NFC North Preview: Green Bay Packers

| August 31st, 2015


We hate them. Everyone outside of Wisconsin hates them. They’re good and both their players and their fans make damn sure we know it. The Packers should be the favorites to win the NFC North again this year, but a little bad luck could give the other three teams hope. Jordy Nelson’s torn ACL alone won’t be enough for the other teams to catch up as the Packers still have a roster that stacks up with the best in the league.

Why They’ll Win The North:

Even without Nelson, the Packers can beat opponents in so many different ways. If they want to throw it, they still have Rodgers with Randall Cobb, Davante Adams and their third-round pick Ty Montgomery or second-year receiver Jeff Janis. Losing Nelson is a blow, but don’t be surprised if Adams explodes this year and Nelson never gets his starting job back.

And, if they want to play it more conservatively, would anyone be surprised of Eddie Lacy led the league in rushing? Or touchdowns? The dude is a beast and they have the best interior offensive line in the league, helping him get to the second level, facing players he outweighs by 30 pounds.

Defensively, the Packers get after the quarterback with a variety of looks and they take the ball away. When you have the best offense in the league, that’s really all you need.

Clay Matthews is easy to dislike because he’s as arrogant of a player as there is in the entire league, but he’s good. Julius Peppers proved he wasn’t just stealing their money last year and Mike Daniels is one of the most underrated defensive linemen in the league.

Why They Won’t:

Speaking of that defense, they finished 16th in DVOA last year and could be substantially worse this year.

While Peppers didn’t steal their money last year, but he might this year. He’s a year older and by having a good year last year, he guaranteed himself a large chunk of money this year with his base salary jumping $7.5 million.

Peppers isn’t their biggest worry. The Packers let their best cornerback, Tramon Williams, and his primary backup leave in free agency. They’re entering this year with a major lack of experience.

When it comes to injuries, the Packers were the luckiest team in the league last year, ending the season with the same 22 offensive and defensive starters they started the year with. That never happens and likely won’t this year. Nelson’s injury may not be a killer in itself, but if they were to lose another offensive starter for any length of time, you could start to see them have issues.

Rodgers has been injured each of the last two seasons. Their offensive line hasn’t been able to block anyone in their practice games. If that continues into the regular season, Rodgers and the Packers could be in big trouble.


While Nelson’s knee injury isn’t a deathblow to the Packers, it is a chink in the armor. Their margin for error just got a little bit smaller. Small enough for the rest of the team’s to catch up? Not likely, but a few more blows or bounces that go the wrong way and the Packers could find themselves playing for their season again this year.

Of course, injuries and bad luck are impossible to predict. And if that is what anyone is basing their hopes on, the reality if clear: The Packers are the dominant team in the division and everyone else is far behind.

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  • As long as Rodgers is healthy, GB is the best team in the NFCN. My fear if I were a GB fan would be if the OL can’t get healthy.

  • BearDown100393

    Must be Cheesy Day or something.

  • Trac

    Did McArthur bow to the Japs?
    Did Churchill bow to the huns?
    Did Patton bow to the wops?

    Nay I say, nay!!!

    We’re gonna run thru the cheese like a goose through crap!

  • The GP
    • MB30SD

      that looks good

    • Trac

      But is it entertaining?

      • The GP

        Luke Wilson plays Roger Goodell, a role Kiefer Sutherland was born to play!

  • MB30SD

    Don Banks preview of us. Shocking


    • Big Mike

      He did a tremendous amount of research for that piece. Can’t you tell?

    • The GP

      I want a football to hit him the face, like Marsha in the brady bunch.

      • MB30SD

        I would pay money to see that

  • dmckendree@post.com

    is the deal. I am retired now so i spent 100’s of hours this off season
    evaluating prior to the draft and ran my own draft as it unfolded. This is my
    real-time draft and the one the Bears should have had.

    #1 Beasley, Vic OLB 6’3″ 246 Clemson

    #2 Goldman, Eddie DT 6’4″ 336 Florida St.

