Why Tribune Columnist David Haugh Doesn’t Care For DaBearsBlog (and why the feeling is mutual)

| April 7th, 2014


For the last few years I have hesitated to write this column. For one reason or another I decided I would keep this story to myself and only criticize David Haugh on the grounds which everyone else criticizes David Haugh: his work. But “sources” – especially those surrounding the NJ.com column on the release of DeSean Jackson by the Philadelphia Eagle – are quickly becoming a major topic of conversation when it comes to football reporting. One needs only follow Jason Whitlock on Twitter to understand how major the conversation is becoming.

I was a “source” for David Haugh.

In mid-November 2006 I was living on a couch in Stuyvesant Town, a weird complex of apartment buildings mostly inhabited by families on the east side of Manhattan. One of my roommates was working for an agency called Sportsstars, representing a host of NFL players, including Ricky Manning Jr. of the Chicago Bears. Word got to the agency that Manning was going to be suspended and my friend told me.  He added a caveat, making a simple request: “Please don’t publish this as you are too easily traceable to me.”

So I didn’t. But wanting the information (which nobody else had) to reach the fans, I sent an email to David Haugh. He responded back, checking to see if I was real and telling me he was aware of DBB. He then called me an hour or so later and I explained the source of the information. I could tell he didn’t quite understand why a blogger – someone who the newspapers were very wary of at that point – would share this scoop with the establishment paper. But I explained to him then what I say to everyone. I love newspapers. I have no interest in being in the news gather/reporting business. And without the work done by newspaper men and women, I’d have far less to comment on each day.

He asked what I wanted. I was honest. During the call I asked him to give DaBearsBlog a mention over the next few weeks. We had only been in operation a year and a half and a mention in Tribune would truly accelerate our popularity. He said yes. His word, not mine. “Yes”.

The story ran on the Tribune’s sports site THAT NIGHT. Not the next day. Not a week later. That night. And there was only one person cited in the story: “league source”.

The address of the NFL’s offices is 345 Park Avenue. League source was sleeping on a leather couch, drinking cheap Schlitz from Rite-Aid like it was water, a mile or so away.

A month went by. No mention. The Bears were the top seed in the postseason. Interest around the team was growing intense. I wrote Haugh another email about the promised mention. Nothing. I wrote another one the week prior to the Super Bowl. Nothing.


Haugh emails me. Out of the blue. After three years of some rather torrid criticism of his work (I was fueled by Jilted Love Syndrome) Haugh decides to respond. It opened:

“Good morning. A reader e-mailed a recent entry in which you mocked the column I wrote Wednesday. As always I accept your ridicule. Never hurts to hear opposing viewpoints.”

The two or three times Haugh has emailed me, the setup is always the same. I DON’T READ YOUR COLUMN BUT SOMEBODY SENT ME BLAH BLAH BLAH. It’s obviously untrue but I don’t bother to challenge him on that. He’s already lied to me. Why wouldn’t he do it again? We exchanged polite correspondence and then he wrote:

“I just recall how I first came in contact with you, back in ’06 I believe, so it’s fun to tweak back.”

Not only was I polite in those emails with Haugh but I went out of my way to signal out the positive work he’d been doing.

Then one day recently, having never spoken much with Haugh on Twitter but having criticized him thoroughly, he blocked me. And not only did he block me but several other Tribune columnists did the same presumably on his urging. I took this as a concerted effort to shut down criticism, a concerted effort to silence one of his most fervent and motivated detractors. And I hope this column shows it’ll take more than the block button to do that.

David Haugh doesn’t anger me any more, certainly not the way he did in the aftermath of the Ricky Manning Jr. situation in late 2006. But he upsets me. He upsets me because he lacked the integrity required to fulfill a minor promise to a young writer just trying to get started. He upsets me because he lacked the guts – from high atop the Tribune perch – to admit he reads this site with some regularity. He upsets me because he continues to be a premiere columnist in the city of Chicago and his opinions, rarely right, have wide-reaching impact on the fans who fill Soldier Field eight times a year.

But he upsets me most of all because he destroyed my belief, at the age of 24, that newspapermen were special. They were Woodward and Bernstein. Royko. Jimmy Breslin. For all the criticism bloggers receive for a lack of accountability, here was David Haugh.

He was happy to use my information to break a story. Happy as long as he doesn’t have to acknowledge my existence. I’m sure when David’s friend sends him this column, my inbox will have be slightly fuller. But how will he write a rebuttal (he can’t rebut the facts as he knows there’s a long paper trail) without mentioning DaBearsBlog by name?

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  • CanadaBear

    Let it go Jeff. A turd, is a turd, is a turd. Not worth carrying that baggage around. BTW, none of this surprises me.

    • tobijohn

      “Win or lose, if I wrestle with dung, I am always defiled”

    • Trac

      As usual, good solid advice Canada.

  • A concerted effort on twitter to block Jeff? Journalists can be so catty. I also would find it odd that ‘respectable journalists’ would read our rantings; on the other hand, I would argue that some on DBB are superior NFL analysts/thinkers/writers than those who work for the tribune. Then, there’s the Tall Whites…

    • CanadaBear

      I’m not saying they read the blog/comments but a lot more than once I’ve posted or read something on here and it was in the paper the next day. Almost verbatim.

