I’d take it. I would also look seriously at moving again with one of those first rounders.

      • The other question is what is the percentage of success in the 7-15 range.?
        Maybe there are 2 impact players in that range, but is the percentage of finding an impact player in the first 7 HIGHER?

        I’m pretty sure one can go review the 2nd rd in past drafts and discover at least two impact players in that round, but no one is advocating to trade down to a 2nd. (now TWO 2nd rounders for a 1st might be interesting, basically increasing the likely hood of hitting the lottery).

        Also, some are more “impact” then other, and perhaps the top 5-7 are more elite (Earl Thomas vs Dante Whitner)

  • BearDown100393

    If Scherff is the man to be drafted, then just go ahead and draft him as the 7th pick. Why get cute about it? The Bears have more than a few holes to plug on this team. The draft will ultimately play itself out. So let it.

    • Trac

      Because he’s not worth it imo. Specially if you can get Flowers or Peat later in the round plus another 2nd rounder. Getting another 2nd round pick would be huge if Pace nails his picks. I think it’s a great strategy.

  • “The Bears had James “Big Cat” Williams at right tackle for years. He was awesome. They were awful.”

    You could make this argument about every position but QB. Megatron has played on awful teams. Joe Thomas has quietly been one of the NFL’s best LTs for years on a string of shitty Cleveland teams. JJ Watt had the best defensive season we’ve seen in years in 2013 while the Texans went 2-14.

    I don’t buy that argument one bit for passing on a guy in the top 10. The only position where great player = not having a shitty team is QB. That doesn’t mean you pass on those positions with a top 10 pick.

    • that I said, I can see the argument for passing on Scherff if you don’t think he’ll be a good tackle or there are guys just as good as him later in the draft. But if you think he’s going to be a great OL guy, you should have zero hesitation grabbing him.

      • NewBearInTown

        The goal here is to get a guy who will be a day 1 starter and remain a starter for the next 5-10 years.
        Good offensive lines win football games. If Scherff fits the bill, you draft him and you don’t think twice.

  • Barb UMihai Mar

    Here’s an idea nobody thinks of. The Bears trade up !!!

    PS: Please guys… stop it with the OT that is a G, maybe. Let’s draft him and we’ll see later that if he’s any good. We’ll then move our G at T, which we have no clue if it’s a viable option.

    As a Bears fan…I feel insulted people envision the Bears doing such an obscene move. First of all… a G at 7 !? Second of all..a G who’s actually never played G !?

    • GPLDAN

      Schreff was a LT at Iowa. You pick LTs in the top 10 that you think can hold the blind side for years.

      Minus that, you don’t pick an OL project in the top 10. I want Anthony fucking Munoz if there’s a LT in the top 10.

      • Barb UMihai Mar


        He wasn’t even a G. He never played G. They just see him, most likely as a G.

        He played LT, you move him to RT, maybe G if he can’t make it and move your RG to RT, even if this RG never played RT, actually he had little experience at RG to begin with.

        It’s a cluster fuck.

      • Yes, and even then it’s a risky proposition.
        Luke Joekel and Matt Kalil were seen as “locks” and they’ve struggled mightily.

        That’s the irony though. If there were a “lock” LT in this draft, we wouldn’t have a shot at him either at #7. The skins, raiders or jags would probably draft him before us (esp the Skins).

        • GPLDAN

          Eric Fisher is close to being called a bust for the Chiefs.

          I really thought that guy was a lock in the NFL.

          • Yeah, it’s odd. I thought Kallil, Luke and Fisher were worth their slots. They fit the “prototype” but they’re all close to busting.
            Seems like the bust rate for LT and WR has switched in recent drafts.

            Oline is second hardest position for me to key in on behind QB.
            The film just isn’t available to the layman, and even then a person has to be VERY trained in all the nuances.

            I actually played linemen in pop warner because I was a big kid while young. It was pretty fucking fun. Just line up in front of the guy and try to run him over.

            That was a long time ago though. Makes me no expert, that’s for sure.

      • Trac

        True but he’s not projected to be the best OT coming out. There’s the rub.

    • Trac

      I agree with this. If the Bears trade down, it needs to be for a true tackle, not a guard. Unless of course they want Sherff to play guard.

      • Barb UMihai Mar

        They should draft a T unless they want a G ?

        I’m confused.

        • Trac

          I understand. Let me quantify. I personally would not use a 1st round pick on a guard but I would for an OT. Pace may want to draft a guard and if he does draft Sherff at 7 to be a guard I wouldn’t like that. My preference would be to trade down and grab Peat or Flowers and plug either of them in at Tackle. I think it would be stupid to draft Sherff at any spot and plug him in at tackle when the guys I mentioned are better prospects to play tackle out of the gate. Capiche?

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            Don’t use terms like stupid when talking about stupid draft decisions.

            I used stupid and insane and some on the blog felt offended like I’ve insulted their mothers.

          • Trac

            Hahaha. We love ya barb, rub some dirt on it.

    • Bear Down in Tampa

      Especially if Leonard Williams drops to #5, move up two spots with the Foreskins and nab your 5T.

      We get: #5 pick, #141 (5th round-5th Pick)
      They get: #7 pick, #71 (3rd round-7th Pick)

      Works out on the trade value chart and we end up with the same number of picks, albeit the oveall quality of the picks wont be as good, you still get a game changer and that is what we need.

      • Barb UMihai Mar

        You can’t trade up for a 5T. Especially seeing what the Bears have on the IDL. They’re very well set in that area.

        Fangio ran 2-4-5 for 60% in San Francisco. If it goes that way in Chicago the duo of Ratliff-McDonald is a kick ass duo. There are other options of value. A lot of other options: McPhee, Houston, Sutton, Ferguson.

        • Bear Down in Tampa

          McDonald is > 30 and on a 1 year deal. Williams can join the rotation and learn from McDonald and Co. He can stop the run and pass rush from the 5T. I believe he’s a game changer and if the draft goes Winston, Mariota, Fowler, Cooper then he’s the best player left on the board and you absolutely go up and get him.

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            I’m not saying he wouldn’t be a great addition, I just don’t see the trade up for a situational player.

            If he’s a situational player he at least has to be a situational pass rusher.

          • Bear Down in Tampa

            I think when they deploy a 3 man line (I know Fangio doesn’t use it the majority of the time) he could start opposite McDonald day 1. He could spell McDonald/Ratliff in the 2-4-5 alignment because I think he has the strength to do so. He is playing for you year 1 as he learns the game. So is he somewhat situational/rotational in year 1? Yeah, but after that (especially if he acquits himself well his rookie year) he’s got a high ceiling and isn’t that what you draft for? Would save having to pay/gamble on McDonald’s age/character going forward.

  • “they could still likely get an offensive tackle like Donovan Smith to compete with Ola and Mills”
    I would love Donovan Smith at 71. Based on recent rumblings of people “in the know” on Twitter, I’m not even 100% sure he’ll be there at 39.

  • BillW

    So Scherff isn’t worth the 7th pick. And there are not 7 great players in the draft unless you count him

    So the Bears should trade that one pick for two others.

    With who? Someone who doesn’t realize there are only 7 good players if you count a guy who many think isn’t worth that pick.

    Seriously you argue that the 7th pick isn’t a good one yet figure someone will trade us two picks for it.

    I don’t get it (again) Andrew

    • I think Andrew is counting on another team being stupid and reaching. Some GMs are close to being fired and that makes them take risks they otherwise wouldn’t.
      Plus, always the chance that some GM just really loves a player more than the Bears. Happens all the time.
      The 9ers traded up for Young and Rice. Walsh liked them. The teams at those spots didn’t. The rest is history.


    Here you go Al.

    Here’s a giant FU to Baltimore: We’re gonna play the Sox at Camden tonight, but the public is not welcome. F the riot. Signed, MLB


    • BillW


      • GPLDAN

        Thanks. Tomorrow.

    • AlbertInTucson

      The scumbags are inheriting the Earth.

  • Jack Lacan

    Looks like attendance is going to be low at Camden Yards on Wednesday.
    If Abreu hits a dinger there will be a large silence.

    • Doc Hamstring

      Attendance will be zero. They’ve announced the game is closed to the public.

      • Huge Bear’s Penis

        so kind of like a Pirates game a couple years ago or maybe a TB Rays game.

        • Bear Down in Tampa

          The Rays games are open to the public, you should see the Trop when the Yankees and Red Sox come here. When the Cubs were here in 2008 that series sold out too. I went to two of those games. Large Cub contingent on hand, it was great. The problem is that the stadium is in St. Pete not Tampa. Go and look at the TB Lightning attendance, Lightning were 9th because the stadium is in downtown Tampa. St. Pete is full of retirees and dirt poor people and no corporate presence. To go to one of those games is a commitment. If they move the stadium to the Tampa side of the bridge then they would double their attendance at a minimum.

          • Huge Bear’s Penis

            I know, it was a joke. TB games are still some of the lowest attended games, it has gotten better. I remember a couple years ago both TB and Pitt often had crowds less than 5000. And in ball parks that size it looks pretty empty on TV.

  • AlbertInTucson

    Moving down to 13 and gaining an additional pick seems attractive, especially since the Bears only have 6 picks at the present time.

    • To me, these guys would have to be off the board for us to consider it:

      Winston, Mariota, Williams, Fowler, Beasley, Cooper (a possible scenario)

      and even then I would be looking long and hard at Scherff who I doubt will drop beyond the Top 10.

      But like I said, if Washington wants to trade down, and Fowler, Williams and Beasley are still available, there’s an argument to be made to trade UP for one of them.

      I just hope two WRs go before us.

      • Trac

        Evra GM has 1 or 2 players that they have graded higher than anyone else and are afraid that someone else will snag him. A deal can be made if the tea leaves line up right. Chicken Dinner was a perfect example of a player being graded to high. Thankfully, Emery didn’t trade up for him but at the 7th spot, there will be a few teams that are tempted to move up to get their guy.

    • BerwynBomber

      Agreed. But a) it is pretty much the default position of most teams in the draft, and b) once you get past Winston, Mariota, and Williams are there that many guys in this draft for which teams would sacrifice a later or future draft pick? You know, someone who might realistically be available at #7?

      • Only 3 guys that some teams may love and trade up for realistically.
        Cooper, White and Beasley, but of course, POX may want those players for themselves.
        Maybe maybe Bud Dupree or some LT a team desperately needs.

        • BerwynBomber

          And I would bet that usually those types of trade-ups occur with teams who are near your own draft slot. You know, someone at #11 trading up the for the #7.

          The cost is probably too prohibitive from teams far back to risk such a move. Plus, they probably haven’t scouted the top ten guys quite as thoroughly. Although there are probably exceptions like (potentially) the Iggles this year with Mariota/Titans.

  • Is Andew talking about this Fowler?


    He’s disruptive. He sets the edges. He disengages well. He lines up everywhere. He’s aggressive, savvy with a good motor. He’s 6’3 261 while running a 4.6 and that 7.4 cone drill (impressive for his size).

    Does he need to work on a few things like discipline, finishing and refining his moves? Of course.

    But give Fangio Fowler, and he’ll make him a very good player.

    • Bear Down in Tampa


  • Yo, Andrew. Do you think the Bears should draft a HB in case this Forte situation doesn’t work out?
    If so, who are some HBs you like?

