The 2015 Chicago Bears Schedule

| April 22nd, 2015


Week One – Sunday September 13th (noon)

  • Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers 

Week Two – Sunday September 20th (noon)

  • Chicago Bears vs. Arizona Cardinals

Week Three – Sunday September 27th (3:25)

  • Chicago Bears @ Seattle Seahawks

Week Four – Sunday October 4th (noon)

  • Chicago Bears vs. Oakland Raiders 


This is a classic you’d-sign-for-.500 start to the season.


Week Five – Sunday October 11th (noon)

  • Chicago Bears @ Kansas City Chiefs

Week Six – Sunday October 18th (noon)

  • Chicago Bears @ Detroit Lions

Week Seven – Sunday October 25th

  • BYE

Week Eight – Sunday November 1st (noon)

  • Chicago Bears vs. Minnesota Vikings

Week Nine – Monday November 9th (7:30 pm)

  • Chicago Bears @ San Diego Chargers


I will price out hotels for that weekend in San Diego about two thousand times between today and the start of the regular season. It’s nowhere near as late as I’d hoped but it’s still tickling the inner palm of the cold air.


Week Ten – Sunday November 15th (noon)

  • Chicago Bears @ St. Louis Rams

Week Eleven – Sunday November 22nd (noon)

  • Chicago Bears vs. Denver Broncos

Week Twelve – THANKSGIVING NIGHT November 26th (7:30 pm)

  • Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers

Week Thirteen – Sunday December 6th (noon)

  • Chicago Bears vs. San Francisco 49ers


Scheduling the Bears at Lambeau on Thanksgiving makes zero sense. First, there is no reason to believe the Bears will be any good this year and this time slot should be reserved for two elite teams. Second, if the league really wanted the Bears/Packers rivalry in this slot, why not have the game in Chicago? Isn’t there a far greater chance of a competitive game being played at Soldier Field?

Side note: This game will also be the night the Packers retire Brett Favre’s jersey. So, you know, double ugh.


Week Fourteen – Sunday December 13th (noon)

  • Chicago Bears vs. Washington Redskins

Week Fifteen – Sunday December 20th (noon)

  • Chicago Bears @ Minnesota Vikings

Week Sixteen – Sunday December 27th (noon)

  • Chicago Bears @ Tampa Bay Bucs

Week Seventeen – Sunday January 3rd (noon)

  • Chicago Bears vs. Detroit Lions


On paper the easiest portion of the Bears schedule. If the team gets through the first 12 games at .500 you’d have to like their chances to go 3-1 down the stretch and boast a winning campaign.

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  • Big Mike

    A1-3 start would actually be promising. I like the schedule

  • How the FUCK does a 5 win team start off with THOSE 4 games? Does any team have a harder 4 games to start the season?

    • Meanwhile, the Pats play the Steelers, Bills, Jags and Cowboys.

      So somehow the SB Champs have an easier first 4 games than a 5 win team.


      • again, based on predetermined formula that rotates who you play evenly relative to the rest of the teams in your conference.

        • Like I said before even looking at the schedule. Only certainty is that the Pats will get a cupcake schedule, and everyone else will get screwed.

          PITs won’t even have Bell in that game either. Oh well. Thems are the breaks. Trial by fire. We’re going to find out right away about Cutler. He blows donkey balls vs the Pack, and Cards and Hawks boast formibidable Ds.

          Maybe we should draft Scherff…

          • T’Challa

            Pats tend to have a cupcake schedule because they play in the AFCE. And if they have the AFCS as their opponents, it should be pretty easy for them.

    • the only games CHI has next year based on their 2014 record are WAS and TB. The other 14 have been determined for years.

      • willbest

        Sure but that doesn’t mean we deserve to open up the season against 3 teams that have averaged 10.25, 10.5, and 12.5 wins their last two years with a combined 1 SB win, and 5 playoff appearances.

        • you have to play them at some point. Doesn’t really matter when.

    • Bear Down in Tampa

      I’d rather get those out of the way though while the team is still trying to gel. 1-3 with no expectations is better than getting 4 cupcakes to start the season, going 4-0, 3-1 and then getting crushed in December when the rough patch hits. Would rather a team with a new coach finish strong and build momentum going into 2016.

  • TheBigCheesy

    “Second, if the league really wanted the Bears/Packers rivalry in this slot, why not have the game in Chicago? Isn’t there a far greater chance of a competitive game being played at Soldier Field?”

    Actually, the Bears are 4-18 against the Packers over their last 22 home games sooooo…. maybe not.

    • NewBearInTown

      That is, sadly, a fair point.

