Super Bowl Preview Volume II: Final ‘Audibles’ of the 2014 Football Season

| January 27th, 2015



  • The outcome of Seahawks v. Packers disguised the story of Seahawks v. Packers: Seattle’s complete lack of pass rush. If Aaron Rodgers had mobility the game would never have been in question (and let’s be honest, it should not have been in question anyway). Tom Brady’s two Super Bowl losses to Tom Coughlin and the Giants had a similar theme. The Giants pressured him. They pressured him consistently. If the Seahawks don’t they will need to score a lot of points to win this game.
  • Who is Richard Sherman covering? The Patriots have no issue not throwing the ball out wide so are the Seahawks going to allow their best cover man to be relegated to Brandon LaFell all evening? The middle of the Seahawks defense can be attacked and I would expecte Edelman and Gronk to live there most of the night.
  • Steve McNair still holds the Super Bowl record for rushing yards by a quarterback with 64. I expect the Seahawks to try and break that record with Russell Wilson. Pete Carroll can say whatever he wants but he learned a week ago his quarterback is at a severe disadvantage when chasing the game. Pats will want to be aggressive on the edges. Expect Wilson to take advantage of that and hit them for some zone read runs.


The focus of this entire week will be New England’s history of playing fast and loose with the rules. The 2001 Rams, to this day, hold a serious grudge. They will be asked a lot of questions over the next five days. From a PFT column a few years back:

Faulk says the Rams installed new plays for the game against the Patriots, and that the Patriots seemed to be so perfectly prepared for them that Faulk believes they must have used espionage.

“I understand Bill is a great coach,” Faulk said. “But No. 13 [Kurt Warner] will tell you. Mike Martz will tell you. We had some plays in the red zone that we hadn’t ran. . . . And a couple of plays on third down that we walked through also . . . And they created a check for it. It’s just little things like that. It’s either the best coaching in the world when you come up with situations that you had never seen before. Or you’d seen it and knew what to do.”

Faulk seems to believe Belichick and the Patriots got off easy for Spygate.

“Am I bitter about how the league handled them taping people? If Bountygate was that bad and Sean got suspended for a whole year? If we want to talk about some unfair assessment of how we’re assessing things? Man. If you lost a game and your brother cheated you, you’ll remember that.”


This has nothing to do with the Super Bowl game. But Francesa is the Super Bowl of sports broadcasting.


Bikini Lounge.


If you are going to the Super Bowl, I want reports from this establishment.

“New York Bozo!”

This is a Wall Street Journal article about quarterback communication at the line of scrimmage. There is nothing better than non-sports people writing about sports.

In terms of linguistics, Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday will be a battle between verbose and curt.

The long-winded team is the Seattle Seahawks. In the huddle before a play, quarterback Russell Wilson once said this: “Gun double right close halfback right 200 scat triple slant thunder on one.”

The terse team is the New England Patriots. As he is running to the line of scrimmage, quarterback Tom Brady might say only one word, like “Alabama!”

Corporate America is in their offices this week reading this piece. That thought makes me smile. To read the entire column, CLICK HERE.

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  • Shady

    You’re sort of all over the place with this one, but that’s why I love it and keep coming back for more!

  • Doc Hamstring

    There’s a difference between the play called in the huddle and the pre-snap call at the line of scrimmage.

    I’m sure Peyton Manning’s play call is a lot longer than the “Omaha! Omaha!” he yells before snap. So that WSJ excerpt is comparing apples to oranges.

    • DaBearsBlog

      I wasn’t presenting the column as something to be cherished by sports fans.

      • Doc Hamstring

        Yeah, I get it. Just amazes me that the WSJ can print something so worthless. About football, that is.

  • Bears-4-Ever

    Superbowl 49. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Hope the commercials are cool.

  • Peanut FTW

    So.. I have a job offer that just popped up. Didn’t apply for the job, just got a call asking if I would be interested, more money, relocation. But it is near Fargo, I don’t know much about the area outside of a bit colder than where I am now. Any of you regulars know much about it up north there? 🙂

    • GPLDAN

      Stay away from the guys who have wood chippers.

      • CanadaBear

        Esp the funny looking guys. Yeah, you betcha!

    • Jokey

      I was there for a few days for work. Winter is a way of life there. The roads aren’t salted, instead they are hard-pack snow. Rental cars have engine block heaters you plug in overnight. At fast food restaurants, people leave their cars running in the lot. It was 8 degrees in Chicago in January and -10 in Fargo. I believe it’s one of the most obese places as well. This is my impression but in a place like Minneapolis, they embrace the cold (they have the most year-round bike commuters there), but near Fargo they seem to just hunker down. On the plus side, your money will go a lot farther there.

      • MikeBrownhadaPosse

        Used to – lots of pressure on housing market in ND when the fracking took over. Don’t know if that’s going to last much longer with oil prices taking a nose dive though.
        So, yeah, move there if you like the cold and remoteness.

      • Have not been to Fargo, nor have I ever wanted to, and maybe this is just my Cali bias, but this sounds like you’re voluntarily exiling yourself to Siberia, Peanut.

        $ isn’t everything.

        My two cents.

    • CanadaBear

      I’ve been there a few times. Not sure where you live but they definitely get winter. The wind can blow like a mofo. They do have a large arena so they do get big name acts if that’s important to you. It’s fairly isolated. The Twin-Cities is a fair drive as is Sioux Falls. North Dakota has been very prosperous since they started fracking for oil so there is money in the state. Very conservative politically and religion is ever present. Good area for hunting and fishing. That’s all I got.

    • Barb UMihai Mar

      Watch the Tv show. It quickly became one of my favorites.

    • CanadaBear

      A quick story to illustrate the conservative/religious nature of Fargo. When my wife and I first started dating (long distance) we had only been together in a biblical sense 2 months previous to our visit to Fargo. It was a somewhat convenient place to meet since we both had to drive a good distance. I got there first, checked into a motel and waited for her arrival. I went down to the desk a couple of times to get some snacks/drinks. Everyone was super friendly. My Little Love Dove arrived and we did what normal couples do when they are first in love. Each time I would see the people at the desk they kept getting less and less friendly. After 3 days they were openly hostile. Apparently fornicators are not welcome at that motel. We also noticed that most people looked at us disapprovingly because there is an obvious age difference (13 years difference but looks like 20). Some of that can be explained by women that were my age and had been dumped by their hubbies for a younger woman but it doesn’t explain all of it. Odd place.


    Jeff’s observations are like a car swerving on the road. Something for everyone.

    What did Carroll do to jumpstart his O? He had Wilson run. I agree with Jeff, the Seahawks will begin the game with the read option to try and get the Pats on their heels early and get a lead.

    Nobody is talking about Logan Mankins anymore are they? The Pats O has found a way to keep Brady upright and if Seattle cannot fluster him, they will move the ball. Seattle has to get the lead early to win.


    This wadded up panties rant is why BR sucks.


    Calling for Billy’s head? Go fuck yourself BR. That’s 3rd rate journalism, something Jay Mariotti would write. We know that’s not happening, and this smear piece is some sad sack shit.

