Audibles From the Long Snapper: Hoge’s Three Points, Defense Improving & the Favored Raiders?

| September 28th, 2015



Sat down to write a column Monday morning and after a Google search realized Adam Hoge (WGN) already wrote it. He makes three suggestions to John Fox and all three are 100% correct.

1. Start David Fales against the Raiders.

2. Stop the nonsense and just have Pat O’Donnell boom kickoffs out of the back of the end zone.

3. Give Jeremy Langford more carries.

Quick thought on each.

  • Wrote the column on why Bears should have started David Fales last week. Jimmy Clausen is horrible and everyone on earth knows that. (Did you see how Pete Carroll approached him Sunday? They were daring him to throw passes!) 2015 is in the books. Every decision should be geared towards 2016 and beyond.
  • Teams are going to move the ball on the Bears all season so they’re not afraid to return kickoffs from inside the end zone. There’s no different to them between starting on the 13 or 20 yard lines. Bears can’t cover kicks currently and they shouldn’t have to. They have a protective measure on the roster. They should use him.
  • Bears need to make a decision immediately whether Matt Forte is part of their future. If he’s not, he shouldn’t be on this team. I’d take Hoge’s point a step further. I think Langford should be receiving a bulk of the carries.


Don’t believe me?

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 10.52.28 AM

Bears are actually ranked 11th in the league and while they have surrendered the most points in the league, 21 of those points did not come from the defense. They’ve also played half their season to this point with Jimmy Clausen at QB which means they are on the field about double the amount of time they should be.


From a piece this summer at PFT:

“My second thought was ‘Laugh now. Because next year when I come back, there’s not going to be much to laugh about,’” Houston said, via the Chicago Tribune.

Houston made another vow as he prepares to play the second season of a five-year, $35 million deal that he signed with the Bears before last season.

“People in Chicago haven’t had the opportunity to see my full athleticism yet,” Houston said. “They’ll be surprised. I guarantee that.”

Anybody see Houston yet this season? Email me when he makes his first play.


Bears shouldn’t be favored in any game involving Jimmy Clausen. And they won’t be.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 11.03.17 AM

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  • CanadaBear

    Does Adam Hoge have a blog?

    • MB30SD

      Canada you bastardo!

      …second bitches?

  • BillW

    In case you missed our pet troll’s post. O’D won’t be doing kickoffs this week at least. He’s day to day with a knee sprain (presumably on his kicking leg).

    I think a couple special teamers also have wind-burn.

    • TheBigCheesy

      Thank’s Bill!

      Yeah, it’s probably not wise to give your punter even more responsibilities when he’s already suffering from overuse.

      • Viva

        That was funny, Cheesedick.

        • MB30SD

          stop that.

          Ohhh Rahhh!

      • not a concern. KO and P duties are inversely proportional. Barring a turnover, every drive ends in one or the other.

        • BillW

          Not quite. It can also be a missed FG or turnover on downs.

          • turnover on downs is also a turnover. I guess I excluded missed FG.

            Still, point remains, for most drives you either punt or kick off.

          • BillW

            Interesting. I’m not nit picking,just trying to educate myself further. If a team fails on 4th down does that show up in the turnover stats? I’m pretty sure a muffed punt recovered by the punting team counts as a turnover. I wonder also about a successful onside kick? I think not since it’s a free ball and no one has possession until they do (suddenly I’m channeling Yogi Berra.)

          • yeah, I guess you’re right. In terms of turnover differential, they only count INTs and fumbles.

  • Potato Rodriguez


    • AlbertInTucson

      “Fall off for Goff?

      • BerwynBomber

        Goff looks pretty good but it is often tough to go by highlights on YouTube. But one thing that stands out is that he has reasonably quick feet in the pocket and moves well within it.

        Jones is a little bit like Cutty in that he has a cannon and is good downhill runner, but I worry that’s all he has and he’ll be a turnover machine in the pros.

