Across The Middle With Andrew Dannehy

| November 24th, 2015


• How many Bears players would start for Denver? Three? Four? Five, at most. Jay Cutler, Kyle Long, Marty Bennett and maybe Adrian Amos. Pernell McPhee could when he’s healthy, but he was a shell of himself yesterday. And, really, that’s it. But they could’ve won the game because they have a coach who wouldn’t let them quit and a quarterback who just kept coming after them.

• The anti-Cutler crowd didn’t waste any time, deeming him a failure again. Of course, they’re crazy. Cutler was great. How many times did he move around and find someone down field? That was their entire offense. Their quarterback had to make something out of nothing every time he dropped back. And it nearly worked against the best defense in the league. The same defense that held Aaron Rodgers to 77 yards passing. Cutler was the best player on the field.

• The Bears lack of team speed, especially on defense, is a killer. From what I hear, it’s going to be a good draft for inside linebackers and the Bears need one with speed in the worst way. Even their “good” linebacker, Shea McClellin, can’t be relied on because he can’t stay healthy.

• I don’t understand why Will Sutton played 27 more snaps than Bruce Gaston.

• Jeremy Langford just doesn’t break tackles, which makes him ineffective against good defenses. The Bears have to find ways to get him the ball because of his ability to score on any play, but if the defense wins up front and gets to him, the first guy almost always takes him down. He needs to get stronger — and he will — but the Bears are better with Matt Forte in the backfield.

• The storyline about how awful Jay Cutler is against the Packers has always been flawed, but that’s especially true lately. He was good in their Week 1 game. The interception was more of a great play by Clay Matthews than anything else. Going back to last season, he didn’t have a shot to do anything in their second game and was very good in their first game. People forget Alshon Jeffery dropped a touchdown and Marty Bennett had another that wasn’t called a touchdown, even though it clearly was. That would’ve given him four touchdowns before halftime of that game and neither of the second half interceptions were on him. The only time he saw the Packers in 2013, he was the best quarterback in the game by a wide margin.

• I kind of get the feeling the Bears are running into a buzz saw on Thanksgiving. The Packers seemed to have fixed whatever ailed them and their defense is really getting after it right now.

This Still Doesn’t Make Sense

Why call a jump ball to Martellus Bennett in the end zone on what was the biggest drive of the game? Bennett is a fine player, but he’s almost strictly a body catcher. When a defender is playing Bennett tight, he doesn’t catch the ball. In fact, there’s a decent chance he won’t even go after it and it’ll be intercepted. So, why did Adam Gase decide to throw Bennett’s way on second-and-goal, down eight?

Predictably, Bennett misplayed the ball — going up instead of cutting in — and it was nearly intercepted. Wilson then dropped a possible touchdown pass and the fourth down call left them with no options. Adam Gase is bad in the red zone. But I keep hearing how great he is and how teams are going to beg for him to be their head coach next year.

Player of the Week

Tracy Porter. Matched up with one of the premier receivers in the game, Porter did not allow Demaryius Thomas to catch a pass on him. My fear going into the game was that Thomas would destroy the Bears. He had a touchdown, but that was a busted coverage — looked to me like one of the linebackers was supposed to be there in zone coverage — followed by a missed tackle. Osweiler was only able to throw to Thomas twice with Porter on him and both were incomplete. Although probably not a player the Bears should rely on in the future, Porter has been a pleasant surprise this year.

Goat of the Week

Marquess Wilson cost the Bears anywhere from seven to 11 points by simply not doing his job.

Late in the third quarter on third-and-eight, Cutler looked his way deep in man coverage and Wilson inexplicably chose to play behind Harris and try to make a catch over him instead of going in front of him for what would’ve been a relatively easy catch and likely a touchdown. Robbie Gould then made a 37-yard field goal.

On the Bears next possession, on third-and-goal from the four, Wilson let a pass go right through his hands. The Bears then went for it on fourth down and the rest is history.

The Bears went into this season thinking Wilson could develop into a good second receiver, but he has now dropped touchdown passes in consecutive weeks,  struggles to get open and doesn’t provide anything as a blocker downfield.  Add in the fact that he doesn’t play special teams and it’s hard to see how he figures into their future over players like Josh Bellamy and Cameron Meredith.

Bold Prediction for Week 12

A Pernell McPhee sack knocks Aaron Rodgers out of the game in the second quarter and, instead of going to backup Scott Tolzien, the Packers turn to Brett Favre. Playing the second half in wranglers, Favre throws seven interceptions in the second half in a 60-12 Bears win.

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  • Huge Bear’s Penis

    damn, i was hoping we would get another Amos prediction

  • Trac

    If you’ve given up on this team Andrew, I recommend a sabatical. Bears find a way to win, they have to.

    • The GP

      Thanksgiving day massacre

  • Trac

    Turkey shot down a Russian fighter plane? Not good.

    • The GP
      • Trac

        Besides, don’t they know thanksgiving is coming up? Hahaha

      • MB30SD

        Exactly, they’re proper fucked

        • willbest

          Except Turkey is part of NATO, and the US would have to come to its aid.
          1) Because we agreed to
          2) Because letting the Slavs roll the Turks would be Islamophobic
          Slavs and Turks fighting why does that seem familiar to me…

    • Irish Sweetness

      Turkey did a very, very silly thing.

      • KentuckyBearsFan

        With all the crazy stuff in the news today, the idea of Clausen vs. McCown is a very distant third weirdest scenario.

  • The GP

    At 1pm today the city will be releasing it’s own version of the Rodney King video.

    Expect a similar response.

    • BillW

      A bit different in that the cop is being indicted for murder in this case. But the black community would be rightfully disturbed that it seems only because the court ordered the release of the video.

      It will get ugly I’m sure.

    • Cutty of Olivet Nazarene

      It will be ugly because selective outrage has become a cottage industry. There should be outrage in this situation. There should also be outrage and change demanded when 6yr olds are shot in their beds during sleepovers, 9yr olds are executed at point blank range as a part of a gang revenge killing, 14yr old girls are shooting other 14yr old girls over an 18yr old guy and are supplied the gun by their 26yr old “aunt” and 6 to 20 people are shot and wounded and/or killed every weekend. If they guys were better shots you’d have double figure murder numbers every weekend. It just so happens that a lot of people are surviving so it actually gets disregarded to a degree by the media.
      I want a fair playing field for all in our city but when accountability is neither expected nor provided by a segment of it’s citizens how are the police supposed to enforce the law fairly. This 37yr old cop is done for life and will be the first cop to ever be charged with murder. It’s weird double standard because if this white cop had shot some crazed white hillbilly from Indiana that was hopped up on Angel Dust no one would bat a fucking eye.
      There will be riots as a result of the video, there will be riots during the trial, there will be riots if he’s not convicted of the most serious crime and especially if he ‘s not convicted. Chicago is screwed no matter what. I’m interested/concerned/amused/sad to watch this play out and sad that it had to come to this. I wish they just would have knee capped him……

      • BillW

        I had written a very long post just like this and deleted it before I hit “post”. I don’t do this well on the internet but I agree with spirit of your message.

        When the black community decides it’s not “Uncle Tom”-like to turn in killers who are black, then maybe the police will not feel so helpless that their minds snap in situations like this.

