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| December 18th, 2015

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8-8 is still on the table. 3-3 in the division is still on the table. Neither remains there if the Bears lose in Minnesota Sunday. I don’t think a John Fox team ever lacks for motivation and this one has no reason to.


“Shall fair ladies never learn that I,
from blows me shielding, backward turned me;
nor shall ever Ingibiorg taunt me,
in Sigtuna sitting, that from sword-blows I fled.”

-From the Old Norse poem, Hialmar’s Death Song


  • Blaine Gabbert, Kirk Cousins and now Teddy Bridgewater. The Bears are facing three very similar quarterbacks in a row and Bridgewater might be the most limited of the bunch. As a quarterback he does two things I don’t like consistently: (a) he doesn’t create plays with his legs when he feels pressure in the pocket and (b) he doesn’t stretch defenses with his arm. He’s a quick read/quick toss dink-and-dunker. If the Bears play soft on the outside, they deserve to have the ball moved on them.
  • Hard to evaluate the Vikings defense in recent weeks as arguably their three best defenders have been on the bench. But Linval Joseph and Harrison Smith returned to the practice field this week and there’s a very slight (very) chance Anthony Barr will give it a go Sunday. It shouldn’t be expected that any of them are 100% but their presence in the lineup can only be positive.
  • Minnesota is arguably the best kick return team in the league. (They already did some damage against the Bears this season.) The Bears coverage units can’t allow the Vikings to score on specials or play on short fields. Although, with the way the football is leaving Robbie’s foot these days, I’d expect the Vikings to have several shots to make a game-changing play on specials.


…and spent a lot of time discussing my belief that the mainstream media has no clue when it comes to distributing their content digitally. I also predicted Jay Cutler would be in the conversation for MVP of the league in 2016. So…both of those things.


Why did Jordan Reed slice and dice the Bears defense last week? The answers are simple. (1) Bryce Callahan has proved to be valuable at the slot corner and one of his responsibilities would have been to cover Reed. (2) The other two positions involved in that task – inside linebacker and safety – are the roster’s most obvious holes. The best player at those positions is Adrian Amos, who has suddenly started playing like a rookie. (3) Vic Fangio, President Emeritus of the Shea McClellin Fan Club, hinted this week that Shea is still hindered by injury, limiting his range.

Norv Turner is as smart and savvy a play-caller as the league has ever seen. He salivated watching the Bears/Redskins tape. Expect Teddy Bridgewater’s first read to be Rudolph on more than 50% of his throws Sunday.


From somebody called David Rappoccio at UPROXX (thanks to Data for the link on Twitter):

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 11.07.22 AM


  • If Robbie Gould made his kicks the last two weeks, the Bears would be playing a de facto playoff game in Minnesota this week. But Gould is a mess. And when a team finds themselves in a coin flip game every week it is helpful if a guy who can singlehandedly put three points on the board is able to do it.
  • Hard to have much faith in the middle linebackers keeping Adrian Peterson in check so the pressure will fall to Adrian Amos and Chris Prosinski. Their objective? Make sure the 8-10 yard rush up the middle doesn’t turn into a seventy-five yard touchdown. The Bears have survived 8-10 yard runs all season. They can’t survive the home run.
  • Even when he struggled in early September, Kyle Long never looked as bad as he did Sunday against Washington. His confidence was clearly rattled in pass protection. Long is going to be a very good tackle for a very long time but it will be interesting to see how he responds to his first truly embarrassing game as a professional.


The NFL is run by buffoons. Here was the second-ranked player in their article profiling Comeback Player of the Year candidates:

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 12.32.14 PM

Adrian Peterson is coming back from a suspension for BEATING THE SHIT OUT OF A TINY CHILD WITH A WEAPON. Third place Eric Berry? Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. And don’t forget…serial rapist Darren Sharper is still eligible for the Hall of Fame. I won’t re-post the horrifying images of abuse. I’ll just post the text messages wherein the mother of Adrian’s child is essentially begging him to stop.



Robbie makes one.

Chicago Bears 24, Minnesota Vikings 23

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  • Scharfinator


    Mostly for MB, or any other SW fans… (no spoiler)


  • The Yes Guy


    • BillW

      Take a stand!

    • The GP

      Im afraid not. Yes, it’s true, Irish and I started a band called Zionist Funded and we were working on a Christmas album release, Chinese Dark Side of the Moonbase. But mixing isn’t done, and we don’t think we will make a Christmas release. Sorry.

  • BillW

    From the prior thread –
    Someone please explain how a sensor in a football works? Wouldn’t the whole ball have to be a sensor?

    Any part of the ball touching the front of the goal line or the first down marker is all that is needed. And I think the same is true for out of bounds and back of end zone.

    So where exactly do you put this sensor? And it won’t be weightless so it’s going to affect the flight of the ball when passing – right?

    Maybe I’m not thinking this through.

    • Scharfinator

      You could probably figure out a flexible coating on the inside of the ball. The sensors are on the field instead of in the ball so they pick up where the ball is based on that coating. Some sort of thin spray/paint I would think. You’d have a tiny margin of error between the outer skin and the inner skin of the ball, but it would be a lot closer than ref estimates.

      • BillW

        Sounds reasonable. Thanks.

      • Celloguy

        That’s actually a REALLY good idea!

    • willbest

      I think you are concerned with the 1 inch/sensor issue at the goal line. They are lucky to spot the ball within 1 foot as they march it down the field. And the refs are just guessing half the time anyway since the guy watching the football isn’t watching the players knee and they have to confer and sort of figure out which happened first. Plus the ball isn’t always clearly visible anyway.

      You could band the inside of the football and the tip, but the game wouldn’t significantly change if you just did the tips and required the entire ball to break the plane instead of one part.

      • BillW

        Interesting suggestion. Require the whole ball to cross the plane.

        But then that has to hold for first downs too. I think that would make it even harder to spot the ball in the field of play.

        The overall issue to me is that erroneous calls that we can see via improved cameras has actually made the game more difficult to officiate. In that we are trying to make it 100% precise rather than simply remove the obvious errors.

        • willbest

          That is probably why they don’t put the sensor net up actually. It would make it harder to get First downs and TDs just because people wouldn’t be getting free yards all over the place.
          The device on the ref’s waist will tell him where to put the ball down and it won’t turn green until he has it in the proper spot.
          Incidentally the sensor will tell you there ball is, it won’t tell you what the player is doing. So you will need a guy that marks the frame where the knee/forearm/back/butt hits the ground.
          Then you got another guy that is reviewing the 2 seconds before to see if the player had possession. Your refs on the field are basically then just there to throw flags for penalties, put the ball in the right spot.
          The sensors in the helmet to flag face masks and perhaps illegal hands to the face, could also be used to determine offside, false starts, illegal formations, illegal shifts/man in motion, 12-men on field/in huddle, leaving the on field refs in charge of personal fouls, holding, pass interference, and putting the ball in the right location.