    • BearDown100393

      Tomorrow’s BR OP-ED: Open letter to Roger Goodell demanding Kraft Sell Patriots

  • Re: the lack of pass rush against GB: I think that had more to do with GB’s OL than Seattle’s DL. GB’s OL got scary good as the year went on.

    • GPLDAN

      Interesting theory. We will see where Seattle’s rush stands on Sunday.

    • John Doe

      I agree with this. The rookie center had a great year for a 5th rounder (i think). Bulaga had a strong year after getting injured at the start of the season.

      GB had a great 2014 draft. Many rookies contributed. Center Corey Linsley, Devante Adams, Richard Rodgers, Dix were all significant contributors.

      • Peanut FTW

        Dix reminds me of Major Wright, great on half the plays, horrid on the other half.

        • CanadaBear

          He’s going to have a hard time living down that 2-point conversion.

          • Jokey

            One account I read said he was deke’d out of position. I didn’t see that, but he certainly looked flat footed. He was at least behind the receiver, which is where a safety probably should be. So many plays to second guess in that game – I fucking love it.

        • WP4Life

          If that’s the case. I hope the keep him.

      • they also had some guys from previous drafts step up their contributions. That team is loaded with young talent around Rodgers.

        • BerwynBomber

          A great QB can be a team’s own player development system on the O side of the ball. Let’s see how many of the Cheese’s D picks amount to anything. Davante Adams and Richard Rodgers contributions have a lot to do with A. Rodgers himself. Same with the O-line, which was sieve-like for a few years, while his ability compensated for their mistakes.

          • they’ve had recent D picks like HaHa Clinton-Dix, Micah Hyde, Datone Jones, Mike Daniels, and Casey Hayward play pretty well.

          • BerwynBomber

            Hyde was a true find as a nickel/spot corner/return man. Those other guys are okay, no great shakes. In fact, Jones has bordered on semi-bust.

    • BerwynBomber

      Rodgers also extended a few plays in that game himself. I always thought the “no pass rush” complaints in GB1 were taken a little out of context in the sense that we probably generated a little more pressure than GB did against Cutler — in short, both QBs were very well protected. We also had 235 yards rushing that day.

      Story of that game was 1) Rodgers was on fire, 2) Jay’s two second half INTs, and 3) Black Uni getting stopped inches short of the goal line at the end of the first half.

      Oddly enough, the first half of GB1 was about the only time are much hyped offense looked like it was capable of competing in a shootout.

    • AlbertInTucson

      It finally got healthy as the season went on.


    The NFL bans players from wearing Beats by Dre headphones on the field or walking to from the bus. Only Bose is allowed.

    The NFL won’t punish for BallGhazi but Lynch can’t wear gold cleats.

    THat’s some fucked up shit.

    • CanadaBear

      Money, money, money.

    • Barb UMihai Mar

      Remember: The NFL never punished the Bears for acting like a psychopath pusher with its players:

      “There was always just bowls of pills sitting out,” McMahon said. “You know, black ones, white ones, green ones, red ones, you know. I was on painkillers my last 11 years in the league. I was eating 100 Percs a month just to function.”
      Dent also spoke openly about the number of shots he saw McMahon receive to ease the pain when playing.
      “I mean, they’re sticking him everywhere,” Dent said. “One game, I watched them stick him in the butt, and the arms, and the shoulder, and the hand.”

      BallGhazi and gold cleats ? Really ?

      • willbest

        I don’t really have an issue with grown men voluntarily Fing up their body.

        • Doc Hamstring

          “Voluntarily” implies that they have full knowledge of what’s being done to them.

          What McMahon, Dent, and others are saying is that they were lied to about the safety of what they were doing.

          • willbest

            I like to pretend a grown man is smart enough to realize that if his brain doesn’t provide him with the will to deal with the pain then its not in his best interest to drug it into submission regardless of what somebody else is telling him.

            Now if you are arguing that they showed up at training camp and before they even started taking hits, they were being hopped up on pain killers so they would never even get to that level of discomfort, then you might have a case.

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            dude… you know nothing about drugs ?

          • willbest

            I don’t understand the question. The addictive nature of a drug is different from the initial act of taking it.

            My understanding the complaint is mainly about the excessive injuries the football players got because they were playing the game when they shouldn’t have been. The availability of painkillers isn’t particularly relevant because the man knows he was injured.

            Now if the doctor was underreporting the diagnosis to defraud the player into taking some pain meds rather than resting, that is a different issue.

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            Well…hell fucking yeah….

            McMahon says in the lawsuit that he suffered a broken neck and ankle during his career but rather than sitting out, he received medications and was pushed back on to the field. Team doctors and trainers never told him about the injuries, according to the lawsuit.
            McMahon also became addicted to painkillers, at one point taking more than 100 Percocet pills per month, even in the offseason, the lawsuit says. Team-employed doctors and trainers illegally administered the drugs, the lawsuit alleges, because they didn’t get prescriptions, keep records or explain the side effects.

            Van Horne played an entire season on a broken leg and wasn’t told about the injury for five years, “during which time he was fed a constant diet of pills to deal with the pain,” the lawsuit says.

            PS: That being said you frown man argument is faulted. These are drugs we’re talking about. You can get hooked on them even when you have a doctor that’s totally invested in the way and amount you should take and all that.

          • willbest

            No doubt, but the initial decision to engage in an activity where you would need them. And the decision to take them still falls on the man.

            And being “pushed” isn’t the same thing as forced.

          • Irish Sweetness

            This happened (happens?) on every team in America, Barb, what’s your point? There’s a price to pay for being a millionaire? Sign me up.

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            It’s nasty, that’s all. No virgins in that whore house.

            My point is some whores are bitchier that others, but they’re all whores.

        • Barb UMihai Mar

          If voluntary includes drug addiction and brain soup I agree with you.

      • Huge Bear’s Penis

        8 of the last 11 years McMahon was in the league were with teams other than Bears. 5 different teams to be exact. Sooooo… it seems to me every team was making the drugs available. The culture as it pertains to prescription drugs needed to change and has changed. The DEA has been doing random drug checks on NFL teams to make sure the practice of handing out drugs like M&Ms is over.

        • Barb UMihai Mar

          Everybody was cheating is my point exactly.

          Talking about the Patriots… the spygate…. Bill Cowher said that everybody was doing it. Everybody.

          So what’s the difference ? Why are some regarded as cheaters, instead of everybody. I hate this idea of bad guys-good guys in the NFL. They’re all the same.

          • Huge Bear’s Penis

            because they got caught that’s why they are regarded as cheaters.

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            that’s stupid.

          • SC Dave

            Because they are NOT all the same. Saying all teams handed our painkillers is not the same as saying ONE team changed conditions ON THE FIELD to their advantage. What is truly stupid, Barb, is that you don’t seem capable of understanding the difference.

          • Remind me never to play poker in Romania.

      • DocNitty(BallsStillOrnamental)

        I had a buddy that wrestled in division II. It might have been NAIA actually but it wasn’t a major program by any stretch. This was mid-nineties. He described the same scenario. they had pain killers just sitting out for wrestlers to grab what they needed.

        I’m guessing this is pretty pervasive in contact sports, or used to be.