        • AlbertInTucson

          I was just making up a rhyme. I am never for tanking.

          Goff’s played most of his career with poor Cal Defenses. It looked better early but then they let Texas ring up 44.

          He’s is or is about to become Ca’s all time leading Passer.

          UCLA true freshman, Josh “Chosen” Rosen, came to Tucson this weekend and lit up UA from the get-go in front a a packed house, “Red-Out” crowd that was mightily amped up when Arizona drove 75 yards for a TD with the game’s opening drive.

        • Johnnywad

          Well, that and he’s a “winner”. Let’s not forget our magical intangibles.

        • Irish Sweetness

          Yeah, but he has all day to throw based on the highlight reel I saw. Looks like a great line.

  • FourFeathers

    No chance the Bears go with completely untested Fales against Oakland if Cutler can’t go. Ugly or otherwise, Clausen is the guy you go to battle with. While Clausen does indeed suck, he isn’t even in the top 10 of what’s fundamentally wrong with the Bears. Irrationally complaining about Clausen is like complaining about a rust spot identified on the Titanic just as it is about to take it’s vertical swan dive into the icy depths of the North Atlantic.

    • BerwynBomber

      But people are curious to see what, if anything, we have in Fales. Clausen is pretty much a known quantity.

      • AlbertInTucson

        “Untested Fales”.

        Well, it’s time to test him.

    • WP34

      Don’t assume my stance, I am not saying I disagree or agree, I’m your Huckleberry, please write out that 1- 10 what’s fundamentally wrong list for us novice bears fans.
      Seriously. Thanks.

      • BerwynBomber

        I assume FF’s point is that if you believe Bears’ problems are systemic and/or organizational then the limitations of your journeyman back-up QB aren’t much of a long-term issue in comparison to say roster depth, horrible special teams, sketchy secondary, no proven pass rusher, etc., etc.

        • WP34

          Besides Ownership – we just cleaned house?
          Last year we were an embarrassing team?

          To fix these fundamental issues, not having roster depth, secondary issues, etc…things we all know about, sometimes it takes time.

          We have a new regime.

          Fix what you currently can, plant seeds to fix other things you cant currently address.

          I don’t agree with the naysayers perspective that there is chronically something always wrong… that miraculously can never be fixed…

          • BerwynBomber

            Not saying I do either but big picture-wise the suckage of Jimmy Clausen is small potatoes. I also think FF, from what I have read of his posts, is a believer in Pox.

          • WP34

            I agree on clausen. I watched fox win here in denver with Tebow. I hope organization has cleaned out enough to now be heading in a better direction.

            I prefer data over blanket remarks.

        • FourFeathers

          Exactly. We are saddled with the crisis of a bad roster. There isn’t a whole lot of talent on this 53 man. That is the dilemma…far more important of an issue then a craptacular backup quarterback is. We need massive building block help. Clausen? He rates very low on the list of problems because he is one of the 15-20 guys on this roster that isn’t really NFL employable beyond the blessing of the Bears being so bad that job opportunity is there.

      • Pissed Off

        I usually don’t go for posts like this but first and foremost we need a franchise QB….someone who we can win a SB with. While Cutler is very good at times he is too inconsistent for us to ever win a SB with him.
        Next up I’d say the Defense needs some talent. I thought having a stud DC like Fangio would solve a lot of problems but thus far into the season anyway (and proved by Jwoods post above) this D is still terrible. For the remaining items you can lump together a ton of things like the health of some players (WR in particular), our special teams coverage, a better LT, etc. But most of our problems would be solved by either a franchise QB (as evidenced by most any team who wins a SB nowadays) and the D getting better (see the chicago bears of the mid 00s when we dominated without a great QB) IF we can combine the 2…look out.

        • Irish Sweetness

          Eli. Manning.

    • Obviously this year is not about winning. They’re 0-3, which historically means they’re not in the playoffs.
      So it’s about answering questions. We know what Clausen is: bad. What is Fales? Is he part of Chicago’s future? We don’t know, so let’s find out. That has to be the coaches’ line of thinking.

