Spotlight on the Coaching Candidates: Todd Bowles

| January 12th, 2015



The Bill Parcells coaching tree has been the most profitable of the modern era, yielding six Super Bowl titles since 2000. The reason? Parcells teaches his coaches to coach the whole field, not just their specific positions or unit. He breeds men who can run the room a la Bill Belichick, Tom Coughlin and Sean Payton.

From a Sheil Kapadia piece for Philly Mag:

While Parcells was making a name for himself as the head coach of the New York Giants, he faced Bowles, a safety out of Temple, twice a year.

“I noticed that he was making their secondary calls and adjustments and and all those things as far back as those days,” Parcells said during an interview with Jon Marks and Brian Baldinger on 97.5 The Fanatic.

Later in the piece, Bowles discussed the impact Parcells has had on his coaching career:

“Bill taught me how to see the whole game and the team as a whole,” Bowles said. “He always wanted me to learn more than my position. The biggest thing he taught me was at the end of the game, with a loss, the people that take the losses the hardest are the coaches. The players can forget about them in two or three days. The head coach has to move on and stand in front of you guys, but the defensive coaches are pissed off because they know what really happens. So you’ve got to keep your coaches up to keep your players up.”
Many, including myself, have misread Bowles’ sideline stoicism as a lack of passion, a lack of fire. Everything you read about Bowles seems to disprove that belief. From a piece in USA Today:

A lackadaisical start Oct. 12 against Washington had Bowles so frustrated he busted a whiteboard during a halftime outburst that resonated with players accustomed to his soft-spoken persona. The Cardinals had four takeaways in the second half and won 30-20.

“He’s strategical, so he spends hours and hours drawing up these different formations, and if we go out there and ‘F’ it up, it kind of gets him pissed off,” Mathieu said. “He wasted his time basically drawing this up. That speech definitely got to us.”

Bowles is the safest hire for the Chicago Bears based on performance and pedigree.

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  • Irish Sweetness

    You know it.

    • Bears-4-Ever


      • Irish Sweetness


        I’m up on the Chinese Military website looking for it now.

        • GPLDAN

          I would think that a football team on the Moon would simply HAVE to be called the bats.

          Think about it.

          • Irish Sweetness

            That’s racial.

        • Irish Sweetness

          It’s pretty interesting also that they flew 3 billion miles to land on comet 67P, released a few photos before having ‘unfortunate’ problems just like the Jade Rabbit. Photoshopped photos, that is.

          And now we’re going to land on an asteroid called Vesta. Jefe is taking bets on how soon they develop ‘unfortunate problems’ after landing.

        • Irish Sweetness

          By the way the tetrahedron (pyramid) stuff in that video is off the chain. Hyper-dimensional torsion field physics, apparently. Tetrahedrons intersect spheres at 19.5 degrees. And the Chang’e landed at ……?

        • Irish Sweetness
        • Scharfinator

          With that opening graphic, you know this is going to be good.

    • GPLDAN

      Is there a football field under it?

    • huntinbare

      That Jade Rabbit is pounding the “elixer of life” for CHANG’E ….for all us Bear fans

      • Irish Sweetness

        Well read sir!

    • Here’s what I don’t get. We can go on google earth and zoom in to see a chick sunbathing from satellites, but all the pictures of the moon look like 1950s Polaroids.

      I think there’s something going on there, though whether it’s alien bases or U.S. star war basis, who knows?

      Trillions of dollars disappears from the budget, it’s gotta go somewhere.

      • BillW

        Fascinating observation. Seriously.

        Let’s call for Google Moon to be a thing and see what happens.

        “There is no dark side of the moon, really.”

        • Yeah, I mean, if a guy lands on a moon with a damn iphone, I’m sure those pics should not look like graphics from the twilight zone.

          Just seems odd. I just posted a link yesterday about photographs of the Andromeda Galaxy that is 1.5 BILLION pixels.

          I’m pretty sure Nasa has the tech to give better pics than Polaroids.

    • Hey, Irish, did you check out the new photos of the Andromeda System I linked?

      Check it out.


      You can follow the link to get on the page and zoom in at will.

  • Bears-4-Ever

    Interesting read Jeff.


    Ware, Talib and all $60M in free agency couldn’t put them over the top. Fox will probably go.

    If Luck beats Manning and Brady back to back, does that make him the best ever?

    • TheBigCheesy

      Mark Sanchez did that in 2010. Sooo in other words, yes: If Luck beats Manning and Brady back to back, Andrew Luck will surpass Mark Sanchez as the best ever.

