Potential Chicago Bears Draft Target: Safety Deone Buccanon [VIDEO]

| April 30th, 2014

Why I love starting my draft focus with the Scott Wright conversation (to hear the entire conversation, scroll down or CLICK HERE) is he tends to send me down some paths I otherwise would have ignored.

About midway through our chat I asked Scott a question he hadn’t been asked in his rounds of interviews. I wanted him to give me “an Emery reach” – a player with remarkable physical tools, at a Bears need position, who’d be considered a value 10-15 picks later. He paused, thought a bit and gave me Washington State safety Deone Buccanon.

Here is a well-written scouting report Ricky Henne at Chargers.com:

The closer we inch toward the NFL Draft, the more we hear about potential sleepers.  Evaluating the skillset of Deone Bucannon, it’s easy to see why his name in particular has emerged as a big time sleeper quickly rising up draft boards.

A three-time team captain over his four years at Washington State, the safety ranks among the school’s all-time leaders with 384 tackles and 15 interceptions.   He is fresh off his best season to date in which he notched a career-high 114 tackles, 4.5 tackles for loss, six interceptions and three forced fumbles. Bucannon’s 78 solo tackles were the 11th most in the country, and he is also a noted special teams contributor, leading the Cougars with seven tackles in the kicking game.   As a result the safety was named a First Team All American in 2013.

While he has gained major buzz of late, Bucannon made a name for himself back in February at the Scouting Combine, finishing in the top three for safeties in almost every major category.  He ranked second in the broad jump (125.0 inches) and third in the 40-yard dash (4.49), bench press (19 reps), and vertical jump (36.5).

Strong against both the pass and run, Bucannon is equal part ball hawk and heat seeking missile.  At 6-1, 211-pounds he boasts the ideal build for a safety and uses his physique to his advantage.  He is a natural playmaker with the ball in the air and is incredibly willing to mix it up in the run game as a jarring force in the box.

While he is a heavy hitter, analysts note he needs to do a better job of being a surefire tackler.  Overall, Bucannon possesses an intriguing skillset which is why he is a fast riser leading up to May 8.

Combine Metrics
40-yard Dash: 4.49
Bench Press: 19 reps
Vertical Jump: 36.5 inches
Broad Jump: 125.0 inches

Is Buccanon actually in play for the fourteenth pick of the first round? No. But his presence on the board may allow Emery to slide back in the first round or deeper, miss on Ha-Ha and Pryor, and still draft a starting safety.

Other opinions? WalterFootball values Buccanon as a third round selection.

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  • Trac

    That kid is a big boy. He has the size and speed, that’s obvious. I likery.

  • Big Mike

    Such a crap shoot. Conte and Wright had good game film too.

    • I actually think Wright is more athletic than Bucannon, but his brain is beyond repair. It took him like two years to learn how to tackle as opposed to shooting in like a bull. I was actually worried Wright might really hurt himself the way he sunk his crown. Conte never wowed me – a slightly more athletic Steltz who’s lone job was to ankle tackle and not let someone get behind him even though he lined up 20 yards back, and he STILL failed miserably.

      • MB30SD

        I always get in trouble for… “sinking my crown”

        Ha! Recovery!

      • Irish Sweetness 4 StephTuitt

        Both Ward and Bucannon look like solid tacklers and solid in the air. Damn we should trade down and get both if Donald’s gone.

  • I’m just going to copy and paste my response to Data from the last thread:

    Bucannon better than Pryor? You crazy. Pryor is “quick twitch”,
    explosive, violent and shows some ball skills. Talk about Bob Sanders,
    Pryor is almost a clone – a “smallish” FS who can hawk and knock ppl out like a SS.

    is a 2nd rounder all the way from what I’ve seen. He can lay some wood –
    he flashes some read/anticipation, and his length helps him with pass
    break-ups, but he’s no game-changer, or playmaker. His hips are stiff
    and I think he’ll struggle with change of direction in the NFL where
    everyone can run fast (that’s probably why they lined him up 20 yards
    back). He’s got long speed (that surprised many scouts because he
    doesn’t look like he plays fast), but seems to lack elite agility and

    If Donald, Dix and Pryor are gone at 14, I’d rather
    take Ebron than reach for Buccanon or Ward (and would anyone be
    surprised if Emery did just that?)

