Letting Jim Harbaugh Coach Elsewhere Will Be a Decade-Long Regret at Halas Hall

| December 12th, 2014


Here what’s I know about Jim Harbaugh’s coaching career.

His first head coaching job was at San Diego and he led the Toreros to program bests in every conceivable way.

His second head coaching job was at Stanford where the Cardinal had been a Pac-10 doormat since Ty Willingham left town. He won 4 games. Then he won 5 games. Then he won 8 games. Then he won 12 games. 12 games. At Stanford. A university that had never won 11 in the entirety of their footballing existence. (And before you credit Andrew Luck, go take a look at John Elway’s W-L record at Stanford.)

His third head coaching job is at the San Francisco 49ers. He is 43-17-1 and has appeared in 3 NFC title games and a Super Bowl. In the 8 seasons prior to his arrival, the Niners did not record a single winning season.

Jim Harbaugh isn’t a good head coach. Jim Harbaugh is one of the best coaches in the entire world of football and he is available. That does not happen often. It’s happening now. The Bears will regret it for many years if they don’t become serious players for his services.

Harbaugh will win wherever he goes. But he makes more sense in Chicago. Why?


For those who think this is an underrated element, I think you’re dead wrong. Chicago is unreceptive to head coaches they perceive as “the other”. Lovie Smith used his tortoise-slow delivery and Big Sandy drawl to disguise his arrogance and that two-step was something Chicago never became comfortable with. Marc Trestman isn’t Canadian but he might as well be. His approach to media, his head coaching resume and his hair all make fans slightly uncomfortable with him.

Harbaugh is a coach’s kid. He played football in the midwest for Michigan, the Bears, the Colts. He had legendary sideline squabbles with Mike Ditka, which perhaps sadly gives a man certain credence in Chicago. Most importantly we know the media won’t affect Harbaugh.


You know what this means.


Harbaugh’s teams have always been defined by the following: run it down the opponent’s throats and make big plays in the passing games. Is any team in the league better equipped for that approach?

Is this move going to be made? Probably not. Harbaugh will go to Oakland or the Dolphins or the Jets and win there. The Bears will sacrifice their opportunity to acquire one of the sport’s best leaders for one more useless year under Marc Trestman. The Bears should not only bring Harbaugh to Chicago. They should bring whatever GM and quarterback he wants as well.

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  • John Doe

    Tomorrow is going to be fun..

    We have OC Aaron Kromer leaking to Ian Rapoport. We then have Kromer apologizing to Cutler in front of entire offense. And then we have players in that meeting leaking the apology and details to reporters.

    Rich Campbell @Rich_Campbell · 59m59 minutes ago

    Bears OC Aaron Kromer tearfully told the entire offense Monday he criticized QB Jay Cutler to NFL Network. Story: http://trib.in/1sn6O6G

    • BerwynBomber

      Credit Rich Campbell. He is getting some major behind the scenes scoop. Hate to say it, but I find this next to hilarious. What a mess.

      • John Doe

        I think Brad Biggs broke the story. But, yes, a major scoop.

        Starts off with a great first line..”As Bears fans know, Jay Cutler can make a grown man cry.”

        It is a mess. Giving Cutler that extension looks incredibly stupid. And I bet Trestman and Kromer were never on board with that decision. Going all in on Cutler was Emery and Ted Phillips decision.

        • BerwynBomber

          Who knows? I’m no Cutler fan but if that is truly the way Trestman and Kromer felt last year then one hopes they had the balls to at least make their opinions known to PE and Phillips. If they didn’t, then they’re at fault too.

          • John Doe

            You must not have worked at high-level corporate positions. People in those positions have to do what their bosses want. This happens all the time.

            Even Mike Shanahan had put aside his ego and do what Dan Snyder told him to do when they drafted RGIII. Shanahan was opposed to RGIII, didn’t believe he had the stuff for NFL, didn’t think it was wise to give up so much for a QB like that but Dan Snyder wanted to make it happened and so it happened. And got Mike Shanahan ultimately fired.

            Trestman was just happy to be a NFL Head Coach. A dream he had been chasing his whole damn life.. If it took to agree to Emery’s QB, so be it.

          • If indeed, Cutler was stuck down Trestman and Kromer’s throat by Emery without any of their input, then he deserves to be terminated on the spot.
            And I would also be much more lenient on both too (though not completely).
            I like Emery, and I think he shows glimpses of vision, but that would be unforgivable. That’s Snyder level incompetence.

          • EnderWiggin

            Haha! Snyder? As in the maintenance guy from One Day at a Time?

      • SC Dave

        It’s all Trestman’s fault. Isn’t that the mantra here?

  • John Doe

    If Kromer is frustrated with Jay Cutler’s play, then what about Marc Trestman and Matt Cavanaugh?

    They are in the same effing room all the time. They all must have discussed this.

    Glad this is finally out in the open.

  • BerwynBomber

    DaBearsBlog @dabearsblog “So an “offensive coordinator” turns rat and it’s the quarterback’s fault? I am this close to officially quitting on Chicago Bears fans.”

    Yet you were fine when said OC and QB turned on their HC a week ago. Funny, how that works. Now that it is against Jay, you’re up in arms.

    Look they’re all three to blame — Trestman/Cutler/Kromer — and at this point it is bordering on an absurd soap opera.

    • John Doe

      Completely agree.

      Kromer got frustrated and vented to Rapoport. He is used to working with someone like Brees.

      Jay Cutler has had 5 OCs just as a Bear. 5 coaches cannot be wrong.

      • It’s not like he’s had guys who fail here and then go on to succeed somewhere else.

        Not a single one of those 5 has been an OC anywhere else. Isn’t is possible that he’s had 5 guys who all just happened to be bad coaches because of a diseased franchise?

        I’m not saying Jay is blameless or great or anything. But it’s not like you can point to his coaches and say definitely Jay is the problem there. He’s had more success as an NFL starter than any of them have had as OCs in the last decade.

        • BerwynBomber

          Yeah, but you can just as easily say he killed OC careers and the one OC who didn’t want him — Josh McDaniel — is doing just fine.

          Bottom line, it’s a mix of both Jay’s production/decisions and crappy OCs (though I do think Martz was better than he was given credit for; his weirdness and reputation made him unemployable more than anything else.)

          • what great careers did he kill? Mike Martz failed everywhere he went that didn’t have 4-5 HOFers on offense. Mike Tice and Turner were never going to be even competent OCs. Trestman hasn’t had an NFL job offer in over a decade. Kromer is an OL coach playing OC because it makes him feel good.

            There is a very real case to be made that he’s never even had an average NFL OC work with him, and that is absolutely not his fault.

          • BerwynBomber

            Huh? Martz won an SB as an OC and he almost won one as an HC with the Rams. And Trestman was an OC at Oakland when Rich Gannon (?!?!) won an MVP and the Raiders went to an SB.

            I get that Tice was in over his head — but that was somewhat Jay’s doing in getting Martz run out of town — but what sort of OC credentials are you looking for?

            I swear the Jay Cutler excuse line just never fucking ends.

          • Trestman hasn’t been in NFL in over a decade. Nobody came calling. Has to be something there. A lot has changed in that time.

            Martz failed miserably in other places and never had success outside of St. Louis, where he had a borderline HOF QB, a 1st ballot HOF LT, a 1st ballot HOF RB, and 2 borderline HOF WRs. And again, never found success after maybe 2001, and the NFL changed a lot after that.

          • BerwynBomber

            Sigh. Okay, Jay Cutler would be fantastic if ONLY he had what everyone else has. First it was an O-line. Then it was WRs. Then it was an OC. Then it was a poor defense.

            I don’t think he’s that bad. He’s arguably top-16 in the league which is no small thing at that position, but at a certain point there is one constant variable in all the excuses.

          • I have never said Cutler is/could be/would be fantastic (at least not for a couple years now). I have repeatedly said he is what he is: an average to above average QB.

