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| November 12th, 2014

I’ve received more requests for radio spots and podcasts in the last 48 hours than in any 48 hour period since I started writing this site in 2005. Many of those requests came from websites and radio stations with no direct ties to Chicago. You wanted a transcendent franchise, Chicago? You got one.

As always my buddy Trent Condon in Des Moines asked the most direct questions and pulled the most succinct answers. This is how I feel about the state of the Chicago Bears today.

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  • Donnnnn’t Caaaaarrrrrre!

    65% of a Tribune poll in favor of benching Jay Cutler in favor of Jimmy Clausen. Fucking Retards.

    • Ososfan

      That’s dumb. Jay needs to see a therapist or something. I can’t believe he’s been playing soo bad. And they always start of sooooooo god Damn slow. I don’t understand! Jay proven he can win games in tough times, so there really has to be something going on with these guys.

    • Trac

      That must be the same outfit that did the exit polls on election day last week. He he.

    • SC Dave

      No more retarded than faith in Cutler. Do you *really* think that the offense could be worse than the last three weeks?

      • Scott W.

        Is that the real question? Whether we would do worse? I don’t think it is.

      • Donnnnn’t Caaaaarrrrrre!

        there are just so many other ridiculously huge issues with this team that to continue to focus on the quarterback is misguided at this time.

  • That’s who Jeff sounds like! He sounds like Adam Schefter!
    Is it a NY/NJ thing, with all the pauses?

    Also, I def think the season ended with a whimper, as in the entire team curling up into a fetal position and crying while the Packers laughed at them.

    • BerwynBomber

      Can’t join you in calling an end to the season. Play it out to the end. All Sunday night proved to me was a) our O sucks, b) our D sucks, and c) Rodgers is great. And I knew all those three things before the game started.

      I truly want to see what this team does the final seven games. Hell, I wanna see how they match up against Minny. Forget GB. Hell, momentarily forget the Kittens. Let’s just see how the team matches up against the Vikes, who suspect are on the rise given their youth and new qb and coach.

      • I also witnessed you retract your statement for fear of jericho.
        I mean, so what if we beat the Vikes? I mean, really, the Vikiings?
        I saw TJ hookers bend over lower than them.
        It’ll just move us farther from making a real move in the draft.

        • BerwynBomber

          Who’s Jericho? I retracted my statement because I got tired of hearing myself gripe about Cutler. It does little good on here.
          I don’t even know if it is about beating the Vikes, although of course that is why they are playing. My own take is you begin to see who should be around for next year and yes you possibly build on something for next year.

          • GPLDAN

            Who is Jericho? Who is Jericho?

            Just pray the Luftwaffle does not unleash it on you.

          • Donnnnn’t Caaaaarrrrrre!

            lol, I sincerely try not to respond negatively. I have a negative pressure gauge and it slowly builds over a period of days and sometimes when there is an especially outlandish post the gauge blows and Jerichos fly.

          • CanadaBear

            It’s like armegeddon from the Iron Man movies (I think that’s correct. I’ve never seen any of the movies).

  • huntinbare

    It is my humble belief that the offense and Trestman will be O.K. once the defense gets fixed. I have a sense that the Defense has been so depressing that they have become the “poison” that Jeff spoke about earlier on another thread.
    Consider this…Maybe this offense is only going to be able to fight if they deem that they are in the game. They sure look confident when they have play makers making plays; and getting the rewards of scoring when in the red zone. Last year is an example of great offensive effort; maybe the nature of the score affects their heart. They seem to spit the bit when they get down. As Jeff so correctly pointed out; only Marshal and Long go down with guns blazing. The rest of the “O” turned in their weapons like the Iraqi army during Desert Storm. Then the Pack just sensed the “QUIT” and tore them up. Marshal is not that far off; in my opinion when he says they need “HEAD HELP”. Going down early, by a lot, and often has had a damaging effect on this teams psyche.
    Remember we set the standard for defense for a long long time in this franchise. We went from horrible last year to god awful this year. I would be handing pink slips this week dated GAME 16 to every defensive player who does not show effort; and to the DC and staff as well. This franchise was built on the mantra…Defense wins championships. We do not have a clue on how to win games that would be shootouts. We have no frame of reference for that; and I believe it is an acquired skill. We have not attained that level of confidence; although on paper the offensive roster says that should be a snap. We are a team that is trying to change it’s philosophy; and we all know how hard it is to get human’s to buy into a different belief system.
    I do not expect weekly success until we create a D that can keep us close. My suggestion for Phil E. ..Get some LB’s and Safeties that hit so hard the offensive players begin to fear facing them. I think defense has to hurt to be effective; right now we hit like cream puffs. Did you see the joy the Packers O had on their faces whenever our guys were getting laid out. It has a positive effect on the head of the O. If the D learns to hold the score down in the 1st and 3rd qtrs especially I believe the offensive issues start to resolve themselves.