      • Bear Down in Tampa

        When I hear Jeff Dickerson or Michael C. Wright on ESPNCHI radio, they are usually making very vanilla observations that someone following the team from afar can make. Yeah they break stories occasionally, but if we had their access we could break those stories too. Any one of us could write for the Bears section on ESPNChicago dot com. Hell, we come up with better content then they do already.

        • That’s really the only difference between journalists and bloggers. ACCESS. Journalists are supposed to be ‘cleaner’ writers, but I often spot errors, typos and sloppy writing in their pieces, so the gap is not as big as initially supposed.

          Hey, I can’t throw stones cuz sometimes I spot those same things in my own little pieces. Then again, I’m just a szchmo blogging for free.

        • Johnathan Wood

          I actually think Mike and Jeff do a pretty solid job. But like HappyHub said below… I’d kill for the kind of access they have.

      • gpldan

        Does CanadaBear shit in the woods? You bet he does!

    • Irish Sweetness 4 StephTuitt

      Word, Butch. this is a one stop shop. Bears …. and aliens. It’s what we do.

      • gpldan

        With just a sprinkle of Ben Bernake and Sex education to boot!

  • I think the only writer I consistently read is Biggsy. And Hub too, I must admit. Something about him as a character fascinates me. He’s like the Iago of Bears’ journalism.

    • tobijohn

      Same here. I like John Mullin too but I know a few here don’t care for him…

      • True. Almost forgot about Moon. And Seifert at the NFCN blog on ESPN does a pretty good job too, though they changed the format over there too much for my taste.

        • tobijohn

          I was going to mention Kevin Seifert too but a while back he was promoted to the national level so you don’t see too much of him anymore in the NFCN section…

    • gpldan

      +1,565 blog points for dropping an Othello reference into today’s DBB. You can safely coast from here.

      • Shakespeare was born in 1564, so +1,564 points back at you. Also, I accept all payment in bit-coin. My Bank resides in Beijing it’s called “Mao-I-Take-U-Monee”.

        • gpldan

          A much more reputable bank than Saigon’s “Mee-Luv-U-Longtime” Credit Union.

          • Irish Sweetness 4 StephTuitt

            But at only $20 a share with a guaranteed happy ending, it’s the bank of choice.

  • burntorangenavyblue

    Keep up the great work you do Jeff. Don’t let the old school newspaper guys bring you down. As far as I can tell, you are light years ahead with staying relevant to the sports reporting/column writing. That guy fears for his job and he doesn’t want to be shown up by an internet blogger (which I know that you are way more than just that).

  • Irish Sweetness 4 StephTuitt

    I feel your pain, Jefe. It’s a deep manly man pain, and sharing it on your blog brings with it some catharsis I hope. Clicking on ‘publish’ finally sent that eight year turd that was backing up your system to poo-heaven … the turd that is David Haugh.

    Does anybody here even read Haugh? I mean .. .why would they ….why not read DBB first, y’know …..the place he gets his ideas from.

    Can ya feel that, Dave? That’s the George Foreman gut-punch. The slow haymaker right into the belly, the one that hurts for a week. Don’t think we didn’t notice. You owe us a check or two.

    • Catharsis, or an enema – same result.
      Also, an enema fetish is coined “klismaphilia”. The more you know…

      • CanadaBear


  • Shady

    Hope all you Twitterers take to your 140 characters and call this d-bag out for what he really is. Chicago deserves better than this fraud.

  • Irish Sweetness 4 StephTuitt

    It’s been a good day all told. Jeff evacuates the Haugh-slime from his bowels … and we bag ourselves an actual Center. Dust off those Bear Jew T-shirts, Jeff.

    Before I sign off and watch Mickey Rooney in that ridiculous wig as he makes The Bill Show ….
    ….. Frak you, Haugh …. Frak you …. RIGHT …. in the FACE.

    • AlbertInTucson

      FYI: Anybody who thinks Mickey Rooney was just “Andy Hardy” and the like needs to watch “Bill” along with THE BRIDGES AT TOKO-RI and REQUIEM FOR A HEAVYWEIGHT. The man had talent.

      Also, the first of his many marriages was to AVA GARDNER ! ! !

      NICE work, Mickey!

      • Irish Sweetness 4 StephTuitt

        Eight marriages, he had to be an optimist.

  • Doooonnnn’t Caaaaare!

    We’ve been shorted in this city for so long when it comes to writing talent that it doesn’t even make me angry anymore….
    What’s really entertaining is when you can hear some scumbag drunk at a local bar spout off with a sub 90 IQ statement about something and then actually hear that same type of statement from one of our beatoff writers/reporters a couple days later.

  • AlbertInTucson

    Was David’s nickname as a kid possibly “Hee” ? Have not bothered to read his work in quite a long time. now.

    • gpldan

      Al, with the Hee Haw reference. Al, +45 blog points for you and a Roy Clark autographed banjo for you, my man.

      • AlbertInTucson

        Favorite Roy Clark song: THANK GOD AND GREYHOUND YOU’RE GONE.

        Buck Owens: ACT NATURALLY

        • CanadaBear

          When that show started Buck was the big star. Somewhere along the line Roy Clark’s musicianship kinda kicked Buck to the curb. Fun fact; Roy can’t read music.

          • AlbertInTucson

            Did NOT know Roy didn’t read music. He sure could “pick it”.