    • Trac

      If he there in the 2 round and we don’t draft a DB in the first, I’m all on board. Quite honestly, Id like to have him on the team rather than Gilbert.

      • I like Bucannon. He’ll start for us, but that’s not saying much.
        I don’t think he’ll be a star though, and as such – no way in hell at 14.
        But I know others might disagree. He’s a solid 2nd rounder in my book, though I don’t get paid millions to make these decisions (Phil, if you agree, call me!)

        • Trac

          I think we need impact players that will start for us. The closer we get to the draft, the less I care about position and the more I care about our first pick being an immediate contributor.

          • Yup.

          • Irish Sweetness 4 StephTuitt

            I want ALL of our picks to be meaningful, and if we trade out of the first and up from 5th and 6th(x2) we can draft a bunch of really good players in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th. It’s a lottery and all you can do is increase the number of tickets / improve the average draft position. We don’t need to hit the first rounder out of the park and then hope for some luck in the crap-shoot …we should be accumulating/packaging nice picks and drafting a bunch of solid players.

          • MB30SD


          • Irish Sweetness 4 StephTuitt

            Wouldn’t it be sweet though? If you’re draft was 2, 2, 3, 3, 3 and done?

        • Irish Sweetness 4 StephTuitt

          Jerry Angelo got paid about six mill a year to make those decisions and he didn’t have a fucking clue, so don’t beat yourself up.

  • An “Emery Reach” – do I have to pay extra for that?

    • MB30SD

      no, it’s extra for the “happy spending”

      (I know, it’s all I got off the top of my head)

  • SC Dave

    Good article, Jeff. Just the stuff we’re looking for

  • Now let’s see a real baller.


    • MB30SD

      damn. that kid is going to kill someone in the NFL… and it very well might just be himself. That first hit was insane. Zero regard for his body.

      • He plays with violence in his heart. Real malice, like the great ones, Butkus, Mean Joe Green, etc. He also displays real ball hawking (like that toe tapping int).

        What I like is that after he destroys a dummy over the middle, Pyror doesn’t loom over him woofing. That’s good because it shows that he’s aware that show boating after a big hit will probably get him penalized or fined.

        I look at Pryor’s tape, and I get pumped up.
        The other guys…meh.

        • MB30SD

          I get it, I just really get much more excited about the pass coverage stuff in a FS. If we’d gotten byrd and we were lined up to take this kid for our franchise SS I would be over the top fired up. He looks good in coverage, I just worry he’s more interested in the big hit and that he’ll be better suited for a SS in the NFL.

          Can you image him and byrd back there? Yeesh.

          (who won the byrd sweepstakes again?)

          • You’re right. I actually think I was one of the first ones to say he might be better at SS, then all these pundits stole my shine! I think he can play either really. He closes in really fast. I mean, one of those int he crossed so fast across the screen the cameraman almost missed him. To me, he’s a lot like Bob Sanders (though he doesn’t have an injury history). You take him, and don’t look back.

            I’ve been saying this all along, since the season ended, but Emery’s going to give Conte another shot. He’ll provide him some competition, but not much.

            That’s just my reading the bones. I could be wrong.

          • MB30SD

            I hope you are wrong. One of the blog guys said his giants fan buddy said Mundy was actually a decent real deal SS. So if we do get pryor, he should easily beat out cunte.

            Here’s is now how I think it’s going to shake out, one of two ways:

            Version 1:
            * Donald is somehow there for us (smokescreen clears and 3-4 QBs, clowney, mack, the OT guy, couple others, maybe gilbert go in the top 13), we take him and…
            * Pay a 4th and one of our 6s to move up into the top 1/3rd to get buchannon or ward in the 2nd

            Version 2:
            * Donald is gone
            * We take whomever is left of Dix and Pryor
            * in the 2nd we move up to get the best DT that phil’s had his eye on this entire time

            Final answer(s)!

