Fox’s Demeanor Could Bring Out Best (and Fun) in Jay Cutler

| July 2nd, 2015


Maybe it was just a fist bump. Maybe it didn’t mean anything. But maybe it was a sign that, for the first time in his Bears career, Jay Cutler will have a head coach who can pick him — and the rest of the team — up when things aren’t going well. Maybe it was a sign that the Bears have a coach who understands the ups and downs that happen on game day and knows how to react to them. Maybe it was evidence that Cutler finally has a coach who can bring the best out of him.

The scene, as described by Adam Jahns, wasn’t noticed by many others, but it was something different from what we’ve seen from previous regimes. There’s little evidence that Lovie Smith didn’t hate offensive players and Marc Trestman wasn’t capable of relating to players. John Fox has a charm to him; a charm that he uses to get the most out of players. That charm could be as important as anything to help an often-moody quarterback stay level, preventing the disastrous games we have seen over the last six years.

If Fox was just a good guy and Cutler just happened to like him, it wouldn’t matter. Cutler has liked other coaches, but his friendship with Jeremy Bates didn’t help him. He liked Trestman and Kromer, but we saw where that ended up. Fox combines those likeable qualities with a winning percentage over 57 percent and around 72 percent over the last four years. He’s good at his job and players have to respect that.

Like any job, NFL players have to have fun doing at work and they have to respect their superiors. Having fun is an important part of the job, at least according to Mike Holmgren, who — like Fox — managed to get to two Super Bowls with two very different quarterbacks.

“He looks like he’s not having nearly enough fun out there,” Holmgren said of Cutler. “I think everybody is watching the quarterback. His teammates are watching him. The fans are watching him. Even though you say, ‘Well, what’s that have to do with anything?’ Well, I think it does. That’s what I would talk to him about.”

Cutler didn’t respect Mike Tice. He didn’t have fun with Mike Martz. He didn’t seem to have any relationship with Lovie Smith. He liked and respected Trestman and Kromer and the result was one of the best seasons of his career in 2013. What happened in 2014 is a lengthy discussion.

In Fox, Cutler has a coach who will keep him from losing his composure and one he can trust to do his job well. It’s a combination he hasn’t had since coming to the Bears.

Cutler is far from perfect, but he’s a competitor who does whatever it takes to win. Attributes that are likely going to remind Fox of Jake Delhomme. And if Fox took truth serum, he’d say Delhomme was his favorite quarterback to coach.

The marriage could be perfect. Both the coach and the quarterback could get exactly what they need to be successful. Maybe we’ve seen signs of that bond forming. Or, maybe, it was just a fist bump.

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  • Let me start by saying I like Cutler, he’s BY FAR the best option we have at QB this year BUT…how many times have we heard the whole “this coach is different, this could be the personality Cutler needs” horseshit? Answer: every time he gets a new coach. I REALLY don’t want to hear these words come out of Cutler’s mouth this year “well, it does take 2 years to really learn a new offense.” Jay, you don’t have that kind of time. I’m rooting for you, you sassy son of a bitch, and you don’t have the option to let us down again. Time to pull up your big boy pants, stop throwing bullshit interceptions so that Andrew Dannehy has to watch tape and find ways to apologize for you (no offense buddy), and let’s win some football games. Bear the F*CK Down.

    • AlbertInTucson

      Yeah. The Just What Cutler Needs” song has played so much it qualifies as a Golden Oldie.

    • Casey Scholl

      I will disagree with you Perno, he is not their best option at QB. QB pergatory is never the best option….personally i’d rather suck then be 8-8 for the next 5 years.

  • “Fox combines those likeable qualities with a winning percentage over 57 percent and around 72 percent over the last four years”

    I always take a bit of issue with that. Fox in 10 years as a coach w/o Peyton Manning is 81-79. Fox in 3 years with Peyton is 38-10, an average of 12.7 wins per season. In the 9 years of his prime before teaming up with Fox, Peyton averaged 12.4 wins per season.

    When he isn’t gifted the greatest regular-season QB in NFL history, fully developed, Fox has a track record as thoroughly average. He beats bad teams and average teams, and loses to good ones. Let’s not glorify him to more than he is: he’s Lovie Smith 2.0 (worth noting, BTW, that Fox’s offenses were about 2ppg below average in his coaching career before Peyton showed up to make him look good. And even then, he played it too conservative with one of the best QBs in the NFL history under center, most notably in the 2012 playoff game against Baltimore when he refused to let Peyton try to march 30 yards for a game-winning FG and played for OT instead).

