Audibles From the Long Snapper: Opening Achievement, Embarrassing Sun-Times, Bench Ducasse & More!

| September 15th, 2015


Welcome to our first in-season Audibles of 2015!


From last week’s game preview:

The 2015 Chicago Bears have to earn back the excitement of people like me. They have to display on the field they are worthy of the passion many have displayed in good times and bad over their lifetimes. They can do that this week, against the Packers, at Soldier Field? How?

Be in the game. With five minutes left, be in it. That’s all I ask. If the Bears achieve that, a week from now I’m in.

They were spirited. They were professional. They were well-coached. Did they make mistakes? Of course. They don’t have a great roster. Were they outplayed? Of course. The Packers are a better team. But they showed signs they will be competitive each and every week, a massive departure from a year ago. Excitement returneth.

The Sun-Times Should Be Embarrassed

For those of you following DBB on Twitter, you would have noticed an attack launched at @suntimes_sports Monday. Why? Because they insist on serving fans, beside the wonderful work of people like Adam Jahns, crowd-sourced, social media horseshit like the “article” titled “Bears fans already want Jay Cutler benched after Packers loss.” It included these two gems:

@ChicagoBears @SoldierField bench jay cutler he throws too many interceptions

— Ryan (@SavnRyansPrvate) September 13, 2015

I don’t know why Soldier Field, which to the best of my knowledge is an inanimate structure on the lakefront, needs a Twitter feed or why this individual thought it necessary to share his thoughts with a building.

Romo…that was pretty clutch! If you lose interest in Dallas come to Chicago @tonyromo#BenchCutler

— Braden Fogal (@BradenFogal) September 14, 2015

“If you lose interest”? Who wrote this, a 5 year old? It’s one thing for the Sun-Times to post this idiocy but do they also have to be lazy about it? Couldn’t you find a fan or two with a coherent, adult thought?


Get used to this man at the top of this table.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 1.35.29 PM

But here’s the real question. If the Bears open in a significant hole and have no intention of signing Forte long-term this offseason, should they look to make a rare in-season trade?


From Adam Jahns:

This will be an interesting coaching moment for John Fox. His predecessor would not bench Vlad Ducasse off one performance out of, I don’t know, fear? Fox should exile Ducasse immediately to the bench. He is exactly what he’s always been: a liability. And with Kyle Long learning on the job at right tackle, the Bears can’t afford to have an entire side of their line as a weakness.


Adam Hoge is doing a really nice job covering the Bears for WGN and here he breaks down the mistakes made during the Bears important, empty trip down around the Packers goalline. From the piece:

Blame Adam Gase for the empty goal-line set all you want, but the execution by his players was very poor. Here’s a list of mistakes for you:

On 2nd and goal: Eddie Royal and Alshon Jeffery looked like two receivers who hadn’t played in awhile. Jeffery was supposed to block Royal’s man, freeing Royal for an easy slant from Cutler. Jeffery didn’t execute the block, but the timing of Royal’s route was also odd, which put Jeffery in a tough spot. Cutler put the ball where it was supposed to be, but he probably should never of thrown it after Jeffery and Royal didn’t execute the play properly. It was nearly intercepted.

On 3rd and goal: Will Montgomery’s snap was low, throwing everything off from the start. Then, Kyle Long was beat by Jayrone Elliott, forcing Cutler to get rid of the ball. Meanwhile, Jeffery and Royal failed to execute their rub route, leaving both covered. On top of that, Packers cornerback Damarious Randall was holding Jeffery and probably got away with a penalty.

Finally, on 4th and goal: Packers safety Sean Richardson came on a blitz between right guard Vladimir Ducosse and right tackle Kyle Long. Long was supposed to pick it up and didn’t.

“That’s my guy,” he said Monday. “There’s a reason Jay can’t make that throw — it’s because there’s a guy with his arms up in his face.”

Royal had a step on cornerback Casey Hayward on the fade, but Cutler couldn’t deliver an accurate throw and it sailed high.

Of course, maybe running the football would have been easier to execute, but the Packers were stacking the box and there’s no guarantee similar mistakes wouldn’t have been made anyway.

You can AND SHOULD read the whole column by CLICKING HERE.

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  • SC Dave

    I like Forte first. But it won’t last probably.

  • Trac

    You don’t fire Ducasse over a couple of mental errors Jeff. He gets another shot if he gives the Bears the best shot. Did you see how well the Bears ran the ball? Do you want to mess with that?

    • Johnnywad

      I think Jeff’s suggesting that’s what Ducasse has always done. Sunday wasn’t an anamoly.

      • DaBearsBlog

        Ducasse is a bad player historically.

