Adam Gase, Caller of Plays, May Be Bears Biggest Mystery

| June 17th, 2015

img24671710Following the 2013 season, a buddy of mine ran into a Broncos player at a booster event for a major university. My friend had one question for the player: What is it like to play with Peyton Manning? His response was he doesn’t play with Manning, he plays for Manning. He said Manning was the team’s head coach, offensive coordinator and quarterback. Everything they did revolved around what Manning wanted them to do.

John Fox was a successful head coach before he ever coached Manning. There are no questions about him. Adam Gase, however, is still a mystery that could prove crucial to the Bears season.

Everyone in Denver was forced to learn Manning’s offense,  coaches included. It was very different from what the Broncos ran before Manning got there and different from what their former offensive coordinator, Mike McCoy, runs in San Diego. Gase didn’t call plays as Broncos OC. He suggested them.


This is why play-calling may be the biggest issue facing the 2015 Bears offense. There are conflicting reports to what Gase’s role in Denver actually was on a down-to-down basis. But the world knows if Manning didn’t like a play, he didn’t run it. Jay Cutler needs more guidance and Gase, a Mike Martz protege, can’t ask him to fall back into the trap of seven-step drops and holding the ball. Cutler is not Kurt Warner. He’s certsinly not Peyton Manning.

Calling plays is an art few completely master. (This is why retreads like Chan Gailey keep getting work.) Assuming health, the Bears offense should be good regardless of who their coordinator is. They just have to stay reasonably healthy and the offensive coordinator just has to not screw it up; both major issues in The Season That Never Happened.

What if Gase really is as great an offensive mind as many seem to think? If he is the offensive wizard many considered for head coaching vacancies, how dangerous can the Bears offense be? If Gase is an elite offensive coordinator, he should be able to maximize the Bears talent –  and their offense should carry them to a winning record.

For now, Gase remains a mystery. But one that could be exciting to solve.

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  • Irish Sweetness

    First, BE-ATCH!

    • your mother must be so proud of all you’ve accomplished

      • The GP

        Irish’s mother was born on Xenu, bitches!

        • Sactowns#1

          Level 5 thetan here,

        • Irish Sweetness

          Shhhhhhhsshhh !

  • Irish Sweetness


    Who’s been sleeping in my bed? What do we think of Taylor Mays?

    6’3. 230lbs. 4.24 40 yard dash. Can’t keep his dick in his pants.

    If we can sign Ray McDonald, we can sign this guy.

    • Said it since he came out of SC – can’t cover worth a lick. His muscles get in the way.

    • He’s a LB in a S body. Can’t cover. Maybe could be a ST demon.

      But here’s why I say no: Pete Carroll recruited him to USC and coached him through college. Pete Carroll is one of the best defensive coaches in the NFL (maybe the best) and knows Mays better than just about anybody. Pete Carroll has had multiple chances to sign Mays for basically nothing and passed.

      Not to mention that Mays has already spent time with Donatell and Fangio and was cut. And his entire NFL career has been with excellent defensive coaches (Fangio and Zimmer), and neither has been able to get anything out of him for 5 years.

      • Trac

        MB cringes every time he reads a Taylor Mays article. Hee hee.

      • Irish Sweetness

        I’m getting the vibe that he was cut for reasons other than football, and more to do with, um … not caging his panther.

  • AlbertInTucson

    Do nothing. Yeah, Sox management, THAT’LL improve the Pale Hose situation.

    • BearDown100393

      If Jerry Reinsdorf owned the Blackhawks, Denis Savard would still be head coach of a non-playoff team drawing 4000 per home game.

      • AlbertInTucson

        GREAT, dead-on analogy!

        • BearDown100393

          I have my moments. They are few and far between. But they exist.

  • AlbertInTucson

    DaBearsBlog @dabearsblog
    He’s an actual safety. Haven’t had one in a half decade. https://twitter.com/danpompei/status/610926103713193984

    Yes, but how long can he stay on the field. as he approaches the age of 33…?

    • A lot of Gmen fans attest to his durability and leadership. However, they also say he’s “serviceable” at best. At least he won’t concuss himself every 1st quarter

    • DaBearsBlog

      I think he’ll stay on the field if he’s not asked to do what he can’t do: cover people.

  • That offensive line will be a mystery under him too. Who’s going to call the protections? What kinda Olinemen does he like (Grasu gave us a hint, a heady athletic type, but then they take a flyer on Big Ole Mayo).

    Will Gase follow his mentor Martz’ QB killing scheme, or does he prefer something closer to Kromer, or perhaps the “Duh-offense” line?

    Say what you will about Kromer/Tresty, but they did upgrade that Oline (compared to Tice and Martz, though perhaps that’s not saying much).

    I wonder if that will continue, from a horrible, to avg-, to good/great Oline.

    I’m very curious since we know games are won in the trenches, and Fangio unlike Gase has proven he can build in the trenches.

    • I looked a bit at OL history under Magazu, who has followed Fox around for 9 years now.

      Turns out he likes undersized C and mauling RG, so Grasu and Long fit quite nicely there.

      Historical performance of Magazu’s OLs: http://dabearsbeat.com/2015/05/28/breaking-down-dave-magazus-history-the-numbers/

      Personell trends and development of draft picks: http://dabearsbeat.com/2015/05/29/breaking-down-dave-magazus-history-personnel-and-development/

      • Hey, where did you find the stats for the first article? You mentioned that under Peyton the sack percentage per dropback was 3.8% but the other QBs varied from 9% to 5% and I was wondering what Cutty’s sack percentage was under Martz/Tice/Kromer to give us some idea of where Magazu lands.

