“Who the hell takes the third game in the preseason like it’s bullshit?”

| August 22nd, 2014

When former Arizona Cardinals head coach Dennis Green went on that rant, he created a rallying cry for those who put a lot of stock in preseason, but it’s still debatable if he’s right.

I’ll agree that the third preseason game is the most important of the preseason games, but the main goal is still just to escape healthy.

In the game that Green is referring too, he started Kurt Warner (it was Matt Leinart who played in the regular season game) and they led just 10-6 at halftime. There were some signs of things to come in the regular season battle. Rex Grossman had thrown an interception and fumbled in the preseason game. In the regular season, he threw four interceptions and lost two fumbles (think about this the next time you bash Jay Cutler).

Perhaps the thing Green should’ve paid attention to is that Devin Hester had just one punt return in the preseason game for 19 yards. Yet, he kicked to Hester in the regular season matchup and, ultimately, that is what burned them.

You can find glimpses of things that carried over and things that didn’t in every preseason game. The problem is that you never know what will.

Last season, the Bears took a 27-3 lead into halftime against the Raiders. The only score they allowed was a 58-yard field goal late in the half and the intercepted Matt Flynn twice. As it turned out, their offense was as good as it looked that day, but their defense wasn’t close.

The year before, the Bears trailed the Giants 17-7 at halftime, leading to concerns about their defense. That year, their defense ended up being arguably the best in the entire league that year.

If you just take Cutler’s numbers from the third preseason game, you see very little carry over into the regular season. In three of the last four seasons, Cutler had a higher completion percentage, passer rating and more yards per attempt in the regular season than he did in the third preseason game. His average passer rating in the third preseason game has been just 66.3, in the regular season it has been 85.6.

It isn’t just Cutler. Does anyone remember how terrible Josh McCown looked in the preseason last year, especially the third game?

Maybe my favorite quote came from Aaron Kromer this week when he said: “In preseason, you can’t always rely on the result of the play on how much success you had in that play.” Kromer then clarified that they may be playing players they’re not planning on who may mess up any given play. This works for offense and defense.

So, if after watching the game tonight you want to crown the Bears’ asses, crown them. But I wouldn’t recommend it.

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  • Trac


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      • Trac

        Why? I already joined the league. whats your email?

        • Yeah, but that was the public one. What happened was that 3 random ESPN guys joined it, and I want all DBBers, but for that I had to create a private league with email invites.

          Send me your email, and I’ll send you an invite to it. Everything is basically the same except all DBB.


  • Shady


    Sorry, felt like I needed to finish off that quote from Denny. But will the Bears truly be who we thought they were later this season?

    • SC Dave

      To continue with the clichés, that’s why they play the games, right?

      • MB30SD
        • SC Dave

          Classic. Thanks, I thoroughly enjoyed that.

          • MB30SD

            indeed. his last note with the crumbs was rather poetic. God I hate office space world. never going back to that shit. HR women are the fucking WORST.

      • Shady

        The Bears are what we thought they were. Th-they’re what we thought they were. We played them in preseason. I mean, who the hell takes the third game of the preseason like it’s bullshit? Bullshit! We played them in the third game, everybody played three quarters… the Bears are who we thought they were! That’s why we took the damn field! Now, *hits microphone* if you want to crown them, then crown their ass! But, they are who we thought they were, and we let them off the hook!

  • MB30SD

    Saw denny few years back. Was wearing my bears hat. Went up introduced myself with a shit eating grin. He was super nice.

    Still giggled as I walked away. Hee hee

  • MB30SD

    Nice work again andy.

    Does that advice flow to individual players as well? ; )

    • Shady

      I like the structure AD brings to da blog. His writing isn’t quite as magical as the blogfader, but it ain’t bad. Not to mention he brings good stats and perspective.

      • MB30SD

        yep, too bad he’s fucking delusional.

      • GPLDAN

        Andy’s writing has a little too much starch in it’s shirt. But he thinks through stuff and tries to post ideas fully formed, which is nice.

        Andy – post a column while shit faced. Works for Jeff.

  • MB30SD

    Snoop Diggity: http://nextimpulsesports.com/2014/08/21/snoop-dogg-eviscerates-steelers-oc-todd-haley-preseason-game/

    (ps. I don’t like todd haley either for what it’s worth)

  • MB30SD

    here you go shady and money: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Jason+Alexander++%22Seinfeld%22+-+EMMYTVLEGENDS.ORG&app=desktop

    And wow, that is the WORST haircut in the world. Just wow.

