Three Bears Thoughts as We Enter July

| June 30th, 2015


As most of you know, this site does not produce content for content’s sake or for clicks. And as you’ll see with our upcoming sponsor announcements, money doesn’t drive the DBB omnibus. From Labor Day to New Year’s there is new stuff here every single day. This time of year? Not so much.

But I have a few thoughts…

#1 Jared Allen may be the key to the 2015 Bears defense. The more I think about this group heading into the season, the more I wonder just what Vic Fangio and John Fox and going to do with Allen. Is he going to have his hand on the ground? Is he going to be a stand-up outside linebacker? If I were the defensive brain trust I would never stop moving Allen around the defensive front and install a singleminded: get the quarterback.

#2 When ESPN’s Jeff Dickerson, who I generally like, writes the Bears have a “quarterback crisis”…I mean, c’mon. The Bears have a good quarterback. Is he a great one? No. What they have is hardly a crisis and that language is being used to incite the Cutler supporters out there. Dickerson is better than that. It’s a Haugh move.

#3 Sometimes I wonder if the complete lack of expectations for the 2015 Bears might not be the best thing for them?

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  • TheBigCheesy

    jeff dickerson has been down on Cutler for years (maybe even since the beginning?). He’s not trying to bait or incite; he genuinely despises the Bears quarterback situation.

    • TheBigCheesy

      And for what it’s worth I’m fairly certain most around the league feel the same way. Not all of them would use the word “crisis”, but I’m sure some would.

  • Sactowns#1
    • Bender McLugh

      5 star ratings on that first one baby! The verified purchaser was named “Kristen C.”

    • The only review on that Cutler face mask:
      Great for trolling

      Send this to your friends who root for the Bears and watch the explicit text messages fly in

  • Bender McLugh

    Dickerson is forgetting about the real Bears QB crises (yes kids, that’s plural for crisis) the team & fans endured for years and years. Now? Not so much…

    • AlbertInTucson

      Dickerson has to fill space.

    • SC Dave

      “It’s a Haugh move.”

      Nailed it, Jeff. While everyone knows I’m not exactly enamored with Jay, we are miles from a “crisis”.

    • Irish Sweetness

      If Ryan Fitz or Kyle were on the team, we’d have a crisis, because the best QB – or at least the one who looks after the ball – would be riding the bench. At no point in the season will we be shaking our heads going “Jimmy woulda f**kin NAILED that !!”

  • Bender McLugh

    because, ‘Murica

  • Not sure if it’s a “crisis”, but going into a season with a QB you’re only starting because of the contract is not exactly ideal. Trying and failing to unload him (cuz no one else wants him). Trying and failing to move up for Mariotta. Having no other real options in FA for a QB.

    The QB situation just doesn’t seem right. It’s a whole new regime, and they should be able to start with their own Qb or “bridge” QB to save on cap, but alas, we’re stuck.

    It’s like divorcing your wife but still having to live with her for a year. It feels wrong.

    • sometimes it works (like Alex Smith in SF when Harbaugh showed up). Often it doesn’t (Bulger when Fisher showed up in STL, Hasselbeck when Carroll showed up in SEA). One way or another, Cutler will be gone in 2 years, tops. In the meantime, he’s a perfectly competent bridge QB until they can find their guy.

      • Usu when I think bridge QB, I think of guys like Orton, Fitzpatrick, dude’s who don’t cost $20M/yr.
        I think Cutler will be gone too, but this season will start off weird (esp given Cutler’s stellar history vs GB).

        I don’t hate Cutler – I just think it’s best for both parties to go their own ways. It’s time. The sooner the better.

        • SC Dave

          The contract is a sunk cost and cannot be recovered. Hence, it’s no longer worth talking about.

        • Irish Sweetness

          The time was before this season though, those draft picks should now be on our roster. And Leonard Williams.

      • Irish Sweetness

        That’s one expensive bridge, Woodsy!

        • QBs are damn expensive. Very recent trend (like, last 3-4 years), but it is what it is. Everybody of Cutler’s caliber is getting paid like that in the NFL these days. It’s insane.

  • Nice to know we don’t have the only malcontent Bennett


    I don’t know what’s up with them. Is acting like a whiny bitch genetic? Must be.

    I also heard that Wilson is asking for $25M/yr. Yikes!

    I think LaCanfora (or some insider) predicted the Seahawks let him play this year, and tag him next year with the hope that someone will give up the picks for him, and they’ll just plug some other QB in.

    • I find it funny that he and Carmelo Anthony are both bitching for opposite reasons.
      Anthony: I took the most $$ possible to re-sign with a shitty team last year, and now I’m pissed the team is shitty!

      Bennett: I willingly took less money to stay on a really good team last year, and now I’m pissed I’m getting underpaid on a really good team!

