Jimmy Clausen Can’t Play: Rapid Fire Reaction to a Spirited Effort in Seattle

| September 28th, 2015

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There is very little drama to writing about yesterday’s performance by the Chicago Bears. It was a simple game to dissect. Let’s get right to it.

  • Jimmy Clausen is dreadful. And with word across the internet yesterday suggesting Jay Cutler tore his hamstring and may miss up to six weeks, the Bears can’t rationalize putting Clausen under center for the next month while actually claiming they are trying to win games. Clausen overthrew open receivers deep, threw balls to the feet of guys running basic crossing routes and just generally looked like he was completely incapable of executing the most basic of game plans. If David Fales is breathing he should start against Oakland next week.
  • There is no point in commenting on anything else offensively. It is impossible to execute as an offense when you’re quarterback is non-professional.

  • But if Jermon Bushrod misses significant time with his brain bruise, Bears might want to move Kyle Long over to the left side sooner than later.
  • Pernell McPhee looked possessed.
  • Jarvis Jenkins was excellent.
  • Did Seattle really run Dave Toub’s punt return against the Bears?
  • Robbie Gould the only kicker in the league incapable of touchbacks?
  • Why is Brock Vereen on this team?
  • Pat O’Donnell is one of the best punters in the sport right now.
  • Kyle Fuller improved. From the Sun-Times“I feel like confidence is something I’ve had — something that you’ve got to have as a defensive back,” he said after the game. “Just going out there, playing your technique and being in position.”
  • Matt Forte is disappointed. ‘‘I’m not questioning effort or anything like that,’’ running back Matt Forte said. ‘‘I’m just saying everybody across the board — offense, defense and special teams — do we want it? Do they really want it enough? If we’re down or whatever, do we really want it enough to go out there and grind and try to get a win? It’s a question right now if everybody’s all in.’’ If Forte is not in the team’s long-term plans, meaning beyond this season, how can they not be looking to deal him right now?

The Bears are not likely to win a game with Clausen under center. It’s simple as that.

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  • The GP

    Deal Forte. It’s painful to watch him run behind a line that can’t open holes for him.

    Sign somebody off waivers. Tebow. Anything.

    Fox will deal with the guys in the locker room with quit in their hearts.

    I spent time isolating on CD. He’s the Clausen of the D. Lost in zone. When he fires inward on a run blitz, he’s just diving into the hole and hoping to meet the runner. When the runner steps out of the hole and bounces outside, Dinner is laying in the hole on his stomach. It’s pathetic to watch. Can Bostic really do worse than this? Is George telling them to play CD? Come on.

    At Butch said, the next time Fuller swings his head for the ball will be the first time. Fuck all, that is a safety playing corner.

    • Bear Down in Tampa

      If we see it, you know they see it-it’s just a matter of time. I wonder if we can claim the S that Seattle let go when Kam came back, Dion Bailey. He’s gotta be better than the shitshow we’re running out there.

    • BillW

      “Fox will deal with guys with quit in their hearts”

      Very pertinent. That’s really what this season is about. Who has what it takes to proudly wear the Bears uniform as they slowly build a true contender.

      • FQD1911

        if this is the case, Forte has to stay. he is pouring his all into every game.

        • Irish Sweetness

          I’ve been on record as wanting to trade Forte in the past, but he’s really all we have at the moment (though I like our other guys spelling him). He’s more valuable to us than anything we’d get in a trade for him. We got him for a 2nd, but could you see anyone giving us a second rounder when they could just draft a 6-8 year starter for the same pick?

          Matty stays.

          First things first. I don’t care who we have that can play at RG, but get Ducasse out of here now. On some plays he’s not even touching ANYBODY when there’s 5-7 guys running at the QB. The penalties … he just has to go, and never return. Hes Frank Omiyale.

          • Sactowns#1

            THIS! What will we get in a trade? 2 3rd round picks? Seeing the drafting track record of our front office I wouldn’t take 2 1st round picks for him. Where are the last 2 1st rounder’s we got? What are they doing?

          • Esp when teams feel they can find starting HBs in the 3rd.
            Tevin Coleman, Duke Johnson,David Johnson and Matt Jones, all who IMO will eventually start, went in the 3rd.


            We’d be lucky to get a 4rth for Forte.

    • MichiganBearFan

      You have Bob Avellini as your QB, and Walter as your RB. You trade Walter for what? I agree with everything else though.
      We will need a few plays with 2 RB’s in the playbook if we will be this one dimensional on offense. Sign Tebow, run around like monkeys until someone can throw and catch a ball.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Timu time. Fuck Bostic.