          • Irish Sweetness 4 StephTuitt

            Version 1 is acceptable, but in 2 Would you not draft a Ward/Bucannon even if you’ve already drafted a safety in the first? Then Conte/Jennings/Mundy are all fighting for spots.

          • DaBearsBlog

            I’ve watched a lot of Ryan Mundy.

            Positive: He’s the best safety currently on the Bears.

            Negative: He isn’t good.

          • MB30SD

            That sucks. Bummer.

            Thanks for the info jeff

          • Bear Down in Tampa

            Is he better than Major Wright c. 2012? That’s the question.

          • MB30SD

            Why? Get your franchise FS at 14, then fill your second most dire spot with the best possible dt left in Rd 2… even if you have to move up and give up your 4th and something else to get him.

            CB in 3. Done deal. Core of a decent Defense fixed in one offseason. Pack your bags and go home. Let the rb coach stay and pick our 5th

          • I still wonder if they go CB in round 2 if S in round 1. I love love love love LOVE Pierre Desir there, and one of Reid/Quarles (maybe even Sutton) should be around in round 3.

            But version 1 is my favorite there, hands down. Because Donald.

          • will there be a franchise FS in the next FA? Those guys don’t hit the open market all that often. This year was rare in that it had several of the top-shelf S on the market.

            I agree Conte will be given a chance to earn a job this year, but the team reportedly really likes Mundy, which makes me think Mundy will be starting and Conte/rookie competing for the other spot. But in reality they’ll most likely have a pretty open competition with those three and Jennings for both spots.

          • Irish Sweetness 4 StephTuitt

            I much rather we’d taken Byrd and drafted two DEs. The knowledge you’ve got a vet safety back there and two young fresh sets of legs at DE is just more comforting. If we draft our safeties it’s gonna take a while for them to get comfortable by which time the season can be over.

          • MB30SD

            Too expensive. But as I daydreamed earlier… can you imagine byrd at fs and pryor at ss? Ahhhh… A girl can dream

      • SC Dave

        And an instant fine in the NFL for helmet-to-helmet.

        • MB30SD

          yep. my god, what has become of our beloved game. Disgusting.

        • Sactowns#1

          And at least 70% of his tackles are shoulder tackles with no wrapping the arms. Megatron will run right through those.

    • gpldan from Eastern Front

      Pryor looks so very Bob Sanders-y.

  • Shady

    It’s pronounced DAY-OWN. Like, Carpe. Carpe Diem.

  • MB30SD

    you guys want to be tripped out?

    Check this out: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/04/28/porn-stars-sex-life_n_5193230.html#slide=start

    AMAZING how much different eye make up makes isn’t it? Kinda shocking in some of these. Wow.

    • Doooonnnn’t Caaaaare!

      kind of cool to see normal looking chicks but knowing they are total freakballs.

    • Trac

      “Embarking on a course of sexual experimentation”. I’ve never heard it quite put that way before.

    • Irish Sweetness 4 StephTuitt

      That’s why I hate makeup. It’s cheating.

      • Cormonster

        He’s undersized, but worthy of a first round draft pick.

        • Irish Sweetness 4 StephTuitt

          Ahhh. All time heavy metal draft !

          First pick? Voice, or square away the rhythm section? Ginger Baker please. Master Joe Satriani next. Cliff Burton on bass, and we’ll have James Hetfield on rhythm and growling just because.

          • MB30SD

            Hetfield is a sellout dbag. Anyone who sues his own fans us a fucking buffoon

          • Irish Sweetness 4 StephTuitt

            Is that a CC Deville poster on your wall there?

          • MB30SD

            Fuck yes! CC never tried to sue his own fucking fans like some butthurt dbag.

            Fuck metalilca. EVERYTHING they did sucked after like 1985.

          • Cormonster

            …And Justice for All was their last really good album.

      • EnderWiggin

        Cheating? Or mandatory?

    • Irish Sweetness 4 StephTuitt

      I clicked on 22 of them and found one remotely attractive lady.