    • huntinbare

      By the way Jeff; you give a great interview; the fans should be proud to have you as part of the Chicago media; you spoke with passion and wisdom. Thanks for putting it down on tape; maybe the brass will pay attention.

    • so let me get this straight. we win the coin toss, elect to receive, and go 3-and-out because chicken dinner ain’t worth a damn?

      • SC Dave

        So this. CD is nowhere near the problem that our QB is.

        • jay’s fine. it’s holmes that was the problem. but they’ve taken care of that one.

          • SC Dave

            lol… so Johnny

          • BillW

            Don’t forget Teddy bear Williams.

          • that would be like forgetting poland.

          • Donnnnn’t Caaaaarrrrrre!

            Holmes was cut to make room for Wilson but I get the humor though.

      • There you go again, using your hipster logic whilst twirling ur stache!

      • BillW

        Actually we did get a first down on that initial drive.

        But as Chris Farley used to say: Whoop de frickin’ do!

      • Donnnnn’t Caaaaarrrrrre!

        they didn’t go 3 and out by the way. They started at the 5 yd line on the road because our kick returner brought it out to the 10 and there was a penalty. They got out to the 28 I believe. Not good enough but not revised history either.

        • you’re right. it was a 6 play, 28-yard drive.

          • Beware the Jericho

            it’s not good enough but after all of the issues in the return game, after the bye, the first return is 10yds and a penalty to start the game at Lambeau on the 5. That is very telling and only the Packers would go 95 for a score on that….which they did later in the game by starting on the 5 and scoring on a 75yd TD on 3rd and 11. Jay is not the issue that needs to be addressed right now.

      • huntinbare

        I don’t think it is a conscious thought about any one player being bad on the D….I am considering the thought process that they might be trying to do more to compensate for what they percieve is a weakness. I remember reading about Cutler at the end of games being good. If we could keep it close until the 4th he was as good as any at producing , or so they said. I have seen more disastrous starts from our O than I care to remember. We do not have fast starts…why..I think it is more psychological than anything else. The score of the game has too often taken over the playcalling of this O. I think the D has also caused the playcalling to be co-opted….it seems to be wearing on the heart of the team.

    • SC Dave

      The offense has totally, completely shit the bed in the first half for several weeks.

      All you bitch about the defense versus NE and GB, and rightfully so.


      Fucking seven.

      I really don’t want to put out, again, how pathetically shit the offense has been against Green Bay for the last seven years. And in the modern NFL, that starts with the QB.

      • NewBearInTown

        I’m on SC’s side here. The defense did their job the first few games of the season. They held opposing teams other than the Packers to under 30 points per game. The high powered offense needed to average 7 points per quarter and we win all of those games till we play Tom Brady.
        This team isn’t built to be carried by a stifling D. We all said the same thing, we make the playoffs if the offense clicks. We live and die by the offense. Well that’s what happened and we’re dying and its the offense’s fault.

        • BillW

          For some reason I’m suddenly channeling Chris Farley :
          Remember the the f first drive of.of the year against the BiBills when they went dddown the field and scscored?

          That was awesome!

        • huntinbare

          That pressure of being the solution has made the O wither this year.They came into this season with a bigger burden than they have ever had in this city; and I think that mastering that mindset takes supreme confidence. We lack that …lost it along the way and now when the D gets blown up the O cannot respond because it has no faith…one side of the ball is not helping the other perform cohesively…we are broke and i believe a big dose of confidence will help the cure. That is all mental.

  • it could be worse, guys. we could be the steelers trying to convince the world that justin bieber isn’t the reason we lost to the jets.


    curse of the biebs. http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/11858755/ben-roethlisberger-said-justin-bieber-visit-had-do-pittsburgh-steelers-loss-new-york-jets

  • Regarding the PFT nugget of hiring Shanahan.