    • dude, who is CD?

  • The GP

    Oh and congrats to Sac on winning the booby prize. How bout dem Cards?

  • wreckinball

    Has to be somebody better than Clausen out there For example the Steelers have Vick
    Bears have done this before numerous times You’re backup QB has to be able to play
    Only time in recent memory they got it right was McCown

    • BearDown100393

      It is either Clausen or Fales. Even if you bring in a guy right now, he has to workout, pass the physical, get signed, review the playbook, get practice reps, do the walk through and play the game. All that is not going to happen this week to prep for Oakland with a reasonable expectation to win the game.

    • Irish Sweetness

      This is why I thought we should have thrown 5 million a Fitzy. Your backup basically needs to be a medium starting QB, with your 3rd stringer a kid like Falesy. Paying one guy 20M and his backup 2M makes zero sense with the most important job in the business at risk.

      • but why would Fitz choose to come to Chicago, with an entrenched starter, over New York, where he only has to beat out Geno Smith?
        When you have a Cutler-level QB, you’re not getting those fringe starter/solid backup guys to sign with you very often. Those guys go to the places where they have a shot to play.

        • Bear Down in Tampa

          $5M (as irish suggested) and Cutler’s injury history would be at least two reasons.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Cutty’s passing history would have been a good reason!

          • Cutler is light years better than Geno Smith.
            Coming in and having a few decent games in NY has likely won him the job all year. Wouldn’t happen in Chicago.

          • BroncofanDK

            You might get something good for Cutler from Jets – Cutler is so good at throwing perfect passes to people in green jerseys.

        • wreckinball

          Steelers have Vick with a HOF starter

          • Vick is old and was signed mid-preseason after hanging around because nobody wanted him. The market for Fitzpatrick was much more robust.

        • Steve Brown

          It’s nonsense to suggest you can’t get a decent backup because your starter is “entrenched”. Vick, Hasselbeck, and Weeden all played this week filling in for “entrenched” starters and are all light years better than Clausen. Dude, Matt Cassell just signed on to the THIRD STRING quarterback in Dallas. There are free agents that are better than Clausen. There’s just no excuse for this guy to still be on the team if he can’t win.

          I don’t think it’s a stretch to say Clausen is the worst 2nd stringer in the league right now.

          Still better than Tebow, though.

  • BillW

    I commented on the simple logic of why our special teams are bad in the last thread. We have several bad starters so we have several really bad backups who play special teams. It’s the unfortunate by product of our needing upgrades in several places.

    That said I can’t blame Robbie. These ko returns are on balls 5 and 8 yards deep. The opposing team I’m sure is told “these guys are easy to block. Run out everything” .

    • Bear Down in Tampa

      That and there’s no downside to getting pinned deep against this defense. I think teams are super confident they can put together 90+ drives at will against this team. So bring it out and if you get tackled at the 15, no big deal, we’ll just drive 85 yards and get the TD.

  • BillW

    Oakland by 2 is the early line. I thought it possible the Bears would be Vegas underdogs for all 16 games. Somehow that doesn’t bother me. It defines how deep the issues are. I feel fairly confident it’s NOT coaching. It’s a lack of talent in too many key spots.

    • BerwynBomber

      Being underdogs all sixteen games will, in some ways, mean there is no improvement from this team through the course of the season, which would not be a feather in the cap of the coaching staff.

      Btw, the last five games of the season, except for MIN, look a bit soft.

      • Irish Sweetness

        Not the time of the year we want to be winning games though.

    • Irish Sweetness


      OAK -2.5 is the line.

      If Cutty is playing .. Kyle at LT, Tayo at RT, we’re the bet of the week straight up, no spread. They can’t stop the run and are worse at pass defense. We’ll kick the shit out of them … at Soldier. One bet, no doubles. The Beloved will bring home the bacon.

      Not getting suckered into GB -9.5 v SF, they can’t stop the run. Arizona could.

      • Tayo will not be playing in this game. Though he could be the 3rd tackle if Bushrod is out.
        LT will be Leno and RT Long.

        • Irish Sweetness

          Then we have nothing to lose putting him in at RG. Nothing.

          • Bear Down in Tampa

            Unless injuries force their hand, I think the plan for Tayo is a redshirt.

          • Irish Sweetness

            It was pre-season I know, but he kept Falesy clean at RT. No-one got through, and on running plays he was a road-grader. maybe the playbook is an issue?

