Looking Back / Looking Forward with Andrew Dannehy

| September 16th, 2015

Looking Back

As nice as it was for the Bears to look like a professional football team and compete with a  team we all expect to be playing in January, the Bears still lost and nobody should be happy about that.

The Bears had their chances and didn’t execute. They followed the recipe almost perfectly. They kept Aaron Rodgers off the field, running for nearly 190 yards and dominating time of possession early on. But they didn’t make enough plays. That’s what decides the outcome of games.

Outside of Cutler and Forte, the Bears didn’t have a single player make a big play. While James Jones was jumping over Bears defensive backs and Eddie Lacy making one-handed grabs, the Bears got nothing. The biggest play was made by Clay Matthews, perfectly reading Cutler’s eyes for an interception. A good reminder that defensive players get paid too.

One thing that was clear is that the Bears have confidence in their coaching staff. They know they’re going to be put in a position to succeed and it’s up to them to come away with the win. In Week 1, they didn’t.

Looking Forward

It’s hard not to look at the Cardinals and wonder what if Phil Emery had hired Bruce Arians instead of Marc Trestman? Arians wanted the job, he practically begged for it, but Emery went in another direction and it cost him his job.

The Cardinals might be better than the Packers. In six games with Carson Palmer last year, they averaged about 26 points per game and went 6-0. They got off to a fast start with him this year too as Palmer threw three touchdowns in a 31-19 win over New Orleans.

Palmer seems to have found a perfect fit with Arians, even though they don’t seem to have a lot of talent. Larry Fitzgerald isn’t what he once was, but it’s scary to think about what he could still do to the Bears, given what James Jones did. Michael Floyd and John Brown should be a good test for the Bears safeties.

The Cardinals defense is a bit more questionable this year. They lost Todd Bowles and nose tackle Dan Williams, a key to their run defense last year. They seemed fine against the Saints last week, but the Saints usually struggle to score on the road, regardless of who they go against. After one week, Arizona’s run defense ranks first in the league, but it’s hard to know how much stock to put in that, considering their opponent.

How the Bears Will Win

As well as Palmer has played since the start of last year, he’s not Aaron Rodgers and Rodgers needed to be damn-near perfect — and get big plays from his receivers — to beat the Bears.

More importantly than Palmer not being Rodgers, the Cardinals don’t have nearly the talent on the offensive line. When the Packers’ offensive line is healthy nobody gets pressure, the Bears included. Theycan get after Palmer and, unlike Rodgers, Palmer isn’t going to be able to get out of the way.

The Bears are going to harass Palmer and force at least two turnovers. In doing so, they’ll also be able to hide their awful secondary. This is a prime game for guys like Allen and McPhee to show they can get the job done.

Arizona’s defense figures to be much better than Green Bay’s, but they gave up 13 catches for 149 yards to New Orleans’ running back duo of Mark Ingram and Khiry Robinson. Neither are anywhere near what Matt Forte is as a receiver and it could be a good chance for Jeremy Langford to make a few big plays.

The Bears offense might be really good this year. They scored on five of their eight drives against the Packers and were in scoring position on two more. That was in Kyle Long’s first game at right tackle and with three banged up wide receivers.

Way Too Early Bold Prediction

This is going to be McPhee’s breakout game. After going against one of the league’s premier right tackles and a quarterback who he had to keep in the pocket, McPhee won’t have to worry about either this week. Earl Watford struggled in his first career start at right tackle last week and McPhee has to be licking his jobs knowing Palmer isn’t going to run away from him.

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  • Waffle

    It’s cardinals week!!!!!!! Is that a thing?

    1-1 just a few days away.

    • The GP

      They are who we thought they were! And we let ’em off the hook!

    • BillW

      Back in my dad/uncle/grandpa’s day, it most definitely was a thing.

  • Bear Down in Tampa

    I would argue that Marquess Wilson made a big play.

    • Adam Truelove

      Bennett did as well.

      • BerwynBomber

        Alshon had a nice thirty yarder early in the game didn’t he? And though it is STs, Gould again was money.

    • Irish Sweetness

      ‘A’ being the operative word.

      • he made a play. i don’t know if it was a big play, or as big as it could’ve been. he seemed like he slowed down and got caught. looking for video but can’t find…

        • Bear Down in Tampa

          I agree that during the telecast he appeared to slow down, but it was still a 50 yarder.

  • Irish Sweetness

    I hope Allen and McPhee show up. The great show up every week, but that’s the great ones.

    I think Bears fans will know who John Brown is after this game. We’ll run it down their throats I hope because Carson is pretty clutch in the hurry-up, and he has two nice receivers, though they’ve lost Ellington. We should win this.