      • The GP

        Is Frank Omygod available?

        • Johnnywad

          Surely. I propose they use a single man blocking sled instead. Guy with the most false starts has to drag it to the line of scrimmage prior to each snap. Two birds, one stone.

    • they ran a lot better to the left than the right though.

      17 carries for 121 yards (7.1ypc) to left side. 16 for 73 (4.6ypc) to right. No runs up middle.

      They ran for 2.8ypc on their 5 runs behind Ducasse at RG. Every other spot they ran to they averaged at least 4.6 ypc.

      • you really ruin the fun with your “data”

      • Trac

        Who was he going up against? I’m sure you guys are right, that was just my initial response from only being able to listen to the game.

        • MB30SD

          Maaaaybe you should watch the game. Radio?!? That something that’s in your car right?

          • Trac

            What can I say, I live in Texas. The only place I can catch the game is at the pizza joint and I can only eat so much pizza.

          • MB30SD

            Trac, let me tell you about this amazing new discovery. It’s called the Innernesses.

          • Trac

            I thought that was illegal.

          • MB30SD

            these lines are very blurry these days trac, what with discrepancies in international communications and broadcast laws and such. Can we really define “illegal” when it comes to the innernnesseses? Can we?

          • It’s not illegal in Iran in China.

      • T’Challa

        Are there any decent OG out there? Levitre (spelling) was on the trading block and we missed out. We also missed out on when the Saints traded Grubbs.

        • the next man up would be the G who started all 16 games for TB last year and then was cut this summer after they tried to move him to tackle.

          • so a Lovie reject on the OL… that sounds like a good plan.

          • MB30SD

            exactly. No thanks.

        • AlbertInTucson

          The short answer is “No, there aren’t.”

          Ex-Eagle All-pro Guard, Evan Mathis, was floating around until late August but he wanted a lot of money and finally signed with the Broncos.

          • T’Challa

            I thought about Mathis but he plays LG like Slaussen. Now, I don’t know how hard the RG position is from the LG position, but I do know that most teams prefer their RG to be strong run blockers. Which takes me back to Mills, his biggest asset was run blocking.

        • I’m gonna put on my Irish tin-foil hat for a bit and pound the drum for Tayo.

          Don’t know why we don’t start him at RG. He’s huge. Has good feet. And we don’t have to worry about him on the edge. It’s standard procedure to first start off rookies at OG.

          (Is he that out of shape?)

          Imagine Tayo and Long on that right side? Holy crap. That would be a mean combo.

          The other alternative is to put start Grassu. Same principle.

          He may not be a power blocker, but at least he and Long have worked together in the past at Oregon, so they have some built in chemistry.

          We hand picked these guys. It’s time to actually develop our prospects and stop getting waiver wire leftovers.

    • willbest

      The Packers are squishy against the run as long as Mathews isn’t playing ILB. Lets see what they do against a real run D.

  • The GP

    One upon a time the Chicago Sun Times was the paper of Mike Royko and Roger Ebert (and Jay Mariotti, blech)

    Now it’s a rag on par with Redline.

    • AlbertInTucson

      Royko was with the Daily News then Tribune, I believe.

      Jack Griffin wrote for the Sun-Times and had a pet piranha.

      • Generic Chicago Boy

        Royko went to the Sun-Times after the Daily News. I remember, because when he left the Sun-Times for the Trib, my parents cancelled the Sun-Times subscription and switched to the Trib (over my protests, because the Sun-Times had better comics).

        Royko wasn’t always good, but when he was on, he was on fire.

        • The GP

          The Tribune had Bob Greene.

          Bob Greene: the Jared Fogle of his day.

        • AlbertInTucson

          Well, I know Royko was with the Trib in ’74. He pitched for their 16″ softball team. I played LF for CHICAGO TODAY (a buddy had a summer job with them and recruited me and another friend for their softball team). Bill Jauss pitched for TODAY. Jauss was a great guy. Royko seemed pretty grumpy. I did line an RBI single past his left ear one fine Sunday morning in Lincoln Park. That was my last summer in the Chicago area.

          Priorities: My buddy and I skipped our UIC commencement ceremony that June because we had a game that day.

  • Shady

    “Blame Adam Gase for the empty goal-line set all you want, but the execution by his players was very poor.”

    That’s what I said on Sunday. Play calling wasn’t perfect, but the execution was simply awful near the goal line. It needs a LOT of work.

    • it would help if the WRs could practice together to get a sense of the timing it takes on combo routes that Jeffery and Royal repeatedly screwed up down there.

      • MB30SD

        It would help if the WR could practice… period.

