Audibles From the Long Snapper: Regime Secrecy, Camp Fights & Famous Amos!

| August 17th, 2015


A rather mundane and boring training camp gave way to drama over the last half week. Let’s dive in.

Media Betrayed By Secret Regime!

From a Tweet by Tribune beat Dan Wiederer:

The Bears bungled how they framed this Kevin White injury to the public from the start. Still not sure what they hoped to gain w secrecy.

Wiederer was not alone over the last few days. Many of the Chicago sports media were bitching and moaning about the secrecy surrounding the Kevin White injury. But here’s the truth:

  1. Fans don’t give a shit. Sports media is an information delivery apparatus for fans; getting them the news and notes access affords. I have not spoken to, Tweeted or emailed with A SINGLE fan who cares how much detail a team reveals about a player’s injury.  Is he playing or not – that’s all they care about. The whining from Potash and Haugh over the last few days is press room only type stuff. It’s shop talk. And it could not land with more a thump when it comes to the public.
  2. This is sports. Can the sports media stop acting like they are covering a presidential election or an escalating conflict in the Middle East? Ryan Pace did not choose to be coy with Kevin White’s status out of “secrecy”. He chose to be coy with White’s status out of gamesmanship. The same gamesmanship employed routinely by the best coaches and organizations in the sport. This is a game. It’s not a disease epidemic ravaging a third world nation. Maybe everybody needs to take a step back and remember this is all about moving a ball up and down a field.
  3. It’s a false narrative. White, as of last week, was making significant progress. The organization did not believe this was coming. Then it came. So what’s the big deal here?

Camp Fights!

I love em.

Why do I love em? Because this is a big, angry sport played by big, angry men. And the Bears over the last two seasons have been the softest team in the sport. This team needs anger. It needs passion. It needs fight. And if that means the offense and defense go at it a bit…good.

Adrian Amos to the Starting Lineup?

As I wrote while watching the first meaningless contest, Brock Vereen isn’t good. Not that any of you believed he was the second coming of Mike Brown but he’s not even the second coming of Mike Green. (Mike Green is easily on my list of the worst Bears of the last fifteen years.) Fox and Fangio are wisely doing what previous coaching staffs hesitated to do: playing the kid and seeing what he’s got. Adrian Amos can’t be worse.

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  • recoil

    Spot on regarding the White injury. I see it exactly the same way. Thought the Bears handled it as they should have, and I don’t think they were intentionally hiding anything. I think they were surprised and disappointed as we were when the setback hit. I also agree that as a fan, I don’t need to know, or care to know, every detail about every injury. I think the NHL does it right here with keeping it to “upper body” and “lower body” to protect the player to a degree.

  • Scharfinator

    Yes, definitely see what Amo has under the hood. Sit Vereen. Those highlights were nice, but he wasn’t wrapping up much.

    C’mon man, you’re a safety.

  • willbest

    Were they really being coy? Patrick Kane came back 2 weeks early from an injury. Nobody knows how his body heals until it does. You have to imagine that surgery was an option to start with, but if they went that route he really would miss 6 weeks of the season. So they decided to see if it would heal on its own. It didn’t, their best guess didn’t pan out.

  • Trac

    Would love a piece on some x ‘ s & o’s. Who cares what the media thinks?

    • DaBearsBlog

      How can you write a piece on Xs and Os when nobody has any idea what these coaches are installing or who the players will be?

      • Trac

        Not being critical. Just want some football my man. I’m ready.

    • Big Mike

      One of the reason reporting turns to shit in the off season and pre-season is there is nothing to write about.

  • Irish Sweetness

    Amos is all upside. If he gets to grips with his Xs and Os then he’ll be in there before long. He can already lay the wood and stop the run. NFL aerial attacks? We’ll see.

    • SC Dave

      Based on some highlight film? Heard that story before.

  • BerwynBomber

    Agree and disagree. Fans certainly care about winning above all else but they also like as much information as possible. If the new regime has a Lovie-like bunker mentality, fine by me but it is also fine by me if others criticize them for it. We live in an age where people desire transparency even if it comes with compromising aspects.