          • this is basically a redshirt year for him. Maybe late in the season he might get in a game if the coaches think he’s progressing well, but watching some of his tape after the draft, he is far too raw to be in an NFL game right now.

  • BerwynBomber

    Alan Ball did a fine job. Fuller “improved” if only because he committed no killer PI. Btw, Fuller is not a lost cause, but if we are gonna give him gold stars for games like that, the practice will get tiresome quickly.

    Jenkins is mildly revelatory. Remember, he had a near sack on Rodgers in the first week. And McPhee is starting to look like a load and a potential W in the Pace FA column.

    • Bear Down in Tampa

      Could it be that the reason the bears CB’s looked decent was because of who they were playing against? Seattle WR’s hardly scare anyone.

      • BerwynBomber

        Ball’s best play came on a jump ball against Graham in the end zone; i.e., not an easy play for even the best CBs in the game.

        • Bear Down in Tampa

          Fair enough, Graham is the best receiver they have.

    • according to PFF, Seattle picked on Ball and ignored Fuller.
      Targeted Ball 8 times, he gave up 6 catches for 101 yards. Only threw at Fuller 2x. He gave up one catch (a screen at the line of scrimmage that went for 4 yards) and had that 1 pass defensed on the deep shot where he recovered from being beat.
      Without watching the All-22 film, I can’t comment on if that’s indicative of quality coverage though.

      • MB30SD

        You and you gawd damned statistics

      • BerwynBomber

        Doesn’t surprise me. I was giving Ball his props merely for stoning SEA on back2back plays in the end zone in the first half — so far those are the two best PDs for the secondary all season.

        My sense is most of the catches/yards he gave up occurred in the second half … AKA the time you knew the Bears D would eventually give out.

      • Irish Sweetness

        Fuller was on Baldwin, and they don’t look at him a lot.

      • I was very surprised they were picking at Ball. I said during the game, “Did they forget Fuller is on our team?”

  • Albaro Martinez

    where did you hear/read Cutler tore his hamstring? I haven’t heard any of that.

  • Bear Down in Tampa

    Clausen looked like a JV quarterback yesterday but at least he didn’t throw a backbreaking INT yesterday, right Cutler haters?

  • The GP

    670 is Bears Monday.

    They are flying through the bits so they can move back to Cubs coverage. Hub isn’t even showing up today.

    That says it all

  • FQD1911

    With the (1st – 3rd) pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, the Chicago Bears select….?

    • MB30SD

      Stooop it. Not you tooo!


      • FQD1911

        MB c’mon man…have you SEEN this team? First shut-out since ’02…this is a bad train wreck mixed in with an airplane accident.

        • MB30SD

          Yes my maings. Total rebuild from the top down. First three games against top 5-6 teams. Then jimmy clausen.

          Got to look at it for what it is and see things through that filter. HAVE TO.

          otherwise you were just not being honest with yourself about what this year was going to be.

          I’m very optimistic about the next 2-3 years+. But this year is what I thought it would be… and I’m focusing on the growth.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Looking at Jared Goff’s highlights, he looks accurate but he seems to have an awful lot more time to throw the ball than he’ll get in the NFL. Cook doesn’t look that accurate.

      Joey Bosa?

      Shawn Oakman is 6’9 ???

      Maybe it’s time we drafted a Left Tackle, remember what Sandra Bullock said about writing checks. And Sandra knows football……

      • FQD1911

        Probably Goff, with the expectation of acquiring OL talent.

      • BerwynBomber

        We need a young QB. Whether it’s Goff, Cook or someone else, Pace needs to begin spinning that wheel. At some point in the first three rounds.

        • Irish Sweetness

          Does it need to be this year, even if we had a top 3 pick? Isn’t Cutty good for a couple? Don’t want to draft a QB that high if it’s not a year for the QBs.

          • BerwynBomber

            Frankly, wouldn’t matter if Cutler suddenly morphs into a Pro Bowler and is our starter for the next three or four years. Eventually we need a plan of succession. And again, not saying it has to be our first round pick. But we need to start spinning that wheel. And while we are at it, run Fales out there and see what we have.

  • FourFeathers

    The sobering reality is that the Bears have perhaps the worst roster situation in the NFL right now. This team is shockingly devoid of real NFL talent. Honestly, we have 15 to 20 guys on this 53 man roster who would be unemployed in the NFL otherwise. The job that Ryan Pace has to build this roster is monstrous. Add to that the fact that our best player, Matt Forte, is a high mileage 30 year old running back. I have great faith in John Fox and his coaching staff…they are outstanding and the right people for the job.