    • margin of victory, though. I expect GB to sweep CHI-again-this year, assuming Rodgers plays both games. But I’m guessing the home game will be less of a blowout than the one in Lambeau.

      This was more about giving GB the chance to retire Favre’s number in that slot-which should definitely be done against the Bears-than anything, IMO. Side note: it would have been hilarious to see Favre’s number retired against MIN.

      • TheBigCheesy

        yeah that would have been hilarious. And terrible.

        Btw, a green bay sweep would finally even up the lifetime series.

  • Pls, baby jebus, 8 pound can’t even say a word baby jebus, pls let us upset the Pack at their home on Thanks Giving while needle dick watches.
    Buffone, Sweetness, Halas…this is all I ask…

  • Phil Laysheeo

    A day after Doug Buffone dying, fuck the schedule outtrage. Just win some fucking games.

  • BearDown100393

    Since the Packers are honoring Favre on Thanksgiving, the Bears might as well respond in kind by giving Urlacher his due on the opener.

  • NewBearInTown

    San Diego is one warm weather option. But the prime ticket is probably Tampa Bay on December 27. Tickets to the game will be cheap, but tickets to Florida could be pricey that week. Though not terrible if you fly on the 25th.

    • Bear Down in Tampa

      I’ll be there!

  • NewBearInTown

    This is a tough schedule any way you look at it. The third quarter could be better than expected considering that Denver and San Fran are also playing with new coaches, and that we have the Broncos former coach telling us all the idiosyncrasies.
    I think Jeff nailed it though. If you hang on to .500 after 12 weeks, you’re looking at a chance to squeeze in to a wild card or division title by running the table with a soft final four.
    With that said, Minny and Detroit will both be good this year, even with Suh going to Miami.

  • After reviewing this schedule, we’re going 7-9.

    If POX wins more than that while remaining competitive, esp on the road or vs play-off caliber teams, I will foster hope for the future.

  • AlbertInTucson

    I am not encouraged.

    • nothing surprising here… we’ve known this schedule in everything but order since the day the season ended. Lot of teams that seem like they should be good this year. Part of the reason why I think the Bears will be much better than last year but still .500 or worse (though I wouldn’t be shocked if they somehow sneak their way to 9 wins).

      • BerwynBomber

        Actually we even knew the order of ONE game: the finale against DET. We were due the Kittens finale after finales with GB in ’13 and MINN in ’14.

      • Big Mike

        The schedule actually does us a few favors. Noon games, opening against the Packers at home, is the most opportune time for the Bears to steal one.

        • GB has started 1-2 for 3-4 years in a row, I believe.

  • Irish Sweetness

    I like it. We open 0-3. No pressure. Then the injuries will come, we’ll be worse still, and rack up those high draft picks for next year. Sweet.

    • Trac

      Imagine if the Bears can go 2-1. Sweet tomatu.

      • Big Mike

        0-3 wouldn’t mean the Bears are terrible. Those are tough opening games. 1-2 would be workable. 0-3 could very likely turn into 8-8. We could start 2-0. Home field and new scheme advantages. Good chunk of the team playing for their NFL careers.

  • Bears-4-Ever

    Well, I’m hoping for .500 this year, that way if they do better it will be a nice surprise. At least they come to St. Louis so I’ll for sure be at that one. The Bears in St. Louis is like a Bears Home game. 2/3 of the crowd are usually Bears fans. All I can add is at least we don’t play New England. 🙂

  • Irish Sweetness

    The mist has cleared. We’re drafting Trae Waynes.

    Fowler, Williams, and perhaps Beasley, will be gone. POX will figure on having no Peanut on opening or any other day. They’ll think defense first, and look at Beasley and reckon we have enough of those, but we need a top corner.

    Trae Waynes carries my four cent wager.

    • Trac

      To be perfectly honest, I nevra watched that movie. He he.

    • That’s what I was thinking. Plus, a v pair of very solid CBs can allow for more exotic blitzing, or more bllitzers.

      I would have no issues with walking away with the top CB, but Waynes is a little interesting. Some think he can go as early as #5 to Wash or as late as #11 to Minny.

      Guess we could split the difference.

  • Waffle

    Quick side note unrelated to the draft:
    Pat Foley is one of the most entertaining and consistent play by play men in sports broadcasting today. He is able to bring the intensity and emotion of the game while still staying perfect with the technical stuff going on. Really enjoyable.

    Jeff Joniak is also solid for the Bears.

