Who are McClellin and Bostic?

| August 21st, 2014

As the Chicago Bears prepare for their third preseason game they’re still trying to figure out if two of General Manager Phil Emery’s highest draft picks can play.

Although they’re both still young, there wasn’t much evidence at all that either Shea McClellin or Jon Bostic were going to be good football players. But last week’s game against Jacksonville was interesting and was enough to once again raise the question: Who are these guys?

You know their histories. Both were high picks, neither has played like a high pick so far in their careers. There have been flashes, but nothing consistent or any real reason to think that that consistency will come.

Coach Marc Trestman and Emery have done everything possible to make Bostic and McClellin successful. They have new coaches, new positions and a system that is supposed to fit their strengths.

The Bears have lightened Bostic’s load as he plays mostly in nickel situations and not in the starting base package. McClellin plays the opposite. He’s the starting strongside linebacker in the team’s base defense, but a reserve in their nickel defense. The Bear are actively trying to put both players in a position to succeed, it’s a good bet that their roles will grow if they play well.

Early reviews weren’t good. Neither player stood out early in camp and both struggled in the team’s first preseason game. Then came the second preseason game. It looked like a light might have turned on.

On Jacksonville’s first drive, McClellin USED HIS HANDS to beat a blocker and make a tackle short of the first down marker on second-and-two. It’s important to note how he beat the blocker because it wasn’t a case of him being faster or luckily catching the blocker off balance. He beat him with technique.

On the very next play, Bostic exploded into the backfield, blew up Luke Joeckel and made a tackle for a loss. Jacksonville had to settle for a field goal because the Bears second and third-year linebackers made exceptional plays.

It was more than just two plays. Throughout the entire game they looked confident, comfortable and fast. They looked good attacking the line of scrimmage. They looked good dropping back in coverage. They looked like good football players. It isn’t a look either had often last year.

What does it mean? That’s hard to say. It was just a preseason game against one of the worst offenses in the league. In the past, though, it didn’t seem to matter who they were playing (other than the Packers, who Shea has owned) or, really when, they didn’t look good. Now we at least have a very minor indication that they are capable of playing very good football.

Was that a fluke? Or was it a sign of actual development? We all will find out a little more tomorrow night. They’re both likely going to play a lot, maybe even together occasionally. The only way anyone can know if they’re capable is with more reps.

Even after that game we still won’t know who they are for sure, but we’ll at least have a better indication. Whether they struggle or play well, we still won’t know a whole lot (certainly not as much as the coaches who also have practice tape to go off of). But we’ll have a little more information and the more we know, the closer we (and the Bears) can get to making a final determination.

The Bears don’t know what they have in those two. Neither do you. Neither do I. They don’t even know how good they are or can be. We’ll hopefully know a little more tomorrow night.

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  • Sactowns#1

    First place or bust bitches!

  • Derek Godfrey

    I’m headed down to seattle today and I’ll be at the DaGame tomorrow Go Bears

  • The Ghost of Super Bowl XX

    Yeah, it´s in time, but it is running out also, few weeks to Bill´s game

  • Shady

    Who are McClellin and Bostic? I like to refer to them as Salt n’ Pepper.

    • GPLDAN

    • Sactowns#1

      I like Chicken Dinner for a nickname. I vote we start calling Bostic “Evil Dead” I would say we could call him Army of Darkness but it sounds a bit racists.

  • MB30SD

    Andy, here’s my review of the same 2 plays. What you and I saw were sliiiiiightly different. Here’s what I saw:

    Play 7: Dive to 36 hole (that’s what she said)

    CD – Looks like he’s sent on a blitz from the opposite side through the 35 gap and is getting stonewalled by 2 linemen, but the lead blocker who’s supposed to seal him gets rolled up on by his own guy from behind and falls on his face, letting CD run in unobstructed and be the 2nd or 3rd guy to the running back who’s already stopped, being held up by the first guy there… Houston.

    Play 8: run to the left

    CD – Not in on this play… but bostic knifes though smashing through
    the lead guard (joeckel) with a GREAT read and makes the tackle for a 5-6 yard loss. If
    this kid can pull his shit together, I am 100% redoubling my call that he can
    be good. He’s got GREAT instincts and athleticism.