  • This, I did not know “New Bears assistant defensive line coach Clint Hurtt recruited Pryor to
    Louisville and was on the staff for his entire college career.”


    • Shady

      Unfortunately, he’ll be gone by 14.

      • MB30SD

        And dix?? No way. Pryor will be there for us dix and Donald won’t

        • NewBearInTown

          Pryor could be the first safety gone. Teams might like his more physical style, they almost might think he’s more durable.
          Likewise Donald could fall if teams are concerned about his size.

          • MB30SD

            hmmmm… I’ll take either and be giggling like a school girl on dance night.

          • Shady

            System software update in progress.

          • MB30SD

            me too. brutal.

    • Irish Sweetness 4 StephTuitt

      Clint Hurtt. What a name for a defender.

      • MB30SD

        I hear that a lot the following morning.

        Can someone get me a rimshot video!

        • gpldan from Eastern Front

          Ohhh! I’m on a roll.

          Cue the jukebox!

          • MB30SD


  • Cormonster

    I’m gonna give some props to another one of my all time favorite college players, Jared Abbrederis from Wisconsin. MB should like this guy.
    He was going to run track, but instead c a walk on QB. He was quickly moved to receiver after red-shirting a year as a scout QB. After a good freshman year, he was offered the last scholarship on the team, but turned it down so Wisconsin could give a scholarship to Russell Wilson.

    • gpldan from Eastern Front

      He is…. Waddle-ly


  • Irish Sweetness 4 StephTuitt

    Deja Vu ?

    Ward / Bucannon mean we can certainly go DT/CB in the first.

    • While I think it’s likely one of Ward and Bucannon will be there for Chicago at 51, it’s no guarantee. So waiting is risky, because IMO the dropoff after those guys is severe, and you don’t want to get caught without one of them.

      • Irish Sweetness 4 StephTuitt

        Hence, trade down, get them both – and none of this FS/SS bipolarity – we’d be sweet with both of them on the field together. Then we might develop what the Seahawks and Saints have at the position – solidity and being a danger to he opposition, instead of as a means to the next first down.

    • MB30SD

      Irish, that strategy makes no sense given the depth at the 3 positions this year. This is what I’ve pieced together… from least to most depth by position:

      Safety: Dix and pryor, then a drop and you have ward and buchannon… then as data says, not much else.

      CB: Gilbert is the prize, then Dennard and fuller, but there seems to be a lot of high value guys at the next level

      Dl: clowney, Donald again the cream of the crop… then a bunch of guys like Jernigan Hageman nix etc… then a ton of value/surprises to be found later.

      Assuming the above is basically true, why would you take a risky route? Why not go fs, dt, cb… IF the players you want are there at your pick in rounds 1-3.

      Too logical?

      • Irish Sweetness 4 StephTuitt

        If you get Gilbert, then Ward, you’re happy, but you still have no 3T. Got to knock that one out of the park – if he can do it in the third, great.

        • MB30SD

          Right. So pryor/dix, then easly/tuitt/other best guy, then best cb still on the board.

          • Irish Sweetness 4 StephTuitt

            Works for me. We could still get a very good corner in the third, and if he’s not, then we draft Peanut’s replacement next year.

          • MB30SD

            exactly this!!!!!

            See… what’s with the other crazy shit up top?!?!

  • Irish Sweetness 4 StephTuitt

    Came across ‘open carry’ videos on Youtube and am SMH.

    Guys walking around with loaded assault rifles, waiting for people to call the cops on them so that they can say “I’ve got my constitutional rights!”


  • Trac

    I meant to mention this about the Scott Wright interview but I forgot. Scott said if he was a GM he wouldn’t renew AP’s or Fortes rookie deals. If you’ve got a guy like AP, you gotta keep him. What do you guys think? Forte? I did struggle with giving him the big contract but does anyone know how much he costs us this year?

    • Irish Sweetness 4 StephTuitt

      I don’t care who the guy is that gets me the four yards – and apparently neither does the NFL with Ben Tate saying he wishes he’d been a safety because of the salary difference.

      Plenty of puddings out there that can run four yards. Do you need to pay 8M a year for that? Depends.

