Dallas Cowboys at Chicago Bears Game Preview

| December 2nd, 2014

This is normally the part of the Game Preview where I state the reasons why not to like the Chicago Bears in the coming week. Then I ask…

Why do I like the Chicago Bears this week? (And then I answer…)

I always like the Chicago Bears.


It is supposed to be in the low 30s Thursday in Chicago, getting colder as the night progresses. (I believe this is how it works almost every day.) The way I see it, this is the Bears only advantage over the Dallas Cowboys.


But its also weather-related. Tony Romo has a bad backs. Bad backs don’t do well in frigid temperatures. Hit him a few times and it could be Weeden Time on The Drive. Want some more information on backs in the cold? Here’s what is actually happening:

Dr. John Parenti, with the Geisinger Medical Center in Pennsylvania, believes that the cause is related to barometric pressure on your joints. There are many receptors in your bodies nerve endings. These detect things like texture, temperature, and of course pressure. However, these nerve endings may also pick up on changes in barometric pressure in the air and respond, in some people, with a pain reaction.

Other studies, done by Japanese researchers on rats have led others to conclude that the part of the body that senses barometric change is actually in the inner ear area, which may disprove the idea that joint pain from cold weather is a result of barometric pressure.

Other ideas suggest that the pain may be the result of trapped nerves. Following an injury, surgery, or any other significant physical event in life, it is not uncommon for certain nerves in the body to be out of place and more susceptible to pain and pressure changes.



  • Always been a firm believer in the “needs the game” theory. After Thanksgiving, lean towards the team that needs the game (if that team is any good) over the team playing out the string (which usually involves fake motivation). Dallas goes to Philly, hosts Andrew Luck and goes to Washington (who give them ridiculous effort every time they play) to finish the season. If the Cowboys don’t win Thursday night in Chicago, their season is over. (Same went for Miami Monday night. Ultimately the crappy team made enough mistakes and better team made enough plays.)
  • Even though Philadelphia molested them thoroughly, the Cowboys offensive line is one of the better units in the sport. The Bears may beat them a few times but they certainly won’t beat them enough to prevent Romo or Weeden or whomever from throwing a few passes to wide open receivers down the field.
  • Dallas has made their bones this season running the football. The Bears have been very improved against the run this season – climbing from 32nd in the league to 12th. But run defense is all about what the players call “want to”. It’s about desire, about running to the football, about passion. Is it possible the Bears have any of those things remaining in the locker room?
  • Cowboys scored 28 points against the Bears last season, 7 in garbage time. If they were to only score 21 Thursday night there’s a good chance that’ll be enough to win. Dallas has a bad defense but quality of defense doesn’t seem to matter when it comes to the Trestman-Cutler offense. They scored 45 to win a year ago. That’s a pipe dream this week.
  • This week’s mutiny from Kromer, Cutler and Forte means we are not far from a major meltdown event on the field. It could come this Thursday night.
  • Dallas is better.

Keep An Eye on the 2015 Schedule

For those of you who don’t know, only two games on the Bears 2015 schedule are not set in stone – the games flexed based upon 2014 finish. If the season ended today, these would be the games in the NFC North:

Bears: at Panthers, home Giants

Packers: at Falcons, home Eagles

Lions: at Saints, home Cowboys

Vikings: at Bucs, home Redskins

Not sure there’s a significant difference between finishing third and fourth, to be honest. But if you’re hopeful for another chance to beat Lovie Smith, it will more than likely take a last place finish.

A Tweet I Sent

Bears beat Cowboys at home last Dec, in primetime, by 3 TDs. Thursday night Vegas has them as 3.5 point underdogs. Hasn’t been a great year.


Chicago Bears 30 1/2, Dallas Cowboys 30


This Bears Season 123, My Care Threshold 3

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  • Peanut FTW

    A nice clean sheet.

  • I’m going with Packers 38, Bears 20. Commence 2nd of 4 straight blowout Ls. Expect lots of boos from the faithful.