      They both made their choice knowing full well what they were getting themselves into, and I can’t fault either man for his choice, but I can fault them for bitching about it only a year later.

      • And I don’t get his brother bitching either.
        He claims he “outperformed” his contract? So, when he signed (a very lucrative contract), Bennett expected to suck?
        So, all of a sudden, Bennet’s like, “Hey, I’m actually pretty good and didn’t try to gyp the Bears.”

        Bennett also forgets that the Bears took a risk too since Bennett didn’t have a sterling rep (as Cowboy fans warned us about) and never played TE full time.

        So now that Bennett hasn’t underachieved, he’s wanting to be rewarded? WTF?

        I can understand if someone like Young claims he’s out performed his contract, but Bennett got more than enough $ given his situation at the time.

        • Irish Sweetness

          Ditka would have dumped a guy like that, and I’m with coach. Too big for his boots and crazy as fuck.

    • BerwynBomber

      Wilson will be paid. Not only has he developed a winner’s rep but statistically (both in QBR and QR) he rates very high. As an example his career QR is almost 99. To put that in perspective, Cutty has never cracked 90 in a single season.

      In short, the kid looks like the goods.

      • would you give up two 1st rounders and $25/yr for him?

        That’s what the Hawks have to weigh.

        I’m hoping they don’t pay him to start a trend. These mediocre Qbs getting astronomical contracts gotta stop somewhere.

        Wilson is better than mediocre, but it’d be a good start. Market’s gotta balance out somehow.

        • Sactowns#1

          I’d say those decisions are only necessitated by the fact that rules changes have made the QB far too important to a teams success. I see the pendulum swinging back in the near future with the early signs showing the league is willing to change rules to make scoring more difficult with the new extra point rules.

          • SC Dave

            I agree, except I don’t think the extra point rule change will have one iota of impact on QB value. Except relative to kickers, perhaps.

          • Irish Sweetness

            I guess having Robbie is at least worth something in whatever that whole thing ends up costing teams. Extra points in the depths of December at Soldier Field are going to take some making. Probably.

        • BerwynBomber

          You and I usually agree on most things football but here we will agree to disagree. I don’t think Wilson is where you start in bringing some sanity back to qb contracts. Other than Luck, he looks like the heir apparent to the Brady/Manning/Rodgers/Brees line. Yeah, Wilson’s a different type of qb, but thus far he has been good enough to warrant the comparison/expectation.

          So yeah, I pay him. It is a qb-driven league and he is also young. I have doubts about him ever making the complete transition to pure drop-back but he also appears damn durable, and if that’s the case, his next contract will have long-since expired before a team has to worry about his legs being shot.

          In terms of bringing sanity back to QB contract, I think the most absurd ones are for MOR guys who get paid as if they are elite. That, to me, is where the silliness is located.

      • Irish Sweetness

        How would Russell have done as a Bear, I wonder? I love the kid, but he’s been seen in the best possible light. Actually, he does pretty well under a rush and on the move, and he’d have had better receivers with us (formerly).

    • AlbertInTucson

      I believe I heard that the Seahawks have had to pay Wilson something short of $3m so far
      for his entire CAREER to date.

      That left a lot of money to spend on their defense.

      But that party is over and, as always, payback’s a bitch.

  • Bears-4-Ever

    Cutler IS a good QB. Not Great, I agree. If we can put a good line in front of him I think he’ll be fine for this season. Next season who knows, it really all depends on this season to know for sure. Either way I don’t see Cutty staying a Bear after 2016.

    • Irish Sweetness

      If we can actually find a way to run the @#$! football, he could look very good indeed, at 25 passes a game with a little old thing called playaction, and a defense that is kept honest.

  • BearDown100393

    “What they have is hardly a crisis and that language is being used to incite the Cutler SUPPORTERS out there.”

    Well God forbid should Dickerson piss off Kristin Cavallari. After all, she already hates living in Chicago.

    • Huge Bear’s Penis

      oh no she hates living in Chicago. who cares!

  • The GP

    “A Haugh move”

    It’s like a dick move, only even more self-serving.

    • Scharfinator

      I’m trying to figure out a witty saying for a dick move and connecting it to masturbation for the self-serving angle.

      Anddddd I’ve got nothing.

      • SC Dave

        Well, reporters have beats, and Haugh has always been a bit off, so maybe that will help someone more clever than I.

    • BearDown100393

      Mariotti move

  • Blackhawks trade Saad. Shit.
    That hard cap in the NHL is a bitch.

    • BearDown100393

      So much for the hometown discount promise.

    • Bender McLugh

      yeah that is a big bummer for us fans, Saad is incredible and is getting better each year. Seems they did get in return the big center they’ve been hunting for a while, according to Bowman anyway.

  • BerwynBomber

    Cutler is an average QB. Good is a bit of a stretch.

    Allen will be interesting, but at this point in his career I would be surprised if he morphs into a one-man wrecking crew.

