Players I Like Based Purely on Their Football Game

| April 24th, 2015


Last year I wrote a column showcasing the players in the draft who jumped off the screen on college football Saturdays. In that column I highlighted Chris Borland, De’Anthony Thomas, Demarcus Lawrence, Martavis Bryant & Zach Mettenberger. Not bad. Let’s see how this year goes.

Tyler Lockett, WR, Kansas State

    • Does not have huge size at around 5’9″ but plays far bigger than that. With Jake Waters playing that big, bumbling quarterback role Bill Snyder loves, Lockett has 187 catches over the last two season for nearly 2,800 yards and 22 touchdowns.
    • Lockett is lightning quick in pads. If the Bears are all-in on Alshon Jeffery being their number one receiver moving forward, Lockett could be the ideal complement running out of the slot.
    • His critics think he is too slightly built to be a full-time kick returner in the NFL. I don’t buy it.

Nick O’Leary, TE, Florida State

  • Watched every game FSU played in 2014 and every time, and I mean every time Jameis Winston needed a big play he found O’Leary streaking through the middle of the field.
  • O’Leary is Jack Nicklaus’ grandson. That has to mean something.
  • O’Leary WILL be a contributor on special teams. He’s a tenacious football player and I’ve had countless coaches and players tell me specials are all about desire.
  • O’Leary is the kind of weapon a good offensive coach will find ways to utilize. He’s not going to anchor the edge of a power run game or wreck havoc on big, physical safeties. But he’s going to make plays.

Nick Perry, Safety, Alabama

  • For months people were telling me about Landon Collins. Landon Collins, Landon Collins, Landon Collins! You know what I saw every time I watched Landon Collins? The safety next to him jumping off the screen and making plays.
  • From a piece at Alabama.com:

“When you come from Alabama, you now automatically get that little extra nod because of where you come from and the winning you’ve done, so I think a team would be foolish not to take a chance on Nick and give him an opportunity,” College Gridiron Showcase executive director Jose Jefferson said in February. “He’s going to be a special teams guy in addition to a safety, and I just think he’s going to be a good addition to anyone’s camp. And once he gets there, he’ll fight and hopefully earn a spot.”

  • Many people have Perry sliding out of the draft entirely. I don’t see how anyone who watched Alabama play week after week last season doesn’t believe this kid can play professional football. On the field I liked him more than Gerod Holliman from Louisville.
  • Adam Jahns did some good work on Perry and the Bears interest for the Sun-Times.

Jalston Fowler, Fullback, Alabama

  • Fullback isn’t exactly a blossoming position in college football these days but Fowler is the real deal. He is a brutal force as a lead blocker, can carry in short yardage and makes more plays in the passing game than people think. If the Bears are going to start running it the way John Fox wants, Fowler could become an immediate, day-one starter from the middle rounds.

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  • Trac

    First to say I’d be surprised if the Bears draft even 1 of Jeff’s prospects.

    • DaBearsBlog

      They didn’t draft any of them last year and those fellas turned out to be pretty good players.

      • Trac

        Not saying your picks are duds, just that I don’t think your guys will be who they pick.

        • GPLDAN

          Phil Emery was a bonehead.

        • Scott W.

          Some of these guys will be available in later rounds. We might get lucky and grab one.

          • DaBearsBlog

            I think they all will be third or fourth round or later.

          • Scott W.

            I’m a big fan of late round talent. Let’s hope.

      • Barb UMihai Mar

        who were those players ?

  • John Doe

    Off topic, Lamarr Houston showing good change of direction and explosion off of that ACL repaired knee.




    I like how Fowler’s entire highlight reel came against the Wolverine D.

    They make anybody look like a stud.

    • burntorangenavyblue

      Ouch….but hey I will accept that criticism because Michigan is supposed to be a powerhouse football school and the past decade has been silly. Here’s to Harbaugh turning things around.

      • burntorangenavyblue

        I know a few Ohio State fans that tell me that they are excited for Harbaugh joining Michigan because they will give Ohio State some competition finally for the Big 10. Probably the most sensible discussion rival fans will have without the bashing each other, haha.

    • Watch videos of guys on http://www.draftbreakdown.com. Full game films, edited to only show plays that player is on the field for. It’s awesome.


    Walter’s has Bears going Kevin White again.

    6-3, 215. A bigger Julio Jones. The inevitable question will be why did they ship Marshall off only to spend #1 on this kid? I think that’s an easy deflection based on Brandon’s behavior last year.

    • John Doe

      Not feeling a WR pick at 7..

    • Scott W.

      Kevin plays in my woods. He’s a solid guy off the field, and on.

      • John Doe

        But just 1 year of production compared to Cooper’s solid 3. Word is Jags are done with Blackmon and going with Cooper at 3.

        • Scott W.

          Some players just have “it”, and KW does. He’ll be a heckuva “catch” for someone.

          • John Doe

            Agree. Just saying that Cooper is safer and more of a sure thing.

          • Scott W.

            Maybe. I have them down as either/or. I don’t think the separation is even measurable.

        • Waffle

          it’s sad to see what happened to Blackmon. I have a bad feeling when football is officially done with him it’s only a matter of time before he ends up in the news.

          • Scott W.

            Too many crash and burn when they leave the security and hero worship of the college campus.

          • The booze gets some more than others. For some reason, I’m more sympathetic to boozers than drugies. Perhaps it’s because it’s nearly impossible for a young man NOT to drink it whereas coke or meth, you kinda have to go out of your way.

  • John Doe

    There are going to be some tough, awkward questions for Jake.

    Adam Hoge13m
    Jay Cutler will speak to the media after Tuesday’s voluntary minicamp practice. First time since the end of last season. #Bears

    • willbest

      And he will handle it as well as he did the Trestman/Kromer crap. It won’t even be worth listening to.

      • Gotta give him credit for that. Kromer cried. Cutler shrugged. The Dude abides. He’s the only one that sounded like a professional in all that.

    • Barb UMihai Mar

      highly awkward, but in no way tough.

      the truth is he’s probably in the most relaxed position since his Denver days.

    • BearDown100393

      New regime. New beginning.

  • Good stuff Jef. Big fan of Jalston Fowler, but DEN didn’t carry a FB the last few years. I’d love him in rd 5 or 6 though.

    • Also really like Lockett as a player. Him and Jamison Crowder are both small WRs who are just good football players.

      • MorganW

        Agreed. Problem is that the Bears just dont have enough picks to get slot receivers this year. A shame. They’ll be good for someone, tho.

    • Barb UMihai Mar

      Denver didn’t carry a FB because Fox had zero influence on the Broncos Offense.

      Why do you think they ended their rapport ? Pace also was part of that inside conflict… that’s the reason he wasn’t a lock from the get go on the Bears OC position. Something like Fox putting him in his place.

      PS: there are a lot of things that make me a little paranoid about Fox. I hope he acts how he is. A good, but not great HC. That’s the last thing we need…him thinking he’s better than he is.

      • GPLDAN

        You mean Gase, not Pace.

        • Trac

          Haste makes waste. Um hmm

        • Barb UMihai Mar

          yes…sorry…I was in a hurry.

      • MorganW

        Don’t know about that. He help draft the team around Manning and held it all together. The egos had to be crazy. Also, Gase is very innovative but can take some pretty big risks. The only thing that ended their stint in Denver was Elway being impatient. It would be the same thing as him getting traded after losing his 4th Superbowl and telling him he cant win the big one. Now, Elway has calmed down and has realized what he did and is starting to panic. Note the lashing out at Thomas not being in camp? Elway’s starting to hear the branch creak.

        • Barb UMihai Mar

          Frankly I doubt Elway is in panic mode. Ever. Also…he’s basically the de facto owner, as the real owner is retired because of illness.

          He didn’t made any error in letting Fox go. The truth is Fox got out coached in some big games in Elways mind. And he needed a HC who could matter in the Offense as he decided that Manning can’t get it done on his own calling the shots and he’ll need that Offense minded HC in the post Manning era.


    In other news, a Chicago fan calling himself the “Waffle” ran across the court in Milwaukee last night and beat the crap out this Bucks fan trolling Chicago. No word on “the Waffle”‘s real name.



    This guy topped every other wideout’s vertical at Indy by 3 full inches. Also 6’3, and beat out White’s 40 time. But is looking at the 3rd round.


    • Irish Sweetness

      Waynes, McKinney, then Conley. Like it.

    • there’s more to being a great WR than being a great athlete. He has the tools, but is incredibly raw. Can he catch? Can you teach him to run routes and get open?

      • GPLDAN

        I dunno. But he can sky.

        • As a former WR who was slow and small, gotta have “hand” like George Constanza once remarked.
          I’ve seen a lot of track and field guys up close. Couldn’t catch a cold in antarctic after taking a dip.
          But, I’ll take a peak and see what he’s all about.

    • Scott W.

      So, what? Did he flunk the Wonderlic? Having hand surgery in the summer?

    • Doc Hamstring

      “As soon as he popped those numbers at the combine, I promise you that everyone went scrambling for his tape. Hard to tell if he’s a workout warrior or an NFL starter after you watch his tape. He’s going to get drafted high based on those numbers though.” – AFC offensive coordinator

      Sounds like another Stephen Hill.

  • BearDown100393

    I think Chicago could use the tourist income generated by the draft. A telegram just doesn’t cut it.

    • MajorGolfPickEm

      That number will be very low. New York generated nearly zero.

  • Irish Sweetness

    Interesting players. Love the FB, TE and safety ideas anyway.

    And in protection of the Queen’s English, the verb is ‘to wreak havoc’.

    • prepositional phrase?

      “Havoc means widespread destruction. Wreak, a rare verb most common in British English, means to bring about. So to wreak havoc is to bring about widespread destruction. Havoc may reek, and it may cause a wreck, but reek havoc and wreck havoc are nonsensical phrases.

      The past tense of wreak is wreaked, so the past tense of wreak havoc is wreaked havoc. Forget the old, oft-repeated myth that the past tense of wreak is wrought. Wrought is an archaic past-tense form of work, and it serves as an adjective in its own right, but it has nothing to do with wreaking.”

      – Grammar nerd

      • SC Dave


        • Scott W.

          What you said.

      • AlbertInTucson

        Famous quote from a CHICKENMAN episode: “Wreak Havoc. Where have we heard THAT name before.”

      • MorganW

        “wrought,” while, indeed, means work, it can also mean to bring about, contrive, produce as a result, or arrange. It does not JUST mean work. So, while you were correct in it meaning to work, you were incorrect in that it can also mean to bring about. Confusing thing about the Queens English is that a word sometimes has multiple meanings.

  • Scott W.

    Colin Kapernick…retired! Wow folks. Rumor mill…announcement appeared and then vanished.

    Credible sportswriters had that up, then yanked it.

  • Irish Sweetness


    Jeremiah mocks him to us in the second (we got Shelton in the first). Anyone see him play?

    • Been hearing a lot about Elli Harold, though havn’t “scouted” him per se. A lot of gurus tend to like his game though.