    • CanadaBear

      I know how you feel about both players. Even knowing you are pre-disposed to bitching about CD, I’ll take your word for it over the new guy. I’m desperately hoping CD turns into a useful player on D. Not great, all-pro, pro-bowl, etc., just a useful player on D. I don’t think it’s going to happen but I’m still hoping.

      • GPLDAN

        As BArb likes to say, with his usual charm, CD is only going to be out there 1/3 of snaps, if that.

        The Bears are going to live in that Nickel with Briggs/Bostic/Jennings

        • MB30SD

          btw, briggs looked meh but it is preseason… timmyJ had a few beastly lays last game.

          I if we can just stay mostly healthy, I think the D can hover in the 15-20 range and at least not outright lose games for us like last year.

          • Briggs never takes the off-season seriously, but he’s always ready to ball on game day.
            Well, except when he’s too fat to run down a fullback…

        • CanadaBear

          If Bostic gets it, we’ll be OK. Briggs is on the downside but if he’s in shape, he’ll still ball. Jennings should be awesome in the nickel. I love how he plays. Great tackler.

    • GPLDAN

      I’m afraid Bostic’s issues are intellectual. Specifically, zone-reads.

      As in, he simply can’t spacially recognize when he has help, when he is to hand his man off, and ultimately – where he is supposed to be.

      I am betting you one nickel that during the Seahawks game, they drag a TE underneath that is Bostic’s responsibility but he has forgotten his assignment and has let him go. It’s not QUITE that simple, part of it has to do with audibles, check downs and Briggs checking them in and out the blitz. the totality is, however, he is getting confused.

      • MB30SD

        this might be very true GP. He’s a beast on the run though. sucks. Oh well… I hope it clicks for him.

        CD I have no hope for Canada, he’s just not aggressive/strong/good enough to make an impact. He can be a body out there, but he shouldn’t be a starter.

      • This is exactly why I say he looked lost last season, and seemed MORE lost as the season progressed.
        Everyone seemed to blame the LB coach, but if a NEW LB coach can’t improve his recognition, then perhaps it’s not the coach.
        Bostic looks like a stud in one play, then a dud in the very next (usually when it’s a pass). Can’t have that at the NFL level.

        • MB30SD

          but you’re cool with our SAM ‘sort of’ making 1 play out of 30? Don’t get it… at least bostic had about 2 insane plays and almost another 2 between his meh-ness and did have a bunch of tackles and assists. And at least he *has* peaks. So take him out on pass downs… but then put who in?

          our LB situation is frustrating to me.

          • Shea hasn’t played LB in TWO years. He was a god damn 4-3 DE! (good call there, Bears).
            And even when he played LB at college-PAC12 (which is a lil diff than the NFL), he only played LB about 50%, and that was in a 3-4 as a sort of rover/tweener.

            He’s had like two months to learn SAM, a position that is very hard (read the Anderson article last year) because it requires a very well balanced LB who can run with TEs AND stuff the run.

            I was optimistic about him stepping it up, but realistically, I can’t expect any one to learn an entirely new position at an NFL level in one offseason (In that way he’s practically a rook).

            Bostic on the other hand played MLB for how long? Why he’s still clueless is a mystery.

            I still contend that BOTH are playing out of position.

            Bostic is a natural WILL, and Shea is a natural MLB, and while we’re at it, Greene is a natural SAM (former S, etc), but the Bears staff seems to think otherwise, and it’s beyond me why.

          • MB30SD

            I guess my point is that waiting years for a guy to become something that he’s never been is way too expensive at this level.

            His rookie paper is up this year (right?) so now what? What do you pay the dude?

            And besides that, it’s just the lack of explosive aggression that is really the issue. if we saw a lach hiding in there somewhere I’d say, ok, let’s give him time and see… but I’ve seen none of that in 3 years. so what, you’re spending all this resource (money/roster spot/reps for someone else who’s better/not looking for someone else better) on a guy that’s never looked anything beyond meh just because he’s a first and a first?

            It’s just not worth it. take a hint from the VC world. you NEVER throw good money after bad. NEVER. After this year, it’s time to cut bait maing.

          • But the way I see it, that at this stage of the NFL, who are we going to get at LB? Once cuts happen, we might get a Constanzo type LB, at best.
            No one’s going to release a starting caliber LB, or a LB with insane upside.