  • Waffle

    I played a little prank at work today on a coworker who is a notorious Cutler hater and who just got back from Florida this morning:
    Me: “Tom, can you believe this shit….”
    Tom:”What happened??”
    Me:”Cutler won the Piccolo award for the Bears and didn’t even bother showing up to receive it from the Piccolo family”
    Tom:”You fucking kidding me?”
    Me:”Naw, fucked up right?”
    Tom:”I told you that fucking guy was a selfish prick who didn’t give a fuck about anything except for himself and his own best interest. It’s obvious that he’s checked out and was probably one of the problems in the locker room last year”
    Me: “haha, it was Forte, he skipped the fucking ceremony”
    Tom: “well….shit….what the fuck is his fucking problem, is he thinking of holding out?”
    Me: “wants new money”….”be honest, were you more pissed when you thought it was Cutler?”
    Tom: “what are you a psychologist?”…..”yeah, i was more pissed”……

    • Trac

      Boy would I love to be a fly on the wall at your office come Mondays this year.

      • Waffle

        we have alot of fun with each other. Very irreverent. It could be a sitcom.

    • haha didn’t know you worked with Berwyn!
      I pulled a little prank on my pal once too. We were in Vegas at the Rio Buffet, and he was getting all kinds of shit. Taquitos, crab legs, meatloaf, jello, mashpotatos, and sushi rolls.

      Well, he actually never tried sushi, to my disbelief, but I urged him to try it.

      “What’s this green stuff?” he asked.
      “Oh, that. That’s like Japanese guacamole. Just dip your roll into it like a chip. Get a good chunk.”

      So, he did. And right after he saw me grinning, he got to about “Wha” before his face turned red and his eyes got watery. He began coughing and drinking water, but to no avail! I’ve never seen anyone’s face turn so red, I thought he was going to pass out!

      I was laughing for about an hour. Even to this day I ask him, “You want some guac with that sushi?”

      • BerwynBomber

        Really? If I’m the biggest Cutler “hater” on this thread than Cutler is universally beloved on it.

        • Actually, I’m not sure. That’s a good question.

          Which DBBer is the biggest Cutty hater?

          SC hated him often and early. He might have been ahead of his time.
          Irish wanted to roll with McCown BEFORE 2014.
          Bears1234, John Doe and a few others are probably in the same tier.
          GP, Me and I think MB (he texts me boobs and cutty snarks) would probably be in the yellow GW terror alert.
          Then there’s everyone else who shrugs “We’re stuck.” (except for one notable exception)
          There’s probably a lot more that I’m forgetting off the top of my head.

          • Trac

            Fairly accurate summary. I would actually love for Cutty to have a good year in Gase’s system for purely selfish reasons however, I do believe there are some on Da Blog that would hate to see that happen. You know who you are. hahaha

          • SC Dave

            Only those that are not actually Bears fans.

          • SC Dave

            I don’t hate Jay Cutler. I just don’t think he is good enough to be a “franchise QB”, and have felt that way for years.

          • GPLDAN

            I hated Phil Emery, who looked like a high school janitor and managed like one, too.

            Jay has had a raw deal for awhile as far as OC. The mad scientist, Mike Tice, Nessman and his fabulous transparent playbook.

          • BillW

            Great QBs can rise above that. I think we all know Jay is not a great QB.

            Which brings me to my point – I really think if people were honest, they’d say they “hate” Jay for not being a great QB.

            I’ve realized that’s exactly where my negativity toward him stems from. Which of course is stupid.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Got to reserve the hate for Angelo. That fkn grin.

            I don’t hate Cutler, but he doesn’t respect the ball, and I hate that. My wish – similar to when McCown was looking for a contract – was that we would trade him for a high pick and roll with whatever journeymen QBs we had, building a better team. Instead, they will attempt to get different results using the same QB, with a majorly diminished receiving corps. As Einstein would say : “Es ist kray kray!”

            It’s sad really. In a perfect world we could have had the Titans’ #2 pick ( or two second rounders), and still be sitting there with our own at #7. Cutty was the key to making ourselves better through the draft, and then they decide to roll with the guy.

            So be it. Go bears.

          • BearDown100393

            I do hate Cutler. He is the Carmelo Anthony of NFL QBs. I also admit to supporting and applauding Jerry Angelo for pulling the trigger to acquire him. I believed (at the time) it was a risk worth taking and held the false hope of him maturing as a player and leader. I have a #6 Bears navy blue hiding in the back of my closet covered in dust. I hate Emery and still do for extending his contract when it was clear he is what he is and that is all he ever will be. Very unfortunate the Bears new management is still saddled with this Eeyore toad. Having expressed the above, I do want the Bears to succeed and that of course would have to mean an improvement from the quarterback position. I think Pace is a bright young guy who can help modernize the franchise. He will make mistakes along the way but I’m willing to exercise patience because he was handed over a team in complete shambles by Emery and his creepy sidekick. I respect John Fox as a coach and as a man. He has lived an exceptional “NFL Life”. He will restore professionalism back into the team. As for Cutler, I expect him to be marginally improved only because last season is presumed to being rock bottom. Expectations for this team based on the schedule (it isn’t the quality of opponents IMO but rather the order we play them), the high water mark for this team is probably 8 wins or less. Beyond this season, will have to wait and see. Rome wasn’t built in a day. And neither will this team.

  • Scott W.

    Interesting redirect, Andrew. Trading down has been talked about, but not to this extent.

    Me, I’m just trying to keep up. Or down. Or steady at 7

  • If we do draft Scherff, our Oline could look like:


    Down the line it might even look like:


    • If Fox really wants to build the oline, he can get Scherff and Erving in the 1st and 2nd, and the Oline will be stout.


      Get Yeldon or Zenner later, and bam, power run baby.

      • You keep saying Erving in the 2nd.

        Erving is unlikely to be there in the 2nd.

      • Scott W.

        So many, many, many needs. That’s what I’ve interpreted over the last several threads. Some of the posts, like yours here Butch, imagine going all in (not all picks) on the o-line.

        I think someone last thread, talking about Scherff, called it unsexy but good. When I think about how Kyle Long turned out, it’s hard to disagree. A beastly, knock the crap out of everyone o-line.

        I guess that’s the thing that stands out now for me, who POX wants us to be…

        — O-line emphasis makes our run game premier, not just really good, with all the side benefits tjat brings for Cutler and the passing game.

        — A defense-centric draft gets the Bears moving back to their core identity; a team to be feared, with all the side benefits that bestows on our offense.

        — A Marcus Mariota draft moves us towards a future of a premier offense, the kind we expected Trestman and Co. were going to deliver last year.

        I guess when I frame it like this, we can’t really go wrong at all; option 3 just requires more patience to reap the rewards. So with just 32-1/2 hours to go, more or less, that’s where I’ve landed.

        • Irish Sweetness

          Option 3 is the trap door, methinks.

          Having a Dallas-style OL would be cool … if we had a HB roster of more than one. Rocking up in the NFL with one back is insane.

          This is why we had to move Cutty for a top pick – it’s not unfeasible that we could have packaged everything into having 3 picks in the first round. That’s a wet dream that could have happened … if you believe that POX weren’t shopping Cutty.

          Back to basics is best. Build a smashmouth defense and let the chips fall where they may.

  • BerwynBomber

    Gruden just mentioned a guy I had actually watched a few times in college and always liked: Jeremy Langford RB Michigan State. Any team looking for RB help should seriously consider the dude in the mid-rounds. He always brought it and often against the best competition. Tough runner with deceptive speed. Blocks well too.

  • I would love if the Bears can trade down (assuming Williams, Cooper, and Beasley are all gone). I think you’re right that that would be the goal. Trade down and you still have lots of options. Plenty of OL targets in the teens, Landon Collins, Tre Waynes.

    • Barb UMihai Mar

      I would love if the Bears identify a difference maker pass rusher and trades up to get him.

      • BillW

        You’ve been banging on this one consistently. I do want to acknowledge the logic of what you are saying – given all the talk that essentially comes down to “there will be no one worth picking at number 7”.

        If that is true – there are only 3 options.
        Pick a guy at 7 that isn’t worth it.
        Hope you can find a dumb team that will give you two draft choices so they can pick a guy at 7 that isn’t worth it
        Trade up

        Intuitively, you’re right.

        • Barb UMihai Mar

          I’ve been banging on this one consistently because no one does take it into account.

          Which is small minded in my opinion. The Bears need difference makers, not solid-depth players.

          The difference is all there: I see the Bears roster as a good one needing a couple of difference makers to become great. Others see it as a poor roster and want many good players to reach the good roster level.

          • Irish Sweetness

            I don’t believe the difference-makers in the draft are all gone by 7, it never happens. It’s knowing who the difference-makers are before they play pro-ball that’s the thing. Justin Gilbert was the guy last year (at CB anyway). Would you draft him in the third now?

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            Yes… but this discussion starts from the idea that at 7 you’re out of the difference makers area. So, they say, trade down at that point.

            So the discussion is about overall strategy and philosophy, not about this draft. I’m talking as a general rule.

      • Irish Sweetness

        Dupree jumped up Mayock’s final rankings, and is higher than Beasley. That Fowler kid sounds like a keeper.

        • Barb UMihai Mar

          That’s who I’d draft…Dupree or Beasley.

  • Shane Ray has some balls. He’s showing up to Chi-town even though he’s most likely not getting drafted in the 1st.

    • NewBearInTown

      Well you know, decision making apparently isn’t a strength for him.

    • Irish Sweetness

      His mother wants to go.

      None of these dudes wants to go through that, but their momma’s have been waiting their whole lives working two jobs for their day in the sun.

  • Scott W.

    On a side note, as phase 3 of our new era begins in 32 hours or so, the Fan Project has taken a few days more than I planned, but it is shaping up nicely.

  • Viva

    Give me Scherff.

    • Big Mike

      I just posted that. I only recently looked at his tape. DAMN. 2) Questions – can Kyle Long play RT. 3) Can the Bears trade back and get him?

      • Irish Sweetness

        He certainly has the size doesn’t he? I mean, if it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck…..

        I’d be good with drafting him and putting him at guard, despite the protests of “you don’t draft guards in the first”. We drafted Kyle in the first.

        The problem would still remain as to who is holding down center, that’s an issue for too many years now. Again, this all comes back to Cutty, you shop him and you can have Scherff, you can have your CB, your OLB ….

        • Big Mike

          Centers can be had later. I’m still thinking they go WR if one of those 2 is still there

  • Viva

    I think I would entertain the idea of trading out of #7 to get something in this years 1st, and potentially a 1st or 2nd rounder in next years draft.

    If the new BT wants to move on from Cutty after this year, they may feel next years draft has better options at the position. Data – stat me, please.

    • what am I supposed to be statting?

      • Viva

        What does the QB pool look like in next year’s draft?

        • Scott W.

          I’ve asked this more than once in my Mariota campaign, and have never gotten a real answer. Fact is, MM is the best of this AND next year’s draft class, if you use class the other way too as a criteria.

          • the top 2 names for next years’ class, as of right now, are Connor Cook of Michigan State and Christian Hackenburg of Penn State. Everybody says “next year’s QB class will be better than this year’s” right now, but they all said the same thing last year too.
            I will say right now I don’t like Hackenburg. He threw 13 TDs and 15 INTs last year. More than that, I saw him straight up quit in the Northwestern game this past fall. He tried walking off the field on 4th down after yet another big hit when they were only down 1 score late in the game.