    • Trac

      Transparency? Sounds like a word someone uses before getting ready to lie to you and it’s normally followed by the cover up.

    • Big Mike

      There should be no transparency when it comes to reporting something that hasn’t happened yet. White was day to day. Were they supposed to reveal the exact nature of what they were monitoring?

      • BerwynBomber

        I wasn’t arguing in regard to the White incident. I was responding to Blogfather’s contention that fans don’t want such detailed information and only care about winning/losing. I think it is more a mix.

        In terms of the White incident, I HIGHLY doubt the Bears would ever admit they mishandled the case (if that happened). Usually you will only hear that from the player himself and/or his agent.

        • Big Mike

          I get it. I never felt that Lovie owed the media anything. I was content with him stiff arming them. Problem is over reporting, not how much information is provided. The dinosaurs need to learn how to break down game film or be more relevant and stop reporting on the Bears like they are covering Watergate.

          • I think most of the Twitter Reporters realize that inside info is what separates them from Bloggers.
            When the inside info/player interview is taken from them, they begin to get desperate.
            God forbid they can actually break down FOOTBALL.

  • Big Mike

    Why the heck did we take Vereen if he’s so awful. Damn, We suck. Kudos for moving Amos up. Another Emery bust. 2 guys in 3 years living up to our exceeding their draft status.

    Wiederer and Haugh fail at journalism 101. Pace never lied. They were monitoring White day by day to see how much the leg would take. He made progress until he didn’t.

    The 2 things Pace is being criticized for 1) bringing in McDonald and 2) Updates on White’s status are non-events. In hindsight he acted exactly how you would hope. In the first case, almost the instant McDonald violated the trust he had been given, he was cut. In White’s case as soon as he was not day to day, they informed the media.

    • BerwynBomber

      Not to defend PE but Vereen was a fourth round pick. I wonder what the washout rate is, league-wide/on average, for that round. Maybe JWood knows.

      • The problem with Vereen is that he never “jumped” off the tape. He never made plays (INTs, FFs, big hits) in college, what made Emery think he could in the NFL? I get that draft picks are a bit of gamble, but at least fail going all in for the jack-pot, not some “meh” player.

        Amos’ tape is much more impressive. Maybe he crashes and burns too, but at least I can see what the scouts saw in him. He looks like a playmaker. Whether that will transfer over to the NFL, no one really knows, but I get it.

        • The GP

          Vereen was a high character guy with the Golden Gophers. Team captain, and by all accounts, good campus dude with lots of team spirit.

          Emery was a sucker for shit like that.

          • I wish I could believe that, but then he selected your fav player, Carey, in the same round.
            Guy was accused of rape, and by Waffle’s inside source, is a total douchebag.

            honestly, I don’t know what the fuck Emery was looking for. He seemed to pull random names out of a hat. That’s why no one could ever predict who the fuck we were drafting.

          • The GP

            Sigh… yeah. Emery revelled in his Svengali persona as well. Like he was operating on some ethereal plane of predictive acumen.

            In truth he was a dork.

          • Big Mike

            My coach buddies and I call it the “sauce”. Does the player have sauce. Do they show up on tape. Do they make the guy across from them have a bad day…

      • Big Mike

        A 4th rounder should contribute. Below is a table of snaps that a rookie should play based on round drafted. Problem with the data is if your team sucks, or if you have injuries your data is skewed. The smell test says that a 4th round pick should be playing in their 2nd year after getting a ton of snaps because of injuries, not heading back to the bench.


        Percentage of Snaps Played by round drafted
        1 60.6%
        2 43.5%
        3 32.2%
        4 18.1%
        5 14.7%
        6 12.3%
        7 7.3%

        • AlbertInTucson

          And lord knows how many of those #1 hand around and get additional snaps simply because they WERE #1s and teams take about 3 years to admit “We blew it.”

          • BerwynBomber

            Agreed it’s a decent stat but I don’t know if it tells us much in terms of how many guys from the 4th round stick.

