• Doc Hamstring

    Am I the only one who never listens to these radio interviews? I read this site from work or after I get home and am holding off the kids, and neither time can I listen closely to audio. Sure, you say, put on headphones… but that communicates to everyone at work (or home) that I’m doing something I shouldn’t be.

    So what I’m saying is, maybe give us a couple short capsules about your big points in the interview? That way, I can decide to make time after kids are in bed.

    • Huge Bear’s Penis

      i listen every once in awhile. I agree a quick run down of the major points/topics would be helpful, it would give me motivation to make time to listen to it.

    • Sactowns#1

      You cant listen to music at work? Jeesh.

    • I think they refer to in the iindustry as a ‘tease’

    • beninnorcal

      It’s only 9 minutes long. I like listening but you do you.

  • Sactowns#1

    Recap of Jeff’s points-
    Bears need to “return to professionalism”. Last season wasn’t just about the losses but by the dysfunction.
    Jays contract is becoming less and less of an issue.
    When D is on track Jay can be a winning QB (aka don’t ask him to do too much)
    Defense needs the secondary to improve with fuller as the only strong DB
    The wholesale firings last year have reinvigorated the team

  • Reagarding our secondary, it is a cause for concern (like the rest of our d).

    Imo Jennings needs to stay in the slot.
    Allen Ball is the wild card. He might turn out to be respectable. Same goes for JeanLouis and McManis to a lesser extent. They both flashed in spite of historically horrendous coaching.

    And Rolle is just a body who won’t concuss himself or throw his shoulder out by the 3rd.

    I might be more excited about Amos than Vereen, but I’m not holding my breath w either.

    But as we all know, the front 7 improves the entire back, so McPhee and co better crush QBs

    • And to follow up, i might be more concerned w how the LBs play the pass.

      To say they were an utter liability in pass coverage is an understatement.

      It’ll be interesting to see if they improve

      • SC Dave

        This. Urlacher so held the LB pass defense down for a decade. May be awhile before we see something like that again.

        • We were indeed spoiled by a 6’4 240 Safety patrolling the middle for a decade.

          The guy who I think most closely resembles Lach now (besides Kueckly) is Wagner.

          Hopefully the Hawk and Panthers fan appreciate it while it lasts.

          • BerwynBomber

            DeAndre Levy for the Kittens can also ball in a big way at ILB. He was a Pro Bowler last year or should have been.

            Yeah, Wagner’s tough too but isn’t he a bit undersized?

            Lach was a beast. Thing was he flashed in big games too. I think he had a half-dozen career INTs vs Favre and Rodgers, which is especially impressive against the latter considering how seldom he turns it over.

          • Yeah, Wagner’s “only” 6’0 240, a bit on the short side, but man, he plays those zones like a safety, and he frequently goes up (or jams the fuck) out of TEs like Graham.

            He’s truly an all around ILB that can allow that D to do a lot of shit (much like Lach in his prime).

            I suppose Keuchly would fit more the mold of Lach, and Wagner perhaps is more of a Samurai Mike.

          • BerwynBomber

            Yeah, good point about Wagner. He is truly an all-around ILB.

            Keep your eye on Levy. I only begin watching him last year. He is not as well-known as Keuchly, Wagner and others, but he gets after it.

  • DocNitty(BallsStillOrnamental)

    I just read this: http://deadspin.com/why-your-team-sucks-2015-chicago-bears-1720623495

    And thought this quote was hilarious:

    ” I went to a Bears/Packers game in Lambeau flying my Chicago
    flag. The people all around us tailgating gave us some good-natured shit and
    then offered us beer from their cooler and food off their grill.

    Went to the same game in Chicago. One of my fellow Bears fans
    called a 12-year old wearing an Aaron Rogers jersey a cunt.

    We are not good people.”

    • Bhwaha
      This man plays quarterback with the same amount of urgency that Adam Sandler puts into his film roles. One day, Cutler will just amble out onto the field in cargo shorts and demand to hand the ball off to Rob Schneider”

    • SC Dave

      That was my favorite part too, in a poignant sad sort of way. Because its so true.

    • AlbertInTucson

      Piss on the “WE are not good people” comment.

      There’s dickheads like that in EVERY fan base.

      Yes, even in Packerville.

  • Holy fuck, whilst perusing the Gmen’s “why your team sucks”, came across this lil tidbit that somehow flew under everyone’s radar. Zee Nazis…


  • willbest

    Oh hey something that sort of resembles something like football is finally happening.

  • “Chemistry by far better this year than it was last year” – Mullet


    I’ve always liked him, even going all the way back to KC. He seems like a straight shooter who’s not going to say stupid shit on twitter. He also comes off as a leader, and with his resume, he demands the respect.
    Last year you can tell he was trying to lift the moral of the team even though it must’ve been soulcrushing on him.

    Allen’s saying all the right things. Hopefully, father time holds off a year or two.

    • AlbertInTucson

      I should HOPE the chemistry is better since, by all accounts, there was NONE last season.

  • This is why it’s hard to totally hate Cutty.

    ““No one really likes their ex-girlfriend just after a breakup,” Cutler told NFL Network on Thursday following the Bears’ first training camp practice. “[Marshall’s] fine — and he’s been like that for as long as I’ve known


    “Magnanimous” would be the word to describe him at times (like after the Kromer debacle).

    You want to cheer for him. He’s got that gunslinger fuck the media ‘tude while screaming ‘dooooo’nt care’ and you like him…right up until he throws it into the gut of a fatso in the redzone with under a minute, and he just walks off stonefaced and smokes a cig.

    I still find it funny that Bmarsh claims Orton was the best QB he ever played with only 1 year after boldly predicting Cutler would win MVP.

    • Shady

      “You’re all fur coat and no trousers, you are.”

  • #Bears rookie RB Jeremy Langford spent the last month training with Matt Forte, “which is very smart of him,” the veteran RB said. – Zaidman tweet

    Notice no Carey training w Forte. I have this sneaking suspicion that Carey’s a douche and about as well liked as CedDrunk.

    Forte mentoring Langford is like Peanut mentoring Fuller, or Bmarsh- Alshon. Only good can come out of it. Maybe Langford will invest in a hypoberic chamber and abstain from soda (I still can’t believe Forte never sipped soda in his life).

    • Waffle

      Carey is a douche. A friend of Jordan Lynch told me he almost had to fight him at camp because Carey called him a bitch in front of Kyle Long…for not doing a better job of waking him up for a meeting that routinely overslept for.

      • Good to know my douch-o-meter is well calibrated.

        It usually goes off around dudes in their 50s wearing skinny jeans, flat brimmed hats, and monster truck nuts hanging from tow

    • beninnorcal

      Never heard the Forte soda thing, that’s crazy. He’s missing out(kidding..kind of).

  • Had some time to kill today, so Hit the twitter, shit loads of juicy tidbits out.

    Lamarr Houston feels comfortable going from defensive end (and D-tackle in nickel situations) to outside linebacker in the Bears’ 3-4 defense.

    “I believe I’m solid at linebacker,” he told reporters. “I’m kind of small to be a defensive end. … Very excited. It’s the same thing I was doing in Oakland.”


    Am I missing something? Didn’t Lamar weigh like 300?

    • AlbertInTucson

      Hoo- boy, We want to be like OAKLAND?

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