    • all the tools, little of the production. Very raw, needs refinement. An upside/potential pick if ever there was one. He’s a 1st round physical talent you grab in rd 2 because he’s never put it fully together.

      • I normally don’t mind “high upside projects” depending on the prospect, but I think in this draft I would be conservative.

        Don’t draft players trying to convert them to another position (Hardin/Shea)
        Avoid inj/character red flags (Carimi/Cedric)
        Draft production/instinct even if at the expense of some other metrics.

        Only a few exceptions going both ways in my book.

        Arik Armstead really intrigues as a project.
        Gurley I like even with his inj red flag
        Shane Ray’s production while impressive can’t make me overcome his other concerns.
        Randy Gregory would be off my board until the 3rd.

        • I think this draft should be used on football players. Emery tended to take the high upside guys, so balance that out a bit here while trying to develop those guys that are already on the roster.

  • Trac

    This guy called out Greg Hardy for being a woman beater. The best way to deal with a woman beater is normally done behind the woodshed. I’d imagine it’s a little different when a 300 lb man confronts one.


  • Goodell’s approach to sports gambling is simply another example of how out of touch with, well, everything he is. Gambling MADE the NFL. – Jeff

    I know it might SEEM like this, esp to gamblers, but I don’t think it’s true. Gambling is like a parasite; it only attaches itself to already successful bodies.

    Horse Racing and Boxing were once REALLY popular and perhaps even more in league with gambling, so did gambling make and break those sports?

    Truth is, the sport makes/breaks itself. If Goodell decided to change the NFL to flagfootball, the NFL will fold, and Vegas would be powerless.

    They’d just find another sport to parasite.

    • willbest

      Correlation/causation fallacy. As the popularity of the sport increases so do the number of gamblers.
      Football’s popularity is quite frankly the result of their revenue sharing and salary caps, which allow every team to compete evenly (no NY Yankees) along with their large team sizes (25-28 starters) which prevents collusion among players (no Miami Heat/Boston Celtics).
      As a result a team that goes 4-12 one year can make the playoffs the next and push the SB the year after. It takes a bit of gross mismanagement on the part of the front office and coaching staff to produce perpetual duds.

      Meanwhile over in baseball the Cubs get to tell their fans, don’t worry we suck no but in 2018-2019 we will be awesome. trust us.

  • SC Dave
    • This is an excellent sheet-cheat I print out and use on draft day; it usually reflects the consensus with some surprises, naturally. I tend to highlight the players I like for the Bears. It’s rather comprehensive, and can get you to about the 5th round.

      I used to cross-refrence this with PFW, but alas, Hub’s mag has gone under.

      On a side note, I remember having to flip to like the fourth page to find Shea…

    • Trac

      Peat or Mariota? Hmm.

      • ahh. the Peat. I actually started off the draft process not liking Mariota because I don’t believe in pistol-QBs.

        However, now that Fox/Fangio are on board, it’s proven that an organization can be successful with that type of QB as long as the team is run-d oriented, like it most likely will be under this regime.

        Kap and the 9ers used that formula to get to a few NFC Championships and nearly won a SB.

        Plus, it’s no secret I don’t believe we’ll win anything with Cutty going forward.

        So I’ve come around to being ok with him at #7.

        That being said, I don’t know if I’m bullish enough to sell the farm for him in a trade up.

        • Trac

          I could feel good about peat or Mariota. There’s actually quite a few players I’d be ok with but WR is at the bottom of my list.

          • I also mused allowed in the last thread whether EVERY WR class going forward will be “deep”.

            Last year was a good class. This year is a good class.

            This might be a trend, and if so, we’ll be able to perpetually land a solid WR (like Alshon) in the later rounds going forward.

            Also, WRs always hit FA cuz they’re divas, so there’s always one or two blue chip WRs to sign in FA if so needed.

            That’s not always the case at other positions.

        • Johnnywad

          What’s the link between run-D and pistol formation quarterbacking with regard to overall success? You lost me there.

          • I think I just worded it clumsily.

            Mean run and defense oriented.

            I think a team that commits to the run (not like Trestman) won’t ask the QB to be Joe Montana. Much like SF and SEA where Gore and Lynch were the main focus.

            This makes opposing Ds worry about the RB first, QB 2nd in some ways (neither had an elite WR, besides MAYBE Harvin/Crabtree, but that’s highly debatable).

            Some read-option/pistol can be thrown in.

            However, if a team wants their QB to carry the team, a guy like Mariotta might not be the guy.

            For instance, the Raiders with Carr or Jags with Bortles want to build their franchises around the QB traditionally. My guess is that they’re going to allocate their resources to providing them with Olinemen and weapons, whereas SF/SEA preferred to use the draft to build the D.

            They’re different philosophies.

            On that note, trying to make RG3 or Kap is a futile endeavor.

          • Johnnywad

            Ah. Got it. That makes sense and I agree.

  • I just want to say I love this approach by Jeff. Especially for mid-late round guys, just grabbing football players without worrying too much about measurables seems like a good way to go. Teams tend fall in love with what a guy *could* be too much in this process.

    • willbest

      Can’t teach instinct. Then again, they probably look at it as “can’t change hand size/arm length/etc”

  • John Doe

    No suspension for McDonald. Pace’s decision looking good.

    Adam Jahns @adamjahns · 2h2 hours ago
    #Bears’ Ray McDonald cleared by NFL after domestic violence investigation. From NYC: http://chicago.suntimes.com/bears-football/7/71/549030/bears-ray-mcdonald-cleared-nfl-domestic-violence-investigation

    • willbest

      Good time to announce such things. Feminists are distract with getting the pile of crap that is Hillary Clinton 2016 off the ground this week.

      • AlbertInTucson

        As yet more sludge bubbles about her that has even democrats looking askance.

        • John Doe

          Hillary is beating the crap out of every teabagger candidate in all polls even after non-stop ‘Benghazi, Emails’ yelling.

          She is even beating that balding Koch puppet college dropout Scott Walker in his home state of Wisconsin by 12 points (52-40) in poll that came out just 2 days ago.

          May be teabaggers need to yell Benghazi even louder..

          • Johnnywad

            Well I guess its settled then.

            Guess what John, they’re all scumbags. All of them. Watching this election unfold will be a complete waste of time. Giving a shit, an even bigger waste of time. The only thing that matters to me anymore is the men and women that volunteer for the armed forces. Unfortunately, their well being is tied directly to this steaming pile of shit that is supposed to be guiding this country.

            So you can cite all the polls, and call names all you like, they’re all fucking worthless. Yes, even Hilary.

          • Scott W.

            I would upvote this 100 times if it was permitted.

          • Johnnywad

            I believe you can. But multiple votes are only allowed within Chicago’s city limits.

          • Scott W.


          • AlbertInTucson

            Politicians, like diapers, should be changed often. And for the same reason.

          • Twain?

          • AlbertInTucson

            Ben Franklin. The verbatim quote is actually…

            “Politicians are a lot like diapers. They should be changed frequently, and for the same reason.”

          • Irish Sweetness

            Franklin was the man : ”
            “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.””

          • AlbertInTucson

            Bona Fide Genius.

          • Scott W.

            Do you even know what the Tea Party is? Or are you just miming the media party line?

            Not a member myself, but their initial goal was a good one, all focused on massive tax reform.

            As for Benghazi, that ship hasn’t sunk yet either.

          • Doc Hamstring

            The key words being “initial goal.”

            The Tea Party is full of anti-immigrant, conspiracy theory, Benghazi nutballs.

            And the House Committee charged with investigating Benghazi waved goodbye to that ship months ago. Nothing but nutballs digging into Benghazi now.

          • Scott W.

            I think johnny said it well. They ALL suck.

            But, Benghazi ain’t over.

          • SC Dave

            So says, um, the Huffington Post?

          • Scott W.

            I was on the road earlier, so just adding that Gowdy is nobody’s yes man. He might lose in his quest for honest answers, but he’s no quitter.

          • Trac

            Anti immigrant is what you call people that get concerned when millions cross the border illegally? There’s a huge difference between that and legal immigration Doc. I’m pro immigration if the applicants being accepted into this country follow the law.

          • willbest

            The economics don’t support immigration, and have not supported it since about 1998/1999. And yet we have accelerated it since that time. Anybody that is pro immigration at this point either:
            1) doesn’t look at the numbers and just likes the concept of being open and inviting without understanding what that entails
            2) Is an immigrant or recently descended from one and feels like it is a denial of self to be against immigration
            3) A business owner looking to keep wages low.
            4) Somebody looking to destroy this country for some whacked out reason.

          • Trac

            Ehhhhh!!! None of the above. Try again.

          • willbest

            So #1 or 4

          • SC Dave

            There is not a single person that uses the word “teabagger” that knows what the Tea Party is or stands for. Not a single one.

          • Scott W.

            That’s exactly what pissed me off. I noticed Doc didn’t even use it when he was disputing me.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Although they all most likely want that ballsack in their face regardless, ahem.

            From the comments section on urbandictionary.com :


            1. n. A man that dips his scrotum and testicles into the mouth of another person. (as if dipping a tea bag into hot water)

            2. n. A conservative activist who is so ignorant that they protest against tax cuts (that benefit them) by throwing tea into a river.

            Earl squatted down and teabagged Betty Lou by dipping his nutsack into her open mouth.

            Billy Ray cheered while he watched the teabaggers protest on FOX news.

            by r0d April 13, 2009

          • AlbertInTucson

            You can have her, John. She’s all about the money.

          • Cormonster

            Hillary’s poll numbers rise and fall in direct correlation to how often she speaks in public. The more she speaks, the more her numbers drop.

      • Informed Da Blog years ago that Hillary is running, and that Hilliary is winning, much to the the chagrin of many.

        She didn’t stand by her man out of altruism.

        • Scott W.

          Wait….Hilary came to the blog and announced she would run in 2015?

          God, I bet you were all over that!

          • haha. Nah. Once Obama named her the Secretary of State, it didn’t take a Machiavelli to figure out they were grooming her to be the next President.
            Heck, since the 90s it’s been happening, but once that happened, it was only logical.

            Plus, the Republicans don’t have any candidates with any where near the pull she does.

            Women are like 50% of the voters. You minus some diehard Republican women, but those will be made up by women who perhaps never voted before wanting a female president.

            Then you add the non-white-male vote on top of that, and voila, Mrs. President.

            Barring some major Hillary scandal, the levers are churning and the machine will continue.

            Irish, save us!!!

          • Johnnywad

            And yet she couldn’t knock off Barack Obama with very little experience. This thing is going to be an 18 month clusterfuck of a yawn ending with a winner who goes 8 years staring at grid lock in Congress and signing thousand page bills that net little to no difference in our lives. Fuck it. I hate politics and politicians.

          • John Doe

            Barack Obama is a once in a generation politician. He brought new people, young people into the political process. Only he could do 70,000-80,000 strong rock star type rallies all over the country and even in Berlin.

            There is no Barack Obama this time… on either side. In retrospect, there is no shame for Hillary in losing to Barack Obama in 2008.

            Barack Obama has lost only one election in his entire career — to the former Black Panther Bobby Rush who beat him in his south side district by saying that Obama was not black enough and was really a white man inside a black face.