    • Peanut FTW

      I think you’re a few weeks late with that prediction… cheating.

  • Peanut FTW

    This game could go either way. The QBs are basically the same guy, The defenses both have had good games and awful games. Dez Bryant had a melt down last week before Dallas was totally out of it, so… both teams can give up on a game. I think it will be a slaughter one way or the other, whichever teams cracks first will get plowed under.

    • I think Jeff makes a great point about which team needs it more.

    • also, Bears have yet to even slow a QB of Romo’s caliber this year, outside of Matt Ryan, who has the worst OL in the NFL and had 7 drops from his WRs.

      Romo has one of the best OLs in the NFL. I expect a massive day from him, just like Rodgers (2x), Brady, Stafford…

      • Peanut FTW

        Ryan is a a better QB than Romo, and actually Dallas’s line has allowed 1 more sack than Atlanta’s. So, as far as protection goes they are fairly equal. The lesbian had a big day because of Megatron but Dallas does have Bryant. It could be another tough one but if Dez gets frustrated, it could pile on the other direction too.


    I always wondered why old people moved to Arizona and Florida. Now I know. The heat expands their spinal columns.


    • Peanut FTW

      So if you eject from a fighter jet and your spine shrinks, will moving south let it stretch back out? Man, this site has it all.

    • Cormonster

      Gp, instead of the usual Bears swag, my parents are getting me this for Christmas. I remember a while back you seemed to really dig this show.


      Here’s a sample from the DVD of the show. The background singers actually toured with Floyd in the past.

  • Peanut FTW

    So normally, I’d say 33 – 17 Dallas.. but I am going to bet on a spectacular crap fest.
    I think both teams look like crap in the cold on the ugly backyard of a field we play on and we get to see a preseason-esque penalty fest with turnovers and head scratching decisions galore. Chicago wins a putrid game 13-10 and both teams are flexed out of prime time the rest of the season.

    • For some reason, the Bears show up vs the Cowboys. It’s inexplicable, but I think we really have a chance at beating these dudes.
      It’s sorta like the Jets showing up against the Patriots, or the Raiders vs the Chiefs. Football is a lot like boxing – often times it’s not about records, but match-ups and the emotional x-factor.

  • The Bears have been very improved against the run this season – climbing
    from 32nd in the league to 12th. But run defense is all about what the
    players call “want to”…

    This is why I don’t exactly consider Houston a “bust.” IMO, all along, Houston was brought in to shore up the run D. He was never known as a sack master. That would have been a bonus. Allen and Young were signed for that.

    Did we over pay a bit for Houston? Probably. But that run D has VASTLY improved. We no longer have to worry about a street bum rushing for 200 against it, and it’s definitely not because of the LBs.

    I think Mundy, and even Conte (when not inj) have improved the run D too.

    Demontre Hurst looks to be improving at nickle, and shows a knack for blitzing.

    Vereen is just a guy as me and MB have been saying since the draft, and I HOPE the Bears don’t delude themselves into thinking he’s anything more.

    We still need another bad ass pass rusher in the draft IMO (or SUH).

    It’s far too early for 2015 maneuvers, but I would throw $ at Suh, trade down and get a top 1-2 MLB and S with the first two picks.

    • Also, “wanting to” tackle Murray separates the boys-from-the-men. That dude lowers his pad and the boom.
      Is Sharpton finally healthy? Shit. Hope so.

      • Peanut FTW

        JPP should hit the street, he would be alright. Suh will command a huge salary and while I think he is worth it, that position is too subject to injury imo and once injured those interior explosive 4-3 guys are never the same.

        • JPP looks done to me. And I don’t think we should sign more “mid-range” FAs.
          I agree with others that we need to build through the draft.
          Not only to get younger, but to build an identity.
          When mid-range FAs keep getting signed, it’s difficult for team chemistry and id to be established. We need some home-grown leaders.

          That being said, Suh would DEFINITELY improve the pass rush which is paramount against the Bradys and Rodgers of the world. Nothing more disruptive than a dominant 3-tech.