        And as someone who has struggled with painkillers, I can’t imagine being in that environment. I would be completely unable to control myself.

        • Barb UMihai Mar

          These are sport that aren’t meant to be played by humans. They cheat the laws of nature. Of course you don’t stand a chance.

    • willbest

      Bose and Microsoft, etc pay tens of millions of dollars for the rights to have their products embedded into the game. That money goes to increase the bottom line, and due to collective bargaining the players see 40 cents of every dollar of those arrangements.

      It isn’t the NFL banning certain products so much as telling the players if you like your paycheck we need to pimp this stuff so you can’t be seen wearing its competitors brand in and around the stadium.

      • GPLDAN

        The players CBA does *not* include any provision whereby there is 40 cents on the dollar for all merchandising of official NFL products.

        Please cite me the reference for this assertion.

        • willbest

          You caught me, it isn’t 40%, it is almost assuredly venture income which players see 45% from.

          Players will receive 55 percent of national media revenue, 45 percent of NFL Ventures revenue, and 40 percent of local club revenue.

          And then a catchall – Player share must average at least 47 percent for the 10-year term of the agreement.


          And just a quasi-analysis of a team that has to disclose its financials.

          “In 2013 the Packers earned $187.7 million in national revenue, which consists of its portion of NFL national television contracts, sponsorships and a portion of jersey and ticket sales—split between all the NFL teams. (The Packers had total revenue of $324 million in 2013, including local revenue sources, like increased seating and ticket sales at Lambeau Field.)”


          • GPLDAN

            No no. Read the section closely:


            Salary cap plus benefits of $142.4 million per club in 2011 ($120.375 million for salary and bonus) and at least that amount in 2012 and 2013.

            Beginning in 2012, salary cap to be set based on a combined share of “all revenue,” a new model differentiated by revenue source with no expense reductions. Players will receive 55 percent of national media revenue, 45 percent of NFL Ventures revenue, and 40 percent of local club revenue.

            Beginning in 2012, annual “true up” to reflect revenue increases or decreases versus projections.

            Clubs receive credit for actual stadium investment and up to 1.5 percent of revenue each year.

            That 55/45/40 number is used to calculate the salary cap.

            That’s all it does. It’s NOT a revenue sharing model. It SETS the cap.

            So – given this – a player should be able to wear Beats headphones if he wants to because HE might have a direct endorsement deal. It is in the player’s interest that the cap go UP each year but that’s no guarantee of their slice of that cap.

            Key distinction.

          • Irish Sweetness

            And that is how we do that.

  • John Doe

    Good Bears did not wait on Chud. 49ers are now scrambling for OC. Rams will have to settle for Nathaniel Hackett.

    Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter · 47m47 minutes ago

    Colts announced they and Rob Chudzinski have agreed to a new contract naming him Associate Head Coach.

    • Peanut FTW

      Gase is the only hire I am not totally drinking the koolaid over so far. I just think that OC experience with Peyton as you QB equates to a QB coach on most other teams. I get that he was a HC candidate but I personally would have preferred Weiss simply because of him having experience as an actual NFL OC.

      • John Doe

        I thought the same initially but now think Gase is a legit OC. Check out Dan Durkin’s break down of his scheme.

        dan durkin @djdurkin · 15h15 hours ago

        What does #Bears new OC Adam Gase bring with him? A knack for creating matchups, self scouting and adaptability: http://cbsloc.al/1CI1O4D

        Jeremy Stoltz of Bear Report also did a detailed breakdown of Gase’ running and passing game. The conclusion is the same that Gase puts a lot of thought on plays, lots of little details about tendencies of defense and defensive players and using it against them.

        The only thing is I doubt Gase is a good fit for Cutler. Gase’ passing scheme is based on a timing offense. Jake Cutler sucks at anticipating throws and timing passes. He has always been a “look an open receiver and throw” type of guy.

        Hope they have a good QB#2 who is ready to step in during the season.

        • Peanut FTW

          Thanks, I actually feel a bit better now 🙂

        • Bear Down in Tampa

          Martz offense was also predicated on anticipation and timing as well and Jay was arguably having the best stretch of his career under Martz.

          • BerwynBomber

            Martz also eliminated Cutty’s ability to audible which may have had more a positive effect on Cutty’s performance than Martz’s timing routes, although there is some obvious crossover between the two elements.

          • A good argument can be made that Cutler has REGRESSED since Martz. Heck, Cutler looked like he regressed under Trestman.

            I don’t recall Cutler staring down receivers as much under Martz like he did in the 2014 season.

            And as others have observed (including Chucky, Jim Miller, Gannon and a gaggle of ex-QBs), Cutler strugglees at reading defense/audibling, anticipation, and accuracy, to say nothing of his “leadership” qualities (or even inj proneness).

            I hope Cutler does do better under a new regime (sounds familiar), but I’m not holding my breath.

            Time to invest into a real alternative.

          • John Doe

            I agree that Cutler regressed from year 1 under Trestman to year 2.

            Just go back and look at Cutler’s first 3 games of 2013 season against Bengals, Vikings, and Steelers. He was clutch. He made mistakes but he recovered and delivered in the clutch.

            Cutler in 2014 was confused, scared, and just off the mark. Not sure what happened because the I thought with the contract out of the way, same system in year 2 he would be lights out. Instead, we got the fat DT INT in the opener against the Bills and it all went downhill from there.

          • SC Dave

            You nailed the reason… “the contract was out of the way”. Jay is set for life, so no reason to work too hard at the job.

          • Johnnywad

            I don’t agree. By all accounts, he did work hard.

    • Barb UMihai Mar

      The Bears did good not to wait on Chud because he’s a bum.

  • Jokey

    I’m a couple threads late here but it’s important that Fox hasn’t won the big game – it means he’s still hungry. No coach has won the SB with different teams. And enough with the trade Marshall talk, let’s keep our talent and cut the deadwood. Then it’s Fox’s job to orchestrate.

    • Peanut FTW

      Other than the doubt of how he’ll deal with the rib injury and taking hits… I have no idea why people are so quick to trade away one of the top 5 wideouts in the game. Fox won’t put up with the talk show stuff so that ends… as long as the team starts playing with heart, which I believe will happen; I think the locker room stuff is gone too. Then you have no reason not to root for Marshall retiring as a Bear.

    • Trac

      Think belichick jokey.You gotta know when to hold em.

      • Jokey

        He’s already signed, keep him, coach him, and play him. He, Alshon, Marty, are still a legit triple threat, especially for an OC who can attack the seam with a TE.

  • John Doe

    Pace has begun work on the roster. Adding OTA bodies..

    From Rotoworld:

    John Chiles – WR – Bears

    Bears signed WR John Chiles to a reserve/future contract.

    The 6’2/210 Chiles went undrafted out of Texas way back in 2011. He’s had cups of coffee with the Saints and Rams, but has never caught an NFL pass. Chiles went 29-475-1 for the CFL’s Toronto Argonauts in 2014.

    • GPLDAN

      The Seahawks GM made 248 roster moves in 3 years. The draft that landed them Bobby Wagner and Wilson was rated by SI as a C-. Mel Kiper panned it but he’s a stuffed shirt asswipe.