          • SC Dave

            The *only* thing Obama is good at is winning elections. Other than that, he is a smarmy piece of shit.

          • AlbertInTucson

            He’s a Chicago-bred politician. What else would you expect.

          • willbest

            Lease federal assets to Dubai for 100 years to make payroll, and then retire 3 years before SHTF

          • Oh, I also knew Obama would beat her. When Obama first came out, he had that Clinton (Mr.) appeal. Charming, hip, polished orator, young, not to mention a minority.

            Clinton had the South though, which is huge for any democrat.

            If the Republicans have one of those lying around (from a traditional blue region), then maybe it can be a race, but I doubt it.

          • Scott W.

            Oh, I think those bills will make a difference. Yes indeedy I do.

          • willbest

            There is a book coming out next week that links high profile donor’s to the Clinton Foundation to receiving lucrative government contracts. And then there is the whole violating federal law by not storing her official government e-mails on federal servers and then destroying them them.

          • Irish Sweetness

            I’m afraid the dark side of the force is too powerful for my JuJu, Butch. The wicked witch versus another jag-off from the Bush dynasty. Jebus.

        • Trac

          There’s more than a few white house staffers on da blog. He he

      • Irish Sweetness

        When the choice facing a nation is Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush, you’ve really got to go with the revolution.

    • Barb UMihai Mar

      it wasn’t Pace’s decision.

  • Wow. Did anyone click on last year’s link of Jeff?
    The comments are funny. GP posted the simulation machine.

    “Very odd simulation tool that shows the Texans should take Donald #1 overall, ahead of Clowney.


    Trac, “That’s interesting. That simulation has the Bears selecting C.J. Mosely by a wide margin.”

    Maybe we don’t need a GM. Just use the simulation machine.

    • GPLDAN

      The Texans SHOULD have taken Donald ahead of Clowney. That much is clear now.

      I remember posting that.

      • Does that simulation have one for this year?
        Would be interesting. When the “human” equation is taken it out of it, it becomes interesting and somewhat unconventional.


    I’m here tonight to tell you that Archie v. Predator was a REAL COMIC BOOK


    You are WELCOME. Have a GOOD day, sir!

    • And on that note, here’s Jared Leto as the Joker in “Suicide Squad”


      You know what every hipster will be now for Halloween.

      • Waffle

        suicide squad should be really entertaining but I think Heath Ledger put a timeless stamp on that character that even made people forget how awesome Nicholson’s version was. Leto will do it justice but it will be so different. I’ll try to go in with an open mind.

        • Yeah, I thought the same about Jack though.
          No way anyone could top him. Then Ledger came and did a fantastic job.
          Only difference now is that 15 years or so hasn’t passed by since Ledger’s performance, but Leto’s joker looks pretty crazy.

          Then again, a lot of ppl want to do this to Leto already.

      • Jack Lacan

        Look at the first sentence in this link article from Comic Book…
        I paraphrase – “the Joker turning 75 years olds…”
        Time to get out that St.Martin’s Handbook on grammar and writing eh?

        • Maybe went to My Cousin Vinny Tech

          • Irish Sweetness


            If anyone can remember the model of car without googling, I’ll be impressed.

      • Jack Lacan

        Special 65 point bonus for your comic book / film references…

    • Jack Lacan

      AND Godzilla vs. Bambi was a legitimate film.
      Best regards

      • Jack Lacan

        Special 65 point bonus for all comic book references…

      • Irish Sweetness

        Bambi’s back and he’s pissed off his momma got clipped.


    Bradford has been gossiping that he thinks he will be traded.

    Eagles will make a run for Marcus direct to the Titans?

    • “The only chip in Philly is me” – Chip Kelly.
      Lying through his teeth. I think he’ll make a run at Mariotta. However, he’ll face stiff competition.

      Namely, the Chargers with Rivers, and the Browns with their two picks. Always the possibility that the Titans themselves might just take him.

      Other dark horses are the Skins, Jets and Bears.

      It’s like Canon Ball Run.

  • . @RKnapp10991 I think Mike Glennon is an NFL quarterback & he’s young enough to develop under right coaches. Tampa doesn’t have those. – Jeff

    And on that note, if Titans draft Mariotta at #2, then we need to get on the phone for Mettenburg immediately.

    • Waffle

      Mettenberger over Cutler. Naw.

      • I don’t think it’s those guys OVER Cutler. It’s to get one of those guys to groom behind Cutler for a year or two.

        • Waffle

          groom a 6th rounder to become…..the 2nd 6th rounder to ever do something of substance in the NFL?

          • Which QB in draft would you prefer over Mettenberger to replace Cutler?

            Cutler’s going to be dumped if not this year, next year or the year after. It’s inevitable, so we gotta start looking for options.

            Mettenberger might be a good option. I like him much more than Glennon (and last draft Jeff picked Mettenberger as a possible steal in the draft).

            The biggest knockback on him was that he partied a bit too much in college, but hey, that was the knock on a lot of guys like Marino.

            Mettenberger seems to have flushedt that out of his system.

            To me, he’s absolutely worth a shot, esp for like a 4rth.

            Have him compete with Foles/Clausen for that back-up job.

            If POX like what they see in person, then trade Cutler for hopefully a 2nd.

          • BerwynBomber

            I’m with JW on this one. I’d lean toward Glennon over Mettenberger. The former is a more proven NFL quantity.

          • Perhaps. I can see that. But word on the street is the Bucs want a 2nd for Glennon. Maybe that’ll change after the draft, but I wouldn’t give up that much for him, or a 3rd for that matter.

            That aside though, I would probably prefer Mettenberger anyways all things being equal, but what the hell do I know? QB is such a clusterfuck position to project.

          • Big Mike

            Clausen is better than all of them.

          • well, I’d prefer Glennon, personally, but yeah. you’re not likely getting a future HOFer or anything at that point. Just hoping for somebody serviceable, and then you can move on from Cutler in 1-2 years and let the incumbent compete with a new guy.

          • Irish Sweetness

            We’re not getting a future HOFer at QB … ever. We’re the Bears. A healthy kickass D, and then let the chips fall where they may on our passers. Make it so, POX.

  • Waffle

    a few short days until NFL christmas. What shiny new toys will we obtain? The next Navorro Bowman in round 2 or 3? An anchor for the D line for the next 6 to 8 years? Another young brash corner with ball skills and swag to bring respectability to the D backfield?
    Luckily the QB lunacy of the draft is past us and we can focus on what wins championships which is a strong O and D trench, an attacking D with a coherent vision that makes opposing offenses make mistakes, a consistent run game that opens up the passing game and guys that BELIEVE they can win with coaches that give them the support to compete against other talented teams and talented coaches.

  • Here’s NFP’s low-down on Nick O’Leary.

    Nick O’Leary – TE – Florida State

    There are very few tight ends in this class who have gotten much publicity as Nick O’Leary. He had a very productive career at one of the top programs in the country. As a junior in 2013, he caught 48 passes for 557 yards and 7 touchdowns and followed that up with another strong season in 2014 with 48 receptions for 618 yards and 6 touchdowns.

    While O’Leary plays some as an in-line tight end, he is best on the move. He lacks the size, strength and power to be effective as a “Y” in the NFL. At the Combine, O’Leary tested out to be an average athlete. He measured 6’3 – 252, but he had very short arms (29 ¾). He ran a slow 4.93 and was unable to try and improve on that time at the FSU pro day because of a hamstring problem. His agility drills were also average, timing 4.50 in the 20 yard shuttle and 7.41 in the 3-cone. His jumps were 30” in the vertical and 9’2” in the standing long jump.

    On tape, O’Leary looks and plays faster. He is a good route runner who is very effective uncovering on shorter routes. He can make quick cuts and shows good body control. The best part about his game is his hands. He is very sure handed and competes for the ball in traffic. While he will be occasionally used deep on seam routes, he lacks the speed to be a threat. After the catch he is an adequate runner with good run instincts.

    As a blocker, O’Leary shows a good willingness but he is not strong or powerful. He lacks the pop and strength to get any kind of movement. He is better when blocking on the move but still just above average at best.

    While O’Leary was a top college player, he lacks the physical traits to be drafted high in the NFL. His lack of speed, power and his short arms work against him. I don’t see him getting drafted before the third day. With his competitive nature being the way it is, he will make a club. He will be best of utilized as a combo fullback/H-back type. He also looks to have very good special teams potential.


    • When I looked at his tape, two things stuck out.
      His desire/toughness to try to get yards.
      His limited build/athleticism.

      he seems to possess soft hands and a good feel for zones.

      However, His build is avg and he looks stiff and slow out there. To me, he does look like more of a FB or like NFP stated, a hybrid FB/TE (move TE) who will contribute on specials.

      I’d take him no earlier than the 5th personally.

  • Fowler looks good, me likery. Well built, shows aggression, squares up, and surprisingly nimble for his size.
    Looks like he has stone hands though.

    If Da Blog remembers, I liked Kyle Juszczyk coming out a few years back for FB, and he’s turned out to be a pretty good FB for the Ravens.

    Fowler looks more like a tank FB, but that’s ok with me as long as we get a power RB, maybe a guy like Ajayi in the later rounds.

    • Now that I think of it, drafting Yeldon in the 4rth then his body guard in the 6th would be awesome.

      Talk about sending a message that we’re going to run it down your throats.

  • BerwynBomber

    DaBearsBlog @dabearsblog “Biggest concern I’d have for Mariota in Chicago is his timid public personality. It won’t work in this market with these fans & this media.”

    If that is your biggest concern than you better hope the Bears move heaven and earth to get him because your concern is of no concern. For a seasoned HC? Yes. For a rookie QB? No.

    • Yeah, I don’t buy that part of his “negatives”. Eli, Flacco, etc. are relatively quiet leaders. Don’t necessarily need your QB to be Favre-ish.

      My biggest worries about Mariota are his accuracy, arm and progression process.

      His biggest plus in my book is his ball security. It’s Wilson-esque. 8 INTs in the past two seasons. Cutler threw 4 in one game to the same guy!

      Obviously, his clean character and athleticism come in 2nd/3rd.

      • Scott W.

        A very close 2nd. His character can make him a better athlete.

      • Irish Sweetness

        Ah, DeAngelo, what a game, and it painted Cutty to a tee.

        Interception 1 : “I’ll show that fucker.”

        Interception 2 : “I’ll show that fucker.”

        Interception 3 : “I’ll show that fucker.”

        Interception 4 : “Fuck.”

    • Scott W.

      True. Fans can be brutal, but if he becomes a top ten, they’ll defend him with the same fervor.

  • Since it’s getting close to draft day, here’s a very thorough synopsis of Mariota from NFP.

    When you think of a QB who plays at Oregon, you would think that with such a fast paced, high scoring offense that they throw the ball a high percentage of the time. That’s not the case. Over the last two seasons, Oregon runs the ball close to 60% of the time. This season, they ran the ball 566 times and passed 400. The ratio was similar in 2013.

    Mariota has thrown for 38 touchdowns and two interceptions this season.