  • Scharfinator

    Washington on IR. Acho resigned. What happened? I can’t seem to find out what the injury was for Wash?

    • some sort of quad thing. I’m really bummed, thought he was poised for a big-time breakout season and would enter 2016 as the starting weakside DE (aka the Justin Smith role).

      • T’Challa

        I also thought Washington would have a break out year. I thought he would develop into a Ray McDonald type player.

        • I almost tweeted something out last week about my bold Bears prediction this year being that Washington would be viewed as the best DL on the roster by the end of the year. Really impressed with how he played this preseason, looked to me like he might finally be putting it together.

          • T’Challa

            I agree. Sadly, he played one defensive snap and was lost for the year.

    • T’Challa

      The Bears currently have 4 DL on the roster right now. That is not good. I wish they would take a very good look at Devon Still. He could be a good pick up at a position of need.

  • Big Mike

    I am pleased. I did not have to wear a bag on my head on Monday. I also had a chance to display some passion. A few of my buddies wanted to razz me about the Bears. They came up with Cutler sucks and he’s soft. I had to tear into them. For me it was the equivalent of the listening to SCORE Afternoon callers. The point is, I had passion about the Bears. I was able to say watch out, we’re coming back. If you knew anything about football, you’d know Cutler isn’t soft, he threw the 4th QTR interception that everyone will lump with the 26 he had last year. This was not the same type of interception. Clay Matthews made an all pro play. Cutler wasn’t trying to fit a ball in. He didn’t see the back side LB on the TE. He may have locked on a bit, but it wasn’t a Cutler moment. It was just a bad read, by a slightly above average QB.

    We’re going to steal one from AZ next week.

    • Johnnywad

      I agree Mike. I rewatched a bit of the game last night. This team is going to be in every game this year if we can expect the effort and coaching we saw Sunday. II think the Bears are going to be dangerous late this season.

      • Big Mike

        That’s what I’m thinking. Could be a 1-5, 2-4 start and still finish 8-8.

  • Big Mike

    Did Jared Allen Play ?

    • The GP

      He brought his fishing pole and a chair onto the field, but I think he was there.

      • BearDown100393

        He has “awareness”….

        • Waffle

          lol, I know we fight like Sicilians but this comment made me laugh and you and GP will enjoy this little Jared Allen tribute.
          In my house since Thayer had the audacity to talk about Allen’s awareness I have adopted a style or modus operandi in my house as of Monday which is brilliant. It’s called “Allening”. For instance my wife will say something like, “Waffle, when it’s halftime of the non bears Monday night game could you change the laundry and take out the garbage and clean the pool filter one last time?”
          I then boldly proclaim that despite welching on my duties in previous weekends i’ll definitely accomplish all 3 tasks because I’ve adopted a new attitude towards helping with housework.
          I then proceed to take the dry clothes out of the dryer, not put the wet ones into the dryer, take out the garbage but not the recycling and walk by the pool glancing at it briefly but failing to actually clean the pool filter.
          She was fucking pissed and I explained to her that my awareness level of what needed to be done was high but that I would have to look at the tape and make adjustments prior to next weekend’s chores.

          • MB30SD

            perfectly played

    • T’Challa

      Allen really was a non factor. I thought Houston should have gotten some of the snaps Allen got. Houston only had 4 snaps, I believe.

  • I didn’t want Ducasse to even make the roster, but unfortunately they didn’t have the depth to put him where he belongs: the waiver wire.

    • Bring back Groh? Wasn’t he an interesting prospect last year, then fell of the face of the planet first with us then the Pats?

  • BerwynBomber

    “Get used to this man at the top of this table.”

    He led the league until the very last game of the first week when Hyde eclipsed him. I suspect Forte will remain among the leaders all season but the run D’s we face may not be as soft as the Cheese’s.

  • Bear Down in Tampa

    At least this week Fangio should be a little more in his element having gone against Arians 4 times over the last 2 years. Fox and Gase coached against the Cards last year too so they should have some level of familiarity with what they like to do.

    • willbest

      Cards also won’t have their RB

      • AlbertInTucson

        So, this week we get to watch Chris Johnson’s comeback…?

        I am definitely starting Larry Fitzgerald.

  • Ososfan

    Amos looked good. 5th round rookie, should get better and better. Fuller on the other hand, scares me.

    • T’Challa

      Hopefully with more reps in this system, Fuller will get more confident and play better. So, I am still hoping for the best with him.

    • but didn’t you see games 1-3 of fuller last season? remember when we were sending him to the HoF?

      • SC Dave

        Right along with Devin Aromashedu

        • he sure was fun for a couple few games.