      • GPLDAN

        Logic be inflatable. No…infallible. Something.

  • TheBigCheesy

    “Problem w/Dez uncatch is they had to overturn ruling on field. They must be 100% convinced Dez didn’t make football move. How could they be?”


    Apparently “a football move” has nothing to do with it. People were confusing that with “a move common to the game” which apparently is not the same thing, and which is elaborated on in the rule book. Deadspin has a pretty in depth take on it:


    That’s definitely the way I see it. The rule is stupid. It’s been stupid ever since they made it a point of emphasis. Everyone rightfully freaked out over the Calvin Johnson play and it’s been the same thing everytime it’s come up since that play. But that’s how they’ve been calling it for 5 years now. I was extremely confident that the play would be overturned and I’m honestly surprised by how much controversy there is.

    • BillW

      I have to agree. When I looked at the replay (didn’t see the whole game) I immediately saw “no catch”. Again, based on the Calvin Johnson rule. The lunge., football move or not, in no way erases the fact that as you’re going to the ground the receiver must maintain control all the way.

      Personally, I understand why they don’t change the rule. Despite things like this, it’s really the simplest way of determining a catch. Two feet down with control I guess would be simpler, but then if the receiver is falling and the ball comes out, you have to call that a fumble and not an incomplete catch.

      • BerwynBomber

        I have never liked the rule — and the worst I have ever seen it was when it was used to overturn a Troy Polaluma INT against Peyton Manning in a post-season game some years back — but by rule the Dez Bryant was not a shocking overturn.

    • GPLDAN

      I’m so glad they are so strict about a ball hitting the ground, but allowed Randall Cobb’s obvious trap of the ball to stand as a catch.

      • BillW

        Didn’t see that one either. But the ball is allowed to touch the ground as long as the ground wasn’t part of the receiver controlling the ball. That rule is named after someone too. Not saying that’s what happened to Cobb, but it’s a thing.

        • Bear Down in Tampa

          Bert Emmanuel, 1999 NFC Championship game, Bucs vs. Rams.

      • TheBigCheesy

        i was a little nervous about the Cobb review. I was maybe 70% sure they wouldn’t overturn it, but I was 100% sure they wouldn’t “confirm it”. That’s another one of the rule enforcements that I’m not that jazzed about. they seem to be a little generous with allowing the ball to touch the ground as long as it doesn’t move afterwards. I’m inclined to think that maybe they should just outlaw touching of the ground completely. Sure it would take away a lot of great catches, but it would be WAyyyyyy easier to achieve consistacy. Just force receivers to keep the ball off the ground completely. Then you don’t have to watch 20 replays to see if the ball squirms a little or not after touching the ground. I actually think that would suck for the game, but it would make the officiating easier.

        Ultimately though, I thought they called the Cobb play like they usually called the cobb play. I wasn’t very surprised. I actually didn’t like a lot of the called they made yesterday, but I wasn’t really surprised about any of them

        • TheBigCheesy

          Actually, i was pretty flabbergasted by the initial spot of that jason witten catch at the end of the first half. That was hilarious.

          • GPLDAN

            They overturned that, though.

          • TheBigCheesy

            I know, that’s why i said initial. I was just commenting about my reaction real time. That was the one time in the game where I questioned the sobriety of the crew.

          • CanadaBear

            I thought Buck was going to have a hissy fit. I was kinda, sorta pulling for Dallas but didn’t really care about the outcome. Unlike Buck and Aikman who were openly rooting for the Fudgies. I thought they were going to run out on the field and massage his calf between plays.

        • BillW

          I like your idea about “incomplete if the ball touches the ground at all” since it is clear cut.

          Not sure how to simplify the Calvin Johnson rule without creating controversy the other way. “Two feet down even if falling” would mean more completions but then more fumbles too.

          And what in the world was Garret thinking after missing a FG, getting another play due to a false start, and then kicking again? PUNT!! Don’t give Rodgers a short field. Jeez – I’m sure you said “Thanks a lot” at that dumb decision.

    • SC Dave

      Fuck all any of it. It’s purely karma. Dallas was handed the game against Detroit. It’s only fitting that the game was handed away from them in response.

      The Fudgies, as usual, are the beneficiaries of the officiating. Suh and compare would have destroyed a gimpy Rodgers, but he and the Pack dodge it on a shit call against the Lions.