    Mariota has excellent quarterback size, He is listed as being 6040 – 219, but he may be more like 6034. He has a well-proportioned, long frame, and he is extremely athletic. He is listed as having been timed at 4.48, and while he is fast, I don’t see 4.48 play speed. He is more in the 4.55 range. Still, he has excellent change of direction and body control.
    Mariota’s stats are excellent. This year he has completed 254 of 372 passes (68%) for 3783 yards, and he has thrown 38 touchdowns to just two interceptions. His numbers last year were similar, but his completion percentage was around 63%. He has rushed for 669 yards this year and 14 touchdowns. He plays in a spread offense and almost never takes snaps from under center. The offense is a zone-option type offense that uses the run to set up the pass. As a runner, he is excellent, and with his size, speed, and open field run instincts, few, if any, quarterbacks can match him. With his quick feet and athleticism, he can keep plays alive and extend them with his feet. In saying that, his feel for pass rushers needs to improve. I charted 2.5 games and he got sacked 10 times in those games. This season, he has been sacked an astonishing 29 times!

    It’s not easy to get a good read on Marcus as a passer. A good majority of his passes are quick bubble screens, running back screens, swings and slants. These are very high percentage throws, and more often than not, he is throwing to his first read. In most cases, he throws to his first or second read, and in any given game, there are only a few throws where he will go through three reads and come back to his first or second. While he has shown he can do it, it rarely happens in that offense.

    Mariota has a bit of a mechanical overhand delivery. His release quickness is average. He is not the type to “see it” and get the ball out of his hand quickly. It’s more deliberate. His footwork is average, and at times, gets a bit flat-footed when he makes deeper throws.

    While his completion percentage is high, his ball placement is, again, average. Receivers often have to make an adjustment in order to make the catch. In the 2.5 games I charted, he threw only five passes that I would consider pinpoint NFL-tier throws where he had a small window to complete the pass. Most of his throws are to wide open receivers, and ball placement is average and surely not consistent.

    Where Mariota struggles is with downfield throws. After 15 yards his accuracy really drops. Again in the games charted, he was 11 of 31 on throws 15 yards and longer. Granted, he has a number of completions for high yardage, but often, those are short passes that turn into long gains because of the run after catch skills of the receiver.

    His deep throw accuracy was best in the Oregon State game. He had some excellent throws in that game. Mariota excels in his decision making. He doesn’t force throws and does not throw interceptions. He has thrown only six interceptions in the last two years, a stat second to none. He also wins games, and the bottom line is, that’s the purpose of playing the game.

    With a quarterback, evaluating tape is only half of the equation. To do a thorough job, a school call has to be made where a scout can talk to coaches and support staff about the player. When evaluating a quarterback, the intangibles are at least half of the equation. Is he a leader? Does he want to be a great player? What are his work habits? How does he learn? All of those questions and more have to be answered.

    From a physical viewpoint, Mariota is talented, but still far away from being a finished product. He is a work in progress and has mechanical and accuracy flaws that need to be corrected. Can they be fixed? Of course, but history tells us that quarterbacks who struggle with accuracy in college don’t get better in the NFL.
    The quarterback class this year is not strong. Because of that, Mariota will get drafted high. He will get every opportunity to succeed, and I hope he does. In saying that, he may want to consider doing himself a favor by returning to Oregon and playing another year.

    Follow Greg on Twitter @greggabe


    • Side note, this was written up on Dec 11, and Mariota ended up with 42 TDs, and 4 INTs

    • Scott W.

      Wow man. Thanks a lot for posting this. That’s the most thorough, fair, and complete eval I’ve seen on him.
      Really puts him in perspective, and I think it put words to the sense I and others, for good and bad, have of him.
      When NBIT questioned his deep ball accuracy/strength several threads back, I took the time to watch several clips of him throwing in games. I noticed right away that his receivers were most often adjusting to under thrown, slightly inaccurate balls. The Gabriel piece gives me more pause than I had before, though inre his flat footed delivery, I think P. Manning is known for that as well.

      • Yes, that’s what I noticed too with Mariota. His anticipation was lacking, as well as his accuracy esp on deeper routes.
        We often give Cutler shit for the same drawbacks. Locks on to first read, accuracy inconsistent, and poor pocket awareness so it would be a little ironic drafting a guy with the same issues. However, with Mariota the Bears would be gambling that they could improve those while with Cutler it’s a near hopeless cause. As Boomer once observed, after 4 years, you are who you are.

        Once defenses realize a QB can’t hit deeper routes, that’s almost certain death. They’ll just squat on the underneath stuff, or blitz at will with little fear.

        A QB would then have to compensate with great awareness, anticipation, accuracy, but even then it’s an uphill battle. Just look at Peyton now. He has A+ awareness, anticipation and accuracy (on short routes), but good defenses consistently shut him down.

        • Scott W.

          When I strip it down to bare bones, I’m banking on Mariota to be coached up, and basing that on his well-documented smarts. I think he has a higher coachability level than Winston (who probably thinks he just needs a couple of tweaks, and even Cutler when he was drafted.
          I am on this rickety, long-shot bandwagon because while his arm strength can’t improve much, I’m told, a lot of it can be improved.
          I’m not suggesting he can become a top pocket QB, but I think his weaknesses can be coached up because he’s very coachable, eager, and smart, as well as being a good human being.
          He’s not going to be the next Joe Montana, but he’ll be faster.
          I just want him in a Bears uniform, under Gase. He could be a top ten in a few years, if the cards fall right.

    • Irish Sweetness

      38 for 2 ???? Wow. I did not know that. That’s the opposite of bad. He can do the one thing Cutty can’t.

  • Doc Hamstring

    OK, I’m dreaming, but nobody pinch me.

    Let’s say that rumor (or maybe wet dream?) of a trade with Philly for Kendricks is true. Let’s say the Bears sweeten the deal by sending Greene or Bostic to Philly. Bears get Philly’s pick at 20 and Kendricks for the #7 pick.

    At #20 the Bears can get a Safety, CB, or OT. Then in the 2nd round, they take Kendricks from UCLA. The brothers play next to each other at ILB.

    3rd round, a Safety, CB, OT, or WR (whichever they didn’t pick at #20). Maybe that Conley from GA. He’s probably over-valued with his combine stats, but if he’s there in the 3rd, I think he’s worth the pick.

    4th & 5th round, Safety, CB, OT or WR (whichever hasn’t been picked already). Depth at WR is considerable, so I’d be fine if WR was put on the back-burner until later rounds, with CB and Safety (or maybe DT/DE) addressed first. OT is a want more than a need, because although RT needs an upgrade, it doesn’t have to happen this year.

    6th and 7th round aren’t places where you expect to get a starter, so to me it doesn’t matter so much what position gets drafted. Except maybe a Center, because for some reason good Centers sometimes drop to later rounds.

    If it falls out like that–the ILB corps is solidified with the Kendricks family, and then a starting CB or Safety are drafted on Day 2 (or a WR in place of a CB, because Jennings/Fuller are a good starting duo). do we declare the defense “largely fixed” and call this draft/offseason a win?

    • Trac

      Sorry Doc, it doesn’t count. Da Blog has a no trade rule in effect when making mock picks.

      • Doc Hamstring

        I don’t care about rules; just tell me if this dream scenario would be a good one.

        Or am I hallucinating?

        • Trac

          It’s fun dreaming up scenarios Doc but so many things can happen in the draft that I don’t spend a whole lotta time on projections. I know we need an ILB, CB, Center and OT.

          • Scott W.

            …and a long term answer at QB…

          • Trac

            Yes but we still have time.

          • Scott W.

            We disagree here for sure. I’m of the mindset that we draft and start coaching tomorrow’s QB today, to have a worthy starter ready to play and play well when Cutler is gone.

          • Trac

            From the 2 or 3rd round? It doesn’t sound like Mariota is going to be doable.

          • Scott W.

            He’s the best available, though there are caveats to that. But anyone can be had when you are only 6 slots out. The cost would be enormous I know.
            Truthfully, I don’t know enough about the QB draft class for next year either.
            I’d love to be surprised by a hidden gem this year in a later round, though it’s hard to see who that might be.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Isn’t that David Fales though? Don’t we already have the project in place?

          • Scott W.

            Fales isn’t the future, no. He’ll wind up a journeyman backup.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Perhaps a running back? I don’t like what we have behind Matty.

    • I can see that, but the Eagles-Bears Kendricks trade is not a rumor – it was just me offering a proposition which I think would make sense. Sorry, didn’t mean to pinch lol

      But if it does go down (with Chip, all things are possible), that would be pretty sweet.

      And you’re right about Centers. They always fall in the draft, so it’s entirely possible to take a top 3 Center in the later rounds.

    • Barb UMihai Mar

      INSANITY !!!

      I’m hugely paranoid about the lack of ILB play, but giving up 13 spots from the 7th pick for a better than average ILB is a big no-no.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Isn’t Kendricks a 4-3 ‘backer?

  • Scott W.

    What a trip….

    I’ve been here since the site was born, but this is the first time I’ve hung on for the entire predraft postings.
    Truth is, I just didn’t follow college football enough to be able to connect. I’m not much better than seasons past, but I’m glad I stayed aboard this year. It’s been an education to say the least, and I’ve had a blast reading y’alls various pitches and denouncements.
    Thanks gentlemen. Best draft year of my 50 years.

    • I love the draft! It appeals to my analytic mind.
      Some try to figure out the market, others Vegas, well to me, this is just as challenging and fun.

      • Scott W.

        Cool. So as an analytic (serious question) how large a role does intuition play, both for you and GM’s?

        Curious, because for me, the non analytic, intuituon plays about 40%, the prospects character and intelligence 20%. For me, 40% is the numbers.

        • Well, I guess it goes to my theory of intuition.

          I think instinct is just the residue of analysis. That is to say, a person objectively and rationally studies, examines, surveys, etc for months/years.

          Then a person begins to develop a “gut” feeling, which to me is just a subconscious conclusion based on previous experience. That is why it’s hard to get a “feel” for something new.

          It makes sense in the evolutionary sense.

          If a person is new to war, it’s all chaos and madness. After a while, a veteran begins to develop a “6th” sense which bypasses the rational – thus making the body react more quickly and that split second can save the person.

          If anyone is interested in the process, Antonio Demasio has a book entitled “DeCartres’ Error” which explains it in somewhat laymen’s terms. (He’s a neurobiologist).

          But I digress lol

          I don’t really quantify it like that because to me each prospect is a new puzzle, so it’s hard to apply a formula universally. You can’t use the same strategy to solve a rubix cube as you would chess or Xiangqi.

          Character and intelligence for instance are notoriously difficult to assess, especially from afar, so to a certain extent you gotta trust certain sources and disregard others, and yeah, at the end, it does come down to “instinct” in some cases.

          For instance, Winston definitely has red flags, and some are trying to label him Russell part deux, but I don’t really buy it. He might not be a saint, but I saw him talk about football, and the passion, desire and football savvy are there. I don’t think he will bust like that.