      But pretty much everyone panned that draft for them and it’s probably one of the best drafts in team history.

      • BearDown100393

        If Kiper is a fan of your work, that makes you a really really bad GM.

  • Shady

    Agent’s Take: How relationships could impact 7 teams’ free-agency moves
    By Joel Corry / Former Sports Agent
    January 26, 2015 12:54 PM ET

    Chicago Bears: Coach John Fox and defensive coordinator Vic Fangio’s top priority will be improving a defense that ranked No. 30 in total defense and No. 31 in scoring defense. It remains to be seen whether there will be transition to Fangio’s preferred 3-4 scheme since a majority of the current personnel seems better suited for a 4-3.

    Fangio’s scheme shouldn’t be an issue for Broncos defensive tackle Terrance Knighton or free safety Rahim Moore if continuing to play for Fox is in the cards for those players. Fox also could look to restock the defense with Fangio’s former 49ers players. During Fangio’s four years as San Francisco’s DC (2011-2014), the 49ers consistently ranked in the top 10 in most major defensive statistical categories.

    Outside linebackers Dan Skuta and Ahmad Brooks, who is expected to be a salary cap casualty, could be options. Another linebacker possibility could be the Saints’ Parys Haralson, who started every game during the 2011 season for Fangio. Haralson might be a preference for general manager Ryan Pace given he’s spent the past 12 seasons in New Orleans’ personnel department.

    Perrish Cox, Chris Culliver and Tarell Brown are available cornerbacks who have played for Fangio. San Francisco’s inside linebacker situation is worth watching. The 49ers may have too many inside linebackers, thanks to rookie Chris Borland’s emergence while All-Pros NaVorro Bowman and Patrick Willis were injured. Fangio would likely push for Pace to acquire one of his former inside linebackers if San Francisco is open to dealing one of the All-Pros.

    • I read that Willis might actually become expendable because Borland is much cheaper. I would jump all over that, but his foot inj gives me pause. If it’s degenerative turf toe a la Peppers, not sure we should give a draft higher than a 3rd for him considering the long term ramifications.

      I could definitely envision Knigton on the team, and maybe one of those safeties unless of course we draft a S high.

      Don’t forget Briggs wants to return! All is solved!

  • Big Mike
    • It’s tough to say because Emery actually spent more draft capital on defense than offense, but pretty much none of the defenders have paid off yet (maybe Fuller). I want to see those guys with a real coaching staff for a few years before passing judgment.
      We’ll know a lot more in a year or two about the state of the young talent in the franchise than we do now.

      • GPLDAN

        Pace can start by drafting Landon Collins.

        • John Doe

          Yes to Collins as a possible first round pick but not at #7. Not sure Collins is worth #7.

          What Bears is need are more picks to have more shots at improving their roster quickly. Just 6 picks in this draft and with so many needs is not going to cut it. Pace’s challenge is to trade down once or twice to get 8 picks or so and then hitting on those picks in rounds 3-6.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Dude. If he’s your guy for the next ten years why wouldn’t you pick him at #7? How did Carimi, McLellin et al do for us in the first rounds?

            Bottom line, we need a safety. Colins and Mundy look like a pair of studs together.
            Besides, if we trade Cutty, likely there’s another first rounder in there. It’s all gravy.

      • Big Mike

        This looked at guys 25 and under. So it’s the last year of Angelo + Emery. I’m hopeful they can be coached up. I’m hanging on to that. Otherwise Emery was as big a failure as Trestman/Tucker. Even bigger, since he brought us Trestman.
        If guys like Bostic, Greene, Washington, Bass don’t improve we are at ground zero. Look for Sutton and Ferguson to take HUGE steps up. 3 reasons. Big gains occur for DL types from yr 1-2. Better coaching, better scheme. Although this could be a huge setback if they don’t adapt to the 3-4. More so for Sutton than Ferguson.

        • CanadaBear

          The ship has sailed for Greene. Bass is no big deal because he was an UFA. Bostic might come around with better coaches but I’m not very optimistic. Washington seemed like the light came on towards the end of the year. I’m hoping Ferguson steps up but I just didn’t see much from Sutton and don’t see how he fits in. Jones looked like a keeper and Sharpton too, if he can get past his injury-prone rep.

          I thought Fuller looked really good but as the season wore on he looked confused and was basically not getting it done. Hurst and Louis-Jean looked like just a couple of guys. With better coaching maybe all 3 take the next step. I could see Conte and Mundy both being on the roster next year but hopefully they find better guys as starters.

          • Big Mike

            Or did the past regime have a grudge against greene? I probably agree with you, but man, if they can salvage that guy, how telling would it be? Sutton is going to be a sleeper. I keyed on Ferguson and Sutton a lot, Sutton was off by just a bit on soooo many plays. Whether he fits in the 3-4 is the issue.

            As fr the rest of the guys you mentioned, yes, yes and yes. I tend to concentrate on the big uglies.

          • CanadaBear

            I hope you’re right.

          • I counted 12 guys 25 or under who I still think can develop into at least capable starters (not counting Fuller and Jeffery, who already have, IMO).

            Jordan Mills, Michael Ola, Ka’Deem Carey, Marquess Wilson, Cornelius Washington, Ego Ferguson, Will Sutton, Jonathan Bostic, Christian Jones, Al Louis-Jean, Demontre Hurst, Brock Vereen.

            Obviously not all those guys will develop. Some will. How many do (and whether they become stars, solid starter, or quality depth) will go a long way towards determining how massive the rebuild has to be over the next several years.

          • I tend to agree that we do have possibilities. One of the reasons I didn’t want to hang Emery, but he did after all choose Tucker who is now out of the NFL entirely and basically got demoted to secondary coach in college.

            With some coaching up, I’m willing to bet they won’t look as lost.
            They all showed glimpses. Great coaches will make them consistent.

          • CanadaBear

            I didn’t see anything at all from Vereen. Hopefully better coaching helps.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Jordan Mills is hopeless, and Carey is not going to get any quicker. The DTs were reaches and showed no glimpses of greatness and Bostic appears not to have a football brain. Jones might be something. No opinions on the DBs, need to see more of them.

          • I never said great. Just solid starters. I won’t be shocked if any of these guys end up as solid starters.

    • Barb UMihai Mar

      A journalist that uses the ranking of another journalist…. yeah… no.

  • Bear Down in Tampa

    #Bears have reached agreement w/ Clint Hurtt to be their outside LBs coach; he served as assistant defensive line coach w/ Bears in 2014.

    Let the 3-4 speculation commence!

  • I can’t remember the last time a SB featured two teams I despise as much. I don’t even feel like tuning in.
    Seahwawks were busted for PED, lots of them. Carroll bolted from USC because he cheated. Habits like that just don’t disappear.
    Pats, well, we all know that story (or stories, plural).

    And now both these teams are in the SB. What kinda message does that send to the rest of the NFL and sports in general?

    If Billichick and Brady were suspended from the SB, then maybe I can root for them.

    • GPLDAN

      It’s like if Quon Chi were fighting Skorpion in Mortal Kombat. You want them to both lose in a grume finish with their hearts being ripped from their chests.