            Shea to me has upside. He CAN become a starting LB. I’m basically treating him like Sutton or Ego. He’s a rook learning a new position. It’s going to look ugly at times, but I have to be patient cuz he’s playing a position he’s never played in his career.

            If he looks truly irredeemable, we can always pick up a Constanzo off the street.

          • MB30SD

            yeah, I think we keep him no matter what this year obviously. But he’s not a real OLB and I’ve seen zero hope so far. I’ll watch carefully this week, will also be watching bostic, McCraycray and maybe even my old nemesis Christopher Cunte.

          • Bender McLugh

            to say the very least man

          • Just goes to show how spoiled we were with Lach-Briggs forever.
            But then, our Oline/WR situation was frustrating.
            It’s always something.
            I deserve a SB after putting up with so much crap! You owe me a SB, Bears!

          • MB30SD


            the nerve!

    • Andrew Dannehy

      You’re quite wrong on the first play.
      Shea was contacted by the Jags RT, who had started on Houston, but went to the second level at the TE took Houston. Paea pushed his man back to clog the middle, as that happened Shea pushed the RT to the ground, he did fall over his own guy, but only because he was pushed. Shea had him beat. The RG, who fell, actually started on Shea, but lost his balanced trying to disengage. Not something Shea gets credit for, but it is something he was able to take advantage of. Even if the T didn’t fall, Shea had his outside shoulder and that’s the only play Gerhart could’ve gone. No matter what, Shea had him. As it was, Shea then knifed in as the first guy to make contact. Houston then came to help finish him off.

      • MB30SD

        Well look at you andy. I’m going to watch the play over again in slow mo and report back. That’s def not that way I remember seeing it the first 4 times I watched it.

        I shall be fair, but I do believe your hopes and wishes are clouding the reality.

        For sake of argument, let’s give him that play too. 2 out of 30 plays (and the rest either ineffective and getting stonewalled or at best piling on) is good enough for you for a starting SAM?

        • Andrew Dannehy

          You can say that about almost every player. I think he looked good beyond that play, more than held his own and looked the part. But, as I said in the story, was this a fluke? Is it a sign of development? We don’t know yet.

          • MB30SD

            Are you serious?!? He looked GOOD!?!?

            Andy, go back and look at the last thread please. I watched every single D play in the first 3 series (29 total plays) and posted a play by play breakdown for every single play for CD and McCray.

            He made TWO tackles and maybe 3-4 pile ons after the play was basically dead. The rest of the time he was either totally blocked out of the play, pancaked by the FB, or was totally lost in space and running around like a chicken without a head (mostly on passes, screens, and misdirections).

            He looked fucking good?!?!?! Wow, you just lost ALL credibility with me young man. What’s your background might I ask? Have you played the game at any level? Just curious.

          • Andrew Dannehy

            The funny part is that saying Shea looked good isn’t even a controversial statement. It’s the consensus. Doesn’t mean he’s a good player, it means he played well. And he did. You’re in the minority.

          • MB30SD

            No. I’m not dude. Not even close. He got pancakes 3 times by a 24 lb fullback, got penetration twice and was totally lost on coverage. What were his stats? I’m going to look them up. I saw him make 1 solo and 2 assists in the first 30 plays. Of that’s good to you, go be a fucking browns fan

      • bearsfantillend

        oh the Step Blog Father asserting his authority. Treating MB like his own red-headed step child.

        • MB30SD

          oh please!

          Homie needs glasses as badly as ol’ Ed Huatooli! I’m about to take little Andy to skool… fool!

      • SC Dave

        Andrew, one thing to know about MB is that he hates white guys. I’ve let it slide, but if he hates on Robbie Gould, I will seek him out and kill him. Well, not really, but you know what I mean.

        • MB30SD

          No Dave, I have bad players… I don’t give a shit what color their skin is.

          And I love and support jay because he has OBVIOUS talent and flashes greatness. that’s all I need to support a guy. It’s not there for cd or conte.

  • FQD1911

    good stuff Andrew.

    • MB30SD


      • FQD1911

        MB what up. the collective Bears D makes me weep big tears smh.