    And 17 wins from 20 fantasy teams thank you very much.

    • I don’t know how you can possibly argue Chicago should win this game. The offensive talent is pretty even (edge to Chicago at RB, but edge to ARI at WR with all Chicago’s guys banged up), but Arizona has drastically better personnel on D. Chicago has no coaching advantage here either.

      • BerwynBomber

        Home field advantage. And AZ’s starting RB will presumably be out. Those are the two best arguments.

        Plus, even though it is only one week, NO put up over 400 yards on AZ. Didn’t get in the end zone but they did move the ball on them.

        • That’s Arizona’s MO. 24th in yards allowed but top 10 in points against last year. Guess which one matters?

          • SC Dave

            And it was also drew brees

      • Irish Sweetness

        I like Meredith and Bellamy, Ify if they promote him. But if they stick with a gammy AJ and Eddie Royal, we’re just hurting ourselves. We put up 190 yards against the Packers running the ball. That’s got to mean something against a Cards D missing players. Cutty v Carson is about even. I think we control the clock and we don’t have to worry about A-Rod making unbelievable plays. Cutty won’t fuck this up.

        Plus, the coaches might change the starting lineup, show players they’re accountable. He’ll want to send a message, and early. Changes on defense and hopefully at guard. Hometown win.

        24-21 Bears.

        • a gammy AJ and Royal are still better than full strength fringe NFL guys.

          • I don’t think they are because at least with healthy WRs you can stretch the field.
            With guys limping, it’s going to get cramped very quick.

          • well all of Chicago’s WRs practiced with no limitations today, so that’s a good sign.
            But Josh Bellamy and Cam Meredith aren’t scaring anybody deep.

    • Sactowns#1

      20 fantasy teams?! You’re a madman!

  • CanadaBear

    If we’re counting on the washed up hillbilly to win this game, we’re in for some disappointment.

  • Oh yeah… it was 2012. A good reminder that defensive players get paid too.”
    They do? Can’t remember the last time a defender for Chicago consistently made plays.
    Oh yeah… it was 2012.

    • Our roster is full of JAGS, no play-makers.

      We should just move to JAX.

      • Huge Bear’s Penis

        might have to wait till the Jags move to London, before we make that transition.

  • The GP

    It’s hard not to look at the Cardinals and wonder what if Phil Emery had hired Bruce Arians instead of Marc Trestman? Arians wanted the job, he practically begged for it, but Emery went in another direction and it cost him his job.

    Holy fuck soup, Batman – this is some revisionist history.

    Arians came for an interview at a Maranelli’s behest. He was cool or on the fence, at best, about aligning with the Bears. He wanted the storied franchise but was wary of this ownership. Maranelli put him top of the list, with Bevell as #2 and Trestman WAY down the list as a possible, if and only if the first two didn’t want the job.

    Maranelli found out that Emery wanted to do clown GM shit: put Arians through a full mock presser at Halas, even though he had a NFL track record as HC. He left the interview and felt very odd and told the press he thought it was clown shit. Because it was. Because Phil Emery is a fucking clown.

    However, THAT did not cost Emery his job. Trestman cost Emery his job, because Trestman is a schemer, a guy who holds himself up as a guy with character who has none. The clown car cam apart while rolling in the laughing stock of NFL seasons. The team QUIT on them. Flat out QUIT.

    Also, Emery’s draft guru persona began with McCellin. Enough said.

    That’s what happened.

    • After his interview, Arians stayed in a hotel in Chicago because he thought he was going to get the job. He didn’t leave until he heard that the job was Trestman’s. And he didn’t even interview anywhere else until after Chicago had turned him down.
      The reigning NFL COY was the best guy on the market, and he wasn’t even looking anywhere else but Chicago, and Emery blew it.

      • The GP

        Again, the conceit is that by passing on Arians, Emery cost himself his job.

        It was his biggest fuck-up, but it didn’t sink him at the time.


        • CanadaBear

          It didn’t sink him at the time because a team has to fail under the coach that was hired.

          • yep, it took 2 years, but Trestman cost Emery his job

          • The GP

            And he did. Spectacularly.

      • CanadaBear

        I’ve said it here and on your blog, JW. You have the reigning NFL Coach of the Year in your office looking for the job and you hire Nessman. All the other reasons are window dressing. That mistake was fatal for the entire organization.

  • I worry about the offense against a team that can actually stop the run. As long as their WRs are still banged up, I’m not confident in their ability to get open consistently (this was a problem on Sunday). if Chicago can’t establish the offense effectively on Sunday, I think they will really struggle to move the ball.

