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| July 25th, 2015

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I made the editorial / business decision a year ago to be sponsored by not-profit companies. I’ve never done this site for cash and I’m not going to start now. But if a few solid organizations could make this site profitable whilst allowing me to do something good, I’m all for it.

Art of Men – ArtofMen.org

Several years ago I began working with an organization called Art of Men. I so loved the founder, Art Gurwitz, and the mission of the organization that I have taken on a leadership role with them. I would spend time here summarizing what the organization does but AoM’s mission statement takes care of that.


Everybody’s complaining, but no one is doing anything about it.

We’re doing it.

We’re guys across the world taking matters into our own hands.

GUYS JOIN ART OF MEN. It’s free.We ask them to tell us what interests them.

What excites them.

What skills they have.

We take that information and pair them with projects that specifically fit who they are.

If a guy is a master carpenter we’ll point him to a senior center roof that needs fixing. And it’s probably two blocks from his home but he didn’t know.

If a guy loves dogs we’ll find 50 projects in his community where dogs (shelters, rescue facilities…etc.) need help.

If a guy tells us he is interested in hunger issues we’ll direct him to a food pantry desperate for someone to help them unload trucks every weekend.

10,000 roofs fixed.

100,000 dogs saved.

1,000,000 people fed.

The world working the way it should because this collection of men were called to action AND WE ANSWERED.
We did something.


Because we have to.

Art of Men is an organization still in its infancy but I am hoping this site will help to generate membership and raise awareness for the many noble projects with which it is involved. If you have a few moments, go to ArtofMen.org and sign up. Take a look and see if there’s anything in your area that interests you. Signing up does not equal any great commitment. It just means you’re interested.

AoM will be spreading its message through this site in various ways.

26Shirts – 26Shirts.com


From their site:

At 26 Shirts, we sell different limited edition sports-themed t-shirts every two weeks. After a shirt’s respective two week run is over, the design is retired and never sold again. We are currently operating in Buffalo and Chicago.

For every shirt sold, $8 is donated directly to a family in need.

Family with needs like…

A daughter who’s barely a year old and fighting leukemia.

Another daughter who has had an eye removed because of a rare pediatric cancer.

A family whose son was hit by a car, and now they have to commute between Buffalo (where they live/work) and Pittsburgh (where he’s being treated).

A foundation that struggles to serve and help people afflicted by an ultimately lethal, yet relatively unknown condition.

Their will be a constantly-updated image of their most recent Chicago items on the right rail of this page.

Final Note

We are currently working on sponsorship for a weekly audio feature. That should be announced in the weeks to come.

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  • Cool stuff, Jeff.

    • BearDown100393

      Nice front post for good causes.

  • Waffle

    Jeff, Tradewinds is looking to sponsor some sports themed literary outlets. I am the majority shareholder and it was a main topic at our last shareholder meeting.

  • Waffle

    Amusing thought of the day:

    The biggest advertising banner on NFL.com is the Fantasy Site.

  • Waffle

    i like the concept behind companies that kick profits to good causes. I know on a larger scale it becomes a calculated attempt to drive sales and to look good to the public but when small companies do it I would imagine it’s because a couple of pretty cool peeps got together with an idea and found a way to make money and a difference at the same time.

    My roommates and I used to throw badass 80’s parties with a huge old pretzel tub sitting in the kitchen. It was always labeled with the group that was going to get the donations from that particular party. Partying with a Purpose. We raised thousands and got blind ass 80’s drunk with shocking regularity.

    Good job 26shirts.

    • Irish Sweetness

      “I like the concept behind companies that kick profits to good causes.”

      I wish charities would do that.

  • AlbertInTucson

    From the “Open Mouth – Insert Foot” department:

    Colin Cowherd would appear to have stepped in it BIG time with his less-than-flattering comments about the collective intelligence of the Dominican Republic.


    Cutting his stay at the 4-Letter short by a week is no big deal, but he MAY have put his move to FOX in jeopardy, too, Even though his move there is primarily linked to football, FOX, being a major partner with MLB, may have to “punt” “Uncle Colin” (as he liked to refer to himself when doling out pearls of wisdom and advice) because the many Dominican ballplayers in the majors (one-third of the league by Cowherd’s own estimate) are up in arms over the comments.

    Toronto’s Jose Bautista has already offered to “tear him a new one”.

    I think FOX probably now wants him about as much, or less, than NBC wants Brian Williams back.

    Irony: Cowherd excused Brian Williams embellishment of his record.

    For sure, Cowherd has just made himself RADIOACTIVE as a product endorser.

    Well, maybe Donald Trump could user him as a campaign consultant.

    • Waffle

      talking heads usually end up talking out of their asses. These guys say shit on a daily basis that would get them knocked out if said to a real person. Same goes on the internet.

      • SC Dave

        Don’t forget Twitter.

      • Bender McLugh

        you mean like Jim Rome? Love this gem:

    • Ososfan

      Fun fact: I’m probably the only Dominican member of this blog, I used to listen to Cowherd sometimes but he was annoying most of the time and I would quickly tune out, here in NJ. Ignorant people like him deserve to be embarrassed whenever they say something moronic as he did.

      • Irish Sweetness

        Dominican Bear ! Ok, claro.

  • Ososfan

    Awesome! I will deff join AoM! Finally, T-shirts again! 🙂

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