    Fox is Lovie and Lovie is Fox. The nice thing is that Lovie never built a coaching staff like this. Hopefully that helps.

    • beninnorcal

      I’ve said the exact same thing since the Fox hire. I like him, he can restore some much needed respectability to this team…but, outside of coaching a Peyton Manning-led team, his career is very Lovie-like.

    • Trac

      Fox took the gig as a HC for an expansion team. I’m not sure how many other coaches would have done as well as him in Carolina. I believe it would be a very short list.

      • Fox started in Carolina in 2002. They have been a franchise since 1995.

        • Trac

          I’m surprised you don’t think he’s a better than average coach.

          • I think he’s a good solid coach, but below-average in-game. He gets the team prepared, they play hard, but he’s overly conservative and that will cost his team against good teams.
            Like I said, he’s Lovie Smith (only with a better coaching staff).

        • Irish Sweetness

          That’s still an expansion team, Woodsy. No his-to-reee.

    • What worries me is , like Lovie, he seems to get outcoached in the playoffs. But hey, we just need to get back to respectability first before we can worry about that.

      • like Lovie, his game plans are conservative and safe. That gets it done against bad and average teams, but not the top ones. You play the top ones in the playoffs.

        I’m with you on respectability. That’s why he was hired this offseason. Restore the franchise to respectability. He’s not a coach who’s going to take them over the top. TO me, Fox’s hire will have been a successful one if he retires in 5 years leaving the Bears as a team ready to make the leap from solid to contender with the right HC.

    • Irish Sweetness

      1. He went to the playoffs with Tim Tebow …..

      2. Career record:126–96–0 (.568) – that’s a huge sample and a positive outcome.

      3. Lost a superbowl by a field goal with a young Jake Delhomme at QB.

      4. Won four straight divisional championships with a new team.

      We should count ourselves lucky… that this guy is NOTHING like Lovie Smith.

  • TheBigCheesy

    New year, new reason to believe Jay is gonna turn it around. May the fun never ever stop!

  • Shady

    Jay this, Jay that, Jay blah blah blah… You know what? Fuck Jay. It’s not about him, well, of course it’s about him, but FFS he IS what he IS. He’s been in the league for a fucking decade, let’s not pretend he’s all of a sudden going to change his stripes. ENOUGH ABOUT CUTLER already. jesus.

    Happy 4th of July weekend everybody.

    • Trac

      That’s a capital J to you shady. He he.

    • Marsha marsha marsha!
      Yeah, we’ve been hearing this song and dance about Jay since he’s been drafted

    • beninnorcal

      But he just might….

  • Huge Bear’s Penis

    i have to agree with just about everyone here, the Jay conversation is old and played out. However, do you know what does not get old or played out? Things that bounce.


  • Viva

    Things I like about Cutler:
    1. He gets pounded into the dirt and keeps getting back up.
    2. He has a cannon of an arm.

    Things I don’t like about Cutler:
    1. He does not protect the ball.
    2. He appears to lack passion.

    Things I don’t know about Cutler:
    1. I have know idea how bad he wants to win…(and it should be obvious)
    2. I don’t know how he treats coaches, but he’s been through a shitload…(and, but for Tice, R. Turner, he doesn’t have any excuse..)

    • chitownproud85

      “I have no idea how bad he wants to win…(and it should be obvious)”

      I think that sums up my thoughts on him after all these years. I like Jay, Ive always thought the bristly personality was equal parts hilarious and awesome, and I actually root for him just to see someone succeed that isnt a complete cookie cutter fake. That being said, I have NO clue if Jay really DOES care about winning or not, or how bad. For every moment of absolute unholy and awesome bad-assness we see, there are at least as many “at this point, hes just pissing into the wind” moments. Who the hell is Jay? I think hes old enough and we’ve seen enough to make a decision – he’s proud and tough but seemingly apathetic to the greater cause of team and championship.

    • I really don’t get how people say he lacks passion. He has had a number of memorable in-game moments that clearly show his passion. Dropping the shoulder to pick up that extra yard for a 1st down against PIT in 2013. Helicoptering into the end zone in 2009. Talking shit to MIN DBs in 2011 or 2012. Many more I’m not remembering right now.

      You can fault Cutler for many things, but a lack of passion for football is not one of them.