          • Peanut FTW

            JPP is 25, I think he is gonna take off. Again I think Suh is crazy good, I just wouldn’t tie that much cap space up in an interior lineman that’s one play from post 06 Tommie Harris.

          • I think Suh and Harris have different games though.
            Harris almost exclusively relied on his first step, which was faster than some CBs. His 10 yard split was stuff of legends.
            Suh I think is more all around. He also seems sturdier to me, but I get the fear.
            But the same can be said of JPP if he gets injured. And I think he’s already battling with injuries if I remember correctly, back problems.

          • FixDaLine

            Suh was man-handled by Kyle Long one on one, so he can’t be all that. You don’t invest those kind of dollars in a tackle. Last time we looked, the offense has all the cash on its side. So unless you’re trading Cutty and paying Fitzy, Suh is not an option.

          • Scharfinator

            I agree about the chemistry. Look at Oakland (though it’s not JUST their players that is their problem) – it’s all somewhat overpaid vets, trying to get paid instead of win. If you get to many FA, you go the same way.

      • Peanut FTW

        Did you see the videos of him blowing up the FB in the Atlanta game? That was great stuff.

    • I would be just fine with a pass-rusher in round 1 if a great one falls to them. This draft is supposedly loaded with top-shelf edge rushers, and you can never have too many of those guys.

      I don’t want them spending huge $$ in FA this offseason. That’s fool’s gold more often than not. Build through the draft. They should have a high pick for the first time in a long time. Use it to land a stud to build your defense around.

      • But Suh is the exception. He’s that rare confluence of events where he becomes an FA cuz the team can’t franchise him (I think it was in Suh’s contract that he couldn’t be franchised).

        For me, he’s a no brainer (like Peppers or Mario Williams in the past).

        But other than him, I wouldn’t really break the bank for anyone, and more or less just rely on the draft.

        Maybe a safety/mlb if we don’t draft one high.

        • he could be franchised, but franchise rules are that it’s 25% increase over your current cap hit OR the average of the top 5 guys at your position, whichever is greater.

          Suh’s current cap hit is about $20M, so franchising him would be about $25M for one year, fully guaranteed. Not happening.

          Same reason the Texans had to let Mario Williams go a few years ago. The old rookie contracts for those top few picks are pretty much impossible to franchise, so you lose all leverage.

        • I’m fine with a couple lower-tier FA on short-term deals to provide some veteran presence and compete with rookies for PT. I don’t want them overpaying for the “top” FAs who are not actually top-tier players but will get paid like them.

          Like you said, Suh is a top-tier player. But he will be overpaid in FA, and DT is already the strongest position on Chicago’s roster. I’d be ok with letting Paea walk and signing Suh, but I doubt it happens, and if they don’t get Suh I don’t want them handing out big-time FA contracts.

          • BlameAngelo

            We have Paea, Ratliff, just drafted Sutton and Ferguson … and we’re actually talking about over-paying a guy like Suh that Long blocked on his own?

          • the thinking here is that you let Paea walk, sign Suh, and then have a DT trio of Suh/Sutton/Ferguson when Ratliff is done after 2015. But I’m with you. I’m not blowing my wad overpaying somebody in FA, even though Suh is really really good.

    • johnnywad

      Maybe its because its so easy to just throw it to the wide open receiver. There’s no need to run it.

  • Dear NFL Schedule Makers,

    Next season put the Bears at noon on Sunday sixteen times.


    Someone who misses Sundays. – Jeff

    • Don’t worry, Jeff, they don’t put suck-ass teams on prime-time.
      The fact that we had so many this years just goes to show how massively disappointing the Bears have been given expectations not just of fans, but of experts and networks.

  • CanadaBear

    We have a couple of things going for us. Garret is about on par with Nessman and our O have to know the Cowgirls tendencies on D. When we didn’t have a bunch of fast players the field was an advantage but that’s out the window. If Romo’s back flares up we might be able to beat Weedon. That’s pretty much all I’ve got.