    • CanadaBear


  • Trac

    Wait a minute Jeff. Did I get this right?Someone gave you some info and said shhh, then you sold that information and didnt get paid? Where’s Woodward and Bernstien in that? No honor among Journalists I guess. I never heard of such a thing(Yeah right, tell that to the White House press corps.).

    • gpldan

      He’s the Charles Colson of the Interwebz.

      • DaBearsBlog

        We know P is Porter.

    • Johnathan Wood

      technically the guy who originally gave the info didn’t tell him to keep him quiet, just told him not to publish it on HIS site, because that would be too easily traceable.

      • Trac

        Ahhhh my bad but was the spirit of the confidence violated?

        • Johnathan Wood

          not from the way Jeff portrays it. But all I have is his word for it, so in reality I have no clue.

          • Johnathan Wood

            “He added a caveat, making a simple request: “Please don’t publish this as you are too easily traceable to me.”

            That says to me he doesn’t care if it gets out, just so long as it can’t be traced to him. If Haugh publishes it as an anonymous source, I don’t think that violates the request.

            Of course, this is based on one man’s quote from a memory that’s 8 years old. So there’s that.

    • DaBearsBlog

      No. Someone gave me the info and said do what I want with it. Just don’t publish it here so he’d be protected.

      • Trac


  • gpldan

    The newspapers and the internet-sphere are fundamentally at odds with one another.

    I have chosen, mostly entirely because of this blog and guys like data, to not bother with a Trib subscription on my iDevice.

    Now, normally as a train rider, middle age man and Bears fan, I am the CORE DEMOGRAPHIC TO SEEK for subscriptions to the paper and the only way they were going to get me is with Sports section. Editorial is just re-hashing the Wall Street Journals viewpoint on everything. News? Child, please. That news organization was gutted. Culture? I can find restaurants on Metromix. Who does films? Roeper went to the Sun-Times before he hop-skipped into obscurity and nobody there is doing anything interesting.

    But I liked Biggsy and even Big Bird would cover something worthwhile on the Bears. But these guys give away their stories on Mully & Handley, so why bother?

    The paper is needless. It deserves, at this stage, to die Haugh can get a job writing ad copy. The next time he does real investigative journalism and uncovers something hidden at Halas Hall will be the first time. So, what’s the point?

    • In some ways, I feel for the Sport’s Writers.
      Fans now receive breaking news from the radio (The Score), internet (Profootball Talk) or twitter(Schefter, Rappaport). Heck, even Rob Lowe got a scoop before the national writers.

      Another obstacle for sport’s journalist is the Cold War secrecy NFL organizations like to keep. Emery is like a KGB spy when it comes to stealth, so good look prying loose nuggets away under his regime.

      IF the journalists are thrown a bone from time to time, I suspect the organization does so with a wink as in, “now, you behave yourself and there’s more where that comes from.” Mayer is the ultimate insider, and he’s not going to win any Pulitzers any time soon.

      So what remains the domain for NFL beat writers? Well, they must actually CREATE good ideas and you know WRITE WELL. Original, insightful pieces that Bears’ fans would PAY for. Now, this they CAN do, but they don’t. So that’s on them.

      • CanadaBear

        Great point about original, insightful pieces. That was my point previously but I didn’t exactly put that across. Anyone can report the news. It takes some work to dig for the stories, have a huge knowledge base about the NFL and because of that write articles with your take on the news.

        • Yes, and that’s why I hear a lot of ppl complain specifically about Chicago, that the beat writers get info, but don’t particularly write original insightful pieces – compelling works.

          Not sure if that’s just Chicago though. It might be every football town. Are the journalists in Oakland better? Tampa Bay? Don’t know – don’t read them. Someone more informed would have to shed a light on that one.

      • Irish Sweetness 4 StephTuitt

        … or, like Hub, they can can just invent a story – like say, Cowher being the next HC of the Bears – and y’know,run with it.

  • JerseyBear

    Not only does he look like an asshole, it sounds like he really is one!

  • Big Mike

    So now we can add knowing he’s a jerk, to not liking his approach as a sportswriter. That’s good.

  • EnderWiggin
  • There is only one solution….a fight to the death. I’d watch.

    Oh, and Ricky Manning Jr. hasn’t been mentioned on the internet since 2009 so he has to be happy about this article!

  • I get most of my breaking Bears news from here anyhow. “Allen signed” I was like, “What!?” read it here first. De La Puente signed, “BRIAN de la puente? How did we pull that?” etc etc.

    Artoo used to be our Shefty before he became a Coca-cola underwear model. RIP, superman.

    • gpldan

      I loved Artoo in Gravity

      • Haha…there’s nothing in space to carry sound, duh!
        So true. All those space explosions would be eerily silent, which is bad drama. I want to HEAR my death rays explode.

    • BearFanInDE

      Happy! I was the ‘source’ that broke the de la Puente story on the last thread! Can you mention Beavis in the next thread 😉

      • Irish Sweetness 4 StephTuitt

        He needs TP for his bunghole!

  • Can we post polls on here? Jeff, that would be a handy feature to have for us, though I supsect half of the polls will go something like “Upton or Scarlett Johanson”.

    The official site has an interesting poll. Apparently, 41% of meatheads believe Allen will rack up 13 or more sacks this season. I think that’s a little optimistic, but hopefully they’re right.