      • BerwynBomber

        “Has to be”? I would hope but I’m not sure it is … yet. Guess we’ll find out if Cutler can’t go.

    • Pissed Off

      Yeah not quite.
      Clausen sucking is significantly more of a big deal than a rust spot on the titanic. I see what you’re going for there but c’mon man. Did you go to ND or are you Jimmys uncle?

      • BillW

        Fox in my opinion said everything you need to know about his feeling regarding Clausen. “We need to generate more than 0 points to win games.”

    • Irish Sweetness

      He’s NOT completely untestesd. Did you watch pres-season? He played a whole game and he was rating 134 !!!

  • When the Bears came out with their base offense as a goal-line package against Seattle, I actually started laughing.

    • The Ghost of Super Bowl XX

      More than special teams’ play?

    • If you had one of the top rushing Os, no WRs and Clausen behind center, wouldn’t you come out in the TANK formation?

      What would’ve been funnier would be if they came out in shot-gun 4 wide. Just to throw them off.

      Didn’t a team used to rotate QBs every other series? Wasn’t that Landry who did that?

      Clausen one series. Fales the next.

      Hey, it worked for Landry!

      • BillW

        I could be wrong – I’ll look it up because I worry I’m getting what’s his name’s disease – but I think it actually was every other PLAY. Craig Morton and Roger Staubach.

        • BillW


          Week 7: Chicago 23, Dallas 19

          Dallas record: 4-3

          Notwithstanding Staubach’s success against the Patriots, Landry decided to alternate his two quarterbacks on every play of the week 7 game against the Bears. The results were disasterous as the Cowboys turned the ball over seven times. The Cowboys managed 344 passing yards, but Morton and Staubach combined for four interceptions.


          • haha, yeah, I was being sarcastic about it working, but I thought they alternated series.
            They alternated plays!? holy crap.

          • Pissed Off

            I feel like Shanahan did that with the Broncos or something back in the day….does that sound familiar to anyone?

    • BillW

      When were the Bears near the goal line? Or did you mean their own goal line?

      • they were running a goal-line offense in the middle of the field. Just power run, not pretending otherwise.

        • BearDown100393

          Except on 4th and 1 at mid field. Then the plan changes to punting the football.

        • BillW

          Got it. Thanks.

        • Irish Sweetness

          And it was working .. against a top run defense. Double-TE, I-formation was the only sensible thing to run.

  • Mike Francesa just now on Brandon Marshall: “He’s gotta stop talking.”

    Ain’t gonna happen, Mike. – Jeff

    Haha, I used to date a mormon chick like that. She was also on meds. I dedicate this song to her and Bmarsh.

    • BearDown100393

      Marshall. Marshall. Marshall.

      • BillW

        While there is no doubt he’d be an asset on the filed, I think we can see why Pace/Fox decided they’d rather go on without his off-field antics.

        • Irish Sweetness

          Who needs a top 5 receiver, right?

    • CanadaBear

      Here’s another take on the same subject.

  • “Anybody see Houston yet this season? ”

    It might help if Fangio would actually use him. He’s not playing all that much. Nickel packages need to have Houston at DE to improve the pass rush.

    McPhee and Houston both have incredible versatility that Fangio is completely ignoring. When you don’t have top talent, you have to get unpredictable. Get creative. Fangio is disappointing me schematically so far.

    That said, Houston is definitely getting cut after this season, seeing as this coaching staff apparently doesn’t think very highly of him and his guaranteed money is all but up.

    • BearDown100393

      Hell of a dancer.

  • Do not use yards per game to measure the defense. They ranked highly there the first week because they were on the field so much.

    Use points per game. Yards per play. yards per drive. Points per drive. Anything but yards per game, which is not an accurate measurement of defensive quality at all.