    • beninnorcal

      As a Bears fan for 30 years, I’d classify him as above-average or ‘good’. By Bears standards he could almost be classified as great. By NFL standards he is good.

      • BearDown100393

        By Bears standards, Jimmy Clausen is good.

        • Huge Bear’s Penis

          that may be true but he is no Josh McCown,

          • BearDown100393

            Evidently neither is Johnny Football

        • Irish Sweetness

          And Brian Griese is very good.

    • Johnnywad

      Wouldn’t average be a high level back up?

      • BerwynBomber

        I was thinking Blogfather meant “good” in comparison to the league’s 32 starters.

        Cutler generally finishes anywhere from 12-20 in the two best aggregate quarterback ranking systems we have thus far: QR and QBR. Last year he finished 21st in the latter and 17th in the former. A bit of a down year for him.

        His career QR is 85.2 which ties him for 13th among active starters with one Andy Dalton. So I guess you can call him good but you would basically have to call Andy Dalton that too.

        Plus, Cutty could easily slip in the active career rankings soon. A guy like Nick Foles doesn’t have enough pass attempts to qualify but when he does he will assuredly pass Cutty. And there are a few guys right behind Cutty (Flacco, Tannenhill, Stafford) whose careers seem on the upswing. And a couple of guys behind him — namely Flacco and E. Manning — for whom you could easily make a case as being better than Jay based on their post-season success/heroics.

        I guess you can seem him as good but if so he’s sort of C+ level good rather than straight B good.

        • SC Dave

          C+ seems about right to me. *Maybe* as high as B-.

          • BerwynBomber

            Yup, B- works too. Thing is, Cutler has had years where he has done B+ level work. Maybe he will achieve that under Gase/Fox. But he has also had years where he does C- level work. Last year fell under the latter category.

          • Irish Sweetness

            I think you have to rate the Kenny Stablers, Jim Kellys, Terry Bradshaws, John Elways, Dan Fouts, Jim Plunkett-types as B- quarterbacks.

            Cutty is nowhere near any of those guys IMHO, and has to rank somewhere in the Cs.

  • willbest

    Why Brandon Saad, why?

    • BearDown100393


    • AlbertInTucson

      CAP squeeze. And this is just the beginning.

      No WAY the Hawks could pay what Saad was supposedly asking for a long term deal.

      $6.5M per for 6 years according to TSN..

      They had to move him or lose him as a free agent and I believe the deadline was tomorrow.

      Columbus has the CAP space.

      I don’t wish him ill but, there’s no Toews or Kane to line up with with the Bluejackets.

      The Blackhawks will still need to trim payroll.

      I’ll be surprised if Patrick Sharp is still in Chicago come October.

      • Yep, they’re going to lose Saad, Vermette, Richards, and Oduya, plus one or two of Sharp, Bickell, and Versteeg. That’s tough.

        The upside? They suddenly have a glut of promising young players on defense (Johns, TVR, Pokka) and offense (Dano, Terevainen, Panarin). Might be a years’ relapse before enough of those guys are ready that they’re true contenders again though.

        • SC Dave

          If only the Bears could have a decade or two of being contenders every other year.

          • AlbertInTucson


        • AlbertInTucson

          I believe Richards signed with the Wings today.

          • and Vermette in Phoenix.

            Rumors they are working to keep Oduya around. That would probably require moving Sharp, maybe Bickell too, but would be fantastic IMO. Keep those top 4 D + have some nice youngsters coming up.

          • AlbertInTucson

            Oduya was another great mid-season acquisition a couple of seasons ago, but he’ll be 34 at the start of next season.

          • I’d be A-OK with Oduya back for 2 years at Bickell’s salary if they can dump Bickell. By that time young guys like Johns and TVR should be ready to take that spot.

          • AlbertInTucson

            Bickell was pretty much a no-show thia season. He’s another one I doubt they bring back.

          • have to get somebody to take his contract. 2 years left at $4M per.

      • BearDown100393

        Columbus with or without Saad is still a dump of a franchise.

        • AlbertInTucson

          The only NHL team with it’s own holiday.

  • wow. On one hand, I hate flying so I sympathize. On the other hand, Paris Hilton thinking she’s going to crash on a plane is schadenfreude at its finest


    • Sactowns#1

  • BearDown100393

    You can probably find a SB ring on Ebay if wanted that badly. Or just offer $50 to Fridge for his.

  • Shady

    Help us Obi Fox Kenobi, you’re our only hope… Please turn this shit show in Lake Forest around into something respectable and worth watching.

  • AlbertInTucson

    Anyone else think if Jared Allen is the “…key to the 2015 Bears defense.” that we’re in a world of hurt?

    • BearDown100393

      Would have rather read “a key” instead of “the key”.

    • Johnnywad

      That was my first thought as well.