        • Sactowns#1

          Ah yes. The old “blame the victim” route. lol

      • Sactowns#1

        Are we paying any of these other people for their activities? This is the laziest counter argument. You see, it’s much more outrageous when people we have put in power, and are paying to exercise that power, abuse said power. What any private citizen does has NOTHING to do with it.

        • Cutty of Olivet Nazarene

          sorry buddy but both public officials and private citizens have EVERYTHING to do with what is going on in Chicago.

  • The GP

    Butch –

    How does Cam Newton score 5TDs and 0 pics, and Palmer scored 4TDS with TWO pics – and they score the same amount of points?


    • MB30SD

      Shhhhhh…. All ff is bullshit go.

    • Actually, Cam scored ONE more point. 32-31.

      However, in our league, as in any other league, yardage counts. Palmer racked up 70+ more yds. That’s 2-3 points. 2 bonus points for any QB who hits 300. Bonus points for completions and long bombs of 25 and 50, and I’m guessing Palmer hit more of those. Not to mention – points for sacks.

      It all balances it out. In some ways, you might say purerer throwers have an advantage but that’s not true cuz Cam’s run and TD runs balance it out. Cam just happened to have an efficient game with almost no runs and no running TDs.

      If you look at the scoring, Palmer on the season has 257 points and Cam has 255 points.

      You lost cuz Rivers, Watkins and Ivory gave you 13 points combined.


  • Shady

    The last part was the best part.

    • MB30SD


    • MB30SD


  • chitownproud85

    Funniest part of this weeks bold prediction – Andrew assuming the Bears secondary can catch 7 interceptions LOL BEAR DOWN!

  • Scharfinator

    I agree, Cutler has been demonized quite a bit. But that first interception that Cutler threw to Matthews was all on Cutler. Matthews fooled him. It was a 1 on 1 bluff and call that burned Cutler.

  • The Yes Guy


  • Bears-4-Ever

    “Good” Jay has really shown up this season. I’m really happy about it. I’m not sure if it’s the new Coaches or his hot wife, but damn the boy is playing very well this year. Our poor special teams I think is our biggest weakness and our lack of good defense with depth a close second. That being said I’ve been surprised on several occasions on how our Defense has stuck it out and kept us in many games. So kudos to those guys doing the best they can with what they have. If we have a GOOD defense, along with the way Jay is playing now, we would be a shoe in for the play-offs.

    I think we can really give GB a hard time Thursday night. We have to get a good pass rush on Rogers, not sure what needs to change there, but watching the Bills all over Brady last night was fun. I’d like to see Rogers scramble for his life more than one or twice on Thanksgiving.

    • “I think we can really give GB a hard time Thursday night.”

      not if we’re relying on martellus as our only NFL-caliber option for jay.

      • MB30SD

        That’s what she said ev

    • BillW

      As you say, the pass rush is the key. We’ll get our points – and hopefully Gase is working OT on the red zone crap. We have to hold them under 30 for sure.

      Rodgers is the most annoying:front running QB ever. I want to like him and admire his accomplishments but a 3 game losing streak turns him into a tool. Suddenly he was hurt – though never on the injury report. And now that they won he’s healed? What a bunch of cheesy BS! Why not act like the guy you are honoring Thursday? Lose with some dignity and go out an play better next time.

      I will thoroughly enjoy seeing them lose in the first round this year.

  • Captain Obvious

    Wilson is still young, and can develop into a good receiver. A good receiver, but not good enough. There are plenty of good enough receivers in the league, so Wilson is on the curb next year.

    Cutler is not the QB the Bears want; he’s the QB the Bears deserve. He’s not going to be Aaron Rodgers, but I can see him continuing to be solid-to-really good for the rest of his time with the Bears, unless…

    …the narrative around the NFL is that Gase will be a HC soon. Some owner/GM is going to believe that narrative. It doesn’t matter what Gase’s shortcomings are.

    I fully believe Cutler’s got the right coaching staff around him to maximize his potential (which, again, is to be a solid-to-really good QB, just below “star” level, so maybe one of the top 10 QBs but definitely not top 5). If Gase leaves, will Cutler regress? Maybe the team doesn’t care, because they’re looking to replace Cutler when Gase leaves.

    • BillW

      I guess I’ll bite.

      Why replace a good enough receiver with another good enough receiver? Why not keep the good enough receiver you already have?

      Why do the Bears “deserve” Cutler? what does that even mean?

      “He’s not going to be Aaron Rodgers”. Well your screen name says it all. A lot of running backs never “became” Walter Payton. I don’t recall that being considered a negative.

      By definition 22 teams wish they had a top ten QB. Somehow you make that sound like having one is cross we have to bear (Bear – get it?) How many top ten QBs have the Bears had in their nearly 100 years existence? Now we have one and fans are saying “well, I guess he’ll do for now”. ????

      I can’t believe the team is looking to replace Cutler next year or even the year after given what he has done. Will Cutler regress? It’s impossible to answer that without really knowing what triggered the obvious change we all see. As fans, we can’t know. But I feel certain the coaches do.

      I have turned around on him completely. I want him to retire a Bear and hopefully with a Lombardi.

      • Trac

        Yes, the mob is fickle Bill. I’m ready to renegotiate Cutlers contract before he becomes a holdout.

        • Cutty of Olivet Nazarene

          Cutler will never hold out. Ever. It’s like you guys don’t even know what this guy stands for.

          • TBC

            He’d hold his kids out of public school if they lived in California. #prop277

          • Cutty of Olivet Nazarene


          • Trac

            Yonny, yonny yonny. Tsk tsk tsk. I loves the guy maings, please don’t be like this. It’s a time of thanks givings.

          • Cutty of Olivet Nazarene

            Please don’t be like what? Mentioning a holdout in the same sentence with this guy is crazy. I know it’s not what you meant because it’s that crazy.

          • BillW

            Perhaps it was sarcasm aimed at my sudden unconditional love of Cutler?

          • Trac

            It’s called tongue in cheek my maings. Look back on my posts this year, I love Cutty, he finally has become the qb I always wanted him to be.

          • Cutty of Olivet Nazarene

            I will review earlier posts and issue an official retraction later in the day.

          • Trac

            Nothing but Cutty love here my man. Don’t go all Sam Kinison on my ass, mmmkay.

        • BillW

          I stand to catch a lot of hell for my sort of flip-flop on Cutler this Thanksgiving with the extended family – one of which is a Packer fan. If Cutty puts on his usual GB performance I will indeed look foolish. But even if he does – I’ll graciously chalk it up to Packer mystique, much like the Bears of the 80s made GB shit the bed every time they played.

          I always fall back on that, and the admission that Packers used the Bears of the 80s as their motivation to do things differently.

          Which reminds me, I have to find that link before Thursday.

        • KentuckyBearsFan

          I’m hoping for a not end-of-the world scenario where Cutler re-signs…and not with say… Denver….ugh.

      • Captain Obvious

        I was riffing on the Dark Knight: “He’s not the hero we need, he’s the hero we deserve.”