    FWIW, Chicago’s D is ranked 32nd in ppg, 32nd in passer rating against, T-23rd in yards per pass attempt against, 32nd in passing TD allowed, 27th in rushing yards per attempt against, 32nd in football outsiders’ pass defense rankings, 28th in football outsiders’ run defense rankings, and 32nd in football outsiders’ total defense rankings. Basically, they have the worst pass defense in the NFL and a below-average run defense, which adds up to the worst defense in the NFL.

    Until this week against Seattle, we had yet to see anything from Chicago’s defense that was remotely better than 2014. And even in this one you could argue it looked like what they did against teams like the Bills and Jets last year-run first teams that struggle to pass.

    • BearDown100393

      How bad was the Bears defense comparatively after 3 games in ’14?

      • actually looked a lot better than this due to playing crappier offenses. Their 1st 3 games last year were BUF, NYJ, SF. 3 mediocre, run-first offenses that the Bears could match up with moderately well.

    • But other than that, we’re good!

    • BerwynBomber

      Stats aside, it is more about the perception that the D is not blowing assignments left or right or being embarrassed. Or to put it another way, the ’14 Bears D looked a little like our ’15 kick coverage. The ’15 D looks a little more competent.

      • I agree the D visually looks a little better, but honestly not much. There’s not much talent there, and Fangio really isn’t doing much exotic stuff to try and help them out.
        I think he’s trying to figure out exactly what he has by having them do a little more basic stuff rather than try to maximize their production with exotic blitzes and coverage disguises. That could explain why he’s not moving guys like McPhee and Houston around despite the fact that they are capable of playing multiple positions.

        • BerwynBomber

          Agreed. And a few of our starters, I’m sure, won’t be starting next year. Case in point, Ball. At worst, he is a one year rental; at best, they will keep him around as a veteran back-up next year.

          I think the OAK game could tell us more about the D than the first three games. And if Cutler (and maybe Alshon) were healthy, I would say it might tell us more about the entire team.

          It is easy to forget we faced GB, ARI and SEA. Or as I like to think of them: Rodgers and the two best teams in the NFC.

          • BillW

            Where did I read the stat that said Cutler had a remarkably high point/drive in his 12 series before being hurt? Maybe here? Part of the problem is if the D can’t get off the field you don’t get a lot of drives.

            Something was really clicking for the O with Gase and Cutty. We just started to see it and then it’s gone and forgotten thanks to a bad backup.

            But there are not even 32 good QBs so it’s not surprising.

        • WP34

          Is Jarvis Jenkins really good or just a flash in the pan? (BlogFather: will only be 28 in 2016. Bears might have struck gold there.)

          I believe rat is back this week also.

          • I think they might have found a quality contributor in Jenkins, which would be nice.

        • Pissed Off

          So at what point does Fangio start trying something else with some blitzes or exotic packages….when we are 10 games below .500?

          • BillW

            When he has players who can execute them without hanging the already undermanned secondary out to dry.

      • Yes, I think those WIDE truck lanes for running are gone.
        The LBs don’t look like the 3 stooges in pass coverage.
        The safeties aren’t taking the worst angles I’ve ever seen, or playing man when they should be playing zone, or vice versa.

        The Bears’ D looks much more disciplined, aggressive, and “aware”.

        What they don’t look like is talented. They simply don’t “finish” or make any splash plays. They’re just a little off. Not whipping their head around on bombs. Not batting passes. Not stoning anyone in the backfield. Just the little things, whereas last season, it was just an unmitigated disaster from top to bottom.

        Also, a lot of these guys are simply not meant for this scheme.

    • Pissed Off

      There is some eye opening stats….thanks stats guru guy. I thought maybe yesterday they actually played decent defense despite getting no time of possession or anything for that matter out of the offense. I just remember back when our D was so good Rex could throw a plethora of picks and the d would still keep the team in the game and win it for them. OH the glory days.

      • BillW

        Yes – as a statistician and seeker of cause and effect vs straight correlation, I jump in and read JWood as soon as I see he posted something new.