      • TheBigCheesy

        What? the packers couldn’t have played the Lions unless they both made it to the NFC championship. The packers would MUCH prefer the lions at home to the seahawks on the road. And if detroit had beaten Dallas, Green Bay would have gotten Carolina, which is a wayyy better matchup than Dallas. Green Bay was negatively impacted by the “shit call against the lions” which is why I was so pissed about it.

        More importantly, a gimpy Rodgers beat the Lions by 10 points the very last time they played. And he had to come out for a series. What are you talking about?

  • Irish Sweetness

    The photoshopping of the ‘Philae’ comet 67P landing photos.

  • TheBigCheesy


    Irsay twisting the knife. What a dick. The results of that game suggest it was the right move itself; you don’t need to repeat that. That’s the kind of quote that would have been appropriate had they lost, reassuring everyone that you still stand by the decision regardless of the outcome of that one game (and the past 3 years).

    • GPLDAN

      I like how he talks about how he told Archie Manning that it was right they let him go.

      I’m sure that conversation was so very pleasant.

    • BillW

      That guy is so classless I’d cringe if I were a Colts fan.

    • BerwynBomber

      I rooted for the Colts yesterday but yep Irsay is a dick and there is absolutely no reason to go there.

    • AlbertInTucson

      Nobody ever accused Irsay of having much, if any, class.

    • SC Dave

      Didn’t see it, and won’t. Luck had kick-ass game.

      I want to see him beat Manning (done), Brady (soon), and Rodgers (if they make it – fuck Seattle)

  • BillW

    So Cheesy – serious question. Try to be objective. As the Bears are in the search for yet another head coach, what is your opinion?

    In particular, what is it about McCarthy that has the Packers in the conversation year after year? Anything? Or is it as many think simply Rodgers being that good?

    Could McCarthy have the Packers up there consistently with say the 10th best QB in the league (assuming the QB money would be spent on other players – so it’s just not removing Rodgers but also adding somewhere else.)

    • TheBigCheesy

      It’s always hard to distinguish who is responsible for what percentage of the overall success. How many times do you hear “well Brady has Belichick” in the Peyton-Brady debate and then “well Belichick has Brady” in the is-belichick-the-greatest-coach debate.

      McCarthy is probably a good coach. My gut is that there is nothing transcendent about him. Rodgers however, is very much a transcendent player. I love McCarthy for how he handles his business, represents the franchise, and acheives amazing consistency from year to year. However, I’m rarely in awe of him. I think his play calling is above average.

      also, don’t forget. The bears sucking (and lions and vikes too) has also helped the packers stay relevant.

      • BerwynBomber

        Rodgers > McCarthy
        Belichick > Brady

        Agree with your take on McCarthy. Only thing I would add is that McCarthy — like Sean Payton — gets too cute at times.

        • TheBigCheesy

          I think Rodgers > McCarthy is the obvious consensus.

          However, I think the Belichick and Brady tandem is much much tougher to call. Although with a gun to my head I would probably go with belichick.

          I think McCarthy does get too cute sometimes. At the same time, I think he doesn’t get cute enough sometimes. Basically, I think he needs to be better at determining when to get cute.

          Another thing on McCarthy. I think he’s largely responsible for a lot of GBs success. But if you told me that there was an alternate universe where this same team had a different head coach who was more progressive in adapting his game from year to year and was more successful, it would be believable to me; I don’t think that McCarthy is holding us back, but I can’t say with certainty that he isn’t… maybe there are 5-7 more coaches out there that could do more with this special QB? who knows

          • BerwynBomber

            Belichick went 11-5 with a back QB who, at the time, had not taken a competitive snap since HS. Think on that for a few seconds. He also has won with vastly different teams in NE — some based on D and ground control, others based on league-leading aerial attacks. Only HC that arguably did something similar was Shula.

            Brady is a first ballot HoFer (obviously) but Belichick is the best coach I’ve ever seen.

            McCarthy is a damn fine HC. Easy top ten in the league but some of his decisions have been baffling. Mentioned this yesterday on here but that botched Cobb lateral on the PR against us a few years back, which single-handledly kept us in the game, was literally one of the dumbest coaching decisions ever. He sometimes looks like he doesn’t know how to sit on a lead.

          • TheBigCheesy

            yeah but look at belichick before he had brady. Belichick’s overall W-L record is very good but not extraordinary. Brady’s W-L record is absolutely out of this world.

            Like I said, I kind of agree with you, but it is a legitamate debate, and I think it’s very very tough to call

          • Scharfinator

            After Belicheck decided to run 4 OL and a RB as an ineligible against the Ravens… I tend to think he’s a better coach than Brady a QB.