    #3 Coleman, Tevin RB 5’11” 206 Indiana or Conley, Chris WR 6’2″213
    Georgia though decision I chose Coleman

    #4 Clemmings, T.J. OT 6’5″ 309 Pittsburgh

    #5 Amos, Adrian FS 6’0″ 218 Penn St.

    #6 La’el Collins OT 6’5 322 LSU

    • MB30SD

      beasley was my favorite on the board, that said…

      • Sactowns#1

        Take it easy on him MB he just learned what the internet is. He got here after calling his grandkids on his jitterbug and they told him how to type in the web address.

        • The GP

          Jay Gatsby taught him that dance.

        • MB30SD

          I was just kidding actually… I’ve been itching to use that clip. Saw the 3 amigos over the weekend for like the 300th time and have been wanting to use it all weekend.

          and I did like your draft DMC. Don’t think people were taking La’el during the draft since the po po were still investigating.

          • Sactowns#1

            Who the hell schedules the draft for a Saturday night?

  • BerwynBomber

    Cheese are going down. Vegas has already downgraded them and that was based only on the Nelson injury, not their O-line’s questionable health or even the possibility of Cobb missing games.
    Their D is sketchy. Only an average-to-slightly above average front seven which is dependent upon Matthews health (no sure thing in recent years). And yes could see a slip in Pep’s play (even if he was very good value for them last year) while their biggest concern remains their CB talent/depth.
    They may well win the division but their ceiling seems like a 10-6 club. Rodgers may well be running for his life (as he seemed to annually before last season) and throwing to 4th and 5th level wideouts.
    P.S. last year was their year (and they blew it).

    • Trac

      Actually the NFL threw that game. The Cheese got robbed. Turrible calls.

      • BerwynBomber

        Hah! The league would have salivated over a potential Brady/Rodgers SB matchup.

        Everything that could have gone wrong for the Cheese did. 1) their safety inexplicably takes a knee when he could have returned the ball into FG range, 2) McCarthy goes ultra-conservative in the 4thQ and takes the ball out of his franchise player’s hands, 3) their 3rd string TE doesn’t follow orders and muffs the onside kick recovery (that was really the ultimate killer), and 4) Dix fails to bat down a wounded duck of 2pt pass (keep in mind if he does GB’s FG at the end of regulation wins the game).

        It was an epic meltdown. We may never see anything like that again. The only thing that could top it is if something like that occurred to a team in the SB.

        • MikeBrownhadaPosse

          Makes me want them to make it to Santa Clara, just to watch it happen to them again on an even bigger stage.

          • MB30SD


        • The tears of unfathomable sadness

          • MB30SD

            I love that clip

        • DocNitty Ellipsoids Ornamental

          It was glorious wasn’t it?

    • MB30SD

      Totally get all the facts laid before us BB, but god damn it (forgive me trac), they always seem to fucking pull it out no matter how injured or bad they look going into the season… or even the first half.

      Can’t remember the year, but their entire team was on IR except rodgers and the water boy and they fucking made it into the playoffs. Rodgers is just a fucking wizard with special spells and it doesn’t matter what happens as long as they have him.

      That said, he goes down and they are proper fucked.

      • The only thing the Pack are pulling out this season is the gerbal up Rodger’s butthole.


        • MB30SD

          hahaha… poor rodent.

          • Johnnywad

            He’d be fine. I’m sure it’s spacious.

      • BerwynBomber

        Yeah, I hear ya. It is all about Rodgers but he can’t keep doing this shit every year can he? I do think they were a blessed team last year — well other than his calf and the NFCC meltdown.

        P.S. I remember that year you are talking. Maybe 2012?

        • MB30SD

          I think he can and will unfortunately BB. Sadly, I think our only hope is career threatening injury, and you never hope for that… especially for a guy who could be the best ever across time.

          • BerwynBomber

            Agreed. I can never root for injuries anyways, even against rivals. And with guys like Rodgers, AP and Megatron I take a little begrudging pride in if only because we helped make them who they are.