            18% is not a high number. And some of those rookies might regress.

  • Big Mike

    Really not excited about this season. I’m damaged from last year. Typically, at this time of years, I’m digging for insight, breaking down pre-season games, keeping an eye out on the first 4 opponents. This year, it feels like, oh.. the Bears are on this weekend. Nice. Let’s organize the activities and watch’em. See what happens.

    • The GP

      If we go 3-13 like the Sun Times thinks we will, but we hit and compete and don’t get embarrassed – if guys play like something is being created here and not guys who just want to know when the check clears (*cough* Julius *cough*) then I’m fine with that. I’m fine with a bad team that plays like it is all-in on commit then a 9-7 team filled with mercenaries and guys who embarrass themselves with injury-riddled sack dances.

      • 3-13 also gives us a shot at a real franchise QB.
        We can flip Cutty for a #1.

        A top 3 pick, another #1 + #3 (from the Cutty deal). We’d be good to select whomever.


        • BerwynBomber


          I honestly cannot fathom us going 3-13 — basically the same cast of characters, short BM on O but upgraded on D — and we’re fucking worse with Fox and Fangio than Tresticles and Tucker? Would be a small disaster in my eyes.

          • Yeah, no way I see that either.
            We’re beating the Vikes and Meows at least once + some weaker teams in the back-end of the season (barring catastrophic injuries).

            I really do believe this team can compete for a WC.

            Again, the Cowboys had a WORSE defense than us in 2013, and Marinelli made them respectable (even after losing some starters to injs). Fangio is at least as competent as Old Sauce. Should get us to the low 20s, maybe even teens in important defensive categories.

            However, our Oline is not great like the boys, which means less effective running game, which means Cutler asked to do more than Romo (not too mention that Romo is a better QB), which in turn means defense might be more exposed than the Cowboy’s.

            But, you never know. If Gase is the real deal, he might find ways to win games we never should’ve won, and Cutty is usually good for about 4 games where he inexplicably transforms into Rothlisburg.

          • The GP

            We gotta use the 8.4M of cap space on a wideout, though.

          • Big Mike

            It would be a waste I think. Unless you’re looking at depth ahead of Marioti? (I forget his name, the kick returner)

          • Big Mike

            I think WC is within reach..

          • BerwynBomber

            I thought our O-Line played lights out last year until the injuries occurred. I would bet if anyone studied the game tape of those early BUFF/JETS/SF games, they would see they looked stout as hell. I even think they played decent against the Fish and NE but the former had a semi-unblockable Cameron Wake and we got so far down against NE it eventually became a jailbreak. Remember too that in the first Cheese game Cutty was actually touched as little as Rodgers.

            Agree about WC. I even think the division is winnable if my GB prediction (NFCC hangover, Rodgers for once looks mortal, injuries return/pile up) holds true.

        • Big Mike

          Where is the “another #1” coming from? I’m a Cutler supporter. But if we’re 3-13 he must have had another bad year. I’d be all in on taking a QB if one of the top QBs is still there. If it’s a 2 man show like this year, I don’t know what I’d do.

          My thoughts on Cutler is he’s going to have a very solid season and be in the top half at least statistically, but his stats won’t be overwhelming because we run the ball a lot. Look for career highs in completion % and TD/Interception Ratio. Yardage will be down from last year considerably, but YPC should go up. On the outside he’s top 10 statistically and everyone forgets 2014. When he has his annual injury, Clausen will step in nicely.

          • Well, our defense can still totally suck while Cutler has a Cutler yr. Not likely, but maybe.
            I don’t envision Cutler being total garbage this yr. He never is really. And after the Jets/Bills/Texans realize that you can’t win SBs with scrubs at QB, they might pony over a #1+#3 for a starting caliber QB to get them over the hump.

            I can’t imagine Cutty going for anything less than a #1.

            Maybe two #2s? something like that. The Cards might be another team (Arians reportedly liked Cutler, or even the Rams if Foles bombs).