        • Irish Sweetness

          Then we’re disallowing a TD because 3% of it didn’t cross the line?

          • I don’t see how. No need to change the rule. Just put the sensors on the tip (like 99% of TDs are scored with the tip, like sex) and have sensors on the pylons/goaline.

            Crosses over, lights flash off, TD.

            Doesn’t cross over, no lights, no TD.

            If we can hit a fly from space with lasers, I’m sure we can do this.

            Heck, the NFL can even come up with an APP for FF to record each electronic TD around the league.

            How is that for a Redzone Channel APP? Eh

    • Irish Sweetness

      Multiple sensors in the ball. Don’t think RF technology would work. GPS would not be precise enough. Not hard to do for a multi-billion dollar industry I would have thought.

      • CanadaBear

        Pro cycling uses sensors on the bikes. Pro cycling is about as tradition bound as any sport. If they can figure it out the NFL should be able to make it work.

      • Scharfinator

        GPS is precise enough… just not civilian models. They don’t let civilian models get too precise so backyard hooligans (or the real fear, terrorists) can’t make guidance systems.

  • BillW

    All I expected out of this season was for the Bears to be back on track as a team that had a plan to get back into playoff contention. That clearly has happened.

    What I hoped for was a better record than last year for some type of tangible evidence of that, and for them to play stronger at the end of the year than at any point prior to that.

    The first of that should happen. (They won’t lose another 3 in a row). The second though? I think if they win 2 of the last 3 then that qualifies. If not, then it’s a bit disappointing but not a major issue for next year.

    Maybe a little too early to think this way,but at the end of the year the arrow gets reset. We keep saying the arrow is pointing up. Compared to the Trestman nightmare, sure. But next year is not measured that way anymore.

    The new baseline is a team that is competitive but loses games they are in position to win. I think with the GM and coaches those loses turn to wins and a 9-7 record next year is a reasonable target.

    • CanadaBear

      It always depends on injuries. If Cutler goes down or if we have numerous people at the same position go down, it’s a killer. The Beloved are probably due for some better luck injury wise but who knows?

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, but that basically applies to every team in the league with the possible exception of NE.

        • CanadaBear

          No doubt but that’s the reason I never get too worked up over win/loss predictions way too far in advance.

          • BillW

            I agree. I’m just setting (albeit prematurely) a reasonable benchmark for progress next year. I can’t see us looking at 8-8 or 7-9 and calling that progress.

            Of course Cutty getting hurt takes that off the table completely. As it would for any team losing their QB. But other than that I expect a few injuries since they happen to every team every year. If Pace and Fox keep up what they’ve done so far, we should win more than half our games.

          • CanadaBear

            I’m still not sure if the Bears will be good going forward. I’m hopeful but every time I start to feel good about them this year they go completely in the tank. It seems like the Bears have the unique ability to have multiple injuries at the same position almost every year. Different positions each year but always multiples at one position so you end up with about the 4th string guy in there. Maybe it’s that way with other teams but it seems like a yearly occurrence with the Beloved.

          • BillW

            This year we have multiple players going on IR not from game injuries but from practice. There must be something wrong there.

            I too have thought about this steps back this year and wondered. Frankly I am concerned they hit a wall. My mind won’t accept the possibility right now but losing the next 3 would not be utterly shocking. Yet even that wouldn’t concern me.

            Some writer thought they may have as many as 20 players next year on the 53 that are not there now. So whoever those 20 players are – they are the reason we get so far up the hill only to slip back.

    • willbest

      They aren’t an embarrassment. Whether or not they are back on track depends on if they can keep McPhee, White, Jeffery, and Royal healthy.

  • MB30SD

    I was thinkin the other night about the yard… how is it different to the meter… are they both three Merican feet. How could this help our players and football in general improve performance? How….

    ah, just kidding. Here’s some boobies for friday motherfuckers: http://bbt12.tumblr.com/

    3 and 5 (3 is just wow… love the icelandic black hair and green/blue eyes look)

    • CanadaBear

      Bless you my son!

    • willbest

      A 100 meter field would make it 9.3 yards longer.

      • MB30SD

        jesus will

    • Irish Sweetness

      God bless you, my son.

      • Huge Bear’s Penis

        almost makes me believe there is a god.

      • MB30SD

        give me your top 3 gents!

    • Scharfinator

      All this NSFW stuff and I’m at work. 🙁

      • CanadaBear

        Too Bad, So Sad, Sucks to be you! Patience my friend, the girls will wait til you get home!

      • sneak off to the janitor’s closet lol

  • TBC

    Not to keep beating the Robbie thing to death, but you do know that the Bears still had a less than 50% chance of winning that game even if Robbie makes the FG, right? The redskins had 1:45 to respond. And then there’s overtime.

    • willbest

      You understand that the Redskins loss is irrelevant if he didn’t F it up the week before?

      • TBC

        It’s not irrelevant. The Bears definitely would have much more life if they had just beaten the niners. But they wouldn’t be in a “de facto playoff game.”

    • 505Bears

      Gouldy sucks!!!

    • Huge Bear’s Penis

      cut him!

      • BillW

        Cheesy? I’m all for it.

        • Huge Bear’s Penis

          yep him too.

          • TBC

            If only!!!

            Blog contracts are like MLB contracts. FULLY GUARANTEED.

            And Cheesy has the Bobby Bonilla special, so y’all are fucked.

          • CanadaBear

            I hate you in theory but you do make me laugh. Bobby Bo!

          • TBC

            Hate is just love leaving the body.

            That’s how that goes right?

          • CanadaBear

            Uh, I’m not quite there.

          • my analogy for you is more like herpes.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Unknowable. Holly Holm had little chance of beating Rousey, but she was a superior fighter. I don’t get your point at all.

      • TBC

        Jeff’s sentence read like “if Robbie made his kick last week, the Bears win the game.” My point is that his sentence is just wrong. The outcome is “unknowable” as you put it. And not only was the result still to be determined, there was a greater chance than not that it would have ended in the Redskins favor.

        • Irish Sweetness

          If that’s what he said then I disagree. We lost in OT to Blaine Gabbert. I won’t eat Robbie’s lunch for missing a 50 yarder in those conditions (although it looked like over-compensation for shanking 5 kicks left, which means he was not following his natural process).