          • TheBigCheesy

            yeah it’s awesome shit like that that begins to tip the scales

          • BillW

            That was brilliant.

          • BillW

            I can’t believe they are discussing if that’s too deceptive. What’s next – announce that a halfback or a receiver is going to throw? Or that they are going to use a hard count?

            I always objected to ineligible receivers having to report eligible. Figure it out based on where they are lined up.

      • BillW

        Thanks. I think I agree with that. There are times his in game decisions seem questionable, almost Lovie-like, but in all honesty that’s the only criticism I can find. The team seems prepared always and that’s an aspect of coaching that I never really considered until I saw how Trestman failed so much at that.

      • SC Dave

        It’s about Rodgers. He’s a fucking monster.

  • Peanut FTW

    My only big concern with Bowles, and maybe it isn’t valid; isn’t he basically Lovie Smith all over again? Stoic, good DC track record, players love him… I feel like we’ve been down this road.

    • MikeBrownhadaPosse

      If he knows how a game clock works, and that scoring points with your offense is important, then that’s OK.

      • Bender McLugh

        yeah he can’t be as bad a game manager as Lovie still is

        • CanadaBear

          Andy Reid is worse than Lovie.

          • Sactowns#1

            I think Jim Harbaugh was going for the title this year.

    • Sactowns#1

      What’s his Jumbotron stare look like?

      • Huge Bear’s Penis

        he doesn’t always stare at the jumbotron, sometimes there are pretty clouds to look at.

  • Barb UMihai Mar

    I like and dislike Bowles as the Bears HC in the same amount. If you force me to chose one I’d go with No… because I don’t understand what he achieved to deserve such a role.

    Then again my choices (Vic fangio, Josh McDaniels) have no chance of becoming the Bears HC so…

    My instinct tells me Pace will hire a HC he can connect with. I’m against such a reasoning. I want the best there is and preferably 2 different characters.

    • BillW

      You can connect with an opposite personality though. Synergy and all that business speak can come into play. I worked for a hard driving boss who outwardly appreciated my more measured approach. The opposite can work too,

      The more I read the less excited I am about the coaching candidates. I don’t see anyone out there that seems solid (as a HEAD coach). It has me thinking Shanny might not be so bad.

      • Barb UMihai Mar

        I didn’t say Pace will chose a similar personality HC.

        “I want the best there is and preferably 2 different characters”
        These are my personal preferences.

        What I said about Pace is that it seems to me like he’ll want a personal relationship with the HC. Which might not be a bad thing. Just not my thing.

    • BerwynBomber

      Yeah, the Team of Rivals thing. Who knows. Maybe the Kubiak interest tells us something differently; if nothing else, he and Pace are of different generations.

  • BillW

    Gase – Quinn – Bowles – Austin have all interviewed or are scheduled.

    No other interviews set as far as I see after searching.

    Not Toub; not Shanny; not Del Rio. And there is no reason other than lack of interest (one way or the other).

    So either one of those four will be our coach. Whoopee!


    Accorsi is pulling a “Pace” on us. Pace was the last guy interviewed. Almost seemed like a last minute decision given we assumed Ballard was in. Interviewed the same day as Ballard and I paid no attention to that. I don’t even recall reading his interview was set up. Certainly very little “buzz” around it.

    So will our coach quietly interview later this week? If Shanny or DelRio (or Toub?) get scheduled quietly that could be the sign.

    • Barb UMihai Mar

      It’s like everybody is waiting for Quinn and hope others become trigger happy so your chances of landing him improve.

      • BerwynBomber

        Can Quinn accept an HC job before SEA’s season ends? Or has he told teams that he won’t?

        • BillW

          Good question. It was obvious that Buddy had accepted the Eagles job before XX even though it wasn’t announced.

          • Sactowns#1

            I believe the stipulation is they cant interview until the bye week for SB.

          • BillW

            True but I think he was already interviewed (but not by Pace).

        • Barb UMihai Mar

          Of course he can.

          I don’t like Quinn, but this seems the only reason everybody is playing the patience card. Everybody wants the same guy.
          And Quinn is the most probable choice if that’s the case.

        • I think he can. It would also be a good motivational tool, IMO.
          Win won last one for the Gipper!

  • CanadaBear

    I read some of the comments from yesterday about the The Fudgies/Cowgirls game. As far as the catch/non catch goes, what a screw job! I don’t care if they were technically correct. If 90% of the people watching the game think it’s a catch, it was called a catch and the officials have to slow it down to frame by frame and it’s still controversial, it should be a catch. Same with the Megatron catch that should have beat us years ago.