        • MB30SD

          Let’s see what happens my maings. Still time to pull their shit together. I think the LBs may be the biggest point of pain this year. I actually think the dline will be monsterous which should help Mundy/Wilson and McCray/Vereen be ok.

          As long as we’re not too far out of the top 15 Ds, I think the O will keep us in the hunt come the post-season. And if DeCamel can pull his head out of his ass and put just a decent product on the field.

  • CanadaBear

    Gotta give it up to Andrew! He’s a posting Mo-Fo! Love it!

  • repost

    FF Note. Need to know who Ravillize, England and Warnock are. Are you guys DBBers?

    If so, change your name to something Bear related OR something with
    your handles. Since it’s a “public” league, I fear intruders. There’s
    only ONE more spot left, but if those 3 guys are random ESPN dudes, I’ll
    close that league, create another clone DBB league (same exact
    everything) and make it private (giving out the password here).

    1.NoSafety Dance! (moi)

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    1.Team Ravizzle (?)

    1.Team England (?)

    1.Warnocks Wallbangers (?)

    • and who is team Lasekhan?

      • GPLDAN

        Butch –

        I think you are getting walk-ons from the general interwebz.

        You may want to do-over and pass out a password here on Da blog.

        • Damn. That’s what I was afraid of. Fuck. I guess I’ll just make a clone one and make it “private” and hand out the password here. Screw it.
          I’ll do that today.

          • GPLDAN

            Yeah open leagues suuuuuuuuuck

            Anybody who is 3-2 or worse by week 5 quits.

          • I never thought out of the literally THOUSANDS of FF leagues, some one other than a DBBer would be crazy enough to join the league I created. Fudge, man. We almost got it filled with all DBBers. Only like 3 non-Dbbers.

          • MikeBrownhadaPosse

            Keep me posted. My team is Weemsical.

          • ahhh, YOU’RE Weemsical lol
            I posted above. Unfortunately, I’m gonna need peep’s emails to keep the ESPN trolls away. Post it in the Weemsical league, and once you get my invite, delete it off the board.

          • EnderWiggin

            If you redo the league and need one more lemme know. Or tell Arto to lemme know.

          • Ender, I think I have your email, but just email me again so I have you in my system for the new private league.

      • For your consideration….

        i finally found my password earlier today, logged on and the league was full. A little late to the party I guess. It’s my fault but it didn’t stop me from calling Team England a whorebag…unless it’s that dude Paul Stewart or something who started posting some good shit.

        • haha I might start a clone one, Johhny. I think we got like 2-3 ESPN trolls on there, and my league will be troll free.
          I’ll post the link if England, Wallbangers, Lasekhan turn out to be ESPN fodder.

    • Ososfan

      Sorry, I’m team Ravizzle. Ive never done an auction league so I’ll suck at it. I thought I left the league……

      • Cool Oso. On ESPN you can practice doing a 12 team auction draft, but ours will be a lil different because it’s two QB/P.
        Still, I would recommend it just so you’re not totally lost on draft day.

        So, that leaves.

        Team England, Wallbangers and Lasekhan…


    Good article on Paea. Flatbread no more? Time will tell.

    Article says he put on 13 pounds of muscle this offseason, and truly weighs in at 303. That means he was 290 last year despite everyone saying he was 3 bills. It was stuff like that which made me call him “this generation’s Zorich.”

    He has excellent speed off the snap, very quick, and a few excellent penetration moves. But he’s easily run blocked. And he’s too small. Looks like he tried to address the latter issue.


    • The problem with Paea (which Hub correctly analyzed from the get-go) is that he’s a “tweener”.
      He wasn’t quite Harris first step twitch, though he weighed 290, but he was strong (record bench press) but without the girth of a typical nose
      Maybe he can follow Ratliff’s projectory who played in a 3-4 even though he weighed like Paea (sorta rare).
      Paea has been a nice surprise these P.S. games, but besides his effectiveness, can he actually stay healthy? He seems to get dinged up, then he becomes “flatbread” again.

    • The Ghost of Super Bowl XX

      I hope he can “crush the pot” this year for the defense seak and mine, looking a pair of “green” rookies full time trying hardly get the job done is dreadfull.

    • For your consideration….

      I noticed him ripping through dudes and looking quick. If those damn feet can just stay healthy he’ll have a good year. He actually stood out on the screen when you watch the game.