  • CanadaBear

    Dave I read Johnny’s post about Conte and didn’t see anything wrong with it. I said at the time and I still stand by it, “Conte is going to get treated like the Sex Cannon.” The fans will be on his ass as long as he stays with The Beloved or he redeems himself in their eyes. I don’t think Conte can hold up under that pressure. I don’t think he’s got the talent to redeem himself and I really doubt that he has the mental strength to withstand the onslaught from the fans. Hope I’m wrong but I just don’t see this ending well for the Bears or Conte. I have more respect for Conte than the meathead Bears fans but that isn’t going to change anything. Oh well.

    • SC Dave

      Trestman is going to give him a chance. What he does with it remains to be seen. I’m not ready to count him out as yet.

  • Ososfan

    I’m on the Conte bandwagon. Dude played well before last year. A lot of fans seem to have amnesia or something. Conte should do well this year.

    • Sactowns#1

      Yeah as long as you dont ask him to make 50% of the tackles for the team he’ll do just fine, he might even shine.

  • CanadaBear

    Here’s an NFC North preview from SI. It literally says nothing about the Bears. I know every writer likes to blow Rodgers and GB is the NFL’s darling franchise due to various factors but to not even mention the Bears seems a little insulting.


    • GPLDAN

      Peter King doesn’t like coming here. Biggsy steals all the sammich pickles at the press table and Ginny calls him “that stupid ugly man from the trade rag”.

    • Sactowns#1

      Uh….how do you not mention the best WR duo in the NFL and one of the NFL’s top RB’s? Thats just being willfully blind.

      • CanadaBear

        I was actually surprised by it. I get the Fudgies are the faves but to not even mention The Beloved. Really?

  • Sactowns#1

    Oh prolific poster of profundity, pause to pat your posterior profusely.. we thank the for thy threads of thoughtfulness.

  • For your consideration….

    Daaaanehy and Jeff, no disrespect to anyone but anyone that doesn’t think the 3rd game of the preseason is important has never been in the NFL and is just some dude not thinking about why the 3rd game is important. Don’t take my word for it, let’s see what Patrick Mannelly, a 15+yr vet of the league thinks as of this morning on the radio. He even got that douche Matt Spiegel to take pause:
    I’ll paraphrase: The 3rd preseason game is crucial for several reasons
    1. it allows the coaches and 1st string to experience an extended amount of playing time with multiple drives with a bit of actual gameplanning, experience the downtime of the halftime break, work through actual game adjustments with coaches, etc.
    2. it allows the coaches and players to structure the week exactly like a game week during the regular season since they are not at Bourbonais at training camp. The game prep by the coaches and players is exactly how it will be during the regular season. It’s crucial.

    • GPLDAN

      Oooooh…. a smart bomb!

      Shall vee call it zaa V2 Buzz Bomb, ya?


    Da Things that are Da Truth. Brought to you by O’Donnell & Dennehey Auto Parts & Towing. Where you always save more money!

    1. If Garza gets road graded by the studs that Seattle has at DT, it does mean something. It means he’s going to be in trouble in the regular season holding up. No, he didn’t call a complex block, but it doesn’t matter. Last week the OL basically stoned Jacksonville. If Cutler runs for his life in the 1st half, it probably bodes badly.

    2. The backs gotta go something. Because outside Forte, we have no 2nd running back. Ford looks to have mentally already packed his bag, Ka’Deem is like watching Kahlil Bell’s slower, smaller little brother and the FA pickup I’m not sure offers anything in short yardage nor do I know if he can pick up the rush.

    3. The D. All three rows. So much to see there, even in base 4-3 looks with little or no disguise. Can they run with their man? Can they get any rush at all on Wilson? This will be a portend of the reg. season.

    So I would say this game will mean alot. Next week? Next week the starters won’t even sniff playing. But tonight’s game can show you what kind of team this will be in September, if you know what you are looking at.

    • For your consideration….

      The Seahawks play reckless on the D line in an effort to drive up the field and even though their DB’s are talented, they will come up and play the short passing game too aggressively based on what I’ve seen in the first 2 games this year.
      The Bears have to run some double moves and give Cutler a little over 3.5 seconds on a couple of plays and it will be TD’s all day over the top.

      • GPLDAN

        Jeff and Andrew both think preseason is a meaningless game, yet of course they will blog and analyze it. Bank that.

        • For your consideration….

          I just want to see Allen calf rope Wilson on one of his obvious bootlegs. They get all of their passing yards on that god damn bootleg. They need to hit that little fuckhead every single play no matter what. I love Wilson but he has to die.