    • The thing is that the Cowboys, unlike us, have had that “moment of clarity” recovering drunks talk about.
      They’ve realized, unlike us who are still Cutty-holics, that they must LIMIT not UNLEASH their QB.
      It’s worked, to a certain extent. If they would have had a more dominant D, they would really be a powerhouse.
      The Girls will feed Murray plenty.
      Our offense must get up early to FORCE them to use Romo and abandon the run.
      Our offense has been…less than formidable, to say the least.

      • CanadaBear

        Our D is so bad I don’t think we force them into doing anything they don’t want to do. If Romo’s back forces him out, we have a chance.

      • CanadaBear

        BTW, I am a recovering drunk and there was no moment of clarity. It was 20 years of bad decisions finally wearing me down. Other than Johnny, are there any Cutty-holics left?

        • When did you start drinking, if you don’t mind me asking?
          Yeah, I hear you about bad decisions. I don’t drink daily, but sometimes I get too loaded on weekends. Getting kinda old, really. I need to become like MB and eat celery sticks and sip a mimosa or two.
          I think Irish was a recovering alcoholic too, though he seemed to take a hard stand against all alcohol. Would have probably voted for prohibition back in the day.
          Some could go cold turkey, some can still drink “socially,” I guess it depends.
          I know one thing. I dated ONE girl who was a recovering alcoholic, and she didn’t drink at all. So we would go out, and I would have a couple, but felt really self-conscious around her, like “She’s completely sober. I’m buzzed. Am I acting buzzed? Am I acting like an ass?” which defeated the purposes of drinking lol Kinda weird. She swore she didn’t mind me drinking, but it did make our going out a bit awkward for me. Never imagined such a scenario. Definitely different.

          • CanadaBear

            I was like everyone else and got hammered a few times in HS. I liked herb way more than alcohol but herb isn’t exactly socially acceptable. I would drink 2-3 times/week. The problem was most times I’d get destroyed and drive home in a blackout. Not good. Just so you know, I have no issue with people drinking around me. Most people can drink socially and it’s no problem. When I’m out with my Little Love Dove she likes to drink. She rarely gets destroyed and is never obnoxious. When we’re out in a group, if people are getting hammered/obnoxious, I’ll lean over and tell her we’re leaving after she finishes her drink. Sometimes I’ll hang in there for 1 more but not very often. I don’t want to be THAT GUY around people who have been over served so I just leave before I reach that point.

        • MikeBrownhadaPosse

          I’m still on the Cutty train.


    I guess it will ironic if Clutts plants Bostic on his butt as the RB runs in for the score.

    • Big Mike

      I would like to see that. Because Clutts was a favorite of mine.

      • Viva

        me too!!

    • Viva

      Clutts = guy you want on your team

  • Boy, that Irvin pre-season proclamation that Jay Cutler will win MVP is beginning to look as ridicules as Bmarsh’s prediction that Hester would have a better year than him, or that Crystal Pepsi would be a smash…

    • Peanut FTW

      Jay is on track for a career season. 4200 yds, 32 TDs 19 INTs. Those are actually pretty damn decent numbers. Obviously, that is without looking at fumbles lost and a horrid defense where he was playing from far behind on many of those TDs and INTs but I just think everyone should finally realize that this is the best he can be.

      • BerwynBomber

        Jay is 17th in the NFL in QR. In QBR he is 20th.

        But I agree this is about it in terms of his ceiling. Cutty’s an average QB with some upside tease.

        • CanadaBear

          He seems like he’s Cutler on valium these days. I’m trying to figure out if he is injured, the diabetes is kicking his ass or all the wear and tear has him going at a slower pace, esp with the reading D’s and his progressions. He just seems off.

          • Constipation. Would also explain his facial gestures.

          • BerwynBomber

            He is the same old Jay to me but I always thought he was slow at working thru his progressions and reading defenses.

            If you are talking fatigue or a perception of even shittier body language than Cutty usually exhibits, who knows? Then again, if he has truly reached his lowest level of apathy I don’t know why he would take to the podium and say what he said yesterday if it was as calculated as Blogfather believes.