        I also find it extremely telling that the one BIG off-year was when Tebus played (while at the other end, Peyton). Goes to show how a good savvy QB can improve an Oline.

        I also find the “stuffs” baffling. It seems all over the place, yet once HBs don’t get stuffed, they’re free to glide through the 2nd level? I wonder if that’s an all or nothing type of philosophy.

        The getting to the 2nd level indicates that Maguzu prefers atheltic and perhaps smaller OGs, but perhaps not (if they pancake guys, that works too).

        All in all, the Oline coach seems avg. Naturally, a great back and QB can help. It’s too early to want an “upgrade” but his resume doesn’t get me as excited as say Fangio’s.

        • I found the stats for that from Pro Football Reference. I believe I linked them in the article. Here’s 2014, and you can click through year by year from there: http://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/ol2014

          I think average is entirely fair for Magazu. He’s a solid OL coach, nothing special.

          • “Magazu’s offensive lines have given up a sack on 6.1% of dropbacks…” in those stats you didn’t link the reference (later you did with PFF). What I normally did when I wrote was put a lil footnote at the bottom of article, or just linked the stats so the reader can see for themselves (though for PFF I think there’s some paywall).

            You cited the other stuff, just not the dropback ones, unless I’m being really dense, entirely possible.

      • Irish Sweetness

        Once Tayo gets going into the second level he could be a fearsome mauling monster. Surely we must send Long to the outside, and shore up the middle with a monster.

        • T’Challa

          Do you see Tayo as more of a OG or OT?

    • Huge Bear’s Penis

      Tice and Martz didn’t have to upgrade the line. Tice was the greatest o-line coach ever, he was the o-line whisperer…. atleast that is what we were told year after year.

      • Can’t believe how much Tice sucked. All around the league, from “experts” on ESPN, NFLnet, articles from every major and minor board, all kept swearing Tice was one of the better Oline coaches in the league, and I kept thinking, ‘Am I crazy? he sucks big balls.’

        Perhaps what I think happened is that he believed his own hype and tried to make shit taste like filet minion.

        Pride cometh…

        • In his defense, he really had nothing to work with. But yeah.

        • T’Challa

          I thought Kromer was a much better OL coach than Tice. Kromer as an OC, not so much of a fan.

  • I normally don’t read Don Banks, but it’s the preseason, and filler-time.
    He ranks the past 10 QB classes.


    • Even GB can suck at evaluating QBs…

      • The Lowlights: Brian Brohm.
      Remember him? Some draft experts projected him to go as high as No. 1
      overall in 2007, but instead he returned to Louisville for his senior
      season and wound up lasting until the second round in 2008, when Green
      Bay took him 56th overall, the third QB selected. But by the time the
      Packers closed out their preseason that year, Brohm had slid to No. 3 on
      the depth chart, failing to even beat out fellow rookie and
      seventh-round pick Matt Flynn,
      who went 209th overall. Brohm spent time with Buffalo, making two
      starts over the course of 2009-10, but has since kicked around the UFL
      and CFL, and is currently property of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

      • Irish Sweetness

        See the Packers got the greatest triumvirate of QBs award from NFL.COM. Starr / Favre / Rodgers? Luckman and the 25-game-winning-streaker-superman, Jim McMahon, keep us off the bottom.

        By the way … Michael Vick or David Fales ? Vick or Clausen?

        • Clausen, Fales, Vick in that order.
          We’re not gonna trade one TO machine for another BRITTLE TO machine who lacks even less smarts and accuracy.

  • I’m very curious about this very topic. Good stuff, Andrew.

    Also curious to see what DEN’s offense looks like this year. Supposedly they’re trying to force a different offense on Manning for once.

  • Trac

    I think of all the Bears coaches, Gase is the most unproven. I’m sooo glad the Bears didn’t give him the HC gig.

    • T’Challa

      It is true, Gase is the biggest mystery going into the season.

  • The GP

    Let Cutty call his own plays. Fuck it, all in.

    • BearDown100393

      That’s just gross man.

      • The GP

        I see what you did there.

    • Irish Sweetness

      When you’ve got five chips, left, right? Fuckit, O-calls from the Twitterverse !

  • Bears-4-Ever

    Perhaps Gase learned a few thing from Peyton Manning. I mean Manning is not a bad choice for a mentor whether you are a player or a coach. So I don’t think that’s a bad thing. That being said, Gase has to prove himself, if his calls turn to crap, I can only hope Cutty will throw in an audible here and there but I have a feeling Gase will work out. Again, 2015 is a “building” year, not just for the players but for the new staff. The changes to the Bears in 2015 will be drastic compared to 2014…they have to be right? Hopefully for the better, I mean could it get any worse?

    • Trac

      Gase will be able to fall back to Clauson if things go awry. “Blame it on Jay” will be the S.O.P. There is that!