          • BillW

            NFL’s potential downfall –
            The rules have made the QB the most important position, and yet there are not enough good QBs. Every year at least two thirds of NFL teams have no reasonable hope of competing for a SB. And yet they want the fans to pay huge ticket prices etc.

            A city like Chicago will always fill the stadium. But Jacksonville? And someday London?? I’ve been saying this for years – they have to give something back to the defense so there are other ways to compete. As of a long time – the only two ways to win a Super Bowl are to have have a great QB (of which there are no more than 10 any year) or an HISTORICALLY good defense.

            No wonder fantasy football is so popular – and that even Soldier Field puts up fantasy stats on the video boards during time outs.

          • Scott W.

            Do you have a comparison laying around of Cook and Mariota?

          • most people haven’t done much scouting work on Cook yet, so it’s tough to say. I’d probably prefer Mariota, but Cook plays in more of a pro-style offense.

          • Scott W.

            Ok man thanks. For the record, I’m still all about getting Mariota tomorrow night, with all due respect to those who think it’s a bad move to give up so much to get him.

          • Irish Sweetness

            If it’s true that he looks after the ball, then that’s a great place to start. But there’s no way he’s there at 7, and we basically sell out our draft, and maybe next year’s to go get him. If he was Joe Montana, you’d do it.

            Personally, I think Fox/Fangio will get their man on D. Whomsoever that may be.

            Is Jay Ratliff our man for the future? Hardly.

          • Scott W.

            Jay Cutler is not our future at QB. We need a very good option at QB after this season. Next year’s draft is offering little or no hope for someone of Mariota’s talent level. Speaking only for myself, I don’t give a shit WHAT we give up to get him, and I don’t give a shit if we go 3-13 this year because we drafted out future franchise QB and ran outta good draft picks.

            Tomorrow, far more important than yesterday. Good t-shirt. We NEED a franchise QB, and Cutler isn’t the man, as we all know.

            DRAFT MARIOTA.

  • On the trade down chart, it depends how far down we trade down.

    Was trying to find precedent. I think in 2013 the Bills at #8 traded down with the Rams at #16. But that trade was someone convoluted. Here’s the WIKI recap.

    No. 8: Buffalo → St. Louis (16). Buffalo traded this selection (#8) and a third-round selection (71st) to St. Louis in exchange for St. Louis’ 2013 first- (16th), second- (46th), third- (78th), and seventh- (222nd) round selections.

    So basically the Bills did get an extra 2nd and 7th, but flipped 3rds (moving down 7 spots in the 3rd) for trading down 8 spots. That might be what we’re looking at if we trade down around #15, but anything earlier, who knows?

    Maybe just a mid-2nd without a 7th or flipping 3rds, like Andrew proposed.

  • Irish Sweetness

    Check out that other ESPN short on John Tuggle, “The Irrelevant Giant”. I’d never heard of him. Sweet and sad.

  • Bender (Call Saul) McLugh

    Scherff seems to be a BEAST. LOVE the way he plays, although lots of those highlights were against much smaller opponents.

    • Barb UMihai Mar
      • Barb UMihai Mar

        Brandon Scherff, Iowa

        After grading all of Scherff’s plays in 2014 and then reviewing those positives and negatives, we just couldn’t see Scherff as a tackle in the NFL. His problems on the edge in pass protection don’t look fixable and he’ll likely never be better than average in that respect. That’s not to say he can’t be a successful player at guard, he has more tools than any other interior offensive linemen in the draft, we just haven’t seen him play there yet. Investing a high pick in a non-premium position for a guy who hasn’t played there in years seems like far too risky a proposition.

        Signature Stat: Allowed seven pressures in the Maryland game alone and 24 on the season.

        • Bear Down in Tampa

          It’s funny because this sounds like a guy we already have on the roster. Jordan Mills. If they plan on keeping Long at RG, then Scherff cannot be the pick at 7 to play RT.

  • BearDown100393

    Cyrus Jones gets busted on two charges of domestic violence. He is the 4th player from Alabama to get arrested this spring. https://alabama.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1761787

  • MikeBrownhadaPosse

    This article cramped my brain. Have some ritalin.

  • 505Bears
    • he would be a 5T, not a NT, in a 3-4, IMO.

      • NewBearInTown

        Remember Fangio runs a one gap system, so we can have a smaller NT. Bottom line: we need guys that can play anywhere in the front 7, specifically the front 3. If he’s a good player, Fangio will find a way to get him on the field.

        • I agree. He’d be a starting 5T in Chicago, IMO, next to Ratliff (NT) and McDonald (other 5T). I don’t really like the idea of Jenkins as a starter anyway.

        • Barb UMihai Mar

          Fangio runs a one gap system ???

          I can’t remember if you’ve ever insulted me right now. My instinct says you did, but I can’t be 100% sure.

          So I’ll let this slide and won’t destroy you.

          My point is…Fangio doesn’t run a 1 gap system.

          PS: As a general rule, Fangio makes his players do everything. His scheme is complicated and complex, but it’s based on multi assignments and technique flexibility.

          So it’s a 2 gap system in theory, but it can can become everything else. It can become 1 gap (you see them shifting right before the snap, you could have seen Justin Smith off the line blitzing, stunting,…), you see them playing half field, one side plays 2 gap – man, the other half of the field plays 1 gap- zone, or whatever combination there is. And so on.

          But if you really want to call it something it’s 2 gap DL.

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            The way I see it it’s incredibly difficult to play 1 gap with the IDL if you play nickel the majority of the time as Fangio does it.

            I mean…you take the risk of killing your 2 LBs. Not only they’re 1 man short, but you don’t even protect them with the Interior DL ?

            The DL men have to occupy space/lanes and keep the G at bay.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Just browsing, Ngata was drafted 12th overall, but Paul Soliai was drafted in the 4th. There seem to be a few guys we could draft at NT in the second. If we still wanted our LB – and we can’t draft a LB at #7 (apparently) – then the trade down is the way to go.

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            Yes but these guys don’t play NT. They play DT.

        • Irish Sweetness

          Does he do any of that ‘two guys in 3-point stance’ stuff ?

    • Barb UMihai Mar

      pricey average player. Lets not joke with serious matters.

      • Trac

        You want to try to stay away from picking a NT that high. I prefer not to pay the price of gold when buying silver.

        • Barb UMihai Mar

          The best NT in the league are the Jets and Ravens NT. One’s a 5th rd and the other went undrafted.

          • Dontari Poe isn’t too shabby and he went #12, I think.

            But yeah, for the most part, I don’t like drafting “box safeties”, centers, OGs or NTs in the top 10.

            I think if POX really wanted a NT, a good one will be available for us later.

            Many don’t even consider Shelton the top NT.

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            Marcell Dareus also. I was mentioning pure NT. Guys that usually get out in nickel situations.

            With Ratliff-McDonald any NT would exit in nickel packages.

    • Waffle

      Very interesting, I’d go with that then pick Trae Waynes at 10 or Landon Collins and be sitting pretty. Or take Shelton at 10 and have your entire front line ready to go.

    • Bear Down in Tampa

      I would want to see what the Jets wanted for Mo Wilkerson 1st.

  • Big Mike

    I just watched the Scherff highlight video and I want this player. Forget all the little fast pretty players. Get me the big ugly.

    • Irish Sweetness

      I watched the Fox presser – he didn’t sound very enamored with Matt Forte at all, and implied that all the schemes had already been introduced.

  • BillW

    Very excited about tomorrow night. Whatever happens, we will get see our first (of hopefully very many) Ryan Pace drafts. All the speculation etc will (FINALLY) be over and after the first 6 picks happen it’s no longer a “what if” game. Ryan on the clock and we see what he actually has in mind – given how those 6 picks fall.

    Not a lot of realistic permutations to consider, so his decision tree is pretty simple (I assume someone programs a rule set and as each pick is made it spits out the predetermined if-then-else scenarios.)

    Side bet – what’s the over/under on teams that say “I can’t believe this guy was still available when we drafted”. God, I HATE hearing that. Maybe the other teams were smart and you are stupid. A Packer fan I know says that almost every year. Well, he WAS right once.


    There is a variant of ransomware (virus that encrypts your HDD then blackmails you for the key) called BROWARE.

    As in, “hey BRO, I totally encrypted your hard drive so pay the fuck up or you are screwed dude.”

    Broware. Fabulous.

  • Barb UMihai Mar

    Player Profile: Trae Waynes, CB

    Waynes had a solid 2014 campaign, finishing the season with the 31st-ranked coverage grade of all the cornerbacks in this draft class.
    He only allowed one touchdown all season, but did have five games where he allowed at least one reception of 20 yards or more. His interception and pass breakup numbers don’t jump at you either, with just three of each over the course of the year, while he allowed an average of 14.9 yards per reception.

    Where Waynes struggles, however, is with short-area quickness. While his 40-yard dash time of 4.31 was impressive at the combine, his 20-yard shuttle time was slower at 4.39. That’s concerning, and his struggles to change direction at pace are evident on film.

    He has the recovery speed to avoid being beaten deep, but how much he struggles to change direction is a big reason why he didn’t do so well on intermediate routes, and why he allowed 14.9 yards per reception in 2014. That’s a problem given how many receivers he’s going to see in the NFL who are shifty as well as fast and, without a massive improvement here, he’s going to be beaten routinely by double moves at the next level.

    The concerns with Waynes don’t end there unfortunately, and he looks to lose concentration at times. Sometimes it’s because he’s staring down a receiver that he fails to spot where the ball is, as evidenced by just three interceptions and three pass breakups. This also impacts his play against the run, where too many times last season he was caught focussing so much on his receiver that he failed to spot it was a running play until very late. Likewise against pick plays, where his struggles to notice what’s happening on the play resulted in too many completions in that regard.


    • Barb UMihai Mar

      So this dude allowed 14.9 yards per reception at the amateur level. He has bad ball play, bad talking, short-area quickness, awful play against intermediate routes and poor mental focus and play recognition.

      PFF has basically described the exact type of CB Fangio doesn’t want.

      PS: Lets all smoke some weed !!!

      • NewBearInTown

        So who do you want the Bears to take Barb?

        • BillW

          He’s made no secret of it. It’s everywhere. He wants them to trade up and get a pass rusher.

          • NewBearInTown

            Which one?

          • BillW

            I guess I’m Barb’s press agent now.

            In this regard, I believe what Barb is saying makes huge sense. First, it’s up to the Bears to identify a difference maker. Presumably there IS one – but they have to determine who that is. Then go get him.

            In a response earlier I spelled it out this way – IF you accept the premise that there is no one truly worth the 7 pick likely to be available, there are 3 options:

            Pick a guy not worth the 7 pick
            Find a team dumb enough to give you 2 picks so that THEY can pick a guy not worth the 7 pick
            Trade up.

            All this assumes of course that the Bears really don’t have as many holes on the roster as most of us assume. That is also Barb’s premise – that the roster is already good. Not sure I agree there.

            But relying on teams to be stupid (trading two picks for ours) is a risky strategy too. Once the 1-6 picks are in, the Bears are stuck hoping to find one. The aggressive move would be trade up – not hope for stupidity.

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            Yeah.. I’m into the aggressive, confident version of GMing. I like that.

          • BillW

            Again, as Barb says – it’s up to the BEARS to identify the difference maker. (Not posters on a web site.) Assuming there actually is one, it makes a hell of a lot more sense to try and get him, rather than hoping some team will be dumb enough to trade for a pick so many feel is not worth it.