      • burntorangenavyblue

        (Falsetto voice) Whoopsie!

      • Irish Sweetness

        On the Sega it was the head + spine ripped from the body. Awesome.

    • BerwynBomber

      Sorta agree but not as down on SEA as you are if only because I admire teams that win with defense in the current pass-friendly NFL.

      • The only reason I’m not as down on SEA as much is because it is VERY plausible that many lockers do indeed use PEDs. That wouldn’t surprise me.
        Still, rooting for a team with a KNOWN PED circle…just doesn’t sit well with me. I don’t even care as much about Sherman. I like players who don’t spout the cookie-cutter cliches, even if what they say can be somewhat abrasive. Wasn’t Ali the same?

        I almost want the Pats to win because many (like Jerry Rice) would actually believe they won it unfairly, so it’ll be forever tainted.

        So the Pats win a tainted SB, and SEA loses.

        I guess. Ugh.

        • SC Dave

          Really. There is no win scenario this SB. I’m going hiking.

          • burntorangenavyblue

            My scenario is to skip watching the Super Bowl…dangle it over wife’s head that I am missing this “big” event and “win” in bed!

          • SC Dave

            Admirable plan, that!

    • Bender McLugh

      suspended for what exactly? So far it’s accusations and b.s. rhetoric……….this time.

      • It seems very likely that the Pats did deflate the ball (cheat). It seems very UNLIKELY that some lowly ball boy went rogue.

        But barring a stunning confession, I doubt the NFL gets the smoking gun to link it to Nixon, er, Bill and Brady. Also, the NFL DOESN’T want to find the smoking gun. It’ll be a self-inflicted wound. Wouldn’t be surprised if they muck up the investigation.

        • Bender McLugh

          yeah I agree, NFL will again need to save face. I honestly think the Pats WOULD deflate the balls should it benefit them and that they would know how to cover it up if they should get caught. Who gives a rats ass

          • SC Dave

            Just about everyone. Because YOU don’t care about challenging someone to an HONEST contest does not mean nobody else does.

      • Bender McLugh

        this is EXACTLY how I feel about Ballsghazi, told perfectly by Bill Burr

        • Bender McLugh

          “players should be able to do Roids and smoke weed after the game……..whatever it takes to take the pain away.”

          And this is why I didn’t give a sh!t that Palmero tested positive for roids cause it was a roid used for healing torn muscles quicker.

        • SC Dave

          “*Our* defense didn’t seem…” – turned it off. Nothing else to see here.


    Only 3-4 Tweet from me: if I were Bears I’d spend next six months teaching Jon Bostic how to edge rush. Exploit his speed/athleticism.

    No. You would want to have Bostic strength train and gain mass and power and move him inside. He’s a natural ILB, he played at Florida there and I think he would be fine in Briggs old Will side role because you can crash down but in a 3-4 you want him inside. Watch how the Pack moved Matthews inside and use him. That’s who Bostic needs to be.

    • Totally agree. Bostic is more a thumper than a pass rusher (like Briggs). Put him where he doesn’t have to drop into zone as much and let him clean out the trash.

      • GPLDAN

        We need a LOLB, a big guy in the Lamarr Woodley mold.

        Inside you can go Shae and Bostic inside and put Jones on the ROLB. I think Shae will wash out in camp so you want to definitely draft a 3-4 ILB.

        • The second a TE trucks Shae in PS, Fangio will cut his ass.

          However, I think ChickenDinner is relatively cheap this year.

          It’s going to be interesting for me because the draft is WIDE open. There’s no “Doesn’t fit the Lovie/Trestman mold of so-so” because as of now, there is no mold.

          We can go 3-4 or stick with a more 4-3over till we transition.

          That means every single “type” of defensive player is an option. Fat DTs, 3-4pass rushing LBs, man-corners, hybrids, they’re all on the menu.

          It’s sorta exciting. It’s like buying a stripped car and looking at the part’s catalog.

          • NewBearInTown

            This off-season, more than any in recent memory, is truly about getting the best player available. There is seriously not one position we couldn’t stand to upgrade.
            QB – Cutler very likely gone soon.
            RB – Forte has no successor, no change of pace back.
            WR – We have no slot guy, no third option, no depth at the position, no special teams standouts.
            TE – We can’t run 2 TE sets, Marty has no backup.
            OL – We need another tackle, guard depth, a starting center.
            DL – Our DE’s are old. We have no true NT in a 3-4. We have room for another 3 tech.
            LB – We don’t know what we have at the position, competition is wide open if we bring in a young talent.
            CB – We have Jennings and Fuller, need a nickel or another outside guy if Jennings plays nickel.
            S – Do I need to say anything?

          • Shady

            I’ll be shocked if the pick isn’t defense.

          • What happens if all the top pass rushers are gone, and we are left with the top LT Flowers?, WR Cooper or S Collins?

            Keep in mind that safeties not named Earl Thomas rarely go top 10, esp Strong Safeties.

          • BerwynBomber

            Can’t see Cooper unless they’re convinced he has numerous Pro Bowls in his future. Have to go D.

          • From what most scouts say, Cooper is the next Julio Jones/Green/Odell Beckem.

            Do we pass that up for a Prior (drafted at #18) or Dix (#21) type safety?


          • BerwynBomber

            Valid question. Guess some of the decision could also come down if the Bears attempt to shop BMarsh.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Drafting a WR at #7 should be punishable by death given our needs. But it would be hard to pass up your pick of the LTs. Like Sandra Bullock said, the second cheque you write is for your Left Tackle’s mortgage … or something … anyway, Sandra Bullock knows football.

          • BerwynBomber

            Some of these positions, though, would be luxury picks — namely WR, TE and CB. I even think the OL is solid if everyone is healthy. Something like “guard depth” is probably a want for any team in the league that loses a starter or two due to injury as the Bears did.

            Bears need to focus on LB, S and DL. And if there is a QB they like take him.

          • Irish Sweetness

            I bet Fales is a baller.

          • dude. we’re fine at linebacker. briggs wants to come back!

            “In my opinion, I don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t want to do that,” Briggs said Monday on Comcast SportsNet. “Obviously, in the draft, that’s probably going to be one of the focal points is getting a linebacker, but even so, a guy who’s been around, a guy who understands football, who’s a great football player and can play at a high level still, to me, is enticing. So a guy like John Fox — love the hire — and hopefully I get a call and I get an opportunity to come back and play in Chicago, where I’m supposed to be.”

          • BearDown100393

            Briggs can be the team food taster. After last season’s mail in effort, he honestly expects a job?

          • Huge Bear’s Penis

            small contract nothing guaranteed. would not hurt to have him in camp to see if he changed from last year.

          • It WOULD hurt. Dude basically admitted he took the year off because he didn’t believe in Tucker. He was the defacto leader on that side. Goes from the top down.

            No wonder he left when Bmarsh went on a rant. Bmarsh might be crazy, but dude plays on basically one leg for the whole season, while Briggs is slupping up BBQ burgers.

          • Huge Bear’s Penis

            if he recommits himself, we might get another good year out of him – like GB got out of Peppers. If he doesn’t cut his ass, which also sends a message to the rest of the team that names and past results don’t matter, current play matters.