    How ’bout Buck and Aikman yesterday? Normally I think Aikman’s OK but yesterday both he and Buck were openly rooting for the Fudgies. I don’t have a dog in this fight so I think I’m being objective. I get Rodgers is the best QB in the league and he was hurt. Does that mean we have to listen to 3 hours of poor Erin? If they hadn’t re-spotted the ball after that Witten catch, I’m pretty sure Buck would have started crying. I get the announcers have a few players they are going to feature each game and have a mandate to beat it into the ground but they went so far over and above yesterday it was sickening.

    • BillW

      I get your point but rules are rules for a reason. The officials can’t start arbitrarily deciding which rules to enforce and which ones to ignore because 90% of the people disagree with it. And while I agree it gets maddening to see calls upheld or reversed because of evidence that can only be seen digitally in one frame, that’s the level of perfection that is available.

      Besides – you can clearly see the ball hit the ground in real time.

      I’m disappointed in Jeff claiming the Detroit / Dallas and GB / Dallas situations are both black marks for the league (in his tweet). The league getting a call right this time is not a black mark.

      Look – I hate the Packers as much as anyone (conceptually speaking since I truly admire their organization) but they got it right.

      And I can’t support changing the rule. The alternative is two feet down and control being a catch, which means if your fall and drop the ball, it’s a fumble and very often a turnover.

      • CanadaBear

        I’m not saying arbitrarily make decisions, change the rules so they make sense. When the vast majority of people think it’s a catch, it should be. I don’t care at all about yesterday. It’s probably karma since the Cowgirls got a huge break on a terrible call the week before.

        • BillW

          I understand but still worry if two feet and control is a catch. Look at the impact of a ball coming out when an untouched falling receiver hits the ground will have on a game. Far more fumbles – and you’d have the situation that a great “catch” turns into a bad play by no fault of the receiver – the ground “causing” a fumble because he wasn’t touched and couldn’t hang on. That’s why the competition committee won’t change the rule, from what I remember.

          • BillW

            Unless the league goes to college rules – down without contact ends the play too,

            And maybe we’ll see that day given concerns about injuries.

        • Cormonster

          That’s a catch at every level of football except the NFL. That’s why it is so controversial.

          Let’s say Dez catches that ball at the 15 yard line, but stumbles forward 6-7 steps instead of 3, is that an incomplete pass? I guess it must be according to the “process of the catch” rule, since he didn’t make a “football move”. Shit like this is ruining the game.

      • BerwynBomber

        If the NFL survived the made-up Tuck Rule I am sure it will survive another application of the Calvin Johnson rule that has been on the books since the Bert Emanuel game. Might get a look during the rules committee meetings, if only to appease Jerra, but that will be about it. Every receiver in the league knows you have to maintain possession when you hit the ground.

    • Barb UMihai Mar

      They’re making it up on the fly.

      And fucking Jeff Fisher & Co thought it would be a great idea to give them ever more power with those PIs.

      For me the 2 most mind blowing call in this playoffs were the low hit on Romo not flagged and the PI call on Revis before half time on Smith. That call on Revis was disgusting as he had perfect/dream/by the book coverage

      • BerwynBomber

        The Revis PI was bad as was the Tramon Williams one that gave DAL a first and goal on the one (mainly a feet tangled incident). Also thought some of the calls on the Colts yesterday were iffy but the Colts were also making stupid mistakes. I think they racked up double digit penalties and triple digits in penalty yardage.

        • Barb UMihai Mar

          Tramon Williams PI wasn’t a real mistake. He was trailing and grabbed the WR, their feel tangled. It looked like PI and very well could have been.

          The Revis PI was insane. He was in perfect position ahead of the WR, He saw the ball earlier than the WR. It had INT written all over it. Smith pushes him and Revis grabs his hand slightly.

          You know what’s the difference between the 2 plays? Revis had 90% chance of INT, Williams had 10% chance of pass defense and 0% chance of INT.


    New Ford GT

    • CanadaBear

      Wow! Is that a concept car or is it going into production looking like that?

      • GPLDAN

        It’s going to showrooms in 2017 looking exactly like that.

        the video tour will slay you.

        • CanadaBear

          They will sell the shit out of those bad boys. Have any idea what they will cost?

          • GPLDAN

            I would speculate that in 2017, it’s list is $160k.

          • CanadaBear

            I assumed over 100 but had no idea. They will be a lot of rich car guys that will have to have one. If you were rich (and young) buying one of those and hanging onto it for about 30 years would be a pretty sound investment.