  • MB30SD

    can someone please use this as their avatar. One of us REALLY needs to use this historic gem: http://cdn.fansided.com/wp-content/blogs.dir/60/files/2009/11/ditka-flipping-bird.jpg

    • beninnorcal

      It’s framed in my bathroom above the door, was given to me by a friend for my wedding.

      • MB30SD

        Hahaha… awesome.

        What, the wife wouldn’t let you put it on your bedside table next to your wedding pic?

    • Cormonster

      MB, I got this hanging behind my couch in the living room. My Grandma gave it to me when she downsized. Hard core 88 year old Bears fan.


      • MB30SD

        Ha! they have that one up in Ditka’s in Chi. I have a picture of it from when I was in town at dinner with the boys. Awesome.

        • Cormonster

          Cool. Never been to Ditka’s. Did not know that.

  • MB30SD

    Jesus christ, with all that money between them… how about Uber then for christ sake: http://www.si.com/nfl/2014/08/20/leveon-bell-lagarrette-blount-marijuana-possession-dui-steelers


    • MB30SD
    • GPLDAN

      All that money and Blount is carrying 20 grams… in a Camaro?

      Cut from the NFL for having no class.

      • At O’Donell and Dannehy Auto Parts we give a free voucher to a massage parlor if a customer orders a new transmission for a Camaro.

    • dudes should’ve just beat their ladies.*

      *i do not actually believe this statement nor is there any veracity behind my words. this is simply a sarcastically snide comment meant to chastise the NFL (and society, while we’re at it) for handling marijuana as if it were much, much worse than beating one’s wife/girlfriend/fiancee/neighbor/etc.

      • MB30SD

        so sad you had to post a note about your joke.

        Sigh… this place (the world) kinda sucks like that lately.

        Ps. It was funny!

        • i only put the disclaimer because i don’t go full on identity-hiding on here like some other people. don’t need someone thinking the real me thinks that. =]

    • SC Dave

      What, they were just smoking some weed. If they were with the Broncos… I’d be legal.

      The box is open – pot will be legal across the US within five years. Once the governments start seeing the tax $, there will be no stopping it. For if there is one thing could can be certain of about governments in the USA, it is that they will NEVER have enough of your money.

      • johnnywad

        “Hydroponics” shops are popping up all over Michigan. As though there are suddenly lots of indoor tomato farms.They’re complete with indoor grow lights. They’re just getting out in front of it all.

  • MB30SD

    I know Al would like to have a similar discussion with some of the NFL refs.

  • One of the few aspects I like about our schedule is that our very first game we’re going to find out just how improved our run-D is.
    Bills are a run heavy team with FredJackson and Spiller (Thunder and lightning).
    Heck, we might get a sneak peak at our run-D vs Sea.

    • For your consideration….

      I predict Shea falling for bootlegs and playaction rollouts almost every single time.

      • For your consideration….

        3 times for 40+ yards

        • So you’re only going to buy the Bears D for $20 this year in FF?

          • For your consideration….

            I have my strategy picked out and it will be copied. fucking copiers.

  • Sactowns#1

    So Briggs is opening up a BBQ joint here in Sac. I’m stoiked that we’ll finally have a Bears bar, even though it’s DEEP in the burbs. Prob a good 20 min from my house in midtown. Theyre giving out a trip to Chi to see Da Bears at home though so I’ll def be there. Wondering if prepping for this project is the reason for his weight gain last year. Maybe it’s just that tasty!

    • GPLDAN

      Cool. He’ll probably have panels from his comic book on the walls.

    • MB30SD


      Hey sac. I have a buddy down here who’s a BIG bears fan and is pushing HARD to get me and a couple other friends to go to the 9ners game.

      If it comes together I’ll let you know.


    So breaking news on the CNNz is that U.S. just sent Deltas in to snatch and grab about 2 dozen of ISIS leaders and work a little extraordinary rendition on them.

    How that didn’t erupt into a giant firefight is a huge credit to those guys, if true. I can’t imagine these are guys who would like to be taken alive.

    • MB30SD

      was wondering how they’d deal with that shit. Nice work. Those delta guys are animals.

      Why they don’t also do that in a joint mission with some of the ISF is beyond me. Fuck the politics, just get it done.