          • BerwynBomber

            Fair enough. I’d argue average. And I’d also argue a lot of good QBs (let alone elite guys) hide the flaws of some of their OCs.

          • there are also a lot of good OCs that can hide the flaws of their QBs. I would love to get one of those in Chicago.

            Thought Trestman might be that guy, but his incredibly inept coaching job this year has convinced me otherwise.

            I thought before the season the odds of ever winning a SB with Cutler were remote. But you can win games with him, as has been shown in the past. I thought they were setting up nicely for 2015 to be their best team in a long time (which Jeff said as well), where you see just how far you can get with Cutler before preparing to move on after 2016. But that seems like a pipe dream at this point.

            I think the Bears in 2015 will be better with Cutler than without him. But I’m also not opposed to trading him and starting over, because I don’t think they’ll be able to get a serious contender with him again at this point. Though you never know with quick turnarounds in the NFL that are often prompted by coaches.

          • BerwynBomber

            But here’s the one thing about Trestman that I will always wonder: for a good chunk of games last year he made McCown as productive as Cutler but without the mistakes.

            Btw, before you get defensive, I am not bringing that up to diss Jay (or wish for any silly return of McCown), but WTH was that with McCown last year? A fluke? A system that the league soon caught onto? The right journeyman/QB to run said system?

            If Trestman is fired tomorrow the only good stretch he will have had is that McCown run last year. Just makes me wonder WTH was behind it.

          • I think it was a combo of factors.
            1) Luck. McCown had 3-4 INTs dropped (like hit the defender in the chest and he inexplicably dropped it) and another 2-3 called back by penalties. All of a sudden that 13/1 TD/INT ratio looks a lot more pedestrian, right? Small sample size can be skewed more by flukes.
            2) Play calling. Offense ran more when McCown was under center. 60% called passes there vs. 64% with Cutler last year (and close to 70% this year).
            3) Bad defenses. McCown played well against WAS, GB, DAL. All very bad defenses last year. He also played poorly against MIN, a D worse than CHI, and mediocre against BAL, a middle of the road defense. He played poorly against STL, the only good D he faced.

          • BerwynBomber

            But luck smiles on Cutty too. He’s at least 7-8 INTs dropped this year (3 by the Cheese alone).

            In terms of the run, I would want to see those numbers within some sort of scoring context. The five percent variable might be due soley to the fact that McCown had the team in front and therefore they were able to run a ltitle more. Could also be due to Cutty’s penchant to audible to passes.

            Number 3 I will give you.

          • yeah, one thing I would LOVE to know this year is how much of the imbalance is from Cutler and how much is from Trestman. I suspect Trestman because he has a history of this type of imbalance.

            I’d have to go back and look at 1st half #s for McCown’s games like I did with Cutler’s to see how they compare when late game lead/comeback doesn’t factor in.

            Luck definitely will play in to everybody over time. It’s just that when you’re looking at only a 4-5 game sample size and trying to draw conclusions, you really need to acknowledge the incredible factor it can have (see Flacco’s playoff run to the SB, lots of playoffs, which are a similar sample size).

          • BerwynBomber

            But didn’t Flacco play reasonably well in post-season games before Balt’s SB run?

            One thing about Flacco — and I’ll admit I could be speaking out my ass here — but he looks like the type of QB built for cold weather post-season play.

            Btw, I was never one of the idiots who thought McCown was better than Cutler or thought that he should retain the starting spot when Jay got healthy, but I still can’t make complete sense of how well he played and wonder how much Trestman’s system (and the potential fit it had for McCown) played into it. And yeah, I get the luck/small sample size part but he was putting up absurdly efficient numbers.

          • BlameAngelo

            You start counting Jay’s nearly-INTs and you’re looking at a 1:3 TD-INT ratio.

          • Let’s also not forget the dirty little secret nobody wants to talk about with McCown under center: he put up great stats but the offense struggled.
            They scored 13 points in regulation against a Baltimore team giving up 22 ppg. They scored 21 points against a MIN team giving up 30 ppg. They scored 21 against a STL team giving up 23 ppg (and handed STL a defensive TD). They scored 27 against a GB team giving up 27ppg. They scored a ton against a bad Dallas D giving up 27 ppg.
            So in 5 games under McCown, the offense had 3 below-average performances (2 by more than a TD), 1 average performance, and 1 good performance.

          • This is not to say McCown sucked or anything. He was everything you want your backup to be and a little more. He kept them competitive while doing his short stint.
            But this whole idea that the offense worked so great under McCown was not really true.

          • John Doe

            Tresman’s offense needs a QB who does not gamble so much. Cutler is the exact opposite. McCown is much more willing to stay within the system. Cutler likes to play streetball, he likes it when a play breaks down and he can free lance.

            Cutler is a complete misfit QB for Trestman’s offense. That is why I say it was more of Phil Emery and Ted Phillips decision to extend Cutler. Trestman/kromer, I bet, were never fully sold on Cutler. Especially just on the basis of 11 games that Cutler played last year.

          • John Doe

            Problem is he not even average..

            When he is good, he is about 12-15. But when he is bad, he is down to 25-30.

            Alex Smith is average, Joe Flacco is average.

            Plus, he has a odd personality that is not good for team dynamics. And he is getting paid like a top 10 QB that further alienates his teammates because he sucks more than he shines.

            So just too many issues with him even if you put the coaching issue aside. He is just not a good fit.

          • BerwynBomber

            Splitting hairs but I would argue Flacco is a little above average, maybe even borderline top ten.

            Cutty falls in the 14-18 range (for me at least). That is average.

          • Scharfinator

            Martz inability to adjust to the newer NFL was what made him so bad. The personnel and schemes during his tenure with Chicago were very different compared to St. Louis.

    • They’re different situations. Kromer leaked confidential information “anonymously” to an outside source.

      In the first instance, the players said they wanted to run it more. That’s not a direct dig, though it is implied. A direct comparison would have been if they had told the media they wanted Trestman fired.

      • BerwynBomber

        Fair enough but my larger point is I wouldn’t trust any of these guys right now other than Forte. All have a little blame and shouldn’t be opening their mouths whether directly or anonymously.

    • DaBearsBlog

      I love how people read into my comments. When did I say I was fine with what they did last week?

    • SC Dave

      So this.

  • To me the bigger issue is that bringing Trestman back next year is a mistake that absolutely cannot happen. Once he’s gone, you worry about the next coach.

    I would love Harbaugh. I would also love Payton is he leaves NO as some speculate.

    • John Doe

      Sean Payton is not leaving NO. He is the highest paid coach in NFL at $8 million per year. No one is going to eat that contract.

      • you’re probably right. Especially if NO ends up winning the division like I think they will.

      • BerwynBomber

        Weirdly enough, I was just listening to Mike Florio on a Score podcast (confession: I like the weekly Florio segment on the Score), but he speculated that indeed Payton might leave NO. Not only because he seems worn out at the place but also because his mentor — Parcells — never had a track record of overstaying his welcome with one franchise.

  • John Doe

    You recommend Harbaugh but the funny thing is he would not coddle Jay Cutler for one minute.

    Jay Cutler will get benched and run out of town by Jim Harbaugh in no time. Cutler has had it far too easy in Chicago so far. Kromer is the first coach to up against him like this.

    • and what evidence do we have that Kromer is a good OC?

      We have years of evidence he’s a great OL coach. He’s acted as an OC in 2 years so far, one in NO and one in CHI. Both instances saw an offense regress and a QB turn it over too much.

      • John Doe

        Bottom line is Kromer is frustrated (and I bet Trestmand and Cavanaugh too) because Cutler is not doing what they are asking him to do. As simple as that. One example.. repeatedly holding the ball low by the waist like a loaf of bread and getting easily strip sacked.

        Whethere Kromer is good or bad, he is the OC putting together a plan. And Jay is failing to execute to his satisfaction. Coaches are frustrated because he is proving to be un-coachable.