  • Johnnywad

    For my part, I think the Bears are going to be a shade more competitive than the general consensus here. I believe Fox, Fangio and Gase are going to have the Bears in good form by mid season with a chance to get hot down the stretch. And Bear Down in Tampa is right. Trial by fire early, then see what they can make of an easier late schedule.

    • GPLDAN

      I just don’t get predictions like this. The draft hasn’t even taken place.

      Let’s see how they look in the 1st two PS games, THEN make this call.

      • Johnnywad

        If you can’t speculate on the success or failure of your favorite team in the off season, prior to the draft, what the hell is the point? Why even peruse this blog?

        The Bears have made massive changes since the end of the season. Other than Ray McDonald, all for the better. So I’m going rogue. I’m predicting a moderately successful season.

      • Trac

        I don’t get worried about the Bears until at least 5 games into the schedule. Prior to evra seasons first game, its always 17-0 baby.

      • It’s safe to predict that the Packers, Hawks and Cards will be much better than us this season. And given the SPANKING the Bears took from real teams last year (and some not so real, MIA), it’s also safe to project we’re at least losing.

        Now true, anything can happen. Rodgers can hurt his vadge again, Wilson could decide to play baseball, a meteor can rain down and strike Arians, but wouldn’t exactly count on it. And I wouldn’t count on the draft somehow making up more improved than them either.

        They’re good teams, and unlike us, have proven they can draft well. If anything, the draft might make them even better on paper than us.

        • SC Dave

          Or we could run the ball, get a pass rush, and not let Rodgers beat us with a 60.0 rating.
          Or Fox could be better than Arians.

          I got nothin’ for the Seahawks tho.

      • Scott W.

        Okay, I’ll just ask.

        WTF will the 1st 2 PS games tell us, other than Fox’s choice of sideline attire?

  • willbest

    Nice fall from grace only merit 2 prime time games.

    The only way we beat the packers is if we somehow take them by surprise. But considering the first 4 weeks of the NFL these days are starting to look more like an extended pre-season, that doesn’t seem likely. That the Pack get a short road jaunt to the Vikings 4 days before thanksgiving and the Bears get to host the Broncos means Thanksgiving won’t even be interesting. Looks like the Packers are going to time up the Bears in the all time series next year. Sad, sad day Thanksgiving 2015 is looking to be.

    I think the Cardinals are going to be overrated this year to the same extent people underrated them last year (at least until they lost their #1&2 QBs). I expect that game to be winnable.

    Seattle, no chance. Even with the way they lost the Superbowl they aren’t going to be that out of it to lose in their own house.

    I see 8-8 but wouldn’t be surprised with 9-7 or 7-9. If they are however sitting at 6-6 I wouldn’t be surprised if they managed to go 4-0 to make the playoffs.

  • DocNitty(BallsStillOrnamental)

    I love that the Bears are playing the Pack for Thanksgiving. My favorite holiday and for two years in a row, i get to watch the beloved.

    Love the fact that there’s only two primetime games. And one of them is on Sunday. No Monday nighters, no Thursday nighters on a work day.

    Love the fact that the bears are the Seahawks home opener. I’ll try to afford tickets especially if there is a contingent of bears bloggers flying out west for that one. Drinking and bonfire at my house in the woods on Friday night. Drinking in Seattle on Saturday night, game on Sunday. Who’s with me?

    • willbest

      The prime time game is Monday night @ San Diego. and Thanksgiving @ Green Bay

      • DocNitty(BallsStillOrnamental)

        Oh. My bad. Strike the majority of my second paragraph.

    • T’Challa

      Isn’t the chargers game a Monday night game? Or am I misreading it?

    • Big Mike

      Thanksgiving in Green Bay, when they are honoring Brett Favre… I feel a nationally televised butt whooping.

      • SC Dave

        Naw, fuck that. Perfect opportunity to spoil the party.

        • Big Mike

          Amen. That would make the season


    Columbus Ave and a section of Michigan is closed. NFL “Draft Town” in Grant Park.

    A carnival of NFL glitz. Play catch with Randy Moss! Ask him what buds he favors when in Colorado! Use your gaydar on Steve Young!

    The goofiness has kicked off.

  • T’Challa

    Seems like some tough games. I won’t make any predictions until after I have seen some preseason action.

    Football is almost here!!!

    • Scott W.

      My superstition is that if the Bears look like crap in all 4 preseason games, they light it up for 16 games afterwards.

      Of course, that won’t be true.

      • T’Challa

        That worked in ’85 if my memory serves me correctly.

        • Scott W.

          Yup. My hopes rest on a fluke from 30 years ago.
          But nothing’s happened yet, so I’ll just believe…

          • T’Challa

            Nothing wrong with hoping. Hahahaha

            I just look for player development and team improvement during the preseason. I go to Training Camp a couple of times a year to watch who stands out from the rest in a positive way.