      • their D was really good yesterday for about 2.5 quarters. Wore down.

        They were atrocious against GB and ARI.

    • Irish Sweetness

      You really do cherry pick stats, Woodsy. You pick out 8 stats and leave out the most basic passing stat for defense.

      The Bears are 6th in fewest yards allowed. Why did you leave that one out?

      • I’m not cherry picking stats at all. I’m using useful stats. Yards are not useful because volume varies so much. Chicago’s D is not better because their O is holding the ball longer and keeping opposing offenses off the field. Opposing offenses are still moving the ball at will on Chicago’s D.

  • BillW

    I hate the fact that it’s not even Oct and I found myself wondering if the Bears should trade down in next years draft. That is – I hate myself for thinking that way.

    I do agree with Jeff that the Bears will be noticeably better by the last several games of the season. And as I’ve said, you can’t build a winning atmosphere by losing. So it’s quite obvious that Fox will not set up the Bears to do anything but compete as best as the talent he has allows against the opponent they are up against.

    Yesterday, that may have been the best they could do. Would have helped to get the punt turnover, but that may have at best avoided the shutout. They had no chance with Clausen – and Fox/Gase have seen Fales. They may feel they have less chance with him.

    • BerwynBomber

      Also helps that four of our last five games of the season look pillow-like soft.

      • BillW

        Of course re-reading my post I realize mathematically it made no sense. You can’t have less than no chance.

    • Pissed Off

      Oh I’m totally scouting college QBs right now. What the hell else am I going to do this football season, give a shit about the bears at this point…I don’t need that.

      • Irish Sweetness

        Scout ILBs, DEs please !

  • BearDown100393

    Is this defense really improving when the head coach refuses to go for it on 4th and 1 when down by 20? If the Bears failed to convert and Seattle scores a TD, how well does the claim stand up?

    • BillW

      I was curious about that too – I think there were 2 times he could have said “what the hell, nothing more to lose.”

      • Pissed Off

        Completely agree, when we were down by so much already who cares….there was virtually no scenario where we were going to come back and win….just go for it, who cares where they are on the field, it’s one yard.

  • BillW

    Jared Allen traded to Panthers per Jeff’s tweet (from Glazer)!

    • FourFeathers

      For what? He can’t have value.

      • BillW

        The ever vague “late round pick”

        • FourFeathers

          Glad he is gone. Washed up and a hopelessly bad fit for this defense.

        • Bear Down in Tampa

          It’s conditional, i bet if he hits certain milestones could be a mid round pick.

  • Pissed Off

    Buh Bye Allen

    • BillW

      Bear down, more to go.

      • FourFeathers

        Please see McLellin is next.

        • BillW

          There are only two untouchables on this team from my perspective.

          Long and (given what we saw yesterday) Cutler. (Yep, I said it).

          • Pissed Off

            At least until we get a highly drafted rookie or some form of franchise QB I agree.

          • BillW

            Right – i’m referring to in-season trading. Now that we see that Pace/Fox are willing to cut losses, I’m sure there will be at least a few more of these.

            Pace is apparently working the phones now. I can’t believe this is the only one he tried to make. It’s just the first one to go through. Good for him.

          • Pissed Off

            Hell let’s clean house then. Sooner than later and maybe we can get some positivity with the new look Bears gelling toward the end of the year. I would love some hope coming into 2016.

          • BillW

            Maybe I’m way off base but I suspect yesterday pushed them in that direction. More to come I am sure, especially as injuries for contenders start showing their effect.

            Cmon Pittsburgh – you really need an experienced QB. We have Jimmy Pickles all warmed up for you. He hands off real good.)

          • Irish Sweetness

            Don’t be ashamed, Bill. We love Jay. Again.

  • BearDown100393

    Purging Emery’s ghost.