    No way! and by that I mean, no way should we hire an HC with the understanding that Cutler must stay. NO. FUCKING. WAY.

    Didn’t we learn from Emery being saddled with Lovie, or from Arians skipping the Bears because he didn’t want conditions?

    We need a real HC who would inherit complete control over personell and roster.

    Now, if said HC wants to keep Cutler, so be it. But if we reject Harbs because he wants a different QB and accept Shanahan because he would work with Cutler, I would turn in my card. I would become a surfer with MB down in SD.

    • SC Dave

      The Coach Killer will (or perhaps already has) destroyed Trestman. Let them go down together, so that poor Marc can be the last one ruined in that way.

  • BillW

    This is to Jeff:
    You are mistaken when you say the mccaskeys would not be affected by a boycott. Financially – no, of course not. . But thousands of empty seats would certainly be embarrassing. You keep missing that point.

    That said, I do agree it’s foolish to stay home and deprive yourself of the thrill of seeing an NFL game live. That is if you can enjoy the game without caring about the outcome.

    I’ve gone to many games over the past 50 years or so. . Whenever there was no reasonable chance of playoff contention I enjoyed the game for its own sake.

    But this is so very different. Probably unique in that a team that seemed poised to at least compete not only has been losing but seems to have quit sometime in the first halves of the last 2 games.

    There is no enjoyment spending the better part of one of my two days off going to the game only to possibly witness more of the same.

    In my view a sea of empty seats would tell the mccaskeys we are disgusted and they should be embarrassed

    But of course that won’t happen. Maybe the paper bag thing will work.

    Or masks of the Jeffersons – George, Louise, Lionel, and Thomas.

  • Scott W.

    That was a pinpoint interview Jeff.
    Most interesting perspective: Can Emery, who can’t bear to part ways with McClellin and Conte, actually be able to fire his head coach? Depressing, but a bullseye. Yer right, the McCaskeys would have to force it.
    Fuller vs. Nelson. Yep, shoulda happened.
    Shanahan or Harbaugh….I honestly don’t know what I want there. Right now, I’d take 1/2 of either of them.

    • BillW

      Here’s where I get scared. We were happy with Wanny given the Giants wanted him too. Then we were happy with jauron over Wanny. Then lovie over jauron. Then trestman over lovie. And we’ll be happy with whoever over trestman until we’re unhappy yet again.

      Until they get a real football guy up top this will always be the pattern I’m afeaid.

      • GPLDAN
      • Trac

        Lovie got us to the Super Bowl and Rex Grossman blew it. Orton would have made enough fewer mistakes and I believe we would have won the game had Lovie had the courage to bench Grossman after he started so shaky. Bottom line was that we had the coaching and players to win that game, we just didn’t get it done.

        Lovie was the right coach for Chicago at the time he was hired and eventually his time ended. Bad comparison Bill.

        • BillW

          Dead thread but responding anyway. Not comparing any coach to any other. Just saying that as fans (in general) we keep wanting another coach and are happy and optimistic when it happens and then a few years (or less) later…etc

  • Scott W.

    And I’ll add, too, that the misuse of Cutler may be more of as n issue than I once thought.

    • BillW

      I recall trestman saying during the bye that they’d put cutler on the move more. Didn’t happen either.

      • MikeBrownhadaPosse

        Once upon a time, he wanted to incorporate the read option into the offense. That never, ever happened.

  • This should make Jeff feel better.

    Ravens SS Matt Elam has been benched.

    With Will Hill commanding more snaps with his play, it’s
    Elam, and not Darian Stewart, who’s seen a reduction in playing time.
    Elam played a career-low 15 snaps in Week 10, with all 15 coming as a
    “penny nickel.” It’s a role that treats Elam as a run stopper in the
    Ravens’ nickel package. It’s been a deserved benching for the 2013
    first-rounder, who has been amongst the league’s worst safeties. Hill
    has always played at a high level, but seen his career derailed by
    suspensions. – Rotoworld

    • GPLDAN

      Does Twitter have a long range tracking function?

      I would like to search Jeff’s tweets and post the one where he said the Bears don’t need Hill.