          The two kicks in the SF game, another story. Losing to the Skins wasn’t just losing a game, it means giving them a game on top.

          Didn’t expect anything from this season anyway. Next season, one more draft, another round of FA, and the expectations begin.

        • DaBearsBlog

          What does that mean, “it read like”? It was an actual sentence. Just read it as written.

          • TBC

            I did read it as it was written. And I responded to it accordingly. I felt like anyone could have read both your sentence and my response and understood exactly what I meant.

            However… Irish Sweetness could not follow my logic. So, I explained my point to him by parsing out the assertions you made in your sentence, specifically the one assertion that I was disputing (if Robbie made his kick last week, the Bears win the game).

            Do you have a problem with the language I used? Should I have said, “By stating that the Bears would be playing a de facto playoff game if Robbie Gould made his kicks the last two weeks, he is falsely asserting that Robbie’s 50 yard FG last week would have won the game for the Bears.”

            Would that have been more appropriate?

          • Irish Sweetness

            I couldn’t follow your logic?

            “the Bears still had a less than 50% chance of winning that game even if Robbie makes the FG.”

            That’s maths, not football.

          • TBC

            You said you didn’t get my point. I explained my point to you, as it pertained to Jeff’s original statement.

            What are you trying to say? That you dispute the fact that the Bears had less than a 50% chance of winning that game had the FG gone in?

      • Bender McLugh

        Trolls don’t make points, they only have them as the top of their mongo heads

    • Huge Bear’s Penis

      where did the less than 50% stat come from? you can’t assume they don’t win it either. It’s Curt Cousins. It’s not like they had to stop Aaron Rodgers with 1st and goal to win the game against them. oh wait bad example….

  • Huge Bear’s Penis

    FYI its about the 5:30 mark that jeff finally gets introduced on the podcast.

    • CanadaBear

      Thanks! That will save some time and aggravation.

      • Huge Bear’s Penis

        its long i am a little over1/2 way into listening and its been 1/2 hour already. but pretty good content and enjoyable.

  • willbest

    The one issue you might have with sensors is that
    1) technology can fail
    2) this technology can be jammed either by fans or the teams.
    Though why they haven’t even attempted to experiment with it the last 4-5 preseasons is beyond me.

    • BillW

      And the Patriots are already figuring out how to do it

      • Scharfinator

        They’ll supply the prototypes!

    • SC Dave

      Beat me to it, Bill. Although I was going to do it as
      3) And the Patriots get another way to cheat.

  • Jeff referred to me by Data in his article.
    This is the greatest day of my life
    (also, burn that Trump stuff with fire)

    • Irish Sweetness

      Jesus ….. looked at me!

    • who coined you Data? Was it me, or MB? I forget but I’m sure you’re positronic network remembers.

  • Irish Sweetness

    What are those texts? Between AP and mother? He’s discussing the beatings like the kid is responding to treatment?

    Like the new tavern, Jefe, still no Cheers theme though ….

    • Bender McLugh

      looks like Billy Goat, but not the one under Wacker.

    • Cutty of Olivet Nazarene

      he’s just creating another pack animal.

      • His son will beat his own kids and quip, “Hey, that’s what my pops did to me, and it’s made me the man I am now.” while breaking a tree branch off.

  • Huge Bear’s Penis

    that is a painful question in the podcast “worst draft bust Cade McNown or David Terrell?”

    • BillW

      David Terrell actually wanted to play football. He just wasn’t as good as we thought he’d be (or as he thought he was).

      McNown didn’t bother preparing from what the stories said. And they also said the line intentionally gave up sacks. I hope that part isn’t true, but there is no question his teammates hated him.

      • CanadaBear

        No doubt the Cadester was the most hated by me. I didn’t hate Terrell nearly as much as Cedrunk.

        • TBC

          Rodgers was in the Green Room when CedBen was drafted. That has to make it worse too, right?

          It kinda seems like the Bears never even considered going QB there, although they took Orton 3 rounds later.

          • I think a lot of teams regret skipping on Rodgers, but I read something saying that Rodgers was nowhere close to starting out of a Cal, that many saw a lot of Blaine Gabbert in him and that sitting behind Favre and being a single system may have saved him from being Gabbert.

            Seems absurd now, but many scouts then did get a Gabbertish vibe from him. It’s interesting, esp with how Gabbert is looking now.

          • Scharfinator

            Not being expected to start immediately seems to help a lot of rookie QB’s turn into something.

          • I think what’s happening to rook QBs now goes like this.

            The team that drafts a high QB usually sucks.

            The coaching staff is already on the “hot seat” cuz said team sucks.

            So, the coaching staff MUST start their high draft pick or have the GM and fans bring out the pitchforck, whether the HC believes the QB is nfl ready or not.

            2-3 years the franchise still sucks. Everyone gets restless. HCs usually get fired, then a whole new regime steps in.

            Now that rookie QB in his 4rth year must learn an entirely new system, which maybe takes another 2 years or so, which stunts his progression.

            This is happening to Luck now, and kinda what has happened to Cutler (and no coincidence that both are turnover machines).

            The only way I see to combat this is if a whole new GM/HC comes in with a franchise QB and that the owner gives them like 4 years minimum to develop the QB and team, but in this modern NFL, that ain’t happening.

            Edit. It used to be a rule of thumb that rookie QBs won’t be ready until their 3rd year, and for good reason.

            Some argue that when you put them into the fire immediately, it “imprints” very bad habits and instincts (the David Carr syndrome is one) which can never be undone later (it’s almost like going through trauma). Some coaches really do subscribe to that theory, but can do little about it because of aforementioned reasons.

          • Doc Nitty

            Your theories are intriguing and I’d like to subscribe to your newsletter.

          • Anonymous

            Could have been that he was also a JUCO-only recruit. No D1 team offered him a scholarship out of HS. Silly as it seems, that shit probably still influences NFL GMs. Especially when it comes to QBs.

          • Well, it’s the whole “played against NFL type competition” argument.

            In fact, many GMs don’t even like drafting out of the SEC!

            Though I think that mentality has changed a lot.

  • Anonymous

    “(a) he doesn’t create plays with his legs when he feels pressure in the pocket”

    Actually Bridgewater had a HUGE run against us to start their 90 yard game-tying drive near the end of regulation at Solider. I want to say it was a 3rd and 12 play deep in their own territory and Bridgewater scampered for 21 yards.

    Basically, Bridewater’s rushing stats are as good as Cutler’s. (Cutty is 12th in the league among QBs, Bridgewater is 13th.) Both are above average runners as QBs.

    Interesting list, btw. Rodgers is 5th, and Mariota (somewhat surprisingly) is “only” 8th (although on second thought he did miss a couple of games). Newton, of course, leads the league.