    • BerwynBomber

      Agreed. The Cheese’s run D has been baby soft for a few years now. Would be surprised if AZ’s is.

      • plus they were missing 2 of their top 4 DL (Jones and Guion) and their starting SS (Burnett). They started a converted CB at SS there instead, which is a bit of a drop in run defense.

    • The GP

      This has been the theme of everyone discussing the Bears this week on the radio.

      You can’t run on the Cardinals easily.

      We need more Wilson.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Cards allowed 47 yards running against NO. about 2.7 YPC. Hmmm. Did NO abandon the run ? They passed it a lot I guess when rushing didn’t work. As long as we put healthy receivers on the field, we still have Bennett, Forte (who had a horrible couple of drops) and Miller.

      ARI are 1.5 pt favorites.

      How are ATL 2.5 dogs to the Giants? And Seattle 3.5 dogs to the Pack? For 0-2?

      • well, home field is worth 3 points, so they think ATL and NYG are roughly equal, same with SEA and GB. That seems reasonable.
        ARI are slight favorites despite road because they’re a top 5 team in the NFC and Bears are not

  • BillW

    Hey guys. I’ve been lurking on the board since the season got underway – simply because this is the absolute best group of Bear fans on the internet – passionate and informed. I need a fix during the season and sports radio and most newspapers just don’t do it.

    I noticed you equated me to another guy. No – I’m too old to do that stuff. But as Eeyore says, thanks for noticing me.

    Very happy to see MB is back. I know he’s always been an important part of the dynamic here.

    I don’t intend to post much if at all, but I do want to read what you guys think as the season progresses. Maybe I still don’t understand the atmosphere of internet boards, but it felt weird to be “eavesdropping” so to speak. When I drop eaves, I feel I should pick them up.

    Carry on – GO BEARS!

    • The GP
      • BillW

        My work firewall blocks a lot of stuff these days so I can’t see it. I’ll connect another way later. I’m guessing it’s a picture of Pooh’s donkey buddy.

        • The GP

          It isn’t.

          • BillW

            I saw it. Again, thanks.

      • BillW

        Whoah! Thanks.

        No, I’m going to stay relatively quiet. I am quite optimistic that the Bears are back to being a competently run organization. Maybe it will lead to the promised land, maybe not. But they are clearly off the highway to hell.

  • BerwynBomber

    “The Bears offense might be really good this year. They scored on five of their eight drives against the Packers and were in scoring position on two more. That was in Kyle Long’s first game at right tackle and with three banged up wide receivers.”

    Valid point. As Hubster pointed out on the radio yesterday, we still have six starters on our O who at one time or another went to the Pro Bowl.

    The big loss was BMarsh, but he was a shell of himself due to injuries and coaching the second half of last season. Otherwise, our “we can win shootouts” offense remains pretty much intact and one could argue the O-line has even benefited from an upgrade with Montgomery over Garza.

    Immediate concern is getting Alshon and Royal healthy, but has been suggested by a couple of others, even slightly hobbled they were far from liabilities against the Cheese.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Is Montgomery an upgrade over Grasu?

      • right now, definitely. Grasu needs to add strength. All PS he couldn’t hold up at the POA.

        • Not to mention Montgomery is light years ahead with knowing the scheme and calling out protections.

          Grassu does need more strength, but I don’t see that from him. He’s good at pulling and in space, but like I said when we first drafted him. He looks like a young Garza.

  • Irish Sweetness

    Just watching SB VII and it threw up an obvious wrinkle with which to beat the Cards. Kiick would take a defender out of it at the point of attack, and Morris could get that extra advantage. But Griese could still make the big passes to Warfield off the back of it.

    We need a fullback, or double back sets with Carey blocking etc. Cutty could get some awesome rollouts off that. Accentuate the positives.

    • Miller was actually credited with good run blocking at FB according to Biggsy.

      Miller might be our new Clutts, as long as he doesn’t die on the field.

  • Irish Sweetness

    Apparently the Cards are employing a ‘bend don’t break’ defense which gave up 408 yards but was stingy in the red zone. Hmmm.

    I think John Brown is going to eat Kyle Fuller’s lunch on Sunday. Hmmm.

    • Brown typically operates more out of the slot, I believe. I’m guessing he’ll go against McManis more, while the Bears throw the bigger Fuller and Ball at Arizona’s bigger WR (Fitzgerald and Floyd).

    • AlbertInTucson

      “..stiingy in the red zone.”

      Alas, so is the Bear offense.