  • BearFanInDE

    I come here for my Bears news and analysis. I scan the other columns/sites coz I can never have enough Bears news/analysis. But this is #1.! Keep up the great work Jeff!

    p.s. Can we have another T Shirt for this season? The Band is Back together tshirt is old now! How about a user design contest??!

  • Bear Down in Tampa

    Josh Freeman was in for a visit today according to Jason La Canfora.

    • NewBearInTown

      That’s an interesting possibility. Have to wonder if the Minny experience was enough to get him hungry again. Freeman is like Jason Campbell – a talented arm for practices and good enough that a strong performance after a Cutler injury could lead to a nice pay bump elsewhere in 2015.

      • Bear Down in Tampa

        After what Trest did for McCown, I don’t see how any out of work QB that gets a call from the Bears doesnt want to take a minimum salary benefit deal to get their football career resurrected.

      • CanadaBear

        The BiQueens couldn’t have handled that situation worse if they tried. Bring a guy in who’s about half shell shocked from dealing with Schiano (don’t get me wrong, Freeman isn’t blameless in that deal), comes into a brand new offense and a week later is starting. Gets concussed(????) and never sees the field again. Why they started the guy on short notice is beyond me. I get Leslie was fighting for his job but that was just stupid.

      • Irish Sweetness 4 StephTuitt

        Freeman is to Joe Montana, what a lame old handicapper round Plumpton on a drizzly November afternoon is to Frankel, over any distance from a mile to a mile and a quarter.

    • Johnathan Wood

      could be nothing (remember Russell last year and the hoopla over that?). Tough to imagine him getting anything but a veteran minimum deal right now, with no guaranteed $$.

      In that case I would love it. Let him prove it in camp. If he can’t, see ya. The upside is tremendous (above-average starting QB as your backup), the downside is… nothing.

  • NewBearInTown

    So I’ve thought about this story a bit today. I have a few thoughts.

    I don’t like David Haugh as a journalist. I have no opinion of him as a person. I am willing to judge him favorably as far as not remembering the original deal with Jeff – stuff like that happens. I am also willing to give the benefit of a doubt that maybe the tribune didn’t want him mentioning a blog in his columns. But the follow up emails by Jeff going unanswered seem to run counter to that theory. So I’m left to assume that he just did a lousy thing to a young writer because he could get away with it.

    But at the same time, I see Jeff’s rather mean spirited attacks against Haugh on twitter and on the blog. And I’m just not very impressed by that either. It comes off as kind of petty. I get the hate, but if your goal is to have a more intelligent brand of journalism you’ve got to be bigger than that.

    Haugh blocked you. You can block him if you want to (I don’t personally follow him on twitter). I think that you can leave that one alone.

  • gpldan

    I had to work with a guy today on a project whose first name is Rommel.

    When I met him, I shook his hand and considered saying “Rommel, you magnificent bastard, I read your book.” But I figured he got that alot.

    • Tell him he’s as sly as a desert fox.

      • MB30SD


        • I suppose if he never watched the movie, it might be misinterpreted, esp if GP winks while saying it.

          • gpldan

            I could give him a cold capsule and say “here you go, in case the project goes badly.”

          • MB30SD

            hide it behind you last molar on the right-hand side.

    • AlbertInTucson

      As slyas Rommel was, Ike DID catch him with his pants down on D-Day. Ole Irwin was away from the front figuring the Allies would never launch an assault in absolutely crap weather in Normandy, of all places.

  • NewBearInTown


    Interesting mock. Some thoughts:

    – Watkins to the Rams means their two biggest weapons are both undersized receivers.

    – Manziel to the Jaguars would definitely sell tickets. But they resisted signing Tebow for what could have been a song. They may be averse to the circus.

    – Us taking Mosley over Gilbert (with Dix, Jernigan and Donald off the board) is interesting but not unlikely scenario. If Emery doesn’t like Hagemon or Gilbert at #14, Mosley is a solid pickup and much stronger than the rest of the MLB class this year.

    • Johnathan Wood

      I think that, if they go CB round 1, it ends up being Kyle Fuller. Seems like an Emery pick. Has all the measurables with size/athleticism and is viewed as a reach by the general public.
      I actually really like Fuller and would not mind this pick one bit. His stock slipped some due to an injury in 2013; coming into the year he was viewed as one of the top CBs.

      Also wouldn’t mind Mosley though.

      • NewBearInTown

        As I’ve said, I like Fuller a lot as our trade up option in Round 2. If we can get him for our second and fourth rounder for example, that would be expensive, but a good pickup. In this mock though, he’d be gone too soon.

        But you’d take Fuller over Mosley?

        • Johnathan Wood

          I don’t know. I really like Mosley.

          • NewBearInTown

            Bottom line: A great cornerback will not get the same opportunity for a starting job this year that a great middle linebacker would.

            Peanut and Jennings are starters, written in pen. DJ Williams is a guy that we want to see lose the job. He was brought in to lose the job to Bostic and he’s been brought back for a second year to lose the job to someone else.

          • Johnathan Wood

            I actually would like to see DJ Williams starting. He’s a very good LB. But I don’t trust him to stay healthy.

            If they draft Mosley I’d like him at Mike and Williams at SAM, with Bostic top backup.