        • Yeah, the OC is putting together a shitty plan every single week. Whee. Cutler is frustrated with the shitty plans, I’m sure, but you don’t hear him “leaking” to the press confidentially that the players don’t believe in the shitty coaches and wish they were gone.

          • John Doe

            Wrong. Cutler himself said this a few days ago,,

            “I’ve been on teams where you went (out) Sunday and you just knew the
            plan wasn’t going to be good enough,” he said. “I’ve never lined up with
            this crew and felt this plan isn’t going to get it done. Or we don’t
            have enough. Or we’re outmatched. Or we’re out-schemed. That never has
            been a thought of mine.”

            He would not have missed an opportunity like that to blame someone else.

          • Jay has been put in shitty situation after shitty situation in Chicago and never said anything about it publicly. He never publicly acknowledged his shitty OL or his shitty coaches under Lovie until well after the fact. Why would he change that now?

          • John Doe

            He may not said it but he sure did insult coaches in front of national media. As good as saying shitty things.

            Saying “eff you” to Martz.. Refusing to speak with Tice, refusing to speak with Lovie etc. etc. that was worse than leaking shitty things.

          • those were things done in the heat of battle that just happened to be caught on camera. That was not deliberately saying something to the press or leaking something confidentially.

            Tom Brady does shit like that all the time. So does Peyton Manning. So does Phillip Rivers. You get pissed when things are going wrong during games, you vent at each other, life goes on.

          • John Doe

            Cuter is just a spoiled frat boy. There was no excuse for him to behave like that, heat of the moment or not. He was a grown man when he did these things not a kid.

            And always, more is expected out a QB. That is why they get paid the big bucks. And in Cutler’s case they gave up 2 first rounders + 3rd round + Kyle Orton.

            I would be perfectly happy with Jay’s career if he was originally drafted by Bears using just one first round pick. Considering what Bears gave up to get him, he has been a failure.

          • he definitely never became the stud QB people thought he would at the time.

            I still wonder how differently Cutler would be viewed if he hadn’t gotten hurt in 2011. That was his best Bears team. Always had that “what if” to know just how far they would have gone. Doubt they would have beat the Giants though, that was just the type of team that ruined those Bears and their shitty OL.

          • John Doe

            Jay Cutler cannot string together mistake-free 3 or 4 games in playoffs. He is just not that type of QB.

            And it is harder to overcome turnovers in the playoffs. So I don’t believe he will ever have much playoff success.

          • BlameAngelo

            We got officially hosed on the Cutler deal. Kyle’s a good QB. Those first rounders could have been spent on OL and we’d have some kind of line now … instead … we have shit.

          • BerwynBomber

            I agree with the heat of the battle stuff but I also think Cutler wanted guys gone and the front office accommodated him. Just as they accommodated him by building a line, receiving corps and essentially the team around him; in fact, didn’t Cutler also have to give the thumb’s up on the Tresty hire or do I have that wrong?

          • John Doe

            Yes, he met Trestman and other finalist.. Arians and one other guy I forget.

            He was also instrumental in Urlacher not being brought back. Urlacher and Cutler never got along. And Cutler told Emery that he can never be the leader of the team as long as Urlacher is in the locker room. Cutler famously never called Urlacher once he was gone after 2012 season.

            I bet much of the resentment towards Cutler from the veterans on defense, especailly Briggs, stems from that.

          • Urlacher’s time was up. Nobody else tried overly hard to sign him. He was old and done.

            Chicago has missed his leadership, but in terms of on-field ability he was their worst starting defender in 2012 and had a bad knee that wasn’t getting any better. Like with Tillman and Briggs now, the time was right to move on.

            One of Cutler’s biggest problems is that he’s not the strong leader you’d expect out of the QB. So in that regard I agree with you there.

          • CanadaBear

            When one of your new teammates to be calls you a pussy in the press, it has a tendency to make relationships a little chilly.

          • John Doe

            Completely agree. Urlacher was an insecure jerk who felt threatened when Bears got what they thought was a franchise QB.

          • BlameAngelo

            Except that Urlacher was, y’know, right.

          • BerwynBomber

            You’re wasting your time, JD. The Cutler excuses never end. Moreover, they’re always moving to something else. It’s like a shell game.

  • Earlier this year, Trestman used media to say Jay checked out of too many runs and that was part of offensive balance issues. Now Kromer is saying to media that Jay doesn’t do that.

    Hmm… sounds to me like guys trying to deflect blame and save their own skins.

    (I’m not saying Jay is blameless. he’s not. But it’s not like he’s been suddenly horrible this year. He is what he’s always been. The coaching has been worse than his play this year, and it’s not even close).

    • John Doe

      I haven seen Jay Cutler struggle to complete simple screen passes behind the line of scrimmage. Either too high (to Kadeem Carey multiple times) or at shoe string level.

      Come on, how hard is a 5 yard screen pass for a 9 year veteran? And what can Trestman/Kromer do about it? Throw it for him?

    • BerwynBomber

      Jay just blamed Trestman (or Kromer) last week for not calling enough of a balanced game (even though apparently Jay has rarely seen a pass audible he hasn’t liked.)

      Point is, all three are playing the blame game and so is BMarsh.

      • yeah, all of them are trying to blame everybody else. I’m at the point where I’m ready to burn it down and start from scratch. I still think they could get somebody to give up similar to what Alex Smith got (two 2nds) for Cutler.

        • BerwynBomber

          After watching the Rams, I could see how they might be interested in Cutty.

          For me it comes down to how much of the salary the team has to eat and how much cap space it will clear. Let’s face it, if you have to eat a ton, and it’s not clearing much cap space, then you better off riding out Cutler for another year or two. He’s a middle of the pack QB which is whole lot better than a lot of what will be out there FA-wise.

          • any $$ already paid to him by CHI sticks on their cap. This would only be about $3M, I think (not absolutely sure though). Rest of contract goes to new team. Don’t think there’s any way to volunteer to “eat” any of that, unless you convert a bunch of it to signing bonus before trading him. I’ve never seen that in the NFL (happens in MLB, NHL, NBA).

          • John Doe

            That is why a Jay Cutler – Chris Long swap would work. Rams are loaded on DL. And Chris Long has $13 million salary in 2015, I believe. Bears need pass rush anyways.

          • Bears already have 3 highly paid DEs for 2015.

          • CanadaBear

            Whatever bonus money has been paid would no longer be spread over the lifetime of the contract. It would all go on next year’s cap if he’s traded (+ any money the Bears paid to trade him).

          • yep. But if I recall correctly with his contract, he had very little signing bonus, it was guaranteed money for if he’s on the roster. So I think they’d save some $$. Not sure though.

          • CanadaBear

            Think you’re correct but there was definitely $18-20 mil up front.

        • John Doe

          I will take a 3rd or 4th round for Cutler and get rid of him. The guy has brought nothing but misery to Chicago Bears.

          Even if they fire Trestman, who is the coach ready to come here and accept him after all this? Only Mike Shanahan and he likes to have total personnel control..Not going to happen with McCaskeys.

          • Scharfinator

            I wouldn’t trust a retreat coach either.

  • I agree that Harbaugh here would be a good thing. I also think it only happens if Emery gets fired this offseason. Harbaugh would likely want to come in and either be his own GM or pick his own GM, IMO. That’s typical for big-name coaches with previous success. Especially when he clashed with the GM at his prior job.

    • John Doe

      Eating 2 years of Trestman’ contract + Eating Emery’s contract + eating all other coaches’ contracts = not happening.

      • probably not. But it’s tough for me to see Harbaugh coming here to work for an established GM.

  • If Harbaugh does indeed come to Chicago this offseason, expect a bunch of comparisons to when he took over in SF. That was a team getting a lot of preseason sleeper hype for the few years before he came, only to underachieve all the talent that was supposedly there. Then he showed up and all of a sudden that talent came together and started getting it done.

    This roster does have talent, especially on offense. It has a lot of young defenders who are physically gifted, and I wonder how much the fact that so few of them have emerged has to do with the lackluster defensive coaching. We can only hope that’s a big part of it and a good defensive coach will come in and help a bunch of them have breakout years at once.