  • Shady

    Pleasently surprised with how Cutty and Gase ran the offense. No wasted timeouts because they play wasn’t getting in on time, Cutty was able to set up the O with plenty of time to spare. Big improvement. Still room to get much better for sure, but between the commitment to the run and the offense getting into a rhythm there’s reason to be encouraged.

    Also the challenge wasn’t as bad as it may seem. I think Fox figured it was close enough to warrant a challenge and worse case it served as a breather for his defense.

    • I think that too. It was more of a breather for the D who were on their heels after a big play.
      I think a lot of coaches do that, and it always amazes me that most announcers are like, “It’s so obvious, why are they challenging!”

      It was already somewhat late in the game I think, and never know, maybe they reverse it. At worst, breather for team.

    • it was terrible. Right at the start of the 3rd quarter, zero chance of success (they have a replay guy upstairs who watches and tells them whether it’s worth a challenge or not, or at least they should), and wasted a time out that would have been very helpful later in the game.

    • SC Dave

      Have to agree with the observation on Cutler. Just after the game, I characterized it as “serenity”. He looked so less rattled than I am accustomed to. Certainly part from coaching, another part from the defense not sucking, and the last part from Cutler himself not sucking.

      It was good to see, and I’m hoping for more of all three of those factors.

      • Yes, his demeanor (which counts positively too) looked different pre-snap. He looked totally in control and calm.

        Maybe Irish’s “Elway Magical 10th yr” materializes after all.

  • 505Bears
    • MB30SD

      wow, they are disgusting.

      • SC Dave

        Actually, Johnsonville brats are pretty good, especially for something mass produced.

        But you must have been referring to the Packers fans.

  • “McPhee has to be licking his jobs” ? I hope not.

    I honestly don’t expect shit from McPhee. A lot of ppl are down on Allen. Allen is simply old and playing a new position.

    McPhee on the other hand is supposed to be in his prime in a position to excel. He hasn’t shown me crap. I fear he’s just a “JAG” like Houston.

    I saw more from Washington and Young than from Houston or McPhee.

    I have a feeling Arians is going to be extra aggressive to say, “Yeah, this is what you passed on, dipshits”.

    The secondary will REALLY be tested. Palmer when on the field is aggressive and loves to go deep. He also reguarly throws for 3 TDs and 300 yds (Why I drafted him in FF) Can anyone in our secondary cover Josh Brown? I’m not that scared about Fitz. He’s sorta like Bmarsh at this point. Michael Floyd is about as inj as Alshon with half-the-talent.

    Them losing Ellington was a huge loss. Bears have always struggled with Joiqui Bell/Bush shiffty RBs, and CJ1K is on his last wheels. Duke Johnson is much more dangerous, and I’d be ready for him more than CJ.

    On offense, I think the Bears will struggle more running. There’s tape now, and no doubt the league has already countered what we like doing (like running to the left). Ariz is also more stout defensively than Packers (who isn’t?) I’m hoping to see Langord more too, but they seem content with Forte and Jizz.

    Don’t know why. Langford gives the Bears a dynamic no one else does. Explosiveness. Ability to score on any play. You’d think the Bears would want that.

    Bennett will have a big day. Don’t know about the WRs though. No one knows how inj they really are. I would be tempted to ride with Bellamy/Wilson/Alshon if Royal is still hobbled.

    The key on offense will be redzone efficiency.

    Much like with the pack, we can’t afford FGs vs ARIZ. Unlike the other NFCW teams, the Cards are not a power-run, TOP team that likes to grind it out. They’re looking to score and score often and tee off on the QB coming from behind.

    Jay will have to play great on SUN. Ariz is going to load up on the box and pressure, so Cutty will have to be smoking Jay, cool and in control. No strip sacks, some opportunistic runs, and no dumbass INTs.

    I think this might have shoot out all over it.

    Bears 34, Cards 31.

    • Bold prediction.

      2 sacks and 1 forced turnover on D.

    • they will shut down Josh Brown, because you’re worrying about John Brown. Josh Brown is nothing more than air, and that’s the one thing Chicago’s DBs can actually cover

    • in a more serious response, I’m looking forward to seeing how well Acho covers deep. I’ll be keeping a close eye on him this week.

    • SC Dave

      I don’t understand all the Lankford love; guess I better watch more closely. I hate to think of how many RB have been promoted on this blog – none of them can carry Forte’s jock.

      • I’ve never been one to advocate REPLACING Forte, but I do consider myself a decent eye at HB.
        The only ones I liked for the Bears were Ford and Langford (as complements). Barber was a beast too, in that role.

