Money Mouth: Three Picks for Week Fifteen

| December 17th, 2015


Three. And. Oh. Much needed.

Ravens Under 17 pts vs. Chiefs

Chiefs are a good defensive team. And here is an amazing excerpt from an ESPN piece about the Baltimore Ravens:

Quarterback Jimmy Clausen didn’t get the win Sunday. He didn’t lead a touchdown drive.

But he did enough in the 35-6 loss to the Seattle Seahawks to earn a second start with the Baltimore Ravens.

If James Clausen beats you, you get beat.

Bears +5.5 at Vikings

Bears margins of victory/defeat since Jay Cutler returned from injury: 2, 1, 3, 3, 3, 24, 2, 6, 3. Is there really any reason to believe this game won’t come down to the final few moments and be decided by a field goal or so? Taking the points with the Bears seems the astute move.

Lions & Saints Over 50.5 pts

Lions v. Rams hit 35 points on Sunday. And the Rams have a terrific defense and putrid offense. The Saints, by comparison, have a potentially prolific offense and putrid defense. And both teams have nothing to play for so this could be one of those, “What the hell, let’s go for it on all the fourth downs!” games.

Season Record: 23-17-2

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  • MB30SD

    Time to show some heart and shake up the north and play spoiler a bit… even if it’s just in message alone. Fuck the Vikings

    • That Guy

      We beat the Vikes, that might kill their playoff chances. That will be the second division game in a row that we get a big feel good win. The first, of course, was ruining Favre night.

      • DaBearsBlog

        There’s nobody pushing the Vikes.

        • MB30SD

          I just want to beat them and the lions… for this team’s psyche going into next year if for nothing else.

          • I’m really not interested in their psyche. Most of them won’t be here next year. The rest are the core and will be self-motivated. Like, do we really believe McPhee or Cutty or Long are gonna check out next off-season if we lose out?

            The core seems dialed into POX.

            I’d much rather draft over the Lions. But this is a long standing debate…

          • willbest

            I don’t know, the lions don’t have that great of a track record when they aren’t drafting in the top 5. Then again, new GM.

        • willbest

          Yes and no. If we beat them they could be looking at 8-8. If your Giant’s love is not misplaced.

          • That Guy

            That would fit the storyline. The Giants play Carolina this week.

  • Irish Sweetness

    May God go with you and the Bears. I can’t bet against the Bears, and certainly can’t bet with them this week. 30/31st rush defense in the league v AP?

    ” Is there really any reason to believe this game won’t come down to the final few moments and be decided by a field goal or so? ”

    There’s irony in there somewhere.

    • willbest

      The way to beat MN is to get up 2 scores early and take AP out of it. So yeah… Bears are going to struggle. That being said, at 5.5 you are going to get the back door cover.

  • Irish Sweetness


    Tough to find juicy teams at home this week. Away-game specials.

    CAR -5.5 (@NYG)

    Worst secondary in the league meets the Panthers. Odell meets the D that shuts down the pass.
    Terrell Davis says the Giants knock off the Panthers. He does not pay my bills.

    NYJ -3.5 (@DAL)

    For reals?

    ARI -3 (@PHI)

    If Sam Bradford beats the Cards, then fuck it.

    • willbest

      Hard to argue with any of that. Well maybe the -5.5 against the Giants. Saints did put up 38 points on the Panthers.

      • Irish Sweetness

        How did that happen? Keuchly missing?

    • Bradford beat the Pats…they may finally be gelling.

      • Irish Sweetness

        DST, no?

  • Scharfinator


    NFL is taking some token measures to pretend the playoffs will be error free.

    • willbest

      Don’t know why they don’t just add a couple extra officials to reduce the load each official has to look for.

      • BillW

        And if a team missed the playoffs because of one game – where this new process might have have changed an L to a W? I continue to be disgusted by the arbitrary “make it up as we go” nature of today’s NFL.

        Actually I’ve begun to wonder if maybe they need less officials on the field and a couple somewhere watching video.

        HD cameras show far more than they can possibly see. What good is a joker behind the line of scrimmage if one is going to call a phantom facemask penalty (because it looked like it might have been one) but another won’t call a body slam?

        And they can’t tell if it’s a catch or not in real time so why bother?

        Tennis recognized that you can’t tell if a ball is in or out at that speed so they use technology (sure – they let them make the obvious calls; you know, the ones you and I can make sitting at home.)