          However, been reading a lot of crap about Randy Gregory, and my instinct tells me to steer clear of him even though it’s “only” weed and perhaps a bad attitude.

          That being said, I probably go by.

          1A. Production
          1B. Measurables
          2A. Character/INJ history
          2B Intelligence (depending on position)

          And within certain positions I have very specific production/measurables I emphasize.

          For instance, I don’t care much about a DTs 40 time, but I very much care about his 10yd split.

          Andrew brought up the 3cone drill for pass rushers.

          For QBs I especially pay attention to INTs and accuracy (in NFL throws). etc etc

          So it’s sorta hard to come up with a universal template to “scout”, and even then, it’s still could be a crap shoot.

          I guess that’s why I find it fun because it’s challenging.

          • Scott W.

            2 things that did not leap to mind, but rather grabbed a cane and sorta limped in…

            1 – Intrigued, I read a couple of reviews, then ordered the book. It arrives Wednesday. I’ll let you know if any of my synapses actually do more than beg me to leave them alone.

            2 – I was okay letting Winston be just an immature, dumb jock until the cafeteria incident. That I recognized as impulsive darkness, the kind that lurks behind the curtain, and doesn’t go away, it just learns to hide better.
            Tell me I’m reading too much into it, but I think its a harbinger of things to come.

            3/2 – What’s Inglewood like these days? Daniel Freeman Hospital still standing?

          • I was actually in Inglewood not to long ago. It used to be much more ghetto, but it’s getting nicer. EVERYONE there wants an NFL team. It’ll create 35,000 jobs and with little tax dollars needed to build the complex. It’ll be a whole spanking new project. Not just a stadium, but shopping marts, park, lake, restaurants, the whole shabang.

            Only a few of the residents who live RIGHT by the old Hollywood Park Race Track (where it’s going to be built) don’t want it mainly because of the traffic.

            There’s actually really nice gated communities right by it, and some very expensive alcoves on the out rim of Inglewood, which surprised me.

            What was more surprising is that one would expect those gated communities to be “anglos” gating themselves off from the rest of the riff-raff, but not so! Almost everyone of those in the gated communities and million dollar houses were also af americans gating themselves off from themselves!

            In one of those communities an african american women (she made sure to inform me she was a lawyer) even threatened to call the cops for walking around their “community”. I was like, what? Last time I checked, I didn’t know it was unconstitutional to walk around neighborhoods. I was about to be a smart ass, but needless to say, I was shocked “classicism” existed in Inglewood.

            But for the most part, it’s still the same. Most of the ppl are cool and not shy. Some guy shouted out the the 2nd story window, “Yo, dog, when you guys getting the stadium built so I can work there!?” We started chit chatting, him from the window drinking his beer listening to rap, and I on the sidewalk.

            That’s Inglewood for you in a nutshell.

            And on a Damasio note, yes, it’s a very good book with lots of philosophical implications. I like that he’s a neuroscientist tackling the problem of brain/mind/free-will through scientific methods. He gets a bit repetitive, but hey, it’s more or less a science book, not a novel, though the reading for the most part is smoothe if you’re interested in where the brain ends and mind begins. Let me know how it goes.

          • Waffle

            Haha, I thought you meant Englewood in chicago for a second…..because I was there the other day and realized I stepped on an old bloodletting from where yet another 15yr old was shot in the head by a 13yr old

          • Scott W.

            I’m curious. Your conversation with the guy hanging out his window. How did it go? Care to share a bit more?

          • GPLDAN
          • Irish Sweetness

            Look on the bright side : there’s only a 6-inch gap between the nips and the flange.


          • Irish Sweetness

            I just went and checked that out. Jeez, this Winston sounds like more of a bust than Sophia Loren.

          • Scott W.

            Yeah, man. The lad has real problems. And sooner or later, they will surface, and surface hard.
            Name one kid with problems like that where a bunch of millions cured it.

          • Scott W.

            Or maybe I should have my trifocals on when I read.

          • Big Mike

            And with all of that if 50% of all first rounders don’t live up to their hype. Meaning 1/2 the teams would have taken someone else. Thus insuring that everyone is right about somebody, but nobody really knows what they are talking about.

          • Scott W.

            Meant to add that analytics is a pretty provocative word in a way, in that those of us that can’t claim a seat on the math train shut down a little when we see it barreling towards us.
            So maybe analytics can be defined merely by observational analysis alone when need be?

          • Irish Sweetness

            I don’t watch college football, and only pay attention when some dude runs for over 400 yards. But my QB-bust-O-meter is never wrong, and the waft of manure from Messrs. Winston and Mariota makes the nostrils fair quiver.

            2 things I do not wish to see in my draft first pick up : QB and WR.

    • Irish Sweetness

      It appears that many GMs and media experts also do not follow college football.


    I will gladly speak to you Tuesday if you fuck off today.


    • Is it possible to find a Cutler picture where he doesn’t have a “jerk face”( as the late Buffone used to refer to it as)?

    • Big Mike

      I’m starting to be amused by the Cutler attitude meme. I’m also losing my mind and starting to think 2014 didn’t happen and he’s could be a top 10 QB. Stop me now…

      • Scott W.

        People can’t seem to decide if he could be great but doesn’t care enough, that he’s diabetically altered, or he’s actually just a good/decent QB that’s had too many coach voices in his head.

        • Big Mike

          Nice recap. I’m in the same boat. What hindsight is teaching me is that Trestman was far and away the biggest problem last year. Can you imagine how bad the worst of it was, based on what leaked out. 90% of stayed behind closed doors. He let that team devour itself. Call me an optimist, but I’m going back to thinking Jay Cutler has a chance to very good the remainder of his career. He finally has a professional HC & an OC, along with some nice weapons and what will by any account have to be a better defense. (can’t be worse, right? )

          9 or 10 hard fought wins next year against a brutal schedule. Could start 1-3, and still pick up those 9-10 wins. Patience is what it will take to be a Bears fan next year. But it beats “embarassed”, “despondent” and “hopeless”

          • Scott W.

            “hopeless”….that’s what I was saying last season as Trestman’s biggest sin: sucking the hope right out of Chicago and fans everywhere. What a horrible, horrible choice Emery made there. Holy cow that was top-shelf stupid.

          • Big Mike

            Gutless, spineless, sniveling turd. Whatever you think of Lovie Smith as a HC, you were never ashamed of him and he led his team.

          • Scott W.


          • “He finally has a professional HC & an OC”
            That’s what ppl thought the last two pre-seasons too though.
            We’ll see. Like I said, I’m not expecting any miracles.
            Cutler will be Cutler, that is to say, he’ll be good for 14Ints + 4 lost fumbles.
            All we can hope for is 4,500 + passing yds, 40TDs and some timely runs for first down.
            (and that those turnovers don’t come in the redzone or on final drives)
            Or a really run heavy approach which will lower down his production and mistakes.
            A run heavy approach will simply be like that ray gun from “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” – Cutler will still be Cutler, just in smaller portions.

          • Big Mike

            Trestman was a joke. We all hoped he was good. Fox has a record of success with different teams and QBs of different talent levels. Gase is a top OC.

            Cutler leading the league in turnovers was infuriating. I’m going on the line and saying he has the best year of his career next year.

          • Going all in, eh?
            I think Cutler peaked with Martz before the thumb injury, but who knows?
            Some players are just turnover prone, like Vick and Sanchez. They’re coaching proof. Cutler is only a notch above those guys, but not by much, IMO.

          • Big Mike

            A Cutler emergence is the a Bears fans’ best hope for a season that exceeds expectations. If you look at the QB mess around the league, Cutler being a good QB for the next 5 years, would be the best thing that happens to the Bears.

            So yeah, I’m hoping for that. Because the off-season is the time to dream.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Dude. 40 TDs … to whom? AJ gets shut down this year now he’s the #1, IMHO.
            If Cutty couldn’t get near that with BM et al …..

    • Irish Sweetness

      See that beard? That’s a Fitzpatrick-lite, baby.

  • Well, it’s rainy in L.A. Thank god, we need it. A severe drought has hit Cali, and they’re rolling out commercials that we should only take a shower once a week, and invest in a pee bucket.

    Perhaps John Stewart explains it best.


    Anyhow, since it’s raining, decided to stay in and naturally watch some scouting clips.

    On that note, I really think the Bears are drafting DL Arik Armstead. Just seems like the type of player Fangio and Fox would covet. Ideally, we would trade down and still snatch him up, but I think if he’s there at #7, we’re drafting him. So, I watched this vid of him.


    Butch’s quick observations in the order that they came to me.

    1. His bull rush is tremendous. Consistently pushes back the pocket.
    2. 6’8 290, and looks the part, though still needs to add some bulk.
    3. Loafs way too much. When the play is not near, he’s just jogging.
    4. Awareness suspect. Did a nice job of sniffing out the screen, but then would blindly run up field while the RB runs right past him.
    5. Once he got double-teamed, became invisible.
    6. Needs to work on disengaging from blocker to tackle. I think he only tackled the HB like once in that clip.
    7. Began using a spin move to complement his bull rush, but still needs to develop other counters.
    8. Versatile. Line him up at 0-tech or 5-tech. Heck, maybe even some at OLB.

    Summary. With his size/pop/strength, Armstead should be more dominant. His loafing worries me most as he came from a basketball background and oregon is famous for their conditioning program, so it’s just about his desire not conditiong. Also, maybe he does have more of a basketball mentality than a defensive linemen.

    However, he didn’t focus solely on football until recently, so maybe he’s still just very raw. Can at the very least occupy double-teams a la Justin Smith, with high upside to become a Calais Campbell type, both of whom Fangio is familiar with.

    Also remember that Fox drafted Peppers when he first came to the the Panthers, and he might see similar traits in Armstead (almost the same exact build, basketball background, even the loafing), though obviously Peppers was a superior prospect going #2 overall.

    I think Fangio/Fox will gamble that they can drill away the loafing, and teach him to play with lower pad level, technique, refine counter moves and shed blocks and finish. If so, could be a stud.

    If not, well, can at least occupy space.

    • Crazy as a Fox draft history, which may give us some hope:

      “Back to that Gwynn-like consistency for a moment, check out the first-rounders selected in Carolina under Fox: Julius Peppers, Jordan Gross, Chris Gamble, Thomas Davis, DeAngelo Williams, Jon Beason and Jonathan Stewart.

      In Denver, Fox and Elway collaborated on the following first-rounders: Von Miller, Sylvester Williams and Bradley Roby”


      • not a single bust in that list for Carolina, not too shabby.

        • Barb UMihai Mar

          Fox had an elite team while in Carolina. That’s why they went deep even with Delhomme. Their roster were mind blowing.

      • BerwynBomber

        Roby surprised me. He was highly touted in college but the couple of Ohio State games I caught he was toasted in each. But he played well for DEN.

        OSU has produced some decent CBs the last 10-20 years … two you named in Gamble and Roby and the best of the bunch the now retired Nate Clements.

      • Irish Sweetness

        He has made a statement with each of his first picks at a franchise. On D. If he sits at #7, I think he’ll take Shelton or Waynes.

    • Scott W.

      In the FIRST round?