  • NewBearInTown

    I’ve seen a couple of reporters saying the “Manning called all the plays” narrative is slightly overblown.
    Peyton has a system that he’s very good in (which incorporates a lot of audibles). Fox and Gase used a lot of that system when they created Denver’s offense. Gase called plays and Peyton executed them apparently like 80% of the time. Remember, an audible doesn’t mean the QB went against he coach. Plenty of systems allow a QB to read the defense and select a play to run either pre or post snap.
    For example, if Gase sends in a play that requires Peyton to read the defense and then call audibles to (1) set the TE’s blocking assignment, (2) choose between two routes or a blocking assignment for the running back, and (3) say a bunch of nonsense to confuse the defense, then Peyton isn’t going against the called play when you see (1) the TE switch sides on the line, (2) the running back watching him point where to go, and (3) the word “Omaha” yelled 4 times pre-snap.

    • Yeah, but even so, the system requires a QB to PROPERLY diagnose defenses that are trying their best to disguise themselves. Peyton is the best at that. So much so, that I think defenses have just quit trying to confuse him and are just trying to out-execute him.

      Cutty’s probably about avg at diagnosing defenses and probably below avg at actually switching to the right audible to counterattack, though this would be hard to prove, but just from my eyes of seeing his every snap in Bears uni.

      It’s like taking a multiple question test. I was an A student (in college, not High School) and those were always a breeze for me, but other C-students who studied just as much struggled with them. Same options – different results.

      • NewBearInTown

        That’s not my point. My point is simply that Manning calling audibles does not mean that he was going outside of Gase’s play calls.

    • Big Mike

      I have seen this comment as well.

    • Irish Sweetness

      My perspective on the Peyton Manning inter-galactic space commander deal is that it worked pretty well as he played all the dogs during the season, then when it gets into the playoffs and he’s up against good defenses, it all comes apart and he just can’t do it. His one win was gifted him by Brown and Harris’ absence,and the prior birth and subsequent existence of Rex SexCannon. Fuck Peyton Mannning from the very highest treetops. Fuck him right in the face, the over-rated, self-righteous, preening, choking, jizz-guzzling peacock.

      • Dale701

        I agree, I never did understand why the defense always just lined up, let him change the play and never changed into another look. The advantage is with the defense, because it takes less time to change. I cannot remember when it was I first saw a defense do that, but I cheered like a madman! If i was a defensive coordinator, I would study what plays Manning ran after seeing a look, and then change into a counter look at the last second.

  • BearDown100393

    I previously commented that the Bears would never win the Stanley Cup. I must retract that bold erroneous remark. According to the Koreans, they did just that. Congratulations to Jay Cutler and the Bears for this incredible achievement. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2498698-korean-newspaper-runs-headline-proclaiming-chicago-bears-stanley-cup-champs

    • Scharfinator

      Jay brought us a championship!!!

  • Too bad we used our “fuck up jail free card” on McDonald, or we might be able to nab Moffit for cheap to compete.


    • BerwynBomber

      But was Moffitt any good in the pros? I honestly don’t remember. He was Carimi’s line-mate as a Badger.

      • From what I’ve read, he was good (and SEA tends to do well drafting Olinemen).

        Just the drugs. But if he played that well partying on drugs, he might be that much more better now and should come extra cheap and motivated.

  • AlbertInTucson

    “Adam Gase, Caller of Plays, May Be Bears Biggest Mystery”

    Hopefully a mystery to the opponent’s defense and NOT the Bears’ Offense.

    • AlbertInTucson

      Then again, there are so MANY mysteries surrounding this team it’s hard to pick the biggest..

      • SC Dave

        About opening kickoff, do us a Burma on that

  • Jay Cutler said first-rounder Kevin White is competing for the Bears’ No. 4 receiver job.
    This could clearly be a case of the Bears not handing the rookie anything, but Cutler mentioned Alshon Jeffery, Marquess Wilson, and Eddie Royal as his top three receivers. White has also missed time at minicamp with an undisclosed injury, though coach John Fox wouldn’t give anymore info. It doesn’t sound serious. This is just a bit of caution for re-drafters looking for White to explode on the scene year one. Wilson was a training camp star before getting hurt last year.


    • We know Alshon will be starting on the outside. We know Royal will be starting in the slot. So will White or Wilson be starting in the other outside spot opposite Jeffery? That’s the question.
      Ideally all 4 are playing well and can rotate in and out a bit.

      • Wilson is the wild-card. I know it would be a homer scenario, but what happens if Wilson finally grows into his body and learns to be an NFL WR and blows up this year? He would’ve gone a lot higher in the draft if not for his “insubordination”, but he’s done nothing to prove he is a character problem so far.

        If he blows up, do we look at Alshon’s extension a bit differently? Can he become trade-bait while the Bears go with the very cheap contracts of Wilson/White/Royal?

        • Big Mike

          I think rather that Wilson becomes trade bait.

          • I think rather that Royal is gone in 2 years, so why not keep all 3 since 2 of them are cheap?

          • Big Mike

            Duh. Completely choked there. Still woozy from Monday night?

        • The GP

          what happens if Wilson finally grows into his body and learns to be an NFL WR and blows up this year?

          What if Unicorns farted Rainbow Skittles instead of epithets?

          Such a problem to have….Oy Vey….

          • If Rob Schnieder can land this chick, anything’s possible in this universe.


          • Sactowns#1

            Pfff. Any modicum of fame will get you a woman who spends an inordinate amount of time and money trying to look good

          • BerwynBomber

            Yup, seen her before. One of the ultimate “only because you’re rich and famous” snags.

          • Irish Sweetness

            He deserves her for this story alone.

          • SC Dave

            Yeah… whatever happened to that michael ford guy… wasnt he the next walter?