        But it actually fits Cutler. We need/want a guy like Aaron Rodgers–a superstar. But what the Bears deserve is a guy who can get the job done and, when needed, put the team on his shoulders and win games at the end. The Bears are traditionally a defensive, run-first team. That’s what fans want, too–good defense. So while we WANT a superstar QB, what we deserve is a guy like Cutler (the way he’s been playing this year).

        Does that make sense? I’m just riffing off the top of my head.

        My concern is that Cutler will regress if Gase leaves. I really, truly think the coaching staff has enabled Cutler to be the best Cutler he can be this year. If Gase is an integral part of that and he leaves, what does that mean for Cutler?

        • BillW

          Ah – your Dark Knight reference makes it all perfectly clear. Well done. I misinterpreted it at first – sounded negative out of context. But I agree totally with that assessment.

          As I said after last game – he epitomizes what a Bear QB should be. Tough – doesn’t suffer fools – no excuses (looking at you, Rodgers!). And now in complete step with the coaching staff.

          What happens if Gase leaves? I guess it depends on who his replacement is.

          Make no mistake – a QB who can be at his best despite whatever type of coach he has would be preferable. But I suspect those are quite few indeed.

    • Why would you cut a cheap Wilson instead of keeping him as a plus WR4?

      He’s in over his head if you go into a season with him as a WR1 or 2, but as a guy who can play in 4 WR sets and step in should one of your top 2 for a short stint, that’s a perfect role for him.

      • Captain Obvious

        Because Wilson doesn’t play specials. A vet who’s equally good, but can make plays on ST is much more valuable. A 4th WR doesn’t see the field a whole lot, so if he doesn’t play ST, he’s taking up roster space.

        • That’s a fair point. I still think he’s the WR4 next year. Time will tell.

          • Captain Obvious

            Oh, I actually like Wilson. I think he’s really, really, really young. BMarsh taking him under his wing really helped the kid. With the right coaching environment, he could make a competent #2.

            But really, I think we’re wasting too much brainpower over a guy who’s likely a #3 or #4. There are plenty of those guys on the market every off-season, and most of them play ST, too.

            And if there’s a unit on this team that needs help, stat, it’s ST. Even more than the secondary.

          • BillW

            That’s a fair point.

        • That’s what I was gonna say. Someone like Smoking Joe Anderson can play that WR4 PLUS be a gunner and returner.

      • Irish Sweetness

        If you’re not a good receiver you shouldn’t be on the team. A WR4 may have to be a WR1, you need to be good. He has not been, has never been, and is not good.

  • DaMurph

    100% agree on the Bennett thing. It frustrates me the way he never makes a contested catch or takes an angle to beat the defender. He just sits and waits for it to hit him. Gronk he aint, but Im thinking he is going to be a problem wanting to get paid like Gronk. Dont quite understand the knock on Langford, he seems to run between the tackles better than Forte does, he still has his weaknesses but I can only see him getting better. He isnt near the receiver Matt is. Cant stress enough, even when we lose we still play inspiring football. I give Fox and his staff all the credit for turning around the attitude on this team. I truly believe our future is bright!

    • BillW

      Black Uni may be the next chemistry casualty in the off season.

  • DaMurph

    Just read the Bears are going to start practicing Kevin White, interesting.

    • BillW

      I think this is the earliest they can practice him. Then there is a window where they can decide to activate him. If they don’t by a certain date, he is out for the year. I think that’s how this IR-designated to return works.

      • DaMurph

        He was on the physically unable list I believe. The article wasnt terribly clear but I took it as they have 21 days whether to put him on IR for the year or carry him on the roster.

        • BillW

          You could be right but I though he was on the designated to return list. Maybe the same thing?

          • PUP is for people who never practiced, even in training camp.

          • BillW

            Thanks for clearing that up, JWood

          • DaMurph

            Hell, i dont know it seems like the rest of the NFL rules, too complicated for the fans to totally grasp! Hahahaha!

      • He was on the PUP, because he’s never practiced this year. This was the latest they could start practicing him, otherwise he would have gone on season-ending IR at 3pm today. Now he has 21 days to practice without taking up a roster spot.

        By the end of that 21 day window, he must either be activated to the 53 man roster or put on IR, ending his rookie season.

        It’s a no-brainer to start practicing him now. No risk, doesn’t use any roster spot, and still can practice a bit to further his development (even if only mental reps).

        The beat writers are all saying they think he’s still not playing this year.

        • I would start practicing him at the latter end of the 21 days, and if possible, start him for at least ONE game if absolutely cleared. That way, he at least has one game of experience to which to build on during the offseason.

        • Irish Sweetness

          Thankfully beat writers don’t know shit about shit. I heard he’d been running around Halas Hall. Should be ready for the playoffs. Ahem.

  • BillW

    What is the solution to the obvious officiating problem? For that matter, where did this come from in the first place?

    Did you see the official in the Bears game who had to leave, making them one short? Hey, I’m in my 60s so I can say this without sounding like it’s age discrimination. A guy that old and obviously out of shape has no business on a football field with 22 guys flying all over.

    But beyond that – why is it so hard to get things right suddenly? The inadvertant whistle last night – which I guess happens. Running the clock at the end of the game last night and then the ridiculous claim that he gave himself up?

    JWood’s tweet I think defines the issue. The officials are a tight knit group that protects themselves. I think they have a vested interest in making replay SEEM burdensome so it isn’t extended. Replay does nothing but shows they are often wrong. Why would they want that to happen more often? And obviously these guys LIKE the job. Is it just the money? Probably not. It’s the prestige and maybe even the power of being in control of games.

    PFT has chimed in on this a few times. The most helpful solution they suggested I think is revising the replay so that there are a defined limited number of situations where replay is NOT used. Right now it’s the opposite – a defined list of times it can be used.

    Beyond that I’d give coaches two challenges but if correct they don’t lose it.

    Then I’d say they can challenge even in the last two minutes and OT.

    Either that, or have a central location handle ALL situations like is done in the last 2 minutes.

    Finally – every challenge / review has to come with a very concise reason why the decision was made. On a website for fans to see.

    PS – I want holding to be called every time there is holding; pass interference called every time there is PI; “roughing” be defined and called every time it happens; and defensive PI 15 yards if incidental and spot foul if blatant; offensive PI 10 yards AND loss of down.

    I also want a pony and world peace.

    And get the hell of my lawn!

    • DaMurph

      When the rules are such that the fans, announcers and even retired referees cant figure them out or agree, something is very wrong!

      • BillW

        I’ve said this before – the NFL is the only sport where the networks feel the need to employ a rules expert. How can the league think that’s not a BAD thing? “Our game is so complicated you can’t just watch and enjoy – you need an expert to tell you what is going on.”

      • Trac

        Sounds like congress.

    • DaMurph

      Screw the pony, he will only fuck up my lawn…..now get off my grass!!!!!!!!!

    • AlbertInTucson

      Their on-field leader is Ed Hochuli.

      That explains a lot.

      The Chief official, Dean Blandino, has never called an NFL game as an official in his life.

      That explains more.

    • Scharfinator

      I think unlimited, correct challenges would help. Though I imagine the refs would get indignant at some point and just say the coach was wrong.

  • The GP

    THe Free Syrian Rebels (these are the guys the CIA is funding) release a video of the dead Russian pilots. The one who bailed was executed by them.