    • AlbertInTucson

      Attention Los Angelenos: You live in a DESERT. The drought train has been coming down the track for decades. If you want LAWNS, move elsewhere. Same goes for you too, Phoenix.

      • AlbertInTucson

        BTW, it takes LESS water to have a swimming pool than it does to maintain a lawn. WAY less if you keep the pool covered when not in use.

        • Scott W.

          Prices start at around 1/2 a million…dive in!


        • willbest

          I don’t know why they just don’t do rockscaping and fake grass. Fake grass technology has come a long way. Sure its not quite the same, but pressure washing it twice a year to remove the dirt is a lot better for the environment.

        • Irish Sweetness

          Pools? Our pools are covered by manholes. The water’s brown and smelly but you get one all to yourself.

      • We were the 5th largest economy in the world.
        We assumed we can just buy rain or import all the water bottled in the world.

        Won’t matter anyways. Pretty soon if the Ice Caps melt, they will be plenty of water to go around. Either that or the big one will put us under.

        I guess “Escape from L.A.” was prophetic after all. Now, where’s my eye-patch.

        • Scott W.

          I can’t decide on a phobia…the U.S. becoming a coral reef, or Yellowstone turning it into an ashtray.

          • willbest

            The ashtray thing is far more scary since it will likely trigger the next Ice Age.

      • Irish Sweetness

        And it would be prudent to live on the right side of the San Andreas fault, before the area becomes what Bill Hicks called ‘Arizona Bay’.

    • Barb UMihai Mar

      They will not draft him. They need a day 1 starter. McDonald is the starter. Period.

      And if he does well all around they’ll re-sign him.

      PS: I’m not buying the Draft DL scenario. If they go Front 4-5 they’ll go OLB. Pass rusher.

      • I actually hope they don’t draft him after watching some tape on Armstead. He reminds me of the guy who always shows up late to a brawl then asks, “Oh, it’s over already?”

        But he seems like a Fangio/Fox prospect. Many mocks actually have him going the the 9ers or the Pats late in the first.

        Looking at Armstead tape and Fowler highlights is night and day. I’d much prefer Fowler, but doubt he makes it to #7.

        however The Raiders have recently publicly stated they’re willing to trade down.

        Either Leonard Williams or Fowler should be available at #4

        (#1Winston #2Mariota #3 WIlliams/Folwer in some order)

        Would giving up a 3rd rounder to move up 3 spots for Williams or Fowler be worth it?

        Depends on drafting philosophy.

        • Barb UMihai Mar

          It’s not that cheap.

          If the price is decent…it’s not about drafting philosophy, it’s about what the Bears really think about this or that player.

          • It is both about the player and philosophy.
            Some think the more picks a team has the higher the chance of hitting on a player, not to mention having MORE players.

            However, if a GM really believes in a player, they might be willing to make an exception.

            It’s like swearing off blonds, but then a really hot one begins feeling you up at a club, and you cave.

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            That’s my point. If she’s hot, no draft philosophy matters anymore.

  • AlbertInTucson

    “DaBearsBlog @dabearsblog
    Spent time this AM watching Danny Shelton. Now really want Shelton to be on the Chicago Bears. Not just run stuffer/space filler. Playmaker.”

    Question: Is that even in the unlikely event that USC’s Williams is available at #7?

    • Barb UMihai Mar

      PFF says he’s not a good pass rusher. I trust PFF.

      PS: I’ve never saw them play, but I’d take Williams.


    What NFL draft town is supposed to look like:


    What it does look like from my car today at noon:


    They better get crackin

    • guy from my site has media credentials for Draft Town. Excited to see what he can do with on-the-spot (kind of) access.

    • Barter town, eh? Did some DeadHead try to trade you sheets of acid for lavalamps ?

      • GPLDAN

        Mad Max reference. Timely!

    • willbest

      Looks like the only thing they have left to do is to slap some panels on it.

  • AlbertInTucson

    Hawks win. My enthusiasm is a bit muted.

    • Big Mike

      The Western Conference of the NHL is no joke. 12 points seperated the top seed and the 8 seed. The 8 seed had the best record in the NHL over the last month and a 1/2 of the season. There were only 2 teams in the conference with more regulation losses than wins.

      The Hawks beat a higher seeded team in 6 games. It’s not going to get any easier. Either the red hot Minnesota Wild or the Blues, who match up with us very well. Teams have spent the last couple years, building their teams to take on the Blackhawks.

      Real pleased to get an extra day or more of rest. Happy to get to the 2nd round. Team will be ready.

      • willbest

        I am less concerned about the Wild than the Blues.

        • Scott W.

          Is that a line from a folk song, or country?

          • willbest

            Not that I am aware of but it should be

        • Barb UMihai Mar

          Not sure about that. The Wild checking game and situational hockey seems more dangerous to me with this Blackhawks team.

          I’m okay with the up and down, hight scoring games. The Blackhawks have the offense to win those kind of series. The Wild plays all defense forcing turnovers and driving the net.

          Seems to me that’s what hurt them the most against the Predators. They got away with being sloppy…. the Wild are feeding like crazy against sloppy opposition That’s their game.

          PS: That being said…I’m okay with both. No fear. They’ll step up.

        • Big Mike

          The Wild was 27-9-2 after they brought up the goalie Dubnyk. Home ice is what its about. Also the change of pace from the Blues to the Hawks will cause them a bit of a problem.

      • AlbertInTucson

        All true but the the hawks beat a higher seed with A) An established history of playoff disappopintments and B) Their Captain and best player, Shea Webber, spectator for most of the series.

        • Big Mike

          You’re right. They do need to play better.

        • Big Mike

          All true. Plenty to worry about. Hawks haven’t put together a complete effort. Defense goes gets lazy with the puck in spurts. Seems like offensive frustration contributes to this. Plus they get out hit substantially almost every game.

          The Wild has been 27-9 since they brought in the new goalie Dubynk or something like that. Still glad we drew the Wild, simply for home ice.

    • Barb UMihai Mar

      Holly shit !!!

      Quenneville must be going insane about the D Corp play. Calling it ‘leaky’ is almost a compliment. Poor speed, awful situational reads, turnovers, goals in bunches by the opposition.

      I’m sure he’ll fix them, he’s an elite coach at planetary level, but man, if they don’t wake up and take their game 2 levels up they’re toasted no matter who they face.

      PS: I’m not a Versteeg critic like many pathetic Blackhawk fans (especially the non bandwagoners) , but he’s been the worst forward this Predators series. I see him risking the most going forward if he doesn’t step up.

      • The D was godawful for most of the series. Stepped up and played well in game 6 once Q pulled Darling for Crawford. They need to keep playing like that going forward.

      • BearDown100393

        You nailed it. The defense is capable of performing at a much higher level. Oduya in particular did not have a good series. The Western Conference is brutally tough. A better effort will be required if they expect to advance beyond the 2nd round.

        • Barb UMihai Mar

          Worst of the bunch ? Rozsival and Duncan Kieth.

          Oduya was decent enough.

      • Scott W.

        Hey Barb. Serious question, not a slap or anything.
        I noticed that in a lot of your posts, you make comments like “pathetic fans”, etc. That kind of tone.
        Is this a quirk of your language overall, that you emphasize your distaste with insulting descriptors? I was watching a documentary the other night on the Middle East, and they go “both ways” with it a lot. Calling other men “dear”, and to simplify, “evil infidel”, etc.
        So I was just wondering if it’s just a reflexive, built-in quirk, or something you consciously do?

        • Barb UMihai Mar

          Well… I do have a little bit of an extremist side. No extremist views though. And it’s personal, not cultural.

          To respond: it’s definitely conscious .This is the internet… why would I restrain myself ?

    • Waffle

      Nice to see them fight back and nice to have a confidence booster for crow. Darling is a solid option to go.to and the D didn’t do him any favors. Pekka Rinne played like a champ all series.

  • Waffle

    Bennett a no show at workouts….can’t say I’m surprised.

    After all the drops, getting stopped short of first downs and missed blocks on busted run plays surely he can’t be bitchng about his contract……

    You guys can blame Cutty all you want but having poisonous players on the team and pussy coaches did us in the last 2 years.

    • he’s got 2 years left on his deal and therefore zero leverage for a new one, though it should be noted he’s outperformed his current deal.

      Any agent worth anything is telling him to play good soldier this offseason in hopes of earning a fat extension next year, so I have a hard time seeing this as being about the money.

      Here’s my guess: he credits his offseason work with Marshall the last few years for his emergence and wants to continue that, so that’s why he’s down in Miami working out at Marshall’s place. Or it could be his way of protesting that Marshall got traded. Who knows. But I don’t think it’s contract related.

      • John Doe

        You are wrong again.

        He is working out with Matt Forte… Two disgruntled elements who are trying to shake down more money from the McCaskeys.

        Not a a good way to start off with the new coaching staff and new GM.

        His brother Michael Bennett is doing the same thing in Seattle after signing a new contract just last March. He too now wants more money.

        • well it may be about $$, but he’s not getting any til next year, so it’s a dumb move then.

          • John Doe

            It is not good for developing the relationship with coaches. Plain and simple. There are no two ways about it.

            Both Forte and Bennett are sending the message to Pace, Fox, and Gase: we don’t care.

            Instead of learning the new playbook, they are actively creating trouble. Personal choice or not, this is not good for the team. And I am pretty sure they know what they are doing.

          • John Doe

            Their absence would have been excusable if this was 2nd year of coaching staff and playbook.

            But with new coaches and new playbook and 2 key pieces of your offense are not their on Day 1? Not a good sign.

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            Pace, Fox, and Gase told Marshall, Garza, Cutler, Tillman ‘get the fuck out of here…we don’t want you, we don’t care about you’.

            Remind me why I should be against Forte and Bennett for sending a much more light message ?


          • they can’t get the playbooks at these yet. That comes this week. These are just workouts in the weight room.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Bennett is cray cray – and we knew this before he upturned Fuller in practice. Cray Cray. This we know. If he’s not on board with learning a new playbook with everyone else then I would get rid of him a lot quicker than a stud like BM. That’s harmful to the team. Is that what they’re doing?

          • BearDown100393

            Help me out here and explain exactly what occurs during offseason workouts other than obviously exercise? Is it an informal gathering of the players to workout in the gym and fist bump with observing coaches? Are playbooks handed out? Do the coaches introduce themselves and small talk with players? Why is this such a big deal? As long as the player reports to training camp on time and is in acceptable physical shape, isn’t that all that really matters? Has a Super Bowl ever been lost because a tight end elected to not to show up to exercise in April?

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            it’s the wet dream of the fans. They want everything to be puffy and delicate in the off season, only to cheer for a carnage when the season starts.

            Just like they fault any player looking for a new contract, never doing so when the player is cut.

            Instead of bashing the player, I’d rather bash the club…if I really want to bash somebody. They weren’t able to convince the players into coming.

          • John Doe

            What a joke. The players are asking for money in violation of the contract they signed. They need to honor the contract and ask for more money when the contract expires.