          • Johnathan Wood

            but CB is likely a bigger need because they have 3 young LB they’ve drafted in the last 2 years, with only Frey as a young CB.

            Now whether you trust any of those young LB is another matter, but they have them there, and they don’t at CB.

          • Irish Sweetness 4 StephTuitt

            Trade Briggsy for a 2nd rounder? Is he a third? He won’t ride the pine silently.

          • Irish Sweetness 4 StephTuitt

            Peanut be injured week six.

          • Irish Sweetness 4 StephTuitt

            Corners are more expensive, it’s not even an opinion thing, it’s financial. It’s either a QB, LT CB, or a DE. but if it’s a corner or a LB that you think is going to be the man, then you go Corner just because they’re worth more down the line.

      • Trac
    • MB30SD

      interesting. I don’t know much about fuller, but if we skip on gilbert to go mosely I think the natives will be a bit restless.

      Now, if gilbert is also off the board, I don’t see that as a crazy pick IFF emery and everyone else thinks this kid can be the next good-great bears IMLB.

      • Trac

        Gilbert smilbert. Don’t know why but none of the secondary guys in this draft do anything for me as the 14th pick. Do you really think Gilbert as a rook will be an impact player for us this year. I just get the feeling Moseley will be ready to plug and play for years to come.

        • MB30SD

          Yes. 100%.

          I’ve seen multiple analysts list him as one of the top 3 fb players of the entire draft. I believe I might have seen him as #1 a couple times.

          Data, $, nb…?

          • NewBearInTown

            I don’t think I’ve seen anyone go that far. The transcendent talents that I see are usually Clowner, Watkins and sometimes Khalil Mack.
            Aside from Same Farmer’s mock I mentioned a few days ago, most sources I see list Gilbert as the consensus #1 corner. Dix is usually #1 at safety, though some say Pryor is “1b” and just as good in his own way. Mosley is the only MLB in the discussion for best at his position. Then DT is open between Jernigan, Donald and Hagemon all taking top honors at one time or another.
            The only QB I see anyone list as being potentially great is Johnny Manziel. But plenty of others think he doesn’t last a season.

          • MB30SD

            thanks NB. Trac, I was mistaken. Def top corner, but here’s some overall numbers:

            CBSS: #10 (http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/prospectrankings)

            Around 10: http://nesn.com/2014/04/jadeveon-clowney-no-1-in-composite-top-32-2014-nfl-draft-expert-rankings/

      • Irish Sweetness 4 StephTuitt

        Phil’s too smart to draft another Linebacker, not in the first round. We don’t need a linebacker as much as we need DL, DB, or a TE,

        • MB30SD

          Agree for the most part.

          I think we need, FS, DT, CB. ILB would be next with TE a far 5th place. If he goes TE @ 14 the fucking walls are going to crumble.

          I’m putting a steak in the ground and going with Dix at 14 if he’s there.

    • Trac

      I think Mosley is more of a long term fit than any DB on the board. I hope we draft Mosley and that he is who I think he is.

    • MB30SD

      btw this must be way old NB (the comment about ware

      • NewBearInTown

        Its fresh today on PFT. They probably forgot to edit the Dallas comment since they didn’t change their pick.

        • MB30SD


    • Irish Sweetness 4 StephTuitt

      Does anyone else smell a massive bust in Manziel ? I know nothing about the guy. It’s all in his name. It spells ‘B – U – S – T”. I guarantee you he’s the next Tebow in short order. It’s a shit-backed guarantee, but it’s all I got.

      • NewBearInTown

        Most of the smart analysts I read have said Manziel is miles ahead of Tebow in terms of accuracy. The biggest concerns are durability and adapting to a pro-style offense. You have to work in tighter spaces in the NFL.

  • Doc Nitty

    MB’s worst nightmare:

    May not be safe for work, but it’s not too bad either.

    • MB30SD


      Dude, that’s terrifying Doc. Why would you show that to me?!?! I’m going to have nightmares now.

      (btw, did you see those things? Damn. I didn’t get OMunn before I watched that.)

      • Doc Nitty

        Hahahaha! So glad you hadn’t seen that!

        • MB30SD


    • tobijohn

      Well done little piece. And a cameo there by Dr. Craig from St. Elsewhere…

    • Big Mike

      oh man, that is hilarious…

  • MB30SD

    the newz paperz is dead maings… even on the innerness. Boooooring. Kids these days only have the attention span for 140 characters at a time. Oh and Haugh looks like a doofus.

    In other news from totally obsolete technology, my buddy just won a boss new cannon oneshot point and shoot camera in his sales contest.

    He hands it to me and I look at it like it’s a fucking alien 8-track geiger counter of some sort.

    Me: Holy shit dude. They still make these things?!?!

    Him: Hell yeah, that thing’s state of the art man. It’s bad ass.

    Me: Oh, really? That’s swell buckaroo. How many pixelations does it have?

    Him: I don’t know, I think 12M Pixels. Pretty sweet huh?

    Me. Oh wow crazy cat… my fucking intelligent telephablet has 13 maings. (shaking my fucking head as I carelessly toss it to him on the other side of the couch)

    Him: (bobbling it like it actually has any value whatsoever beyond a fucking paperweight) damn it dude.

    I’ve finally convinced him to ditch his POS iPhone for the new Galaxy S5 next week. The camera’s never going to come out of that box again. Might as well trade it on craig’s list for a box of bazooka gum… the watermelon flavor.