    This won’t stay on the tubez very long

    • Trac

      Yup, Puttins gonna unleash the Kraken on their sorry asses. It won’t be pretty.

    • Well, that’s what Russia gets?

      I mean, both the CIA and the Saudis fund these guys to overthrow the dictator, and the Russians use the Paris tragedy as an excuse to go after them and not ISIS.

      If I were a CIA agent, maybe I fund ISIS to go over to Russia.

  • Scharfinator
    • Captain Obvious

      Use relish.

      Wait, do we have a nickname for Fales? Maybe we call him “Relish” now.

      • BillW

        How about “Never”?

        • AlbertInTucson

          We can only HOPE but, I like it so far.

      • Scharfinator

        It’s pretty easy…. until he does well, he is Fails.

  • willbest

    I disagree the GOAT is Jeffery. He was on the rag this week and wasn’t able to play. If he had been out there the Bears would have cleared 28 points.

    • BillW

      If he doesn’t show for GB then we’re back to wondering if he’s worth it. Frustrating – especially when Cutty went out with a bum hamstring and gutted it out earlier this year.

      You want to go out this game with all you have. Especially with a mini-bye right after it.

    • TBC

      FYI, typically when you write GOAT in all caps, it means “Greatest Of All Time,” not scapegoat.

      • BillW

        And you know something of both kinds (joking)

    • BearDown100393

      Alshon was listed as limited in Monday’s practice. Carrey and Bennett did not participate. Because it is a short week, is today the last practice before the Packers game?

  • BillW

    I don’t know who bigrobstunner is but he’s upvoted me a couple times, so obviously he’s a genius!

    Jump in the water, Rob.

  • The GP

    I think Tiger Blood Sheen and Johnny Football are the two most self-destructive people I have heard of


    • So, Manziel can’t party on his bye week?

      I guess that’s what happens when you enter rehab.

    • MB30SD

      dumpsterfire mixed with a trainwreck sprinkled with a healthy slathering of self-loathing

    • Cormonster

      I think GG Allin (born Jesus Christ Allin) was more self-destruction than both of them combined.

  • • Jeremy Langford just doesn’t break tackles, which makes him
    ineffective against good defenses. The Bears have to find ways to get
    him the ball because of his ability to score on any play, but if the
    defense wins up front and gets to him, the first guy almost always takes
    him down. He needs to get stronger — and he will — but the Bears are
    better with Matt Forte in the backfield.

    Huh? Is Andrew implying that Forte breaks tackles?

    Langford is a slasher. He gets a crease, he’s gone. Carey is the basher.

    Forte is sorta the jack of all trades, master of none.

    I would be surprised if Langford begins breaking tackles. He’s not a beast like Gurley, AP, Lynch. Diff body type, diff mentality.

    Doesn’t mean he can’t be effective. Marcus Allen had a very long successful career as a slasher good hands type.

  • The thing with Cutty – throw out the stats. Ppl always say, “I trust my eyes” and IMO, every time Cutty plays the Puke, he looks jumpy (esp in that NFC Championship game).

    I don’t know if he get overpumped, or if Woodson got inside his head, or what, but he just doesn’t look his usual “don’t care” self.

    That’s what my eyes tell me, and the stats seem to back it up, but I don’t even cite those.

    This is a BIG game. It’s pretty much the last chance to have any shot at the playoffs. It’s at Lambeau vs our fiercest rivals on thanksgiving.

    This game will tell us a lot more about how far Cutty has REALLY progressed. It’s usually under pressure when ppl revert to old habits, and I want to see if Gase Cutty differs from Diabetes Cutty.

    • The GP
    • BillW

      Great assessment. I have the same sense that the Packers just may be hopelessly under his skin. If true, we can’t beat them without an over-powering defense. Can’t afford more than 1 turnover Thursday.

      • It seems like he almost tries TOO hard, and that’s when he squeezes shit into triple coverage.

        Maybe he can take a tip from Rodgers and R-E-L-A-X.

        It would be nice if he actually had redzone targets too though.

    • He’s been mostly pretty solid against them the last 3 years. He sucked balls against them up until 2012 for sure, in large part due to terrible OCs who couldn’t handle Capers’ exotic blitzes, which got Cutler seeing ghosts and flinging it up too fast into traffic.

      Last game of 2013 he was great against them (didn’t play in 1st game due to injury). Last year was about average for him in both games. Was solid against them in home opener this year.

      • I don’t think he’s played horribly the last few times Cutty played them (that’s why I didn’t want to cite his stats either way), but to me he just seems a lil off against them. Maybe that’s just my subjective interpretation, but that’s what I see.

        He also seems to throw that game ending INT against them which everyone hates him for.

        Then, all the pro-anti Cutty fans begin debating whether it was the receivers fault, cutty’s fault, great defensive play, yada yada…result is the same. Game ending INT, typically late vs Pukes and yet another loss.

        I just wanna see how Cutty performs in his biggest pressure situation under Gase.

        You can’t simulate pressure in practice, and like I said, it’s typically under duress when habits are revealed.

        • BillW

          It’s a tough situation especially if Alshon decides whatever the hell makes him decide to let his teammates down and try to “heal” more. (Getting tired of him as you can tell).

          Part of me would rather Cutty not throw anything contested because he doesn’t have the receivers who can/will fight. The other part says go down swinging and who cares what others think if it’s picked off.

        • the problem is Bears have needed a completely flawless game from Jay to beat GB, because they haven’t been able to slow Rodgers at all. That’s just not going to happen.

          If you want to beat GB, you need the rest of your team to be better than theirs, because their QB is going to be better than yours 95% of the time. But the last several times they’ve played the rest of their team has also outplayed Chicago’s, so Cutler’s mistakes get magnified.

  • The GP

    If you have NFL All Access and watch the All-22, watch WIlson.

    Then come back here and report those findings. That guy is a 16 wonderlic.

    • BillW

      The average for WRs is 17.

      Though Calvin Johnson scored a 41 (wow)

    • Irish Sweetness

      The inexplicable love-fest for the that guy on here has at least stopped.

      Kevin White Watch has started.

  • BillW

    From Biggsy via Twitter (the only one I look at besides Jeff’s on this blog) –
    Bears sign a QB to practice squad; my old man memory made me forget who – too lazy to look it up again

    Said 49ers and Ravens both tried to poach Fales.

    No word on who did/did not practice today yet

    • That’s interesting. I thought you were referring to last year.

      So both the Pats and Ravens tried to poach Fales? That’s interesting. They both evaluate players pretty well.

      9ers have Gabbert starting, so they don’t count.

      • Ravens was likely for a backup who knows Trestman offense with Flacco out.

        • Ah, so it was after Flacco went down? Ok. that makes more sense.

          Still. I wonder how many other PS QBs had 3 diff teams try to poach him.

        • BearDown100393

          Being on a practice squad pays off with Marc Trestman. Practice is everything.

    • it was some UDFA rookie from Tennessee who had 24 TD and 21 INT in college. Whee.

      They also signed a LB who had been cut by Denver to the PS.

  • The GP

    Chicago riots. a Packers blowout, NATO-Russian warplanes shooting each other down and FourFeathers doom and gloom.

    So, to counter this – check out what happened yesterday. Some bad-assery A rocket LANDED.