    • BerwynBomber

      But SF was largely a young team with talent. We are an old team with talent.

      I personally think the best HC candidates might want to shy away from Chicago for another year or two or until PE’s grand Cutler plan has run its course. Think of it. As bad as the Jets are, you can go there and have more flexibility with the roster. In Chicago, you’re wearing a straightjacket for awhile.

      • SF had a no-longer-young-but-not-yet-old QB that everybody had given up on.

        Chicago really won’t be that old next year. Allen and Ratliff will be the only truly old guys left, and both of them will be gone after 2015. Jennings getting there, but at age where should have another year or two. Marshall and Cutler both play positions where they should be in their primes still. Forte getting up there.

        So definitely some age in some key guys, but a ton of youth too. Several of the old guys (Briggs, Williams, Tillman, Garza) will be gone.

        • BerwynBomber

          The only proven talent is decidedly veteran or old — outside of Jeffrey and Long.

          In terms of Alex Smith, who knows how much Harbaugh wanted him. He certainly pursued Peyton Manning and ultimately preferred Kaepernick over the guy. I’m only saying is that it easier to jettison Geno Smith and Mike Vick than it is Jay Cutler.

          • should Harbaugh take over and draft his QB to groom like he did with Kaepernick, it would be pretty easy to move on from Cutler after 2015 or 2016, depending on when he thinks his guy is ready.

          • BerwynBomber

            Valid point.

          • GREAT. With a Capital “G”.
            Just goes to show how difficult a true franchise QB is to find. Even the best get it wrong (Even Landry was alternating QBs when he had Roger Freaking Staubach)

          • SC Dave

            I’m still hopeful about Kyle Fuller.

      • John Doe

        And deal with sourpuss like Jay Cutler.

        Now if is someone desperate to become a first-time Head Coach like Tresman was, sure, they will be ready to “work” with Jay Cutler.

      • Big Mike

        Getting younger by the minute on defense. DJ Williams, Tillman, Briggs gone.

        • BerwynBomber

          True but SF had young talent. I don’t know if are youngsters have it beyond Jeffrey and Young and Fuller.

  • Barb UMihai Mar

    These Bears made me lose interest in the NFL. That’s almost unforgivable.

    • TheBigCheesy

      What are you talking about, barb? The pats are 10-3!

  • This is funny. So, Kromer is shedding tears, and Cutty is sitting in the back shaking his head, taking a drag.
    I’m sure this will be a “growing the man moment.” Wait, how old is Kromer again? Didn’t he win a SB? Didn’t Martz win a SB? Didn’t Trestman as OC go to a SB and turn a journeyman into a pro-bowler (and revived another in McCown who later sucked again)?
    I hope this crashes and burns so that we can raze the organization and rebuild from the ashes like a phoenix.

    • BerwynBomber

      Pro-bowler? Trestman did it two better, I believe. Gannon won the MVP.

  • BearDown100393

    Trestman’s Bears beat Harbaugh’s 49ers in Santa Clara.

    • I’ll take a few NFC Championships and SB appearances and crap out a few years later any time.

  • Scott W.

    Boy Jeff. Sure wish you’d stop putting Harbaugh dreams in my head.

    • I absolute agree with Jeff. Harbaugh would be perfect. Ergo, he’ll go to the Raiders.

  • Viva

    Dave Toub for HC.

    Harbaugh is a volatile man, and volatile men have a shelf life that ages in dog years.

  • Scharfinator

    What boggles me is why San Fran is cutting him? 3 NFC championship games in what will be 4 seasons? ARE YOU KIDDING? They’re fools to let him walk out the door. Get him anger management. Get him whiny child on the sidelines body language lessons. But why cut him?

    • BearDown100393

      We never really know what goes on behind the scenes.

    • GPLDAN

      Similar to Ditka, I think he tells ownership what he thinks of them w/o his deference filter set to ON.

    • BlameAngelo

      He’s a prick. So there’s that.

  • TheBigCheesy

    LOL BEARS. What a glorious season.

    • BearDown100393

      Still 3 more weeks. There is a lot of drama left to be played.

      • BerwynBomber

        These are … The Days of Our Lives.

        • CanadaBear

          LIke sands through the hourglass …

    • GPLDAN

  • FantuzPhysics

    Harbaugh only knows how to yell. I don’t see him being any answer. Remember when he praised Trestman and claimed to still use the offensive system Trestman put in place? And I don’t get the Emery hate. This team was going to fall off a cliff due to Angelo now regardless…it’s a multi-year plan to just right the ship that was our lack of talent.

    ”I continue to use his system that we learned under him and it’s been
    very good for us. We’ve had a good track record,” Harbaugh said. ”A lot
    of his coaching points, a lot of his ideas, a lot of his teaching. I’ve
    benefitted greatly from my experience with Marc Trestman.”


    • Trac

      If yelling was effective, evra wife across the country would make a fine HC. hee hee

    • BerwynBomber

      Multi-year plan to right the ship under PE? I thought we were in win now mode. That was the whole point of PE’s grand Cutler scheme.

  • Trac

    Calling for the immediate firing of the Bears coaching staff before the end of next year is like pissing in the wind Jeff. We get another year of this whether we like it or not. Besides, Harbaugh ain’t coming to Chicago.

    • i like pissing with the wind. makes me feel powerful to see the stream fly.

  • BillW

    Everyone from emery on down need to go. I have stopped being a bear fan. Yes. I mean that. After decades I have now stopped. I cannot call myself a fan of such a ridiculously inept weak poorly run franchise

    I have never been more disgusted. It’s everything but the Kromer thing is the last straw. Emery makes mistake after mistake and I wanted to believe he’s really pretty good. Foolish. I’m comparing bad to worse and calling it good.

    There is no pride left in a once proud organization. Until that changes (like it did for the hawks and now the cubs) I am done with them

    • SC Dave

      Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    • Doc Hamstring

      I’m with Dave. Bye.

      Your last sentence, read another way, says, “When they get good again, I’ll come back.”

    • BlameAngelo

      Wow. Now that’s a fairweather fan. I’ve been watching us lose for a long time and it might be 30 years before our next Lombardi … but it will always be the navy blue and burnt orange.

    • BearDown100393

      Part of being a Bears fan is saying “I’m done with them” and then watch the next game as usual.

  • BerwynBomber

    Blogfather mentioned this a week or so ago but might be smart to shut down Forte for the rest of the year. RB’s odometers only turn so long and it is not like we need to see anything more from Matt or he need work on much. Save what mileage is left in the guy for truly meaningful ball. Conversely, throw Carey in there the last three games and see what you got.

  • wreckinball

    Agree good post and conclusion Bears won’t pull the plug on Trestman or Cutler this year


    It was Kromer in the Library with the noose! Damn, I never win at Clue.

    Now imagine Biggsy dressed as Hercules Perot


    but like, with mustard on his lapel.

  • Now Patrick Mannelly is saying on the radio that multiple current players have told him they thought Kromer’s apology was fake/forced. Even accused him of fake crying.

    WTF… is this a bunch of high school girls?

    • BearDown100393

      No way these Bears are as tough as high school girls.

  • Just wanted to say, Jeff, that I really appreciate you writing the last few weeks. Your stuff is not really like anybody else’s, especially during the season, because you do a great job of focusing on big-picture stuff while everybody else is stuck in the day-to-day and week-to-week grind of the season.

    • GPLDAN
    • BillW

      I’ve disagreed with Jeff on a few things but JWood you are absolutely right. Jeff has a sense for the big picture that I don’t think I realized until lately.

      • SC Dave

        Actually, it was easy to see before the season started when he wrote about this season being a transition to being a contender in 2015.

        No one could have foreseen that the wheels would come off so completely.

  • AlbertInTucson

    “Letting Jim Harbaugh Coach Elsewhere Will Be a Decade-Long Regret at Halas Hall”
    Theyre so USED to that kind of stuff at Halas Hall will it matter, except to us?