    • Yeah, that looks pretty bad ass.
      Comes with free plates ‘PanTdrpr’

  • John Doe

    Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter · 3h3 hours ago

    Now that Denver’s season is over, Oakland is expected to try to meet again with Broncos DC Jack Del Rio for a second interview, per source.

    Rotoworld:Many consider Del Rio the favorite for the Raiders gig, as he’s already met with owner Mark Davis, GM Reggie McKenzie and advisor John Madden. Prior to heading up the Broncos’ defense, Del Rio spent eight-plus seasons as the head coach of the Jaguars. He went 68-71 with zero division titles and two playoff appearances. Del Rio’s visit with the Raiders is scheduled for Tuesday.

    • Del Rio and Fisher are odd ones.
      Everyone THINKS they’re great coaches, but they’re long records prove they’re mediocre at best, like Lovie.

      I think we need to roll the dice on new blood.

      • BerwynBomber

        I think that is more true of Fish than Del Rio, as not many stroke Del Rio as an HC. But yeah, Fish is constantly blown. Good HC but also overrated.

      • GPLDAN

        They are modern Dave Wannys.

  • John Doe

    This article examines how Pace, if he tries to emulate Sean Payton in NO, could end up with Adam Gase as his Head Coach. If that happens, Bears will go from two nerds to two young uns..36 year old HC and 37 year old GM.


    • I hope not on Gase. He’s only ever been an OC with Peyton. Typically those guys (OCs for stud QBs) don’t have much success as head coaches.

      • CanadaBear

        It couldn’t be any worse than PE hiring his mirror image to coach the Beloved. I really don’t care who it is as long as he gets it right. To me, it’s like the draft. I don’t care who they draft as long as they don’t suck.

        • I’m with you there, I just have a hard time seeing Gase as getting it right. But I don’t give a rat’s ass if it’s an offensive or defensive coach. Just get a good coach who will surround himself with other good coaches.

    • Barb UMihai Mar

      Gase would be a Trestman type on hire.

  • I’m intrigued by Bowles, but would still love Dan Quinn.

    If anybody’s interested, here’s some OC/DC candidates that Bowles has worked with in the past who are available: http://dabearsbeat.com/2015/01/12/todd-bowles-coaching-connections/

    • Quinn looks good too.
      It’s difficult for fans cuz we don’t get to interview them, and don’t really have a feel for their personalities since OC/DCs rarely get exposure (unless they were previous HCs like Kubiak).

      It’s also a huge guessing game as to who they would bring in.

    • John Doe

      Dan Quinn is planning his staff with new Jets GM.

      He is as good as gone.

      • BillW

        Why are we losing guys? to the freaking Jets? Or was there no real interest anyway. I’m getting a bit concerned. JWood just got me interested in Quinn,

        • John Doe

          Quinn is a NJ native. Local guy was assistant with Jets in 2007-2008.

          • BillW

            The coaching pool suddenly seems thin. I have no level of excitement at all for Bowles or the Detroit DC ( can’t even be bothered to look up his name).

            Del Rio is probably going to the Raiders and I can’t care. Shanny doesn’t excite me and JWood in his blog lists a good reason to be wary of him anyway.

            Simply speaking it would seem we;re going to get stuck with whoever no one else hires.

          • John Doe

            Some consider Adam Gase to be the favorite for Chicago job.

          • BillW

            So we have a very young GM and a very young coach. Well, if he has good coordinators then OK. But I think the risk is quite high that it doesn’t work out.

          • John Doe

            Feeding quotes to media has begun..

            Brad Biggs @BradBiggs · 3h3 hours ago
            #Broncos loss frees OC Adam Gase up to explore head coaching options. WR Wes Welker: “He was ready last year.” http://trib.in/1w9ifj5

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            key word…LOSS

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            a very young GM and a very young coach answering to Teddy is a recipe for disaster.

            What good coordinator would take such a risk ? Maybe firsts time coordinators.

            And they’ll surely trade Cutler for a rookie because of buyers remorse.

            Ok…just kidding. Gase as Bears HC isn’t happening.

          • That’s usually the way it works. Bears get a lot of shit since they go with their connections, but that’s typically how all organizations work. It’s human nature to go with who you know I suppose.

            Better the devil you know, and all that.

    • BillW

      What’s your opinion as to why Rex Ryan was not considered? Bears. or Ryan, or mutual non-interest? And why?

      • John Doe

        Accorsi nixed Ryan. Ryan was interested.

      • seems like he was hired before the new GM really had a chance. But I’d guess it’s because of personality. The Bears consistently don’t hire big personality coaches like that.