    Something NASA was never able to do against Earth gravity. Looks like something out of Forbidden Planet.

    • Wow. That is impressive. Who funded those guys?

      Makes me wonder what our secret trillion $ projects have going.

      • The GP

        Blue Origin is Jeff Bezos company funded from Amazon profits.

        • Cutty of Olivet Nazarene

          so my wife and her Amazon Prime account had a hand in this? Today I stand before you a proud husband.

    • Scharfinator

      This is the coolest shit I’ve seen this month. I wish I could upvote you more than once.

    • Trac

      You first! Hahaha

  • This is what I would do vs Puke.

    On D, play their WRs man. Bump the shit out of them. Who cares. You get burned, you get burned. Play a safety high, but that’s about it.

    Put Porter on Cobb, but when close to the redzone, put him on Jones.

    Use the other safety to stop the run or break Vadgers.

    That’s the way you win against GB.

    On O, hammer away with Forte-Langford (and hopefully Carey) esp if Alshon is limping around.

    TOP. Play keep away. A heavy dose of trickeration. Read-option. Bootleg. Draws. Screens. Reverses.

    And pls, for the love of god, use MILLER in the redzone.

    40 yd Gould kick goes right through the uprights as time expires.

    Pan to needledick’s face in his wrangler jeans as the crowd cries in disbelief.


    • Carey won’t play. He’s in the concussion protocol, too fast of a turnaround.

      Honestly, I’m not sure if he’d be active with Forte back anyway. They like Smith as the 3rd RB for ST reasons, only 2 RB really play on offense.

      • BillW

        So Forte is back? Any word on the other walking wounded?

        • Beat writers say it looks like Forte and Jeffery both play. Fangio said Prosinski will be starting for Rolle again. McPhee said he’ll go. Royal didn’t practice again today, so likely out.

          • MB30SD

            what is wrong with that dude. damn it man.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Yet somehow the Bears are +9. Go figure.

    • MB30SD

  • MB, you need to show up at Lambeau and begin feeling Olivia Munn up.


  • Trac

    NB, you sir deserve a bagel today. Grrr…

    • MB30SD

      did you really just say that? smhay

      • It’s cuz NB upset him in FF.

        2nd biggest upset of the year behind Waffle beating GP with 3 guys.

        • MB30SD

          I know WHY he said it… i’m trying to figure out how it is different than telling a black guy he should get watermelon for winning FF?!?!

          I was kinda just giving him shit, but that’s pretty texas redneck of him. trac you asshole. ; ) hahaha

          • haha.So you and that muslim guy agree. Trac is a jerk!

            See. Muslims and Jews building a new future on common ground!

          • MB30SD

            hahahaha, exactly. Fucking trac.

          • Trac

            Yes, he’s in good company. Haha

          • MB30SD

            see: http://www.cnn.com/2015/11/24/us/racism-problem-cnn-kff-poll/index.html

            If you’re not part of the solution, you are the problem trac.

          • Trac

            Javol Herr MB.

          • Trac

            Sigh, I’ll have you know that I love bagels. It must be the 1/8 jewish blood in me. Is it even possible to be 1/8 Jewish? Hmm.

          • MB30SD

            hahahaha… antisemitic bastardo! ; )

          • Trac

            That’s what my mamma told me anyways. Lol.

          • Sactowns#1

            Not according to the Germans. If your grandma was Jewish you were considered full Jew. Kinda like how we continue to use the 1% doctrine in the US.

          • Trac

            1%? Not sure I get your meaning there.

        • Cutty of Olivet Nazarene

          haha, epic victory

  • TBC

    “The storyline about how awful Jay Cutler is against the Packers has always been flawed, but that’s especially true lately. He was good in their Week 1 game. The interception was more of a great play by Clay Matthews than anything else. Going back to last season, he didn’t have a shot to do anything in their second game and was very good in their first game. People forget Alshon Jeffery dropped a touchdown and Marty Bennett had another that wasn’t called a touchdown, even though it clearly was. That would’ve given him four touchdowns before halftime of that game and neither of the second half interceptions were on him. The only time he saw the Packers in 2013, he was the best quarterback in the game by a wide margin.”

    Seriously, this is awesome. If I were going to mock a Cutler apologist in the 1st person, this is almost exactly how it would go. Bravo, Mr. Dannehy. I’m sure even Jeff is blushing.

    • BillW

      My take – trying to be objective:
      You are absolutely correct. Matthews did not make a good play. Good for you as a Packer fan to admit it.

      The Bennett catch was a TD. What’s wrong with saying that?

      The Jeffery drop is a drop. Jay can’t get credit for TDs not caught any more than Rodgers or anyone does.

      I don’t have a sense that Cutler was the better QB in the 2013 by a wide margin, but he certainly was the better QB. We lost that game through sheer defensive stupidity – twice. Saying anything else shows you don’t want to be objective. And I understand that.

      After all, what else do Packer fans have to gloat about? Certainly not their performance in the playoffs.

      • Irish Sweetness

        I completely disagree with anyone saying Clay didn’t make a great play. He cheated to one side, baiting Cutty to throw it somewhere else … to which point he ran. Excellent play.

  • Wow. We almost drafted this guy too.

    Dolphins claimed DE Quinton Coples off waivers from the Jets.

    The Dolphins have a need on the edge, but Coples will see few, if any, snaps after flaming out in New York. – Roto

    Was kinda hoping he’d clear waivers, and we could kick the tires on him on the PS. God knows we need bodies on our Dline.

  • Cutty of Olivet Nazarene

    …..and here we go:
    I thought it was going to be tomorrow. MB, if I get jumped going to my car tonight you can have my stereo.

    • MB30SD

      be safe all you chi guys. fuck that noise.

      • Cutty of Olivet Nazarene

        I had a feeling. I brought it to work today.

        • MB30SD

          I’d get you a tech9 and maybe a XD40. double fist… just in case.

          • Cutty of Olivet Nazarene

            tech9? what is this 1989?

          • MB30SD


            fuck yeah… boys in the hood stylie yos. Fight fire with fire.

            btw, I think you need to get back online. I gave in to shady’s beggins now I’m using my fucking jetpack and wasting dudes as I run on building walls (ok, not yet, I still reaaaally suck right now)

          • Cutty of Olivet Nazarene

            maybe Santa will get it for me for chreeestmas.

          • MB30SD

            she knows better than that.

          • Cutty of Olivet Nazarene

            I’m santa.

          • MB30SD

            I know you are.

            …she knows better than that. hahaha

          • Cutty of Olivet Nazarene


          • MB30SD

            but babe, I bought it for myse… but babe…. but babe….

            Return it right now? But there’s a riot outside? I’ll get shot… with a tech9 most likely. But ba… but… bu…

            …oooook, I’ll return it right now.

          • Cutty of Olivet Nazarene

            i’ll buy it straight cash and she’ll never be the wiser. Off the grid.

          • MB30SD

            good call… see if you can get a tech9 from the same guy… and get a bag of shake thrown in. might as well.

          • Cutty of Olivet Nazarene

            gold ak

          • MB30SD

            a rarity these days… if you can get two, I’m in for the other one.