          • willbest

            No. I want a new leader on defense. You bring Briggs back and you are inviting a leadership void, because it will default to him and he doesn’t want it. Lets see Ratliff be that leader.

          • Irish Sweetness

            What did they offer Urlacher? Offer Briggs half that.

          • does that include portillo’s? because i wouldn’t want to reward him with that deliciousness.

          • Huge Bear’s Penis

            not sure we want him as a food taster. didn’t his restaurant have pretty bad reviews?

          • Translation: I didn’t want to play for Tucker, but now I’ll play. I’m only a part time professional with an on-off passion switch.

            Great role-model for the young ones.

          • that’s one interpretation. another is, “look. we all know i’ve got nothing left. even when i turned it on last season, i couldn’t shed blocks or make a play when the D needed it. but if these guys are going to reach out to Brian to ‘make things right,’ i’ve gotta figure they can be tricked into doing the same for me. how’s about 2 years, $5 million per? hometown discount.”

          • SC Dave

            Go sling some BBQ, Lance.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Zach Miller looks like a very good tight end for us. Huge loss this season.

          • SC Dave

            I don’t get it… aren’t TE *supposed* to be able to block? Now, I know we’re not exactly used to seeing it, but…

    • If they run a D like Fangio did in SF (a 4-3 under that looks like a 3-4), the “weakside LB” is one of the 2 ILBs. It’s a hybrid 3-4 ILB and 4-3 WILL role. Seems to me like that’s Bostic’s best fit. Then put Jones at Sam and they need a Mike, plus the weakside DE/top edge rusher (the Aldon Smith role).

      • NewBearInTown

        Ooh Ooh! Shea McClellin!

        • SC Dave

          Shea is just as likely to be good as Bostic.

      • That weakside DE/LB will be the most interesting.

        Shea? Allen? Young? Draft pick?

        • Young, but the injury. So I say draft pick. I’d love, I mean LOVE, for them to sign Suh in FA (weakside DT/Justin Smith role) and draft the baddest edge rusher they can in round 1. But I know it won’t happen (though the edge rusher is a real possibility). They’ll spend on several lesser vets to help pepper the D with solid players in FA.

          • Irish Sweetness

            What does Suh cost? If we cut Allen, dump Cutty’s contract …. is it do-able?
            Then we can draft Collins AND a DE/OLB. Christmas come early.

          • Cutting Allen and dumping Cutty’s contract saves Chicago virtually no money this year.

            They would have enough to afford Suh, but it would mean not much to get other FAs, which is why I’m fairly certain it won’t happen.

        • willbest

          Before signing with the Bears Allen pitched a fit when asked he would consider playing 3-4 OLB/DE if MN switched. That could present a problem for the Bears because they owe him 12 million (fully guaranteed) in 2015, which would make it impossible to trade him.

          • Allen didn’t want to stand up? Dang. That is a problem. Allen and Sutton are perhaps the most ill suited for a 3-4. Maybe we can point to Pepp and how that transition has invigorated his career (though really it’s just because he actually gave a shit again).

          • Irish Sweetness

            We only owe him 12 million if he’s still on the roster in March, no?

          • willbest

            No we owe him 12.5 million full stop. He got a 4-yr 32 mil deal (3, 12.5, 8.5, 8) with 15.5 guaranteed

    • Big Mike

      Bostic could be a beast if he bulked up about 10lbs and had limited coverage responsibilities.

    • BerwynBomber

      Agreed but the Pack moving Matthews inside was a move of necessity rather than choice. Their run D was horrendous the first half of the year (at one time they were last in the league) and Hawk looked completely spent (and was later benched). My guess is the Cheese draft an ILB in the first two rounds and move Matthews back outside.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Yup. Play him like Samurai – you run straight ahead or side to side, that’s where you live. No brain = give them three possible directions to run and keep them away from the passing game.

  • Somebody on here the other day wanted me to look into Cutler’s garbage time production in 2014. Challenge accepted. Article will be written and published sometime late this week/early next week.

    • Scott W.

      Go Jonathan. Go!

    • GPLDAN

      Data is going to lay a statistical beatdown on some poor sap now!

    • That was I cuz according to QBR and QB Cutler’s stats were above avg, when anyone with eyes knew it was the opposite.

      Only thing we couldn’t decide on was which “metric” to use since you said the QBR already took situations into account and much like the Colonel’s recipe, it was kept secret.

      I’m very interested to see the outcome. What did you decide would qualify as “garbage time”? 17 points down or more?

      Alright. Looking forward to it regardless. I know it’s a lot of tape watching, so I’ll pimp the shit out of it on my limited network.

      • BerwynBomber

        Cutler was 21st in the league in QBR. And 17th in the league in QR. So the average would be about 19th in the league. That seems pretty indicative of the season he had.

        QBR generally does a better a job of quantifying things like garbage time; hence, why Cutty’s rating may have been a little worse by QBR standards vs. the more traditional QR.

        • Is there a link to this list of QBRs?
          I’m curious to see if any other of the 1-20 QBs before (or after Cutler) got benched (and Cutler should’ve been benched much earlier too IMO).

          • BerwynBomber

            The answer to your bench question is, I believe, no. First guy I see benched after Cutty is Hoyer who finished 24th in the league (to Jay’s 21st). Here are the final QBRs for 2014:


          • And that might have been politics. Word was the owner wanted Manziel in, but the coaching staff disagreed, specifically lil Shanny, who left the Browns for that very reason.


          • BerwynBomber

            And the next two after that are Austin Davis and the one and only Josh McCown. Btw, Davis is a UFA this off-season. I’d be inclined to take a look at him given his age and occasional flash, or at least purported flash.

            P.S. technically McCown might have been more an injury-excused benching.

      • I ended up looking at completion %, yards per attempt, touchdown percentage, interception percentage, TD/INT ratio, and passer rating.

        So basically passer rating (which has 4 variables: cmp %, ypa, TD %, and INT %), only broken down by variable.

  • Scott W.

    Did anyone watch the Real Sports w/Gumbel on the ’85 Bears other than me? That get talked about in another thread?

    • GPLDAN

      Is it streaming anywhere?

      • Scott W.

        I don’t know. It was on HBO, and being shown again this Friday at 2:30 and 10:30 p.m. EST.
        McMahon’s interview is worth the time just by itself.

        • GPLDAN

          HBO2GO is supposedly going to a ala carte model for the Apple TV in 2015 but I have not seen anything yet.

          • Scott W.

            Yeah. I’m not up on the latest and greatest tv tech wise.
            Just note, the McMahon interview, and to a lesser extent Ditka’s, are riveting. He also talked with McMichael and Dent, and Dave Duerson’s son. McMahon really said it, though.

        • Irish Sweetness

          McMahon, Dent.

          Sad to hear it appears Jim has early-onset dementia.

          • Irish Sweetness

            A guy called Richard Waldrup is getting a bunch of games up on Youtube. No Bucs, Chiefs games from ’87 …. but

            Bears V Broncos ’87. Tomczak come on with a minute left, two points down close to FG range. Somebody tell him what down it is. Doh!