          • Big Mike

            If you could get a 1 for Cutler in next year’s draft I would argue that he would have had to put up top 10 numbers. If he does that the Bears are 9-7. Gase/Fox stick with him. Just my opinion. So top 3 picks and a number 1 for Cutler seem to me to be mutually exclusive. The trap is getting a #1 for your QB means your playing draft a QB roulette.

          • I know what you mean. Cutler either

            1. Excels, in which case, why trade him?
            2. Totally bombs, in which case, no #1

            HOWEVER, POX has already showed a willingness to dump Cutler. First, lots of rumors of them reaching out to teams (much like with Bmarsh. Cutler himself admitted he could’ve easily been gone this yr). Then, they did try to trade up for Mariotta.

            This shows a willingness to trade Cutler even if he has a decent yr (statistically, 2014 was not horrible for Cutty).

            Sometimes new regimes just want THEIR guy.

            As for #2, never underestimate how desperate “win now” teams are. Heck, even THIS yr if Palmer/Bradford go down, wouldn’t surprise me if they make a move for Cutty.

            Don’t know if it’s likely, but reaping a #1 for Cutler is def possible.

          • Big Mike

            Possible yes. My scenario for top $ for Cutler was a contender has QB go down right before their bye week and Cutler is playing well. Bears could still be 2-4 and have played pretty good football the way their schedule breaks. In my scenario you get a #1 and a #3.

            Then, Clausen takes us out going 8-2 and we’re in the WC. POX decides we run with Clausen because wtf he’s way better than Tebow. and the bears have one of those pivotal draft classes that rights many wrongs.

          • BerwynBomber

            Depends on Cutty’s year. If he craters like last season, the market won’t be much better for him than we saw this year. At that point the Bears might decide to eat the rest of the contract. But no way they were going to do that this year.

            If he plays well or decently they might keep him for ’16. Depends on what Pox truly think of him.

            Either way I would be shocked if Pace doesn’t draft a QB next May.

          • BerwynBomber

            Then such a year by Cutty would basically be Romo’s year last year — the ‘Boys ran the ball the majority of the time — and Romo ended up leading the league in both QR and QBR even thought his overall productivity numbers went down.

            Love your optimism but I’m dubious of Cutty duplicating that feat.

          • That’s where we differ than the Boys.
            1. Romo has ALWAYS been more efficient than Cutty in taking care of the ball (except when he chokes at key times)
            2. Even if our Oline is good, it’s not “great”. The Boys invested and cashed in on three #1 picks on the Oline (FOUR , if you consider La’el Collins a #1 pick).

            What that means?

            Cutler will TO over more = defense being out there more
            Less TOP for O grinding it out = D being out there more

          • Big Mike

            Why? Until last year a bunch of people thought he was better than Romo.

          • BerwynBomber

            I didn’t. Romo has always been more productive, efficient, creative and dangerous (well, at least until his bad back set in); he just had a habit of gagging at the worst moment.

          • BerwynBomber

            Even if Cutler has a career year and plays here till he retires we have to seriously consider a QB in the first few rounds. Look at NE or GB with, respectively, Garappolo and Huntley.

            I would have rolled the dice on Petty this year but I realize the odds are against him amounting him to much. Regardless, you need to draft one of these dudes and begin the grooming process.

          • Big Mike

            Petty went in the 4th round for a reason. In the next few years they need to draft a QB, I agree. If they shit the bed and are awful this year, spending a 1st or 2nd rounder makes sense. (I don’t know anything about next year’s QB class). One thing I don;t get is why people thinking grooming a 4th rounder is better than Clausen stepping in. Is it a “winning the lottery” mentality? Clausen only had 1 year as a starter on a terrible Carolina team. Clausen is that guy. Even if he’s not, he fits Fox’s offense and will do a good job running it, My hope is they don’t panic and go all in on a QB because they think they need one. Drafting QBs in the 4th round or later is simply a roll of the dice. The odds are stacked against you. What was the exact point of David Fales? Trestman’s ego? A cheap camp body.