    • GPLDAN

      Great point Al. Lake Forest should be the forest of sadness.

      We should call it Mirkwood.

      • BearDown100393

        Santa Claus North

      • Scharfinator

        Rename the team to the Mirkwood Spiders!

      • Trac

        Love the hobbit reference. Gollum even looks like Trestman. Hahaha


    Jim won’t come here because his wife loves California and does not want to leave.

    So… to get him we need to upgrade him…

    Here’s what he’s got:


    He needs to step up to this:


    That and great divorce lawyer. Let’s make it happen, Chicago!

    • We can post images? Wowsers. Maybe that’ll be enough to get MB to return lol

  • Huge Bear’s Penis

    When did we officially become the Raiders??? The stories coming out of Halas Hall are so Raideresque.

    • BearDown100393

      You cannot deny the striking similarities in facial features between Trestman and Al Davis – dead or alive.

  • BillW

    And here’s my big picture view, which I’ve carried ever since the end of the Lovie years. The Bear’s are what I guess these days is called a shit-show. They “messed up” big time as Biggs semi-quoted a couple players saying. There is no sense whatsoever talking anymore about run/pass imbalance or checkdowns or play calling or anything other than one point – the lack of true leadership.

    Who has ever heard of what happened with Kromer? I can’t even type well with my disgust. Shouldn’t the HEAD coach be part of that meeting, if not the GM and even the president? I assume they knew before Kromer spoke. Or did they?

    Trestman is a remarkably poor excuse for a head coach because he has no guts whatsoever. Make all the excuses you want – but defending kicking on 2nd down; letting Briggs go to open a restaurant; letting Marshall go on Tuesdays. Failing to discipline Bennent for slamming Fuller. Saying he’s disappointed for Houston getting hurt with his sack dance (not “in him” but “for him”).

    Any ONE can be excused I guess. But there is a whole pictire that is ugly.

    And Emery was a fool to hire him. And force Tucker as DC. And a fool to extend Cutler.

    Because they have a freakin’ ACCOUNTANT running the team!

    These are the Monsters of the Midway?? The Junk Yard Dogs?? The founding member of the NFL?? George Halas’ legacy??

    Absolutely disgusting. NOTHING matters except recognizing this is no longer a real football organization. I don’t care anymore about run/pass or screens or run blocking out of 2 point stances.

    Become a real organization and maybe I’ll start caring again.

    And just to make sure I’ve covered everything – I don;’t hold Cutler blameless either. What other QB would be in this situation? What other QB would have a list of failed assistants and head coaches behind him? (I’m not interested in what happened to them after Cutler – it’s NOT a coincidence that he’;s been through so many.

    And the most respected Bear’s writer I know – who NEVER writes in a drama, soap opera fashion – is down on him too. He actually led off his story saying “As Bears fans know, Jay Cutler can make a grown man cry.” I had to look twice to be sure this was Biggs and not Haugh or Rosey. Biggs is disgusted too.

    Fuck these asshole Bears. They are a putrid disgusting bunch of idiots. I have ZERO respect for them.

    • Trac

      The worm at the bottom of the bottle always tastes like tequila. No?

    • GPLDAN

      I give Biggsy tons of shit on the blog because he makes John Candy look like Martin Short.

      But the guy is a rock. He’s the anti-Mariotti. No hyperbole, just the facts, he should be named Jack Webb Biggsy. He doesn’t grandstand or get all Merrill Hoge with shit. You get the sense he would punch Rick Reilley in the face. Hard.

      But he’s disgusted in a fairly animated way lately.

  • BerwynBomber

    DaBearsBlog @dabearsblog “SOURCE: DaBearsBlog hates the 2014 Chicago Bears.”

    Have a sense of humor. This has turned into a farce.

  • TheBigCheesy

    Oh man, I wish the bears would have carried out Jeff’s master plan to fire trestman and hand the keys over to Kromer. That would have been spectacular.

    • GPLDAN

      It would have been like firing Gabe Kaplan as the teacher and giving it to Horseshack.

      (Later today, I will drop a Sandford & Son and What’s Happening Reference for those of you keeping score at home)

      • BillW

        I feel like Fred having his 27th heart attack.

    • BillW

      In your wildest dreams Cheesy even you never expected things to spiral down this bad. And I believe it’s far from over. Enjoy the ride, favorite troll.

      • TheBigCheesy

        I’ve been blessed. I am so grateful.

  • The Ghost of Super Bowl XX

    pipe dreams…

  • BerwynBomber

    The funny thing is what Kromer said, especially when the details emerge, smack of truth. He should have just been more open about it. Then half the city would have wanted him promoted.

    • Old broken romanian Jericho

      that’s right, he should have be open to everyone about his thoughts that he/they have buyers remorse about the quarterback of the team…in the middle of the year. I can always count on at least 3 of you allstars to say something retarded.

      • John Doe

        Thin-skinned cry baby. Just like Jay Cutler. No wonder you are a Jay Cutler fanboy.

        Thank you, Aaron Kromer, for speaking the truth about Jay Cutler.

        Kromer confirmed that Cutler’s lack of leadership at the game’s most important position remains a running joke.

        Kromer confirmed that Cutler remains impossible to coach into a champion.

        Kromer confirmed that Cutler is hopeless nine years into his NFL career.

        Wise up, it can’t always and continually be someone else’s fault when it comes to Cutler.

        Firing the coaching staff, the general manager and the team president but not Cutler will only endorse Cutler as the power in the building. Can you say “disaster,’’ boys and girls?

        No money saved by retaining Cutler is worth the cost of failure he obviously guarantees. Every additional season of Cutler means an additional season further from a Super Bowl title.

        Kromer told the truth. Did George McCaskey hear it amid the calliope music accompanying his McClown College?


        • Old broken romanian Jericho

          Bombers comment was dumb and that’s all there is to it. You stating what you think Kromer thinks is irrelevant and a waste of space on the blog. Thin skinned because I call out a dumb post? bitch please.
          As I said before Cutler talk is irrelevant until we don’t the have worst D in the league and until we find solutions for the UFA guard we have playing, the 5th rounder at tackle and the fucking guy from Canada as the swing man.

          • Old broken romanian Jericho

            it doesn’t mean we should never address it, let’s just talk about the paint color we’ve chosen for the living room until after the firemen have put out the structure fire.

          • CanadaBear

            Johnny no situation is ever going to be perfect. Cutler has had a mountain to climb in his Bears career and he’s just not up to it. No shame in that.

          • Old broken romanian Jericho

            let’s fucking excavate the mountain a bit then so at least SOMEONE can do it.

          • Old broken romanian Jericho

            if you don’t address the reasons for epic and historic defeats then you will be subjected to them whether you have Cutler at the helm or not.
            I’ve been accused of simply defending Cutler when in fact the whole time I’ve simply been pointing out why football teams succeed or fail in general.
            It’s not one guy. It’s never been one guy. It will never be one guy even though it’s easier to blame one guy.

        • BearDown100393

          This is the greatest post ever. Thank you John Doe.

          • Old broken romanian Jericho

            you’re the same guy so why are you congratulating him?

          • BearDown100393

            Nah, not John Doe. But he was great in Se7en.

      • TheBigCheesy

        lol this was pretty good, waffle

    • BearDown100393

      Bud Kilmer was less toxic to his football team than Jay Cutler.

  • BillW

    Marc Trestman commented this morning on the whole blowup:
    “I’m just getting ready for New Orleans.”

    That’s not true, but you believed me, didn’t you?

    • BerwynBomber

      Tunnel vision Coach-speak. In semi-fairness to Trestman, half the coaches in the league would respond in kind.

      • BillW

        Half the coaches suck. The really good ones would have gone Michael Corleone on his ass by now.

        • BearDown100393

          Never take sides against your family!

          • BillW

            You got the reference. Can anyone even begin to imagine this happening on the Patriots?

          • BearDown100393

            I know it was you, Kromer. You broke my heart. You broke my heart!