            P.S. In fairness to Jay, I should have said his ceiling is slightly above average — in that 10-16 range in either QR or QBR. And he might exceed career highs in a couple of categories that Peanut pointed out — yards and TDs. I was only contextualizing the cherry-picking.

          • CanadaBear

            No I don’t mean any of the body language or pouty face hooey, just in general he seems off. It used to be he’d run when he had the opportunity. He rarely does that now. Not trying to grind on the guy because I think he does care and is a good teammate. Just hideously over paid. Oh well.

          • SC Dave

            I’ve never been enamored with Cutler’s ability to read a defense.

  • CanadaBear

    Jeff asks how can the Bears be cheap when they paid Lovie $5.5 mil/yr? Just like with players in contract years, Lovie went to the SB in a contract year. Coaches, unlike the players, contract years are 1 year before the contract expires. That way they avoid making a coach a lame duck. The McCaskey’s were very happy with Lovie and paid the going rate. Nothing more, nothing less. It was not unlike Angelo having to re-up Jauron after the miracle 13-3 season.

    • you don’t need to spend extravagantly to be good. In fact, doing so often is a marker of not being good, as you’re hoping you can solve your problems by throwing money at them instead of doing things the right way.

      If you’re willing to pay the going rate for a quality coach/player in order to retain their services once they’ve proven themselves to you, then you are not cheap. End of story.

      The “Bears are cheap” storyline has been bs for 5-10 years now, but people keep beating it like a dead horse.

      • CanadaBear

        I don’t think it’s a coincidence they always hire first time GM’s and HC’s. I chalk that up to cheapness.

        • Hiring re-treads hits spectacularly sometimes (like Belichick in NE), but it also fails in many instances. No coach has ever won a SB with a 2nd franchise. Oftentimes hiring a big name coach is nothing more than throwing money at the problem.

          • CanadaBear

            I agree with ya but it dovetails nicely with not spending much money. Not that I remember if there were any hot GM names when the Beloved hired PE, but I’m pretty sure Polian was around (speaking of retreads).

          • you mean the guy who wasted the bulk of Peyton Manning’s career by failing to ever surround him with a top 10 defense? Unless he’s bringing a 21 year old Peyton Manning with him, no thanks.

          • CanadaBear

            I’m not beating the drum for Polian, I’m just saying there were other guys available with a little more on their resumes. All water under the bridge now.

      • SC Dave

        Same way they jump the coach’s ass when players are not doing their jobs on the field.

  • CanadaBear

    If we can re-sign Paea for a reasonable contract, I’d much rather do that then go all in on Suh. I could see some team that doesn’t have a $15-20 mil/year QB on the roster. Otherwise, it would be pretty difficult to have 2 guys on the team making around $20 mil/year.

    • I don’t think Suh tops $15M/year on the open market. Probably somewhere in the $13-15M/yr range.

      • McCoy signed for just over $15M/yr in TB. I’d guess Suh will end up with a comparable contract.

        • CanadaBear

          It will be interesting to see where he signs and for how much. I’ll be glad if he ends up in the other conference or at the very least, another division.

        • GPLDAN

          I can understand not wanting to dig deep in $ for Suh, but please let Flatbread test the market and then – only then – sign him low

          • I’m not expecting a huge contract for Paea. I’ll be pissed if they give him one. He’s never healthy.

          • Maybe they look at Melton and think, “We can’t let another one get away”?
            We can let Paea test the market, but with teams like the Raiders having a war-chest, I think he’ll get over paid.
            Heck, Lovie might even want him.

          • CanadaBear

            I think they will let him test the market. He’s played well this year. Never know if he finally was healthy or if it’s just contract year thing. I think it’s the former but it’s not like I hang out with him.

    • Peanut FTW

      I am in the exact same boat, I would rather have flatbread for the price difference. He even has more sacks than a boy named sue right now.