      • chitownproud85

        But thats exactly what I just tried to convey – except he has an equal number(if not more) of moments where he is literally just…maybe he has a pulse? If he is shitting the bed(and his high lord of interceptions has shit the bed in very many a game), he doesnt look mad, he doesnt look happy, he doesnt look…anything. Its just…no pulse. No desire to crank it around. We have a running thing in my family when watching Jay that is essentially a game where we try to predict his next INT. I cant remember a player(outside of Brett Favre) where it just seemed so obvious when he was about to drop the load on his team and the game. The guy sticks to script, no doubt.

        • chitownproud85

          And again, I LIKE HIM. I think he is a GOOD player, and yes, as I stated above, he has moments of absolute unholy bad-assness where he is basically the God of Thunder.

  • BearDown100393

    Worrying about which head coach can bromance Jay Cutler is as futile as attempting to imagine which type of panties make Hillary Clinton sexy. Mental gymnastics. Happy 4th.

  • Huge Bear’s Penis

    players getting busted this week for PEDs or drugs announced today.

    1. Antonio Gates – PED
    2. Rolando McClain – weed
    3. Sheldon Richardson – weed
    4. Datone Jones – ???

  • Big Mike

    What makes me smile is how we are so critical and hopeful at the same time. I want everything that has ever been said that is positive about Fox’s impact on the Bears and Cutler’s potential for a reawakening. I want the production of the 2013 Offense with that middle of the pack ranked defense that we were led to believe we could achieve in 2014. I want special teams to not suck. I want this team to fight to the finish. I want a rookie of the year out of Kevin White. And that 5th round safety to be all that.

    After writing that, I don’t feel like busting out the criticism. So Happy 4th. Everyone’s a Super Bowl contender in July.

    • Irish Sweetness

      They look like really good picks, even though we have to wait and see, but I wasn’t scratching my head with any of those picks. I’ll be pulling for Tayo to be a starter, and I hope Amos makes a name for himself. Terry Williams and Goldman – it’s exciting in the middle of the line again, and we’ll have a fit Jared Allen and McPhee to look forward to. IF Zach Miller steps up, we may even have a dangerous offense. Mix in the Fox factor …. I’m pumped.

  • Bobby Douglass

    There you go AD, making me drink the Kool-Aid again. It better not be grape this time.

    • The GP

      The Jim Jones screwball.

  • Jack Lacan

    After extensive research of N.F.L. statistics and a vast array of insider sources I have concluded that the only man the Bears need for the 2015-16 season is…
    I’m certain that there are several others on this blog that will agree with me.
    Best regards – (“they killed my dog”) Jack
    Happy Fourth of July

  • AlbertInTucson

    “DaBearsBlog @dabearsblog

    Nobody cares about PEDs in football. ”

    I don’t believe that is an accurate statement at all.

    • willbest

      I am a nobody. Though I don’t care so much about PEDs as I do a strict set of rules that everybody follows. For example, why are steroids bad, but a hyperbaric chamber okay, or whatever blood spinning machine they hook themselves up to.

      • AlbertInTucson

        If you’re trying to make an NFL team and DON’T take PEDs you damn sure care.

      • SC Dave

        Perhaps because you can’t carry a hyperbaric chamber onto the field with you, as you can a drug in your bloodstream?

        • Scharfinator

          I think you’re muddying the issue with that argument. Maybe if these guys are smoking PCP before games, sure. But steroids themselves won’t help you by being in your bloodstream during the game, it is about the weeks leading up to the game and the increased volume for muscle growth and conditioning.

    • EnderWiggin

      I’ve always thought that if a doctor prescribed ANY medicine, then that person should take that med.
      If someone gets surgery in the offseason and a Dr. thinks the healing process will be shortened (from a PED) with little to no late life consequences – so be it.

      • Doc Hamstring


        The only problem is that what one doctor thinks is “medically necessary” isn’t what another one might think. And there would be tons of shady docs out there, looking for a quick buck, who would OK a course of drugs normally banned by the NFL.

        So you’d have to have some docs on retainer with the NFL to review what was and what wasn’t necessary. It’s easier (and cheaper) for the NFL to just ban substances and test for them, than to do the right thing and allow players to use medications that anyone in the general population would safely use under the same circumstances.

        • Trac

          Yes, can you believe it? Lol

      • Trac

        How quaint. He he

        A lot of Dr’s over prescribe now so I think your comments are very pollyanic and it would open the floodgates imo.

        • EnderWiggin

          Over prescribe? I don’t even know what that means… It should be 100% between Dr./patient.
          Want pollyanic? Here- The government has no business in anything medicine related.