          • Scott W.

            Cool man. I used to have to go to Colts Training Camp (work), and back then, anyway, you did get a feel for which players cared.

          • T’Challa

            I totally agree. A few years ago when Peppers was here, he was just so much better than everyone else in their drills. That was the same year Wootton played his best ball. You could see it in their practice habits. When they got in the game, it carried over.

  • Big Mike

    What I don’t want to hear in the first round of the Draft. “A surprise here at #5” or any other language with the word surprise in it. Plenty of top talent lined up in our areas of need, where the pick should be someone that has been projected to the Bears all along, or a trade back. That’s it.

    • NewBearInTown

      I’ve been looking at the field wondering what Pace’s Shea McClellin pick would be. I suspect it would be someone like Andrus Peat – supposedly a good player, but not quite what the team is looking for and generally something of a reach.
      On defense though? I guess the biggest surprise would be taking a corner other than Trae Waynes. But we’ll see, one never knows until they start playing.

      • Big Mike

        No surprises please

      • Big Mike

        This. Oh how I how hope Mcshay is right. Leonard Williams is a stud D-lineman. I understand there are no guarantees, but I’m betting he makes everyone forget in his prime Tommy Harris.



      • Yes, I think the “surprise” Shea pick could be an OT. Many scouts disagree on who the top one is, and it wouldn’t be the first time a team takes a chance on a “project” LT with athleticism.

        Kindricks could be a surprise to @ #7 since many predict him falling to the 20s (many have the Pack drafting him).

        Another possible surprise is Safety Damarious Randell who Mayock ranks ahead of Collins.

        • Trac

          So far the mocks I’ve looked at show the cheese drafting some solid bread and butter players.

          • Yes, the ones I’ve read have the Pack drafting an OT, but the Pack fans scream at that arguing that their Oline has finally been solidified (though not sure).

            It seems like a consensus that their biggest need is ILB so that Mathews can move back out and do what he does best.

            As much as I want Kendricks at the top of the 2nd, I def don’t want the Pack drafting him in the 20s, so in some sense I would want him drafted by a team prior to them.

            Who knows, they may even go TE Max Williams, but that seems a bit uncharecterstic for them.

            A NT like Goldman or Phillips might make sense too and seems to fit their model more.

          • BerwynBomber

            Mocks I’ve seen have Pack taking a CB or an ILB in the first. Kittens, IIRC, a DL or OL. Can’t remember what I have seen in regard to Minny.

      • T’Challa

        I would hope that Pace make a sound pick and not try to be too cute with his first ever pick. Shea was the beginning of the end for Emery.

    • T’Challa

      Cooper or to a lesser degree White or trade back for me.

      • Big Mike

        Nah I’m fine with those guys. Just no surprises. If day 50/50 it’s one of those two WRs

        • T’Challa

          Really hoping for Cooper. I think he adds a demension that we currently don’t have. I am afraid that Alshon may regress without a good WR on the other side.

          • Big Mike

            Kevin White is solid

          • T’Challa

            Only concern I have with White is his only one year of good production.

          • Big Mike

            I’ve seen mocks with him going before Cooper, about 70/30 favor Cooper, but still. I think that adds some reassurance

          • SC Dave

            Dunno if I worry about Alshon “regressing”. I think he’ll be better. That being said, he will see more attention so even if he is better it may not show in the numbers.

            Personally, I don’t think a top-tier WR on a rookie contract would be a bad move.

      • Those wouldn’t be surprises. Many mocks have the beloved drafting either.

        • T’Challa

          Oh, I’m not arguing that. Just stating my preference.

      • Scott W.

        I like Kevin White a lot.

    • BearDown100393

      I might be wrong. But it appears much of what we have come to expect from Halas Hall has now been changed. The old way of doing business seems over.

      • I don’t know about that. I hope so, but the one thing that worries me is that we’re still using the same scouts from the Angelo-Emery era, no?

        No one ever talks about firing the scouts, but that’s where it needs to start.

        If the draft is the lifeline of a team, then the scouts are its heart.

        Emery said it would take a few years to get his guys in, but he never really got that chance.

        • BearDown100393

          Understood. We also do not know if Emery followed the consensus opinion of his scouts or if “he went his own way”.

        • GPLDAN

          Not so Butcherino.

          Gase fired the long time Director of Pro Personnel and gutted the scout ranks of the Emery stench.

          A lot of long timers up at Halas hit the road after the new year.