      • Trac

        What about the guy that gets you six yards?

        • Irish Sweetness 4 StephTuitt

          That’s Bo. You pay Bo.

          • johnnywad

            If I weren’t so lazy, I’d do a dollars/yards from scrimmage calc. I’m betting Forte has provided great value in that equation.

          • MB30SD

          • johnnywad

            I think we can all agree that not only is Data better for the job, he’s likely eager to do it.

          • Sounds like Haugh’s next article.

          • Cormonster

            It only took a couple minutes to figure this one out. Over his 6 year career it costs $2,349.00 per yard. Last year, with the bigger contract, it came out to $4,526.00 per yard. Didn’t figure it out under his rookie contract, but I’m sure the number is much lower.

    • Big Mike

      You have to weigh the $of cap allocated to the position and the opportunity cost of spending that $ somewhere else. Baseball has some stat wins against replacement.

    • johnnywad

      I don’t remember the numbers but I do remember Forte’s deal being reasonable. He earned his keep. I wouldn’t give any running back AP money. Never. He’s being paid like a starting quarterback. He’s already beyond the league norm in terms of career length. No way do I pay AP and start Christian Ponder under center.

  • Big Mike
    • gpldan from Eastern Front

      Nobody’s Burfict.

      BOOM! Didja see how I did that? Didja?


      • MB30SD

        Stop tyrann so hard to badger him about it.


  • Sactowns#1

    This is exactly what I’ve been saying! “Thats what I’m trying to tell ya!” https://screen.yahoo.com/gap-000000493.html

  • Irish Sweetness 4 StephTuitt

    I see no love for Louis Nix on here – is that because of the ACL? Doesn’t the thought of Justin Ellis give you a boner at 345 lbs? He sounds Suh-like… and Zack Kerr is what … .330 … these look like solid guys..Any of you seen them play? Are they both second rounders or could one slip to the third?

    • Big Mike

      You’re going to explode…

  • Irish Sweetness 4 Irish Choc

    This is a good run through of the DTs in the draft. Kyri Thornton sounds like a guy you could draft in the 4th/5th and he’d be your starting 3T before long. 6’2 300lbs Southern Miss. So if we went DB-wild and go CB/S/S in the first three rounds, you could still have a livewire at 3T. How hard is it in your pants right now?

  • Irish Sweetness 4 Irish Choc

    I’m like a guy before his wedding at the moment – the closer we get to the draft the more I’m changing my mind. Can’t we plug in Nix at 3T or at least switch Ratliff over? 342 lbs and he looks like fkn tackle. I can already see his 10 year mug shot, six pro bowls yada yada. Haven’t we grown tired of Lovie’s lean, mean speedy DTs?

    I’m chartering another boat. Fat bastard to DT. Remember a certain team from a certain city that used to own the offensive backfield? Slot in 342lbs of badass at either tackle position and it’s all systems go. Not only is he just a large force that is difficult to repel, he tackles you down once his paws are on you, he’s like a giant squid.

    How will a short man like Donald respond to a double-team from grown professionals? I fear he would disappear backwards on a regular basis.

    How would Louis Nix respond in a similar situation? Splits the double, momentum wins.

    An he’s called ‘Irish Chocolate’ for fuck’s sake!

    Safety in second .. .and if the draft is as deep in CBs as they say it is …then the 3rd is a great place to find one.

    Facebook draft status switched to Irish Chocolate, round one (assuming Donald is gone).

    • Doooonnnn’t Caaaaare!

      If Nix is picked 14th I will simply kill Emery and everyone blood related to him.

      • MB30SD

        Exactly yonny. We can carpool.

        Irish, you ARE fucking crazy. SMMFCAY. WTF dude!?

        Again, listen to barb, you don’t take a DT in the top 15 unless he’s a once in a decade athlete (like clowney) or once in a decade motor/speed/technique guy (like donald). Both of whom will be gone baby gone by 14. (if donald isn’t, fine pick him up), but the historic stats say those guys don’t fare nearly as well as other positions (for whatever reason).