  • MikeBrownhadaPosse

    I have never been this “I could give a crap” about primetime Bears games. Ever.

    I can’t bring myself to really root against them; I want them to win…but man, they’re making it tough to give a shit this year.

    • It’s been brutal. Not just that they lose, but that they look like they throw in the towel after they get down two scores (esp the O).

      P.S. Set your FF lineup!

      • Peanut FTW

        Yah thats the shit I hate most. They just mope around like a whipped pup as soon as they give up one big play.

      • Cormonster

        Butch, here’s your weekly Melvin Gordon rundown. 29 carries for 151 tough yards, one rushing and one receiving TD. He’s had to work really hard the last two weeks to gain 351 rushing yards. Next up is Ohio State Saturday night (5:17 Pacific time). He tweaked his ankle against Minnesota, but I’m sure he’ll be ready to go. He seems to have all his best games against the biggest opponents. Here’s another nice little video on him. I’m sure many more will become available.

    • BearDown100393

      I now pretend it is a strike season with the Bears resorting to scab players and coaches. It sort of helps.

      • SC Dave

        That may be worth a try!

  • Big Mike

    Quite a few Bears fans right now are like toddlers that need a nap. Cranky, irrational and emotional

    • AlbertInTucson

      Aren’t you confusing Bear FANS with a few actual BEARS?

      • Big Mike

        Just having some fun.I thought guys here at the blog would appreciate the comment. The whining and silly comments that I’ve come across are heavily skewed toward cranky toddler mode.


    If you remember the Bills 4 Super Bowl runs, you remember Daryl Talley


    • Old broken romanian Jericho

      I loved Darryl Talley. What a bad ass football player…and the hair. Don’t even get me started. He was 1990’s football in it’s glory.

      • Old broken romanian Jericho

        also, it’s amazing what social networking and crowd funding can do. A girl I grew up with just lost her husband and father of 3 kids to cancer at 35. We all got together raised 274,000 for them in 4 weeks. Fucking awesome that people came together and rocked it.

      • BerwynBomber

        He was tough but Biscuit was better.

  • Sactowns#1

    I think they’ll have a great 30 for 30 about the 2013-2014 Bears some day. It will highlight all the expectations, the great gains, and then the monumental collapse. They’ll interview former players and coaches, they’ll all take veiled jabs at one another. Marshall will cry. Jay will refuse to participate.

    • Scharfinator

      We weren’t good enough last year to get a show for this year. 🙁

    • BearDown100393

      Guest director Michael Mann blows the lid of the 2014 season by interviewing the secret know-all insider with a digital face and voice over…. wearing a #54 Bears jersey.

  • Viva

    For the film buffs in the room…a scence from the movie Histrory of The World Part 1 (Mel Brooks) reminds me of this Bears season.

    I believe the part of the movie I am referring to is the French Revolution episode, where the very poor took to the streets to sell anything they could to make enough money to survive. Some sold “rats,”, some sold “apple cores,” and others sold “nothing.”

    I feel nothing.

    • AlbertInTucson

      “It’s good to be King….PULL!”

    • Shady

      • Viva

        Well done, lad.

    • CanadaBear

      I still laugh thinking about Harvey Corman going, De-Mon-Ay, De-Mon-Ay.

  • AlbertInTucson

    Over/Under rushing yards for DeMarco Murray: 140…?

    • Viva


      • AlbertInTucson

        So, you’re expecting a Jason Witten/Dez Bryant festival?

        • Viva

          Yes. I think Romo will elude the rush all night long and find Dez and Jason tearing up our secondary. In the meantime, I fear screens against our LB corps more than their O-Line’s ability to grind out a running game (which they are more than capable of doing).

          • AlbertInTucson

            My “scene we don’t want to see” is:

            Jared Allen greets Romo with a blindside sack to his back which stiffens up.

            Brandon Weedon takes over and reminds us all of the “Bears knock Jason Campbell out of the game and Todd Collins comes in and has the game of his career ” Redskins game a few seasons back.