          • I read about that, but I thought it was just the Director.
            He gutted the scouts too?

            That makes me much more optimistic.

            Emery pretty much inherited the Angelo scouts, esp the 1st year.

            If one really thinks about it, it’s the lowly anonymous scouts grinding it out which determine a billion dollar organization’s success or failure.

            That scout who told the Pats to believe in Brady, or that scout who told the 9ers about Montana or some kid who ran a slow 40 from a small school named Rice changed the fortunes of that team and the NFL.

          • GPLDAN

            Biggsy reminds us that AFTER the draft there will be blood. More blood.


            After Biggsy wrote this blurb, he poured two shamrock shakes, a bag of marshmellows and a scoop of crisco into a blender with some scotch.

          • SC Dave

            Mmmm mmmm… Crisco!

          • T’Challa

            In the middle rounds, I thought Angelo did a good job of finding some talent. The problem with Angelo was his first round picks, IMO. Carimi, Haynes, Grossman, C. Williams and two given away for Cutler. Not one of them made a pro bowl. Whereas Long made two pro bowls and Fuller looks to be a cornerstone in comparison. Although Shea still sticks up the place for now. Maybe the 3-4 can be a better place for him.

          • I actually don’t think Emery stunk up the draft (or FA) for that matter.
            I think Emery was probably about avg in both the draft and FA.
            Had some hits (Long, Fuller, Alshon, Bmarsh, Bennett, Houston, Slauson, Bushrod…)
            Had some misses.

            But his overlooking Arians is perhaps a fireable offense on its own on top of some of his misses plus the Cutty contract.

          • T’Challa

            I respectfully disagree. Now whether it was coaching or Emery picks, but out of three drafts, he only has 3 starters. The goal should be four starters a draft according to what Angelo once said. Emery is way below that scale while I will admit that Angelo didn’t always reach that production either.

          • Four starters a draft is an A+ draft.

            1st/2nd rounder should be starters.
            3rd should be, but often times are not.
            Anything beyond that tends to be a bonus.

            Plus, not all starters are equal. Long, Alshon are PBs. Fuller looks like a future PBer.
            Mills was a starter, but is either waning or inj.
            And we still don’t know about a few others like Ego/Sutton, or even guys like Wilson, Christian Jones, or some promising CBs who may flourish under real coaching.

            If you compare Emery’s drafts to other GMs, it’s about par.
            The most notable miss was Shea.

          • T’Challa

            I would argue that Shea, Hardin, Bostic, Ferguson, and Sutton have been disappointments to date.

            Jones was not even a draft pick.

            Emery’s drafts were subpar IMO

      • T’Challa

        Let’s hope!

  • Scott W.

    Playing GB in the opener and on Thanksgiving. I wonder how Cutler will handle that – especially the opener – under Fox/Gase and a shiny new Center.

    Gotta say, I’d love this to be the season Cutler dishes out revenge to his critics and surprises the hell out of everyone.

    • BearDown100393

      Protect the football should be his mantra.

      • Scott W.

        At all costs.

    • T’Challa

      The Bears should just “Run Forest run” the ball. Limit Cutler’s pass attempts which Fox will do. And we should have a chance in the opener.

      • John Doe

        Pick Todd Gurley at #7. Pick Rob Havenstein for RT in round 3.

        Jimmy Clausen can hand off the ball to 4 man committee: Matt Forte, Todd Gurley, KaDeem Carey, and Jaquizz Rodgers.

        Let Cutler ride the pine. And keep Aaron Rodgers on the bench.

        • T’Challa

          I think we need a dynamic WR who can stretch the field to open up our other weapons more. Give me Cooper at #7 and move Long to RT. Give me a FB as an UDFA and I think we are in good shape. I would spend our 2-4 picks on OLB, CB, and SS.

          • Scott W.

            Well, I’ve been on an utterly hopeless campaign to draft Mariota, but yours lines up more with what many here prefer.

          • I actually think we can move up for Mariota, Scott, but the POX would ABSOLUTELY have to believe in him to give up what they need in order to move up.

            Not just the picks. From a guess, we would have to give up #7, our 3rd, and 1st next year. Something along those lines.

            That’s not to mention eating the rest of Cutler’s contract and taking the $15 cap hit since it would almost be a given he’d have to go.

            At most we’d get a 2nd for him, but more realistically, a 3rd.

          • Scott W.

            Yeah, I know. Sigh.

            I just keep wondering what we will do next year, and years after for a good, solid, non-insane QB after this season.

            This seems like a good time to grab a Mariota if at all possible, for the future. No baggage, smart, fast…how many of those show up in our draft reach every year? We all know Jay isn’t our long term answer, so…..