          • Irish Sweetness

            Oh GP. What is a rose by any other name …?
            Unicorns farting rainbow skittles, alack, wherefore ? Brave epithets hast been strung forth in days of yore … wherefore this minute hath skittles become master and commander?

          • Scharfinator

            Oy Vey indeed!

        • Irish Sweetness

          I think Wilson will blow up, like a bomb, and scatter himself into a gazillion pieces into the air over Soldier Field, where he will be dispersed by the winds off the lake, and disappear, a forgotten name by next season.

          KW is our first round draft pick and he will be pushed out front and center like any Blue-chip investment in any other business.

          MW is a seventh round after-thought. A camp body. Always was.

      • Big Mike

        My hunch is Wilson gets the nod, but White overtakes him.

  • Man, things in SD sure got ugly fast with Weddle.


    I wonder what he wants and what SD would want in a trade. Maybe a 4rth rounder?

    He is 30, but durable and look at Woodson playing at relatively high level at 38.

    • BerwynBomber

      But Woodson is a freak. An outlier. And Pep might be one too if last season is any indication.

      Anyway, doesn’t mean a ton of teams won’t be interested in Weddle: he’s an excellent/superb player and should continue that level for another couple of years. But most HoF-like defenders have the career longevity of Lach/Polamalu as opposed to Woodson/Pep. In short, odds are Weddle is breaking down and showing his age in a few years.

      • But Polamaula, Reed and esp Bob Sanders all had inj riddled careers (like Mike Brown).

        If you look at Weddle’s game’s playes, he’s pretty much missed only 4 games in his entire career, including his rookie season. That’s pretty durable.


        He’s never been a hammer; his game is closer to Woodson’s in that regard (though he’s not as dominant).

        Maybe he won’t make it to 38 like Woodson, but perhaps to 34? To have a PB at S for 3-4 years might be worth it.

        But, I guess the Bears can be patient. It’s almost certain that he hits the market next year, though of course then it’ll cost more $ but save us a pick.

        • BerwynBomber

          I don’t disagree with you and it’s not like Woodson has been completely injury free himself.
          My only point was that Woodson’s career longevity is rare even among HoF defensive players. The cashing out at 35 with the last two years of notably decreasing effectiveness is more common — think Lach, Polamalu, Ed Reed, etc.
          But yeah, Weddle for a three year contract at his age? Of course. Teams will be lined up around the block. But expecting him to play effectively until he is 38? He could. He has been, as you said, durable as hell thus far. Still, I just wouldn’t bank on it. It’s rare among the greats, or in Weddel’s case, the near greats.

          • True, it’s hard to bet against father time, and we’re not even in contention really, plus the price.

            Maybe next year when he becomes an FA – see how the market unfolds, though if he has a great year, he might demand Byrd $ ($10M/yr).

  • BerwynBomber
    • Irish Sweetness

      Dez Bryant. “$13 million’s cool, but where’s my security ?”

      • Scharfinator

        Translation: “I spent all that money already, so I need you to pay me more.”

  • The GP

    2M headed to the Loop tomorrow, and Rahm shuts down Grant Park and moves the festivities to Soldier Field.

    Grant Park can have 1M+ people in it, and the main stage is augmented with monitors they have on trucks.

    Soldier Field holds 61k and people who won Rahm’s lottery (I’m sure that was fair) are already flipping tomorrow’s ticket for up to a grand near the stage.

    The trains tomorrow will be packed with pissed off Hawks fans who now have no choice but to line the parade route and the Loop streets to see the trolley go past because the CPD is going to rope off the park.

    Nothing like privatization of a public display.

    • the problem is that the rain has left the grass at Grant Park unable to handle millions of people tramping all over it. They really had no choice.

      And it’s not privatization, as Soldier Field is city owned.

      The tickets were allocated by Ticketmaster. It was a similar setup to how popular festivals do tickets.

      • SC Dave

        Ticketmaster = mob. So Chicago. So glad I don’t live there any more.

        • Pearl Jam tried to take on Ticketmaster back in the days.


          • Scharfinator

            Never heard about this. It does make me like Pearl Jam more.

          • oh yeah. One of my friends went to one of their little venues out in L.A. it was in the boonies, but he said it was one of the best concerts he ever went to cuz everyone there loved Pearl Jam that much more. So much so that for some unexplained reason, all the audience started throwing their shoes at Eddie Vedder as a show of affection (the Anti-Bush).
            Vedder got a lil mad at first but then kidded, “If I see any of you goddamn motherfuckers without a shoe after the concert I’m gonna kick your ass!” then proceeded to play “Jeremy’s Smoking”
            The crowd went bezerk.

        • Just a Giuy

          Ticketmaster = evil.

        • yeah, I think they should have copied the NFL system for the draft. Do a lottery online. Winners get 2 tickets, and you have to show ID to verify you didn’t sell them and get in.

    • Just a Guy

      From a crowd control standpoint, it’s cheaper (and easier) to have it in Soldier Field.

      Not saying it’s right, just saying it’s expedient.

  • AlbertInTucson

    And now, a word from our sponsor…

    The Bears cleaned house quick as a wink,

    and even the Cubs are headed “up”.

    The White Sox seem content to stink,

    while the Hawks, again, raise THE CUP!


    • The GP

      Like Rembrandt when he painted the Eiffel Tower.

    • SC Dave

      You are The Billboard Man!!