          • The GP
          • MB30SD
          • MB30SD
          • Cutty of Olivet Nazarene
          • MB30SD

          • Sactowns#1

            Just make sure you hold it sideways.

          • MB30SD

            I think that’s the only way it will shoot.

    • I call dibs on your Tradewind stash.

      • Cutty of Olivet Nazarene

        that seems fair.

      • Huge Bear’s Penis

        i am picturing Johnny with a hidden underground Tradewind’s bunker in his backyard similar to the island rum stash in Pirates of the Caribbean

        • MB30SD



        • Cutty of Olivet Nazarene

          very similar. It’s a mini fridge in the back room of the basement covered by a blanket that has ice, a huge Super Size McDonalds Cup from back when they were sturdy and well made, a bottle of Tradewin and a couple cans of Coke. When I escape to the basement to watch Thursday and Monday night football I break it out.

          • Huge Bear’s Penis

            a little disappointing but respectable, i am going to keep picturing a vast Tradewind’s bunker. Have you tried Siesta Key rum?

  • Sactowns#1

    In other news, I’m excited this is happening! Anyone else going to be up in Tahoe this weekend? http://www.sierraattahoe.com/mountain/conditions/web-cams

    • Cutty of Olivet Nazarene

      i’ll meet you there as Chi-town burns. We can slam craft beers and get some skiing in.

      • Sactowns#1

        The move by craft brewers to put more products in cans has been a godsend while skiing…… but most likely a detriment to my skill level.

    • MB30SD

      was thinking about taking the kids to mammoth after xmas

      • Sactowns#1

        Let me know if you guys want to do Tahoe some time. You know my old lady is a BCBA so she can watch the kids while we gamble on football and dice games.

        • MB30SD

          hahaha… awesome, thanks for the offer.

          Maybe a boys trip this spring. you down?

          • Sactowns#1

            Always. I’m a travelin man.

          • MB30SD

            ok, let’s think about it.

          • Sactowns#1

            Off the top of my head:
            International- Cabo, Barbados (It’s where a few of my Irish ancestors got dropped off) Chengdu, SA
            Nationally: NOLA, NOLA, NOLA, NOLA

          • MB30SD

            we’re all cabo vets here, If I weren’t going on safari in Botswana for memorial day next year, we’d be in Cabo (again).

            I’ve never been to NOLA, I want to.

          • Sactowns#1

            It’s probably my favorite US city. People, food, drinks, music are all amazing. And flights are cheap!

    • RenoBear

      I’m not doing Tahoe this weekend, but if you and MB head up in the spring, I’m down. 30-35min tops from my front door to my toes in Tahoe sand..

  • So, has Rolle missed more games than Conte this year due to injury?

    Que Alanis Morisette…

    • and conte has 2 INTs. is that more than our entire defense combined?

      • MB30SD

        fucking sigh man. jesus. I think it’s time for me to draw a warm bath.

        • DaMurph

          Are you missing Conte yet?

          • MB30SD

            How is it possible to love AND hate a man at the same time.

            I’m talking about you, not conte.

      • The Birdman. Imagine him paired up with Amos!

  • Bender McLugh

    Game prediction is excellent. I shall dream of it.

  • Trevor Wills

    Yeah what Cutler did with a bunch of pedestrians as his supporting cast was impressive. Definitely a better performance than Rodgers against that defense. People outside of Chicago really don’t have any idea what’s happening. Cutler’s success isn’t the coaching staff asking him to do less- it’s not minimizing the amount of times he throws the ball. Yes, the relative emphasis on the running game compared to the Trestman era has helped but I’d actually argue that this offense has asked Cutler to do FAR more than he ever did with Trestman or any coordinator before since he got here. Since the start of the season he has:

    -At times, run an efficient no huddle offense
    -Been very active before the snap and in the huddle
    -made those throws we all know only he can make
    -run a read-zone option offense

    Simply put, these are things Jay Cutler is very very good at and things most offensive coordinators wouldn’t bother to ask their QBs to try and do. Particularly that last one. Cutler has always been awesome in the pocket, he’s always had the ability to extend plays but this is the first time any coach thought to use it to their advantage (I always think about the way the Seahawks use Russell Wilson). Cutler isn’t great with anticipation passes- throwing to a spot has never been his thing. By comparison, this offense has done a great job keeping everything in front of him. That is, when something happens in the passing game and it’s not a quick screen or some form of high percentage pass- it’s because he’s being encouraged not to worry about pressure- but instead to rely on his elite pocket presence to extend plays and wait for his man to be definitively open, then zing it in. As an addendum, yes the coaching staff and Adam Gase deserve credit for being the first to actually play to Jay’s strengths- but so long as John Fox is in charge, I have no doubt he’ll be able to find coordinators who are also able to scheme to these strengths. We don’t have to worry about Jay post-Adam Gase.

    This stuff isn’t rocket science. Jay’s play isn’t a result of maturity- he is what he is and that’s fine. You don’t have to fix Jay Cutler. He’s a good QB.

    • One major reason coaches didn’t encourage Jay to extend plays is because of his injury history. They shied away from that tactic also in part because they know Jay sometimes goes “rogue” and lowers his pads for that first down. That’s not a long term sustainable plan.

      Gase is trusting him a bit more, but he’s doing a good job of reeling it in. To Cutty’s credit, he’s showed Wilson-esque savy (like when he slid when no one was in front of him), but still, Cutty going rogue has to be thought of (remember when he did his Elway impersonation this PS?).

      I also don’t think it’s a coincedence that Gase comes from a Martz tree, and Jay has found success in that tree.

      I think Gase and Cutty make a good team, and to assume Cutty without Gase will be OK is a bit of a stretch in my book considering how he looked before Gase.

      That’s like assuming Brady would be as good without Bill, or Brees without Peyton, or Palmer without Arians, etc. The QBs might be good, but with those coaches their potential is met.

      Good OC, DCs, Sp Teamers don’t just grow on trees.

      • Trevor Wills

        It’s a collective effort. Gase & Cutler DO make a good team. But there’s a middle line between what we’ve had previously and what we have now.

    • The GP

      It’s funny nobody talks about the stupid pick he threw to a linebacker covering WIlson on a crossing route

      • Trevor Wills

        Most QBs make a mistake every 32 throws or so. No one talks about the far more detrimental 2.7 YPC in the running game either. Cutler had the longest run of the day in fact (and the only one that was over 10 yards).

  • The GP
    • MB30SD

      fuck, that was gnarly. jesus.

      • The GP

        the car swerves outward and it’s grainy – but they dropped 16 shots into him. The thing he had in his hand was a knife not a gun. I dunno… it was excessive and they will claim they didn’t clearly see what he had in his hand, but it really appears they went for the kill way early – no attempt to close in or yell at him to drop it or use a taser.

        • I’m sure black cops shoot white kids 16 times regularly, right?

          Not sure it this will incite riots though. Even though it was lethal, it wasn’t like a gang of LAPD with clubs beating the shit out of Rodney King.

          • The GP

            Yeah well your ass isn’t downtown right now and mine is and it’s starting to look like you may be way wrong

          • Cutty of Olivet Nazarene

            stay safe. Crazy days ahead.

          • Wouldn’t surprise me, but I’m leaning towards “no”. Then again, this vid might’ve been the last straw in a series of police fuckups.