    • Bowles’ connections are underwhelming.
      I wouldn’t want Chud as OC.
      And Pasquolini is intriguing, but after this crap fest, time to flush it all out, fair or not.

      • BillW

        You guys are making me scared. Since it seems like Bowles, Gase and the Dt DC are the only possibilities. They all have large negatives it seems (based only on what I’m reading here).

        JWood is down on Gase; intrigued by Bowles (gotta watch how you spell it or you get Bowels). And I’ve heard nothing to say the Detroit DC is ready for a HC job.


        • John Doe

          Bowles likely gone too..

          Ian Rapoport @RapSheet · 29m29 minutes ago

          The #Falcons are also bringing in #AZCardinals DC Todd Bowles for a second interview too, source said. #theplotthickens

          Ian Rapoport @RapSheet · 33m33 minutes ago

          The #Jets are bringing in Todd Bowles for a second interview this week, along with talking to Sean McDermott on Wednesday, source said

          • Bears tend to be more secretive though.
            No one really knew Arians was waiting in a hotel for a Bears call till not too long ago.
            Few saw Emery, Trestman or Pace coming.

            Those guys are like MI6.

          • Johnnywad

            Only not as cool or successful.

      • yeah, I’m not that impressed. So far I’ve looked at connections for Quinn, Toub, and Bowles, and am most impressed (by far) by Quinn’s list of potential candidates. Taking a look at Teryl Austin’s tonight though, we’ll see what that looks like.

  • It came out within half an hour of Dallas losing that Marinelli was leaving to TB to be DC under Lovie again.

    Wonder how long they’ve had that one worked out?

    • GPLDAN

      Too bad, he whipped that Dallas D into shape.

      • CanadaBear

        I’d love to see him come back here but that will never happen. Good for Lovie. He needs all the help he can get.

    • John Doe

      It was worked out last year when Lovie got hired in Tampa Bay. But Jerruh Jones refused to let Marinara get out of his contract. Now Marinara is free.

    • BillW

      What the hell is wrong with Jerry Jones? (Rhetorical question). All his coaches are free to leave and he just lost maybe his best one.

  • John Doe

    No Bears second interview for Bowles yet..

    Adam SchefterVerified account‏@AdamSchefter

    Jets and Falcons each planning to bring back Cardinals DC Todd Bowles for second HC interview, per sources; trying to finalize schedule now.

    • willbest

      He might not leave the building without a contract, so unless you are the 1st second interview, you have already lost.

  • I’m not MeatHead Rob Lowe wanting a yeller HC just for nostalgia’s sake. Billichick is pretty “stoic” on the sideline, and I doubt any would complain about that troll roaming Solider Field.

    IMO, it comes down to Bowles, Quinn, Gase and Toub (barring some dark horse candidate, which is entirely possible with the McCaskeys).

    From what I read, Quinn is all but a Jet, and Toub hasn’t even gotten a sniff.

    So really it comes down to Bowles and Gase, and Gase would be a very high risk hire.

    Bowles seem to be the logical choice.

    “Stoic” fits the McCaskey preference.
    Defensive. Check.
    From a winning team that really had no business winning. Check.
    Relatively young. Check.
    Never an HC before. Check.
    Parcell/NY/Accorsi connection. Check.

    I just wonder who his OC/DC/SPC would be, esp his OC since I would assume Bowles takes care of the D.

    As my handle implies, I would like a power-O OC, one who preferably has had success, but who is left?

    • willbest

      Bowles probably won’t make it back to Chicago. Jets and Falcons both have second interviews lined up with him.

      I don’t mind taking a look at the Lions DC

    • Cormonster

      Darrell Bevell ran a power-O at Minnesota and Seattle.

  • John Doe

    Interesting answer from Pace regarding QB..


    What does your perfect quarterback look like?

    They all come in different shapes and sizes. There’s different qualities in that position that you look for and the intangibles are very important. I pay attention to that, and I think if they come off different ways, different personalities, but you still have intangibles for the position. They’re all different shapes and sizes. I think you really gotta get to know the person. The quarterback evaluation is the hardest evaluaton in our sport. It’s not just what they’re doing on the field, it’s what they’re doing off the field. So I gotta get to know that.

    • Interesting that Pace went right to the intangibles first, esp since that’s frequently the knock on Cutler, whether it’s fair or not (and it IS rare that a vet QB is NOT named captain).

      I’m not sure what Pace means by “off the field.” If he means, as long as the QB is not partying like Manziel at 2am on a sat, then yeah, no shit.