  • NewBearInTown

    Question for the blog. I don’t like using apple products. What is the best MP3 player and software available if I don’t want to get an ipod? I want to buy 1 or 2. Here are my needs:
    For the kids:
    1) Hard to break
    2) Compatible with inexpensive speakers for their bedroom
    3) Possibly Bluetooth friendly for the car
    Grownups would have the same needs but possible with nicer speakers

    • bearsfantillend

      Creative makes some decent MP3 players that meet all those needs. got a couple friends with them and they have no complaints


      • NewBearInTown

        They are the only ones I see that actually come out and say they’re Bluetooth compatible. I’m surprised to hear myself say this, but I might have to go to a store to figure this out.

    • MB30SD

      Here you go NB: http://www.toysrus.com/family/index.jsp?categoryId=3250947

      BUT… I would get them tabs if they don’t have them already. So much more they can do with it. I got mine a leapapd ultra. If not, can’t lose with a samsung galaxy tab NB. I know know about hard to break or inexpensive, but it’s the best thing out there and you guys will totally use it/them.

      • NewBearInTown

        Took me a minute to realize “tabs” is slang for “tablet?”
        We have an IPad2. I was rather surprised, but it did not catch on as a big draw in the house because we didn’t invest in any paid apps. I’m frankly fine with it, they have enough screen time as it is and they’re still really young.
        I’m just trying to get music into the house more. My kids love to listen, but they kept breaking CD players (we went through like 4 before we stopped trying). I told my wife we need to stop buying CDs and start collecting MP3s, but we haven’t taken the plunge yet.

        • Big Mike

          I have to say, I’m a PC guy. Advanced skills in networking, microsoft office, database administration, html, php etc. So this is not coming from a noob. For music, you have to use iTunes and an iPhone. The gap in usability is stunning. No fiddling with settings, no wifi connectivity issues,you don’t have dozens of settings to tweak, it just works. iTunes radio is free on wifi, It’s just the way to go. Your CD collection can be loaded into iTunes, where it will be matched with album art, stored in the cloud if you want it to be and so on.

          • NewBearInTown

            As I’m researching online, i am surprised to see that you are probably right. CNET listed their top MP3 players, three of them were from Apple.

          • Big Mike

            Once I had my music collection organized on iTunes, with a seemingly harmless iPod, the next invader was an iPhone, than an iPad and eventually Mac Books became the laptop of choice for wife and daughter.

          • NewBearInTown

            I could see my wife enjoying the apple “any color you want as long as its black” approach. I just want to keep my PC for myself.

          • MB30SD

            I bought my little girl a purple mini. She likes it… for about 30 seconds at a time.

            That’s the thing NB. For my money, I’d buy a tab and a sonos speaker for a room or two in the house. You can run different streams of music to each speaker, so your kids can stream elmo in the playroom, while you and the wife stream some chopin in the livingroom.

            That way, music is available to all… and when you travel you can just let them plug earphones into the tab and there are visuals too. And, you have a tab for games, learning, etc… too.

            Just my $.02.

            Here’s the sonos stuff: http://www.sonos.com/system

          • Big Mike

            you made my point.

          • MB30SD

            have to say I HATE iOS. HAAAAATE it. After using my note III for a few months, it’s by far the best and most powerful piece of tech I’ve ever used.

            No multitasking with anything apple is a right-off-the-bat deal killer maings How do you go from multitasking… and my note has multi pane multitasking!!!… to none?!

            Like picking up a rock and peg. brutal.

            That said, I do have an ipod for the gym, and an ipad runs my music in my house (I have a couple sonos speakers that connect over wifi – also an awesome system, highly recommend). That is ALL I use it for. It hasn’t come off the dock more than twice since I got it over a year ago.

  • AlbertInTucson


    I believe somebody just recently mentioned comic, John Pinnette, and I just read that he has passed away.

    Age 50. “Natural Causes”.

    He DID do some hilarious standup.

    My fav:

    Thanks, “Big Boy”.

  • Cormonster

    Good story Jeff. Obviously this issue has eaten away at you to an extent over the years, and you’ve shown pretty good restraint. I bet you’re glad to get that off your chest.

    To the guys longer in the tooth than me, and the Jewish hippy, I’m glad he wrote this article. It might even turn into a great strategic move to obtain more readers. If Haugh would have kept his promise, viewership would have increased. Since he didn’t keep the promise, why not expose that tool and increase readers by an alternative method?

    Besides the best Bears content on the web, there are myriad other reasons why this is the best blog ever.

    The fundamental reason this blog is great, which leads to all the other reasons, is there are no rules. Surprisingly, there are no “administrators” controlling what we can and can’t write. Our little “society” is self policed, and it’s great. I’ve had some heated arguments with many people on here, but in the end I enjoy all the regulars. It’s the only place I consider worthy of “blogging” without wasting my time. Every regular is a smart person.

    • Trac

      Once should never rely on their adversary Cor. He he.

    • Irish Sweetness 4 StephTuitt

      Way to share, Cor. And I think Jeff’s honesty and just getting something off his chest, is admirable. Yeah, we could/should just bury things … but everything? Is that healthy? I don’t think so, and I don’t imagine it’s a million miles away from a relation to fostering cancer. If I had David Haugh up my ass for eight years, I’d damn well want to shit him out onto the pavement for folks to see.