          • BearDown100393

            Romo is not going to enjoy playing on a cold stiff lumpy turf kindly provided by the Park District. Jared & Willie are going to light him up early.

          • CanadaBear

            You just had to go there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • AlbertInTucson

            Sorry. It’s a side-effect of being old and pessimistic.

  • Viva

    GP’s list to Santa:

    Fire Hoke – Check
    Fire Phil – ?
    Fire Trestman – ?

    Better keep being nice.

    • GPLDAN

      I’m always nice. Everybody here knows that.

  • AlbertInTucson

    NBC is NOT dumping Dr.Nancy “Ebola Quarantines are prudent, except for me” Snyderman. Wrong call, Peacock Network. WAY wrong.

  • AlbertInTucson

    “Final Score Prediction: Chicago Bears 30 1/2, Dallas Cowboys 30”

    That would be hitting QUITE a daily double. Bears beat a +.500 team AND score 30 points.

  • AlbertInTucson

    Blogfather Tweet: (Maybe it is the 5th Coors Banquet talking but I think the Bears might win Thursday night.)

    It only took 5 Coors to produce that tweet?

    • CanadaBear

      When I was in my early 20’s Coors showed up in Iowa. I drank it for a little while. One of my buddies always said it was a shot of PBR in a can of water. Pretty good description.

      • AlbertInTucson

        Yeah, back in the Day guys would bring back COORS and OLYMPIA after trips out west.

  • Blur of Ions

    As I am sure you know Jeff, you are a great writer. I have enjoyed your writing for quite some time, but this new “Im too bored to care” shtick you are letting seep into your writing is getting a little off putting. I understand that it sucks that our favorite team is so noncompetitive but couldn’t you look at it as an opportunity? I’ve read that interest in a team skyrockets when they are doing badly, so hits to the site must be doing well. This is a chance to build your brand, so to speak, and I fear it is being wasted by your very apparent disinterest.

    • NewBearInTown

      Well I thought this particular post was a fun one. The extended info regarding back conditions made me giggle once I realized it was tongue in cheek.
      But Jeff can get repetitive with the whining after a few weeks. Usually around draft season. Meh, either way, I’m right there with him. The team isn’t giving the rookies playing time, it isn’t putting on much of a show with the stars and it isn’t really making any changes as we lose week to week.
      There are flashes, but that’s all they are, flashes.
      Couple that with my fantasy team’s late season collapse, and I’m right there with you.

      • Blur of Ions

        A part of the blog’s charm has always been that Jeff is an actual diehard fan like the rest of us, so I can understand his feelings. We only get guaranteed 16 chances to watch the Beloved every year, and it sucks to feel like they are wasted on mediocrity.

        • Scott W.

          For some of us, it has gotten to be too much for too long. Yes, we had 85 and 06, but I have been a fan since I was 8 years old. For most of that time, we had a defense that put on a real show for its fans even in losses.
          We didn’t care much that Bart Starr was better than Jack Concannon, because we knew Butkus, Pettibone, etc were at some point going to wad Starr up like a piece of paper and crush him, and make Donny Anderson beg for his life. That translated across the schedule, season after season, for literally decades. Only the names changed.
          Now, 49 years in, I’ve watched some God-awful Bears teams. But they always had some element playing like they couldn’t wait to get on the field and hit someone.
          This team, our 2014 Bears, is the worst I have ever, ever seen. Ever. And I’ve seen some really crap versions of us.
          I think Jeff, fans around the country, and some of us here, are just utterly fed up. There doesn’t seem to be a single player capable of rallying even just a few others, let alone the whole team.
          The coach is worse than the worst before him. By a lot, he’s the worst we have ever had.
          Now, add in all the domestic violence shit, and all the other criminal activities, infused with PR heavyweights paid to make us not care that AP is actually just a giant Dick without a soul, and you get feelings like mine. It does have an affect, be they Bears or no.
          I’m exhausted with the Bears’ indifference, and the NFL’s brand-at-any-cost philosophy.
          The thrill is just fucking gone for me.
          But I’m trying to hang in.