    • Irish Sweetness

      (bites knuckle)

  • Irish Sweetness

    Agree with all of that except that the only time I saw Jenkins as when he whiffed almightily on sacking Russell Wilson for a huge loss.

    Source on the hamstring tear? Can only find reports of 2 weeks out.

    So that means a return against Oakland, who:

    1. Give up more yards than anyone else in the league. ( we are 10th best total yardage)
    2. Are third worst in passing yards allowed (we are 6th best)
    3. Are about 13th in rush yards defense (we are 5th from bottom) N.B. GB are 2nd worst.


    1. OAK are 19th in rushing. We’re joint 6th.
    2. OAK are 7th best in passing yards. We’re only beating Minnesota in that department.

    Net net, as MB’s uncle would say, we can pass or run on OAK at will (if Cutty’s in there).

    • Jenkins had 2 sacks early. Really enjoyed the fact that Seattle doesn’t have an NFL-caliber RG. Though they adjusted and started sending extra help his way and he disappeared.

      • Bear Down in Tampa

        In theory that should free up Rat and the other guys if JJ can keep it going next week, we’ve been asking one of these guys to make plays 1 on 1 and someone finally did it.

    • MB30SD

      It was never reported as a tear, just a strain. I don’t believe the concussion conspiracy theories

  • GamerDad

    I can deal with a crappy team and root for an underdog.

    What I can’t deal with is a bunch of guys going out there and going half speed and collecting a paycheck, which is what happened in the latter part of last season and is what is happening now.

    I agree with dealing Forte. IMO they need to get as many picks as possible next season because if Jay is out for what is looking to be the next 6 weeks I don’t see us winning a game until then.

    • MB30SD

      Jesus christ, where are all these fucking clowns coming from.

      you do not understand the game of football sir. Please go back to halo post haste

      • RenoBear

        I’m no pissing sunshine and farting rainbows blind optimistic guy, but I get the big picture, and take these games for what they’re worth. These guys are such fuckin downers, why do they watch the games if they are that pissed by them? My gaaawwwwwddd

        • Irish Sweetness

          It’s not like we’re the Patriots, we’re supposed to be able to handle this. The only time I got angry during the game was that bullshit call that was challenged and STILL not over-turned. Would have saved us from being shut-out.

        • MB30SD

          Exactly. The act like we were pegged to win the fucking super bowl and not totally rebuilding.

          It’s getting so fucking tiresome.

        • CanadaBear

          Gotta agree. I feel the same way they do but I got over it during the winter. We have a crappy roster and the injury bug is biting big time, what would you expect? I’m still a Debby Downer but I’m trying not to be a pain in the ass about it.

    • BearDown100393

      Who went half speed?

  • FourFeathers

    I’m a big fan of Fox and Fangio, but I don’t quite understand how Jared Allen can still be on the football field. I know the options aren’t great, but Allen can’t play the position he’s been inserted into. He’s 34 years old and was useless in 2014. And I guess it also begs the question, why are we wasting a roster spot on Willie Young at this point since CLEARLY he does not fit this system?

    • OLB snaps yesterday saw McPhee with 49, Acho 34, Allen 30, Houston 36.
      That means there were 5 snaps with 3 of those guys on the field. That number should be a good 20-30, IMO.

      But interesting Acho played 2nd most snaps. Guessing that’s a gameplan-specific thing, and Young was inactive because they think they needed run D more than pass rush from their backup OLBs.

      • Irish Sweetness

        That’s what I was asking, has Acho replaced Allen? I hope so.

        • I’d much rather see Houston get a bigger role. Get him more OLB snaps and play him on the DL in sub packages.

  • Cubsnlinux

    Cutler was on the field yesterday before the game doing some light running. I doubt he did that with a torn hamstring.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Thanks for that, I was getting worried. Can find no mention of a torn hammy. Big Ben is out 6 weeks, but they have Michael Vick.

      • Cubsnlinux

        and we have Clausen..sigh. It is hard to swallow Jimmy Clausen as the starting QB. It’s basically waving the white flag here we are 3 games into the season.

        • MB30SD

          That’s what she said

  • Bear Down in Tampa

    What I can’t figure out is why there was no phantom holding call on their trick play punt return.

  • FourFeathers

    Do you know what is really revealing when it comes to how awful this 53 man roster is? That we are reduced to touting the quality games that Jenkins and Ball had yesterday in a 26-0 drubbing. Lets face it, both Jenkins and Ball are NFL journeyman and definitely not building blocks for the future.