            The rivalry emotions are weird in that way.

          • DocNitty Ellipsoids Ornamental

            Peanut always did a great job on Megatron.

        • SC Dave

          He sure seems to.

  • Big Mike

    There’s only one reason the Packers are any good. Aaron Rodgers. Take him off that team and they below average. So let’s not blow smoke up anyone’s ass about how smart Ted Thompson, or McNoob are.

  • Johnnywad

    Packers gonna Packer. They’ll be in the playoffs this year one way or another. Then they’ll choke . . . . . .again. It’s becoming the Packer way. You can almost feel them losing a playoff game now and its not quite September.

    • MB30SD

      agree Johnny

    • the only year that was really a choke was 2014. 2011-13 they just ran up against better teams that exposed their weaknesses (various combos of OL and D).

      • Johnnywad

        You need to stop pissing practical realism into my fanatical Cheerios.

    • DocNitty Ellipsoids Ornamental

      I think the Queens will have a nice year but I think the door is open for Detroit to win the division. GB may have a fight on their hands. Especially if we can steal one in week 1 while they’re hurting. They’ve been slow starters of late.

  • MikeBrownhadaPosse

    I am steadily running out of reasons to have any glimmer of hope for this season.
    Gimme a ray of light, guys.

    • Johnnywad

      It’s all conjecture, with a little bullshit mixed in. The receivers, excluding White, aren’t lost for the year, they’re dinged up. I have no problem with two really good veterans missing preseason action. The offense should be fine.

      The defense will be better. It has to.

    • MB30SD

      yooooouuuuu moooootherfuuuucker!

      Keep hope alive! Love will find a way Rabbit

    • The GP

    • AlbertInTucson

      You are asking the wrong guy.

    • Scharfinator

      They still serve beer on Sundays.

    • SC Dave

      Robbie looks back to form.

  • The Pussy Cats went 4-0 in PS before going 0-16 for the season. Perspective, peoples.

    That being said, it dawned on me after watching both MIA and CIN that we’re going to win vs teams that have weak Olines (this may or may not include the Pack).

    The Colts are a top 3 O. We pretty much had our way. Our rushers disturbed Luck. His Oline was almost as bad as ours.

    MIA and CIN aren’t Dallas, but their Oline coupled with their savvy dink-dunk QBs (ala Brady) carved us up.

    We simply don’t have that dominant pass rusher, that Harris, Pepp.

    McPhee is not that guy. Allen is not that guy. Washington, Bass, Young…most likely not that guy.

    So, if I were a betting man, I’d look at the Oline we’re facing that week (plus the QB) and start from there.

    • BerwynBomber

      Give Young credit though. He’s bouncing back quickly from that injury. I didn’t think we would see him till mid-season or so.

  • FF talk.

    Oh, and ENDER, I heard your 4 QB suggestion, and I think Dr. Evil can speak for me.

    Few reasons for that.

    1. We’re in a 12 team league. That means that 24 QBs will be on rosters no matter what.

    That leaves 8 starting QBs (and it’s usually the Kirk Cousins of the world).

    The more risk averse players will carry that 3rd QB, which leaves 4 teams with only 2, and come byes, they’re fucked.

    Now, I feel no pity cuz if a team rides with 2 QBs, that could mean they stashed an extra RB/TE/WR that blows up, but 4 QBs would be a bit too much. It would be more like hoarding at that point. And I know some would want to do that so that they can trade-rape teams stuck with Fitzy or Bortles,(and I’m all for trade-rapes) but I think overall that would put the rosters in the league out of balance.

    3 is a nice solid number for a 12 team league. It provides options (including trades) and security for most teams, if they so choose that route.

    Like with most things, just gotta do your homework on WHICH QBs you want and for what price, which goes to overall draft philo.

    For instance, Luck scored like 200 more points than a mid-tier QB, so that usu gave that team an advantage at QB1 every week (like Gronk at TE). Is that worth lack of depth in the mid rounds? Some thing yes, others no.