        Actually I think the officials realize this is coming and their union is trying to protect their jobs.

        • willbest

          I meant either for playoffs or as something to add in the preseason.

          Cameras can’t be everywhere. Too many bodies at the goal line for example. But I think you are right that they are headed that way as soon as they 1) figure out how to get the sensors in place, and 2 figure out how to get the correct call in quickly.

          HD camera is better than the naked eye, but somebody has to rewind and watch it a few times.

          • BillW

            And yet college seems to get it right. Or at least better. They have someone watching and if something looks iffy they buzz and they wait. Rarely takes long.

            That’s the way replay started in the NFL but they still got too many things wrong. So they did away with it for a while and then went to the challenge system, which I hate. Tech has improved and I think the only thing that holds them back is not wanting to admit the refs mess up so much.

            But it’s gotten that way anyway.

            I don’t think sensors will work. Unless the whole ball was one big sensor.

            Hmmm – maybe not? Given the shape, maybe you need one at each tip, and then a band around the widest part?

            But that might affect passing – plus they might break.

            I just think put a few more cameras in and if they can’t pick up a definitive look you go with judgement.

            One more “rant” – when they review, they have to use logic. I will never forget the punt that hit the receiving team and went sideways. The Bears recovered but because there was no frame that showed it hitting the defender the call on the field (opponents ball) stood.

            In other words, maybe the ball changed direction in midair because there was no evidence that it didn’t. That was a perfect example of misuse of technology.

        • Scharfinator

          If the NFL really cared, they would figure out a bunch of cameras in each stadium and a super computer in each. Write a bunch of programs and algorithms and boom.

          • they had the pylon cam for odell’s TD, but no camera that looked across the goal line for Eddie Lacy (maybe) dropping the ball before he crossed the plane in our last Green Bay game. seems shady.

          • TBC

            Different broadcast? MNF versus SNF. Does that make a difference?

          • it might. but it shouldn’t. you’d think all stadiums had the same capabilities to ensure fairness and consistency.

            and i’m in no way saying the call should have been overturned, but it was maddening to watch the replay process and for them to not be able to show/see it from the angle that would’ve given conclusive evidence either way.

          • It’s like the NFL refs, vs the ones GB brings with them to every game.

          • Anonymous

            I didn’t think there was enough conclusive evidence to overturn the Lacy TD — it was cunt hair close and the original call looked more right than wrong — but here is the thing about such calls big picture-wise. The replay officials only seem to stick to the
            “conclusive evidence” standard (or whatever they call it) half the time. Case in point the Golden Tate overturn (from INT to TD) that worked against us earlier in the year. I still think it was an INT, but even for those who have doubts, how was the replay conclusive evidence that was not an INT?

          • not saying it should’ve been overturned. but they should’ve had the right camera angle to look at it.

          • Huge Bear’s Penis

            i am pretty sure the Patriots worked out a deal after Brady challenged the deflate gate crap that allows them to appropriate any cameras they want in any game for purposes of spying, that is probably the reason there is not a good angle.

          • Scharfinator

            They’ve only been doing them on a few games a week (S or M nights or something) which strikes me as remarkably greedy. There’s no way they cost much – in the NFL scope of dollars.

      • The GP

        What a slippery slope that would be.

      • Sactowns#1

        Or maybe try to find officials who are younger than fossilized wood.

    • AlbertInTucson

      Hopefully a prelude to a Supervisor official in the booth in EVERY game who will take the field crew completely OUT of the replay process AND can overrule ANY obvious missed calls.

      And NFL, spend the relative PENNIES from your ridiculous profits already and get Pylon Cam installed for EVERY game. I’m sure you could do it out of the “Petty Cash” drawer without breaking a sweat.

      • Huge Bear’s Penis

        don’t even worry about touching the “petty cash” probably could find enough by checking under the couch cushions in Goodell’s office.

        • AlbertInTucson

          Whaddya bet Goodell does that himself on as daily basis?

    • SC Dave

      Fan Duel. Game is NOT on the level.

      • Scharfinator

        Yes, but they need the public to believe it is.

      • Huge Bear’s Penis

        with the NFL’s greed like trying to get Half Time performers pay to play at the Super Bowl, i am surprised the NFL hasn’t thought about selling sponsorships of Officiating crews.

