• Viva


    • MB30SD


      • Viva

        Got my fingers crossed for tonight!

        • MB30SD

          we’re talking about baseball again aren’t we?

          • Viva

            Fuck the Mets

  • Viva

    All of the above.

  • Harley Weewax

    I’d say Jay’s performances. If we think he have the QB situation solved, we should be in the playoffs next year or the year after. If we need to go find one, the rebuild could be 5 years or longer.

    • Jay’s performances have been good, but IMO this year was always about long-term, and he’s still not the long-term solution at QB due to his age.
      To me it’s about McPhee and the young defenders, just because those are vital pieces for years to come.

      • Scharfinator

        Agreed. I put the two rookies performing well as my top choices, but we’re in the same mindset about this.

      • chitownproud85

        Completely agree. Pernell being worth a damn is the best part in my opinion. Goldman and Amos look like they have arrows pointing up, and thats awesome, but plenty of work to be done. Cutty? Pretty much the same guy as far as I’m concerned. I guess if we go the entire season without him regressing into a turnover machine, I’ll be willing to expand my level of belief. For now, hes the same old flawed, tough, teeth gritting fighter he’s always been. I’m actually pretty terrified at the thought of moving on without him, but that has more to do with the probability we will end up with a good quarterback next than it does losing what Cutty brings. It breaks my heart his time here didnt translate to more wins though. Games like Sunday leave a tough void to fill, and signature W’s have been missing from his career(this is most definitely not all his fault and for gods sakes this past Sunday should have been a win, the Lions clearly didnt want it). Frustrating. The arrow seems to be pointing up with the team, and because of that, for the moment, I am content.

      • Irish Sweetness

        Long term? Give me one Superbowl. If Cutty gets us that next year and we suck for ten more, so be it.


        • they’re not gonna be a SB winning team for another couple years, and Cutler won’t be around when they are, IMO

          • BerwynBomber

            I wonder if he won’t be around. I think the coaching staff (and front office) might see enough in him this year to ride out his career.

            But they will be nuts if they don’t draft a potential successor.

        • Sactowns#1

          I was thinking about this yesterday. What would I rather have? Seattle’s season this year, full of hope and promise after multiple post season appearances only to have ones dreams crushed beneath the boot heel of reality, or Da Bears season which was full of meh?

        • TheBigCheesy

          The Superbowl eh?

          Why not this year? 12-4 is still on the table right?

  • The Yes Guy


    • Irish Sweetness

      Yes Guy said ‘no’ yesterday. Now he’s not sure. What kind of world do we live in when Yes Guy is confused?

      • Viva

        We now reside in his head.

        • MB30SD

          two words for you Viva…

          Lawn. Furniture.

          • Viva

            Are you having JA flashbacks…?

          • MB30SD

            erra night

      • BearDown100393

        Ball of Confusion

    • Yes Guy going through an existential crisis.

      Hang in there buddy. We’ve all been there.

      If you don’t get out of it, you can always become the “Meh? Guy”

  • Ronald Raes

    I’d say McPhee.
    – Kyle excellence was to be expected
    – same goes for coordinators
    – I always believed Jay could be a competent starter
    – Now, Goodman’ development is good news (2nd round pick) and Amos’s (5th) is great news.
    – But McPhee, the GM’s first and biggest FA signing (which are always tricky) becoming a playmaker and a leader, is the BEST news for me.

    • Jay has been a competent starter since about 2007.

      • BerwynBomber

        Agreed. But on the flip side I don’t know if Jay’s “clutch performances” teach us much new about him either.

        The things I see different about Cutler this year are 1) better movement in the pocket, 2) clarity of purpose, and 3) less turnovers. My sense is that all three are related to Gase’s instructions and strategy.

      • Relatively speaking, yes.

        But that only illustrates the utter lack of good QBs in the NFL. Praising Cutler thus far is like praising mediocrity.

  • BillW

    Seems like the poll is slanted in favor of picking the cutler option. If ever a poll needed an “other” option this was it.

    Not really sure how I’d answer. I’m simply happy that the coaching staff is obviously competent and the organization has the team believing in themselves. The fact that Sunday’s loss hurt them and us is actually a positive

    I’m happy Cutler looks good but that is part of the bigger picture.

    • DaBearsBlog

      This comments section is “Other”. Poll intended to only start conversation.

      • Sactowns#1

      • BillW

        So I voted McPhee.