    • AlbertInTucson

      Ah, the old “WE can kidnap people too, assholes.” gambit.

      Personally, I prefer the “Here’s a missle up your tailpipe.” gambit.

    • AlbertInTucson

      So has the U.N. lodged a protest yet? Ever notice how quiet the U.N is unless they can bitch about the U.S. or Israel?

      • MB30SD

        The U.N. is thee most useless body I’ve evrra seen. It’s more impotent than a shuffleboard competition (I don’t know, it’s all I got right now)

  • FF Alert OK, SO, apparently if I create a private FF League in ESPN, it requires me to send invites via emails (No more passwords).

    I created another clone league ready to go



    HOWEVER, I’ll probably need DBBer’s email in order to invite, so I’m trying to figure out how to do this.

    Those who are in the other league SHOULD be able to email me their emails no problem. I sent a “mass email”, so if you want, email me, or post it on the message board today, and I’ll send you an invite to the new exclusive DBB league.

    Some of you already have my email, so we can do it that way too. Other than you guys sending me your email, I see no other way to keep the FF league both exclusively DBB AND no emails.

    Johhny, if you have MB’s email, he has mine.
    Ender, you should have my gmail.
    NBIT, I have your email.

    The rest, read above.

    • Shady


      • Did you get in? Maybe I found a way around the email. Hmmm

        • Shady

          Access granted.

          • Cool. Hopefully, no kinks like come draft day, you can’t bid suddenly lol

          • Shady

            I left your other league, and depending on what happens with NBiT’s league I might have to dip out of that one as well. He’s been AWOL.

          • Yeah, I can’t even close the other league since it’s public and no Commish powers after set up.
            But I’ll leave a note on the message board to jump ship as soon as the private league is filled.
            Who knows, maybe those ESPN trolls are FF ballers. Less bids on Bears at least.

          • MB30SD


          • Shady

            Super cereal.

          • Cormonster

            NBIT will be back. I play him in chess on a regular basis (and get my ass kicked over 90% of the time), and he said he won’t be around much for a while. I’m guessing he’ll be back by next week.

    • For your consideration….

      hey man, shoot me a quick email invite at jrw1finance@gmail.com

      • Sent.

        • For your consideration….


          • Really? WTF. Let me try again.

          • If you don’t receive crap, try the link above. Seemed to work for Shadster.

          • For your consideration….

            i clicked on the link. it took me to the page, i saw my name as invited but how do i then accept the invite? nothing ever came through email.

          • Did you check your spam?
            Odd. Artoo got it right away.

          • For your consideration….

            i got your last link and i’m all signed up.

  • AlbertInTucson

    Happy Birthday, Jim McMahon.

  • For your consideration….

    i’m getting really sick and tired of a flag on every other pass play. This is bullshit and it needs to stop. There has to be a way to boycott the final preseason game or some other way to hurt the NFL’s pockets to get the point across. The games are unwatchable. i just turned off the Pit vs Philly game. unwatchable.

    • For your consideration….

      i fucking love football and i find myself turning the fucking games off.

    • GPLDAN

      I will stop in the RS.

      Right now, they are forcing this generation of players to unlearn any bringing of the hands, elbows, forearms, anything to the helmet. The helmet is off limits,

      Lineman have a long history of getting that fist under the chin and driving the arm. The NFL is sending a message to coaches and players right now.

      • For your consideration….

        i hope so GP, i turned off the Pitt vs Philly game in disgust. it was bad.

      • Shady

        As a lineman, you could pretty much whack a guy upside the head as part of your “technique”. Deacon Jones made a Hall of Fame career out of it.

        But after the litigation there had to be change. No way around it.

        Now the flags for illegal contact? That’s been a fucking joke.

        • SC Dave

          Flag football is coming. You know, the one where they pull a flag off the belt to make a “tackle”. Lawyers ruin everything, always.

        • The problem with “illegal contact” comes at the top of the route.
          I played both CB/WR, and what ALWAYS happens is that at the top of the route, say, a hook, or comeback, the WR pushes off, if even a little (Remember that Alshon flag fest?)
          So, the CB tugs a little, or gets a hand on the hip. It’s reflexive. It’s like when you’re defending in basketball.
          Now, who are they going to call it on? My guess is on the CB, however, the refs have been calling a ton the other way too.
          And are they ALWAYS gonna call it? How much contact before they throw the flag?