    Bargains at QBs can be had toward the end of the draft, but even then it can be a bit of a crap shoot.

    I got Brady, Bradford, Pamler for about $15 total.

    But Bradford and Palmer come with huge inj risks. Brady’s suspended, and even if he returns, he might be rusty.

    Eli, Romo, etc and the rest of the hypothetical bargains also come with a certain amount of risk, not to mention having to cheer for dudes you don’t like cuz they were $2.

    But I digress.

    Answer is Noooo you crazy dutch bastard.

    Though if Da League ever shrinks to 10 teams, I’ll def consider it.

    • EnderWiggin

      Makes sense, yo.

  • So, I was at a wedding in wine country last night. Lots of fun. Lots of hot chicks. I felt like pulling a Wedding Crasher’s trick, but I fear too many women have watched that movie, so I put away my purple hart (Plus, it was open bar anyways).

    So, I missed out the the Jennings cut.

    Holy moly, Fangio’s not fucking around. Perhaps Jennings got too fat, or to complacent, or he never truly recovered from his inj, but this is a nice message to the rest of team: you’re on notice.

    McManis and Mitchell (law firm?) Definitely earned more looks. They definitely didn’t look worse than Jennings and for pennies on the $.

    Mundy is on IR now? Damn. Was wondering if he fucked Fangio’s daughter or something. This explains it more.

    Rolle is unacceptable. Didn’t we learn from Garza? Leadership means shit when you’re getting owned.

    Vereen is also unacceptable. You look up Meh in the dictionary, and you’ll see Lovie Smith’s picture…but if you look closely, you’ll see Lovie Smith holding a Verren picture.

    (sorry, lifted that from one of the roasts).

    The Bills apparently have 5 really good safeties that Rexy said he didn’t want to cut (and he’s not exactly Machevellian). They also have 5 inj HBs.

    We should trade them Carey for one of those Safeties and call it a day.

    • safety is gonna be an issue. Rolle’s contract is only guaranteed 1 year, so he’s gone after this year. Amos needs to solidify himself or they’ll need 2 S next year, right now it’s looking like at least 1.
      Same goes for OT… right now looks like they’ll need 2.

      • The GP

        Jennings was a zone corner in a man scheme. Jennings was trained in and out to give a 5-7 cushion and look into the QB’s eyes.

        Man corners need to chuck and keep looking at the receiver’s eyes and trail tag to the hip pocket. These were not Jennings skills.

        Old Sauce will snap Jennings up, the Pokes need a zone corner like him and he knows his old boss.

        Amos looks like a 4-3 safety looking to play 3-4. Why did Pace get him?

        None of Pace’s picks, White, Goldman or Grasu – are going to contribute this year save for Goldman if they waive that concussion.

        • Waffle

          Jennings admitted he’s not fully back from the knee

          • and didn’t he get in trouble with the law that might draw a suspension?

          • MikeBrownhadaPosse

            Popped for a DUI this offseason.

          • MikeBrownhadaPosse

            He was rehabbing and drank the liniment.

          • Waffle

            it happens…..

          • SC Dave

            Clever… well played.

      • MB30SD

        Wait, we need safeties again!? My god, why are the bears my team?! haha

        Hey 85, here’s my 2016 bears draft plan. Ready…

        Rd 1: Safety

        Rd2: OL

        Rd 3: Safety

        Rd4: OL

        Rd 5: Safety

        Rd6: OL

        Rd 7: Safety

        • MB30SD

          And maybe a franchise QB in there somewhere. Make that shit happen Pace

          • NewBearInTown

            We also don’t have enough healthy skills guys on offense. And our rush linebackers are pretty much all aging vets.

            The teams a mess right now.

          • If there’s an Earl Thomas or Eric Berry coming out, I’m all for that.
            If there’s another Mark Barron-ish s, no thanks.

            And on that note, Kam Chanc. Wants to get paid. We might have some extra cash now without Jennings.