          • Wilson is hard to actually sack (esp since they lean on the run). He’s a savvy little fuck, like Brees.
            I think we get a bunch of pressures. If we sack him TWICE I’ll consider that a huge confidence builder for the team, and me as well.

          • For your consideration….

            Houston, Young and Allen need to hunt that guy down.

          • For your consideration….

            dude, Willie Young is like the predator. He looks about 7feet tall on the field.

          • Don’t forget Scott.

            I’m very curious how those inside guys will hold up. Ratliff I trust, but how about Paea? is his renassaince an illusion, or the real deal?
            Collins? WTF is he?
            Will they throw in some Ego to counter Lynch? Maybe Sutton for obvious passing downs to run with the first?

            If our DTs hold up against SEA, then I’ll be less worried about our run D and LBs because they won’t be as exposed as last season.

          • For your consideration….

            Scott has been playing solidly like the guy he was drafted to be several years ago. Good for him. It’s nice to see him come back the way he has. He’s making this team and will contribute.
            Collins is solid, vet depth at this point. still coming back from the knee.
            Ego and Sutton are rookies and are getting schooled at this point as to be expected.
            Shea staying home and forcing bad throws from Wilson on bootlegs will be something to watch. LB’s running with the TE will be something as well.

    • SC Dave

      Just keep everyone intact, please.
      I’m a little concerned about Mills coming back too soon – do you think will he play?

      • For your consideration….

        I hope not. I don’t want to see that foot be a chronic problem this week. i’d rather see him rest and get a little action next week to test it out vs some 4th string guys.

    • You guys carry carbs for 70 VW Bugs?


    Why did Jeff retweet the Spinal Tap singer, and what does his tweet mean?

    “I will consider “making a gift” to my alma mater when she comes up with a good reason for having CLOSED THE BOTTOM LINE on W4th.”

    What does that mean?

    • For your consideration….

      maybe a college bar he got his first bathroom BJ at ?

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    • For your consideration….

      lol, Ender.

    • MB30SD

      Multiplescoregasms?!? Cereal dude?

  • When was the last time we played the World Champs on the 3rd PS game?
    Larry Mayer, are you here?
    I LOVE that we play these guys in the 3rd PS game. Last time we played them, it was a dogfight. Since then, they won a SB, while we have somehow transformed into the bizarro Bears.
    That was also the game I realized Urlacher was finished. It’s like noticing your first gray pube.

    • For your consideration….

      watching them drive 98yards was painful.

      • For your consideration….

        then 80 to win it

        • For your consideration….

          Urlachers nail in coffin.

          • Sad indian tear…

          • For your consideration….

            As Tom Cruise in Cocktail said:
            Everything ends badly or else it would never end.

          • MB30SD

            500 blog points. (if I may GP)

        • OLD D. We knew once they won the coinflip in OT, it was over.

        • I would like to say “Lovie Prevent”, but I think we actually tried blitzing a few times. Our D was just gassed.

  • For your consideration….

    For the record I do want to see Conte succeed. I’m not jerking off to a photo of him and his arm tats but if he’s on the team and is going to be in the game maybe he can benefit from an improved DL and more pressure on the QB. He deserves a shot.

  • The Seahawks are a power-run, PA, bootleg team. I cannot think of a better team to play in the 3rd PS game.
    1. Is our run D actually improved? Can’t allow 5yds per carry again, right?
    2. Will Bostic/Shea get sucked in by PA?
    3. When Wilson decides to scramble, can Briggs still cut off the angle?

    Is Harvin going to be returning? I hope so. That way we can find out where our SP teams stand too.

    On defense, they’re stout, and we’re going to see if our run O is truly limp-dick status, or if it can rise to the occasion. (get it?).
    I think we might see a lot of 3 WR sets, not only to counter their base, but to find out how Morgan/Spurlock/Holmes do.

    • Trac

      I predict a sub par year from Russell Wilson. Boom!

  • I was scavenging through my emails from years of lore, and it reminded me of some strangers.

    Tobi, WillieGault, Ender, Artoo, NBIT, Crown…where are you guys?

    REAL football is here again! Come out and play (you too, Irish).

  • If the PS games don’t matter, then what do the coaches base their cuts on?
    Maybe you can’t rely on the outcomes, or certain situational scenarios, but when a guard runs right at Shea, we’re going to find out a lot. We can still deduce a lot from the One-on-one battles.
    There’s not much game planning that goes into that. Beat the guy in front of you in a real live situation. Win, lose or draw. That matters.

    • Trac

      hey butch, check your email

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