    • Bear Down in Tampa

      Sarcastic comment RE: Jarvis Jenkins—–> Yeah, guys never just “get it” 5 years into their careers, especially not former 2nd round picks who are only 27 and only on their 2nd NFL team (so not a journeyman, you might as well call Pernell McPhee a journeyman too if that’s your definition), where the main thing that held their careers back to this point was injuries and they’re finally healthy. No, that never happens.

    • MB30SD

      You are… terrible. Leave the blog you negative whiny little bitch of a broken record.

      Troll…. fed.

    • BerwynBomber

      Of course but there is nothing wrong with accrediting said journeymen when they play decently.

      Journeymen still make up a sizable portion of the NFL. Moreover, I don’t believe either Ball or Jenkins are being paid a king’s ransom.

  • Bear Down in Tampa

    I think Vlad Ducasse has naked pics of Fox and Gase.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Or he took over from WebbNation diddling Ginny’s spider-web ….

  • WP34

    With Jay and Gase we score but still lose. Last year, the hawks put up 40 plus on us without a fight, just like posts were worried about days leading up to the game.

    If anyone doesn’t think this was much better a team effort, maybe they should watch tapes of 2014.

    • Bear Down in Tampa

      Oh you mean the PRESEASON GAME in 2014? WTF, is the matter with some of you people? Jay and Gase have been together for a game and a half. Seattle’s O put up 19 on us (with 7 coming off of the 105 yd. KO return) and the only reason for that is that our D wore down in the 2nd half having to carry the putrid Jimmy Clausen led offense.

      Agreed on your second point though.

      • they actually got 10 from ST: the big punt return gave them a FG without a 1st down

        • Bear Down in Tampa

          Further hammers the point home, thanks Data.

          • WP34

            Whats the point, we don’t score with pickles and lose 13 to 0. Yes I think we all see that.

          • Bear Down in Tampa

            You referenced Jay and Gase, then immediately referenced a preseason game from last year as if the two were connected. I apologize if I missed your main point. Your post just read a certain way.

          • WP34

            My bad. Have a good day.

          • the D gave an outstanding effort yesterday but wore down over the game when the offense couldn’t do anything. Only gave up 3 points in the 1st half, the Seattle scoring onslaught didn’t start until late in the 3rd (TD with 4 minutes left).

          • WP34

            I agree

      • WP34

        My point is that we score points with Jay, we don’t score with pickles.

        Wtf is the deal with many posts…what is wrong with you people, stupid, etc…

        • Bear Down in Tampa

          I never called you stupid.

          • WP34

            Dude…My point is coming out of the gate so strong. Someone yesterday said stupid.

          • Scharfinator

            Your point is coming outta the gate?

  • Irish Sweetness

    We’re 6/5 to beat Oakland straight up, at home. If Cutty’s playing, that’s my only bet …

    … but ATL do look very attractive at home to HOU at 4/11. A double would pay 2/1 if I’m not mistaken.

    Has anyone seen Houston play? Any chance they could take ATL in Atlanta?

    A high-confidence home-double. 2/1. That is sexual chocolate.

  • can’t go 13-3 without losing 3 times.

    • AlbertInTucson

      You also can’t go 3-13 without losing 3 times.

  • Trac

    I share Jeff’s sentiment on all his bullet points. Every one of them.

    I’m guessing Vereen is on the team because we don’t have a better option.

    Starting Fales at this point in time probably would be a step up but if he gets shredded outta the gate then his confidence could taking a permanent beating. If he really is a solid developmental project, it may not be worth it to end his career prematurely by starting him too soon.. It may be better to let Clauson be the sacrificial lamb.

    Let’s face it, come December, Jeff will be doing an expose’ every week on who the Bears should draft next year with our 1st pick.

  • CanadaBear

    Get a kick out of Jeff’s love for the punter. He launched a beautiful 32 yarder early in the game. Went OOB at the 20. Yeah, he’s gold.

    • Scharfinator

      Very punny.

      • AlbertInTucson

        He better be good. He gets enough in-game reps.

  • AlbertInTucson

    OK, Kyle Long.

    3 whole games at right tacke. Now go play LEFT tackle.

    Anyone else think that’s a really bad idea?

    • CanadaBear

      I wish they would have put him over there in training camp. Ordinarily I would agree with you Al but this year is a write off so I say full speed ahead. Also, I’m going to be in Mesa over the winter. I’m sure at some point I’ll be in Tucson to see a friend’s wife (my friend passed away a couple of months ago) and to see the Desert Museum again. It would be great to meet you if we can work out the logistics.