  • BerwynBomber

    So we wanna hire Shanahan because he likes Cutler? LMAO. I’m sorry but this has reached the point of absurdity. We fired and hired three OC’s for Cutler. We traded for his best friend WR. We drafted a stud/bookend WR for Jay. We re-built an entire O-line for him. We signed arguably one of the ten best TEs in the game for him. We made him the highest paid player in the league this year. I presume we made him the highest paid player in Bears history. And the entire time he has been here he has been able to hand off and throw to either the second or third best offensive player in Bears history.

    So now we want to hire a new HC who likes Jay? Yeesh …

  • NewBearInTown

    I don’t want Shanahan. I liked the Trestman pick, and I’m okay with going that direction again. We don’t need a drill sergeant, we don’t need a retread. We need a smart offensive minded guy that can rally the locker room and manage a solid group of coordinators.
    Taking the opposite of Trestman means we hire Rex Ryan in 2014. Going D with a guy that hasn’t been a head coach yet makes me think about the other Ryan or else Ray Horton. Going with the next Trestman type means we take the top offensive guy in college football, hoping for the next Chip Kelly. But I don’t honestly know who that is.
    Looking around the league, there isn’t anyone that’s got me super excited. But there are options. Best option of all though? Trestman gets the guys playing and we finish the season strong. I like thinking about that a lot more than I like reading about which coordinators are in line to interview next spring.

    • Trac

      I think that the Vikings and Zimmer are going to pose problems for us over the next two plus years that 6 months ago wasn’t even on most bears fans radar.

      • BerwynBomber

        Another reason why I am interested in this game: we get so wrapped up with beating the Cheese every year but after what we have seen from this Bears team we may want to concern ourselves with beating Minny next year. Baby steps as the case might be.

    • Scott W.

      Does it have to be Trestman’s polar opposite? Isn’t there a happy medium out there?
      Look, I know none of us know what is really going on. All we know is what we see; disaster.
      I personally haven’t been shy about putting this on Emery and Trestman both. The coordinators? They serve the GM and Head Coach.
      I do think Jeff nailed it though. Emery can’t replace McClellin, let alone his coaching hire.

  • EnderWiggin

    Hey Blogfather, a few years back you would do a weekly piece called “The Voice of Reason/The Voice of Treason” or something like that. This would be a perfect time for one of those articles.

  • wreckinball

    We can combine the bag and Jefferson themes. George and Louise bags would be stylish .

    • GPLDAN

  • Trac

    Gotta agree with Jeff’s comments about Cutty being neutered. It is a huge question I have about Trestman. I get the feeling Trestman is trying to confine Cutler by calling plays designed for Josh McCowns skill set.

    • lol When the bus driver on the short bus tries to “confine” his students, no one complains.

    • BerwynBomber

      The neutering is called for if we are talking about limiting Jay’s audibles.


    John Paxson’s kid dropped out of Olive Nazerrene university to join the Marines. He’s deployed now in Afghanistan.

    I wonder how Paxson felt when, on Veteran’s Day, Derrick Rose is talking that talk about how he cares more how his ankles feel after he retires than worrying about how many games he should play in this year.

    • BerwynBomber

      The humble, hard-working kid from Englewood narrative has long-since flown the coop. He might be the most self-absorbed Chicago sports star ever, which is really saying something when you consider someone like Sammy Sosa graced our stage.

      • Big Mike

        A bit Hesterish.. Immature, not that bright.


    We all thought when he was brought here, that if the Bears turned ugly, then Marshall would spin off the rails. For all of Jeff’s inspiration stories about fighting his issues with lime gear sportswear, the real fans here knew this guy was a time bomb.

    Tick tock.

  • wreckinball

    Listening to Jeffs interview he makes a lot of good points.

    One issue is that the offense just needs a new scheme to work.Maybe we just have too many nut jobs .

    Cutler/Marshal has some similarity to McNab/Owens. The Eagles pair is better than our pair which is one reason they did much better but still no SB win

    However in the end dumpster fire.

  • huntinbare

    If I were Trestman I would sit the team down and tell them that for the rest of the season I do not care about getting victories. I would approach each game as a preparation/practice for getting the skills developed to become flawless when it comes to execution. Forget about the score; just get your execution of the system cleaned up on each and every play..That type of emphasis may take the pressure off and eliminate the mistakes and penalties. This season is a bust; the most important thing that has to come from the remainder of this year is to learn to play together, get some continuity, and comraderie. In this process the weak link’s will be exposed and they should be eliminated. Back to the drawing board at the beginning of pre season and try to reset a positive framework to build off of for next year.

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