        I can see it now “Todays Officials are brought to you today by LensCrafters, when you want to be the best you got to see the best!” with a fine print disclaimer “Mistakes are made and Officials of this game are not subjected to mandatory eye exams as requested by Lenscrafters”

        • SC Dave


          Careful what you say, they might be reading!

  • Bears-4-Ever

    Bears 21
    Dikes 10

    Bear Down!

  • MB30SD

    warming you fuddy duddies up for boobie friday: http://www.mandatory.com/2015/12/17/8-instances-where-the-nipple-was-freed-in-2015/

    Jesus, only so much fucking smash my head against a wall op ed/”i’ve been thinking about how bennett trims his fucking ball hair, and here’s what I think…”, and grey on white stats I can fucking take. Where’s crown and his glorious stories of halftime BJs. He was a gorgeous son of a biatch wasn’t he? sigh.

  • willbest

    My bold prediction… Bears put up more than 30 points.
    I will take Houston in a pickem. Cleveland +14.5 @ Seattle, and Over on the GB @ Oak land 47

  • The GP

    Butch cock blocked me on Denard Robinson. A fellow alum no less.

    I am defenseless. Take your weapon. Strike me down with all of your hatred and your journey towards the dark side will be complete!

    • I remember you rode Denard last season. And for ONCE I actually had priority over someone. Sometimes being #1 sucks, but not this week!

      If it makes you feel better, I might not even start him this week. I’m debating between him, Hightower and Murray…maybe even Bryce Brown or Whittaker…decisions decisions…

      Bolden is a nice consolation prize, though Pat’s HBs are a headache. Anyone remember Jonas Grey running for 200 then being benched the next week? Ah, yes, good ole Bill and his RBs…

      • The GP

        RB + Bellechek = FF fuck over

    • Also, you’re KILLING Artoo!

  • AlbertInTucson

    “But he did enough in the 35-6 loss to the Seattle Seahawks to earn a second start with the Baltimore Ravens.”

    But he DIDN’T do enough make US miss him.

    • BillW

      Mathematically speaking, 6 points is infinitely greater than 0. So just imagine the improvement next week!

      • AlbertInTucson

        So you’re saying you DO miss him, Bill…?

        • BillW

          Well, if all he can do is get into FG range, we still get 0 points.

          (calm down, Gould supporters – just kidding)

          • AlbertInTucson


    • Big Mike

      no doubt. never thought we would. Always pulling for underdogs, but Clausen doesn’t have it.

  • AlbertInTucson

    “Ravens Under 17 pts vs. Chiefs”

    Remember,Philip Rivers couldn’t put up a TD against KC last week, though he DID come close on his last throw.

  • MB30SD
    • Big Mike

      Thanks for that 🙂

  • As long as we get this dude next draft, I don’t care if we beat the Vikes.

    Ladies and Germs, I present, Myles Jack, LB, UCLA. (from Bruin to Bear!)



    However, if it takes another Mould shank to secure Jack, I wouldn’t sob over my stout.

    • That Guy

      I mean he’s a great player, but I don’t think I’d take him in the first round. Way too early to tell, but I’d probably give him a 2nd round grade and maybe a 3rd depending on the medicals.

      • Yeah, it’s early in the process, but man does he look like a playmaker! Jack played ILB, OLB, pass rusher, DE and CORNER! All well. And oh yeah, RB, just for the fuck of it.

        He looks a lil undersized, and we all saw how Kendricks dropped because of that.

        But lordie, does he look explosive and passionate. Imagine what Fangio could do with him.

        Edit. Just checked his Wiki. He indeed is undersized. 6’1 225.

        That might make him drop. I prefer my LBs 6’2+ 240.

        • Bears-4-Ever

          No Problem if you pick him up as a Corner. I can see him coming in and laying out Megatron or Gronk go up for a catch…Jack would be scary as hell if he was a Cornerback. Sheesh. No opposing WR or TE would feel “safe”.

          • SC Dave

            Based on a highlight reel, or have you watched this guy?

    • Huge Bear’s Penis

      i don’t follow college football so i normally just look at mock drafts to see who the “experts” think the top players are. I just looked over a couple and one thing i noticed is the preponderance of defensive players this year. probably good news because there will probably be 1st round talent drop to the second.