  • The GP

    Odd only one other person voted for Long. Making the transition to RT puts him in the Bruce Matthews club if he’s PB material out there. That’s a move that was not guaranteed to work and if it does, you may have a RT for 5-6 more years. Everything else is mercenary except perhaps the Goldman/Amos choice.

  • BearDown100393

    This poll is analogous to praising a cleaned up car after somebody’s head got blown off. And The Wolf would have the same reply.

    • The GP

      Harvey Keitel reference is 67 blog points.

      • Trac

        Why 67?

        • The GP

          THat’s how old Harvey is.

          • Sactowns#1

            The Bad Lt was one of the first indie films that grabbed me.

  • BerwynBomber

    Yet we hear non-stop whine how Cutler is “hated”.

    Big picture, I would go with the coordinators. Cutler doesn’t play this well w/out Gase, and despite the DET performance, Fangio has the D headed in the right direction.

    • MB30SD

      that was my pick too BB

      • BerwynBomber

        Yeah, if Blogfather had “Organization heading in the right direction” I would have picked that.

      • Trac

        I new you had it in you pal. I would have been disappointed if you hadn’t said that.

  • MB30SD

    damn, I guess a poll is like bait.


    • MikeBrownhadaPosse


  • Huge Bear’s Penis

    i would like to applaud Pace on some unknown defensive signings, and Fangio for putting them in a position to have some success. It seems every week i am seeing guys show up on the team that are contributing positively. Guys like Reynolds, Prosinski, Unrein, and Anderson. Who are these guys? I can’t remember the last time I did not know every starter on the defensive side of the ball each week. The gauntlet was dropped at the beginning of the season, perform or get lost, and Pace and the coaching staff don’t seem to be backing down from this stance.

    • MB30SD

      look at you. Nice post.

    • BerwynBomber

      The other thing impressive about Pace is how he immediately went out and nabbed a couple of STers to address a problem.

      The ST’s still have their issues — witness Sunday’s fake punt — but they don’t seem the disaster they were the first three games of the season.

      I cannot imagine Emery making a quick, similar move like that.

      • I feel bad for Hurst though. He made a really smart ST play last week-pushing the DET guy blocking him into the punt, making it a loose ball-and then got cut.

    • Bear Down in Tampa

      Don’t forget Harold Jones-Quartey who (aside on that bomb to Calvin Johnson) has been solid stepping in for Antrel Rolle.

    • BearDown100393

      McPhee is a gamer.

  • Sactowns#1

    And now it appears my FF team is gaining momentum. My team is looking like a titanium titan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Mg7qKstnPk

    But with many folks on bye this week will Butch be able to slow my roll?

  • MB30SD

    ooooooooohhhhh…. http://www.wove.com/

  • SC Dave

    Had to go with coordinators. I cannot recall a time in 50 years of Bears fandom where both head coordinators understood that you adapt your systems to the capabilities of the roster.

  • Sactowns#1

    Kevin White is cleared to practice this week. After 3 weeks he can go on the active roster so he’d be back by our 8th game perhaps. Lets see how this WR corps looks at full strength. Could be scary.

    • source on Kevin White? latest I’ve seen has him doing light running on the sidelines. That is a very, very different thing than cleared to practice.
      He’s still unlikely to play this year, based on what pretty much every beat reporter has said.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Q: Do we want to be scary if we’re going for high picks?

      Thinking about this team, I want to see a pass rusher drafted in round one. Best in draft will be gone by pick 7 or 8 ?

  • Trac

    Isn’t it a little silly to talk about Jay Cutlers clutch performances with the Bears sitting at 2-4? Not saying I’m not happy with his play because I am.

    • BearDown100393

      Apparently clutch is now defined as “keeping it close”.

      • Trac

        The thought that came to my mind on the Cutty selection was “yup, in America, everyone gets a trophy”. He he

    • BillW

      Unfortunately I think Jeff devised the possible responses to the poll so that Cutler would win. As you say, I also am happy with his play – and he delivered again on Sunday. Should have been another comeback win for him.

      “Bear fans overwhelmingly impressed with Cutler’s clutch performances” may be a tweet in waiting from Jeff.

      But it’s his playground here, so he’s entitled.

      • Trac

        Yeah, Jeff definitely strikes me as someone who thinks he’s entitled. Good point, I agree with you. Hee hee

    • Irish Sweetness

      Not at all, he was Clutch in the KC, DET and OAK games. Fox/Gase went belly-up in OT. Not Cutty’s fault.