    • FourFeathers

      I can’t imagine Carolina is giving up anything more than a 6th or 7th rounder max in this deal, but still glad it went down. Allen doesn’t fit the 3-4 and we should hardly be wasting time on a 34 year old player at ANY position. Hence why I would also market the crap out of Ratliff right now too. If we are going to be bad (and we are going to be) then be bad and aim for the 2016 draft.

      • BillW

        Per Glazer a 6th, though somewhere else said conditional. Not sure if it can go higher or 6th is the high and it could be lower

        • FourFeathers

          If that is the actual wording of the deal, then that interprets to mean that the best the Bears can get out of this deal is a 6th rounder. And it further presumes Allen needs to meet certain criteria of performance for even that to happen.

          • BillW

            I read two different descriptions. One said 6 and the other said conditional but didn’t give a number.

    • AlbertInTucson

      $11m laxative?

  • Did N’Acho Libre just take Allen’s spot?
    I thought PS didn’t matter?

    Or are they making playing time for Houston/Young?

    Another possibility.

    Move Shea to OLB, promote Timu to ILB.

    • FourFeathers

      What? Young is horrible fit for the 3-4 and coming off an achilles. He can’t even make the cut to suit up on a very bad team. He’s useless so far as the Bears go. And Shea? Good God how many more chances does this bust have to be granted?

      • I’m not ADVOCATING it to happen, I’m wondering if that’s what they’re thinking, hence the question marks.

        And how do YOU know Young is a horrible fit in a 3-4? Were YOU there scouting him in camp, in practices? Even if he does suck now, like you said, he’s coming off an Achilles, so maybe he needs a little more time.

        What would be your solution besides just bitching?

        • FourFeathers

          Willie Young is an awful fit for the new Fox/Fangio defense even if he were at full health.

          • We don’t really know that yet. PPl said the same thing about others when they first converted.

            If we had a plethora of talent on a SB contending team, then yeah, dump Young. but what better options do we have at the moment?

            I personally think Acho should get more reps, they might think that too, but it’s not as if he’s an All-pro commodity either.

            In short, most of our guys on D come with question marks.

          • FourFeathers

            Willie Young didn’t even suit up against Seattle. For a Chicago team with a God awful roster situation. Young is merely riding out the year on Chicago’s dime before he is cut loose in the offseason. He doesn’t fit anymore. The Bears did not just clear out Allen to make room for Willie Friggin Young to play. If anything, Sam Acho and Lamar Houston are going to see big upgrade in playing time.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Move Shea to bench, you mean! Timu is a baller by the looks of him. Shea was never a baller, ergo doesn’t belong on the field. Promote Anderson and throw him in the mix too.

  • Waffle
  • Trac

    Jeff, you were singing Emerys praise when he signed Houston. Outside of signing Marshall, Bushrod, Rat and Slauson, I can’t think of any other decent FA aquisitions since Peppers.

    • FourFeathers

      Further evidence that good teams that sustain success DO IT THRU THE DRAFT. Not free agency. This was the problem with Angelo and Emery. They could not draft, and their only alternative left was to try and build a team thru free agency. Which doesn’t work. There is not a single team in the NFL who has built success by signing outside free agents. It can only be a COMPLEMENTARY strategy to drafting (and developing) well.

  • BillW

    JWood (or anyone): Not asking for research, just top of your head. Do 6th round draft choices have any trade up value? I can see trading say 2 threes for two maybe. What about two 6s for a 5, then 2 fives for a 4, etc? Does it ever work that way?

    • FourFeathers

      I just read what Brad Biggs posted. There is no guarantee the Bears get a 6th rounder in this deal. It is the best they can do if everything falls into place in terms of Allen’s performance in Carolina. It could be the case we get nothing…not even a 7th rounder.

      • BillW

        So it could be a Judge Smails trade?

        • FourFeathers

          Spalding, get your feet off the boat !

    • 505 Bears

      Not even the computer teams on Madden take those trades I offer, but that’s the research off the old noggin from me.

    • Almost no value. I saved this for reference. This is the chart most GMs go by.