  • willbest

    For the true believers who think the Bears still have a shot. Best case scenario

    1) Bears (obviously)

    2) Carolina (only 1 NFCE team can get 8)

    3) Cardinals (only 1 NFCE team can get 8)

    4) Bills (only 1 NFCE team can get 8)

    5) Green Bay (a loss here and a Cardinals win means GB likely won’t be playing for the #2 see in wk 17)

    6) Seattle (Seattle needs to get to 9 wins to prevent them bumping us on tie-breakers)

    7) Lions lose (SoV tiebreaker against Vikings)

    8) St. Louis wins (prevent Bucs from getting to 8-8 in the event Seattle doesn’t get more than 8 wins)

    • Shady

      What are the odds of that actually happening? Doc?

      • willbest

        Strictly speaking we aren’t eliminated unless
        1) We lose or tie
        2) Redskins (vs. Bills), Eagles (vs Arizona), and Giants (vs Carolina) all win

        5 through 8 are just gravy but aren’t important. NFCE losing is our greatest challenge because we can’t win tie-breakers on any of them.

  • Cutty of Olivet Nazarene

    Bears win out and then we can lament the 4 or 5 that we had in our paws.

    • willbest

      If the Bears win out, it will be the 2nd time in 3 years where the difference between making the playoffs and preparing for the draft will be a Robbie Gould FG

      • Cutty of Olivet Nazarene

        lol, I can’t put that all on Robbie. The epic collapses of the D on final drives with the lead has to take precedent. I do hold Robbie responsible for the 36yarder though.

        • willbest

          I am not talking about the skins game. Vikings aren’t getting to 10 wins if they lose to us. And a 9-7 Bears has tiebreakers on 9-7 Vikings. So the only thing Bears would need is the one at the end of the San Fran game this year. And in 2013, the one in OT against MN would have made the last packers game irrelevant.

          • Cutty of Olivet Nazarene

            I know….I just don’t want to go there mentally. If we win out i’ll commit Seppuku with a broken bottle of Tradewind.

          • That’s partly why I just want us to lose out. That and higher draft pick.

            Now, if we hurt a few Lions and Vikes along the way, win/win.

            But naturally, come game day, my barbaric brain will be cheering in spite of logic.

          • SC Dave

            There you go!

          • SC Dave

            No you won’t.

  • Here’s a possibility.
    Why not try Bushrod at RT and move Long to RG?
    See how that goes?

    Seems a shame that we would let Bushrod go when clearly he wasn’t healthy. If we can trade Bushrod next year, that’d be win/win, but if we’re planning to keep him, why not try him at RT?

    Maybe…lots of drawbacks to that too, like stunting Long’s RT experience.

    • willbest

      The problem is like Mills, Bushrod is not likely to be healthy. Plus you are paying the guy 8.7 million next year. That is nuts, if you aren’t certain he is your starting tackle. (It is a 4.3 mil cap hit to cut him)

      • DaBearsBlog

        Bushrod has 0% chance of being on the roster next season.

        • The question is, does he have trade value? or is his contract too prohibitive?

        • SC Dave

          And 56.7% of all probability claims have no basis in reality.

  • BearDown100393

    I’m hooked on those NFL Network biographies. Just watched the Bill Walsh episode. Does anyone have a copy of his “bible” on football?

    • Irish Sweetness

      It’s on display on most fields every Sunday, I’d say.

  • The GP

    Jeff goes for the Billy Goat pic. Well played.

    And – for $2000 Alex – I will say

    “What is the Billy Goat at 430 N Michigan?”


    • Anonymous

      Never understood the huge of appeal of the place (or the one by the UC). Is it all about the SNL skit? Was it once a Royko haunt?

      Just as an example, a Portillo’s cheeseburger seems three or four times better than what you get at the Billy Goat.

      • DaBearsBlog

        Always gone there for the bar. Still male friends ever time I walk in, mostly Trib writers.

  • The GP

    Foreskins caught red handed (did you see how I did that?) orchestrating fake fan accounts on Twitter supporting the Skins name via a PR firm

    Call it A Web Snyder

    I am on fire today

    • CanadaBear

      Snyder is such a tool. He makes Mikey almost likable.

  • Sactowns#1

    Did anyone get to see the 85 Bears special on ESPN? If so how was it?

    • Johnnywad

      I don’t think it’s showing until late January.