  • T’Challa

    With only having 4 DL on the roster now that Wasington is on IR and Ratliff still suspended, does anyone else feel like we should add depth at the position? We have Seattle, who is a great running team, coming up in 2 weeks. Devon Still is out there.

    • willbest

      Don’t they have some sort of 4-3 sub package where Houston or Allen puts their hand in the dirt? Its only 2 or 3 games until Ratliff gets back.

      • T’Challa

        Having Allen’s hand in the dirt going against Lynch gives me no peace. Adding another space eating, big body would. Defenders to take up blockers that will free up our LBs. Although our LBs might have a hard enough time to take down Lynch. While I can see the potential in McClellan and Jones, neither gives me confidence in bringing Lynch down consistently.

        • The GP

          I can see Lynch having Shae on his back, dragging him downfield like some kind of baby chimp

          • CanadaBear

            That doesn’t include the 6-8 yds past the LOS before CD catches up to him.

          • MB30SD

            He looks Fabuluuuujelous jumping on the pile mere nano-seconds before the whistle though!

        • they need Houston this week. He’s probably the best run defender in their front 7, unless you really buy Goldman (who was probably their best run defender last week).

          • T’Challa

            Which adds to the point of adding another big body defender.

    • Paging Brandon Dunn…

      • T’Challa

        Dunn has been uninspiring to me.

  • willbest

    Wonder if the Seahawks will cave in light of their week 1 loss to a division rival with Aaron Rodgers coming to town. Could the NFL given Kam a more favorable schedule. Away game at the division rival most likely to beat them followed by a home game against the best arm in football and the prospect of starting out 0-2.

    • They’re at GB this week.
      Then they host CHI in week 3, which will be a nice bounceback W for them.

      • WP34

        Professor wood.

        I appreciate all your data.

        Lets us boyz dream…Hawks beat GB in dogfight 33 – 27, then are high on themselves again, and then take the sleeper Bears for granted, defense get fumble recovery to stall 1 drive in the 2nd, and late in 3rd Qtr – fuller gets pick 6 to tie up the game, then we squeak bye on 20 -17 win in OT with Gold nailing a 49 FG.

        Gotta Dream.

        • Hawks are a whole different beast at home than on the road.

          • AlbertInTucson

            And Chancellor was the QB of that defense.

      • Johnnywad

        You’ve got the Packers beating the Seahawks?

  • I see Jeff’s self imposed Cutty moratorium is in full effect.

    On that note, no one is surprised Cutty performed reasonably well, and neither is anyone surprised Cutty threw another INT to effectively end the game (hey, at least it wasn’t to a defensive linemen this time, arrow pointing up).

    I do wonder though, if Cutler throws two more of those in the next 6 weeks, if POX say fuck it, time to cut our losses.

    • BerwynBomber

      Three players about whom I have learned to either distrust or dismiss Blogfather’s opinion:

      Jay Cutler
      Peanut Tillman
      Adrian Peterson

      All for various yet set-your-clock-by-them reasons.

  • FF rant.

    AHHHHHHHHH I needed 16 goddam yds from Bradford last night in the final drive to beat Artoo.
    And the fucking ball goes through Matthew’s hands and into the defenders.

    And meanwhile, Tyler Eifert and Palmer were sitting on my bench, while my two starting RBs were playing in the only game without a single offensive TD (Broncos/Ravens)


  • Were they outplayed? Of course. The Packers are a better team. – Jeff

    I don’t think the Packers are that much better than us. In this league, you need a bunch of role player, some stop-gap scrubs, good coaching, inj luck + elite playmakers.

    I would argue the only difference between us and the pack is that they have two playmakers. Rodgers & Matthews.

    If it weren’t for either, they’d have lost that game in all likelihood (even with them it was still a 1 score game).

    Like I said in the PS. We don’t have any players of that caliber.

    We have a bunch of “decent-to-good” starters, but none that can take over a game like Lach, Sweetness, etc

    Good coaching can only make up for so much. Eventually, dudes got to execute, and the great ones make exceptional plays (like Rodgers and Matthews).

    So, in other words, gotta hit in the draft + FA to try to find these blue-chips to turn things around and compete with the big boys.

    • BearDown100393

      Well that Jones guy off the street seemed pretty good. At least he does when playing against Chicago.

      • not to downplay him, but it’s easy to catch footballs when the ball is placed perfectly in your hands.

        Basically, that’s usually when the Fudge lose, when their receivers drop those passes.

        Still, Jones had a good game, but the fact that he was cut by two other teams then looks like a PBer in GB only shows how good Vadgers is, that fucker.