            Franchise QB, Oline (to protect aforementioned QB), safety, in that order.

            But I’m a trenches dude. If a stud pass rusher falls to us, yes pls!

          • MB30SD

            Um, kam Chancellor is my high school prom mancrush!

            Yes please (bats eyes).

            …then what do we do about a center fielder?

          • MikeBrownhadaPosse

            No offense, MB, but I think you could start right now. Maybe pull a Vince Papale and show up at Halas Hall ready to ball.

          • MB30SD

            You know me dawg… I’m always ready to ballout

          • MikeBrownhadaPosse

            Ed O’Neill can play Fangio in the Disney movie.
            Make it happen dude!

          • MB30SD

            Yonny… little help!

          • Amos doesn’t look half bad. I liked his college tape much more than Vereens. wanna see how he does as a rook first.

            IF he bombs, I’ll have a list come next draft!

        • SC Dave

          About three seasons ago, I was:

  • The GP

    Reports are that Snotty Scottty McCloughlan had deals lined up for RG3 and desperately wanted to send him packing and ‘Fuck PC’ Snyder nixed the deals.

    • Scharfinator

      What a narcissist. We complain about the Bears, but we aren’t THAT train wreck.

    • RG3 benched. Cousin to start.

      Even the FF autodraft knew that.

      • The GP

        Snyder has Jay Gruden out there doing damage control to the press.

  • Any takers for RGMe?
    As with anything, I suppose it’s about price.

    A 4rth or 5th rounder?

    Honestly, I’d probably prefer Mettenburger, but RG3 in a Gase run/read-option/bootleg O might be ok, esp with our OTs.

    Second thought, naaaah. I want a real QB.

  • Waffle

    I think with all of the injuries and initial disappointment so far it’s hard to get excited. I would just like to see Alshon, Royal and Wilson out there healthy with Forte and Bennett and Jay at the helm. Give them a god damned chance man and put Long at RT, Montgomery at G and Grasu at C along with Slauson and Bushrod then pound the rock with Forte, Langford and Quiz. Open up the fucking D by tossing a quick TE pop pass on 1st down once in a while….
    Don’t return kicks out of the endzone so we can just start on the 20 instead of getting a penalty and start on the 9 like we always do.
    Bring the fucking boys on D from every angle. If you’re going to go down fucking go down swinging Vic. We have shitty fucking safeties and corners. Just hit the fucking QB on every play and play downhill. Make the QB check it down more than normal then fly like maniacs to the ball. I don’t mind losing. I hate losing and getting embarrassed at the same time.

    • MB30SD

      Doc, I think you should subscribe to yonny’s newsletter.

    • MikeBrownhadaPosse

      There we go…while it’s hard to pick a low spot in the D performance last year, Mel Tucker and his lack of frontal lobe rank near the top.

      • DaMurph

        Look at the four of us together, it feels like a December night in Da City!

        • MB30SD


          I’m going to be in chi for a game this year. Guarunfuckingteed. Let’s get the band back together.

          • MikeBrownhadaPosse

            Tickets should be cheaper than the gas to drive there.

          • MB30SD

            $338 : (

          • MikeBrownhadaPosse

            Which game?!?

          • MB30SD

            Nov 9th against SD… here Dude, come out!

            It’s super cold in SD in nov, usually like… 67 and shit, so bring a cardigan. hahaha

          • MikeBrownhadaPosse

            I wish – that week, I’ll be traveling for work. You guys bust out the kerosene heaters when it dips below 70?

          • MB30SD

            boooooooooooooooo. of course

          • DaMurph

            Just be sure that red carpet is rolled out when i arrive in San Diego!

          • MB30SD

            hahahaha. of course!

          • Waffle

            Ditka’s again? Rabbit will be going for the salmon salad and a crystal light.

          • MB30SD


          • MikeBrownhadaPosse

            I am going straight for the Kobe burger.

          • Waffle

            those martinis were a revelation. so much blue cheese stuffed in those olives I expected Biggsy to storm in like McPhee and fucking snatch them from me.