      • Sactowns#1

  • The GP

    Johnny Football says it be no fun to be Johnny Football no more


    • AlbertInTucson

      Good because I found that it was never any fun to WATCH “Johnny Football”.

    • BearDown100393

      He needs to just STFU already and play football. His agent can arrange the cry fest with Oprah after the season ends.

    • Trac

      What a puff piece. More cheap talk.

  • SC Dave

    A j pier.admits tto drinking during games. Nice.

    If he could hit like Ruth, no one would care

    • AlbertInTucson

      …and Bobby Layne thought halftime was Happy Hour.

  • Cool that Allen helps out the vets. If I had millions, that’s where I would throw my $ behind. Personally, I think every wounded vet should get a free home when they return. Defend the american dream, get rewarded the american dream. Though perhaps that’s too “socialistic” for some patriots.


    • SC Dave

      I imagine it would lead to a significant increase in self-inflicted wounds. A “problem” through the history of armies worldwide.

      • mm, perhaps. I’d probably first start off the program with obvious wounds verified by multiple witnesses. I would think an IED or ak bullet or blown off limbs would qualify (corroborated with eye-witnesses). After that, see how it goes.

        I’d also award a modest home at the market value of their home area – 1 bedroom.

        They want 10 kids and a pool, let THEM upgrade.

        • do 1 bedroom homes exist? A pretty modest home would be probably 2 bed/1bath, or maybe 3/2 if they had a family prior to deployment.

          And I agree something like that would be only for people who suffered debilitating injuries, like losing a limb. But like others have said, our budget is already too damn huge.

          • Our budget is so big because we spend so much on WAR! (preparing for it. Doing it. its aftermath) that’s the irony.

            Yeah, in my king of the universe plan, it would only be for a 1 bedroom, perhaps 2 bedroom if we have the $ for it.

            Won’t ever happen, but it’s worth looking at. Them having a home might help to recover from war trauma too, less suicides, homicides, etc.

          • Trac

            Makes no sense Jwood. How bout we just stop fighting over money and sending our troops to fight other people’s battles.

            Give em a free house but kick em out for standing up for Christianity? A house won’t give them back their limbs or peace of mind. I’m not a pacifist but no way should our boys be involved in nation building. When Bush sent our troops in to stay, he sealed the death warrant on a lot of young servicemen that trusted their government. By all means, kick ass but then get the hell out. My 2 cents anyhow.

          • Scharfinator

            There is, sadly, way too much money to be made off of our military industrial complex. That money funds politicians, so we go to war.

    • Trac

      Every wounded vet should get a free house? Are YOU Offering up one 85? Umm hmm.

      • I don’t get a vote to spend trillions on the military industrial complex or to send our boys on futile wars and oil hunts either.

        If we can spend trillions on that, I’m sure we can throw a few million to wounded vets. But given that we can’t even provide them with proper health care…

        The other law I would make is that whichever lawmaker rattles his saber for war, his kid, or grandkid is automatically drafted and sent to the frontline.

        • Trac

          “The problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money”. The Iron Lady

          Quite old girl, quite.

          • Tell that to Finland and Denmark! (P.S. the U.S. is already socialistic. It has been since at least FDR created Social Security). I actually think the military-industrial complex is the most socialistic program on par with U.S.S.R and I’m against a lot of it, so there’s common ground between me and Ron Paul there.

          • Trac

            And we’ve run out of money, kinda. We just print more of it now so we don’t run out.

          • The GP
          • “Ye cannot serve God and Mammon.”
            “Give to every man that asketh of thee”

            – The Golden Gentlemen.

          • Trac

            Context please!

          • John Doe

            American conservatives have fond memories of Thatcher but were she ever to run in an american election, especially a republican primary, she would be branded a socialist.

            For all her conservative beliefs, she kept the most socialist program in Great Britain, the NHS, intact. And she supported abortion rights without restrictions.

            “The NHS is safe in our hands. The elderly are safe in our hands. The sick are safe in our hands. The surgeons are safe in our hands. The nurses are safe in our hands. The doctors are safe in our hands. The dentists are safe in our hands.” – Margaret Thatcher.

    • Scharfinator

      Nothing wrong with Allen putting his money where he wants. I’m not so sure we should choose where other people’s money should go – at least anymore than the government already does.

  • BerwynBomber

    Gase just needs to do as mentor Martz did and revoke all of Cutty’s audible privileges. That alone will put him ahead of the curve of Bears’ OCs in the Cutty era.

    • The GP

      Do the opposite of that. Let Cutty run the offense 100%.

      You go all in with the guy. The Bears paid for him, he’s been here long enough, make it his offense and let all the chips fall where they may.


      • The George Constanza gambit? It’s so fucking crazy, it just might work.

      • BerwynBomber

        They have tried that before. I believe it was called the Mike Tice offense.

  • Bears signed RB Daniel Thomas, formerly of the Dolphins.

    “Fumbling Dan” finds a home after participating at Bears minicamp as a tryout. The Bears had little-to-no experienced depth behind Matt Forte. Thomas has a career 3.6 YPC to go with 13 TDs and
    six fumbles. The former second-round pick would do well to make it to final cuts with the Bears, where he’ll be competing with Jacquizz Rodgers and youngsters Jeremy Langford and Ka’Deem Carey. – Roto

    If this dude beats out Carey, that’ll be the end of Carey’s career.

    Daniel Thomas is the epitome of underwhelming, an old Carey, if you will.