        There’s a ton of other guys I was hoping the Bears would get mid round as well. This year, I thought Zenner looked like a basher (and all around back). The Lion’s scooped him up, though he’s just sitting there buried.

        I NEVER liked Carey as many can attest. GP and I hated him from the word go lol

        I don’t know if Langford is Forte’s longterm replacement. His frame is McFaddenish (he actually reminds me of him in college), and those types of backs tend not to last, but he does have that burst and long speed Forte sorely lacks.

        I think he needs to be mixed in to at least see what we have going forward. And like I said, since White went down, we don’t have any home run hitters, just guys who get singles and doubles or if lucky, in field homeruns.

  • BearDown100393

    Dennis Green is preparing a special pre-game speech to fire up the Cardinals. He knows all about the Bears….

  • The GP
  • MB30SD
    • Waffle

      D line is a little banged up.

      • MB30SD

        and o line, and WRs… and dbackfield.

        • QB is healthy

          • Waffle

            type 1 beetus, perpetual injury report

        • willbest

          All the WR practiced fully today.

          • MB30SD


  • FresnoBear

    Power rankings have us in the high 20s

    • Waffle

      Fres, is that you or your lover in your avatar?

      • Scharfinator

        Probably him, since he’s a bear 😛

      • FresnoBear

        It’s me man

        • Irish Sweetness

          Tight! Tight! Tight!

    • Fres, don’t forget to set up your FF lineup!

      Starting RG vs Shady? Might as well have just given that matchup away!

      • FresnoBear

        Dude there’s no qbs to pick up

        • On the waiver wire you could’ve gotten someone like Hoyer (not the most thrilling of prospects, but look at Trac and Waffle’s QB lineup lol)

          You can also propose a trade with someone who rosters 3 Qbs (like moi) cuz without that 2nd QB, you’ll struggle.

        • Irish Sweetness

          Ryan Mallet? Hoyer’s benched. manziel? McCown’s concussed.

  • NewBearInTown

    I have one impression on this post-Packers pre-Cardinals Wednesday.

    This time last week, everyone had us written off as starting 0-3. They figured the offense is terrible, the defense is terrible, the team has no redeeming qualities. The idiots then spent days complaining that Cutler lost the game because he threw a pick, that our skills guys didn’t make plays, that Kyle Long is “adjusting at right tackle,” that the D-line didn’t get pressure, that the secondary is terrible. Basically everyone says we suck.

    And yet, here we all are thinking we might be able to steal one from the Cards. Here were thinking McPhee is going to break out, that Wilson is going to step up, that the offense might be pretty good.

    Isn’t professional coaching great?

    • The GP

      NFL – not for long

      Ken Whisenhunt added Kurt Warner to a team that ALWAYS sucked and took them to the dance, where they came within moments of upsetting the Steelers.

    • willbest

      I don’t think anybody thought the offense was going to be bottom 1/3rd. I suspect most people thought 14-28 on offense, and 20-25 on defense. Which isn’t a recipe to win a lot of games when you have to go through the NFCW, AFCW in its current form. If we were matched up against the AFCS and NFCS with SoS games against the Skins and Rams I think we would all be talking 8-9 wins.

    • The GP

      Also –

      It would appear that the Vikings, vaunted all through pre-season, ain’t all that and a bag of chips. Fucking Jed Dork’s team kicked their azz.

      • NewBearInTown

        Bridgewater had a bad game. Could be a sophomore slump, could be that an off-season of tape gave DCs what they needed to shut him down. But I don’t think anyone expected them to be great.

        • MB30SD

          I watched the whole game NB, and I don’t think he had a bad game. I thought he was actually ok given what the 9ers D brought… I think that entire O got smashed and they, as a group, aren’t all that.

          Of course, it was one game… and an emotional one at that. We’ll know better after another 3-4 games. My gut tells me that the entire squad just isn’t that great together.

          • AlbertInTucson

            Damn. All MY gut ever tells me lately is “Loose a few pounds, man.”

        • AlbertInTucson

          10 carries for AP.

          That’s a guy who needs the rock 10 times just to get warm.

          Did he not look a bit tentative?

          • AP admitted himself that he was “hesitant” .
            Ppl give him shit for not playing in the PS, but he usually never needs it.

            This year however he might have since he’s been out for so long.

            I think I heard an announcer say that game was basically his preseason.

            But the Vikes in general don’t impress me. I never got his “darkhorse” drivel about them.

            Bridgewater at BEST is good Alex Smith, at worse, Fitzpatrick.

          • BerwynBomber

            Stupid gameplan by Norv Turner. They were in shotgun most of the game with AP in some slot back position. If that were a Bears OC we would have been burning his effigy over one of the bridges spanning the river the next morning.