  • Jerry Rice says he’ll slap an asterisk on the Pats if they win the SB.
    Romanaski says he slapped Vaseline on his jersey, and if you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying.

    Which side would you want to land on?

    • BerwynBomber

      The problem is the Pats have been popped before for cheating. If this was a first time offense, they might get more of a pass.

      In terms of Romanowski, well a) he was a tool, but b) it comes down to the rule book or something so egregious (like filming another team’s practices) that we all agree it is blatant cheating.

      One of the issues with MLB and steroids is that the league didn’t ban them till well after the fact. So one could argue that no rules were being broken by the players then taking them.

    • willbest

      What exactly is the argument to be made for the *? Its not like the Golden Tate catch during the Packers game where changing 1 ruling changes the whole outcome of the game.

      It was irrelevant to the Colts game, and there is no evidence that the Pats were cheating during the Ravens game. And let us suppose the Pats were cheating during the Ravens game. How do you know that the Ravens weren’t cheating. Just because John Harbaugh turns into a whiny b@#$@ when the Pats do something creative on the O-line doesn’t mean he doesn’t cheat.

      • BerwynBomber

        Again, doesn’t matter if the cheating resulted in the desired benefit or not. We do not give would-be robbers a pass because they botched the robbery. And frankly “the whole league cheats” argument is a lame-ass excuse as well.

        • willbest

          Well in that case, shouldn’t the winner have a * next to it no matter who wins, seeing as how Seattle has been at the forefront of PED use.

          • BerwynBomber

            I believe they already “served the time” for that offense, right? Thought a couple of their dudes served suspensions for Adderall or do I have that wrong?

          • willbest

            Sure but the people involved in that cheating are still there. So how do I know they are reformed.

            And what do you consider cheating? If deflating your footballs is really cheating, then surely whatever tampering the Ravens did to minimize Ray Rice’s sentence the first time around was cheating.

          • BerwynBomber

            Again, the “how do I know” line is just another variation of the lame “but everyone cheats” excuse. There is a reason you can’t successfully contest a speeding or traffic violation with the “but everyone does it your honor” defense. The Pats have been busted twice for cheating at a team or organizational level.

            Not getting your Rice/Ravens argument.

          • willbest

            You are condemning the Pats based on an act you can’t prove, because of something they did nearly a decade ago. At which point we are just trying to figure out what level of suspicion triggers your morality alarm. It is just as clear that the Ravens tampered with the disciplinary process in an attempt to benefit of one of their players. And it is just as clear that Lovie benched his starters against Atlanta in order to secure the #1 seed in the draft.

            Quite frankly I find what Lovie did far more appalling than a couple PSI.

          • Huge Bear’s Penis

            still don’t understand the Ray Rice argument. Before that the NFL has had a fairly lenient policy for punishing players for domestic abuse. So they really did not have to tamper with anything, just point out the numerous occasions the NFL only gave out 1 or 2 game suspensions for Domestic abuse.

          • BerwynBomber

            Huh? Can’t prove? The footballs were tested. Eleven of twelve weren’t up to snuff. There might not be a smoking gun but only a Patriots or Brady honk would believe it was just a coincidence or some lowly equipment manager working on his own.

            This, along with Spygate, throws a cloud over their entire run. Sorry. And I’m a Belichick fan so I take no pleasure in it.

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            don’t be naive… psy>>>>>>>>>>>>PEDs.

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            every team in history should have a * next to their SuperBowl……. starting with the 85 Chicago Bears.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Ceteris paribus …. let us assume all teams were eating PEDs like cornflakes … their stats defensively that year were so far ahead of the game that it was simply a superior group of gentlemen on the roster. Nobody except Baltimore has come close, kind of, and nobody is going to shut out their playoff opponents again.

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            I have no problem against them. I see the NFL for it is. Also I don’t have a romantic view about the sport. Probably because I’m new to it and I don’t have all that family moments and things like that.

            I’m opened about it…I don’t mind PEDs, spygate, bountygate, suck for Luck, hide the Rice tape, Aaron Hernandez, ….. .

            No rapist and pedophiles and I’m good. I also dislike the good guys-bad guys storyline. It’s insulting

      • SC Dave

        Defending the indefensible has become so tedious.

    • GPLDAN

      I picked up a pizza in Denver one night and who was at the counter save for Bill Romanowski. (that’s how you spell his last name).

      His whole body looked like it was lubed in Vaseline. He looked like an over-inflated balloon – like how bodybuilders look when they take the stage. I was shocked he was getting a pizza given all the carbs and fat.

      • willbest

        Its good to carboload when you lift. Its your muscle’s preferred source of food.

        • Irish Sweetness

          hmmm. carbs are fuel, but protein is the only thing that can re-build muscle.

      • Yeah, didn’t care enough about his name. The original Romo-and one of the dirtiest players ever.
        He was on Jim Rome. Only heard a clip, but couldn’t decide who was a bigger wind-bag.
        Jim Rome is Romo reincarnated as a “sport’s journalist”.
        Romo-rome, coincidence? think not.

        • Johnnywad

          I can’t understand a damn thing Rome says on his CBS sports minutes. Not one damn thing.

      • my buddies and I used to call him Old and Nasty.

    • Barb UMihai Mar

      Bill Parcells still thinks Bill Walsh cheated during 1980s playoffs

      “This kind of stuff has been going on in the NFL for quite some time, but it takes different forms,” Parcells said. “This is not just restricted to the defense. I know from past history in two playoff games, one of these teams that was famous for using a script, which they rehearsed with their team prior to the game — they knew exactly what they wanted to do — mysteriously, two years in a row, when the game started, their phones went down, which mandates that the other side put their phones down. Now, let me get this straight. You’ve got your script rehearsed, you know what you’re going to do, the defense doesn’t know what’s coming, but they have to take their phones off?”

      Parcells didn’t name Walsh or the 49ers, but that’s obviously who he was referring to. Parcells made the same claim in 2007, referring to two Giants-49ers playoff games (after the 1985 and 1986 seasons) when Parcells coached against Walsh.

      • There’s a bunch of stories like that, and IF true, IT’S CHEATING.
        And I’m not okay with it just because everyone else does it.

        There are some lines though. It’s not a black-and-white issue. Like we brought up on another thread, certain “advantages” are commonly accepted in every game, like “home field advantage” which includes all kinds of stuff like loudness, turf, facilities, etc.

        Back in the day stick-um, but it was available to everyone. Same with pain-killers. Everyone pretty much used them and most turn a blind out to marijuana (as long as they don’t get caught).

        But the Pats have now violated certain rules that other teams are NOT ok with. Spygate still pisses off both the Panthers and the Rams, and a lot of other ppl who have played the game.

        Deflate gate pissed off the Colts and Ravens so much that they informed the league which in turn set up a sting.

        Obviously, both instances were not “gamesmanship” but CHEATING, and they should get punished accordingly.

        If you do the crime, you do the time.

        • Barb UMihai Mar

          Sure… the problem with Spygate is that everybody did it. Bill Cowher said it…. and he also lost one of those games.

          Again… for the 1.000 time. This is not about innocence.