      • beninnorcal

        Do you winter there often? Didn’t know you were a ‘snowbird’ as the ‘Zonies put it. My folks are in Scottsdale where I grew up. I visit often and would like to meet you sometime too, Canada. Would also love meeting Al one day.

        • beninnorcal

          Not trying to nose my way into you guys’s meeting though, just sometime. You’re both good people.

          • CanadaBear

            Thanks! Pretty sure it won’t be an exclusive meeting. The more the merrier as long as it isn’t one of those “special” posters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully we can make it work. It’s not like my dance card will be full all winter!

        • CanadaBear

          We went down last year for a week to see my Beloved Bride’s dad and his wife. Had a great time at the RV resort with some of my Father-in-law’s friends. I will be down there for a few months starting in Nov. I’d love to meet you down there if possible.

      • AlbertInTucson

        I’ll give you the station tour and we can do lunch!

        • CanadaBear

          Sounds great! I’ll be down there starting in Nov.

    • I think Data linked some stats (or was it Trac?) about how hard it is to switch SIDES more than positions. So, for instance, it’s much harder to go from LG to RG than it is to go from RG to RT.

      Something about hands and being hardwired a certain way. Maybe like switching left handed in the MLB when you never done it before.

      That being said, Long hasn’t played football all that long, so maybe the hand movements aren’t ingrained in his brain yet.

      Also, unlike most other OGs or even RTs, he has great feet AND power + athleticism. I remarked when drafted that he looks like an ideal LT, but I would say we ease him into it.

      Put Leno out there for now. Raiders got their first sack last week too I think. They’re not exactly a defensive powerhouse.

      In the meanwhile, have Long get a of reps at LT.

      • AlbertInTucson

        You forget.

        You can’t spell Leno wothout “NO”!

  • What needs to happen offensively.
    Insert Fales cuz he’s young and hopefully can run.
    Re-install the read-option with Langford and Quizz.
    This is a CHEAP way generating offense, esp when we don’t have any healthy WRs.

    The read-option doesn’t require as much practice as a REAL NFL offense, so this should benefit Fales.

    Also, we seemed to move the ball most efficiently when running it.

    Plus, it is a good way of helping out an ailing Oline (esp if Leno and Ducasse are still in) by at least keeping the D from going wild.

    Hopefully Alshon is back to keep those safeties back a bit, but at this point I’m not expecting much from him.

    I never got why we let Groh go. To me, he showed potential, but being let go by both the Bears and Pats gives me pause, but he can’t be worse than Ducasse, right?

    • Trac

      Most people here pretty much thought 0-3 was a likely start even with a healthy Cutler. Whatever Fox decides to do, it needs to be a picker upper for the team and not a Debbie downer.

  • DocNitty Ellipsoids Ornamental

    Should be a fun week to be a bears fan in Seattle.

    I realize the QB position is one of the hardest positions to play (well) in any team sport. But can it really be that there is nobody else out there better than this stooge Clausen? I mean. Fucks sake. Give it to Fales. If he Fails, then are we any worse off than we are now? We know Clausen won’t be succeeding. Hell, I’d rather see the Wildcat every down than have to sit and watch that buffoon for another afternoon. I’d be fine with the wishbone at this point.

    I know we did this out of need, since our QB can’t thrown a football, but I rather enjoyed the constant pounding of the rock and the slugfest that was the first half. Reminds me of old bears football. Can’t say I enjoyed the 11 punts in a row but hey, can’t win em all.


    • CanadaBear

      They obviously had zero faith in Pickles ability to run a pro passing game. Why play the guy (or have him on the roster) if you feel that way? No point running him out there again if they feel that way.

    • BillW

      I think it was only 10. Small consolation.

      I suspect Clausen gets a home start against what should be a winnable game. Not saying Oakland is worse, because they probably aren’t. Just saying they are several steps lower than our first 3 opponents.

      While I called for Fales in this game coming up, I can’t see Fox switching this soon. If we get another really bad performance – quite likely in my opinion – then I would hope he’d switch (unless of course Jay is back sooner than most think).

  • BillW

    Pompei’s tweet (that Jeff refers to) shows the issue many have with Twitter. There seems to be this addiction or compulsion to say something – anything. Even though it is so obviously ludicrous. Happily the responses were primarily critical.