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            Chicago Bears re-sign center Roberto Garza
            26 Dec 2014

            Chicago Bears cut center Roberto Garza, add Will Montgomery
            2 Apr 2015

            PS: You’ve been posting a ton of negative views about Forte’s and Bennett’s decision not to work out in Chicago.

            Guess what ? That’s in line big time with the contract they signed. which they’re honoring at the dot.

            This is what I find mind blowing. Using the same principle in opposite ways. Always on the side on the club.

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            An employee asking for a renegotiation of his contract is in violation with the previous contract !?

            What a fuck !? I don’t think they reached that level even in Nazi Germany.

            Dude…you’re tripping. I hope.

          • When players get cut or traded even though they have years remaining on their contract, isn’t that a “violation” by the employers?

            In every business certain practices are accepted as common. Some players not showing up to “voluntary” workouts is one of them.

            Obviously, the Bears and fans would want all of the players to show up especially with a new regime as a symbolic gesture, but that’s just not the way it works.

            Also, some players prefer their own regimen. Tomlison on NFL Net said he never attended them because he felt the regimen was too general, that they would do the same shit for LBs, TEs, DEs, HBs, and that he felt his own off-season regimen prepared him more.
            AP always skipped out on them too, and before this year, no one batted an eye because he was more than ready for the opener.

            Just depends. Until the players start bitching like Weddle in SD, I don’t look too much into it, esp with a mercurial player like Bennett. Dude is one card short of a full deck.

          • Johnnywad

            Players get paid when they get cut

          • not usually. Very little of NFL contacts are guaranteed compared to most pro sports. Most of the time the “dead money” when they get cut is money that’s already been paid to them and just hasn’t been assigned to any seasons’ cap yet, so the players don’t get another dime after being cut.

          • Johnnywad

            I didn’t realize that. So when all the talk swirled about cutting Cutler, his contract left owing just goes nowhere? Why all the handwringing then? I’m officially confused about the whole thing.

          • Cutler’s a little different. His future salary for 2015 and 2016 are guaranteed. That happens sometimes; similar situation with Jared Allen this year (and most 1st round picks’ rookie deals).
            But Julius Peppers, for instance, counted as $8M dead money on the Bears’ cap in 2014 even though they didn’t give him a dime after he was cut.
            That’s because bonuses are prorated. So if somebody gets a $10M signing bonus on a 5 year deal, the money spreads out such that it counts $2M on the cap for each year of the deal. But the player gets a check for $10M when he signs the contract. So if he gets cut one year later, there’s $8M in dead money on the teams’ cap sheet even though the player isn’t getting a dime from them (because he already got that money).
            That’s how contract restructures that free up cap space usually work too. Bears took $5M of Cutler’s 2014 salary and made it a bonus. That saved $4M in 2014 cap, since $1M of that applied to each year from 2014-2018. All it meant for Cutler was he got that $5M a few months earlier, which is why it always cracks me up to see guys described as “team players” because they agreed to take an earlier payday.

          • it’s really not a big deal, but players will “hold out” from them hoping for a new contract. It’s a small way of expressing displeasure. But since it’s just workouts, he might feel the workouts at Marshall’s place in Miami are more useful for him. Just my guess.

            I mean, it’s a slightly bigger deal with new coaches, but still no football stuff is allowed. Just weight room. This week Tue-Thu they get to do football-ish stuff for the first time.

        • Barb UMihai Mar

          So…you are saying officially that the new GM and HC haven’t had a good start ?

          • Waffle

            Not what he said at all. He said it’s not a good way for a player to start off with the coaches

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            Well… of course he didn’t. But at the end of the day, that’s what the coaches have to do. Make people buy in.

            Waiting and assuming everybody will buy in, because whatever, they have to or some shit…. that’s not how it works.

            Me personally, in a situation where the players don’t buy in, I criticize the coaches. In this case I blame nobody… but if I have to, I’d much more rather look there.

          • Waffle

            Barb, with all due respect, your post doesn’t make any sense.

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            Come on man…it’s pretty straight on.

            If players don’t buy in, it’s the fault of the coaches. It’s a principle I agree with.

            In this case I don’t see proof of guys not buying in. They’re just exerting their contractual right for personal reasons.

          • Waffle

            Who is talking about buying in? I’m talking about two team leaders not showing up at the very beginning of the start of a new era in Chicago bears football.
            It’s weak and it’s their right, but it’s fucking weak shit. You’re talking some crazy shit like cultural principles, coaches making players buy in and the only thing we are talking about is 2 guys going about their business the wrong way.

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            the 2 guys are going about their business however they see fit.

            there’s nothing you or the coaches can do about it, so deal with it. Just like your boss can’t tell you what to do on your vacation. If you have a boss.

            who the hell are you to tell Matt Forte what to do or not do in his free time ?

      • Waffle

        He’s been better than we’ve been used to but when the chips were down and we just had to have that 3rd and 3………
        Dragged down by a guy 80lbs lighter just short.

        • he got REALLY lazy with his blocking last year, which was a change from past years. He improved as a receiver, but then just wanted the ball all the time. In the Carolina game, they kept him in to block almost exclusively because Bushrod was out hurt, and he pouted and half-assed it all game, which cost them at least 7 points (on that Forte screen), if not more.

          Yet another example of a piss-poor job by the coaching staff last year. Guys consistently loafed and screwed up the little things, and the coaches did nothing about it. No accountability, because the coaches had zero control. If the new regime can get Bennett in line and working hard consistently, he should be a monster for them.

          Which is why I say his best move is to play good soldier this year, which will line him up for a fat extension next year.

          • Waffle

            Don’t get me wrong, I love Bennett and he’s a great weapon and plays all kinds of hurt but when you watch the tape you have to shake your head and I know the coaches are shaking theirs right now….not the time for a leader to be away…him and forte

          • yep, you could do that with about 90% of Bears players last year, including Bennett, and Marshall, and Jeffery, and Forte, and Bushrod, and Jennings, and Briggs, and… Only a few guys I would say didn’t do that, including Long, Paea, Ratliff, and Allen.

            Guys kept doing the same stupid, selfish, lazy shit instead of working towards the greater team good, and that’s a big part of the reason why the season fell apart.

          • BearDown100393

            Garza remained a pro last season. Long in the teeth but whatever was left in the tank, it was spent.

          • Scott W.

            When the coaches proved they were the anti-Harbaugh, you couldn’t blame the players for even just subconsciously saying “Fuck it. If Mr. Rodgers over there isn’t man enough to coach and inspire 53 men playing the most violent team sport in America, I think I’ll just try and keep from getting injured.” [[Bennett, while running a hook route: “Hey, is that Bill Murray up there in section 101”?]]

      • Scott W.

        That sounds plausible. I really never read Bennett as a malcontent in a big way.

    • willbest

      I beg to differ, guy probably deserved 1.5-2.5 million more than he was paid last year.

      • Waffle

        No way, tape don’t lie

        Ask forte what it’s like to run behind the combo of bushrod and bennett

    • Barb UMihai Mar

      why is this important ? These guys have rights and duties. Being in Chicago now isn’t a duty.

      Fans are incredibly pro clubs when you talk NFL business.

      • willbest

        That is because they know a guy is getting paid $5 million and they expect that kind of money should by the players loyalty considering the fan pays the club money while providing the same loyalty. They don’t know the McCaskeys are getting paid $50 million.

        • Barb UMihai Mar

          I know… which is rather naive.

          • Waffle

            You are assuming willbest is correct which he is not

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            I don’t think he is.

            Remember… Garza and Marshall were sent packing and nobody talked about a lack of loyalty and stuff.

            The NFL is a business. The PR makes the fans think that players that aren’t doing what clubs want -without any right to ask so- are a cancer.

            That’s stupid… especially for dudes living in the US. Pick and choosing cultural principles is lame.

          • Waffle

            My bad, I thought you agreed with him….because you said you agreed with him. The second part … I have no clue what you are saying. I’m sorry.

          • Trac

            Love is never having to say “I’m sorry.”

          • Irish Sweetness

            Garza should have been cut years ago. Marshall being ‘traded’ was stunning to me. That still smells like the bromance went south and the Bears don’t want any fallout.

          • Don’t worry, the other half-heart necklace will be gone soon enough.

      • Trac

        Can a dog resist a juicy bone? See what I’m sayin?

        • Barb UMihai Mar


      • Viva

        In team sports you root for the betterment of the team. When one member of the team does something detrimental to the whole..we voice our disspleasure with the offender (player, coach, GM, or Ginny). Ginny and Sons have been on the receiving end of our criticism several times.

        So when two veterans are not at a voluntary workout they are not being pro team. Doesn’t matter how little it matters, the fact that it matters at all matters.

        • Barb UMihai Mar

          I get it. But at some point one has to pause and realize those guys aren’t packs of meat at the fans disposal.

          I think you can not like it, but not criticize it. Calling them names is silly…stupid, to be blunt.

          • Irish Sweetness

            I’d say if you’re getting paid millions of dollars a year(or ONLY hundreds of thousands) to play a game you’d play for free anyway … you do what’s requested of you. For example, we all have to turn up for work everyday at the same time, regardless of there being something to do or not. You get paid millions, and all of a sudden you don’t need to come in to work? If I’m paying some asshole eight million dollars a year he’d better be ‘at his desk’ everyday – constantly showing me that my investment was a good one. Players are mollycoddled from Highschool onwards enough as it is.

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            This is a strange way of thinking often seen. It has a name, but I can’t remember the term.

            In reality…the more money you make, the more freedom or choices you have.

            People think that BECAUSE they make millions they have minor wiggle room, but it’s really the opposite.

            These guys are high level professionals. If you want them ‘at the desk everyday’ you should put that in the contract. It’s called ‘workout bonus’. It’s not brain science.
            If the Bears don’t use ‘workout bonuses’ it means they don’t give a fuck about ‘workout presence’. So I don’t understand why fans give a shit. The Bears don’t.

  • Scott W.

    Do we need a long snapper that could challenge for the spot? If so, I’m drafting this guy in the 4th round…


    • Scott W.

      I think he needed more space to lay out his case, but good read.

    • BearDown100393

      He left out the part where it causes brain damage.

      • Viva

        Life causes death.

        • Love Hurts – Nazerth

          • BearDown100393

            The lunatic is on the sideline.

          • BearDown100393

            Remembering games, 1st down chains and laughs

    • Trac

      I think football is a sick sport. How could any fan have a clean conscience after all the facts that have come out in recent years. I disgust myself.

  • Xmas only 4 days away. A realistic mock that will break the Bears way.

    #1 Winston (Bucs)
    #2 Mariotta (some other team besides the Titans)
    #3 Williams (Jags)
    #4 White (Raiders. Yes, Al is dead, but in his honor, they choose athleticism over production)
    #5 Scherff/CB (Skin’s pick is huge. They have big need at CB/S and Oline. Let’s hope they reach)
    #6 Fowler (Jets. Doubt he falls beyond them. In fact, the Jets will most likely cock-block us from a blue chip)
    #7 Beasley. Bears.

    We gotta hope Raiders go WR, and that the Skins reach for CB/S or Oline, not entirely out of the realm of possibility.