      I think the more we get to know people, the more we like them, it’s just a natural progression. I think that’s what blogs prove. The more you know about someone, the more human they become to you, ergo to know Jeff is to love Jeff. I like him more because I know more about him now. He’s not just column inches on a screen to me now. He’s a guy who had a bug up his ass for eight years and now it’s out. I can relate to that.

  • IBNO

    Why do I have “Tainted Love” playing in my head?

    • because you’re unfamiliar with Grundle Crush?

      • gpldan

        Let’s make it run through everybody’s head all day

        • Cormonster

          Didn’t work. Lucky for me I’ve had Neon Knights by Black Sabbath running through my head since I hit the snooze button. Again and again, again and again, and Again!!! Live in New York 1980. Dio in top form.


  • Artoo

    I know I haven’t been around in awhile, but it’s nice to read something like this. Don’t ever change, Jeff.

    Have I missed anything?

    • Trac

      But change is good Artoo. He he.

      • Cormonster

        Change is only good when preceded by hope.

  • bearsfantillend

    just signed a couple long snappers.. looks like Mannely’s injury is going to be the end of a great career.

    • Johnathan Wood

      Mannelly honestly doesn’t know yet if he’s gonna play this year or not. He’s rehabbing from surgery right now.

      All the deals they’ve handed out have no guaranteed $$, I believe. So competition in camp for that one spot if Mannelly isn’t back. If he is, those guys are gone. I think I read somewhere he’ll let them know sometime by the end of June or so.

  • Irish Sweetness 4 StephTuitt

    Has anyone woken up to the fact that we just signed the starting center for one of the NFL’s top offenses for league minimum? I guess Emery waits til the week before camp opens before announcing Brian as the new starting Center. We got ourselves a solid guy for a bargain.

    • bearsfantillend

      ssshhh!! we haven’t told Garza yet.

    • Trac

      Here’s the net net on the Saints O. Run blocking kinda suffered last year. I don’t think their O line graded out real good. Not sure how good the cat we picked up really is.

  • gpldan

    Not to digress too much, but since they may find the plane soon, I wanted to say:

    I think the pilot of 370 took that plane up to 40,000 feet to flush the pressure and kill everyone. On purpose, his was a suicide mission to embarass the Malaysian government. He then very much wanted the plane never to be found. For it to be an all-time mystery. He just forgot about the GPS devices in the engines would ping satellites that would be used to triangulate his course. He switched his transponders off and flew outside known radar corridors to not be spotted.

    And, for his final act, I believe – and I believe this is what will be found – he soft landed the plane in the ocean. As best he could, he put that plane down as gentle as he could in the ocean, knowing once he blew the hatches it would sink. Passengers were all already dead. Crew was dead. He was last one left alive.

    So, when they find this plane, it will be largely in-tact. Maybe the wings came off, but there is no debris because he set it up to have no debris. He didn’t want the plane to ever be found.

    • My theory also includes the pilot going kamikaze. That’s a frightening precedent – a pilot becoming suicidal because of politics, but that could easily be the case because of other spheres of his life (like let’s say his wife divorced him and took the kids).

      I’m not sure how finding and maintaining pilots of sound mind can be achieved. Mandatory therapy in which a therapist can suggest he’s not fit for piloting? Other pilots policing each other?

      It might be one of those things that can’t be prevented. Can’t prevent a pilot from having strong political opinions, unless he really starts spouting crazy shit like ‘I bet I can hit the whitehouse’ etc.

  • NewBearInTown

    Biggs reported on twitter today that the Bears are hosting… Kyle Fuller today,

    • MB30SD

      so does that mean phil isn’t going to pick him?

    • You were on the Fuller bandwagon early.
      I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the Bears draft Fuller at #14 for the reasons Data mentioned.
      It’ll be interesting if Mosley, Fuller and Dix are on the board when the Bears pick (assuming the top pass rushers got gobbled up).
      An argument can be made for each.
      Mosley is the consensus top ILB, and the fall of after him is considerable. He’s in his own tier, so that can be value. D.J. Williams can easily slide to SAM, so Briggs/Mosley/D.J. can look very appealing.
      On the other hand, he’s ‘only’ 230′, and ILB is so devalued now that it’s relatively easy and cheap to pick up a solid ILB through FA.
      Fuller can obviously become the instant nickle, and eventually replace Peanut. Starting CBs are much more expensive in FA (Peanut is costing 3M), so having a cheap CB on a rookie wage can help our cap for the next 4 years. Also, it’s harder getting ‘blue chip’ CBs later in drafts, and this might be the last time we really get a chance to draft one in years.
      Dix, well, we all know the story here. Immediate need, etc.

      • Johnathan Wood

        Mosley weighed 234 at the combine. I feel like he could easily bulk up into the 240s though. Alabama tends to keep their LBs small to emphasize quickness. The question is how much weight he could gain before it started slowing him down.

        In general LBs are getting smaller as defenses prioritize coverage over thumpers from their linebackers. Not universally true, but a general trend.

        • Mosley’s good in coverage, both zone and man, which is why I don’t think I would mind him at #14. He also made the calls, so he’s savvy and a leader. I’ve always felt that Bostic was a better WILL and Brigg’s eventual replacement.