    Mariota, Blaine fucking Gabbert, and Rodgers have the highest YPR.


    • TBC

      there was like a year and a half span where Rodgers stopped running. It was weird. Glad he’s back to it, though.

      • MB30SD

        me too, can’t wait till someone catches him in the ‘ol blind spot and takes his fucking head off.

        Too soon?

        • TBC

          Too soon from whence? 2013? No, I think you’re fine.

          • MB30SD

            I actually don’t ever want any of these guys hurt. And although I can’t stand that douche, I think he is and could be one of the best ever. I was mostly just being a dick… which is normal.

          • Huge Bear’s Penis

            you can root for a misdiagnosed concussion. Not really hurt but has to sit the rest of the game.

          • TBC

            You should probably root for a PED suspension, that tarnishes his legacy and keeps him off the field.

          • MB30SD

            are estrogen treatments on the list?!

          • TBC

            I doubt it. Wouldn’t a better insult be that he needs testosterone treatments though?

          • MB30SD

            I was just speaking to the truth, not insulting him.

          • TBC

            Speaking the truth does not preclude you from insulting him. You can do both at the same time.

            Like Waffle telling fatty mcbutterpants that he could afford to lose a few.

          • Cutty of Olivet Nazarene

            Cheesy , get a damn account. Email accounts are free.

          • TBC

            Email accounts may be free, but inertia is a hell of a drug.

    • DaBearsBlog

      Rushing stats were not what I’m referring to. I don’t care if QBs run. I want them to use their legs to create plays in the passing game.

      • Cutler has been awesome at that this year. His biggest strength as a QB right now.

      • Anonymous

        See my first note about that key 3rd down run against us. Bridgewater doesn’t pick up that first down it is game over.

  • Jeff talking about Cutler money in 19/20.
    I disagree. $$ won’t be the reason he leaves. $21M cap hit in 2019 will be less of a % of cap than a $17M cap hit now.
    But I still think Cutler has 2 years left in Chicago, tops.

    • Also, Jay Cutler will never win NFL MVP. Never.
      He’s good, he’s not THAT good.

      • TBC

        Yeah but if Jeff doesn’t give Jay an MVP shout once every couple of years, then what has this world come to? Plus, he qualified it as a hot take. Nothing to see here, really.

      • TBC

        And if 2015 has proven anything, it’s that you can never say “never”. Carson Palmer and Cam Newton? I would have previously had them in the “Never” category.

        • Fair enough, but Palmer at least had shown that caliber before, albeit a decade ago. And Cam is still a young, ascending player.

          • TBC


          • I suppose Cutler was getting some MVP talk in 2011 after 8-10 games, but then he got hurt. But I don’t think he’s ever performed as more than a fringe top 10 QB (which he qualifies as this year, IMO).
            Too inconsistent in his mechanics, which leads to accuracy issues downfield, and that’s something that hasn’t changed this year at all.

          • TBC

            I dunno about that. Rodgers was a wire-to-wire MVP in 2011. And Drew Brees would have won MVP in any other season with his numbers that year

          • I don’t think Cutler would have won MVP, but he was in the national media rankings before he got hurt (which I thought was dumb).

          • willbest

            Doing it with Hester, Bennett, Knox, and Davis, with J’Webb protecting his blind side. Speaking of Knox, Lovie hired him as a coaching intern this past summer. So respect to Lovie for helping a guy like Knox transition out of the game after taking a horrendous hit.

          • Bears treated Knox awesomely in that. Kept him on the roster (on IR) for a full year after knowing he’d never play again. Gave him free access to best doctors for rehab, another $500k in his bank, and another accrued year for players’ union for retirement benefits.

        • Anonymous

          Not to knock, Cutty, but even before this year, he never had peaks like Palmer. Hence, one could say Palmer always had a little higher ceiling. But point taken about career years/never knowing.

          Newton had huge #s his rookie year and has been to the playoff two or three times already. Throws a few too many INTs for my taste, BUT dude produces and seems a galvanizing team leader a’la Brady or Brees, even if different than them.

          • Cam is sorta a QB in his own mold. He has more rushing yds and TDs than some starting HBs.
            That plus his presence and swag make up for a lot.

            However, injuries will eventually catch up to him.

            Last year he played like he was 80, and I’m guessing after this year he’ll begin to feel the effects of his punishing style, but he won’t really start breaking down for a few more years, which coincides with the Panther’s window.

      • He’ll win SB MVP before he wins MVP.

      • Huge Bear’s Penis

        strange things happen. Steve McNair and Rich Gannon both won MVPs neither of which had stellar careers, just one good year. So i don’t think you can say never there is always a chance.

    • TBC

      Yeah I was kind of surprised Jeff neglected to consider the cap inflation. $21mil in 2020 is not a ton. I mean, I would say it’s a lot for Jay Cutler, but they’ve been paying him a lot ever since he got here.

      • it’s the going rate for a competent starting QB. Flacco’s gonna be at more than that for the next several years, unless they renegotiate to give him another backloaded deal.

    • willbest

      The only way Cutler is gone in 2 years is if they draft a QB in the first round or some team like this years Vikings are a QB away from serious Super Bowl aspirations and want to pay a King’s ransom for him.

      • Anonymous

        Don’t be so sure. He has had a nice bounce back year but he has never been consistently this good and Pace tried to give him away last season.
        I agree with JWood. He is probably safe for a year or two but Pace will try to seriously develop a draftee in the meantime.

        • willbest

          Sure, everybody wants to find the next Brady or Wilson in the draft. But the best chance for success on QB is in round 1 or very early round 2. Bears have Cutler for 5 more years, and they have so many needs that spending their first on a QB isn’t going to happen this year or next.
          As for Cutler’s consistency. I will give him a pass for Turner and Tice. He played well under Martz. And I will posit that if the Bears had the talent on offense in 2010/2011 that they have had from 2013 onward he would look just as good if not better. And he looked decent under Trestmen before the wheels came off. So this isn’t entirely out of character for him.
          Now obviously you want to develop a QB, but that doesn’t have a particularly high success rate either. Its just something you need to do because QB purgatory is a horrible place to be. But that doesn’t mean the guy they pick up in round 4 or 5 is going to be ready to start in 2018.

          • Anonymous

            I’m not sure they will wait till round 4 or 5 the next two years. Remember, Pace wanted Mariota. Badly.

            Don’t know if I agree about your hypotheticals regarding Cutty’s career, but even if I did, that still only makes him a top-16 guy in the league. Remember, Pace came from a franchise where their starting QB will be going to the HoF one day.