            If AP is on your team, you drop him seven yards deep, put a fullback a couple yards ahead of him and throw off play-action when needed or go to shotgun on third and long. It ain’t rocket science.

          • AlbertInTucson

            It’s not Rocket Science.

            It’s ROCK IT Science.

          • AlbertInTucson

            Turner. Turner. Where have we heard THAT name before?

        • Irish Sweetness

          I watched that game. On seemingly every play, there was a DT shooting straight through a gap it seemed. No QB except maybe Rodgers could get rid of it that quickly. Bridgewater – like a lot of QBs – is fine outside of that,a nd I wouldn’t judge them solely on the Niners game. Their D may be very good.

          • Not according to PFF

            26. Minnesota Vikings

            Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater had an average time to throw of 3.33
            seconds, which led the league. This is nearly a half second more than
            his average time to throw last year.

      • Irish Sweetness

        Pass rush inside from the Niners beat them. Bridgewater’s not that bad.

    • Irish Sweetness

      I don’t think anyone who watched the game could say we sucked. And we don’t.
      Can you imagine this team with Kevin White and AJ healthy? Talented receivers in behind, jostling for spots. Slower LBs demoted, hungrier types promoted .. all signs pointing upwards methinks.

  • MB30SD

    you guys know that Shady tried one of those obstacle course races.

    He did pretty well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h46N6y0ZuKk

    • MikeBrownhadaPosse

      Hahahahahahahahaha…fat voice, my ass.

    • Shady

      Where do you find this shit?

      • MB30SD

        yo mama’s house bitch

    • #phatphysics

  • The GP

    Hey – that guy who plays the cuckold asswipe on The League lied about being part of 9/11:


    Whatta douche.

    has The League jumped the shark?

    • The GP

      KNowing he lied about being at the Trade Center makes this opening bit weird and creepy-wrong.


      People in the center did catch fire and that’s not funny. That asswipe lied about it and is pretending to be on fire.

      On the other hand, it’s a funny bit that will make Russell Wilson cry little bitch tears, so I laughed.

    • SC Dave

      Douche somehow does not quite seem strong enough, GP.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Very early on I thought. I stopped watching. The characters were cartoons, and I didn’t like any of them.

  • Waffle
  • StarkyLuv

    You hit one thing on the head. Rodgers had to play nearly-perfect football and his receivers needed to make incredible catches to beat the Bears. While Forte wasn’t getting his left foot down on TD passes and making drive-killing drops. Bears will improve, I don’t think the Packers can play much better than they did.

    • BerwynBomber

      Right, Forte cost us the game. A) They ended up scoring after his drop because of the GB penalty on the FG. B) A WR would have been hard pressed to come down with both feet in bounds on the other catch.

      Honestly, I bet I can guess what player you don’t want blamed (I’ll wager he wears a number between 5 and 7), but find a better scapegoat than Forte. He was the best player on the Bears O on Sunday as he often is.

      • SC Dave

        Right, and as a troll Packers fan butt-hurt over Lacy taking first string from his man crush (it’s right there in his alias; a relative you suppose?), he lashes out at the nearest opposing running back, who happens to be better than both.

        What can one do?

      • StarkyLuv

        No, the first TD pass where he didn’t drag his left foot, we came away with a field goal. 4 points lost. And he wasn’t “hard pressed” to get his foot down. He was lazy.

        The drive in the 4th where a ball went right through his hands is inexcusable. But I don’t do arguments on the internet with sad folks spoiling for a fight. Cutler was NOT to blame for the loss. If anything, you can lay it on the defense that didn’t make a single play all game.

        • BerwynBomber

          Right. You’re above it all. And Forte’s lazy and I’m “sad” for figuring you out in a snap. Got it.

          • SC Dave

            It took little work to figure this one out, BB. A James Stark relative endlessly enviously of how much better Matt Forte than nephew can ever dream of being.

        • willbest

          A 3 and out is often better than an interception

      • Irish Sweetness

        You could technically blame Forte for not doing his job on those two plays. Personally, I hand that game to Rodgers, moreso than blame Forte for two bad plays – but he was a factor.

    • Their D could actually tackle RBs when they’re in position to make the play.

  • MikeBrownhadaPosse

    McPhee is licking his what?

    • MB30SD


      • MikeBrownhadaPosse


    • Shady

      His jerbs.

  • AlbertInTucson

    The Bears and The Cardinals are the oldest, continuous franchises in the NFL.