            I’ve alluded to this in a couple posts – saying it seemed like we were one pick too low this year. Many others are saying the same thing – including AD above. Trade down because you’re not going to get value at 7.

            The problem is, if the Bears are not going to get value at 7, why should we think other teams will? Again – we’d be relying on a team being dumb. And it may well happen – maybe Ryan Pace can fleece someone.

            As a first year GM, I’d doubt that. And if he did, it might make it harder for him to trade in the future. (Pure speculation – I have no idea how that stuff works – though I did work in a negotiating department for an oil company years ago).

            Maybe – just maybe – the Bears are in fact looking to trade up and are being very quiet about it.

            If that happens – fair warning. There will be NO living with Barb!!

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            Don’t exaggerate.

            I mean I did predict the Patriots as the Super Bowl Champions all last season and I did tell the blog last august about a future stud, a young Revis type of CB in Malcom Butler.

            And yes I did remind everybody about it a couple of times, but I don’t think I showcased my ‘predictions’ more than the normal show boasting accepted amount.

          • BillW

            Just pulling your chain. I respect the intuition you showed on the “trade up” point. It fits everything I once knew (and forgot) about negotiating.

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            Don’t feel bad. All you hear is ‘trade down’ pussiness.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Trading down helps us, trading up screws us.

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            Opinions, opinions.

          • Irish Sweetness

            In fairness, Barb, the Seahawks deserved that game. The Pats won the SB because of a Pete Carroll brainfart.

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            Every loser has an excuse.

            Under that rationale the Seahawks didn’t even deserve to be there in Arizona.

            They barely beat a 7-9 Panthers team and the Packers roster-coaches-front office general brainfart was epicly bad.

            PS: I’m much more inclined to give Malcom Butler the props instead of looking at a culprit. His play was mind blowing.

            PS2: If Belichick wouldn’t have had his own brainfart in allowing the Seahawks to score a 75+ yards TD is 25 seconds at the end of the first half the Seahawks wouldn’t have ever been in the game on that last drive.

          • Irish Sweetness

            We signed McDonald and McPhee. Highly unlikely they sell the draft our to draft another OLB.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Only trading down makes any sense from those three scenarios. Trading up kills your draft, for what? Dante Fowler ? That’s a brave GM.

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            I don’t watch college american football. Very few times I have favorites.Usually at WR where it’s easy to spot real players with swagger…I loved Alshon Jeffery, Keenan Allen and Odell Beckham at WR the last 3 years.

        • Barb UMihai Mar

          How the hell should I know ? My ideal player would be an OLB who could potentially play ILB.

          A versatile LB. A Jamie Collins.

      • Barb UMihai Mar

        The funniest thing is that the Official NFL Draft tracker says the same thing:

        Weaknesses “Grab, grab, grab!” Transition to a less hands-on cover style will take time. Would grab opposing wide receivers at top of route at times rather than trusting length and ball skills. Penalized nine times over last two seasons. Tight through hips and tends to play upright. Struggles to mirror and match against quickness. Hips and feet get clumsy in transition. Allows brief separation window at the top of short and intermediate routes. Fails to sink hips to stop, causing balance issues. Sometimes plays with blinders on and anticipation is below average. Slow to process combinations.

        How can a Bears fan ask for this player is out of the realm of my basic logic concept understanding. They’re either followers or have no clue on the type of player Vic Fangio needs. Bad or worse.

        • the Bears have 1 1st round pick at CB already and a couple of young CBs to groom who fit the Fangio mold pretty well.
          I’d be pretty surprised if they grab Waynes, and SHOCKED if he’s the guy at 7.

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            As I see it the 3 young Emery CBs and Allen Ball all fit very close or even perfectly what Fangio wants.

            As does Brock Vereen in the 3 S packages. In theory Vereen is similar to Jimmie Ward who they drafted last year in the late 1st rd.

          • I’m with you 100% there. At the very least it makes sense to take a wait and see approach at CB.

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            You have to…if you think Fuller is the real deal. You only make moves there if you think he isn’t.

          • Irish Sweetness

            It’s not Fuller I’m concerned about, it’s Tim Jennings. How can he cover man-sized receivers?

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            Yes, but from a drafting point of view, if you have 1 pillar as Fuller is, you’ll be patient in finding the other CB. No need for high drafts.

            PS: They’re set at Cb. There’s Allan Ball and Hurst, Jean Louis. All 3 are Fangio type of CBs. He’ll get the job done with this corp. I can almost guarantee it.

          • Irish Sweetness

            I’m liking the sound of the other CB much more now, Jalen Collins. I think those of us who don’t watch college ball are talking more about positions than the players themselves. CBs get paid more than guards and tackles, so you’re more likely to pick a CB, that kind of thing. We could have signed Pot Roast for like 4M, but if you draft a corner that will be asking for 12M one day ….

      • Irish Sweetness

        Then we draft the CB who has been professionally vetted, maybe Kevin Johnson(too skinny?) or Jalen Collins, who sounds like a keeper.

        Jalen Collins :

        STRENGTHS Rare combination of height, weight and speed. Has the foot quickness and twitch to trigger on demand. Uses soft, bouncy feet to change direction and drive instantly on throws. Has arm length to play from trail position and still knock passes away. Desired awareness in zone with extended playmaking range. Will make plays outside of his area and has speed to come across field to chase down a loose running back or receiver. Able to redirect from press coverage and will only get better with more coaching. Leaper with the ability to challenge and win 50/50 throws. Buys in and does his part in run support.

        WEAKNESSES Only 10 career starts. Plays with talent over technique. Needs to improve patience in press coverage rather than opening up too early. More of a straight-line burner than fluid, change-of-direction athlete. A little stiff-hipped and is a tick slow to open and accelerate. Plays with build-up speed over instant gas. Inconsistent to turn and find/track the ball. Not a naturally aggressive, physical player. Can hit with force, but doesn’t go out of his way looking for it. Showed more aggression as a tackler earlier in season than he did to close the year.

        DRAFT PROJECTION Round 1

        SOURCES TELL US “They all have holes, but Collins is what you are looking for in an NFL cornerback with his length and speed. He isn’t there yet, but he has the traits and ability to become a high-end starter and maybe the best cornerback from this draft.” — NFC director of personnel

        Kevin Johnson:

        STRENGTHS Smooth hips with excellent balance. Very natural in man coverage. Has feet and discipline to play square and mirror against complex routes. Has low, controlled backpedal. Disruptive in press coverage — alters routes and slows receivers. Can easily transition laterally and has quick-twitch to break on throws in front of him. Flips hips and accelerates against vertical routes. Crowds wideouts on perimeter and constricts target area for deep boundary throws. Plays stronger than his listed weight. Has athleticism and enough speed to recover when beaten. Decisive player. Fights to disengage and support against the run. Willing to drop shoulder and lay lumber as zone defender. Usually followed opponent’s best receiver around the field.

        WEAKNESSES Has a lanky frame with a very thin lower body. Gets fooled by head fakes downfield and turned around too often. Late to turn and find ball at times. Missed too many tackles as senior. Thin frame a concern as NFL run supporter. Will show too much respect to deep speed and allow separation by receivers who slam on brakes and catch passes in front of him. Ejected from Louisville game for targeting. Flagged nine times for 132 yards over the last two seasons.

  • NewBearInTown

    Matt Forte is really good at football. Whatever the reason he’s not at Halas right now, I hope he retires a Bear and continues the production he’s had the past few years.
    An article from Da Site. Forget about the politics, just look at the stats.

    “Forte was selected by the Bears in the second round of the 2008 draft out of Tulane. After seven seasons, he ranks second in team history behind Hall of Famer Walter Payton in seven categories: yards rushing (7,704), 100-yard rushing games (23), receptions (443), receiving yards by a running back (3,727), yards from scrimmage (11,431), average scrimmage yards per game (106.8) and games with 150 yards from scrimmage (23).

    Last season Forte set the NFL’s single-season record for receptions by a running back with 102 and became just the second player in league history to catch 100 passes and rush for 1,000 yards in the same season, joining LaDainian Tomlinson.”
    Walter Payton and LaDaimian Tomlinson. If his floor is Tomlinson and his ceiling is Walter, I want him on my team.

    • DocNitty(BallsStillOrnamental)

      I’m with you. Yet it seems he’s the Rodney Dangerfield of Running Backs. Even under appreciated and continuously disrespected by bears fans. Mind Boggling.

      • NewBearInTown

        If the Bears had been good the last few years, we’d be talking about Forte’s hall of fame resume in a few years. As it stands, he hasn’t got a chance.
        Two recent players with similar issues come to mind. One is Marshawn Lynch, who I am certain will make the HOF when he retires (he’s just got too many classic Beast Mode highlights not to). Lynch was on a lousy Seattle team and would have been a local hero lost to history. Then Russell Wilson and the legion of boom showed up and all of a sudden he’s a star.
        The other is Steven Jackson. Jackson was in exactly the same boat as Lynch on the Rams. He left the Rams to try his luck in Atlanta, but then injuries and poor depth tanked the Falcons as well. He’s a true star running back, but no one will remember his name if he can’t get on a few winning rosters before he’s done.
        Forte may decide to walk away from the Bears because he thinks he can win elsewhere. He could go to a good young team like Indy or Baltimore, or he could decide Chicago is a good as place as any to take a shot. He could even go to Green Bay if he thought it would give him a shot at a ring.
        I think the city loves him and he appreciates it, but first and foremost this is a business to him. And that’s fine by me. But he’s a great player, I’d like to see him stick around.

        • GPLDAN

          This city hasn’t been as good to Neal Anderson as it should have been. Forte is the modern Neal Anderson.

          • NewBearInTown

            Forgive me for being a newer Bears fan and less familiar with rosters pre-2000. Upon some internet research, Anderson has a very impressive resume.
            The fact that I didn’t know him before googling the name speaks volumes to your point.

          • Yeah, Anderson had the unenvious task of following Sweetness kinda like getting reebox instead of Air Jordans, good shoes, just not Air Jordans.

          • NewBearInTown

            You could argue the same for Forte to be honest. Thirty years later this city holds that 1985 team in such regard its a wonder the crowd likes any players.

          • Well, Sweetness was really a once in a generation athlete, never mind just football player.

            It’s like Ali. Even though he’s before my time, I can recognize he was more special than all those other bum heavy weights
            (with perhaps the exception of Tyson, who perhaps I just have sentimental nostalgia for).

            I remember a scene from Ali’s movie where Don King told another boxer, “I’d rather pay to watch Ali watch a fight than pay to watch you box!”

          • Irish Sweetness

            There’s a lot more bum heavyweights around now than there was then. I don’t get all the Ali love – can you imagine a Panther / Nation of Islam fundamentalist draft-dodger being so popular now ? Norton was easily a match for him, Holmes, Shavers … he couldn’t get Frazier to the floor in three fights, he was blessed to fight Foreman in those circumstances. Ali named himself ‘The Greatest’, remember.

            Ali v Tyson would be interesting though, because Mike’s lung condition wouldn’t allow him to go ten rounds effectively. If Ali had elastic ropes like he did in Zaire, he’d have a chance. But it was the punchers that caused Ali trouble, and apparently Shavers was the hardest hitter, even moreso than Frazier and Foreman.

          • DocNitty(BallsStillOrnamental)

            Wow. That’s shocking NB. He was Curtis Martin. Just with a shorter career.