          • willbest

            I don’t remember Pace wanting Mariota badly. I remember some organization leaking information that the Titans and the Bears had a conversation about the #2 pick, and the Cutler haters pushing a narrative.
            Considering Cutler had as good a year in 2011 as he is having this year with far less talent around him back then, I don’t know how you couldn’t. And sure, Pace is used to a first ballot HoF QB, but you don’t go pick those up at the 7-11.

          • Anonymous

            Sure you can pick them up in 7-11. There are arguably only four sure bet HoFers in the league right now: Brady, Peyton, Rodgers and Brees. Only one of those guys went #1 overall in the draft. Brady was a late round pick. Brees was a second round pick. Rodgers fell to the 20s in the first round.

            In terms of organizations leaking information, that is how reporters get stories, aka “sources”. And much as Blogfather thinks there is a national conspiracy against Cutler, I doubt the Mortensens and Scheffters give a flying F about him. They’re just out to report any news they can confirm.

          • willbest

            You are being willfully dense. A HoF QB is catching lightening in a bottle. You are confusing lucky with good.

            If I am the Titans I want the media spinning a story that I am getting the hard sell from Chicago. One it pushes up value from other teams that might be looking to trade up to know somebody else is very interested. Two, the whole dump Cutler devaluing of Cutler means Chicago has to come up with better offers for the pick since Cutler won’t be perceived as being as valuable.

            Reporters don’t mind getting “used” because it drives clicks.

          • Anonymous

            Brady aside, I would bet the scouting of Brees, Rodgers, and R-berger wasn’t based on luck. The teams that drafted them probably liked what they saw, which was basically QBs of their future — both Brees and R-berger started as rookies.

            My guess is if Pace sees a QB, say in the first or second round, who he thinks can be the Bears starter for ten years, he will take him, regardless of Cutler’s 2015 year, existing contract or other team needs.

            Will it happen? Probably not. But I think It is foolish to say no way in hell.

          • I would say a QB in the 4rth/5th isn’t ludicrous, as long as POX really believe in him.

            The Pack drafted Hundley in the 5th, and Rogers ain’t going anywhere.

            The Pats drafted Garrapolo a couple years back (2nd round) with the same idea.

            It’s just a matter of drafting a QB who fits our system, and who has fallen, thus producing good value.

          • willbest

            Pats also picked up Cassel in the 7th, and that worked pretty well for them too, but if you pull up the list of 4th and lower talent its not where you find QBs that are better than Cutler. Kyle Orton, Kirk Cousin, Matt Cassel are the most impressive in the last decade.


          • I guess it depends. The Gmen (Nassib), Pats (Garappolo) and Saints (Grayson) drafted QBs which interest me but won’t see the field anytime soon.

            From that list you linked, McCarron and Mettenberger would’ve tempted me.

            I think Mettenberger did ok last year considering he was a rook with no weapons, and we’re going to find out about McCarron somewhat, but guys like Nassib, Garrappolo, etc always pop up in the later rounds.

            Plus, if we draft a guy like Carr in the top of the 2nd…that wouldn’t be too shabby, but if we pick a guy that high, I think the fanbase would grumble (until Cutler goes down).

          • willbest

            Well that is what I am getting at the draft in develop guys. You just ignore 2013-2015 drafts because they are still developing (except Cousins who is starting). So who from 2003-2012 was drafted and developed. And the answer is Orton, Cassel, and Fitzpatrick are your success stories, with Orton being retired. 3 players in the NFL making regular starts after being developed and none of them better than Cutler.

          • Yeah, I think there’s a few schools of thought on drafting QBs in the later rounds. Here’s a nice lil debate which is interesting cuz Prisco pointed out that Cousins was a wasted pick, but isn’t, though he also pointed to Mallet, etc who were busts.


            Most likely the Bears don’t draft a QB in the mid-rounds next season cuz I think POX feel they’re only a few plays away from the playoffs, and they are correct.

            And as you pointed out, the chances of drafting a mid-round QB who is better than Cutler at this point are almost nil.

          • Huge Bear’s Penis

            Romo was undrafted and was “developed” and would say he is on par with Cutler

          • willbest

            and he wasn’t even drafted. I forgot about him. So there you go the ultimate achievement in the last 13 years.

    • BillW

      So then why does Cutler leave? I assume you mean the Bears get rid of him, not that he leaves. Unless there is an out for him in the contract which I’m not aware of.

      • because he’s getting older and they’ll have a younger guy they want to give a shot by then, IMO.
        I think they draft a guy this year and he sits behind Jay for 2 years.

    • Irish Sweetness

      I wonder if a SB would make a difference. 3 years seems like a fair time to give Fox to present us with a squad. We know Cutty doesn’t need to be legendary to take us to the top of the mountain, he just needs to stay healthy, and with a supposed SB squad the line should be able to do that.

      So if we have him for two more years, that’s all we really need him for. Get a Lombardi. If he wants to leave after that, so be it. We’re good for another thirty years.

  • MB30SD
  • BillW

    In a news item that probably only I care about, the band Chicago finally made it into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

    If all you ever heard from them were the sappy ballads, you have no idea what Chicago did for music.

    The one I loved “died” around the 6th album, though they do a great revival of that especially when paired with Earth, Wind, and Fire.

    “My” Chicago is on display on YouTube in a concert from Tanglewood sometime I think in 1970.

    • Blackhawks63

      My daughter and I made road trip to see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in summer 2014. I highly recommend a visit, even if you aren’t big into music. We also stopped at the Christmas Story house (which is located in a very run down neighborhood of Cleveland) and the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton. Both great.

      • BillW

        Sounds like a great trip!

    • Irish Sweetness

      Saturday in the park. Sweet.

  • Blackhawks63

    I am strong supporter of Ryan Pace, John Fox and the coaching staff. Absolutely convinced these are the people to rebuild this broken franchise. And I like their year one work.

    But I shall remain unapologetic for hoping the Bears finish the season 0-3. It’s all about the 2016 draft and being in the best possible position for Pace and company to do well in the draft. So lose away Chicago.

    • Cutty of Olivet Nazarene

      lifelong fan?

      • MB30SD

        first time caller?

    • I agree. And for those who don’t, check out this guy and tell me we can get him in the teens.

      • MB30SD

        maybe I have the shae PTSDs, but no thanks. No more undersized, fast, white guys for dend please… statistically speaking, he’s much more likely to turn out to be a shae than a watt

        • No more white defensive players?

          • MB30SD

            no more white, fast, small DEs. I’m all for honkeys, and black guys, and vietnamese kickers, and whateverthefuck… just be good at fucking football, I don’t give a shit what color your skin is.