    We’re probably just kicking the tires in case we get ravaged by inj at HB, but I would much prefer getting guys in with upside.

    • I’ve heard a few Dolphins players say he showed promise early in his career as a power/goal-line back, but then he just simply didn’t fit in Philbin’s offense and fell by the wayside.
      Likely competing with Carey for that power back role, a competition I think Carey wins easily, but I think you’re right about veteran insurance. That way somebody knows the offense who they can bring in if Forte gets hurt.

      • John Doe

        Or there is a possibility of a Forte trade and Pace wants to be prepared.

        Carrying so many RBs just doesn’t make sense. Something is in the works.

        • Fox typically carries 4 RBs. They have 6 on the roster right now. That’s not that much.

          • John Doe

            Ok. They have 2 4th rounders from last two years. They went and signed Rodgers in free agency. And Forte. Granted Forte wants a new contract and the new regime does not want to give him one. That is 4 solid backs plus Senorise Perry.

            And yet they signed a former 2nd rounder.

            Don’t be surprised like you were back when Marshall trade happened after weeks of rumors.

          • I’ve been saying for months I’d be fine with trading Forte for a 4th round pick or better if that is possible. He’s not for Chicago past 2015, and the Bears aren’t winning anything of note in 2015, so get something for him while you can. I think the difficulty will be getting any real value for Forte given his age, number of NFL touches, and contract, but you never know what might crop up if somebody gets desperate in training camp.
            I’m just saying that signing an unimpressive veteran on the eve of training camp does not necessarily mean they’re looking to trade their star. 6 guys for 4 spots is not a lot. And you always want to have guys on call who know your scheme in-season.
            If anything, I think this says more about what they think of Ka’Deem Carey. He and Thomas are both slower, between the tackles backs, the only two of that type currently on the roster.

          • and for the record, I said the Marshall to Baltimore rumors were BS, which they absolutely were. Just Sports Mockery making a big deal out of a non-story and convincing people there was something there.

          • Yeah, I think it’s just filling up the roledex in case of emergency, though it might honestly be a jab at Carey.
            Not only was I underwhelmed by Carey as a player coming out of college, but I think I heard on your website’s podcast that Carey thinks he’s the greatest running back on earth, so that combination might not play well with the new regime trying to start from scratch.

          • yeah, that was a guest draft guy talking about the Bears post-draft. Carey definitely had a bit of that cocky attitude in college.
            Personally, I really liked his film coming out of college and think he’ll do well in a timeshare, where you can use his strengths (vision, balance, finishing runs) while not expecting him to do everything. Use him as a between the tackles guy who can get you 4 yards a pop fairly consistently. The “Thunder” in a thunder and lightning duo.

        • I was about to say the same thing. Whenever a team is bringing in players at an already overpopulated position, it sends alarms.
          The Bears put in a claim for a TE too, but the Bucs had priority.

          Reading the leaves, I doubt either Forte or Bennett are on the team next season.

  • The GP
    • His son’s first words,
      “Say, mama. Say, mama.”
      “Ma-ma…Doooooon’t caaarree”

    • Scharfinator

      I’m waiting for the news reports to say his kid isn’t into it, don’t have the heart, and the team doesn’t like him. He needs to stop pouting on the sidelines and get in the game. Diapers be damned.

  • AlbertInTucson

    Once again, a mass murderer who has “Psychiatric Problem” written all over his face.


    • The GP

      But the waiting period for gun ownership and background checks are unconstitutional.

      • John Doe

        Because “Freedumb”…

      • NewBearInTown

        Was this a legally obtained gun? I read the article and didn’t see that question answered.

        • EnderWiggin

          I was under the impression that his father gave it to him for his (21st) birthday.

          • NewBearInTown

            Is that legal? Was a license required? Did the boy pass the licensing test?

          • EnderWiggin

            Yeah. Its legal. Some states require and FOID card to get a gun, most states though, all you need is a state ID. As far as gun gift giving – legal everywhere I’m pretty sure.

          • willbest

            No state requires a skills test to own a gun (though some/many do to carry outside your home). As for a background check, its not going to catch anybody not already in the system.

      • Irish Sweetness

        As are income taxes and allowing banks to control the supply volume of currency.

        Like George W said : “It’s just a piece of paper.”

      • Scharfinator

        As it was a gift, that wouldn’t have helped in this instance.

        • The GP

          You are correct – in this case it would not have mattered. His father bought him a gun.

          Nice parenting.

          • Waffle

            I can guarantee that a “family” that names their kid Dylan Storm Roof will never send a kid to Wharton School of Business. Fucking hicks.

          • Scharfinator

            The haircut says it all.

      • Trac

        There is no waiting period on hatred.

      • willbest

        Nothing short of a total ban and going door to door confiscating guns is going to reduce the number of gun crimes. Anything else that anybody prattles on about is just window dressing.

    • Doc Hamstring

      Unlike Muslims who kill people. They don’t have psychiatric problems at all. The irrational hatred it takes to kill a bunch of innocent people isn’t a mental health issue at all if the person’s skin is dark.

  • BerwynBomber

    DaBearsBlog @dabearsblog “Has anyone at Fox ever WATCHED a golf tournament before? This is a disaster.”

    Indeed. I ducked in for thirty minutes and all I saw were Tigger hitting balls on the range, a disastrous Kurt Menefree studio segment, and then a 15 year old qualifier trying to answer stupid questions about the 90s.

    Meanwhile, I assume the first round was being played.