  • willbest

    On that topic of not caring. I had to turn off ESPN 1000 three times today because their talking heads couldn’t believe somebody who hasn’t been charged with a crime would be allowed near a training facility.

    • Are you talking about Rose, or Kane?

    • Waffle

      ESPN has become unbearable. I am stuck with Jonathan Hood since i am on the road around 7pm. It’s frustrating that these guys get paid to talk sports and just spout their own shitty views the whole time.

      • Trac

        The 24 hour a day dribble cycle has killed ALL journalism.

  • FF Alert.

    Here’s some awards I created thus far.
    Gonna make the 200 points award too, the purple hearts of FF awards, with a new cover girl.


    • Trac

      Awards=meaningless glory. Sigh.

      • wrong, VIRTUAL glory.
        If chess masters can get glory for winning, how is FF any different?


        • Trac

          Just remembering the first fantasy league I won. My award? A picture of a trophy. Hahaha

    • Irish Sweetness
  • WP34

    “I met a guy that was very passionate about the game, wanted to win and was willing to do whatever it took to win,” Arians said. “I always felt he might be the most misunderstood quarterback in the league.”

    • Waffle

      I’ve come to.terms with the fact that we’ve wasted Cutlers prime by not having a complete nfl squad. We may get there in the next few years but Cutler will be gone. It would be ironic if they finally established a decent o line, some drafted weapons and a decent D but then didn’t have one of those 20qbs in the league that can actually play.
      Oh well.

      • WP34

        Elway won 2 at the end.

        • Waffle

          He did but those teams were STACKED. I loved those Broncos teams.

          • WP34

            Give pox 2 years

          • SC Dave

            I’d love to think 2, because I think Matt will still be there. But I’m thinking more like 3 or 4. 🙁

          • WP34

            I don’t really care who is in the proud Bearssss uniforms.

            I would love some greats to come back…34, 51, 95 etc….

            Lets just win.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Paying Forte his retirement fund would be insane. We got what we could from him, now it’s time to move on when he asks for a gazillion dollars. Two terrible drops on Sunday that one could easily argue win us the game/put us a lot closer. Now if you’re only really known for being a receiving back, and you’re dropping footballs….

          • SC Dave

            Gawd thats fucking stupid, Irish. But you typically are when it comes to RB. Forte is #2 all time in rushing yards for the Bears.

          • willbest

            If Pace intended to keep Forte past this year he would have extended him. The Saints seem to have adopted the strategy of let other people pay for RBs, and its likely that philosophy is shared by our new GM

          • Waffle

            i used to think that until i kept looking at the 10yrs possibly 11 or 12 yrs of fucked up drafting and even though the beloved might catch lightning in a bottle for a year or whatever the consistency will only come when there is several years of near perfect drafting , FA activity, UDFA luck, injury luck, etc.

          • Trac

            I won a game with Fitz and Kap. He he

        • IRISH! I knew it was you.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Ha. We’ll see.

      • SC Dave

        Rodgers has still never had a “complete NFL squad”. A very few guys transcend. Jay Cutler has not, and never will, be one of them. It is our life, it seems, as Bears fans.

        • Waffle

          Dave, Rodgers may go down as one of the top 3 qbs ever to play the game. It’s not logical to keep using him as an example.

          • SC Dave

            Ok, I’ll agree. Will you agree that it’s equally irrational to blame every conceivable situation for the fact that Cutler does not overcome any of them?

          • Waffle

            it’s irrational to say he’s never overcome any situation.

            Rodgers is an anomaly but it’s pretty telling that he’s won 1 superbowl and will go down as the greatest QB to ever play. It just shows how much goes into the game. How many moving parts have to go perfectly from drafting to preseason injuries to rookies and UDFA’s hitting their stride to injuries on other teams to ….whatever have so much to do with it.

            It’s hard to watch people boil down whether someone can do something or someone else can’t simply to that person’s ability and not the other guys around him.

          • BerwynBomber

            “Rodgers is an anomaly but it’s pretty telling that he’s won 1 superbowl and will go down as the greatest QB to ever play.”

            Semi-agree. But I don’t know if he will go down as the greatest ever. Maybe if he wins another SB and keeps up his current level for another six or seven years, but I don’t really see that happening. The Cheese are not the organization that, say, the Patriots are, and unlike a Brady or a Manning, Rodgers relies on his athleticism more, which usually translates into a shorter career or a shorter “prime” part of a career.

          • But that’s the frustrating part.
            Why ISN’T Cutler as good as Rodgers?
            They’re clones. Heck, Cutler might be more athletic and with a better arm.

            So, what’s missing Johnny? I’m curious to hear your take on that.