    Not sure I agree with Jeff that the Bears would have had a chance to win with Cutty in the last two games but certainly the offense would have been worth watching. Gase seemed to have a good idea what to do vs GB and then differently against AZ. I would have liked to see the second half adjustments against AZ and his gameplan with Cutty against SEA.

    One could say there really wasn’t a game plan against SEA with Clausen. Obviously run the ball but given they only ran two plays on the SEA side of the ball and he didn’t trust Jimmy to air it out, one could say they didn’t feel there was any good options other than playing it safe and trying to stay in it for a possible big play somewhere.

    Didn’t look too much at the second half stats but I think it was one FD for us? Obviously the defense got gassed.

    I liked what I saw from them (D) overall. Except that weird formation at the end of the first half. Worked out for them (thanks to Ball’s good play two in a row) but I do wonder if he thought SEA had no timeouts left?

  • Defensively. The damn breaks when offenses punt 10 times a game, and many of which were 3 and out.
    They actually did many good things.

    “Contained” Wilson.
    Sacked/hit/harassed Wilson (which is not easy).
    Contained the WRs with minimal boneheaded penalties.
    Held the running game in check until they wore down.

    If you didn’t watch the game, you might think “blow out.” but as others have noted, it was a 1 score game until late in the 3rd. That’s EXACTLY what you want playing a tough road game with the idea being to “steal” one.

    That 12th man was REEAL quiet until our “Specials” gave up that huge KR. And we of all teams know how a KR can ignite a fan base.

    N’Acho played some quality snaps, and IMO he’s VERY close to making big plays. He got a finger on a punt that would’ve shifted momentum. He’s a demon coming off the edge. We need more of him.

    Agree with GP, CD plays well, then looks totally lost from time to time. Maybe some Timu? Problem is, CD has that green dot on that helmet, so he’s going nowhere.

    Like I said, Jenkins has impressed since PS (to all those, PS doesn’t mean shit critics). What impresses me most (besides actual results) is his intensity level. Love it. Sutton was the other PS standout, so it sucks that he’s out now, esp since Washington is the other guy who impressed and is also out (and if you account for McDonald, our Dline has taken a major hit).

    So, I’d like a bit more of Houston and McPhee on the Dline, and plz, elevate Terry Williams at NT.

    Vereen needs to never see the field ever again, esp lined up against Graham type stars. Are you fucking kidding me? Fuck Vereen right in the face.

    If we’re not going to use Young (who sounded pissed about being a healthy scratch), then trade him to the Cowboys or Bucs.

    Amos is holding his own. He went one-on-one with Wilson coming right at him, and he funneled him in when many other PBers get juked out of their shoes.

    Overall, NO defense can carry an O the entire game, esp vs efficient QBs who aren’t turnover prone, on the road. Just ain’t gonna happen.

    So, I’m not necessarily as demoralized as some others.

    Plus, that #1 overall pick gives me a slight chub.

    (Don’t go Off for Goff?)

    • CanadaBear

      Totally agree. Also, use the washed up hillbilly on passing downs only. He’s useless as a LB. I’m no expert but I really don’t understand not playing Young. He was the only guy last year on the DL that had any jump. How can he be a worse option than some of these other LB/DL men?

    • BillW

      Hmmm – you’re not demoralized and yet contemplating the overall #1 pick 3 games into the season? (Just kidding).

      With no consensus (potential) franchise QB, I would think we’d contemplate trading down if we are in the top 5?

      • I’m not contemplating the #1 overall pick, I’m HOPING we get it.
        This is the perfect shit storm. Can’t even entirely blame it on lack of talent. Almost every team is expected to lose when their 2nd string comes in.

        I think all teams who started their 2nd stringers lost this weekend lost (except PIT who lost Roth late in the game).

        Look at the Lions (Stafford is Cutty level). They don’t suck as much as we do? They do!

        Small consolation, but now with Cutty out we SHOULDN’T win games, and it’s without tanking.

        That being said, come Sunday, my meatball hat comes out, and I root for the Bears to win, but it’s sorta like betting against ppl at the crap’s table. Sure sucks THEY snake-eyed, but this $1,000 in my pocket softens the blow.

  • wreckinball

    Right now start Fales. That offense will not beat Oakland as is
    There has to be someone on the street better that Clausen
    It was a close game for three quarters but we had no chance to score on O
    Thus once it went beyond one score done

    • BillW

      While I don’t expect Fox to start Fales, I will say that would send a shock wave through the whole team. You see, Clausen didn’t do anything bad (no INTs). He did everything that was asked of him (which was essentially nothing.)