    • NewBearInTown

      Berwyn, you’ve got to understand. Golf is nice, but the fans want to understand the human side of the game. They don’t want to watch a bunch of random pros hitting balls on some golf course, they want to see that that 15 year old has an appreciation of the history of the game… or something like that.

      • AlbertInTucson


        • NewBearInTown

          Going back, I do worry that my tongue in cheek response may have been read literally.
          I will say that the reason Jeff complains about the golf coverage is the same reason I stopped watching the Olympics. I got sick of the human interest segments interrupting actual sports. And my entire family was rather miffed when the gold medal soccer match was pre-empted by qualifying rounds of rhythmic gymnastics.

          • AlbertInTucson

            “Up close and personal”

            QUICK! Change the channel!

          • AlbertInTucson

            I, for one, did not feel your warm and fuzzy sarcasm needed an explanation, NewBear.

            Just show us the damn event would you please, Networks?

            My Pet Peeve: Interviews conducted DURING game play:

            “We’re speaking with some players wife/parent/ 2nd cousin once removed, etc. and , oh, BTW there’s a long TD run/ Homerun/Horrible injury, but anyway…”

          • SC Dave

            But…. but…. they have STREAMERS!!

  • AlbertInTucson

    Question: Before Adam calls the play, will he GASE into his Crystal Ball…?

    • Huge Bear’s Penis

      i would not mind that as long as he does not ask a Magic 8 ball for answers like Tice.

    • The GP

      He’s looking to out FOX his opponent. That is his FORTE. Especially when he goes LONG.

  • Trac

    Death comes to all of us, but the tragedy in Charleston is particularly horrendous because there is only one race, the human race. I pray that those effected by this nightmare will have the strength to make it through these dark days.

  • The GP
  • Tiger Woods, at peak, was the greatest thing I’ve ever seen in sports. – Jeff

    Did he not watch bball in the 90s? Jordan, anyone?
    Then again, perhaps Woods was more dominant at his peak in his sport than Jordan, but that’s a good debate.

    • AlbertInTucson

      Not arguing the point.

      I posted before that I thought it Tiger had the greatest run in the history of golf. even without ultimatley catching Nicklaus.

      But for me the greatest thing I’VE ever seen in sports was watching the 1985 Chicago Bears run roughshod thru that regular season and then top it off with the most dominant post-season run in modern NFL history, allowing exactly THREE meaningful points in 3 games.

      • That Bull’s 70 win season was pretty dominant too, though I agree, prob a notch below that magical 85.

        • AlbertInTucson

          When it comes to the NBA vs. The NFL, NBA cannot compete.

    • BearDown100393

      The most dominant athlete in sports of this generation is unquestionably Floyd Mayweather Jr. 48-0. 5 titles.

    • Trac

      Nope, Dick Butkus by a mile. He he.

      • I think Al and Candada and a few others can make that claim, but I’M not that old, ahem, time-graced

        • AlbertInTucson

          I resemble that remark.

    • Huge Bear’s Penis

      Tyson before Don King

      • Was gonna bring him up too (before his og manager died), but some argue he never really fought anyone.
        I know this much. He was the most EXCITING athlete to watch in his prime, much more than Tiger, that’s for sure. Hester kinda had that magic going too in his prime, but not to Tyson level.

      • BerwynBomber

        Tyson never fought anyone. As soon as he did — Holyfield and Lewis, namely — he was exposed badly.
        He was more a cultural phenomenon than an all-time great boxer.

    • The GP

      Wayne Gretsky

    • BerwynBomber

      But Jordan played a sport. Woods plays a game.

      I like golf but this notion that its “athletes” should be ranked on par with LeBron James, Aaron Rodgers, Bryce Harper, etc., is flat-out silly. Heck, even tennis requires tremendously more athleticism than golf.

      Though in fairness to Blogfather, he didn’t call Woods an athlete.

      • Well, Jeff wrote “sport” so implying “athlete”? (“players” play “games”)

        Whether golf is a sport or game is highly debatable. Does it require more athletic exertion than bowling? dunno.

        • BerwynBomber

          Valid point about his implication.

          Yeah, the whole sport vs. game thing gets tricky. But a good rule of thumb might be that if there is a debate then it is probably not the most athletic activity and/or producing a great athlete.

          Didn’t Tom Watson almost win the British Open a few years back at 59? i’m all for old people — I’m damn near there myself — but imagine if John Fox suited up at halftime, replaced Cutty and then threw for two scores and ran for a third.

          Personally, I think a lot of the Tiger as great/greatest athlete silliness results from two things. One, Tigger hits the gym so he looks the part. (Or to think of it another way, were he built like Nicklaus we might hear less of the athlete talk.) And two, so many middle-aged guys (and beyond) golf that they probably want to consider their hobby more athletically taxing that it actually is.

    • Cormonster

      I would have to go with Kenny Powers. Greatest athlete and role model is sports history.

  • AlbertInTucson

    The White Sox twist the knife again tonight.

    • BerwynBomber

      That was brutal. And SO predictable. Poor Sales.

      • AlbertInTucson

        How many games below .500 do they have to sink before Reinsdorf does something? At least dump the htting coach! They aren’t even average a run a night for the last week.

        • BerwynBomber

          It is the whole “family” thing with Reinsdorf. It’s why both Paxson and Williams will seemingly have jobs for life with the Bulls and Sox.