          Stay tuned. ..

    • SC Dave

      Inevitable in America. Too many fucking lawyers.

  • Yo, GP, try this link. For some reason, SOME are receiving the invites, and SOME arn’t. Odd.
    Here’s your link to join.


    • GPLDAN

      I am in.

  • For your consideration….

    every single time i listen to Conte talk i feel like he is about to cry. Is he broken? He needs to come out and just ball out.

    • Not since Roberto Duran’s No Mas have I seen an athlete lose all mojo overnight.

      Oh, and…

    • SC Dave

      Give him a fucking chance already. You are behaving like the goddamn mouth breathing Bears fans that are a laughing stock among the fans of other teams.

      I expect better here.

      • johnnywad

        Judging from the post, he’s hoping Conte plays well.

        • SC Dave

          I disagree.

          • MB30SD

            Jesus dave

          • SC Dave

            How do *you* interpret the first sentence of that, MB? Its condescending, disrespectful, and in no way supportive.

          • MB30SD

            I didn’t take it that way, but I think the guy’s dogshit AND broken so I’m not a good person to ask, truth be told.

            Look, I am pretty harsh in that once I see something I don’t like I’m pretty much done unless there’s a massive, conclusive, undeniable turnaround.

            I just want guys that haven’t proven to be equal to or better then b+ guys off this team. And yes I know I can be a fucking relentless asshole about it… but this is our beloved football team that’s got one of the best history, unis, brand in the nfl and I’m fucking tired of just not being good enough. I want a fucking dynasty. .. not even pats size, but just constant success. .. and guys like conte and cd aren’t going to get us there no matter how much we hope they pull out of the nosedive. My gig is 3 years max… if you’re not a fucking boss you don’t deserve to be on this team that emery and trest are trying to make into the dynasty we all want.

            That’s my take and I refuse to back down from it. I’ve seen enough of both of those guys to know they aren’t it, thusly, they need to gtfo this team yesterday. 3 years is long enough. This is the professional football league. .. not pee wee where everyone get a turn no matter how bad you are.

          • For your consideration….

            well dave, you’d be wrong of course. Read my post again. S-L-O-W-E-R

            i’d post the video on the Tribune site but the damn paywall would get in the way.

          • For your consideration….

            i don’t talk shit about my guys…except one time i did curse Kevin Payne for sucking a little…and Mike Green got a fuck you once in a while.

          • For your consideration….

            i try not to be a super sarcastic d bag so one way of reading that post is exactly how i meant it. The gist of the article is that The guy, because of injury, has been going through an extended period of agony, wants to get back on the field to just put it behind him, etc. The video is of a guy that quietly mumbles this statement without looking anyone in the eyes and just stares at his shoes.

            After watching it my valid question was “is he broken”? Is his mojo gone? The birdman mojo that he had before the shitball season of last year? It happens Dave and it’s not an indictment on the man’s character, it’s a valid observation/question about the confidence of a professional NFL defensive back, the kind of occupation where your memory has to be that of a goldfish when it comes to being burned.

          • For your consideration….

            Adrian Wilson eyeball fucked the last pussy reporter that questioned his skills. Forte laughs at reporters with the quiet confidence of a guy that knows he’s awesome, drives a fucking Bentley coupe and gets his huge dong sucked by tons of groupie bears fans while he watches videos of himself catching 70 passes a year.
            Jared Allen confidently changes the subject to make people feel uncomfortable.
            Unicorn laughs and tells you how violent he is and to stop asking dumb questions.

          • GPLDAN

            Unleash the Stukas!

            FEEL the power of the dark side! Embrace your destiny!

  • Was just catching up on Hard Knocks.
    JJ Watt is a GROWN ASS MAN. He was pushing around Matthews like a rag doll.
    Would love to see Long vs JJ Watt.
    Maybe the Long bloodline will fare better than the Matthews bloodline.

  • Barb UMihai Mar

    Bostic was decent/bad against the Jaguars. He bit on a play action pass when is was a clear passing down and the opened the window for a big completion behind him. That’s really, really bad. McClellin did ok and he could become a solid player for the Bears. This role fits him best

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