          • Irish Sweetness

            There’s like ONE youtube video on Neal. We were so lucky to have a back with that kind of power, speed and skill so close to the end of Walter’s career (in fact, right at the end). Like McMahon, looking at his bare stats doesn’t do Anderson justice. The eyeball test. The man was a baller. Beautiful runner. I’ve seen Matt pulled down from behind, that didn’t happen to Neal. He turned that corner, GONE. Reception skills? Look at the catch at 4.30.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Neal was a better runner than Matt, methinks. If he turned the corner he was gone – I can’t think why we didn’t use him more. Was that when we were subbing in Calvin Thomas or Thomas Sanders?

            The fancy reception stats last season were more to do with Cutty losing his bottle and checking down IMHO. We shouldn’t be asking HBs to catch a hundred balls.

            What will hold Matty back in HOF terms is that he barely scrapes a thousand yards a season. Rushing.

      • He’s “under appreciated” I think because he doesn’t make those “wow” plays, those trucking plays, those tough yards. Ironically, that’s what might extend his career.

        Still, much like with Briggs skipping out for his BBQ promo, it’s more about the SYMBOLISM of showing up. Sometimes that flies by some dumb jocks, but I don’t think Forte is one of those. Maybe he did plan his “speed training” months back, but probably knowing that he wasn’t getting extended and it would be a good excuse to opt out while still making his statement.

        • Irish Sweetness

          ” He’s “under appreciated” I think because he doesn’t make those “wow” plays, those trucking plays, those tough yards.”

          This was/is the reason I never fell in love with Matty. He never made me go ‘wow’.
          Scraping a thousand yards a season and catching a bunch of passes, statistically impressive.

          But do the hairs ever go up on the back of your neck watching Matty?

          Walter, yes. Neal, yes. Matt, no.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Do we want to pay him his retirement fund? Matty has seen his best days already.

      I hope we resist the urge to draft a QB and go with a HB this year. If our plan is to run the ball, and Matty goes down ….


    Trade down from 7 to get Shelton in the teens and pick up another 2nd rounder. Done and done.

    • BillW

      Who do you think wants a pick we don’t want?

      • Barb UMihai Mar

        That’s not as things go. They may have different boards, they may want to draft in positions where Bears aren’t looking to add at. Example: CB, WR, 4-3 DL, 4-3 DE.

        Plus..there’s the insane/stupid GM corp. And Chip Kelly.

        • BillW

          Forgot about Chip Kelly. Touche.

      • Irish Sweetness

        1. Somebody who’s excessively in love with White/Cooper.

        2. The fat rapist or Mariota fall to 7, admittedly unlikely.

  • BillW

    Barb’s points remind of my years in a negotiating department fro a major oil company. (I did information systems work – not negotiating. Obviously accurate and timely information was critical.)

    Two points –
    Very different strategy if you expect to have long term relations with the cast you are dealing with. I assume that fits Pace. You deal honestly – and if both sides have different needs, then win-win is very realistic.

    All real negotiating happens at the deadline.

    So the first 6 picks fall the way we believe (fear) and there is no one that jumps out at 7. TRADE DOWN everyone shouts (like AD).

    Yeah? Good luck with that. We have ten minutes to make a deal. With teams that ALL know we don’t want to be at 7. What kind of deal do you think we’ll get? We will have NO leverage at all. Yes – teams will be willing to deal, but to make it win-win, we will have to give up more than the 7.

    The better move in my mind is CLEARLY avoid that situation if possible. Trade up. All the teams above us have needs as great as ours – else they wouldn’t be drafting so high.

    Now of course they may not be willing to sit at 7 either, but it makes a lot more sense to be trying that route.

    I hope (and expect) that Pace realizes that too.

    • Barb UMihai Mar

      Polar Bear assassin.

    • BearDown100393

      I wrote this yesterday. And I’ll write it again. Keep the pick. Draft the guy you want if available. Move on to your next pick. This is our GM’s first draft. Keep it simple.

      • BillW

        That will likely happen. A trade down will not happen without us giving up a lower round pick in addition to the 7. A trade up makes more sense but teams are unlikely to want to give up a position in what most seem to be saying is a 6 player first round.

        Keep it simple makes sense. But try for more.

    • NewBearInTown

      You’re wrong that everything happens in those ten minutes. Yes, deals do happen on the fly. But generally these top of the draft deals have been at least talked about well before the draft. So, for example, the draft plays out that Kevin White is on the board at 7. We like a couple of other guys better (say Shelton, Wayans and Scherff).
      Two weeks ago, the Browns called to tell Pace they’ll offer their top first rounder and second rounder to move up if White is on the board. Pace said thanks, we’ll keep it in mind, but no deal was done because you can’t know what will happen prior to the draft.
      In those ten minutes, Pace knows exactly who to call. He also knows what he’s willing to offer based on preliminary discussions. So he calls and says “will you give me both first rounders if I throw in our fourth?” They ask for the third, we agree to swap our third for their fourth, deal is done.
      That can happen in ten minutes.

    • But that’s why a chart exists, Bill, to keep teams honest no matter how desperate or stupid a GM is (though it still happens).
      Leverage exists, but most GMs tend to stick to the chart, thus minimizing getting trade raped.

      So let’s say the Bears do desperately want to trade down and everyone knows it (purely hypothetical. no one knows) and let’s say the Texans at #16 want to trade up. They call Pace, “Hey, we’ll give you #16 and a 5th”. Pace would most likely laugh in his face, and might even get insulted. He’d point to the chart, “You kidding me? You gotta give at least a 2nd.”

      In other words. those trading down hold all the leverage. It’s the team trading up that usually gives more than the chart dictates.

      For instance, last year the Bills gave up too much for Watkins according to some. They gave away their 1st last year, 1st this year, plus about another 2nd (theoretically by the chart point-system) when they could’ve just sat on their pick, drafted Odell Beckham arguably a better WR., and kept this year’s 1st

      • BillW

        Yes, that’s true. And an article I saw somewhere (PFT?) showed that trades really do follow that chart pretty well. I didn’t read it so I don’t know for sure where the variations are and who got the better of it.

        • GMs really do adhere to the chart because it’s something the owners can understand. Their boss can come in and ask, “According to the chart, we got ripped off. Are you an idiot?”
          HOWEVER, sometimes the GMs ARE the owners (Al Davis and Jerry Jones are classic examples), so they don’t give a fuck, or sometimes GMs convince owners, or sell owners that a certain player is worth it.

          GMs on the hot seat especially are given to reaching for need, but like I said, it’s more likely the team trading up gets ripped off.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Information systems work for an oil company = Bill has cash.

      Bill, may I gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today ?

  • Bear Down in Tampa

    Not a lot of what has been advocated for here is a bad idea:

    Trade back, grab Shelton, Waynes, Collins and pick up an extra pick…yes
    Stay put and grab Scherff or Beasley at #7, sure why not…although not my favorite option I could see it.
    Trade up to 4-5 and grab the guy you reaaaaaally want (Fowler?, Williams?, Cooper?)…yes

    The most egregious offense would be drafting some 2nd rounder at 7 trying to outsmart everyone, no more of that please (although admittedly PE didn’t do that last year-Kyle Fuller was a good pick).

    • Trac

      The Jury is still out on Fuller imo. I don’t think there’s enough evidence to say that.

      • Bear Down in Tampa

        He was better than the CB picked before him (Gilbert, I believe). Alshon struggled with injury his rookie year too, now he’s a pro-bowler. Just think Fuller hit a rookie wall with the injuries. I expect him to be well improved this year.

        • BillW

          Seems to be a worker and seemed to not be afraid to cover top receivers. Good signs indeed.

        • Trac

          I “hope” so.

          • Bear Down in Tampa

            And mainly my point is that Emery didn’t out think himself on that one.

          • Trac

            I agree with that.

        • Trac

          I never liked Gilbert. Too small framed and can’t tackle.

      • Barb UMihai Mar

        there is.

    • Irish Sweetness

      How in the blazes do we get three 1st rounders and an extra pick by moving back?

      • Bear Down in Tampa

        I meant one of those, not all 3

    • Barb UMihai Mar

      Of course he is… they activated his 10M 2016 option. It’s actually better for him if they cut him at the end of the season.

      He can double dip.

      • BillW

        The pictures of him in the Tribune – wide smiles – back up what you are saying. It’s as if he is thinking “I can’t believe I’m making all this money for a team that was 5-11 and on their third GM/coach combo. And they all think I’M the problem??”

        • Barb UMihai Mar

          I got to tell you. I’ve started to feel pretty paranoid about this regime in time.

          It was obvious from the get go Marshall, Forte and Cutler have/had all the leverage in the world. Instead the Bears act/acted like they have/had none.

          I’m extremely confused.

          • BillW

            I remain optimistic. I think a show of control by the regime – though possibly overplayed as you observe – is better than coming in too happy-happy.

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            I don’t like happy-happy as don’t like unhappy-unhappy.

            Both are losing versions. You need balance.

            So, that’s why I’m paranoid… I’m optimistic, too. I actually envision a great season for the Bears.

          • GPLDAN

            You are a fart knocker.

          • Trac

            Would you please clarify that statement.

          • GPLDAN

            I can’t really. One day when Barb was mad at me, he called me a Fart Knocker.

            I laughed my ass off. It was so juvenile and stupid and funny. So I thought I would just boomerang it and see how that went….

          • BillW


            I recall now that for some reason I never understood, when I was in grade school, if someone farted we’d knock on the desk to “prove” we didn’t do it. At least I think that’s why we “knocked”.

          • Trac


          • Barb UMihai Mar

            I don’t remember. I’m impressed with myself.

          • I submit more of a cockknocker

          • Huge Bear’s Penis

            had to up vote for the 3rd grade insult.

          • Irish Sweetness

            My first feelings are of disappointment. A lot of ‘meh’ signings. We basically gave away one of the top 5 receivers in the game, supposedly for reasons of locker-room stability.

            1. How many Bears do you suppose were disillusioned with Brandon Marshall?

            2. How many aren’t feeling the love for Jay?

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            It’s a dance. Do you think Belichick cares on what the other players feel when he makes a move ? He doesn’t. At the same time he tries to keep away the trouble makers or control them (see Hernandez, Talib, …)

            To answer the question. I don’t give a shit what other players love or hate. They can’t have that power.

    • “Joy Cutler”!

  • Bear Down in Tampa

    Ladies and gentlemen, I submit for your review Devin Smith, WR, Ohio St.

    2nd Round, perfect complement for Jeffery.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Try harder boys … get our WR in the third to lower. Defense gettin’ built here !!

  • DocNitty(BallsStillOrnamental)

    Round 1: Bears traded down to around 15 and grab Danny Shelton.
    Round 2: Bears take Washington S/LB Shaq Thompson. (Dude would be a steal in round 2 but may fall cause he’s a tweener)

  • Bear Down in Tampa

    The way PFF has it going down is Leonard Williams, DE at #7 and Stephone Anthony, ILB at #39. If it breaks that way, me likey!

    • Big Mike

      I saw that mock draft and was very happy.

    • Irish Sweetness

      How could six teams not draft Williams? The 2 QBs are gone. 1 OLB. 1 WR. Two spots there for a team to not draft Leonard. Nah.

  • AlbertInTucson

    On the date in 1899, Duke Ellington was born, making the human race collectively cooler.

    • NewBearInTown

      Check out “Lush Life” about the life of Billy Strayhorn. Great read if you’re a history buff.

  • Shady

    I tend to find myself agreeing with most of what O’Donnell Dannehy Auto Parts has to say, not necessarily the arguments behind it, but the bottom line. Trade back, acquire picks, rebuild the defense.