          Btw, I like Rick Hahn. But I think Ventura sucks. Can’t believe they made no effort to go after Madden when he was available. Madden almost surely would have chosen the Cubs over the Sox. But damn. We’re good with Ventura? Really?

          • BearDown100393

            Hahn is hamstrung by the presence of Williams and Ventura. Reinsdorf is running a nursing home for retired Sox players.

  • AlbertInTucson

    NY Times:” … Woods was still hopelessly errant with both his tee shots and his approach shots. He could not make any putts, either.” But other than THAT his game was fine.

    • BearDown100393

      He’s now Babe Ruth in a Boston Braves uniform.

      • AlbertInTucson


  • Trac


    This is truly heart wrenching. Go with God my brothers and sisters, go with God.

    • “To err is human, to forgive, divine” – Pope.

      It always astonishes me how ppl can forgive like that. I often wonder if I truly could do the same. Heck, some dude owed me $ and I felt like C from Bronx Tale and wanted to run him down and beat it out of him, but then you see stuff like this or hear about buddhist monks getting raped, mutilated and murdered by the chinese and they readily forgive them, and it makes one pause.

  • Trac

    Happy father’s day gents, and to the rest of you guys as well. Hee hee

    • AlbertInTucson

      Happy Father’s Day to all!

  • Trac

    Do you really trade away a guy like Sale? It wouldn’t make sense to me.


    • BearDown100393

      The Sox might as well trade Chris Sale. They seem to have no intention to really build a winning franchise or a profitable business that attracts fans to the ballpark. It is a retirement home for Reinsdorf hanger ons. Sale is young, arguably in his prime and deserves to play for a contending franchise. He’s being wasted here.

    • AlbertInTucson

      Not before I fire the manager (and the hitting coach) and try someone else at the helm.

  • The GP

    Cutty at the Big House


    During the camp, Kristin was quoted as saying, “Ann Arbor is so overrated. I could never make this place home either.”

    • willbest

      In fairness to Kristin, she is hot. That compensates for a lot of character flaws.

      Jay claimed it was taken out of context, which is untrue. It was however a clumsy way of saying that he intends to not live here when his job doesn’t dictate he does. Considering the last 5 months, that is not an unreasonable position for him to have at the moment. And as she pointed out, its bad for her “career” to not be in LA or NYC anyway. It could also change as her kids develop lives of their own in a few years.

      • BearDown100393

        She’s a gold digging idiot child.

      • SC Dave

        Hot compensates for exactly zero character flaws

        • willbest

          You meant to say “shouldn’t”. But it so obviously does in everything from hiring decisions to prison sentencing to male attention.

  • Trac

    Jeff needs to stop hating on da golf coverage thing, it’s not healthy.

    • AlbertInTucson

      It would help if Fox Sports got a clue, though.

  • AlbertInTucson

    Jordan Spieth wins back-to-back majors.

    The King is ded – long live the King…?

    • willbest

      Throne has been vacant a while. He is starting to look like the rightful heir though.

  • AlbertInTucson

    Maybe it’s coincidence but…

    A-Rod looks like a new man for the Yanks so far this season after his (albeit, FORCED) year off from baseball. Before he took the year off, he had trouble staying in the lineup with all kinds of health issue and when he DID play, he was a liability.

    Conversely, Tiger, stubbornly, defiantly, refuses to see if HIS body might respond to some SERIOUS time off and instead just keeps force-feeding his game as it deteriorates to a pathetic level.

    It would seem that at some point there, Eistein’s definition of insanity has kicked in to gear.

    Disclaimer: I am neither a doctor nor an actor paid to sound like a doctor, I merely pretend to doctor for purposes of this blog..

    Quick nurse, Band-aids, gause lotts and LOTS of tape!

    • willbest

      I would bet a shiny penny that Tiger is doing it to fulfill sponsorship obligations more than he is to win.

      • Trac

        Like he needs the money.

        • willbest

          ex-wives are expensive, and he still has time to collect a bunch of them.

      • AlbertInTucson

        No doubt because he needs the money.

  • Trac

    Jordan Spieth is a remarkable young man. Can he keep it going?

  • Bears coach John Fox likes what he’s seen so far from second-round NT Eddie Goldman.
    “He’s picking up the defense,” said Fox. “There are some movement things Ed knows that you have to know … He’s working at it hard and he’s a big square body.” Goldman was mostly known as a run-stopper at Florida State but GM Ryan Pace thinks he deserves more credit for his pass rushing. “He can collapse the pocket. He’s got a strong power to bull rush … That’s going to help out a lot.” Goldman is the favorite to anchor new DC Vic Fangio’s 3-4 defense. – Roto

    • Jarvis Jenkins is a leading candidate to start at defensive end following the release of Ray McDonald.
      That speaks more to the Bears’ lack of depth than it does Jenkins’ talent. Jenkins was one of the worst defensive ends in football last season, grading out as PFF’s 45th-ranked 3-4 defensive end. Even if the 27-year-old starts, he won’t be a difference maker. Cornelius Washington and Will Sutton figure to be Jenkins’ main competition at right defensive end. -roto

      • EnderWiggin

        You OK?

        • yeah. If you’re talking about the “editing” for some reason, when I first copy/paste stuff, it turns out long, so I just post whatever first then post the real stuff after editing.

          If you’re referring to something else, then maybe I am just crazy.

          • EnderWiggin

            Hey man, if tried to post a link for us – it didn’t work.
            I already knew you were crazy.

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