  • How I would solve most of the officiating fiasco.

    1. FULL time officials. Jeez, cheep ass NFL. If you got the $ to turn everything pink for a month, then you got the $ to pay them full time. Immerse them in the rules like medieval monks hand transcribing the bible.

    2. Insert a chip in the football with sensors on the goaline and possibly first down markers.

    3. Make EVERYTHING reviewable.

    4. No more refs on the field, but maybe 3 review refs in the booth. Questionable call? Go the the 3 review refs who must decide within 1 minute and have a 2/3 vote on calls.

    5. FIX the catch rule. Control + two feet, done. If it comes loose after that, it’s a fumble, not incomplete pass.
    Take out the “football move” – if you want more certainty, control plus 3 steps. Dunno know exactly the formula, but fix it.

    This will take care of 90% of the issues and make the game enjoyable again.

    I don’t know how one can fix the roughing the passer BS penalties, but this would be a start.

    • CanadaBear

      Totally agree. And for fuck’s sake, if they are going to call BS penalties on the DB’s, they have to call pick plays on O consistently. Some games teams are getting the benefit of both BS calls/non-calls. I’d love to see incidental contact allowed and not give the O the benefit of the doubt on those back shoulder fades that come up way short and the WR crawls all over the DB and gets the penalty. I see a lot of that of that BS.

      • I was thinking of that too, how to fix the BS PI and Roughing the Passer calls, but that’ll be a lil tougher. Maybe like you said, call some the other ways.

        What I have noticed this year is that there’s a TON more “illegal picks” call, and maybe that’s the way they’re trying to even out the PI calls.

        Coincidentally, GB’s offense sucked for large portions of the season. Hmmm…

      • SC Dave

        The whole thing is slanted to score points.

    • That Guy

      1. Yes. But full time officials isn’t enough. Still too much human error – look at baseball umpires. They also need to come up with better procedures like refs that have the benefit of tv camera angles.

      2. Yes. No idea why this hasn’t happened yet. With today’s technology you could fairly inexpensively track the ball’s location anywhere on the field. I’m thinking less than $25,000 per stadium, which isn’t crazy expensive but still gets you pro quality technology.

      3. Yes. Bellicheck has been pushing this for a few years. It simplifies the rules and the 2 or 3 challenge limit avoids the risk of slowing down the game.

      4. I assume you read, no additional refs on the field, not to get rid of the guys on the field altogether. I think you have 2 replay refs max, either of whom can challenge. Give them training and access to all cameras (not just the ones on tv) and let them focus on different parts of the field. Either has the authority to challenge a call or a no call, but they have to agree to overturn the call on the field. You’ll always need guys on the field to do things like whistle plays dead, set the ball and communicate with coaches and players in real time.

      5. Yeah, it seems like nothing will be perfect, but a simple rule like “control plus two feet” is clear enough that players can adjust their play to it. The two feet rule is totally contrived in the end zone but it works because everybody knows the rule and everybody can see the feet on the camera.

      As to the “shots to the head” penalties. I’d like the rule to be modified so that defenders who are already in flight can’t be penalized if the offensive play tries to duck and gets his head taken off, but probably it will be complicated in real time. Make the rule no “intentional contact to the head,” exclude incidental contact and clear examples where it was unintentional, but make the penalty stand if ambiguous.

      • Yeah, no additional refs. Badly worded.

        The roughing the passer stuff we might just have to live with. A finger on the QB helmet might go against the “spirit” of the rule, but then we might be heading into subjective calls with “intentional” or not.

        Plus, I thought that if a player left his feet to tackle the QB, it was “launching”? Dunno. Those seem really iffy, esp the “hitting low” part, like if an end spins, begins falling, then brushes the knee.

        Still, we could figure those and PI calls out some other way. Those are a lil bit more nuanced.

        • That Guy

          Only launching on the QB. I see a lot of these penalties against running backs that are hit in the head as they go down. A linebacker is going full speed and can’t stop himself in time when the target drops three feet.

    • willbest

      4-5 sensors around the top of the stadium should tell you where the ball is within an inch (a mini GPS system). As long as they are properly calibrated to the field, it could then tell the officials where the spot is.