            Hell, I don’t know. It just feels like the right guy at the right time, but that’s all I’ve got Butch. That, and shoes that almost fit.

          • Irish Sweetness

            I wouldn’t draft him at 7 never mind moving up for him and killing the draft off, and perhaps next year’s too. This kid is probably not Joe Montana.

          • T’Challa

            Mariota scares me with his lack of running a pro style offense. While he may one day be very good, I think it won’t manifest until 3 years down the road and only with good coaching. I don’t believe Gase will be around here that long.

          • Scott W.

            Adam Jahns said the same thing about Gase in a twitter exchange I did with him a couple weeks ago.

          • T’Challa

            Thanks. I’m glad to know my thoughts aren’t coming from left field. I do however, think the QB coach could step up and do well when Gase moves on.

          • SC Dave

            What makes everyone think Gase won’t get Fox’ job?

          • T’Challa

            Fox will be the coach for at least 3 seasons, IMO. Gase will get a shot at HC before then. He was one of the hot candidates this past offseason.

          • It’s almost win/win though. If Gase remains a hot HC prospect with Cutler, that could only mean good things for the Bears.

          • T’Challa

            True, but that is another topic.

          • Scott W.

            Who said he wouldn’t?

          • Scott W.

            Mariota is nearly a perfect 1st year understudy. I think he’s on the same track as Matt Ryan, and closer to Rodgers than people think.

            Cue the ridicule….

          • T’Challa

            With so many holes, I personally wouldn’t want the Bears to invest a top 10 pick on a player who would not be ready for 2 years. Top 10 = instant starter, IMO

          • If that. Look at Kap. Still doesn’t read fast enough, and lacks touch and accuracy.

            If one believes in Mariotta, really it’s betting on his mind, if it can learn/adapt and execute.

            That’s a steep learning curve though, like you said.

          • Scott W.

            I just don’t think he’s beyond repair to the point he’ll be the next Kap or Geno or whoever.

            Neither of those 2 have his smarts, and neither have his hunger to translate what he learns into play time.

            He’s a better version of Matt Ryan after a year under Gase. And more mobile.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Every human being alive has upside when they’re young. Look at Cutty, he was a hot sausage as a rook and a sophomore …. nine years in and he didn’t learn a thing. Not a thing. At least that’s the way it looks.

          • SC Dave

            Moving Long is stupid. And it gets no less stupid regardless of the number of times it is repeated on this blog.

          • T’Challa

            Not just on this blog is the belief that Long would be good at OT. In Kromer’s system the ephasis is on the OG and allowing the QB to step up in the pocket.

          • Scott W.

            That, plus, for 22k, he will teach you how to throw a spear….

        • Scott W.

          I do think Fox will lay down the law with Jay, but for all the dough he will make regardless, it may not matter to him.

    • Johnnywad

      Me too. I kept hoping Grossman would do the same thing though until he was gone.

      • Scott W.

        Oh…thanks for THAT memory…I had almost managed to forget “Good Rex/Bad Rex”….which of course begs the question,

        Why do we keep winding up with the schizophrenic QB’S???

      • SC Dave

        Yeah, he was a frustrating one. *So* polar – occasionally crazy good, a bit more occasionally astonishingly awful.

        I always wondered what would have happened with Rex if:
        1) He had not had two season ending injuries to start his career
        2) There had been a competent QB coach on staff.

        • Johnnywad

          Yeah. Same here. But even in ’06, through the first five or six games, I kept thinking the DB’s would stop dropping sure interceptions sooner or later. And they did. And Lovie was of little service to Rex. Ah well, at least he got to play in a Super Bowl.

        • Didn’t Sexy win Sept player of the month?
          Cutler hasn’t done that.

        • Scott W.

          …and he had been 4 inches taller.

        • Bender (Call Saul) McLugh


      • Big Mike

        He had a 26-0 opener against the Pack one year. He was brilliant in that game.

  • Barb UMihai Mar

    3 games at home with a new coach/group is nice. That’s all I have.

    Now…back to the mind blowing NHL Playoffs. That Dicks-Jets series is the best sport I’ve ever seen.

    • Scott W.

      Tried – for an unacceptably little amount of time – to watch hockey playoffs.

      Lost does not describe my brain on hockey.

      • Bender (Call Saul) McLugh

        understand the blue line zone, then it will become clear. And fights.

        • Scott W.

          Okay, time for an old man story. Just don’t snore out loud…

          I was in my early 30’s and working as a writer when Wayne Gretzky came to LA. As part of the NHL’s marketing effort, they sent that team to large cities that didn’t have pro hockey to try and grow their fan base.