      I’m assuming the trade is more financial or even symbolic. I’m sure the other vets are looking at their game tape a lil differently this afternoon.

  • The GP

    I’m trying to understand how our new, young GM is smart.


    We paid $11m to get rid of him.

    The Panthers pay $825k for this season and next.

    Wow. He must be a helluva crybaby to warrant getting out of town on these terms.

    • FourFeathers

      Facepalm. The Bears suck. And Jared Allen is a sunk cost. A 34 year old sunk cost trying (and failing) to make the switch to a 3-4 defense. Eating his contract in the name of letting Acho and Houston play more is a good idea. Allen was neither the present or the future with the Bears. So best to cut bait and further curse the ruinous rein of Phil Emery, the dope who signed Allen to that very stupid contract.

    • Trac

      At this point, it’s probably all about a Roster spot.

      • BillW

        Too many OLBs. Fox said he sat Young for that reason – needed the spot for special teams (and that worked out SO well too!)

        • Trac

          But Allen was a bust anyway. That 11 mil hit really is on Emery.

          • BillW


            (How are you and yours doing Trac?)

          • Trac

            Much better thanks. All the women have finally calmed down. Lol.

          • BillW

            Great – I don’t mean to ask every time I see your name. So I won’t. Back to football.

          • FourFeathers

            Yep. Just do the dirty work of getting rid of the bad money contracts now. No sense letting non-productive and non-future of the franchise players stick around. Get them all out of here.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Emery wasn’t running a 3-4 though ….

    • CanadaBear

      How much does George hate PE right about now?

      • Trac


      • FourFeathers

        And yet Sweaty Teddy Phillips continues his 15 year streak of getting a free hall pass from criticism. I like Ryan Pace a lot. But I wish he had a capable team president on top of his role.

        • BillW

          My theory is that is in the offing but it’s too soon.

          • BillW

            Meaning that he will get promoted and Teddy will sidestep into a non football title

          • The GP

            Teddy can only milk his deal with Daley so long. Yes, he raped Daley. Daley was the prison whore; he went to work for the law firm that helped rape the city of Chicago on the Skyway and the parking meters.

            So Teddy needs to stop milking that.

          • haha, my uncle from the South Side visited me today out the blue with my cousin who just retired from the Marines. He was talking about how ridicules it is in CHI to park anywhere. Then my cousin (not his son) jumped in and said that he once paid $200 to park for 2hrs when he was stationed in Japan. Said he thought it said 9yen an hour, but turned out they went by minutes!

            I also didn’t know that Marines were no longer allowed to drink off-base over there now. Yikes!

            My uncle came to visit his son (also in the marines) since he was being stationed in the middle-east. So, my uncle’s like, “Damn. war zone” but my cousin informed, “He’s going to Kuwait! That’s a booze-cruise!” to which my uncle replied, “If I would’ve known that, I would’ve stayed in Chicago with my chickens!” lol

            He was also still pissed off Obama couldn’t close the deal for the Olympics. Said a lot of blue collar guys were counting on a lot of work cuz of it. So, he black-balled the Olympics. Won’t watch them anymore.

            Haha. My southside fam is funny.

          • FourFeathers

            The McCaskeys are pacifist NFL owners. And they have been content for years to fall in line with whatever the big power broker owners of the league want to do and to let Roger Goodell and their team proxy, Sweaty Teddy, do their bidding for them. I can only hope that when Virginia passes away that a real shakeup occurs in the family ownership of the Bears.

      • Irish Sweetness

        Jerry Fucking Angelo has us where we are.

    • willbest

      Allen got a 32 mil 4 year deal with 16 mil guaranteed Structured approximately 4, 12, 8, 8. The Panthers are getting a solid pass rusher for 1 million, with an option to pay him 8 mil next year and the year after. The bears get 1 million cleared off the cap.
      Incidentally the Bears are now slated to have over 60 million cap next year.