          • Bosa is 6’6 276.

          • MB30SD

            damn, he didn’t look it

          • Racist!

          • DaMurph

            Some people just dont look their height!

          • MB30SD

            I see what you did there… BASTAGE!

          • Irish Sweetness

            Now re-arrange, kids :

            I don’t give a shit what color your skin is.

            no more white, fast, small DEs ….

    • BearDown100393

      Sabres fans felt the same way. Still didn’t get to draft Connor McDavid. There is always another with more potential to tank.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Excellent, we have a live one.

      If you will, please, tell me good things about Vic Fangio as Bear’s DC, and Gase as OC (not Cutty-mentor, but as OC).

  • Sactowns#1

    Alshon questionable for Sunday due to an underwhelming feeling of malaise.

    • Blackhawks63

      Good. It helps secure a LOSS which, again, I’m all for. Far better to be 5-11 and move up in the draft.

      • willbest

        Does it feel better missing Leonard Williams by 1 draft pick rather than 6 or 7? We had a chance at Vic Beasley and we didn’t take it. So just because you have a good pick doesn’t mean you are going to use it well. There is plenty of value all over the draft, and in fact sometimes being too high can be a curse.

        • We missed on Aaron Donald by 1 pick too.

          • willbest

            I feel less bad about that because if our defenders would have Fing played to the Whistle or Gould would have made a perfectly manageable FG indoors, we would have been in the playoffs.

          • Blackhawks63

            And we would get our brains kicked in during the playoffs. False competiveness and living in denial about the need to rebuild is a fool’s paradise.

          • Johnnywad

            Well how many seasons shall we hope to lose then? Is there a set number of drafts we hope to pick in the top five before we hope for wins again? Is there some way of knowing you’ve stock piled enough early picks and now its time to try?

            I mean shit, the Lions had a run where they were top ten for a lifetime and still got nowhere. Conversely, the Patriots always pick damn near last. Doesn’t hurt them.

            The notion that a mediocre team needs to lose games in order to slide up in the draft a few slots just doesn’t hold water. Unless of course the next Andrew Luck is sitting there and you’re in need of a quarterback that throws a lot of interceptions whilst taking the blame entirely, then getting out played by a 100 year old retread QB. Then yeah, I’d say suck for Luck.

          • Bender McLugh

            Nothing to do for that

      • We’re picking ahead of the Rams after last night.

    • Maybe he’s like Brady. He’ll always have a “Q” next to him every week for 10 years.

  • Around the NFL Butch Notes.

    1. I’m REALLY looking forward to ODB vs Norman. Wow. I don’t think I’ve seen a matchup like this since Rice-v-Deon (though Deon ‘mysteriously’ was always ailing vs Rice, but given that Rice cheated, meh)

    On that note. Butch’s upset special. Gmen over Panthers. I don’t know how, I don’t know why, but they will or come VERY close to it like their first SB run when they almost beat the Pats.

    2. Denver D vs Steelers O.

    This is almost like a metaphysical debate. Great D v Great O, what wins in the modern NFL?

    I’m also curious if the Steelers will go 85Dolphins and spread out the Donkeys, or if they try to pound it with DeAngelo knowing the Donkeys don’t score much? Fascinating.

    3. Can SEA keep up the aerial assault? Doug Baldwin is playing out of his mind, and so is Wilson.
    That this team can go from pounding the rock to 99 Rams is scary. And they’re getting Lynch back in the playoffs. Yikes!

    4. Battle of the Birds, Cards-v-Eagles. Both are somewhat slow starters, but Cards are cruising while the Eagles maybe ascending. This might be the week if we find out if Chip is real or not.

    5. Will the Pack O continue to roll, pounding it out? Mack went beserk with 5 sacks in one half, and I’m guessing the Pack want none of that. I think they try to establish the run, but the will it work?

    Raiders can air it out if need be.

    • willbest

      Lynch hit 30 and fell apart. Wilson is demonstrably a better QB when Rawls was carrying the rock over Lynch. Its almost like teams had to respect the RB and that opened things up for him. Rawls is down for the season. Lynch will not offer relief. It will be interesting to see if Wilson falls back down to earth.

      They have only 2 quality wins. One against the Steelers which required Wilson to play at an inhuman level. And one against Minnesota who is in a free fall. I don’t get the Seahawks love just b/c they finally managed to beat a couple .500+ teams.

      • I tend to agree about below avg opponents, and they’re playing the woeful Browns this week who have one of the worst secondaries, so whoever is playing vs Wilson in FF this week, my condolences.

        But it’s still impressive how they became a potent aerial attack in such a short time with guys like Doug Baldwin and Tyler Lockett. They shored up that Oline I think, and that’s made the difference.

        Bryce Brown is also a DANGEROUS RB, more so than Rawls and Lynch. If Bryce finally figures it out, that is gonna be scary.

        Whoever faces them in the playoffs will likely be underdogs.

        • willbest

          Well they will be playing skins giants or eagles in round 1 so sure, and most likely the Panthers in round 2. I doubt that. Not in Carolina. Round 3 would be in GB or Arizona

          • The point spread vs the Panthers would be interesting.

            Many pundits even now consider the SEA a better team.

            No doubt the Panthers will get the home bump, but no one would be surprised if SEA went into CAR and eliminated them.

          • SC Dave

            I would. The Panthers are better than you think.

          • I didn’t think the Falcons could beat them. That’s why I started the Panther’s D vs Falcons when everyone thought the Falcons would light it up. (FF gold!)

            But the Gmen have a knack for rising to the occasion when they MUST win. And to them, this is a must win vs the Panther’s pursuit for ta perfect season. Also, the Panthers are pretty banged up all over.

            The Panthers are a better team 9/10 times, but I just have a gut feeling the Gmen will upset them, which in the long term might be better for the Panthers. Give em a wake up call.

            Now, the Panthers are fully capable of blowing them out, but that’s just a feeling I got.

      • Anonymous

        Valid point about Rawls/Lynch, but Lynch might have one more stretch in him.

        In terms of their lack quality wins, sure, but they are also a team with quality losses — they played both CAR and AZ (the two best teams in the conference) very tough. And earlier in the year, Rodgers arguably put up his best game of the year to beat them in Lambeau, and that was before Chancellor had returned.

        I don’t think any team — CAR included — will want them in the playoffs. That said, their D is not at the level it once was, so yeah, they’re not quite the team they were in ’13 or ’14. And Beast, thus far, is no longer Beast.

        • Irish Sweetness

          CAR are vulnerable in the playoffs I think. Who have they beaten/played that’s good? The Hawks and the Packers, two close games against the Saints?
          Playing the Cards, Steelers, Pats …?