  • The GP

    Since Da Coach’s Mustache and Crown are not around to teach me the latest Urban Dictionary slang, I had to learn this one from Amy Schumer:

    A Houdini – Banging your lady doggie-style when you secretly tag out to your buddy and then you run around the house and knock on the window and wave to her.

    • MB30SD

      Mind……… blown.

    • CanadaBear

      My wife and buddies do this all the time. Of course, I just found out!

  • Voted for Jay. QB is the most important, so it follows that if that position plays well, it benefit the teams most short and long term. A bit of a loaded question.

    My second answer is the HC/OC, esp since Gase may become HC if he doesn’t get out-Foxed.

  • The GP

    Butch –

    I have been the beneficiary of other player’s mistakes more this season than any FF season I have ever played.

    I beat Ender by a single point.

    Just before game time, Ender swaps out Ryan Matthews, Eagles RB for Zach Ertz, Eagles TE at his swing position.

    Ertz scores 4 points, leaving Ender a point short of a tie and two points short of a win.

    And Matthews? What did he score, you ask?

    Matthews scored 6 points.

    There’s gotta be a trophy for that, right?

    • haha, I might make the “Homer” award for it.
      Also, Frank didn’t start a TE against you and YOU TIED.
      If Bennet gets one more catch or yard, you also lose last week.
      Then, this week you get a bye cuz Waffle has gone awol.

      Meanwhile, I’m going throug murderers row till the end of the season.

      I feel like Frank Grimes now.

  • TheBigCheesy

    I think it has to be McPhee for the bears. I haven’t really watched him much but by all accounts he’s outperforming his contract, which is quite rare for a big FA acquisition. The coordinators? I’d say it’s a little too early to pass judgment entirely but I guess you have a case.

    Cutler though?

    1. Statistically, he’s the same guy.
    2015 passer rating: 86.2. Career passer rating: 85.2
    2015 QBR: 58, 2014 QBR: 52, 2013 QBR: 67.

    2. He had a hot start to 2013. He had a hot start to 2014. He’s had an average start to 2015.

    3. If 2015 is all about “big-picture” and “long-term” for the Bears (which I agree it should be), then how in the hell can “Cutler being Cutler” be the most positive thing about this season. Have you really enjoyed the Cutler era bears that much? Do you just want more of the same????

    4. Even if you believe that Cutler is playing much better than he has in the past (he isn’t), you said yourself that Gase fixing Cutler would likely result in a HC offer next year, in which case you’ll have to start all over again. Hard to feel positive about that…..

    • I’m not Cutler apologist, but here we go.

      1. Throw the stats out. Cutler is looking MUCH more in control and sharper of the O than Diabetes Cutler ever did even on his best day in the Martz system. He’s still throwing some boneheaded INTs, but the multiple INTs days SEEM to be over, and his throws have looked much more accurate this year.
      It’s the eye test, and thus far, he’s passing it..

      2. See #1.

      3. IMO, Cutler IS NOT being Cutler this year. I would say, he moved up to the Romo range. With his late game heroics, maybe even Roth, but I don’t dare to dream there.

      4. If Cutler is playing this well, that means the “rebuild” is 2 years, not 3-5 (with an entire new franchise QB, and everything that goes along with it). I also have a feeling that Gase will become HC of the Bears if his name becomes hot.

      Fox is old, and his health hasn’t been great. This might have been the long term plan all along, and why Gase brought over Fangio with him.

      Edit. Keep in mind that he’s doing all this with #3/4 WRs and without the starting LT, C, and a RT who has played RT for 3 weeks in his entire life.

  • Jeff I ordered a shirt from that organization (couldn’t help it. Stars Wars AND Bears? Yes please!).

    I ordered a v-neck, HOWEVER they didn’t show any pics of how it actually looks, so I’m just going on blind faith here.

    They also gave the option of a long sleeve, which cost more, but interested me too. However, they didn’t “model” that either.

    So, if you’re in touch with them, maybe inform them to show all the different versions of the shirt so that buyers like myself can perhaps purchase more.

    Hot chicks in the t-shirts wouldn’t hurt either.

    (Hey, just trying to do my part for the cause).

    Cool. And thanks for partnering with them. This might be the first Bears merchandise I bought in a few years, and it’s mostly cuz part of it goes to charity.


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