  • Scharfinator

    Here’s a little mental exercise for you guys. Say PE liked Lovie. What would the Bear’s records have been this year and last? Would we be better off with that country speaking, jumbo staring, 4 quarters to a season coach?

    • BerwynBomber

      Depends whether PE would have kept to his Grand Cutler Scheme. If so, then no. Lovie is not the right man for an offense-first team.

    • BillW

      Who cares what their record would be. They need to build a viable contender. A l
      Lovie vs Trestman debate is a waste of breath.

      • Scharfinator

        Really Bill? A waste of time? We’re both posting on a sport’s teams blog during the middle of the day. Let’s just rethink what you just said. 😛

        • BillW

          You got me good! Time to take my medication. (Too early to drink.)

    • BearDown100393

      Mental gymnastics. About as relevant as winning the Special Olympics.

      • BlameAngelo

        The disabled and those with special needs aren’t relevant? Fuck you.

        • BearDown100393

          Was waiting for that one. Not what I wrote. Who wins is not relevant. Nice try and fuck you in return.

    • CanadaBear

      We’d be better with Lovie but not by a lot.

    • I think that a Lovie-led Bears team would have been 4-12 or worse last year. That D was a dumpster fire after the early injuries no matter who was coaching, and the O would have been worse.
      This year? Dunno. Probably about this. Maybe closer to .500.


    Actually firing up The Score for first time in about 6 years for this @BradBiggs hit. If I’m listening to The Score, things have gone bad.


    • John Doe

      Biggs last night on CSN:

      It’s just the latest head-shaking example of the turmoil going on both on and off the field for this year’s Bears team. It’s a group Biggs described as perhaps the most dysfunctional he’s covered.

      “There have been some teams that have not been very competitive in the 14 years that I’ve covered the team, but they maybe didn’t have these types of issues,” Biggs said. “They really struggled at the end of the Dick Jauron Era, and they had a little bit of a bumpy start, especially offensively, under Lovie Smith. But you never looked at them as being really out of sorts.

      You look at this thing from the big picture and you step back, and they’ve tried so hard to make things work with the quarterback, Jay Cutler, and been through so many different systems. And at the end of the day, I think you have to say maybe he’s the common denominator to some of these issues.

      But with the big contract that he got in January, I don’t know what they’re going to do. I think the next month for this Bears franchise is going to be very interesting.”


  • Bears-4-Ever

    Harbaugh would be the perfect choice for the Bears…that’s exactly why it ain’t gonna happen.
    It would be awesome though and it’s nice to dream “what could have been” when he ends up somewhere else.


    Cutler having a presser at 1pm. Nessman at 2pm.

    The house…. the house…. the house is on fire….

    • Cutler, kromer, and Forte all speaking to press between 1 and 2

  • TheBigCheesy

    Jay Cutler’s press conference: I’m setting the O/U of “It is what it is” responses at 2.5. Please take your wagers to the window.

  • CanadaBear

    If ever there was a time to move Teddy over to the biz model only and bring in a football guy in the big chair … Sweep out the whole lot of them, Cutler included. We’re going to be terrible next year no matter what happens so do a complete re-build. If they get the big chair filled correctly, we’d all be happy in 2-3 years. This chinese water torture of a cluster fuck is maddening.

    • BillW

      I’m on ther dump Cutler bandwagon now too. Sorry Johnny – the guy is simply poison. Makes everyone around act stupid.

      You know why all the coaches he’s “killed” never coached anywhere of note again? Becuase only bad coaches would have anything to do with him.

      Kromer is an ass and should be fired. But it takes a Cutler to make that kind of stuff happen in the first place.

      Anyone still defending Cutler is looking at trees and not the whole forest.

      • BearDown100393

        George Halas would have never had anything to do with Jay Cutler.

      • BillW

        And to be clear – Cutler is not the only problem and not the main one. But he is a big part of the overall problem. I defended the contract at the time and now I see I’m stupid too, But I was never in a meeting with Cutler. I never coached him. If Kromer gets fired – as he should – we may be in for a lot more detail. I sure would n’t let a jerk like Cutler take me down without more.

        And if anyone says “well he’ll never get hired again” – I say BS. There has NEVER been a Jay Cutler in the NFL. And will never be one again. The guy leaves a path of destruction wherever he goes.

  • Frank Schoenburg

    I’d love to have Harbaugh as Da Coach. However, I would not let him pick either the GM or QB. If he likes Emery and Cutler, bring him on. If he doesn’t let him go.

  • Frank Schoenburg

    I’d love to have Harbaugh as Da Coach. However, I would not let him
    pick either the GM or QB. If he likes Emery and Cutler, bring him on.
    If he doesn’t let him go.

    • BerwynBomber

      So you’d prefer Cutty and PE over Harbaugh? Yikes.


    A few weeks ago I predicted that as the shit went south, there would be leaks to the press as people postured themselves to look better and egomania kicked in and the backstabbing started.

    What I didn’t predict is: the leakers would get caught and outed.

    I also thought Nessman himself was the leaker. So I seem to be wrong about that. I thought Kromer was made of sterner stuff.

    Now the Score is speculating that Kromer was the leaker for Bounty gate when he was at the Saints. Once a snitch…

    • John Doe

      But what prompted Kromer to out himself? I am trying to figure that out.

      Also, Do Marc Trestman and Matt Cavanaugh agree with Kromer’s assessment of Cutler and his frustrations with Cutler.

      That is a question to ask Trestman today.

      My guess is they do. Kromer and Trestman and Cavanaugh are in the same room every effing day. They must have discussed Cutler’s faults . What Kromer told Rapoport is not something he had not shared with Trestman and Cavanaugh and I bet they agree with him broadly.

      Snitching was bad but the substance of what Kromer said remains true.

      • GPLDAN

        It’s a fair point. I don’t think Kromer was wrong when he said the whole offensive coaching staff regrets having Jay Cutler as their QB. Probably because he is disrespectful and a punk to them, checks out their calls and tells them to fuck off like he did with Martz.

        He’s a poison. But they can’t get rid of him. Weird.

        • John Doe

          My theory remains that extending Cutler was a Phil Emery and Ted Phillips decision. Trestman and Kromer were never sold on Cutler.

          After all they had seen Cutler play just 11 games in their offense. And several times last year, Trestman refused to call Cutler a franchise QB.

          But Trestman was so desperate to become an NFL Head Coach that he agreed to give Phil Emery much of the decision-making and readily agreed on Cutler when Emery twisted his arms.

          Trestman was the perfect coach for Emery. Desperate and weak personality.

          • wreckinball

            Why the fuck they just didn’t franchise Jay is beyond me

          • John Doe

            Money. It is always about $$.

            Franchise tag means money is guaranteed even if the player gets injured.

            They paid Henry Melton franchise tag money – $9 million- for 2.5 games in 2013.

            And looking at Jay’s last 4-5 years, he never played a full season. So to put a $18 million franchise tag and pay it out even if he got injured in the first game is a risk they did not want to take.

          • BearDown100393

            Yeah but they guaranteed a heck of a lot more with this contract than the tag.

          • John Doe

            They are ok with paying someone if they playing or coaching.

            They just don’t like to pay someone for sitting at home.

            Hence, the reluctance to fire coaches and eating their contracts.

          • Doc Hamstring

            They would’ve paid Melton that same $9 million regardless of the franchise tag.

            Guaranteeing a guy money doesn’t fuck you if the guy gets injured. ANY contract fucks you if the guy gets injured. Give Cutler the same contract and he gets hurt, you’re still gonna have to pay him–because if you cut him due to the injury, you owe him an injury settlement based upon the value of his contract that went unfulfilled.

            Long story short, they didn’t franchise Cutler not because of injury risk, but because they wanted to lock him up long-term and what (in 3-4 years) will be a low rate.

          • johnnywad

            Because Cutler wouldn’t do it.

          • BillW

            A pkayer has no choice. That’s part of the CBA. Now he might be upset and not perform, but then you cut him and he knows he just made himself poison.