      • wreckinball

        I see no point in the strategy Can’t win that way. Doubt they will be able to strictly run on Oak and score enough points to win
        Although better than zero is an improvement

      • Bender McLugh

        Not hitting open receivers isn’t doing all that was asked if him on my book

        • MB30SD

          WRs also have to catch the ones that hit em in the hands.

  • It’s easy to bitch, but everyone thought we’d lose these 3 games in horrific fashion, and we haven’t – in horrific fashion at least (except when Cutty went down vs Cards and Clausen was thrown into the ring, naked).

    Gase thus far has impressed me. He moved the ball vs GB with a dedicated run game. Then vs the Cards he went with the read-option and heavy dose of Langford.

    Then, vs SEA, he goes TANK formation, three TEs and extra linemen.

    This at leas shows me he’s flexible and willing to try ANYTHING to get results.

    Maybe vs the Raiders he’ll dust off the run-and-shoot.

    • wreckinball

      Clausen can neither run nor shoot
      Maybe call Tebow?

  • DocNitty Ellipsoids Ornamental

    By the way, Locket has 2 return td’s in three weeks. I think Hester’s record of 6 in one season might be in jeopardy. Dude is fast.

    • Johnnywad

      Not to take anything away from the kid, he looks legit, but I think I could have taken that one back yesterday.

      • MB30SD

        Our specials are total gar-baaage.

        That needs to be fixed asap

      • I dunno how athletic you are, but Robbie Gould definitely would have run me down.

        • Johnnywad

          I’m like a cheetah Woody. A 42 year old, bald, white cheetah.

  • And this is why I wanted to at least kick the tires on Jake Locker. His completion % sucks, but at least he can run and is still young. Oh well. No use crying over spilled mickeys.

  • If we had Cutty, this Raider game would be a shoot-out. Without Cutty, it might still be a high-scoring affair. Bet the over if you believe our QB can hang with Carr.

    I’ve been keeping a close eye on the Raiders since I thought they would improve dramatically this year (and they have). Also, I own Latavious and Cooper in #FF (Winning!).

    Carr might be forreals. Like him more than Bortles or Teddy. He spreads the ball. Cooper is his main target who already looks like ODB, but Crabtree and gang get their share.

    Latavious is the real deal and is a threat to break one on any given play. He’s also a true 3 down back with soft hands who can pass-protect.

    This is going to be a very fun game with a lot of lead changes, IMO.

    • FourFeathers

      I watched the bulk of the Oakland game yesterday and they definitely are a much improved team. David Carr looks like the real deal too. Next Sunday will be a difficult game for the Bears. If Cutler is out then I say Oakland wins hands down. If Cutler is back and semi-OK, then I give the slight edge to Oakland.

  • BillW

    Today’s Princess Bride moment is brought to you by CNN:

    “NASA scientists said Monday they believe they have confirmed that water intermittently flows on the surface of Mars.”

    They believe they have confirmed it. Which means they haven’t actually confirmed it.

    “I do not think that means what you think it means.”

  • TheBigCheesy
  • Sactowns#1

    Jogging sideline to sideline and walking off without a limp doesn’t sound like a 6 week injusy to me. I’m hoping to see Jay suited up and ready to go this week. And with Alshon back we should at least be competitive.

  • J_mo8

    10 possessions followed by 10 punts. I knew this year would be forgetful, but where not even headed in the right direction. I think dealing Forte does more damage than good also.

  • Peter Weelmaa

    forte is going to leave this team, he has made it clear on several occasions that he thinks the bears don’t respect him or what he does, Forte has cried about the money he is making and wanted that renewal contract that the bears never gave him. In all the interviews he has given it is clear he has decide to go elsewhere. I say get what you can for him, the RB we have are good enough to get us through the season. This season will be ugly and the sooner bear fans realize a record of sixteen loses. The sooner we can deal with the reality of re-building. I also think if you deal forte you deal Cutler as well that guy has no heart for the game. It is sickening to see a guy with so much potential be such a pussy. Its hard to get a second chance in life and Cutler has had nine chances. This guy has a million dollar arm but a two dollar brain. You just can’t fix stupid. Cutler threw 28 interceptions last year. just on that he would be done if he was on another team in the NFL. The sooner the bears realize that Cutler is not the guy to get the bears to the playoff the sooner we can find a real quarterback for the bears. The key thing for a winning team is desire, tell me one player on the bears that has desire? That is why we are the team we are.

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