          It’s about calling out a certain group, name calling them ‘cheaters’, when everybody is cheating. That doesn’t make any sense.

          you’re talking about the Panthers in connection with Spygate. I loved that story the other day… the ex Panther GM: ‘The Patriots cheated. Yes it’s true… 3 of my 5 starting OL were on steroids at the time’.

          Are you kidding me ? You both are cheaters. BOTH.

          PS: Stop creating false boogeymen to make yourself feel better. That tactic doesn’t work.

          • This isn’t a FALSE boogeyman.
            It’s about a PROVEN cheater, who might get penalized for it again.

            Prove to me that EVERY team is cheating, then maybe you have a case.

            That’s an assumption you can’t prove, and you call anyone who doesn’t share that assumption “naive”. I would say that assuming that every team cheats like the Pats is skeptical, and unfounded.

            Your argument goes like this.

            Pats cheat (true)
            Everyone cheats (unproven)
            Therefore, it’s ok.

            First of all, your second proposition is only conjecture.
            And even the the unlikely event that it were true, it still does not make your conclusion true.

            I’m not sure how you can’t understand that.

            It’s actually not that you don’t understand, you’re just illogically defending your pats with a fallacious argument.

            BTW, if the 2014 Bears were found to be deflating balls on purpose, I would feel the same. I wouldn’t whine that there’s some conspiracy theory targeting the bears like Pat’s fanboys. It’s the same BS you hear from Raider and Cowboys fans.

          • willbest

            No the 2014 Bears have been accused of much worse on this board. Talking to John Fox prior to his release in Denver.

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            For the 1.000.000 time.

            Pats cheat (true)
            Everyone cheats (true)

            therefore… everybody cheats…no one in particular is a cheater.

            PS: You have lost your legitimacy in this discussion. The 85 Chicago Bears are proven cheaters… yet you don’t have the stones to say so. Which proves all you do is cherry pick the cheaters.

            Me ? The Pats fanboy ? THE PATRIOTS ARE CHEATERS… NO DOUBT ABOUT IT !!!

          • Irish Sweetness

            I’ll bite. Why were the 85 Bears cheaters Barb?

            And don’t say painkillers, because if EVERYBODY is on painkillers then no unfair advantage is gained. These men play through pain and injury for a living. it’s their whole lives. If they don’t take the med, then they don’t take the field. It’s hardly cheating.

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            It’s the same discussion we keep having.

            You people can’t use the ‘everybody does it’ at your own discretion.

            If everybody is on painkillers then everybody is a cheater. The Bears players were abusing drugs ? Yes. So they’re cheaters. And so was the club for force feeding them drugs in illegal manner.

          • Huge Bear’s Penis

            as far as spygate, every team tries to steal signals. The issue with the Patriots is that they took it a step to far and was video taping teams. Cowher said it was this arrogance that got them in trouble. He wasn’t condoning the actions of the Patriots, he was explaining why they were busted as opposed to other teams. So yes every team probably bends the rules at some time or another but there is a limit. Push that limit to far and you are going to be busted. Its just like speeding tickets, most cops are not going to give you a ticket for 3-4 mph over the limit but you go past that you are asking for trouble.

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            100% accurate.

            Which is my point… call them arrogant cunts. Easy on the cheaters… though. When you call someone a cheater that makes you squeaky clean. And if you ain’t…that makes you an arrogant punk…also.

    • Irish Sweetness


  • AlbertInTucson

    So, the connection being discaussed more about with the deflated footballs is New England’s ability, year after year, to consistently fumble the ball less than other teams.

    • GPLDAN
    • BerwynBomber

      Saw that. A deflated ball could certainly lead to that advantage.

    • Barb UMihai Mar


      • seriously. why would you deflate your balls like that? really speaks volumes to the lack of leadership in the organization

        • Barb UMihai Mar

          Because Brady has better control that way.

          • BerwynBomber

            And you would arguably fumble less.

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            Brady fumbled 9 times last year…2nd most in 10 years.

            For me fumbles are skill… both protecting and creating.

          • AlbertInTucson

            It’s their RUNNING BACKS who benefit. QBs fumble because they’re blindsided and often holding the ball with onlly one hand.

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            The running backs in general either keep the ball the right way or they fumble it.
            A Peanut punch, a blind side swipe or a helmet into the ball… no soft football is going to save you from that.
            You either protect it, or you fumble it.

            Last year Steven Ridley fumbled the ball numerous times. The others didn’t… same footballs.

            The difference is in the philosophy and coaching style. The Patriots use RB by committee and fumbling more than anything keeps you out of the rotation. That and being late for practice. So you either protect it or you don’t play.
            They also train in the most difficult conditions possible. They enjoy making it as hard as possible in training, so you can be perfect in the actual game. You fumble in practice you don’t play. Period.

            So you have low count snaps, protect it or else and train harder than the actual game mentality.

            PS: I think a soft ball is especially helpful when it comes to the QB fumbling. That’s where the little extra grip makes a difference between it slipping out of your hand or not. The ball is most vulnerable in the QBs hands. Don’t you agree ?
            The RB keeps it like a baby…the secret is having as many pressure points with your body as possible. It’s not about the grip at a certain point of the ball.

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            QBs fumble because they’re blindsided and often holding the ball with only one hand.

            Bingo. That’s where a softer ball comes in handy. In tuck rule kind of situations.

            Brady’s fumbles are league average. So if it didn’t help where it should have helped the most…. the theory is challenged.

            My logic says a soft ball surely helps you if you a QB. Me personally I can’t even grip a hard football with my small hands. I can if it’s softer. But when it comes to carrying the football as a RB the low grip actually helps me… I HAVE to use my arm and body and so it’s extra secure.

            So the low grip on the football makes me an insane fumbler as a QB, but as a protect the football beast as a RB.

          • Irish Sweetness

            In Cutty’s case, when his arm is down by his side and he’s begging someone to strip it, even when he’s been standing in there for 5 seconds knowing full well defenders are closing in from behind.

      • SC Dave

        Give it up, Barb. Your defense of the indefensible grows more tedious by the day.

        • His whole defense is “everybody does it, so it’s ok”

          Which is skeptical conjuncture, but if you want to accuse the Pats, you need 10 witnesses, tape and scientific certainty.

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            the 85 Chicago Bears were cheaters. Say it. Write it down. Right here, right now.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Evidence ?

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            I’ve posted the links. They were pumping injured players with painkillers, so they could play. They kept the injuries from their knowledge for years, also.

    • Barb UMihai Mar

      If Cutler buys this story do you think he’d bother ? Come on Cutty… deflate some footballs. At least be like Brady in that.

    • Barb UMihai Mar

      That’s the BenJarvus Green-Ellis effect. He was their RB starter for 3 years. And not fumbling was his (only) niche. Had 500 carries for them…0 fumbles.

      His other ‘stats’ and skills were below average at best.

  • Shady

    I root for Marshawn Lynch because the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

  • Christ almighty. I was on the Divisonal Round being my fav too, then the draft, then the SB…and this is partially why.


  • Bobby Wagner in this draft, anyone?


    One benefit of running a 3-4 is that it’s much easier to get LBs than it is to reach for prototypical 4-3DEs.

    • Barb UMihai Mar


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