        • Waffle

          Jones is very comfortable in the Packer system, played for years with Rodgers and only spent 1 yr away in Oakland. He scores TD’s just wish he would have fumbled a bit more last game like normal James Jones.

          • BerwynBomber

            He has had the cases of the drops too, though I guess that would tie-in into the fumbles.

      • BerwynBomber

        Jones only proves how good Rodgers is. The guy was cut from his last two teams and arguably on his way out of the NFL and then suddenly Rodgers resurrects his career in a single game and has him leading the league in TDs.

    • BerwynBomber

      Well said. I am not even convinced a guy like Randall Cobb is all that. Drop him on an average team with an average QB and he is Eddie Royal.

      Lacy seems a little special but he is no more special than Black Uni in terms of where he rates with others at his position.

      Rodgers makes all the difference, and provided he is healthy, makes them a perennial playoff contender. And Matthews, provided he is healthy, ensures that their D is not complete dogshit.

      • Yeah, I agree. I mean, if Alshon were on the Pack and Cobb on the Bears, would that be an improvement?
        Or if Lacy is on the Bears and Forte on the Pack, would that be an improvement?

        To me, they’re all about the same level, just different roles/game.

        We have a better TE. Our line is to be determined, but looked decent.

        Can anyone name anyone else on their D we would trade for outside Matthews?

        I actually think our rosters are very comparable in those terms.

        But they just happen to have HOFers controlling their D and O, and that’s the difference.

        (I don’t think McCarthy is much of a coach either)

        • BerwynBomber

          Agreed. And straight up? I’d take Fox over McCarthy.

          Holmgren I actually think was a top coach who helped harness Favre. And kinda like our Ditka-led Bears, those Cheese teams were solid on both sides of the ball and should have won another championship or two.

          The McCarthy-era Cheese I’m not so sure about, though I do think they were better all-around when Woodson was not yet ancient and in that DB hybrid position. But let’s face it: a lot of Dom Capers’ Cheese reputation is based upon consistently beating us.

          • MB30SD

            dude, I’ll tell you one thing about woodson, He’s STILL a fucking stud. I was actually kinda bummed he disloed his shoulder, cause for a dude almost my age, homie can still straight up BALL. Check his stats from last year.

          • BerwynBomber

            Oh, I hear you. He got jobbed not being named to the Pro Bowl last year. He led the entire league in tackles by safeties and had a few INTs and FFs.

            I just meant his prime years were probably in GB.

  • BearDown100393

    A worse NFL regular season game involving ineptitude from both teams other than last night’s Vikings – 49ers was {fill in your blank}. Me, I got nuttin’

    • MB30SD

      I thought it was pretty entertaining football from the 9ers. Hyde is a beast and fun to watch.

    • EnderWiggin

      I think both of those teams showed promise. The biggest thing I got from that game – AP is being wasted every time BW ran the option. That spit second hesitation is keeping Peterson from hitting the hole hard. Feed him the fekkin ball properly.

      • BerwynBomber

        Agreed. Zimmer is intent on making the Vikings’ Bridgewater team — he has specifically said so to the press — hence the offense featured Teddy much more than AP. A dubious gameplan.

        You have AP line him up seven yards deep ever play behind an FB and then, on occasion, have Bridgewater throw play-action out of those power I sets. Provided your WRs and TEs can win one-on-one battles that could be hell on a opposing D.

        • MB30SD

          I wasn’t impressed at all with TB. I also think besides the whole, ‘i’ve still got it and I want to prove it to the NFL (and my next team)’ thing… AP doesn’t want to be there any more.

          I mean, their unis are fucking PURPLE for christ’s sake!?!?

          <— incredulous look as he typed that last sentence.

        • AlbertInTucson

          Zimmer outsmarted himself. 4 Carries in the first half.

    • BerwynBomber

      Last year’s Bears/Vikings finale?

      I actually thought SF looked legit scary. They still have a bunch of playmakers on O, and at least for a night, that D looked as ferocious as when Willis/Smith/Borland/Harbaugh/Fangio were there.

  • The GP
  • MB30SD
    • Shady

      Robert H.W. Wendt is gonna be pissed.

      • MB30SD

        indeed he is. cunt.

      • MB30SD

        so they waived him to make room for………?

        If I was a gamblin’ man, I would wager we’ll see a move made for a DL in the next day here.

        • Tebus.

          They’ll probably promote Dunn, and bring in a few more D guys.

          • MB30SD


          • Trac

            Say…you know what? Doesn’ t Fox and Tebow go way back? You may be onto something.

          • MB30SD

            stop it

          • Trac


        • Trac

          Maybe another Orlando Pace type. Hee hee.