          • DocNitty Ellipsoids Ornamental

            That place was great. One of the real highlights of the trip for me.

          • Trac

            I’m pretty sure I’m going for the Broncos game.

    • DaMurph

      Last year was just embarrassing! Im with you on that. Go ahead and lose, at least look good doing it!

  • The GP
    • BearDown100393

      Apparently the Falcons now use up pop-up illustrated books for the passing game offense. And it is paying off.

      • MB30SD

        Exactly. Fuck that muppet. Dude’s a moron. besides, I have zero respect for a dude who was quoted in the press saying he just collected a check for two years.

        • DaMurph

          Yeah, Id be willing to bet he cant balance his checkbook.

          • MB30SD


          • DaMurph


          • MikeBrownhadaPosse

            I love how he says Jay just wouldn’t talk to him.
            Love Hester the returner, but as a WR, he needed the playbook on a fucking speak’n’spell.

          • MB30SD

            he meant talk to him… very very slowly and with huge crayon drawings to help.

          • DocNitty Ellipsoids Ornamental

            Ha! Speak n spell! Brilliant reference.

      • SC Dave

        Anything to ignore that Cutler is not the guy. Five years, or more, I’ve been saying it. And it’s STILL true.

    • Trac

      Wow, 2 catches for 21 yds. Let’s book a flight to Hawai!

      He also use his speed and elusiveness to gain extra yards. Ooooowe!!!

    • DaMurph

      Ill bet his patience wont last long, Ryan has a short fuse.

    • “”It’s just little small things that come with practice and timing. You get all your kinks and knots out in practice. That was one of those instances where we did something in previous years. We just had to get back on the same page….The main reason why Hester asked not to play offense during his final year with the Bears was because of his strained relationship with Cutler.”If we weren’t on the same page, Jay just didn’t say anything to me,’’ Hester said. “He just wouldn’t (throw) to me. That’s just how he was.”

      And that’s why Cutler, who has all the same physical gifts (perhaps even more) than Rodgers, is NOT Rodgers.

      Hester might be a muppet, but Jose Consceco was the biggest douche, yet nevertheless was right about steroids in baseball.

      So that makes it, what, 3 Bears (former and present) receivers who have ripped Cutler in the past month?

      Bennett= Cutler is the McDonalds of QBs
      Bmarsh = Orton better than Cutler
      Hester = Cutler dooooont carreee

      (Briggs = I’d punch Cutler, but not Griese or Orton)

      • The GP

        Brian Griese was dead on in calling Tim Beckman a fucking idiot douche who had no bidness in the Big 10 up against a Urban Meyer and Harbaugh.

        Illinois football is a fucking joke.

        But Griese has to endure shit stain slander like this:


        At least he takes a stand on things (which I think is your point). If Jay can’t get with a guy and be on the same page, he shuns them. Griese calls people out (even after his career is over). Jay is not going to call people out in the locker room. He’s just going to ignore them. And that – is not leadership.

        • Yeah, Cutlerites retort, “The media just bashes Cutler because he looks like an apathetic fuck shunning away papparizi”

          But then stories from former teammates like this pop up (Bmarsh, Hester, Briggs…and let’s not forget Urlacher calling him a pussy essentially) and it has little to do with his body language, but his lack of leadership skills.

          I’m not one of those that question his toughness, but he just seems to do the bare minimum to be a starting QB in the NFL. He’s like the main character in Office Space after he was hypnotized. Dooooontt Caaarree

          As Why Your Team Sucks so eloquently put it:

          “This man plays quarterback with the same amount of urgency that Adam
          Sandler puts into his film roles. One day, Cutler will just amble out
          onto the field in cargo shorts and demand to hand the ball off to Rob
          Schneider. It’s coming. I can feel it. He’ll never leave Chicago. He’ll
          build a patio at midfield and just hang out for the next two decades,
          grilling burgers while the Bears lose every game by 36 points. I kinda
          love him. If I were that rich, I’d be that lazy.”