          They were wide open to the press, and I was granted the coveted 1-1 interview with Gretzky, and I drew the best slot; last of the evening.

          To prepare, I traveled to cities that had hockey, watched games, read, talked to fans and other reporters. I tried to get passably conversational in a very short time, before I interviewed “The Great One”.

          I took my kids (very young at the time) to exhibition games, and to the Gretzky match. Final buzzer sounds, the PR guy came and got me and the kids, and gave us a tour with lots of background info while the other reporters had their turn. He treated us like royalty, giving each of my kids a signed game puck, a hat, etc. A 5 star move, impressing my kids like that.

          Time came, we are led to the locker room. Everyone else is gone, except Wayne. He’s all alone in the locker room, sitting in uniform, waiting. My son and daughter ate awe-struck, and he was very, very gracious. He chatted them up, had them show him their hockey “moves”, etc. 10 minutes or so of that, we begin. My kids sat next to him on the bench while I conducted the interview. It took 35 minutes to do, but he pretended to be disappointed when I said that was it. A real class act, and he knew I barely understood what the game was all about. Fortunately, I was doing a feature, not a game story.

          My kids talk about it to this day. None of us ever really got in to the game itself, but we tried for a while. However, that interview remains as one of my top 5.

          • Barb UMihai Mar


            Well…congratulations. That’s all I can think to say.

      • Barb UMihai Mar

        NHL Playoffs is the best sport there is… and I watch/watched them all minus baseball.

        • Scott W.

          See my reply to Bender below, if you’re so inclined…might explain a little.

  • willbest

    Alright so as I was leaving Soldier Field after the Miami game last year muttering hate and declaring I wasn’t going this year, I didn’t expect the house to get cleaned out.
    I am now tentatively looking at the either week 8 vs. Vikings or week 11 vs. Broncos as fitting with my schedule. Though I suppose I could in theory go to Detroit week 6
    Divisional games are always fun, and its coming off the bye so they should relatively healthy. But watching Peyton Manning play in person during what is presumably his last year does have some allure.

    • I’d go with the Donkey game.
      Fat Lesbo and Bridgewater will be around a while, but this is Manning’s last rodeo.
      Plus, you got the whole Gase/Fox angle.

      I actually think we could pull off an upset there. They’re soft, IMO, and hopefully, Fox’Fangio will toughen us up.

  • Trac

    I’m thinking about flying to Chicago to go to the broncos game.

  • Scott W.

    The Fan Years project is in full out launch. I’m trying for this Sunday to lay out phase 1. Phase 2 will happen afterwards, May or June.

    Meanwhile, stragglers and lurkers have until Saturday morning to log the number of years they’ve been a Bears fan…

    Don’t worry, GP already warned me it had better be something a lot more cool than just data.

    So, anyone left?

    • GPLDAN
      • Scott W.

        You leave my wife outta this…

        • Big Mike

          You married Aaron Rodgers.. 🙂 I kid, I kid..

    • Predict Pic Six

      Tell me more about this project.

      • Scott W.

        Right now, I’m gathering the number of years the posters here have been Bears fans. It’s for a project I have going.

        You can see the results to date under the “Three Hopes for the NFL Schedule” thread.

      • Scott W.

        Welcome to here, btw.

    • willbest

      I watched most of the games from 85 to 93 then sort of took a leave of absence during my high school and college years and picked them back up again in 2000. So either 30 years or 22 years.

      • Scott W.

        I put you in for 30. Breaks are legal, defections aren’t.

    • Cormonster

      37 years ago I started watching every game. That would have been 1977 and Walter’s breakout year. I was a Bears fan as long as I can remember thanks to some good brainwashing by the old man, but 77 is the first year I really remember the team.

      • Trac

        Ditto. When I would tune in to a Bears game, I found myself asking, who is this guy the announcers keep referring to as sweetness? The beginning of a love affair!

        • Big Mike

          Similarly for me, was how the announcers were always talking about how ferocious this one guy was #51.

          • Trac

            There you go pulling rank again Mike. Hahahaha

          • Big Mike

            Probably right sub-consciously… Consciously, I just really enjoy sharing the connection of being a Bears fan. When Walter showed up, we really had something. When they made the playoffs in 77, it didn’t even seem real. It was like I never really even thought about the Bears being able to play in the post-season. (the fact that we got waxed, didn’t matter).

    • Shady

      40 years.

      • Scott W.

        Thanks man. Still pulling it all together, so you made it!