        • Either Dunn or Williams will be promoted from the practice squad, and Fales will take their spot there.

      • Trac
        • Shady

          Talking about that clown on the last thread.

    • Trac

      We don’t need him. It’s Cutty or bust.

      • MB30SD

        guess so

    • willbest

      I would have cut Clausen. More upside with Fales.

  • Trac

    Just heard a buc fan on sirius. Hee hee.

    He cant believe whats happening to his bucs. He said he thought Lovie was supposed to be a defensive genius. Hahaha

    • MB30SD


    • CanadaBear

      He was pretty smart when he had great players. Otherwise, not so much.

      • Trac

        That’s the thing. He said the Bucs have some serious studs on D.

        I’ve got a name for you Canada. Brian Urlacher.

        • CanadaBear

          Oh, I know. Don’t hate Lovie but I don’t miss him either.

          • Trac

            I think his talents require a strong GM and good players.

    • Lovie was gifted Brian Urlacher, a man tailor-made for his defense.

      Worked phenomenally when Urlacher was healthy. When Urlacher was hurt, it fell apart.

      He has no Urlacher now.

      • Or Tommie Harris, or Mike Brown, or Peanut or even Briggs or Hester.

        It really was a remarkable D and specials (Toub).

        • BerwynBomber

          True but it was Lach that held it altogether and as JW noted once Lach’s performance slipped noticeably it was all over.

          I always thought the end of the era of those Ds was that Seattle game during, I believe, Wilson’s rookie year when the Seahawks drove 90 yards to tie it up in regulation and then pretty much did the same thing in OT to win it. Lach was gassed and hobbling and couldn’t handle the read option stuff. He really never looked the same after that.

          • they weren’t really in all that much cover 2 that year, but Lovie had Marinelli running the D and it was chalk full of talent, so it didn’t matter.

    • Bear Down in Tampa

      I tried to warn these fools down here, they wouldn’t hear it.

  • beninnorcal

    We waived Fales? That’s lame, I did like the dude.

    • MB30SD


      • beninnorcal

        I know, I know. It’s just that I was on a fishing charter here in SF and got to talking with the captain about fb cuz the draft was happening. He tells me he knows one of the guys in the draft, friends with the fam. Said his name was Fales but that he(Fales) always said his middle name was ‘never’.
        Went home with my halibut meat and saw we’d drafted him.
        You know, I thought it was some kind of sign. But as we know, ‘signs’ are bullshit.

        • MB30SD

          yeah, most of the time I guess Ben my man.

        • Trac

          Stops signs save lives man!!!

          • beninnorcal

            Well there is that, Trac

          • SC Dave

            Stolen signs help Cheatriots,so there’s that.

    • Irish Sweetness

      We got Sam Acho back though. He could be a starter. I’d start him instead of Allen or McPhee.

  • I do wonder if the Pats will put a claim on him.
    If I were the Browns, Texans and Jets, I’d kick the tires on Fales.

  • Robert L. Wendt

    It’s important to have 3 quarterbacks on a team Waiving David Fales is wrong. What if Jay Cutler
    gets injured, or starts playing poorly. (This is likely to happen) Also, Jimmy Clausen suffered a
    concussion. Who will take over for Jimmy Clausen? The Arizona Cardinals made the playoffs,
    when their 1st, and 2nd string quarterbacks went down. Also, Jimmy Clausen was a bust in
    Carolina. That is why it is important for any NFL team to have 3 quarterbacks on their roster.
    One last item, a packer fan that I know even admitted David Fales has potential to be a good
    NFL quarterback. The Bears should have started him in the last game against Minnesota.

    • MB30SD

      Yonny, please take over.

      • WP34

        Whatever happened to Matt Flynn?

      • Waffle

        Haha, no.way dude, I’m not going to have an aneurysm over this shit anymore

        • MB30SD

          right. ; )

    • BerwynBomber

      I favor carrying three QBs on a roster too but I don’t know if most NFL teams do.

    • Teams routinely only carry 2 QBs.
      The Bears are probably betting Fales clears waivers, then they stash him later.
      Teams are usually pretty good at knowing who will or won’t clear waivers.

      There’s also a plethora of ready made vet QBs who are familiar with the system.

      Let’s be clear, we won’t be making the playoffs with a 3rd string QB no matter who it is.

      Now, I wouldn’t mind some developmental guys to groom, but I don’t hold any delusions of Kurt Warner part deux.

      • MB30SD

        don’t feed the troll. Besides, it’s just bill w with a new name. Doos.

          • MB30SD

            hahaha… exactly.

        • WP34

          (Shit – Dude I was just typing BillW and saw your post)! Hahahaaaa

          • MB30SD

            how about an avatar maings.