          • Trac

            Who said anything about the government? I agree in principle with this comment but when people elect fools, they get a fools reward.

            What I’m saying is that if the NFL allowed players to get a waiver based on the excuse “my Dr. prescribed it”, it would be abused.

          • How easy have we seen it for the NFL to get team doctors to be EXTREMELY lax on concussions and playing through other injuries. Not hard to see this playing out.

            Doc: You have a knee injury.

            Player: no, doc, my knee is fine. Just tape up my ankle.

            Doc: But you need these PEDs/steroids to recover

            Player: oh yeah, my knee has been hurting. Thanks doc!

          • SC Dave

            Think Ritalin.

    • BearDown100393

      The hypocrisy and definition of “PEDs” must be reviewed and rediscussed in all sports.

  • Irish Sweetness

    How I want to see Fox’ salary spent :

    Fox : “Throw the ball away five times a game.”

    Jay: “Yes, coach.”

    • EnderWiggin

      I think you have pin-pointed Cutty’s biggest problem, more so than fumbles. Especially when he was getting sacked 10 times a game, he would actually run out of bounds instead of throwing it away. I guess the receiver window was to small.

      • Irish Sweetness

        Or just tuck it and fall forward for a few yards. If he takes away some of those screamers then he doesn’t hurt us. Drives continue. Maybe get some points. Maybe win some games.

    • AlbertInTucson

      I would file that Fox request under “People in Hell want ice water.”

  • BerwynBomber

    Looks like the Pack will be missing at least three players when we face them in the opener. That bit of scheduling might really work to our advantage:


    • AlbertInTucson

      Only if one of them turns out to be Aaron Rodgers.

      • BerwynBomber

        Yeah, there is that decisive element, isn’t there?

        • AlbertInTucson

          I didn’t need to be Nostradamus for THAT call.

    • BearDown100393

      “According to a police report, Andrew Quarless fired two rounds after
      getting into an argument with a group of women near a parking garage;
      when police chased the black Porsche he was seen riding in, he allegedly
      tried to hide outside a restaurant and tried to stash his weapon in a
      potted plant.”


      • Trac

        This ain’t yo daddy’s NFL no mo!

      • AlbertInTucson

        “… tried to stash his weapon in a potted plant.”

        How appropriate since Mr. Quarless seems to have the IQ of potted plant.

        • MikeBrownhadaPosse

          “Hold this for me!….gun drops in dirt…Damn, why does that keep happening to me?”

    • Quarless is a backup/ST guy, Guion is a backup, and Jones is a borderline starter.

      Not exactly going to cripple the Packers.

      • BerwynBomber

        Quarless starts. (Richard Rodgers is their back-up TE.) Guion played a ton last year because of Raji’s season-ending injury. So I presume he would see a lot of the field this year.

        Jones, as you say, is a borderline starter.

  • BearDown100393
    • AlbertInTucson

      Journalistic low-hanging fruit.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Izzy !!

    • SC Dave

      Get over what? The writer’s silly speculations?

      • BearDown100393

        That as well.

        • SC Dave

          No, that only. Marshall not listing Cutler as a favorite teammate indicates nothing to “get over”.

  • Just got laid so hard not sure if the fireworks popping outside exploded more than i did.

    That is all. Carry on. And happy 4rth, bastards .

    • Trac

      Vile creature!

    • Shady

      It’s always about you, isn’t it?

  • AlbertInTucson

    “DaBearsBlog @dabearsblog
    This would set a new benchmark for stupid NFL players.”

    They are, seemingly, ALWAYS finding new lows.

    DaBearsBlog @dabearsblog
    “I’m a millionaire athlete. Let me risk that by setting off explosives illegally because I’M A FUCKING 12 YEAR OLD!”

    And that about sums it up in a nut shell.

    • BearDown100393

      Check out the pics of his van loaded with fireworks

  • Johnnywad

    Men’s and Women’s soccer looks the same to me. Perhaps a bit less flopping in the women’s game. Of all the sports I’ve watched, the visual difference between the games contended by the respective sexes, is the least noticeable in soccer.

  • BerwynBomber

    DaBearsBlog @dabearsblog Always wonder if Serena Williams sees the ballyhoo surrounding the women’s national soccer team and thinks, “What the fuck?”

    Would be damn petty if she did. She is the most famous, beloved, honored and wealthiest female athlete in the world. Why the fuck would she resent a soccer team their momentary fame?

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