            See Clausen’s draft profile http://www.nfl.com/draft/2011/profiles/jimmy-clausen?id=497108

          • BerwynBomber

            “One thing I don;t get is why people thinking grooming a 4th rounder is better than Clausen stepping in. Is it a “winning the lottery” mentality?”

            Somewhat. But you also want a plan of succession. If we dump Cutler after this year who backs up Clausen? Who is the potential future if Clausen craps the bed? Again, even teams with elite QBs (see GB and NE) have begun to prepare for a day when their franchise guy can no longer carry them.

            P.S. of course Petty went in the fourth round for a reason. That’s why I said he would have been a roll of the dice/odds are against him, etc.

          • Big Mike

            Agreed on all counts.

        • BearDown100393

          I’m sure Pace will find a way to draft a top shelf QB on the verge of requiring Tommy John surgery should opportunity present itself. And if so, it will be thrilling to first read how the draft pick only has a “mild strained biceps” prior to surgery.

        • SC Dave

          Cutler will never get a #1. Never.

      • Trac

        Wanna know how unimpressed the media is with the Bears? I could be wrong but I looked several times at pro football focus and they covered analyzed every game last week except the Bears game.

    • SC Dave

      Aw shit Mike, drink some KoolAid. I’m thinking 11 wins is plausible… i mean, its still preseason!

      • Big Mike

        I can’t find the KoolAid. I’m on the blog looking for it. Having a good time coaching my 8th grade team. (we’ve got talent and depth this year.. nice change). Actually looking at college football more, for a few reasons. 1) Playoffs 2) Big Ten story lines (ohio state, MSU, Michigan – see what Harbaugh can do 3) have a few former players playing Division 1 ball (Vanderbilt, South Carolina, Cincinnati, West Virginia)

        If you step back from it and look objectively, the Bears are anywhere from a bad rebuilding team with a few interesting things to watch for to a possible WC if everything breaks their way.

        Last season, sludging through the season with my head held in my hands in shame, my eye for good football became so diminished, that when the playoffs came around I was like “oh.. they are playing a completely different game than the Bears”.

        I had started to work up a modest amount of enthusiasm and then Kevin White goes down. Which certainly violates the “if everything goes breaks their way” path. It’s also a kick in the nuts to suck so bad and and suffer through a season that gets you the 7th pick in the draft and have that result in zip for the upcoming season.

        A month or so from the start of the season, it’s hard to get jacked up about our seasons rallying cry “Let’s not Suck, Let’s not suck” or “Be Respectable. B-E Respectable”. The bar is so low to do better than last year (don’t give up 50 pts at home on opening day), that I know we’ll be better.

        I’ll find that pitcher of Kool-Aid and by opening day will have visions of 2001 when somehow the Bears went 13-3 with a pretty shitty team.

  • FF Alert Alright, I sent the invites, GP, NBIT (NB, lemme know if you did receive it cuz I didn’t have you in my system but went off memory).

    So, Shady SEND ME YOUR EMAIL. Or create a dummy one just for FF (like a hotmail acct or something). ONE SLOT left.

    Also, Johhny, was the tradewind email forreals? If so, check your email/spam box
    Same with you Trac.

    Alright. That is all. Carry on.

    • The GP

      Bass Kickers are online. SeaBass knows he has a home.

    • Waffle

      what email did I send you?

      • the tradewind one!
        don’t know if you were fucking around or not (some have weirder emails).

        If not, give me another email and I’ll send the invite again today.

        • Waffle
          • Got it. Ur check is in the mail

          • Waffle

            haha, nice. I’m in. Tell Trac to stop messing up the league and join already.

          • he’s escared.

            Ender called him up on it. bwhaha

          • Trac

            Actually, I’ll hold out and let the guys that want to play fill the league first. I’ve never done an auction but if there’s a spot left before the draft, I’ll join.

          • Trac

            I’m still recovering from surgery. Just haven’t had the ware with all to do the deed.

          • Waffle

            I told you that you were pretty enough, you didn’t need to go get breast implants. Now you’ll just be looked at like a piece of meat. “UMMMM, they’re up here guys”…..