            Like in L.A. ppl think it was an isolated incident, but EVERYONE had a bad cop story, and once that vid hit, that was that.

            If you’re white, stay home! lol

        • DaMurph

          What did he do earlier that the police were called? his earlier actions could have precipitated the actions taken by the copper. At first look you think he didnt need to shoot him at that moment, but there is always more information that we arent privy to at this time that may have had them extra edgy. When the full story plays out and we have ALL the info it will be easier to understand his actions. The public doesnt have a grasp of the tension and emotions of those encounters. Portions of Chicago are very violent and the Andy Griffith approach just dont work.

        • Cutty of Olivet Nazarene

          fucked up on so many levels.

          1. The cop gets out and sees immediately that this guy is not listening to shit. Look at how he’s moving and posturing. What fucking cop is going to get within 3 feet to fucking tase him while he actively pulls out the knife and brandishes it in full view with obvious disregard to commands to stop?

          2. Guy obviously told to stop, does not and gets dropped. Cops overreacts and goes that quickly to multiple shots. I don’t know what SOP is in this situation and audio not present to hear any back and forth.
          3. The general disregard that the black community has for law enforcement is dangerous. This fucking guy is in the middle of a major street like a fucking piece of shit. WHO FUCKING DOES THAT???

          This cop was in the wrong but please remember that this guy was aggressive, hopped up on PCP, armed and not responding to police orders to stop. A tragedy all around i’d say. No one can riot off of this video though as anyone with half a brain cell knows what the fuck is going on. FUCK. This city fucking sucks. Cops like this suck and guys like this fucking suck. Fucking race riots. Convict this piece of shit cop and eulogize this guy like he was the next Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and get it over with so the rest of us can raise our kids and go to work.

          • The GP

            State and Roosevelt encircled by about 100 people and Michigan and Balbo is getting aggressive

          • Cutty of Olivet Nazarene

            i’m really fucking sad right now. I’m so frustrated with these cops. I just heard this guy was a fucking piece of work. I’m also sick of the culture of complete lunacy that our streets breed. SO much fault all around.
            my 35yr old neighbor beat cop had a 15yr old in a group fake like he was pulling a gun out of his waist band on him last week while his buddy pulled out an iphone 6 plus to film his reaction to blast it on social media…….fucked up. kid could have been shot.

          • The GP

            They are dirt poor except for the $250 Lebron Nike and the iPhone 6s

          • Cutty of Olivet Nazarene

            remember how awesome the Reebok Pumps were? My dad laughed when i told him the price as he pulled converse all stars off the shelf.

          • The GP

            The little orange basket ball you would squeeze it to inflate on the shoe. Awesome

          • Johnnywad

            They made me jump higher. I swear they did.

          • you’re confusing Pumps with the LA Gear Catapult. Those are the shoes that made you jump higher. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9d4Y-vS1-E

          • If the cop was “justified” why did they do everything in their power to conceal the vid (as well as confiscate other vids) and pay off the fam for 5mil?

            Even terrorists don’t get shot 16 times on the ground.

          • Cutty of Olivet Nazarene

            when the fuck did i say 16 shots was justified?

          • It seems like you’re implying that he had it coming for wielding a knife on pcp.

            He’s not the first guy on pcp to do that.

            I know being a cop isn’t easy, but that guy needs to go to prison, and even though I don’t condone riots, I can understand the anger.

            In fact, I think his family didn’t want the vid to come out cuz they knew what would happen, and for good reason.

          • Cutty of Olivet Nazarene

            1. he IS going to prison and will be convicted of something.
            2. I understand the anger but plenty of people are also frustrated to see this type of behavior over and over from blacks and people are sick of cops overreacting.
            3. The family wasn’t paid 5 mil to not talk. They don’t want the video out.

            When you are wielding a weapon and in public and are told to stop you do run the risk of getting seriously fucked up. That is the law. This cop crossed a line and his life is over as a result.

          • Irish Sweetness

            I have always wondered what the attraction of PCP is.

        • MB30SD

          that was my thought GP, no attempt to do anything to solve the problem, just bang bang. You can see some shots kick up asphalt. and him squiring on the ground after… that was a really scary tape. my heart was racing just watching. not quite sure how you do that to another human who hasn’t threatened you in any way.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Couldn’t have shot him in the leg ?

      • BillW

        Of course. That’s why he is up on murder 1

        The issue is not just rogue cops. It’s the force protecting them. Over a year ago and charges filed ONLY because the court forced the video released

        But the reason the force protects them is understanding the stress of policing a community that protects criminals instead of helping police by turning in known murderers

      • willbest

        That is exceptionally difficult to do even at the 10-15 feet when you are hopped up on adrenaline. But then there is no apparent reason from the video that he needed to be shot.

        • Irish Sweetness

          10-15 feet?? Really?

          • willbest

            Alright, chug a half dozen 5-hour energies, put on some Miley Cyrus, listen to it for 30 minutes, and then try to hit 3 foot tall 4×4 that is moving at 2 feet per second.

            Guns aren’t as accurate as people think. And keep in mind any bullet that isn’t hitting the guy is going someplace else . Which is how bystanders end up hit. Plus after the first bullet is fired, if you aren’t wearing hearing protection your sensory input is all F’d up, making each additional shot less accurate.

            If you commit to shooting, you aim for center mass.

            The guy made two mistakes that I see
            1) he shouldn’t have fired his gun, and it didn’t even look subjectively reasonably that he should fire it, never mind objectively.

            2) If you hit the guy and he is going down, and he isn’t currently holding a gun, you stop firing. You don’t empty your clip.

  • The GP

    You can follow different tweets and vines by using the kids name as a hashtag or check out the Abc website

    I’m shocked they are bringing the fight to the loop. That’s a bad move.

    Maybe 400 or so on Congress near Michigan. May move to the park. Dumb

    • BillW

      Cameras everywhere I’m sure. Wasn’t there a protest downtown not long ago where some protesters covered themselves with fake blood trying to claim they were beaten by police. Of course the cameras caught them doing it.

      I’m sure many here would like the police to over-react.

      But my math/analyst/logic brain always has trouble with this stuff. Mainly – when the dust and tear gas or whatever settles, what do the protesters actually want?

      Camera caught him murdering a criminal. So the cop is indicted. What”s the solution to avoid this in the first place? Why isn’t “don’t commit crimes” ever discussed as part of the solution by the community?

      Rhetorical of course. I know the answer.

      • Riots are rarely “rational”. Usually they’re an emotional expression of anger due to years of oppressive violence.

        No one wakes up and says, “I think I’m gonna riot today.”

        Something usually triggers the years of animosity.

      • Irish Sweetness

        (raises hand)

        In Ireland (and Britain), guns are illegal. Unless you’re an emergency response team for the police, or a farmer with a really good reason for having a shotgun, you don’t get to have a gun.

        Nobody feels like their freedoms are curtailed because they can’t arm themselves to the teeth. Consequently, the only gun deaths which occur are drug dealers shooting drug dealers, which is fine. This equation of gun-ownership and freedom seems to be specifically Americans – as far as I can tell it’s because they believe their right to bear arms is guaranteed them by the Constitution (which it isn’t).