    • Barb UMihai Mar

      If rebuilding the Defense means ‘holly shit, we have no ILB’ okay.

      But other than that you’ve already re-build your Defense. Just by hiring Fangio you’re basically rebuilt.

      It’s time for some more big time players. So, instead of 1 good starter and 2 decent reserves, I’ll rather have 1 great player.

      That’s because Fangio doesn’t need high picks for decent-good players. He can build good players, but even he can’t build difference makers.

      PS: Fuck Green Bay. Instead of reacting to them, learn from the Seahawks and Patriots. You know… teams who are actually successful.

      • Irish Sweetness

        Nah dude. Hiring Fangio didn’t make our LB corps impressive. They’ll have purpose, they may be better coached, but a turd is a turd is a turd. This is why i don’t see them drafting Dupreee/Beasley etc. They’ve just signed two OLBs. Inside backers we need, but nobody is doing that at #7 because there isn’t a Keuchly.

        7 is a little high – some people think – to draft the fat bastard. OL is possible, but really only for an OT. Defense is priority so that’s what has me thinking DB i.e. CB (because of salaries).

        Overall, we have to hope and pray somebody pays us for the 7th pick, because it doesn’t look like any of us have a huge desire for the pick.

        Does Fox not signing Knighton mean that he had his eye on Shelton all along (or Armstead, whoever)?

        • Barb UMihai Mar

          I guess Knighton is a clone of Ratliff and Ferguson. Or it could have been a personal matter.

          PS: I’m banking on an OLB who could switch positions and play ILB. A Jamie Collins (drafted as OLB, dominat today as ILB).

          Even if that’s not an option I’m 99% on who the Bears will draft… it’s going to be an OLB at #7.

        • Barb UMihai Mar

          Fangio can take any bad roster and you’ll have a good Defense.

          So basically his presence gains you instant middle of the pack Defense. Add to starters and you’ll be reach close to great Defense level in no time.

    • Trac

      Yup. I haven’t drafted the Bears defense in ff since 2012.

  • What if Williams, Fowler and Beasley are there at #5 for Foreskins? Would you trade up to get one of them? What will it cost, Butch? Glad you asked. According to the Jimmy Johnson trade chart which every team still adheres to, more or less…

    Bears give 1st (#7), 3rd(#71) = 1,735

    and receive the Skin’s 1st (#5) and 5th (#133) = 1,739.5


    That would be approx. and if the shit really hits the fan, The Bears might not receive an extra 5th
    (Emery proclaimed he was a stickler when it came to the chart, but we don’t know how Pace operates. Plus, if a bidding war develops, might have to give more than take).

    So, is drafting Williams, Fowler or Beasley worth giving up a 3rd?

    • Bobby Douglass

      Not in my humble opinion.

    • NewBearInTown

      In your scenario, all three are there at #5, which means one of them will be there at #7. If you think they’re all great players that will substantially improve the defensive front, you don’t give up a pick. If you think Beasley is undersized, Williams is one dimensional and Fowler is the one superstar left, you make the trade.

      • Oh, I mean, not all 3 are available just that ONE of them we can trade up for.
        Basically I’m asking

        WHICH of the 3 would you give up a 3rd for, who would be “your guy”, Williams or Fowler or Beasley?

        • NewBearInTown

          For me, none of them is worth an extra third rounder.
          I think the Bears will stay put or trade down. There are a lot of really great players in the draft this year. The last player I saw that I would have made an aggressive move for was Luke Kuechly.

          • Big Mike


          • AlbertInTucson

            With already only 6 picks, I do not see trading up as possible or prudent.

          • Big Mike

            I would not trade up. Trade up is what you do when you are close. Bears aren’t close. Bears need top 50 draft choices who live up to, or exceed their docket.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Me too. The only guys who excited me in years were Suh and Keuchly. Two guys you might want to give up something/ a lot to get.

    • BillW

      Do you know if these charts factor in future picks?

      And how much did Ditka really give up to get Ricky Williams based on the chart (which I assume didn’t exist back then.)

      • I was wondering the same. For instance, I don’t know how much a future 1st is worth.
        For instance, I brought this up before, but the Bills gave up last year’s and this year’s first.

        “The transaction ultimately broke down like this: The Bills moved up to
        No. 4 overall by dealing their 2014 first-round pick, No. 9 overall, to
        the Browns along with first- and fourth-round selections this year.
        Those picks ended up being No. 19 and No. 115 overall after the Bills’
        9-7 season.

        The Browns ended up with Oklahoma State cornerback
        Justin Gilbert last year. So far, that move hasn’t worked out – Gilbert
        had a miserable rookie season.”


        Going strictly by the chart, the Bills essentially gave away another 2nd, so they lost big time, unless he transforms into a Julio Jones, in which case, the trade becomes somewhat justifiable (so it’s not just about math).

        But I don’t know how a team weighs future picks because the #1 overall is worth 3,000 points, while the 32nd pick is worth 590. That’s a large disparity. Then a team has to measure if the team they’re getting a future pick from is truly a SB contender, so a future pick from say the Jags will be worth more than a future pick from the Pats.

        As it turned out, the Bills had a good season, thus making their 1st this year a #19 (for the Browns); if the Bills would have bombed last season and that pick was a top 3, that trade up would’ve been seen as horrible.

        Lots of moving parts.

      • Irish Sweetness

        I guess the chart is to stop the Ditka’s and Herschel WAlker trades from happening. I feel kinda sorry for Ditka. If Ricky’s head had been in football, he might have had a much greater impact.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Not for Beasley. Hard to love the idea of using two picks to pick one guy.

  • Naturally, the problem with trading down is that nearly every team wants to trade down. Jeff is right. The top of this draft doesn’t seem as shiny as in other drafts, there doesn’t seem to be those “sure fire” studs teams would love to trade up for. Even the #1 overall on most boards Williams some have falling out of the #5.
    Could you ever imagine Suh, Clowney, Peppers, Joe Thomas falling out of the top 3, yet alone reach #7?
    There doesn’t appear to be those guys in this draft.
    I recently heard the Vike’s GM state that #7-16 are the same tier (how’s that win vs the Jets looking now, eh?), so they wouldn’t mind trading down a bit (at #11). Lions also want to trade down. And many others. Some teams will trade up though, it’s a given. My guess is that the Falcons, Browns, Saints, and Dolphins will really want to trade up.
    If Gurley, White, Beasley are there for us at #7, a team might come a-knocking.

    • BerwynBomber

      Yeah, a trade down article is hardly ground-breaking/bold opinion writing.

      Clowns might be out of the mix if all they covet near the top is Mariota.

      • BillW

        Just for the sheer fun of it, I am REALLY hoping Lovie takes Mariota instead of Winston.

        • BillW

          If there was a convenient way to do it, I would put $100 down on Winston NOT being the first pick. 1-15 odds I read.

  • BerwynBomber

    Clowns trying to swing a deal to get #2 Titans pick and Mariota. Guess they’re already pulling the plug on Johnny (College) Football.


    • If that happens, the Eagles might make a move for Johnny. Chip tried to recruit him to the Ducks.

      And getting a QB on a rookie contract might be preferable to extending China Doll Bradford.

      Wouldn’t that be something, Bradford, Johhny Football and Tebus on the same team. ESPN would explode.

  • BillW

    Bears decline to pick up Shea’s 5th year option.

    So there’s that…

    • Good. Making a statement.

      • BillW

        Yep. Last dance..last chance for love. (Why am I channeling Donna Summers?)

        • GPLDAN Trades Down

          Chaka Khan Chaka Khan.

    • Barb UMihai Mar


  • BillW

    And the Trib’s Dan Weiderhosen (too lazy to look up his name) quotes Jerry frickin’ Angelo OFTEN in his column on the prospects of drafting #7. Really?? Jerry Angelo…

    The guy whose draft failures are the subject of legend. (Do a Google search on Jerry Angelo Draft Failures. The headlines alone from the first page of results will make you sick.)

    The guy who traded for Cutler and then after being out of a job offers the opinion that Jay isn’t very good. As if he had nothing to do with acquiring this “not very good” QB.

    Yeah – there;s the guy I want to go to in order to get draft analysis.

  • Bear Down in Tampa

    Martellus Bennett wants a trade or a new contract.

    • BerwynBomber

      Wow. Another unhappy camper. He and Forte were our two best skilled guys last year.

      Then again, Lach and Briggs pulled this stuff too in their day.

    • BillW

      To which I’m sure Ryan Pace is loudly ignoring. As if he doesn’t have real things to do the day before the draft. Read the contract YOUR agent negotiated and YOU signed (two years left, right?)

      • BerwynBomber

        Or Pace might explore a trade.

        • Bear Down in Tampa

          Yeah but how much are you going to get because he has stated he wants a new contract. The team trading for him is going to have to give him Jimmy Graham money and give up a good pick? Not likely.

          • BerwynBomber

            Yeah, good point. Thought of that after I had already posted.

          • Yup. We’d be lucky to get a 4rth for him, if that.

            If I were a GM and a player said that, I would sit his ass for two years, fuck the cap, make a statement and precedent. It might cost now, but down the road when a player with 2+yrs wants to bitch, he might think twice.

          • Big Mike

            You’d be fired.

          • GPLDAN

            Fired but legendary.

          • Big Mike

            As befits your avatar.

          • BillW

            Black Uni is a fun guy to listen to. But often he’s funny because he’s kind of in an alternate reality. As he is now. Hey – you have ZERO leverage, except of course going out in 2015 and having a monster season.

            But the Bears are going to be run first and that’s not likely to help him. So he already sees his big payday diminishing.

      • Bear Down in Tampa

        He does have 2 years left which is why I would tell him he’s going to have to at least play this season out. Sets a bad precedent to let guys with more than a year left on their deals have new ones.

    • Are you kidding me? And his brother was trying to wriggle out of SEA to go to the Falcons, of all teams.
      What is up with those knuckle heads? I guess crazy is genetic.

    • Another crazy theory? Maybe the Bears traded the wrong guy, maybe Forte, Bennett are pissed that the Bears traded Bmarsh and kept Cutty….#teamBmarsh

      • Big Mike

        That’s not it. Guys just don’t like being in the last year of their deal. This is the only time of the season when they can bark about it.

        • Bear Down in Tampa

          He has two years left.

          • Big Mike

            Yeah, I realized that. He needs to shhhh.

          • That’s the rub. I’m not mad at Forte for not showing up. That’s standard procedure. But 2+yrs? Gimme a break.

            Cowboy fans tried to warn us that his craziness would eventually materialize, and it began last year when he body slammed Fuller.

          • GPLDAN

            Cowboy fans tried to warn us that his craziness would eventually materialize, and it began last year when he body slammed Fuller.

            +1. He was always a time bomb.

          • “Cowboy fans tried to warn us that his craziness would eventually materialize, and it began last year when he body slammed Fuller.”

            Same thing with Broncos/Dolphins fans and Marshall. Two big swings by Emery.

    • AlbertInTucson

      …and people in hell want ice water.

  • BillW

    Totally off topic.

    A couple threads back I was a real a-hole to AD even JWood to some extent griping about draft speculation. And said that I was having trouble at work with a couple young know-it-all whippersnappers who wouldn’t get get off my lawn, so to speak.

    Today the project I intuitively knew was too risky to even be considered was cancelled. Because, as management stated – in different words – it intuitively was too risky to even be considered,

    I apologize to those I may have offended.