            Cutler reminds me of Jerome that wheel chair dude in “GATTACA”.

            Wish Cutty’s marrow could’ve been donated to other dudes with the intangibles like Orton.

          • WP34

            Oh come on.

            Let’s switch rogders and cutty from day 1. Cutty has 1 sb like rodgers with their coaches, OL etc.

            Rogers doesn’t have sb, with no offense coordinators with Lovie, is dead in that giants game, or switches positions so he doesn’t have to stand behind Mills, etc…

          • BerwynBomber

            That is arguably the most stupid comment I have seen on the blog for awhile.

          • WP34

            Sorry u can’t understand it. Then again your from berwyn

          • BerwynBomber

            If you think Rodgers and Cutler are interchangeable you’re certifiably nuts. It’s like saying the only difference between Brian Urlacher and AJ Hawk is where they played. That’s crazy.

          • WP34

            I didn’t say that. I said IF they were interchanged.

            I bet cutty would have 1 sb to date as a packer.

            And rodgers would have none to date as a bear.

          • BerwynBomber

            Hah! Put Rodgers on those Lovie teams with those Urlacher-led Ds and Hester/Toub-led STs? Yowza! Would that have been sweet.

          • WP34

            BB, see my recent post above. I prefer looking through the windshield rather than the rear view mirror.

            The facts are whether you like cutty or hate him it doesn’t matter, because the FACTS are that he is only 1 year away from have 1 sb like your beloved qb rodgers.

            GO BEARSSSSS

          • BerwynBomber

            Huh? Your Rodgers/Cutler posts are all about looking through the rearview. That is what they have been about: hypothesizing the past.

          • WP34

            If u read my initial posts that wasn’t my intention, and it didn’t start that way. You jumped in when I was responding to someone about 12 and 6 comparison; what is fair is fair.

            Anyways lets bring back 9.

            Go Bears.


          • BerwynBomber

            Nope, bring back 42: Sid Luckman.

          • WP34

            Hopefully we can agree on the Bearssss as our team!!!

          • WP34

            No reply to this, I was being nice. We all are rooting for the same dam team.

          • Irish Sweetness


          • Irish Sweetness

            This may be true. Another draft, another round of FA … why not? We’ve got backup players on our roster who will be starters sooner rather than later. Matty may not even be on our SB squad.

          • EnderWiggin

            Like…. 3 in a row.

          • MB30SD

            easy tiger

          • BerwynBomber

            I don’t know about that. Rodgers has a quick trigger release that Cutty lacks. His feet are more nimble in the pocket. His pass travels faster. His passing is more accurate. He is probably a tad faster as a runner.

            Cutler is physically gifted — obviously — but I don’t think he has Rodger’s gifts. Nor does he have Rodgers’ football mind.

          • WP34

            Seeing rodgers this past Sunday…he is super Special. The windows he was throwing in …simply others can’t do and most don’t even attempt.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Oh, Cutty attempts them ;o)

            Or at least he used to … has the penny dropped for Jay Christopher?

          • Waffle

            i don’t know, Rodgers got better and better and more and more confident as the years went by and stayed in the same type of system with the same type of WR’s and coaching and playcalling. That has to have something to do with it.

            Some guys just have it. The Hall of Fame is filled with guys that had the same or worse “measurables” than other guys but just performed better. It’s weird.

            The Hall of Fame is also populated by a couple of guys that, if on teams that weren’t stocked with other hall of famers, would be afterthoughts instead of “legends”.

          • Irish Sweetness

            There aren’t many QBs in the league who would have won that game for GB.

        • WP34

          Do u only watch our d then.

        • Irish Sweetness

          You didn’t think he looked like a completely different QB on Sunday?

    • WP34

      I didn’t mean to cause such back and forth on cutty.

      I just found it refreshing from a offensive minded 2 time COY take on OUR teams qb.

      • Waffle

        I liked it. Cutler gets deserved and also undeserved criticism and it was nice to see a respected guy give a shout out

  • EnderWiggin

    According to PFF…

    Of the seven rookie defensive tackles who had at least ten or more run
    defense snaps, Eddie Goldman had the best run stop percentage at 18.2,
    more than double everyone except Indianapolis’ David Parry.

    Sauce: https://www.profootballfocus.com/blog/2015/09/16/pff-nfl-power-rankings-32-observations/

  • Ososfan

    I remember reading that Arkansas stayed at a local hotel until 1 AM waiting to hear back from Emery because he was the frontrunneror the job and at the last minute left Chicago frustrated and disgusted when Emeryville announced through all sources late that morning that Freshman was chosen over him.. Smh……

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