        You go FS at 14, THEN look for the best possible DT in rd 2… even if you have to give up a 4 and a 6 to move up to get him.

        You do NOT reach an entire fucking round to get a guy with big injury concerns. We’ve done that before… how’d that work out for us?

        This post is also for dave. DT at 14 is a bad call guys. Pick up your franchise safety before the 15+ fall off and get your DT in a very deep class second. It just makes too much sense to do anything at all else.

        Oh, and you can still get a stud CB in 3… our 3rd most critical position of need. THis draft class sets up to match our needs perfectly. Follow the tea leaves and don’t try to be too fucking smart again, you’ll just end up outsmarting yourowndamnself.

  • Doooonnnn’t Caaaaare!

    Just heard on ESPN that Emery was asked about Donald and he pretty much said that Donald won’t be there by 14 so it’s not even worth talking about.

    • MB30SD

      Dix or Pryor. Final answer.

  • Doooonnnn’t Caaaaare!

    Emery also intimated that there is no starting safety on the roster yet. That could be smoke screen to get someone to move up and make an offer but who knows. That may mean that Dix or Pryor is the main target since he believes that Donald will not be there at 14.
    Jeff Dickerson also got the impression that the Bears, if they didn’t have their top 2 Defensive guys available could POSSIBLY go after Ebron at TE if he was still on the board.

  • Sactowns#1

    Ok ok ok.. here’s my final projection we trade our first round pick for two 2nd round draft picks and we get Ward and either Garopollo or Carlos Hyde. I then think we take a DT in the 3rd as most of the DT’s are a total crap shoot anyways.

    • MB30SD

      you craaaaazy.

  • MB30SD
    • Trac

      Hilarious. Cops I’ve spoken to laugh their asses off at the guys that wear the baggy pants. It trips em up every time.

  • MB30SD
  • No fluff, just the facts, mam.

    In a poll of 17 NFL personnel men, Clemson WR Sammy
    Watkins came out as the top vote-getter as this draft class’ No. 1 wide

    Watkins got 15-of-17 first-place votes and two second-place
    votes. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel formulates a “points” system
    based on votes, and Watkins received 83 points. Texas A&M’s Mike
    Evans finished second with 59 points, LSU’s Odell Beckham came in a
    close third at 55, and Oregon State’s Brandin Cooks was a distant fourth
    at 25 points. Marqise Lee (22) ranked fifth.

    Corresponds to (Jeff’s?) rumor that the Lions might draft Odell Beckham. He’s viewed only as slightly less inferior to Evans in the eyes of those who actually draft. Lions probably expect Evans to be gone by their slot.

    Either way, I get the feeling that Beckham is going to be drafted before us, which is great.

    Watkins, Evans, Beckham are the top tier, and a significant drop off appears after them.

    If Beckham does somehow get to our pick, we might field trade down offers. The Steelers at 15 or 9ers late might be in the market to get the last top WR.

  • And in Captain Obvious news, Ebron is in a tier all to himself.

    In a poll of 17 NFL personnel men, all 17 agreed North Carolina’s Eric Ebron is this draft’s best tight end prospect.

    Ebron maxed out at 68 points in the Milwaukee
    Journal-Sentinel’s vote-based “points” system, with Washington’s Austin
    Seferian-Jenkins second at 37 points, and Texas Tech’s Jace Amaro coming
    in third at 33. Notre Dame’s Troy Niklas was a distant fourth with 16
    points. Iowa’s C.J. Fiedorowicz ranked fifth with 11 points. Utah’s
    Jake Murphy (3) ranked sixth, and Georgia’s Arthur Lynch (2) No. 7.

  • Nice to know Onobun is dropping medicine balls in FL.

    Bears TE Fendi Onobun claims he is ready for an increased offensive role.

    It’s about to be Onobun season. The former basketball
    player always looks good in shorts and a t-shirt but can never translate
    it to games. Onobun spent the 2013 season on the Bears’ practice squad
    and has taken part in workouts down in Florida with Brandon Marshall.
    The Bears are looking for a No. 2 tight end.

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