  • AlbertInTucson

    Sox win in 11. Whoopee.


    Sale fans a dozen, scores the only run the Sox would get him and gets a “No Decision” for his effort.

    • BerwynBomber

      On a decent team Sale would arguably lead the league in wins.

      • this is why nobody cares about wins for a pitcher anymore. ERA, yes, but there are better stats than that too.

        • BearDown100393

          WHIP is pretty much the top stat?

          • Devo was right? I stopped following baseball a while back, what’s WHIP?

          • BearDown100393

            (Walks+Hits)/Innings Pitched…. I believe.

          • there are also stats that track how much is on pitchers (strikeouts and walks are directly controlled by them) vs. how much is luck (batting average on balls in play)

    • SC Dave

      Meanwhile, our women will soon be playing for a real world championship. You know, one for which countries all over the world actual compete.

  • AlbertInTucson

    “DaBearsBlog @dabearsblog
    Really, Blackhawks fans? You’re mad? I feel so bad for you! You lost a player! Oh no! How ever will you cope?!?!’

    That sounds way too much like a jealous 12 year old girl.

    • BearDown100393

      A classic symptom of twitteritis.

  • HappyFave

    With all the Cutler apologizing that happens on this site sometimes it’s really hard for me to even finish reading articles.

    • beninnorcal

      “Doooon’t Caaaaare!”
      -Jay Cutler

      • Irish Sweetness

        In essence, that’s how I’ll remember him. Drunk at urinal, cig in mouth, relieving his million-dollar lizard, being honest with a fan.

    • Fret not. The end is nigh.

    • BearDown100393

      A montage of Cutler’s career as a Bear would blend well with “The End”.

  • BerwynBomber

    Mildly surprised that Jimmy Buckets took the five year offer. It is a ton of money but my suspicion is that he generally resents the coddling of Rose (and Rose himself) and would have opted for a three year deal to give himself a quicker out if things turn sour. Then again, Rose’s own deal expires in another two years so maybe that was factored in as well.

    Good news is Bulls will have pretty much the exact same roster as they did this past year. Bad news is Lebron is still in the conference.

    Will be interesting to see what Hoiberg gets out of the team vs. what Thibs did.

    • BearDown100393

      Maybe Butler learned something about the Bulls future and Rose in general that persuaded him to take the offer.

  • EnderWiggin
  • Big Mike

    Cutler… it now cracks me up to listen/read about him. If you don’t think he sucks you are an apologist. If you do think he sucks, You haven’t truly seen suck. He’s been inconsistent. He’s ranked as high as 7 and and as low as 22 over the last 5 years (based on QBR). There are QBs who haven’t cracked the top 20 in that time. Those are his replacements.

    • BerwynBomber

      His average QBR since joining the Bears is 17. The 7 ranking year was an outler. All other years here he has finished in the 16-22 range.

      In terms of your “sucks” claim regarding his critics … meh.

      The criticism and defending cuts both ways. The people who constantly say he is good aren’t living in reality nor are those that constantly say he sucks. He’s pretty much average.

      • Big Mike

        So you prove my point. 17 doesn’t suck. Is he overpaid absolutely.

        • BerwynBomber

          Nor is he good. Again, he’s average.

          • Big Mike

            Don’t disagree. My point was he doesn’t suck.

          • BerwynBomber

            Agreed. I just tire of the “hater” tag for anyone who criticizes Cutler.

            Anyway, we will see what he does this year. Could have a good one under Gase and Fox. All the weapons are there. If the line remains healthy he is set up for success.

          • Big Mike

            That’s what makes me laugh. You’re either an apologist or a hater. But realist ( he’s average) or pragmatist (he’s way better than what’s available) you basically are drowned out.

  • StarkyLuv

    I’ll point out AGAIN that the biggest problem from the Bears’ previous two season was completely inept, terrible COACHING in all three phases.. Not the only problem but definitely the BIGGEST. The exponential upgrade in Coaching the the Offense and Defense (jury’s still out on Special Teams) will improve this team greatly.

    Just having a defense (poor defense was THE biggest issue the previous 2 seasons, not Cutler) coached better is worth 2-3 wins alone. And having an offense designed to ACTUALLY GET RECEIVERS OPEN and not just run to spot and make a play on a ball is worth a couple of wins.

    I’m confident in an 8-8 season at the very least. It’s up to better decisions from Cutler and the defense actually making some game-breaking plays to get them to the 10 win mark.

  • Huge Bear’s Penis

    it is the off-season right??? So my guess is that not much is going on around league offices. the draft is over, next years schedule is set, most if not all agreements with “charities” the NFL will bilk, i mean “support” have been signed, so why the hell is it taking so long for them to make a decision on appeals for Greg Hardy, or Tom Brady. I got a feeling they are trying to wait for the next PR disaster to happen so the decisions won’t be focused as much.

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