          • WP34

            Ok ok, I will find something

          • Irish Sweetness

            You won’t exist in MB’s universe unless you have an avatar.

        • Johnnywad

          I think it’s more likely a cousin of Bill’s. Syntax, punctuation, etc, all point to a younger relative.please

          • MB30SD

            Like a monkey playing chess

            (Yes, I know chimps are apes and our second closest genetic relative behind the bonobo, but monkey is a much funnier word)

          • Johnnywad

            They’re all Monkies to me. I was torn between this one and a monkey dressed like a cowboy, smoking a cigarette, riding a dog. I love that.

          • MB30SD


          • Johnnywad

            No. I’m trying to relearn how to play chess against a buddy from college we all called “Chess Club”, as he was actually in one. Also the Official President of Virgins Anonymous. He’s kicking my ass, so I threw that up for a bit as my avatar on the game for a laugh. Now I just like it. So here we are.

      • they’re not making the playoffs with any QB this year. Need to fix the defense before you can talk playoffs.

    • Dude. A Packer fan that I know once admitted that Al Afalava had a name that was fun to pronounce. And look at him now.

    • beninnorcal

      I knew you would be pissed about this. He was your contingecy plan for Cutler.

      • Irish Sweetness

        Hold the front f*@king page.

        We waived … that shaggy-haired dreamboat?

        Christ on a bike. He’s never clearing waivers. No way known.

  • MB30SD

    Hey GP… ohhhhhhh, myyyyyyy!


    Also, I thought this was an interesting concept: http://uncrate.com/stuff/pod-tents/

    • The GP

      Porsche mmmm

  • beninnorcal

    Robert L. Wendt=BillW(as wisely noted by MB)
    I’ll go a step further:

    wait for it…


  • MB30SD
  • BerwynBomber

    W1 of the NFL ’15 season complete and the two worst run Ds in the entire league are the Cheese and Minny. And for the Cheese the news got even worse as they learned they lost starting ILB Barrington for the year due to foot injury suffered in Q1 at Soldier Sunday. In terms of the Vikings, was surprised how poorly they looked against SF. SF has a good O line and Hyde looks like the next Gore but the Minny run D got blown off the field.

    • Not sure if losing Barrington actually hurts GB. Easily their worst starting defender, likely the next man up is no worse.

      And don’t read too much into 1 week sample sizes. MIN D will put it together; they are full of young talent and Zimmer has a great history.

      • BerwynBomber

        I wouldn’t say that at all. Barrington was solid for them last year once assuming the job. Their worst starting defender is probably any of their D-lineman or maybe Heyward who has assumed the second CB job once their ex-CB (name escapes me now) signed with the Browns. And Shields was easily their worst defender on Sunday.

        • TheBigCheesy

          This is very accurate

  • DaBearsBlog

    Tech problems on site currently. New post in next few hours hopefully.

  • Irish Sweetness

    Just one game in, would you make changes on the roster?

    Here’s mine:

    1. WR – if AJ (calf) and Eddie (hip) are playing hurt, then don’t. This is more injury-related than a roster change, but I’d rather see 6’4 Wilson on the outside with 6’3 Meredith, Bellamy in the slot …promoting Ify from the PS (6’3)… or more 2-TE sets with Miller in, and lots of sweeps and slants in the running game off that. Play-action off that.

    2. LB – I’ve only seen the game once, but McPhee and Allen weren’t getting close. Ever. No QB hits/hurries/sacks is unacceptable, albeit GB’s line is good. I’d promote Anderson from the PS and maybe shift Timu outside and try him with Anderson, spelling Willie Young in.

    3. DTs – I’d sacrifice one of Emery’s babies for Terry Williams. I don’t get the Ego/Sutton love. One of whom started the game at NT I think. Goldman should only be spelled by Terry Williams (PS) – we need penetration from that point, and there was none on Sunday. Williams gets in there with that low center of gravity. Either Ego or Sutton as an end, but not in there together. Thinking of Cornwash / Williams / Goldman with Anderson and Timu/Young outside gives me a semi. Timu is backing up McClellin, but he seems naturally more of a baller than Shea. Timu/Jones inside?

    4. CB – Fuller begone. Maybe we’re in with a shout on Sunday without his last PI call. Not that good anyway. Ball was better than him, so I’d bring on Mitchell and either bench fuller, or try him at nickel.