    And reserve the right to do it again the next time I get grumpy (just kidding.)

    • Big Mike

      Are you the get off the lawn guy? That’s funny. I’ve taken to saying that when some of my younger friends annoy me.

      • BillW

        Yeah – it’s an overplayed cliche, (Which I guess is a repetitive redundancy.)

    • BillW

      The youngsters thought they had a magic potion project that was going to make the company millions and make them famous. I’ve seen that trick way too many times. Faulty assumptions conveniently ignored to make it sound “can’t miss”. OF course by the time the project gets implemented and it starts to look like maybe it was oversold, they would bail and be working somewhere else- selling themselves as bold movers and shakers that defy the old scool caution and blah blah blah. All the while we’re stuck with a bad program that we have to cut our losses on.

      I suspected correctly that once the assumptions were laid out – which I did – management would kill the idea. No need to do any analytics at all. The youngsters had an opportunity to refute my statement of the assumptions, but then they’d be playing with their “money” and not the house’s.

  • The team that will really determine who we draft I think is right before us, the Jets.

    No telling which way they will go. Conventional thinking dictates they go D, but their D is already good, esp their Dline.

    So maybe they do indeed skip on Beasley, Fowler or even Williams (if Williams falls, there’s usually an unspoken consensus like with DT Sharrif Floyd who was also popularly mocked as a top #5 but fell to #23).

    The Jets can go with Cooper or White, but thanks to us, they now have Bmarsh, signed Decker the yr before, and still roster TE Jace Amaro, so they might believe they’re set there.

    It’s no secret they love to run, so the wild card is if they draft Gurley who many see as a top 10 prospect even though he’s “only” a RB.

    OT Scherff would be a Jets move too if they decide to try to protect Geno to see if he’s indeed the answer.

    I wonder if the Jets fan will make the trek to the Windy City to boo in person…

  • BerwynBomber
    • Waffle

      he’s a cancer and no one wanted to admit it.

    • Wished Uni would’ve bitched EARLIER. Maybe we could’ve shipped him to SEA to join his malcontent bro for a 2nd.

      • Waffle

        dump that bitch now. In the most important year in recent memory for the Bears you have a “team leader” in Forte and your starting TE with 2 full years left on his deal, working angles to get traded. Fucking cancers the both of them.

        • Maybe Jeff knew something we didn’t while profiling TE O’leary.

          At least Bennett had a big year in 2014 and is only 28.
          Wouldn’t be surprised if the Falcons make a move for him. They’ve been trying to get a TE to replace Gonzo, and Matty Ice needs that security blanket.

          Coincidentally, Falcons are also the team his bro mused about being traded to.

          Pure coincidence, I’m sure.

        • SC Dave

          You’re hilarious, calling Forte a cancer and giving a full pass to a “team leader” QB who quit his teammates on the field of battle.

    • BearDown100393

      Just read this URL. I think with this new management, everyone on the roster is potentially up for grabs if the price is right.

  • Bostic, Back? (pun intended)

    Bears ILB Jon Bostic is sitting out pre-draft workouts with a back injury.
    Bostic had back problems early last season. It’s unclear whether he underwent offseason surgery. Under a new coaching staff, nothing will be assured for Bostic after two relatively disappointing seasons to open his NFL career. – Roto (via Biggsy)

  • Frank Schoenburg

    It’ll be interesting to see if Fowler is a top 10 pick or not. Most mock drafts have him as a top 5 pick.

    • Yeah, I like him, but admit he’s not an explosive edge rusher, more of a jack-of-all trades with upside.

      He’s a McPhee type, so it’ll be interesting to see how the NFL values that (we apparently value it quite a bit considering the $ we dished out)

  • In the “WTF FIle”

    Texans SS D.J. Swearinger “has struggled to fit in with the Texans’ off-field culture.”
    Swearinger has had a rocky offseason. First, his pit bull bit teammate Jadeveon Clowney, and then Swearinger allegedly was being sued by a Houston-area body shop after they performed roughly $20,000 worth of upgrades to Swearinger’s truck only to see the third-year safety come in and drive the truck off the lot without paying. He’s since resolved the matter by cutting a check. Swearinger is on the trade block, according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport. – Roto

    I never got owning pit bulls unless a person lived in the ghetto. It’s like owning those huge lifted trucks with sagging ball sacks on the tow

    • Shady

      Truck nuts.

    • Barb UMihai Mar

      LOL. He got bit by the pit bull of a team mate. He’s not a team player.

  • BearDown100393
  • Fuck it, if Forte and Bennett are being unreasonable, just trade both of them, start over.
    Try to get a 2nd for Forte (most likely a 3rd) and a 4rth for Bennett.

    Bennett would get about $5m next year, and Forte would get at least that much if extended, so trading both of them can theoretically free up about $10M next season.

    Get Yeldon (who I want anyways) and O’leary for peanuts. Call it a day.

    • I’d be shocked if they can beat a 5th for Forte.

      • Johnnywad

        I agree. He’s 30 with a shitload of carries and catches. A shitload.

    • SC Dave

      It make zero sense to trade Matt Forte. Zero.

  • Big Mike

    So we are going into the season, without a 1 WR, and no TEs. Ok.

    • willbest

      Well one way to commit to the run is to not have anybody to pass to. Then again, we have a QB that has substantial experience in not having anybody to pass to.

      • Big Mike

        That’s funny. All depends what they get back right? But it would have to be a lot seeing as the Bears have him for 2 more yrs

  • Hey Jeff, are you going to put up a chat like on game day for the draft?

  • Rahm Emmanuel, “Chicago. America’s most American City”

    • Bear Down in Tampa

      “Cocaine is a hell of drug…”

      • After Waffle’s story, not sure if being America’s most American city is something to be proud of.

        • GPLDAN

          I, for one, would like Chicago to be “America’s most Canadian-esque city.”

          That’s not going to happen, though.

          • BearDown100393

            Chicago might be dumb enough to elect Rob Ford.

          • GPLDAN Trades Down

            No. We wouldn’t elect Rob Ford. You don’t know shit.

            We didn’t even get close to having Chuy threaten Rahm. Rahm wins because everybody knows the truth: he’s majorly connected in DC, and brings national and federal money to Chicago.

          • Bender (Call Saul) McLugh

            and swears like a sailor. we love that shit.

          • GPLDAN Trades Down

            we fucking love that shit.

            Crain’s has great stories of his swearing tirades.

          • BearDown100393

            A crack smoking, prostitute loving candidate vs Rahm? Don’t sell Chicago short!

          • GPLDAN Trades Down

            That was Harold Washington.

          • BearDown100393

            Chicago needs Rob Ford. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rob_Ford

  • SI’s Peter King reports the Chiefs “love” Louisville WR DeVante Parker.

    The odds of Parker making it to the Chiefs at No. 18
    overall are extremely slim. But with the Chiefs having 10 picks in the
    draft — including two third-rounders and two fifth-rounders — they’re a
    candidate to trade up, especially with a number of teams reportedly
    looking to move down. Parker and Jeremy Maclin would be huge upgrades
    on Dwayne Bowe and Donnie Avery from last season. – Roto

    • If they want to trade up to #7,

      Bears give #7 and 4rth.
      Chiefs give #18, a 2nd and 3rd.

      • they’re unlikely to have to go up to #7 for Parker. The first team that seems likely a risk to grab him is STL at 10. And that depends on how long White/Cooper last.

        • Yeah, not for Parker, but who knows? I’ve read the some teams have Parker ahead of White, and if that’s the case and Cooper goes before #7 and the Chiefs believe Parker will be gone soon after us (As crazy as it sounds, the Gmen haven’t ruled out a WR and typically go BPA) esp with Rams, might just do it.

          The Chiefs will still have a 3rd, two 4rths and two 5ths to go along with Paker/White.

          Not a bad draft.

  • Sactowns#1

    I believe Irish and I have been banging the “trade down” drum quite steadily. I guess tomorrow will tell.

    • beninnorcal

      Could have sworn I said the same thing a few months ago and you were put off by my use of the term ‘more bodies’.

    • beninnorcal

      My bad, it was willbest

  • Bear Down in Tampa

    Eagles looking for a 2nd rounder for Mychal Kendricks. Takers? Counter offer a 3rd?

    • GPLDAN Trades Down

      Youtube reality:

      You can type in the name of any reasonably decent NFL player followed by the word “highlights” and get a nicely edited video of their impact plays over-dubbed with a shitty rap in which the n-bomb is every 5th word.

      This needs a term, a catchy verb to define it.

      • SC Dave

        Or, for that matter, any half-ass college player that someone thinks should be drafted.

    • Barb UMihai Mar

      I’d surely trade for a quality fangio approved ILB…yesterday.

      That being said…I wouldn’t spend more than a 4rd rounder for Mychal Kendricks.

      The problem is he’s in his contract year and is a former 2nd rounder. So no 5th year option for him.

      So..it’s basically almost a rent for a year type of situation.

      • Doc Hamstring

        Draft his brother and maybe he re-signs with the Bears for a reasonable price.

        • Barb UMihai Mar

          Nope. He doesn’t fit the scheme.

    • Doc Hamstring

      Seriously? Offer the 3rd and Bostic.

      Then draft Kendricks’ brother in the 2nd. ILB corps set.

      1st round, without a trade, is too early for Safety. So FS gets bumped down to 4th round pick… hmmm….

      Would they go for a 4th and Bostic?

  • GPLDAN Trades Down

    That was so nice of the ChiSox to lay down and take a beating by the Orioles to make Baltimore feel better about itself.


    How creepy was that game? I hope some journalist snuck in and took some video. Nobody there.

    • willbest

      They had a journalist on the radio saying it was like watching a little league game, because you could hear all the players and coaches yelling directions. Foul balls bounced around the seats like ping pong balls.

    • they let the press in. Press box was full, and photographers were there too. I think the game was televised, but I may be wrong on that.

  • Barb UMihai Mar

    The Bennett brothers are awesome. Very smart, intelligent and educated.

    Where is all this talk coming from ?

    From that Schefter piece ?

    Are you fucking kidding me And fans still blame Bennett ?

    I think some reading lessons are in order… can’t anybody read that it’s the Bears who wanted to dump him months ago ?

    So…lets recap…Bears want to dump Bennett…can’t…Bennett asks for trade and/or new contract…. Bennett doesn’t show at voluntary training.

    Fans conclusion ? Bennett is a cancer !!! Damn… dumbness always gives me the sweat.

    PS: This is the Bears version. Here’s the new shinny leak…why not… it’s one of countless the Bears leaked this offseason.

    • GPLDAN Trades Down

      In that case, in Romania you must weigh 110 damn pounds.

      • Barb UMihai Mar

        Lets talk ball. Stop the childish crap.

        • Trac

          On Da Blog, it’s a requirement to do both Barb. Hee hee.

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            yeah…well… where the ball talk ?

            Answer the serious stuff and then you can joke all you want. I’m 100% behind that.

          • Trac

            I can’t wait for this season. I have never really analyzed each players position and assignments but this year I’m going to go for it.

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            The best site out there…Pro Football Focus.

          • Trac

            Thanks Barb.

    • if what Schefter says is true, the Bears have quietly been trying to shop Bennett for a few months now, and it’s just coming out.

      Would have to mean stuff has happened behind the scenes where they’re convinced he won’t play good soldier, because there’s no other reason to trade him. He’s a great fit in any offense since he’s a good run blocker and pass catcher.