        And congrats on the 40. It was your and Viva’s comments on the original site that hooked me in, so if you think my comments suck, it’s all your fault! Heh!

  • “The Bears’ Game 16 starting three linebackers now are effectively in a
    competition for one job opening. Jonathan Bostic, Christian Jones and
    Shea McClellin will be competing with Foster, a physical inside
    linebacker, ironically from Lovie Smith’s 4-3 at Tampa Bay.” [and that’s not even counting an ILB we draft]

    Pretty good read on LB by Mullin.


    • Irish Sweetness

      Shea was meant to play 3-4 LB. With a few seasons under his belt now, and hopefully some more conditioning …. he might still be the guy. If he’s a better learner than the other two ….

      • Big Mike

        That’s possible. It’s clear that Fox is going to start working him at inside LB because “it’s the hardest position to learn”. Not sure if that’s a tell saying they aren’t that impressed or concerned with McClellin’s career, (because 3-4 OLB is where he fits) or an investment in helping him make the team by making him a utility LB who can play all of the positions.

        Could just be the OLBs they have are only suited to play there. So Shea goes inside for camp, but ends up in the OLB rotation.

    • Big Mike

      I had just finished this. It is a good read. Competition at LB is important. Looks like there is no chance for the LB corp to be improved. (guys who started last year can’t get on the field). That also gives the Bears some quality depth and some strong special teams talent.

    • I still think Jones should be the SAM OLB. But they seem set to try Houston there, at least in base 3-4 packages.

      • Barb UMihai Mar

        That’s the last thing we need.

        Take the most ‘talented’ guy from the ILB corp (the biggest weakness on the roster) and make him compete for snaps at the most potent position on the roster.

        Now…that role might be best for him, but the Bears need him at ILB. Maybe in time he can play both, when the Bears add big time players at ILB he can slide at that Sam position, give you options.


    3 all time best

    3 all time worst

    picked at the #7 spot. From NFL.com.


    CB Champ Bailey: Taken in 1999 by the Washington Redskins out of Georgia. He played 15 seasons and was a 12-time Pro Bowler. Bailey, who also was a three-time All-Pro, played in 215 games in his career and started 212 of them. He led the league with 10 interceptions in 2006 and finished with 52 career picks. Bailey was both a shutdown corner and an effective run defender; he had at least 60 tackles eight times in his career.

    RB Adrian Peterson: Taken in 2007 by the Minnesota Vikings out of Oklahoma. Peterson has played at least 14 games in a season seven times, and six times has reached the 1,200-yard plateau, including 2,097 in 2012. He also has rushed for 86 touchdowns, already the 14th-most in league history. Peterson twice has led the league in rushing, and he has been in the top-five five times. He is a three-time All-Pro selection and a six-time Pro Bowler.

    QB Phil Simms: Taken in 1979 by the New York Giants out of Morehead State. Simms played on the same bad Giants teams early in his tenure, but he also was there when the Giants became a league powerhouse and won two Super Bowls. Simms, who was seen as a risky pick by some because he played Division I-AA football (now called FCS), threw for 33,462 yards and 199 TDs in his career.

    » Daniel Jeremiah’s Top 50 prospects in 2015 NFL Draft


    OT/G Brian Jozwiak: Taken in 1986 by the Kansas City Chiefs out of West Virginia. Jozwiak suffered a severe hip injury during his third season, and that ended his career. But he hadn’t done much before that to make you think he could be an effective NFL lineman. He started just two games in his first two seasons in the NFL and seemed destined to be a backup when he was forced to give up football. He now is a high school teacher in North Port, Fla., near Sarasota.

    DE Reggie Rogers: Taken in 1987 by the Detroit Lions out of Washington. Rogers played just six games as a rookie because of emotional issues. He played in the first five games in 1988, with two starts, before he was involved in a drunk-driving incident in which the car he was driving hit another car and killed three teenagers. He went to prison for a year, then received chances from Buffalo in 1991 and from Tampa Bay in 1992. He played in just two games for each of those teams and his career was over. The final numbers: 15 games, two starts, two sacks. He died in 2013 as a result of cocaine and alcohol intoxication.

    QB Andre Ware: Taken in 1990 by the Detroit Lions out of Houston. He torched opposing secondaries for 46 TD passes in Houston coach John Jenkins’ run-and-shoot offense and won the Heisman in 1989. But Ware appeared in just 14 NFL games in four seasons, starting six of them, and threw only five career TD passes, which would’ve been a good game for him at Houston.

    • Trac

      2 out of 3 all time busts for the pussy cats. Surprise surprise. Hahaha

  • Trac

    New thread!

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