      • Irish Sweetness

        What’s their third string like?

    • Anonymous

      Wilson has been unreal. Think of it this way: most of us consider Cutler to be having a good season and arguably his best season as a Bear. Cutty’s TD/INT ratio for the year is 16/7. Wilson’s for the LAST FOUR games is 16/0. And I believe the last three games he has played w/out Jimmy Graham.

    • SC Dave

      Well, there were plenty of predictions that Atlanta would beat the Panthers. Uh, yeah sure.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Schein is picking 59%. Not good. A bum like me hits 65%

      Look how bad the ‘experts’ are:


  • TBC

    So everyone ask why i post to a Bears blog. I tried posting on a Packer blogs in the past but their conversations usually dwindle down to talk about best way to make cheese, what cows are the easiest to tip, how most of my fellow Packer fans could not tell their wives/girlfriends from sheep with the lights off. So being one of the more literate fans i searched the internet and found some of the smartest fans in football on this blog. I first started off as just a troll, but the more i come to this site the more I learn about football. I now realize that i am starting to become a Bears fan and at first it felt dirty but it was a good kind of dirty, i am still fighting the transition. I relate this transition to something similar to the transition my girlfriend went through a couple years ago when she went from Chris to Christina. This transition is hard and i know i will fall back into the Packer Troll from time to time, please forgive me.

    • willbest

      You remind me of those 20 year old boys that liked to pretend they were 18 year old girls back on IRC and AOL chat rooms back in the mid 90s

      • TBC

        20 year old boys pretended to be 18 year old girls? Why bother with the age difference when it’s so insignificant? What was wrong with pretending to be 20 year old girls?

        • willbest

          2 years on a girl is a lot.

          • TBC

            can’t argue with that, I suppose.

    • TBC

      “So being one of the more literate fans i searched the internet and found some of the smartest fans in football on this blog”

      The irony here is how illiterate this post is.

      A rose by any other name….

      • The GP

        at least capitalize the god damn “I”

      • beninnorcal

        I still love/hate you, Cheesy. Ya dick.

    • CanadaBear

      WOW! Cheesy comes out! We all have radar for that. We knew it would be just a matter of time.

      • haha, I’m pretty sure that was Johnny or GP.

        That, or TBC is having an existential crisis (how is that for literary?)

        • TBC

          Waffle and GP would have been significantly more creative. And literate.

          That one had “willbest” written all over it. Or someone of that ilk.

          • Cutty of Olivet Nazarene

            haha, cheese get a new account.

          • TBC

            Someone could do that just as easily if I had an account

    • Irish Sweetness

      Dude ….
      …we just got trolled …

    • beninnorcal

      I think Cheesy’s been hacked. Cheesy, I love you and hate you all at once. Stop being such a dick all the time. You certainly bring a lot to the conversation when you’re not busy being a pecker.

    • Cutty of Olivet Nazarene

      haha, that’s what happens when you don’t get an account Cheese.

  • Shady

    That dude’s Vikings podcast sucks, but Jeff makes the listen worthwhile. As usual.

    • MB30SD

      where have you been you filthy succubus!

      Lure me in, make me spend my $60, have my 6 for a few games, then leave me to get lit up night after night by pimple bursting 14 yr old boys. damn you!

      • Shady

        I’ve been around maings. esp on game days with a few regs and the trollios. Lurk during the week.

        • MB30SD

          jeeees, yet packs

    • MB30SD

      VICTORY!!! snatched from the jaws of defeat!

  • Hot topic race issue, you say? OK.

    Roonie rule for college?


  • MB30SD
  • Irish Sweetness

    From Patra’s cheat sheet:

    Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings

    Bears notable offensive ranks: T-10th in giveaways (16); 15th in rush YPG (113.5); 17th in total YPG (350.2); 20th in pass YPG (236.7); 22nd in PPG (20.9).

    Jay Cutler: 62.6 comp pct, 252.3 pass YPG, 16 TD, 7 INT, 92.2 rating (12 games). Cutler has gone 13 consecutive games without throwing more than one interception (longest active streak among QBs in NFL). Cutler has thrown seven INTs and lost four fumbles in 12 games this season.

    Matt Forte: 182 carries, 721 rush yards, 4 rush TD (10 games); 32 receptions, 275 rec yards, 1 rec TD. Needs four yards for eighth consecutive season with 1,000-plus yards from scrimmage. He would become 12th running back to do so in each of first eight seasons and the first Bears player in franchise history to do so. Since returning from three-game absence in Week 12, Forte hasn’t played more than 56.4 percent of snaps (66 percent in each of first six games of season).

    Forte split snaps in Week 14 with Jeremy Langford. Forte played 28 snaps (47.5 percent). Langford played 31 snaps (52.5 percent).

    Jeremy Langford: 113 carries, 394 rush yards, 6 TD; 21 receptions, 268 rec yards, 1 TD.

    Alshon Jeffery: 53 receptions, 797 rec yards, 3 TD (8 games). Averaging 99.6 receiving YPG in eight games played this season. 75-plus yards in seven of eight games this season.

    Bears notable defensive ranks: 2nd in pass YPG allowed (215.8); 12th in total YPG (341.5); T-18th in sacks (29); 18th in PPG (24.2); 26th in rush YPG (125.7).

    Robbie Gould: 26-of-32 FGs (81.3 percent), 22-of-23 PATs (95.7 percent). Missed 50-yard FG with 1:45 left in regulation in Week 14 loss vs Redskins — second straight week with a missed FG with game within three points. Six missed FGs this season (most since missing 6 in 2005, 1st NFL season).

    The Vikings have failed to score more than 20 points in four straight games.

    Teddy Bridgewater: 65.3 comp pct, 210.2 pass YPG, 9 TD, 8 INT, 85.3 passer rating. Bridgewater has 1 or fewer TD passes in 12 of 13 games this season.

    Among QBs on teams with winning records in 2015, Bridgewater has the league’s second-worst passer rating (85.3). The only such QB with a worse passer rating is Peyton Manning at 67.6.

    Bridgewater has a passer rating of 27.2 on passes of 20-plus air yards this season (lowest in NFL among QBs with at least 30 such attempts).

    Adrian Peterson: 268 carries, 1,251 rush yards, 9 TD. Second in the NFL in rushing yards, tied withDevonta Freeman for NFL lead in rush TD. Leads all running backs in fumbles (7) — T-3rd in fumbles lost (3). Coming off back-to-back games with fewer than 70 rushing yards.