          • BillW

            Had to chime in here. We’re nearly the same age with the same memories.You expressed my feelings about the Bears very well. I keep trying to convince myself that I’ve seen worse teams – but I can’t. Even the 1-13 was more competitive.

            Not sure how I feel about the league. In general, I think we’re seeing that stuff that might have happened in the past without our knowing about it can’t be hidden anymore given technology and social media. Just look at Bill Cosby’s situation to take a sick example. And JFK / Marilyn vs Bill / Monica to take a more “normal” example. The NFL was exposed as a “good ‘ol boys” club and will take some time to evolve.

          • Bears-4-Ever

            I could not have said it better. My feelings almost exactly, perhaps I have a bit more hope that next year the Bears will improve. Honestly it can’t get much worse.
            Depressing season for sure but still cheering. The Cowboys will probably trash us…but it would still be nice to see Romo planted in the sod a few times just for old times sake. BEAR DOWN.

    • Peanut FTW

      I personally, have seen plenty of average and below average Bears teams. But I’ve never seen one quit as a team during the game, this Bears team quits at some point every week. Both on offense and on defense, maybe by half time; definitely by the 4th. Not sure it’s too bored to care so much as so frustrated with their lack of effort that why should he care about this team. Why should any of us care if the players don’t?

    • BearDown100393

      It is very difficult to produce fresh content daily on a blog. And it must be a lot more fun to write positive op-eds when the team is winning. The posts reflect the thoughts of a Bears fan. And the disappointment resonates. But at least it is honest and fair.

  • Interesting that Arians didn’t try to trade for Cutty…

    Cardinals coach Bruce Arians revealed Arizona tried to trade for Alex Smith when Arians was hired in 2013.
    The 49ers “quickly” said no to the Cardinals, as they weren’t going to trade him within the division. It’s nothing more than interesting, but it’s worth pointing out on a slow Tuesday. It’s hard to picture the weak-armed Smith in Arians’ downfield, home run offense, but we’re sure Arians would have molded the offense to fit Smith. The Chiefs later acquired Smith, while the Cardinals turned to Carson Palmer. Smith inked a four-year extension with K.C. through 2018.

    • Trac

      The Bears had no interest in trading Cutty. Who would they have replaced him with? It was a non starter.

      • yeah, Smith was known to be available. Cutler wasn’t.

  • beninnorcal

    I haven’t been right much(pretty much never) this season. As Cheesy can attest I’ve been downright ‘infamous'(his word). But something still just doesn’t do it for me about Romo and company on dead grass in the elements.

    say we see some life from the much-maligned ‘O’ down the stretch here at some point.
    Maybe that point is Thursday night on the lake front.

    Bears 31 Cowboys 17

    But like the 2014 Chicago Bears, I am forever and always terrible. Why can’t I quit you?

  • Trac

    All the games are blown
    (All the games are blown)
    And the season is shot
    (And the season is shot)
    On a winters day
    (On a winters day)

    I’d be safe and warm
    (I’d be safe and warm)
    If I was in Green Bay
    (If I was in Green Bay)
    New head coach a dreamin
    (New head coach a dreamin)
    On such a winters day
    (On such a winters day)

    Stopped by da blog as I passed along the way
    Well I got down on my Bears and I began to say
    (Began to say)
    You know the McCaskeys like the cold hard cash
    (Likes the cash)
    They know we’re gonna pay
    (Knows we’re gonna pay)
    New head coach a dreamin
    On such a winters day.

    All the games are blown
    (all the games are blown)
    And the season is shot
    (And the season is shot)
    I’ve been for a walk
    (I’ve been for a walk)
    On a winters day
    (On a winters day)

    MB didn’t tell us
    he was leaving today
    (Leavin today)
    New head coach a dreamin
    (New head coach a dreamin)
    on a such a winters day

    • BillW

      RIP Mama Cass

      • AlbertInTucson

        Who did NOT choke to death on a ham sandwich, BTW.

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