          All that being said, I’m still gonna cheer for that motherfucker to go commando!


          • Waffle

            remember that Urlacher called Cutler a pussy before he even got to the Bears. Also, this is the guy that was OK with Orton being one of the worst graded QB’s in the entire football league on his team. Bullshit.

  • BearDown100393
    • The GP

      Jimmy Pickled Brain Tissue

  • MB30SD

    more and more, I’m preparing myself for a 6-10 or 7-9 season. And I think that’s ok if we move forward and not take a step back. Let’s see how Fox, Fangio, and Gase do and see if pace can draft and make smart moves. This year probably won’t be very pretty

    That said, I have a group of 20+ year friends who have been in a FF league and while you all know homie don’t play that shit… I am going to vegas for their 20something year draft party opening weekend. Any a you guys gonna be in vegas?

    • Trac

      Vegas hasn’t been fun since the days of all you can eat crab legs for $5.99. Comparitively speaking of course.

      • MB30SD

        I think we probably do diff stuff trac. I just party by the pool and chase vajayjay… I don’t spend a single dime gambling.

        …mmmmmmm, all you can eat craaaaablegs.

        • Trac

          Yes, in Vegas, the hookers like to hang by the pool. Hee hee.

          • MB30SD

            hell yes they do. Strippers too… but I prefer the nice girls from LA who are just getting away from their circle and have a great excuse to have a one nighter with some dude from san diego and not be thought of as a whore by their friends. And I like to swim.

          • Trac


  • Waffle

    well, you know the Bears wouldn’t let Mayer write this without some indication the kid was going to make the squad.


    • The GP

      Larry doesn’t wipe his ass unless the front office greenlights it.

    • Mitchell’s work ethic stems from his draft snub and other slights
      throughout his career, including a three-star ranking on a five-star
      scale as a high school recruit. (In case you were wondering, yes,
      Mitchell has those three stars tattooed on his neck near the “254.”)

      We’ve found our PS underdog. Ding Ding Ding!

      Verrrrry tempted to change my FF team name to The Mitchell Mavericks or “#254 FTW!”

      • Waffle

        except he was a badass player on a national champion Oregon team and not a division 2 standout WR.

        • The man Got #254 (for the 254rth man selected in the draft) and 3 stars (out 5 in ranking) tatted.

          Guy sees himself as the Rodney Dangerifield of CBs. Hopefully, he takes it out on the opponents.

  • “One and perhaps only thought on Bears from Ireland. Why are people
    acting surprised Bears aren’t good? They don’t have good enough players. – Jeff

    Apparently, even the gentle rolling Irish hills and superb beer aren’t enough to make Jeff optimistic.

  • Trac

    Gassu, Fuller, Carter, Young and Slauson were the 5 top graded players against the Bengals according to PFF.

  • MB30SD
  • TheBigCheesy

    The Packers were very healthy last year (relative to their norm) but they didn’t really retain all 22 starters; They lost BJ Raji and a few rookies for good in the preseason. They also had a lot of guys go down temporarily during the season. And then Rodgers was on 1 leg for the last 4-5 games or so.

    But yeah, they won’t be as healthy this year. They are already off to a rough start. But I’d think they’d have to get pretty beat up in order to drop the division. Rodgers missed half the season in 2013 and they still pulled it out…

    • WP34


      • MB30SD

  • MB30SD

    Look at the saiiiiwza that thing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSaZkHYmSdE

    • WP34

      scary/funny shit – I like when guy says – like that little cage is going to save you.

    • Trac

      Yup, we couldda had him for a song but noooo….

  • So Bradford went 10/10, 110 yds and 3TDs in one half vs the Puke.

    Cost me $2 in FF.

    Dominance. Priceless.

    • DocNitty Ellipsoids Ornamental

      Yeah, for the one game that he’ll not be on crutches, you should dominate.

  • Trac
  • Trac

    The JaMarcus Russell of running backs.


    At least Cleveland got to stick it to the Colts.

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