        • I think it has to do with the American psyche, Irish.
          We did after all have to violently overthrow an empire with guns.

          And we looked at all those monarchies oppressing their peasants and said, “Not on my watch.”

          U-S-A! U-S-A!

          Edit. I also believe Americans are more distrustful of governments overall.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Then so it shall be. Prayers over Chicago today for some semblance of peace an quiet.

          • Cutty of Olivet Nazarene

            Irish, I’m moving to Westport, meet me there. We have a special breed of criminal here.

  • Cutty of Olivet Nazarene

    As we watch these unfortunate events unfold we are exposed to how powerful the video is. It brings people to riot and creates protests. I wonder what kind of community reactions we’d get if we had surveillance video of a 9yr old boy being shot in the head at point blank range or maybe a video of 2 black teens raping a young mom then shooting her in the head. I think those videos would also be quite poignant.

    Justice will be done here and people will fucking march and that’s their right and guess fucking what?? Some kid is going to get shot in a drive by this fucking weekend. The kid will be black or mexican and he’ll be shot by another black or mexican and no one will say SHIT. Some girl will get raped and kidnapped. 20 some odd people will get shot and a few will die. This particular situation is sad and feels like it could have been avoided. The other things that always happen here will be casually accepted as they’ve always been. Chicago.

    • The difference is that the cops are supposed to be protecting the public. Not shooting them 16 times when they’re walking away. Yes – he didn’t listen to orders to stop. But shooting him 16 times? Trestman went whole games without rushing 16 times, but this cop felt so threatened that he had to squeeze the trigger 16 times?

      Come on, man. I know you defended the cop before by putting the blame squarely at the feet of the drugged up, aggressive hood rat, but 16 times?

      • BillW

        It’s murder plain and simple

        But cops are stressed out. He snapped. No excuse but it’s real

        • What I’d like to know is why the police department didn’t charge him a year ago when they saw the video? Why is this like Ray Rice where they had to wait until it hit the public for them to say, “Oh. Well. Crap. Yeah, that boy done did something egregiously wrong.”

      • Cutty of Olivet Nazarene

        Not true. Read what I wrote man.

        • 3. The general disregard that the black community has for law enforcement is dangerous. This fucking guy is in the middle of a major street like a fucking piece of shit. WHO FUCKING DOES THAT???

          This cop was in the wrong but please remember that this guy was aggressive, hopped up on PCP, armed and not responding to police orders to stop. A tragedy all around i’d say.

          Is that not taking blame off the cop? Yes, you say “the cop was in the wrong,” but then you toss out that but as if to say “but he had no other choice”

    • But that’s always been the case. You think Rodney King was the first guy beat mercilessly by the police?
      I have known stories where the LAPD used to take gangsters to the L.A. river and BOX them.

      If they started losing, the other cop would step in and break it up. If the gangster was getting his ass beat, well, it just kept going. Then afterwards they’d drop them back off all bloody and swollen.

      “End of Watch” probably got their material from that cuz it happened. “Boyz in the Hood” too. It wasn’t fiction. No videos back then though.

      What I’m saying is that cops can act like thugs and assassins too, and when it gets caught on film, ppl SHOULD get pissed. It’s righteous indignation.

      Video of ANYONE getting shot 16 times is disturbing, but even more so when the guys doing the shooting are supposed to be professionals sworn to protect and serve.

      Then ppl wonder why minorities don’t trust cops.

      • Cutty of Olivet Nazarene

        the people around here are more outraged by a guy getting shot by the cops after jogging down the middle of the fucking street on PCP with a knife than a 3rd grade boy being lured into an alley and being shot in the fucking head so his brains spilled out on the ground.

        The cop is going down. The kid is dead and he made some bad fucking choices. The culture will not change. Nothing will come of this.

        • Irish Sweetness

          Got to have the video clip !

  • BillW

    Top cop is toast. Erased surveillance video is damning. There is a dilemma. Community won’t help the police. Police snapping under pressure. Pflegar and Jackson show their faces but do ZERO to address the crime issue.

    Protestors chanting something about not needing police. Sounds like a realistic solution. Ask the community what level of protection they want.

    Oh and here’s another idea. You don’t help fight crime by helping police, then the cops won’t either.

    Sound like a win win. Jesse?

    • willbest

      No police? So you get a couple dozen less people dying in Chicago by police officer, and 2000 more in the ensuing gang war. To go all NIMBY I don’t need south side refugees in my neighborhood.

      • BillW

        I’m obviously being sarcastic. My point is the community needs to own up to THEIR responsibility. GENERALLY complaining about the police is counter-productive. It makes their job tougher. If the community would WORK with the police, there would be far less police stress and hopefully far less excessive force incidents.

        The cop is up for murder 1. That’s the desired result. Now the community needs to work with police to solve the issue that led to that stress in the first place.

        • willbest

          That would be nice, but we stopped even pretending the victim had something to do with it in the 60s

  • BillW

    On a better note. Chicago and Earth Wind & Fire coming back next year. Missed them last tour. Have a DVD of that tour from LA. Great rock and soul!

  • The GP

    About 30-40 true believers tried to rush LSD from Michigan and Roos. Cops were having none of it, would not let people cross off Michigan towards the park. Arrested several, pushed many back. Anyone who laid down in the street was dragged off.

    I don’t see the momentum building. Overnight the South Side will get wicked, but the show of force downtown is overwhelming. You have tons of cops on bikes, plenty of paddy wagons and mounted and enough armed cops to take an ISIS stronghold in Syria. Not going to happen.

    • willbest

      Yes well Chicago is Chicago, and Baltimore/Ferguson/etc are not.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Pigs, Jews, niggers, paddies …. what’s the world coming to?

      • willbest

        Nothing pretty.

  • The GP

    Oh hey, mister Chi-raq Spike Lee is the guest on Colbert now.

    That oughta be fucking ridiculous.

  • The GP

    Two new stories breaking late:

    1. That Rahm paid the $5m to McDonalds mother with a gag order, spent more millions in legal fees to tie the video up and try and bury it, knowing that Chuy Garcia would be mayor if it hit before re-election.

    2. Burger King corporate is formally complaining that the CPD went into their store and erased the security camera footage that had a view to the shooting.

    • willbest

      A Chicago democrat playing politics. Quelle surprise.

  • Irish Sweetness

    What’s the general consensus on these turkey games ?

    Detroit are at home, they’ve won two in a row. 44% 3rd downs allowed defensively(JAX ‘lead’ with 46, Bears have 44% success stopping opp on 3rd down). Detroit’s pass D is poor, Philly’s is good. Philly have a +1 turnover differential, Detroit are -10. it’s hard to see how one could have any confidence in Detroit from a betting perspective. They’re just not very good. Mark Sanchez. I’m staying away from this game.

    Carolina look good against Dallas at 20/23. They have a whopping +13 turnover differential, Dallas have a whopping -9. The Panthers tick boxes everywhere defensively and offensively. Dallas haven’t impressed anywhere, but Romo is back … is that enough to overcome the gulf in performance? I don’t think so.

    I’m doubling Carolina with The Beloved +9, giving a just-under 3-1 double.

    Detroit-Philly is a banana skin.

    Happy Turkey day, bloggers.

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