          Bostic-Mosley-Shea could very well be the LB core in 2015 if they go that route.

          • gpldan

            Mosley is a 3-4 LB.

          • I was leaning that way too initially, GP, but I kept seeing more tape of him jumping passing alleys, running with TE/HBs, batting passes down. He looks comfortable in zones. He’s a little under-sized for my taste, but maybe we all got spoiled by a 6’4 250 behomoth who can run like a gazelle and cover like a S in Lach. 6’2 235 with a feel for zone and decent speed might work. Plus, not entirely certain we’re even going to see the Lovie-2 much from now on.

      • MB30SD

        the more I read and process, the more certain I think 100% we take Dix if he’s there at 14.

        Just my gut. Like we’ve said, some don’t feel like he’s a earl thomas level guy, but I dont know. He certainly has the measurables. And we’ll never get a franchise FS is we don’t take one top 15 picks in the draft or drop a freaking load of cash when a very good one (rarely) comes on the market… and if we were going to do the latter, I assume Byrd would already be a bear.

        My $.02.

        • Dix has range. And he can add weight to his frame (some even think he can become a SS). He’s not going to knock anyone out or intercept 10 passes, but he’s decent all around. If we draft Dix, then we can possibly draft/sign a BANGER at SS.

          That’s the formula in Seattle. Thomas has the range to cover the backside, which allows Chancellor at 6’3 220 or whatever ridicules size he is, to play the box. Between the pass rush, the bump and run, and Thomas patrolling the back side, it’s rare for big plays to happen, and it’s hard to run with 8 in the box. That might be model we can emulate if we draft Dix.

          Any Chancellor-esque SS draftniks? Unfortunately, most sites don’t go deep at SS, which always irks the hell out of me.

  • MB30SD
  • Johnathan Wood

    BTW, my most recent article for those who are interested. Reflects some comments I’ve had on here (and was shaped by some of the discussions I’ve been in on here, so thanks for that).

    Short version: optimism and concern for D

    optimism: 5 players w/ Multiple Pro Bowls (combined 19 Pro Bowls and 9 All-Pros), great talent base to build around

    concern: those 5 are 33, 33, 33, 32, 30, w/ 3 other guys over 30. Age concerns with injury/regression, and limited depth behind the old guys at LB and CB.


  • Here’s a draft hypothetical:

    Let’s say a Top 5 team (low 5 I guess), like the Browns, Jags or Raiders wants to trade back into the first with us to snag a QB they initially passed over.

    They offer their 2nd, and next year’s 1st for our #14.

    Do we take that deal?

    Pros: those teams are picking in the first 5 for a reason, and most likely they’ll suck again this season, which could mean WE inherit a top 5 pick in 2015. Think about the 5 star prospects we can draft next year, or how many more picks we can add by trading down. We also get a high pick in the 2nd round this year, so it’s almost like trading back to the end of the 1st.

    Cons. We perhaps miss out on a playmaker at #14.

    • bearsfantillend

      I would absolutely take that deal, but it would be even nicer to get them to throw in another late round this year, 5th, 6th or 7th.

      • It might depend on which team. The Texans and Falcons WERE playoff teams just two seasons ago.

        Say the Texans draft Clowney, then trade up with us to draft Manziel. Imagine? That team would be ready to roll in a suspect division, and we’d essentially get a 20ish pick next year, but that early 2nd this draft would somewhat compensate for that.

    • NewBearInTown

      Cleveland, Jacksonville or Oakland offers next year’s first and this year’s second for #14? I’d be interested, but I think I’d look for a little more this year.

    • Johnathan Wood

      I would take that deal in a heartbeat. No hesitation.

      Historically, the 35th pick really isn’t all that different from the 14th. You’d be looking at guys like Ward, Tuitt, Hageman, Fuller (highly likely at least one of those is there at top of round 2). And you’re most likely looking at a top 10 pick next year too. Done.

  • I always find the “Reader Mocks” as fascinating as the “Expert” mocks. The Reader Mocks tend to be more reflective of the ACTUAL needs of teams, as opposed to just BPA or mindless regurgitation. Then again, meatballs abound.

    Here’s an interesting reader mock from WalterFootball.


    • One of the more interesting twists is at the #16 spot of the Cowboys.

      33% Ealy
      27% Jernigan
      8% Hageman
      8% Pryor

  • NewBearInTown

    Read an interesting article about the NCAA union issue. Some points better than others, but this paragraph really rang true for me. In this country we build our education system around the notion that attending college = success. This becomes less and less true every year.


    “I feel it’s an injustice to graduate athletes with a meaningless degree,
    because some have little or nothing to offer based on their capabilities. When I
    used to ask college football players what they were going to do with their
    degrees, silence entered the room or the player talked about doing something
    that is no more practical than the degree itself. So while the NCAA may argue
    that there is equal value in a degree for play and practice, a vast number of
    student athletes leave the schools wealthier than when he came in, but the
    institution left the athlete no better off when he arrived as he exits with a
    worthless degree.”

    The author is not the most popular guy, but I don’t disagree with a lot of what he wrote here.

  • If we don’t hear from MB for a while, we’ll know his true identity…


    I’m assuming those weren’t for hunting in the safaris of los angeles.

  • Jack Lacan

    David Haugh is a poster boy for Ayn Rand – Kass is bush league compared to Mike Royko —

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