          • johnnywad

            You’re kidding right?

          • BillW

            No – the CBA says a team can franchise one player every year. The player’s only choice is to sit out the year.

          • BillW

            “CBA”: is the collective bargaining agreement between the league and the player’s association.

          • BillW

            You franchise a player whether he likes it or not. The player either sits out (no money lost and why would you want a guy like that anyway) or he plays and you decide what to do next year. You can do it again – and even one more time.

            Now if the guy is a putz and decides to check out of plays or not check out of plays or screw up because he’s pissed about being franchised – well, he’s not likely to command a lot of interest the next year from any team. Especially a guy like Cutler who seems to have a lot of people in the league feeling he is not worth the trouble.

            And by now you can bet Phil Emery is on that list.

            This is far from over.

          • johnnywad

            I know. Do you really believe that A.) Cutler would play under the tag? And B.) The Bears would have cut him this year? The answer to both questions is an unequivocal “No.”

          • BillW

            Cutler would play – of course. You think he’d sit out? There are enough people who think he’s a jerk. That list would on;y get bigger.

            Cut him? If he didn’t sign the franchise agreement, he essentially would be cut already. That part I’m not sure of because I don’t think it has ever happened – but I think they hold his rights for a while and then he’s a free agent.

          • johnnywad

            I know he’d hold out. No doubt. Consider the team circumstances at the time the deal was written. You think the Bears had any leverage? Finally got the offense heading the right way with the coach they thought was the answer, and now they’re going to dick around with the contract for the player they believe is the centerpiece? No way.

            Cutler could have easily sat a year and likely signed the same deal elsewhere that he got from the Bears.

          • BillW

            And if he did – then we’d know all we needed to know and we move on. And be better off in the long run.

            Seriously – you think he’s worth this? And I don ‘t mean money. He can take his one playoff win (against a 7-9 team) elsewhere and good luck to whoever got him.

          • johnnywad

            I’m not discussing what he’s worth now. I’m tired of hearing the franchise tag argument. It would have never happened

          • BillW

            Well, of course it wouldn’t have happened because it didn’t happen. In hindsight it SHOULD have happened.

            Given what Phil knows today – and should have known from his coaches last year – it’s easy to see he made the wrong decision.

            It’s not hindsight for me to say that since there was no way fro ME to know what Phil should have known. And likely did. Had I known that Cutler was so frustrating to the coaches as he apparently is (and I doubt that just started this year) I never would have said the extension was a good idea. I thought Cutler and the coaches were workign well together. That lie was exposed today. And again – I don’t think that just started this year.

            It was a decision that implied some level of risk – as was his decision to hire Trestman. Both turned out bad.

            It’s OK to take a risk. It’s OK to fail on some of them )else they wouldn’t really be risks). But that’s two very large ones. Well, three if you count getting rid of Lovie – that was a win. But many others including draft choices etc.

            Phil is not a good GM. He’s certainly not a horrible one like Angelo, but that doesn’t make him good.

          • johnnywad

            I haven’t the foggiest idea what your first paragraph means. The point I’m attempting to make is quite simple.

            Phil Emery can be blamed for plenty of things. The Trestman hire at this point is enough to fire him. It more than offsets bringing in guys like Kyle Long.

          • BillW

            Yes – we are in full agreement here. Peace.

          • BearDown100393

            Oh he’d play because he would have to play. And he couldn’t play any worse either.

      • BerwynBomber

        Maybe he was going to be outed by the media. Maybe one of the local guys (Biggs, Campbell, Durkin, etc) had figured out who Rappaport’s source was.

  • CanadaBear

    If Kromer had done all of this above board, I’d actually have some respect for him. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to call people out when they have it coming. If you’ve talked to them repeatedly in private and nothing changes, you get what you get. I’m just shocked that Kromer is such a bitch. First he leaks the info and then can’t live with himself and confesses. That’s like all those jackasses that are married, cheat on their wives and then tearfully confess. If you’re gonna be slinking around and acting all slippery, just stay the course. Nothing good comes out of the tearful apology (other than a clear conscience).

  • BearDown100393

    “No money saved by retaining Cutler is worth the cost of failure he
    obviously guarantees. Every additional season of Cutler means an
    additional season further from a Super Bowl title.” – Rosenbloom.
    He nails it here.

    • wreckinball

      Absolutely but the reason the Bears will mostly stand pat is $$s

      They are willing to sacrifice a couple of years

      • John Doe

        McCaskeys know money will keep flowing to them.

        People will keep watching games on tv. Fans love to watch football even shitty football.

        People will keep going to watch the game in stadium. people will keep buying jerseys.

        So why lose out sure money in eating contracts of Trestman, Emery and other coaches and releasing Jay Cutler?

        I would not do it if I were McCaskey. Makes not sense at all $-wise.

        • GPLDAN

          I’ve been on this blog saying this for a long time.

          Bears lead the league in ticket resale value on StubHub and NFL Ticket Network. Season ticket demand is strong and getting stronger. Economy is growing, demand only going up.

          No need to lose money, demand is inelastic. Nobody cares about the product, it’s about going and hanging out as a social experience.

          Soldier’s Field is now Wrigley Field. Minus the hot coeds in cutoff baseball shirts.

          • John Doe


            Btw, I will now take the bet that Cubs will win the World Series before the Bears get a sniff at Super Bowl.

          • SC Dave

            Is the franchise simply too old?
            Regressing to a second childhood?

            That would, of course, explain Bears becoming Cubs.

          • BearDown100393

            The shirts cutoff only because the Bears patrons are overweight mustard shirt stained middle age slobs.

          • BillW

            The McCaskey’s understand national embarrassment. This story puts them in a spotlight they don’t want to be in. And with a national game coming up no less. The four letter network is going to love this as their lead in Monday. Not the kind of attention the McCaskey’s want. Even they may be willing to pay to make it go away.

          • BerwynBomber

            Please no. That is what has annoyed me most about the Cubs the last twenty years: all the privileged frat boy/sorority girl fans. Though as a Berwyn grit, I’ll be the first admit that class envy colors my view of such things.


    Now the Score is playing Arians clips from last night.

    Where he told Jeff Fisher to fuck off with his bullshit perennially 8-8 team, and then clips from the Cards locker room where you hear a team that was FIRED THE FUCK UP. And won the game.

    I think the Score wants to take a big handful of Morton salt and jam it into the gushing wound.

    • BillW

      Yeah – this stuff brings out the a-hole in a lot of people. It’s definitely doing it to me as you can tell by my posts.

      Sad thing is, the Bears deserve it.

  • BillW

    Cutler is like the hot girl everyone knows can be trouble but there is always some guy that thinks he’s the one that can make it work with her. And she leaves a trail of sorry guys behind her.

    • BearDown100393

      More like a skank who only looks halfway decent through thick beer goggles. Regrets occur the morning after when sobering up.

  • BillW

    “You look at this thing from the big picture and you step back, and they’ve tried so hard to make things work with the quarterback, Jay Cutler, and been through so many different systems. And at the end of the day, I think you have to say maybe he’s the common denominator to some of these issues.”

    I realized what happened to me today. I took the red pill and stepped out of the Matrix.

    • BerwynBomber

      Made the same point to JW last night. After a certain point there is one constant component of all the excuses.

      And btw, I don’t think Jay is horrible. I just think he is average but some of his skill set forever leads some to think he is more than average. He’s not.

    • Cormonster

      I’m not a Cutler fan, but I don’t buy this reasoning. Cutler hasn’t exactly been dealt a good hand while with the Bears. Four offensive systems, all very different, in six years with the Bears. Five systems in 7 years if you count his last year in Denver.

      First up is Ron Turner, who sucked moose wang. His only professional OC position was with the Bears, twice. In between he completely destroyed the Illinois football program. Now he’s the HC of the prestigious football program at Florida International. Cutler was coming off a Pro Bowl year under Shanny, then had to learn this shitty offense.