          • Trac

            I’m better looking than Jay as well. Suabwafair!

    • Shady
      • Got it. The golden ticket is on its way.

        • Trac

          I’m holding out. The prize money ain’t enough. Hee hee.

    • NewBearInTown

      Great Kevin White Hope are officially signed up. Please be kind when picking a draft date. Perhaps Sunday, August 30?

  • The GP

    Hopefully Ratliff’s fire out there sets a tone that Goldman picks up on.

    Camp word is that Goldman lacks “sauce”.

    • I dunno, but is it me, or does it seem like most NTs are big soft bears (Wilfork, Ngata, Poe…)? None of them seem to have that nasty Suh streak.

      I call it the “Lenny” effect

      • The GP

        89 Blog points for a Malkovich drop on a Monday.

      • SC Dave

        I’ll take a softy like Wilfork in a New York minute! (whatever the hell tbat means)

  • Harold Bryant

    Amen on the White injury. I could care less what was said and what was not said. He is not playing and that is it. The Patriots don’t give the press shit and they win games

  • Waffle

    haha, Mike Fucking Green. Unacceptable that he was a Bear….that played in games….against other NFL teams.

    • oh come on. the guy had a 100-tackle-season and was later traded for a 6th round pick. that’s a decent return for the last guy drafted.

      • Waffle

        Oh hell no, Mike is that you?

        • Trac


        • you take your brandon hardins and your al afalavas and your brock vereeens and you go home.

    • Big Mike

      He outperformed his draft status considerably.

      • Waffle

        haha, to the Bears detriment…..

        • Big Mike

          He was drafted near the end of the 7th round I think. The fact that he got on the field was a bonus. The fact that the Bears didn’t have anyone to take his spot is mind boggling. He was a good pick for a 7th rounder. The problem was that none of the draft picks for several years could beat out a 7th round guy

  • Shady

    Liam Neeson. He’s great at making lists…

  • WhatDidTheFoxSay

    Marcosrjaime@gmail.com send me the invite for fantasy

  • WhatDidTheFoxSay

    This is Fresno if anyone of you guys remember me.

    • oh, Fres! I was gonna ask. Cool. I’ll send you an invite. ur email is with a capital M?

      • Irish Sweetness

        What time is your draft Butch ?

        • Waffle

          join the league Irish, draft will be during 3rd or 4th preseason game. You know you’ll be up watching on some pirated feed deep inside the jungles of Thailand.

    • Waffle

      Fresno returns for the season of Destiny!

      • SC Dave

        Fair weather fans… grumble grumble

        • WhatDidTheFoxSay

          Ha Dave good one

          • SC Dave

            Welcome back, man. Good to see ya!

    • Irish Sweetness

      Fres !! When did you get out ???


  • Trac
  • BearDown100393

    Fox: Then what do they call it?
    Gase: They call it a Royal with Cheese.

    After Royal threw a TD pass to Cutler in practice.

    • EnderWiggin

      In sadder news, the towel boy’s name is Marvin…

  • Irish Sweetness

    Jumpin’ Jiminy Willikers – we’ve just signed a 6’6, 230lb receiver !! Jeremy Kelley (Lattimore cut).

    Amos in with the firsts … for a while.

    Cutty finally got picked off in his 12th practice … by …… Shea McClellin.


  • WhatDidTheFoxSay

    Where’s mb30sd?

    • Johnnywad

      He left. Got tired of all the whiney bullshit when things went South last fall. One guy in particular who hasn’t posted in sometime. I doubt MB will be back. He’s probably discovered he was wasting precious hours here while he could have been surfing naked or providing blunt force trauma to the local Victoria’s Secret models. All while eating carrot sticks and wheat grass juice.

  • Shiloh Winder

    Looks like Amos really terrorized Purdue and Indiana.

  • beninnorcal

    Anyone else find it kinda dumb that these DirecTV comercials feature starting NFL QB’s as if they’re at home on Sundays watching football? I guess they get one sunday per season each to do that(bye), then a couple more if they miss the playoffs(Eli).

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