    Also, if the Skins do in fact want to go CB/S or Oline, they might be a prime trade-up partner to nab Fowler/Williams/Beasley before the Jets.

    • Trac

      Why would the Jets waste the 6th pick on a FB. Hee hee

    • NewBearInTown

      A really interesting scenario emerges if the draft goes:
      1) Winston
      2) Mariotta
      3) Williams
      4) White
      Basically an early run on wide receivers totally screws up mock drafts placing defenders.

      At that point, with the Redskins looking to trade down (per Butch’s proposal), the Bears may be interested in making a move. We could target Fowler or Williams in exchange for a second day pick.

      One option that looks like good value for the Bears:
      – Bears give up #7, plus their third rounder and sixth rounder
      – Redskins give up #5, plus their fourth rounder

      But if you’re Pace, you have to wonder if its wise to make that deal. We need more picks, not less. And the run on wide receiver talent means the Bears will get a top 3 defender if they stay put. It also means some other team might be more motivated to trade into the top 10 to grab their top remaining WR option.
      It starts to get messy. I’m not sure what I would do in the hot seat. There are a lot of boom or bust guys in the top 10. If you believe you see a sure thing – moving up might be the way to go.

      • Irish Sweetness

        Even if the top 4 were picked that way, you know Williams and Fowler are going next. Unless someone has a hard-on for Cooper – the Jets already look pretty strong at WR thanks to POX. I don’t want Cooper at the expense of a fat bastard at NT or Trae Waynes.

        I like the old skool way of Bears’ football. Offense yada yada, but we’re going to punch somebody in the mouth on D no matter what happens.

    • Irish Sweetness

      I think Beasley will be there at #7, he’s hardly the dog’s bollocks, is he?
      Anyone a fan of Beasley’s?

      • I’m hoping one of Beasley, Cooper, Williams is there, so I’d be thrilled with this scenario that has 2 of the 3 still available.

  • Viva

    JM threw 18 picks last year. MM threw 14 picks in 3 years.

    Lovie’s system is ideally suited for a guy who can protect the football and let the punter punt. I wouldn’t be surprised if this JM love is a ruse.

    • It’s a real possibility. I think that’s what’s holding up a the Titan’s hypothetical trade at #2. If Winston falls to #2, then the Titans might just draft him.

      The bucs should just hang up a tire 2 stories high and which ever one throws it through it, then that’s the one they should draft (Alex Smith missed the tire, Rodgers didn’t).

      • Trac

        No trades are final until draft day so you are correctomundo.

        • Yeah, and normally you hear about all-but-certain trades before the draft, but the uncertainty at the top this yr has put a halt to that.
          Also, the NFL has stepped in and told clubs not to reveal shit for ratings, esp the #1overall.

  • BS season is in full swing! On that note, here’s some of the low down. If Scherff can indeed play OT, to me, that’s a no-brainer.

    An anonymous NFL scout compared Iowa OL Brandon Scherff to perennial Pro Bowl guard Steve Hutchinson.
    “He’s better than anyone that’s come out of there (Iowa), and they’ve had a bunch of good guys,” a scout said. “I know everyone wants to make a guard out of him, but I’d have him disprove he can’t play tackle. He didn’t even play healthy this year. Had his knee scoped (torn cartilage) and the guy missed one practice. You watch the year before. I like (Bryan) Bulaga but I think this guy is better. I didn’t think Bulaga could play left tackle but I think this guy can.” A second scout added: “Alert, aggressive, finishes, athletic. Anchor is just OK. He’ll be really good in a zone scheme because he has a really good feel for angles. When you line up with him you know what you’re going to get.” A third scout was lower on Scherff, advising a team wanting a tackle to take Andrus Peat. We disagree that Scherff can’t stick at LT. – Roto

    • More OT note. It’s really hard to get a feel for the top 3 OTs. It’s like pin the tail on the donkey, and unless you got all-22 tape of college including insight as to what assignments they had, it’s damn near impossible to really evaluate them on your own. Here’s some 411 on Peat and Canns.

      One scout described Stanford T Andrus Peat a “beautiful athlete” when speaking with Bob McGinn.
      With so much negativity surrounding the evaluation of draft prospects, we wanted to pass along praise for the pear shaped offensive lineman. “So smooth. Really impressive physically. I compared him to Tyron Smith,” the scout added. All evaluators do not share this sentiment, as another scout told McGinn “every defensive player I saw against Stanford kicked the (expletive) out of the guy.” We think Peat will be drafted as the first true tackle next Thursday. – Roto

      One scout who spoke with Bob McGinn compared South Carolina G A.J. Cann to Larry Warford and Chance Warmack.
      “He’ll need a little work in pass pro. He’s a little bit shorter and a little bit slow-footed,” the scout added. Cann could be selected as early ad picks No. 31 and 32, but most likely will be a second round selection. Just speaking of personal preference, we graded both Warmack and Warford as superior prospects out of school. – Roto

      • Trac

        This could be the year of the OT.

    • Barb UMihai Mar


      Pro Football Focus have him at G on the basis he left a mediocre college pass rusher get 7 pressures on him in 1 game while playing OT.

      Problem is… he hasn’t played G in 2-3 years. That dude can’t be a top 10 pick or someone will soon be fired.

  • QB tid-bit

    TFY Draft Insider’s Tony Pauline reports that “more than a dozen teams in fact rank [Oregon State QB Sean Mannion] number three on their quarterback board.”
    We’re sure Mannion is a swell dude, and we’re sorry to be so consistently negative when writing about him, but we just threw up a little bit in our mouths. Pauline, checking into Rotoworld’s blurb via a Charles Robinson report that Mannion was rated as the No. 3 QB prospect by some, found out that the original dispatch wasn’t as shocking as reality by half. We bag on Mannion for his immobility, his tendency to get flustered under pressure and his downright mediocrity in the three seasons Brandin Cooks wasn’t destroying the Pac-12, but this report is potentially outstanding news for teams hoping Bryce Petty or Brett Hundley will drop to Round 3. We still have no idea how the QB class will shake out after Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota. Mannion, by the way, recently worked out for the Rams and Cowboys. – Roto

    • Scott W.

      …speaking of QB’s…

      Was wondering what the true talent gap is from Winston to Mariota. Pretending for a moment that Winston is a true #1 pick at QB, does Mariota come in at 5? 6? 28? if he wasn’t the consensus #2 at his position?
      Does my question even make sense?

      • Yeah, I know what you mean. I think you’re talking about best player regardless of position.

        For instance, National Football Post (NFP) has a comprehensive Top 200 regardless of position.


        On that board they rank Winston #3 overall (#1 Williams, #2 Fowler) with Mariota coming in at #14.

        So theoretically, if teams went soley on BPA (like unicorns, a fairytale), then Mariota might fall to #14 as he is ranked as the #14 best player overall.

        So that might be how “behind” Mariota truly is to Winston.

        HOWEVER, that is NFP, and every single team, scout, amateur like me will have a different “board”.

        IMO, Winston will be another Cutler.

        And Mariota a slightly superior Kap.

        • Irish Sweetness

          Reason enough to avoid like the plague.
          This will be the ultimate measure of Lovie/G.M. Who are you?
          Are you the guy that drafts Leonard Williams #1 and enjoy that career for however long? Or will you be the fool that provides all Winston’s gold chains before he gets banged up for rape, gun charges, DUI, rape, spousal battery or rape?

      • Irish Sweetness

        Hmmm. Intuition suggests that both will be re-drafted in the seventh round for some future ‘piece’ by an NFL media expert. That Winston is #1 consensus pick makes me wonder about these people. He should be the #1 consensus bust. Mariota I have no clue about, but Winston appears to be a very silly boy indeed.

  • More BS, or not? Hmmmm

    CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora keeps hearing “from evaluators who know what they hell they are doing” that Louisville WR DeVante Parker is the “second-best receiver in the draft.”
    “Some think the gap between him and Amari Cooper isn’t exactly massive,” La Canfora further added. “Not saying he is the second one taken — Kevin White’s measurables probably still make him second to Cooper, but could be more interesting than some think.” In a study of numbers, Parker disappoints. A football analytics director recently agreed with Football Outsiders’ Playmaker Score projection — which called Parker the No. 9 WR — that Parker should have been more productive in college. “It is hard to see him living up to this rating,” the director said, referencing Mel Kiper’s No. 9 overall grade. That said, Parker’s catch radius is as large as a black hole. We’re fans. – Roto

    • Irish Sweetness

      6’3. Me likey. Could be a stepping stone to replacing Brandon : “Parker does his best work when the ball is in the air. He uses his height and wingspan to consistently snatch anything that comes his way.”

      But if we are truly rebuilding, and really going to be a run-first team .. .why would we draft a receiver in the first? When you factor in an all-time worst defense, then anything other than a defensive player, OL or RB as pick #7 is just plain dumb.

      Do we need a WR ? Yes, absolutely. In the first ? Absolutely not.

    • IMO it’s Cooper

      huge gap



      Everybody else

  • Barb UMihai Mar

    I just read this amazing ‘article’. I enjoyed it a lot. Maybe some of you will too.
    An Intelligence Vet Explains ISIS

    • Scott W.

      Helluva post, Barb. Thanks for putting that up.

      • Barb UMihai Mar


    • Irish Sweetness

      “The global jihad movement ideology is a destructive religious cult. It is so un-Islamic that it is virtually anti-Islamic.”

      I agree. This is what shows up racist fucks like Bill Maher when sensible people like Ben Affleck turn up on his show and say the same thing. Bill Maher sounds like a Nazi.

      • BearDown100393

        Define sensible.

    • New bumper sticker.

      Jihad for Jesus!

      The comment’s section is as fascinating. I think he makes a good point describing them as an Islamic cult, much like Koresh didn’t speak for all Christians, ISIS and other terror groups don’t speak for mainstream Muslims.

      They might be sympathetic to a point, then again, lots of Christians were sympathetic with the crusades.

      • Irish Sweetness

        What’s expected … the Fox tramps with the big tits and big hair hating on Islam. Bill O’Reilly, Hannity, all those tools. We expect that. But then when you get the other side, the so-called liberals like Bill Maher, painting everyone with the same brush … then they just become parodies of the guys they used to ream.

        One guy that I cannot believe turn the way he did was Dennis Miller. A semi-edgy comedian back in the day, now sucking down hard on Satan’s chode and sounding like Rush Limbaugh or one of those freaks. Rent-an-angry-guy on Fox. What a tool.

      • Barb UMihai Mar

        Read the comments too. He also twice says ‘don’t fuck with Iran’.
        I agree 100%. Why would you ever do that !?

    • Trac

      Beware the Industrial Military Complex!

      • Barb UMihai Mar

        That’s like No. 1 US industry.

        I wouldn’t be so trigger happy against it if I were you. hah. See what I did there ?

  • AlbertInTucson

    “O’Leary is Jack Nicklaus’ grandson. That has to mean something.”
    Maybe it means he took up the wrong game?

  • Huge Bear’s Penis

    New Thread: jeff’s pick for 1st round draft. very insightful commentary.

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