      Next up is Martz and his greatest show on turf. Cutler played pretty good under this system even with Johnny Knox as his top WR. I think this is where he got ruined. Martz was a sadist the way he allowed Cutler to take a beating over and over again without changing his offense. The only reason his offense worked so well with the Rams was because he had Faulk, Bruce, Holt, Warner, and a good to great OL. He sucked as OC of the Lions and 49er’s. Bears were his last chance.

      Then came Mike Tice and his “duh” offense. Duh is right. He was absolutely clueless, showing why he had never been an OC before this one year stint.

      And now we have Trestman and his version of the WCO. It worked good last year, but I have no clue what the hell they are trying to do this year. They don’t even pretend to try and run the ball early in games. Almost every play is out of the shotgun now, even on 1st down. Every team knows to defend 4 skill players, and throw your worst defender on whoever else is in the game. The whole team is undisciplined this year as evidenced by all the stupid penalties and mental errors. That’s not Cutler’s fault, that is piss poor coaching on both sides of the ball. Do the Bears even put guys in motion anymore? I watch college teams run much more complex offenses without half the mistakes the Bears make.

      I’m not a Cutler apologist, but he is not the reason these guys don’t have jobs anymore. They don’t have jobs because they suck.

      • It’s not mutually exclusive. It’s not an either/or proposition.
        Cutler’s had some sucky OCs, but Cutler also has progressed very little.
        Just look at his stats from his best year in Denver and this year’s.

        Here’s the million dollar question: even if we would bring the best OC ever (and Trestman sure made McCown and Gannon look good), would you still trust Cutler in the playoffs or any big games?

        I wouldn’t.

      • BearDown100393

        I have to admit that Jay Cutler had the most unfortunate 9 year career in NFL history. Poor guy.

      • BerwynBomber

        You’re a Cutler apologist.

  • BearDown100393

    Hub Arkush:
    “It has come to this. If Marc Trestman and Aaron Kromer are still in
    their jobs with the Bears by the end of the day Friday all hope is lost
    for the George McCaskey-Phil Emery regime.”

    • No true Bears fan expects any change. Maybe the younger ones still hold out hope, but the ones who have been seasoned by decades of bitter disappointment know better.

      • BillW

        Correct. Hub’s key point, and a good summary of how I felt this morning instantly when I read the story:

        all hope is lost for the George McCaskey-Phil Emery regime.

        And notice yet again how Teddy is skipped over as if he’s not even there?

        • BearDown100393

          Ted promised Jay to chauffeur Kris and the kids over to the pediatrician and not get flu shots.

  • Anyone listen to Kromer presser? Wholly crap.
    I was less awkward giving a speech in 8th grade than that.
    Press kept hammering away about trust, relationship, etc. Kromer refrain, “Just fooball questions from now on…just football questions from now on…”
    And naturally, the “growth” theme emerged too.

    Cutty did a decent job of deflecting it, but if there were ever a human made for “who gives a shit” speeches, it’s Cutty. He’s like The Dude. The Dude abides…

  • BillW

    Agree with you Jeff on Cutty’s maturing. I think it has more to do with marriage and family than football but that’s beside the point.

    And yet what a huge disconnect with what is happening here. Kromer didn’t make this up and it’s not the frustration of one particular game. Add to that the curious Emery comment about Cutler’s bad habits fro m NINE years ago as well as whatever he said that got interpreted as regret over the contract…

    Something huge has been going on. Maybe the staff is in fact being let go? (Please?)

  • BillW
  • People can be disappointed in Jay Cutler’s turnovers. But they should
    not be disappointed in the way he’s matured since coming to Chicago. – Jeff
    I’ll take an immature Roethlisberger and two SBs for $500, Alex.
    I’ll let Trestman, Kristen, Bmarsh and gang worry about “growing the man.”

    • BearDown100393

      A sullen stone does not grow.

  • BearDown100393

    How bad are the Bears right now as a business disregarding the football record? Jay Cutler is the last one standing wearing the big boy pants.

    • John Doe

      Yeah, Cutler the spoiled frat boy showed some maturity and saved his employer from further embarrassment after they gave him 7, $126 million contract with $54 million guaranteed.

      We are so lucky to have this mature Cutler.

      • BearDown100393

        Referring to this day’s activities. The Bears are a circus.


    Wrote a month ago about Phil Emery’s political game. Can he convince ownership he hired wrong guy & deserves chance to bring in 2nd coach?

  • BillW

    And to end my thoughts for this afternoon- I now agree fully with Jeff on Harbaugh. Tool or not, he’d be OUR tool; like Ditka. And yes, we as fans will regret it when at the end of the season press conferences we hear that Mel Tucker has been let go and that’s it. And the Jets announce him as their new head coach.


    Darren Sharper arraigned in California jail accused of 3 rapes in 3 states. Bail is 2M.

    Looking at a life sentence.

    • BillW

      Using the Cosby show as his defense. The subliminal messages


    Kromer was a boob today. A joke up there.

    Embarassed the whole org.


    Hub a dub dub pointing out that by NOT firing Kromer and/or Trestman today, it’s actually an indication that the ship has sailed for Emery.

    Hub now thinks George is going to clean house. Hub didn’t say the music to my ears: Ted.

    But he thinks Emery is now sunk.

    • To me, there’s no point in firing Emery without moving Ted out of football operations.
      It’s like a chick who keeps getting beat. She’ll just find another loser.
      If they’re gonna clean house, it’s gotta start with Teddy.

    • GPLDAN

      Sorry I stepped over BearDown’s point. He made same point earlier WRT Hub.

      • BearDown100393

        No worries. I simply cannot wait for the Bears next press conference.

    • johnnywad

      I’m struggling to connect those dots. I don’t think firing or not firing someone today means anything in three weeks. They could still easily fire some, all or none of them. Couldn’t they?

      • BearDown100393

        Yes of course. But the lions are hungry and want fresh meat to eat right now.

  • Jack Lacan

    Thanks to all here for not using the phrase – “buyers remorse”…

  • Cormonster

    Forte should go to the Pro Bowl this year, unless they pick Lynch over him. He’s on pace for another stellar season, about the same as last year, with over 1,900 yards from scrimmage. He’s also on pace to break Larry Centers’ 101 receptions record for a RB. Not sure if that is a good thing or bad (for the team).

    • I looked up Centers that year. The Cards went 4-12 that year. Coincidence? I think not. (he was also technically a FB. Wow).

      It’s not a good thing for the Bears really. Those passes should have been tons of 1st downs to Bmarsh, Alshon and Bennett. But instead, we all know the story. 3rd and 7, dump off to Forte in the flat for 3 yards.

      • Cormonster

        I agree it’s not a good thing. Like Woody, I get really frustrated with the Bears running game. First, they don’t even really try to run. Not sure if it’s true, but I heard or read the Bears are running the ball less than when Martz was OC. Didn’t think that was possible. Second, the run calls are idiotic most of the time, mainly out of the shotgun, and slow developing plays. Not Forte’s style at all. He needs to get a head of steam going downhill on most of his runs. Stupid stupid play calling.

  • tonytech85

    It’s probably going to take a draft pick to get jim harbaugh out to chicago. The mccaskeys would have to pay off trestman for two more years, and hire their first fiery coach since ditka. That’s the kind of guy they need to win, the last four coaches haven’t represented the city or the fan base. It’s time to get serious about winning by hiring a proven winner. Sure it’ll be a pricey move, but a coach like this doesn’t become available often, especially one with such strong ties to the city. Jimmy belongs in chicago. It’s probably going to take a weak finish and maybe another 50+ point blowout, but I don’t think they could conceivably stay with trestman after a 5-11 last place finish. Not after the way they’ve lost against the elite teams of the league. If trestman goes, they’ll have to pony up the pick and the cash to hire a coach who can actually turn this franchise around. He can bring a championship to chicago, hopefully the bears lose out and lose out badly. That’s probably the only way to bring coach harbaugh and his hefty price tag to town.

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