Repost: Dismal Sunday Display Presents Opportunity for Santa Clara Salvation

| September 16th, 2014


If the Bears had a rinky dink opponent on the schedule for Sunday (though I’m not sure those exist in the NFL any longer) there would be little they could do in Week Two to erase the disappointment of Week One. But they don’t. Instead they are traveling to Santa Clara, where they haven’t beaten the 49ers since the invention of the forward pass. They are opening a new stadium, in prime time, in front of one of the league’s rowdiest fan bases. They are playing the most difficult game, at least contextually speaking, on their schedule.

And if they win, week one is forgotten. If they win, the season is reborn. Hell, even if they play a terrific game and lose the conversation changes from the End is Nigh refrain currently singly somewhat proudly from the pages of the Chicago dailies to Bring on the Jets and the 2014 campaign!

The opportunity is there, Sunday night in northern California, whether most want to acknowledge that fact or not. There is no amount of film study to make week one’s fumbles, wrong routes, drops and indefensible interceptions dissolve in water like a packet of morning after twenty-one pints Emergen-C. There is no amount of effort exerted on the practice field to suddenly make the defensive starting lineup believe they are capable of shutting down Frank Costanza, let alone Frank Gore. Only a big time performance in the big time national spotlight can cure what ails these Chicago Bears. They need to play it off.

One game does not define a season and many of the league’s recent champions had a game, if not a collection of games, sending their fan bases into a relative panic. The 2012 Baltimore Ravens lost by 30 points in Houston in Week 7 and dropped 4 of their final 5 games of the regular season. The 2011 New York Giants were dismantled by a crappy Redskins team on opening Sunday. Both teams won the last game played in the NFL those years. (There was no Super Bowl awarded for the 2010 season. I reached out to the league for a reason why and have not yet heard back.)

Sunday Night Football will tell us a great deal about this group of Chicago Bears, coaches included. An inspired effort in a hostile environment will summon the optimistic enthusiasm of their desperate and hungry fans. A flat effort in the face of a superior opponent will have fans awkwardly tip-toeing up the movie theater aisle to hit the bar before the credits.

Which effort will the Bears deliver?

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  • Shady

    Bring on the Jets! (and their foot worshiping head coach)

    • MB30SD

      second that!

  • Re-run?

  • “Decisions determine outcomes”, Ray Lewis, Poet Laureate.

    • Viva

      Is that short for, outcomes are determined by decisions?

    • bearsfantillend

      hmmm…. carrying knife determines ability to stab someone.

  • huntinbare

    I will see your re-post and raise you one

    Here’s to the team from the Chicago area that started the NFL season 0-2….That would be the Chicago Press Corp….Wrong about week one—wrong about week two….Maybe JC was right last Sunday when he reminded them , “You don’t know what we are doing out there.”…..step up to the podium so I can throw my shoe at all of you.

    • huntinbare

      they stripped my gears…..

  • BerwynBomber

    Props to the Iggles. Nice fight back there. Kelly continues to make an impressive transition from college. He might have deserved Coach of the Year vote last year.

    • MB30SD

      dude. whoa whoa WHOA!

  • huntinbare

    Apparently we were assisted to victory by a Orange Ball Of Light over the Bay Area….


  • MikeBrownhadaPosse

    So nice that the Blogfather had to post it twice,

  • Viva

    The cut and paste I told you so.

    Well done, Jeff.

  • MikeBrownhadaPosse

    30 – I kind of want to go back to TCF in Minneapolis for the last game of the season. Last time I was there, we locked up the NFC North. I know you’re going to freeze your southern california ass off but Minny is fun. It’d actually be driving distance for some of the other regs as well.

    • MB30SD

      hmmmmm….. escared.

      • MikeBrownhadaPosse

        Outdoors game in Minnesota before Christmas? You’re sure as hell going to remember it!

        • MB30SD


  • Goes to show, even if we had somehow drafted Jimmy Ward, rooks struggle.

    “Brandon Marshall had five catches for 48 yards and three touchdowns in Sunday night’s win over the 49ers.

    Marshall had arguably the best catch of the season on a
    one-handed 17-yard touchdown over 49ers CB Jimmy Ward at the end of the
    first half. All three of his scores came against Ward. He tied for the
    team lead with eight targets and played the entire game despite his
    questionable status. Marshall has 13 catches for 119 yards and four
    touchdowns through two weeks. – RotoWorld”

    • BerwynBomber

      Marshall’s a beast, but in fairness to Ward he’s playing out of position if SF is using him as a CB. Pretty sure he was a safety at NIU.

  • bearsfantillend

    where can i get a jacket like BM was wearing in the presser? that thing is awesome

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