      How to deal with roughing the passer, pass interference. Make them player spot challenges. Jay Cutler, Alston Jeffery, Kyle Fuller can call for review. They are immediately reviewed. If they are right they get the penalty. If they are wrong, result of the play and -10 yards. You can also have refs throwing flags on these if they are flagrant. If the ref throws the flag it can still be overturned, but if the player also asked for the review they won’t be penalized.

      Hands to the face, and face mask could probably be taken care of with sensors in the helmet.

      • That Guy

        As I said, that GPS system can’t be me than, what, $25K? $50K? And imagine the potential for computer models in the broadcast if the player’s helmets and the ball all have sensors in them.

        Although, an inch is too far for the goal line stuff. They would need pylon sensors for that.

        You don’t rely on the stuff right away. You still have the refs call plays as usual, but the sensors would automatically trigger a review if they don’t agree.

    • Anonymous

      1. YES!!! Been arguing that for years. Make them full-time employees. Have them study in the off-season at a central site. A camp if you will, just like the players.

      2. Yes. Good idea.

      3. No. Would slow the game down horribly but an additional challenge or two should be added and a few more plays should be automatically reviewed beyond TDs and TOs.

      4. No. Makes little sense. You need officials on the field to do the things That Guy lists. And they will also be better to flag certain penalties in real time. Cameras are the best for reviews; officials in the booth would be for shit for calling penalties.

      5. Maybe. But I think some of these catch debates often stem from brainless overturns. Think of some of the most notorious non-catch calls in recent memory: Dez Bryant’s, Megatron’s, Troy Polamula’s INT (that almost cost the Steelers a playoff game during one of their SB runs). Usually, the crew on the field got the call right. It was the review booth that overthought things.

      The Fail Mary was the exception. Where both the on-field and replay officials fucked up.
      But otherwise, a lot of the catch stuff seems a case where over-thinking overrides common sense.

      • Huge Bear’s Penis

        Also Teams should not be forced to use a challenge on any play in the Endzone. Tired of seeing TD plays ruled non catches forcing teams to burn a challenge to prove it correct. If there is any question on a TD or not review the damn play.

        • Anonymous

          Agreed. Happened to the Giants on Monday night on a Beckham TD.

      • 3. What I mean by everything reviewable is really everything challengable.

        Like anything else, have only a finite amount of challenges, but one can challenge stuff like unnecessary roughness, etc.

        Again, would go up the the 3 refs in the booth. 2/3 vote under a minute.

        Game on.

    • Irish Sweetness

      That they don’t do any of these things (chip in the ball is easily done), would lend itself to the possibility that somebody likes to keep ‘control’ of what happens.

  • Shady

    I really hope Triumph shows up for the premier tonight:

    • Poop on you!

      • Shady

        For me to POOP ON! Did you watch the clip? Claaaaasic.

        • haha, yeah. So many great lines. Man, now I feel like going to the Mann Chinese just to see if Triumph shows up!

          • MB30SD

            That’s the last time he’ll ever see female genitalia

  • AlbertInTucson

    This is the NFL

    The uniforms that BOTH teams are wearing this evening are hideous.

    • willbest

      There is a football game tonight? And apparently they are on Saturday night too.

      • AlbertInTucson

        I believe the Saturday game is in lieu of a Christmas Eve game.

        • Anonymous

          I’m surprised the greedy NFL leaves Christmas alone.

          • AlbertInTucson

            They’ve played on Christmas in the past.

            The longest game in NFL history (Dolphins at Chiefs) was on Christmas Day in 1971.

            Miami 27, Cheifs 24.

            Double O.T.

            82 minutes+ of playing time.

            NFL Network is replaying that game THIS Christmas Day.

          • That Guy

            That was the game that made them stop playing on Xmas. The long game didn’t jive with the flow of people’s days the way it does on Thanksgiving.

            Though, the way the NFL is with Sundays now they don’t seem to care anymore.

          • willbest

            You mean you don’t like 12 hours of football with the London games?

          • Johnnywad

            Bears and Packers played on Christmas day not too many years ago.

  • BearDown100393

    Why is the NFL paying tribute to the Arena Football League with those fugly rags?

  • MB30SD
  • MB30SD


    Talk among yourselves. Yes, I’m talking to you Irish. All hail Timu!

    • Irish Sweetness

      Yep, been waiting for this one. Just took the twins to see Star Wars. Still absorbing it.

      • MB30SD

        wtf, they’re 7 right?!?!

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