      • FourFeathers

        Again…good teams are NOT built thru free agency. So all this cap space does very little to inspire me. It’s got to be all about drafting and developing well. Free agency can only be complementary to that.

        • willbest

          That may be. Bears are still obligated by NFL rules to spend 96% of the cap over a 5 year period.

      • The GP

        The Panthers get a pash rusher for $825k this year.

        Bears ate the remaining 11M to bring his payout up to his guarantee. I’m sure years 3 & 4 had provision clauses in it.

        So we paid him 4 last year and got shit.
        This year, he plays in 3 games – sucks at 3-4 (and really just sucks, I think he’s got nothing left for the Panthers either) and so we dig deep and take a $11m payout to dump him.

        This is NOT about what we free in cap space next year. It’s about paying a guy to suck for three games $11m and then dumping him on somebody else for chump change.

        I get that Allen is about cleaning Emery’s mess up, and I know he wasn’t shit for us, but man – just paying out – I hope we get something in trade.

        • It’s chasing bad money after good money, or whatever the metaphor is.

          It reminds me of someone I knew who wanted to sell the car. He put so much into fixing it, he knew he would never recoop his $. He wanted to sell it and take the $ damage, rationalizing that the insurance and maintenance on it will cost more in the long term.

          His wife steps in, “Nope. You just put $800 in it. The car, though crappy, should at least be sold for $800 more than what you were asking.”

          Keeps the car, it breaks down again. $400 to fix it. Plus of course, the monthly insurance and emotional rage.

          Sometimes, you just gotta take the short term loss for long term financial and psychical reasons.

        • Irish Sweetness

          We couldn’t trade him at the end of the year, so it was a good move. Cash we have. Draft picks we don’t.

  • Any word on Forte, if he fucked up his back? That looked pretty brutal.
    He’ll likely be gone after this season but would like to see him healthy.

    • DocNitty Ellipsoids Ornamental

      He finished the game….

      • Yeah, but sometimes those back injuries creep up after the shots and adrenaline wear off.

        Like car accidents. My best bud got in a car accident. Wanted to do a talent show that same night (dancing). Next day, couldn’t even get out of bed without help.

        Forte’s a machine with his body, but the body’s not supposed to bend that way with 300 pound dudes on you.

  • BerwynBomber

    Other than hiring Fox, Pace’s most impressive move as a GM thus far might be unloading Allen.

  • BillW

    It’s a mulligan year for Pace in some sense. Eventually he’ll own all the problems but for now he can still say it’s Emery/Angelo.

    Still, he’s shown he’s willing to cut losses (Marshall, Allen) and not be sentimental (Peanut, Briggs, Jennings). So now he has to keep it up. After a certain point every player still on the Bears will be Ryan Pace;s player – not Emery or Angelo. Obviously he needs to field a team every week so he can’t get rid of everyone, but some guys (like Shea) better be making plays.

    He’s already showed that keeping Cutler rather than essentially giving him away was the right move.

    I remain encouraged.

    • It’ll be POX’s team in 2017. Rule of thumb – 3 yrs to judge a draft class, and that usually applies to GMs and coaches.

      • CanadaBear

        Sometimes the GM does something so incredibly stupid you know before the 3-year window is shut. e.g. not hiring the reigning NFL Coach of the Year for your head coaching vacancy and going with Nessman.

        • The GP

          Then signing Cutler to a monster 3-year when it was assumed you would franchise tag him.

  • WP34

    The Carolina Panthers have acquired veteran pass-rusher Jared Allen from the Chicago Bears, pending a physical.

  • Robert L. Wendt

    Jimmy Clausen has the lowest Quarterback rating of any NFL QB, since 2010. It is obvious to he
    does not belong in the NFL. I am going to keep saying this to the Bears coaching staff,

  • Irish Sweetness

    How in the wide world of sports are the Bears only +2.5 ? With Clausen?

    Oh, and we’re 6th in passing defense, but ont he other end of the spectrum in rush defense. Timu time.

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