    5. Rolle and Amos or Amos and Martin?

    6. RG. Easy. Tayo can’t be much worse than Ducasse, at least he won’t be done for holding, and his personal situation will keep him concentrated enough not to false start. He might be the perfect guard for us. 350lbs at RG, an immovable force between center (where I’d like Grasu) and Long. Or we could have Long at guard and Tayo at tackle, but this decision appears to have been made already. I feel running up the middle will never have been easier with Tayo in there bullrushing. Grasu might be better puling wide than Montgomery. Tayo may be needed to replace Bushrod, who has back issues.

    7. QB – Not likely. I may be in a small boat in saying that I loved Jay’s 50% completion performance. He made his reads, he chewed up the clock )to a normally game-winning advantage), and other than one Clay Matthews piece of brilliance, he looked after the ball. He ran with it for key first downs. He threw it away a few times. He did all the thing I hoped he would to get better. Just one game admittedly, but if his line protect him, then guys like Wilson, Bellamy, Meredith and Ify are primed to benefit. I hope they know their playbooks, because Jay knows his.

    • Viva

      Well done, lad.

      • MB30SD


    • Bear Down in Tampa

      I would try Fuller at Safety.

      • MB30SD

        Nooooooo bc, noooo!

        Where the fuck is mundy… is he gone for the year?

        • Bear Down in Tampa

          I know how you feel about the conversion of players from their natural positions, but his skill set may play better at safety and it’s not like he has to go from LB to S.

          • SC Dave

            Or safety to LB…. oh wait…

          • MB30SD

            Once in a lifetime dave. And he wasn’t a safety in college, he was a, he’s so good at everything he played everything and anything including safety rover imlb rush end punt/kick returner and fullback.

            Ability like that comes once every 10 years in the nfl, never mind your squad… he made the careers of an entire defense and coaching staff… and one shit bird gm.

          • MB30SD

            I agree with you here a little actually, out of anyone, I think fuller might be ok at free… IF he put on some weight. I just think he’d be a better nickel/rover guy as a more natural move.

            But wtf do I know bc… I just work here my maingses.

        • Irish Sweetness

          IR, along with Anthony Jefferson. Fuller might be worth a try at safety instead of Rolle?

        • Bear Down in Tampa

          Actually, yes, yes he is. He went on IR. His number was actually assigned to someone else.

          • MB30SD

            jesoos christo!

    • MB30SD

      Cornelius is lost for the year mate.

      I’d def get McClellin the fuck out of there, for good.

      I think fangio needs to try a bunch of different combos on the dine and see which works best.

      • Trac

        Fox told a reporter that he has more to work with in Chicago than when he got to Denver or Carolina.

        • MB30SD

          Hahaha… lipservice.

      • Irish Sweetness

        WTF? Is Houston heavy enough to play end?

  • Irish Sweetness

    Power rankings … I know I know.

    But 27th/28th ? That just means they looked at the scoreline and thought “same old Bears”.
    A lot of people have GB down for the Lombardi … and on another day we could have beaten them.

    We might win some games we’re not supposed to … which will mess with our draft (ducks). But there’s only 4 teams worse than us ? In the Ocho Cinco vernacular …. child please.

    • MB30SD

      You hit the nail lad. I’ve read 4 of these for us now (all ranked us around 25th), and it’s patently evident that not one of these tools watched anything more than 60 seconds of the low lights on the packers blowing media coverage.

      That alone was a joke sunday. I caught three recaps, all diff networks and pretty much every highlight of our game was a packers one save matty’s long run… and of course the int. Every single other highlight was of the packers. Absurd.

      Sssssok, we got nothing to lose this year so we’ll see.

      • TheBigCheesy

        The Bears had success but they didn’t really have any big highlight plays. Their lone touchdown was a 1 yard run (they rarely show garbage time TDs). And they only had a couple of big gainers….the wilson catch-and-run, 1 or 2 15-20 yard runs, and some cutler scrambles on 3rd down.

        The packers had the 1st jones touchdown, the jones sideline 3rd down conversion, the free play deep ball to jones (and the free play to jones that got flagged), matthews chasing down Forte, the INT, the goal line stand, the cobb touchdown, and the rodgers to Lacy shovel pass.

        I’m not surprised the highlights were packer-heavy. They won and they had more “highlight” type plays

    • FQD1911

      Irish: eff ALL power rankings…worthless metric in football.

  • T’Challa

    To answer my question from yesterday… Lavar Edwards. Not exactly what I was hoping for.

  • FQD1911
  • DocNitty Ellipsoids Ornamental

    I don’t know whether to be thankful or pissed but for some reason those fantasy gambling sites are illegal in the state of Washington. Fuckin big brother…smh

  • Jack Lacan

    Someone used the word “plethora” on here…”many” —will suffice and not sound too
    scholarly. “plethora” indeed…We need a plethora of touchdowns.

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