      • Barb UMihai Mar

        Because…of course…Kellen Davis was a peach.

        This is the NFL. Lots of strange personalities. It’s not boy scouts on downers.

        • Pace signed McDonald, so I doubt they want boy scouts.
          They simply don’t want locker-room distractions, which by most accounts, Bmarsh was, Bennett is.

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            If you can’t control locker-room distractions, you’re in the wrong business as a NFl head coach.

          • that’s my thought too, but sometimes you have to be able to have your OWN locker room distractions, not ones you inherited.

            Overall I want Bennett to stay, but if he’s traded I’m convinced it’s solely because Pace and Fox think it was absolutely necessary, which means something is going on behind the scenes we don’t know about.

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            Well…I’ll tell you what will happen in plain sight.

            A poor team made with lots of good team mates losing games.

          • at first, yes. Pace is obviously worrying more about long-term than 2015 if he trades Bennett on top of Marshall.

            I’m with you, it takes talent to win games, and sometimes that involves putting up with less than ideal character. But you also have to pick and choose your battles and know who to keep and dump.

          • That’s the thing. We’re not privy to the locker room. But history has illustrated that both Bmarsh and Bennett were locker room distractions on other teams. That’s why they were available for the Bears in the first place. It was never a question of talent, production or potential.

            There comes a tipping point between talent and distraction – we can coin it the Terrell Owens Line – or the Rick James Line – and both are perpetual line steppers.

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            Or add…like much more dangerous lose cannons in the form of McDonald.

            PS: Lovie never won with such a tactic. Fox neither.

            Caroll instead won controlling a team full of lose cannons.

          • McDonald is a different kind of loose cannon. No problems on the field or in the locker room. His problems are completely away from football and only impact the team if they prevent him from being available to play.

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            Yeah… but if he screws up off field, he becomes a lose cannon inside.

            It would be a huge story in the NFL and the natural question will emerge “So we got rid of Marshall and Bennett, more or less model citizens and added this guy?”.

            That ‘my own loose cannon’ label also adds a certain level of extra heat.

          • more or less model citizens? In the context of the locker room, it’s tough to argue that. And that’s why Marshall was traded and Bennett is reportedly on the block.

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            Stupid moves. You can’t replace that kind of production in 2 years, yet alone 1.

            Now ,if the strategy is indeed ‘lets be great when Rodgers retires’ great. Great for them, certainly not for me as a fan.

          • If this was some first time head coach like Trestman, then I’d buy that angle.
            But this is Fox. He’s old school and has handled all kinds of personalities with ease.

            This leads me to believe that it’s a BENNETT problem. There’s a reason the Cowboys just let him walk, just like there’s a reason the Broncos and Dolphins let Bmarsh walk.

            Certain player can’t be “tamed”. Even the great Billichick couldn’t “control” Brandon Merriweather aka SWOLE.

            That dude kept head hunting and free-lancing no matter how much he was coached up to do otherwise.

            Bennett and Bmarsh aren’t alone. Long list of players who simply poison locker rooms (SS Sweringer, Texas, Pit-bull)

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            all I’m saying you don’t fight cancer with the ax. Sometimes, maybe… every time, nope.

          • Huge Bear’s Penis

            a scalpel got rid of my cancer. then a little radiation to eradicate any other stragglers.

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            this is a sensitive subject and I hesitated when I wrote that.

            Use figurative meanings like that when many had personal involvement can cause hurt and become almost an insult.

            I hope I didn’t do that to you. It was figurative speech.

          • Huge Bear’s Penis

            HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! i like to make people feel uncomfortable when they say crazy shit. No i am not insulted. It was 15 years ago i am free and clear of cancer, i like to joke about it.

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            I’m not uncomfortable, but attentive.

      • BearDown100393

        The dude body slammed the team’s top draft pick in training camp for no reason. The guy is a loose cannon.

  • GPLDAN Trades Down

    I can tell you that Allen’s agent let it leak that he was none too happy about the switch away from Tucker and the 4-3.

    Now he’s tweeting a different tune, that he is ready to take on the ROLB role.


    I don’t see it. This is a hand in the dirt speed rusher, and specifically a turf rusher. If there was a guy to deal to the Falcons, it’s Allen. Make him a bundle deal with Bennett. He’s gonna suck as a ROLB and you can bank that.

    • BerwynBomber

      My thought too. Allen has been a one-trick pony most of his career. Mind, for most of his career it was a helluva trick but he has never had Pep-like versatility. Not in the cards.

      • Mathis and Freeney were one-trick ponies too though.
        We’ll see. I’m sorta ambivalent about it. On one hand, I can see him bombing. Never played stand up. Old. Broken.
        But to me he’s smart, which is good when his head is up. He can see more of what’s going on. He was sick last season, lost like 20 pounds or something? His sack total suffered cuz of it, but also when containing running QBs, he played a lot of contain.
        Let’s not forget that on paper his surrounding cast is better (McPhee, McDonald + draft picks), and the Ace of Spades, Fangio putting them in a position to succeed.

        We’ll see. I’m more worried about his body breaking down.

        • BerwynBomber

          Valid counter via the Mathis comp — but has Freeney distinguished himself that much as a 3-4 LB?

          Gotta imagine POX would have moved Allen in a heartbeat during FA if a valid offer was made. His contract is rather hefty.

          • Yeah, that’s just it. Some can convert, others can’t, but many didn’t think Mathis could.
            Then again, Mathis got suspended for PEDs and tore his achilles while at stand up.

      • AlbertInTucson

        No tears were shed when he bailed out of Minnehaha.

    • he’ll be a situational pass rusher and be better this year than he was in 2014. And then gone after 2015. And you can bank on that.

      • GPLDAN Trades Down

        Better than last year? Well… there’s a real high bar to set….

  • FourFeathers

    Where there is smoke there is fire. I would say Martellus is gone and I’m okay with that. I trust Pace and Fox and I’m not naive about the rebuilding and the culture change that has to happen. Patience Grasshopper.

    • Trac

      Give me my feather back!

  • Waffle

    In a morbid turn of events….


    Maybe he’ll drop to the 4th or 5th round?? Pace!!! Find that alibi!!!

    • GPLDAN Trades Down

      The kid inside her survived. If DNA shows he’s the dad, then we have a Rae Curruth-er in the draft. Isn’t the NFL lovely?

      • Waffle

        Isn’t Carruth getting out in 2018?

    • Mayock said he’s practically undraftable right now given the uncertainty.. You can slap a prego around, you can cane your child, you can throw your gf on a bed of AKs, you can knock out your fiance in the elevator…but murdering your prego girl THAT will not abide…

      • Waffle

        i’m laughing but it’s more of a sad laugh.

    • NewBearInTown

      If he drops that far, I would take him. Third day picks get cut all the time – you take your chances.
      A couple years ago the Patriots got Alfonzo Dennard, who was accused of punching a cop and has continued to have some legal troubles. But they got him in the seventh round. If he went to jail, they cut him and who cares. If he turned around, he had first round talent. Turns out it was somewhere in the middle, but he’s been a great value for them.
      Likewise the Bengals got Vontaze Burfict. Another trouble maker. But he’s been great on and off the field since signing with them.
      I’m not using a pick in the first three rounds with that kind of risk. But in the fifth or sixth? Why not take a flyer?

      • Being fat, slow and overly angry is one thing.
        Murdering your pregnant ex is quite another.
        Imagine if he’s guilty? Pace can’t just stroll up to the podium and say, ‘My bad’.
        That’s not exactly a good start.

        Maybe someone like Bill can take him, someone with a bit more pull. MAYBE. I think the owner would have to ok that pick though.

        • Waffle

          “when Mr. Collins proclaimed that he indeed did “kill that bitch”, our people had assumed he meant the enormous roast beef po’boy whose wrapper was laying on the ground of his grandmothers house.”

        • NewBearInTown

          Pace doesn’t wait, he strolls up to the podium on day one and says “we’re aware of the charges, we’re going to do our due diligence. If we determine that its not appropriate to have him on the team, he will not come to camp, he will not be on the roster. If we determine that he’s someone innocent we think got caught up in something at the wrong time, then we got a great football player.”
          If I’m not mistaken, fifth round contracts are not guaranteed the way high picks are.

          • Waffle

            Ginnie and George blew their gangster wad on Ray McDonald. There will be no more character risks. They already said they’ve removed some additional names from their board.

      • Waffle

        haha, i’m starting to get turned off by the guys we reward with millions.

  • John Doe

    There were some people here who were saying last week that Martellus Bennett missing the voluntary workouts with the new staff is no biggie.

    Well, it was a biggie. We learned today he is on trading block and was discussed in a deal with Seattle before they settled for Jimmy Graham.

    Sometimes things are exactly the way they seem.

    Good break for Blake Annen. He did well at Cincinnati in college and learned last year with Chip kelly in training camp.

    • Barb UMihai Mar

      yes, but the sense of his absence has shifted.

      it’s not Bennett that doesn’t want to be there, it’s the new regime who dislikes his presence.

  • NewBearInTown

    Three interesting scenarios where the Bears trade up:
    1 (the QB shocker) – The Bears trade Jay Cutler to Cleveland for one of the Brown’s two #1 picks; the Bears then turn around and package that extra first together with #7 to move up to #2 and take Marcus Mariota. Its not happening, but if the Bears were going to get him, that’s one way to get it done.
    2 (the dump Martellus deal) – The Bears trade Martellus Bennett to Oakland (who need another receiving threat) in exchange for swapping #4 for #7. They use #4 to take Fowler. Oakland uses #7 to take the remainder of Cooper and White. This is a realistic way to trade Bennett and get some value for him, though an extra pick might be better.
    3 (the pass rusher or bust deal) – The Bears trade their third or fourth round pick to either Oakland (#4) or Washington (#5) to leap frog the Jets. They select their preferred pass rusher (probably Fowler) before New York can get him. I could see this happening if the Bears have two defensive players they covet and one of them goes to Jacksonville at #3.

    • Waffle

      very interesting NB.

    • the last scenario is the most likely.

      • NewBearInTown

        Yeah, trading picks is always more likely than trading players. But its a funny off-season this year. A lot more movement of players than is typical.

    • 1) Doubt CLE gives up that pick for a 32 year old QB, but you never know.
      2) No way in hell Bennett is worth that trade up to Oakland
      3) I would not be happy with this trade, but something like that could be possible. Would probably cost a 3rd. I have a tough time seeing Pace do that when he’s already down a pick.

      • Waffle

        Woodman, if you’re the Bucs and your team is an overall dumpster fire don’t you trade back from number 1 and get multiple first and second round picks and rebuild at multiple positions in one draft?

        • NewBearInTown

          No. If you see a true franchise QB, you give up your entire roster to get him. Without a quarterback, it doesn’t matter who else is on the team, you’re wasting your time.

        • if you think either of the top QBs are franchise guys, you have to take them in that spot. Most important position on the field by a mile.

  • Waffle

    Ok, so if both QB’s go in the first 6 picks along with Leonard Wiliams, Fowler and Cooper that means that there is a good shot that we’ll have the following guys available:

    I just don’t see a bad choice. I don’t see a tradeback either though. This is no time to fuck around. Address a glaring need and then pull an anti angelo and actually hit on your 2nd and 3rd rounder.

  • Viva

    Scherff me.

  • Scott W.

    Offer Tennessee what it takes, and draft Marcus Mariota tonight.

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