      If he’s expecting Mother Theresa, then I think he’s in error (look at Rothlisburger, to name but one).

      I totally agree though that QB is the hardest position to assess, perhaps in all sports.
      Just look at the playoff QBs. Brady 6th rounder, Wilson 3rd, Romo (6th?), Rodgers (dropped to the 20s), while Cam, Peyton and Luck were #1.

      • BerwynBomber

        Romo was undrafted.

        • Yeah, there you go. I thought 6th or undrafted.
          He’s actually done really well when viewed through that prism. Most UFDAs are like Christian Jones, borderline NFL players for like 4 years.

          • BerwynBomber

            Romo has been an excellent QB, just a bit choke-y in the past and even more so … cursed. But he led the league in both QR and QBR this year, with Rodgers coming in second. No small thing. Plus, he’s tougher than anyone ever expected with all those back injuries.

            Have to imagine the ‘girls might draft a QB the next year or two. Romo, I believe, is 35 and obviously banged up in a major way.

      • Look at the top 20 or so QBs in the NFL though.
        Brady, Wilson, Brees, Romo, Dalton, Kaepernick. The rest as far as I can remember were all 1st rounders. It’s the most top-heavy position in terms of needing to find a good one early.
        Did a smidge of research. Top 20 yardage passers this year: 12 1st rounders (5 1st overall, in top 5, 8 in top 10), 4 2nd rounders, 1 3rd, 1 6th, 2 undrafted.
        Even more noticeable if you look at top 10: 8 1st rounders (4 1st overall, 6 top 5), 1 2nd, 1 6th.
        Look at passer rating top 10: 5 1st rounders, 1 2nd, 1 3rd, 1 6th, 1 7th, 1 undrafted. I find it tough to just use passer rating though when Ryan Fitzpatrick finished in the top 10.

        • BerwynBomber

          QBR might be a little better than QR at this point but probably best to find the mean between the two when assessing a QB.

          Btw, have you seen much Bryce Petty? I only saw him in the bowl game they lost to Michigan State. He intrigued me. Definitely a system kid but he looked more pro-ready than mid-round guys like McCarron and Murray last year. He has a decent arm and his mobility, though not all that, at least exists.

          • haven’t watched any film on any of the QBs yet. But I know he’s had back issues, which is worrisome.

  • John Doe

    PFF ranks Bears O-line 15th for 2014 improving from 19th in 2013.

    15. Chicago Bears (19th)

    Pass Blocking Ranking: 17th, Run Blocking Ranking: 12th, Penalties Ranking: 23rd

    Stud: A steadier second season from Kyle Long (+12.1) who has begun to look the part in pass protection. His rookie year would suggest he’s got more in his locker in the run game, though.

    Dud: A massive improvement from Jordan Mills (-15.7), but he still gives up too much pressure at this stage of his career. If he can have the leap forward from Year 2 to 3 that he had from last year, that should correct things.

    Breakdown: If nothing else, Phil Emery left the legacy of a much better line than the one he inherited. While Jay Cutler remains the lightning rod for criticism, the line was often shaky in pass protection. Injuries didn’t help, but it’s rare you’ll avoid them completely.


  • The Atlanta Journal-Constitution sees Cardinals DC Todd Bowles as the “leading candidate” to replace Mike Smith as Falcons head coach.
    The Falcons were in the Rex Ryan hunt, but lost out to the Bills. Bowles will interview for a second time with Atlanta on Wednesday. Per the Journal-Constitution, Patriots OC Josh McDaniels is expected to stay with New England after his team advanced to the AFC Championship Game, nixing any opportunities for McDaniels to interview this week. Seahawks DC Dan Quinn is expected to go to the Jets. Bowles is said to be tight with new Falcons lead personnel man Scott Pioli, who is Bill Parcells’ son in low. Bowles worked under Parcells in Dallas and Miami. – Rotoworld

  • Bear Down in Tampa

    Adam Gase may have been influenced by Mike Martz in the earlier part of his career. In 2007 Gase was an Offensive Assistant for the 49ers, his OC? Martz, In 2008 he moved on to the Lions as a QB coach, his OC there? Martz. Hmmmmm, no audibles for Jay? I like it.

  • Sactowns#1

    Lions DC to interview for Bears HC job. Good thing is he knows the NFC North and can help solidify our D. Bad thing is the Lions D plays with very little discipline.


    • Huge Bear’s Penis

      i could be wrong, but i think discipline issues are due to crazy nut job players instead of the coach in this case.

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