    Stefon Diggs: 44 receptions, 638 rec yards, 2 TD. Leads Vikings in rec yards. Last six games: 3.2 receptions per game, 36.5 receiving yards per game, 0 TDs.

    Kyle Rudolph: 45 receptions, 421 rec yards, 4 TD. Leads Vikings in receptions, receiving TD.

    Vikings notable defensive ranks: 8th in pass YPG allowed (231.8); 9th in PPG (19.6); 12th in third-down percentage (37.5); 14th in total YPG (346.2); 20th in rush YPG ( 114.4).

    Matchup to watch: Eddie Goldman vs. Adrian Peterson

  • Doc Nitty

    Love the Tavern pic on top Blogfather. I’ve always said this is a virtual bar.

    • Irish Sweetness

      But still no Cheers jingle ….

    • beninnorcal

      I remember when you originally said that Doc, a couple years back, how everyone tends to yell over in-another. You are so right.

  • Doc Nitty

    Has anyone seen the new STAR WARS yet?

    • The GP

      I took my kids to see it. Why?

      • Doc Nitty

        Just wondering how it was.

    • Irish Sweetness

      I was waiting for the right moment. Is it too soon to talk about it? Can we have a separate thread Jefe ? Seriously. Can’t wait for weeks to discuss plot points.

      No spoilers.

      I was so happy yesterday. I was in a great mood with the twins, looking forward to seeing the movie with them, as they are the same age I was when I saw A New Hope in 1977. Then about 20 minutes into it, I thought, hey, a Lucas movie would have been more tightly edited – this is kind of … slow. In the first 6 movies, there are no ‘fatty’ scenes. Scenes that don’t belong are peppered throughout this one. Some stuff is a stretch to believe and accept. It tips the hat too many times to the originals, instead of being its own movie. ”Forced’ is exactly the word I was thinking of after I saw it. He basically mish-mashed Episodes IV and V together. The First Order are a bunch of pussies in this movie. Plus side- there are two more movies – the story is not yet complete and I guess Kylo Ren has more training to do, and Domhnhall Gleeson has more acting lessons to do. If his father wasn’t Brendan Gleeson he would not be employed in acting.

      And it looks different, I was surprised to find out after I watched it, that it was shot on 35mm film, and not digital as Lucas had done in the the prequels.

      I went from being super-excited beforehand ….. to ‘meh’.

      • The GP

        Good review – very accurate. Gleeson plays Grand Moff Spoiled Brat. Fucking Gingers.

        I guess the galaxy is full of punks since Anakin died. It feels like the First Order are run by the asshole kids from Lord of the Flies.

        I won’t spoil any plot points. It was nice to see that Llewellyn Davis gave up folk singing and took up being a pilot. He’s much better at that.

        • Irish Sweetness

          A certain person’s two tantrums are funny. That’s all I’ll say.

          • The GP

            Another person’s profession where they are perpetually broke makes zero sense in the context of – well – everything else. I also appreciated the cameo from the 60’s Star Trek TV series Klingons, pre turtle shell Klingons. I guess since they were being ignored by Abrams in Star Trek they forced their way into this series.

    • MB30SD

      I’m so fucking Meh about the whole thing. Now, I was never a SW/ST nerd anyway, but I loved the first series. I even kinda liked the ewoks. I didn’t watch the garbage ones with jar jar binks and I have no desire to. I just kind of feel like they will never recapture the original glory, and from what irish and GP say below, seems I made the right call.

      Now, can we talk about what this little jewish boy will be doing on xmas eve…

      THIS looks like a real fucking movie you low down dirty mofos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69UwVX6Riv8

      • MB30SD

        and this for desert: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yI3v6KfR9Mw

        Tom Hardy is a fucking bad bad man. (and we’re the same height.. hee hee)

        • The GP

          The 1990 original is not that good, this looks to be much better


          esp. since they didn’t give it to Guy Ritchie to botch.

          • MB30SD

            I like guy ritchie’s stuff, but I don’t go to the movies to see Oscar winning performances, more for the violence and sex.

            That said, did you see hardy in bronson? Wow.

          • Doc Nitty

            THAT was a crazy movie!

      • The GP

        I have kids of Star Wars age. So I took them. Deal done.

        Next weekend is not my weekend with them. The Music Box theater in Chicago, one of Chicago’s coolest theaters – has moved back the curtain setup and taken down their screen and replaced it with an authentic dimension 70mm Panavision screen.

        They have a proper 70mm projector, and will be showing Hateful 8 until January 8th in true 70mm Panavision. Only one of about 10 places nationally to participate in Tarantino’s project. How ’bout dem apples?

        • MB30SD

          Maaaaaaings. Would love to make that trip. If you can get tix I might consider making the trip to be your date…. do we play that weekend? At home?

          • The GP

            You could do the weekend of Jan 2/3. Music Box engagement will still be going. I’m sure I can drum up some Lions tickets for the home closer for the 3rd. And you hate the Lions.

          • MB30SD

            That would be amazing, and it’s my birfdayz.

            That said, I have my kids that weekend and I always want to spend my birfdayz wiff my chilluns. Thanks for thinking about it though. Next time I’m in town we do need to meet, none of this, “i’m too sick, shit.” ; )

      • Shady

        This may be more up your alley:

        Star Wars: A Bad Lip Reading

        • MB30SD


          Fucking amazing!

        • Scharfinator

          The song for in the New Hope one is incredible.

    • EnderWiggin

      I enjoyed it. The thing that bugged me the most was…(major spoiler, tell ya later)

      • Trac

        Yeah, you mean when Luke Skywater turned into Darth Vapor? That really ticked me off too.

      • Scharfinator

        ME TOO

  • Trac
    • CanadaBear

      The guy makes some good points but they are hardly set. Although I’m way more worried about ILB (X2), DL, S and CB/Nickel.

      • MB30SD


    • willbest

      I don’t think you are ever set at 3-4 OLB. I mean I suppose you would stop looking if you had 4 guys under 28 that could all start for any other team in the league. But outside of that, OLB should always rate as a high priority.

    • I like how studious Young is. Shows passion and dedication. Don’t like that he doesn’t want to be considered an OLB. Is it the status of being a DE or for contract purposes?
      We still have Washington waiting in the wings (tho he’s more a DE), and Bass? W McPhee the other OLB, i think we’re ok there compared to the other spots Canada mentioned.
      We need two stout DEs, and given our attempt at McDonald, i think that will be an FA priority

  • Doc Nitty

    Inspired by Shady’s post earlier. I’m sure this has been posted before but I had never seen it.


    • MB30SD

      That hurts

  • BearDown100393

    Marshall Slurpfest on NFL Network tonight.

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