DaBearsBlog Takes Ice Bucket Challenge [VIDEO]

| August 29th, 2014

DaBearsBlog has performed the Ice Bucket Challenge and donated to ALS. Normally you call out two or three people on Twitter but to hell with that. There are a lot of loyal commenters to this site – gpldan, MB, Trac, Canada, AlbertinTuscon, the rest of you.


Make a YouTube video of your bucket pour and I’ll post them all to this site once the URL is emailed to me: jeff@dabearsblog.com.

The dumpers: Bears plastic cup, Richard Dent & Walter Payton pint glasses, Bears flat-brimmed cap full of ice water, actual ice bucket, cold shower finale.

The hair: long.

The face: hungover, bloated and unshaven.

Enjoy the unofficial end of the summer while dunking your heads with ice water. Full slate of content coming next week in the lead-up to the opener.

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  • TheBigCheesy

    that was kind of awesome

  • Shady

    Well played.

    • DaBearsBlog

      Get to work

  • AlbertInTucson

    A&M vs S. Carolina. Yet another screaming advertisement against pre-season polls.
    9th ranked Gamecocks taken to the woodshed at home.

    Suits me fine. I still think of A&M as a Big 12 school.

    Of course ,the polls will now probably just bump A&M up from 21 into the top ten.

    Aggies sure look like they miss Johnny Football, didn’t they? Their new QB only threw for 500 yards.

  • MB30SD

    cover, aaaaand…… cover

  • Trac

    I wouldn’t have the first clue in being able to make a video and posting it on youtube. I vote for MB to be my substitute.

    • MB30SD

      your son will… slacker.

  • Barb UMihai Mar

    Jeff thinks Carr and Manziel should start. I think that if they start they’ll be badly injured before their team’s bye week.
    The Raiders have Jets, Texans, Patriots and Dolphins while the Browns have Steelers, Saints, Ravens.
    So Rex Ryan, Romeo Crennel, Bill Belichick and Kevin Coyle for Carr and Dick Lebeau, Rob Ryan, Dean Pees for Manziel.
    You couldn’t find a more experience bunch and a worse schedule against run defenses if you tried. All but one 3-4 teams that use complex coverages and all blitz happy teams. It’s a recipe for disaster !!!

    Of course this isn’t the reason they are not starting. The real reason is that they want to buy time and insert these QB in the second half of the season, get a spark from them and limit the risk of injuries by lowering the number of games played so they can maybe, just maybe retain their jobs. HCs and GMs together. The key is ending the season with them playing decent football and not injured.

    • DaBearsBlog

      What I don’t understand is what’s the difference? Peyton Manning struggled terribly his rookie year. He’s turned out okay. And with the finances being structured how they are, why would an organization waste a year of a QB’s rookie contract?

      • DaBearsBlog

        Also, these early QBs don’t cripple your cap anymore. So if he sucks, realistically, who gives a shit? You take another one next year.

        • Barb UMihai Mar

          Yeah… the next GM and next HC will.

          I agree with you mostly on Bortles. He’s the one that should start sooner rather than later. I think they’re a little trigger happy because of Gabbert (and promised Henne a real shot). So are the Vikings cause of Ponder.

          That takes us to your ” if he sucks, realistically, who gives a shit? You take another one next year”. The Jags and Vikings had to drag their ‘early QBs’ along for 3 year before cutting bait. Clear busts from Year 1.

          Cleavland was successful on losing only 2 years with Weeden. They changed 2 HCs and 2 GMs during that time. That helped…thank the gods.

        • Big Mike

          The change to the rookie contracts especially for QBs has been one of the biggest changes to the games. “So what take another one next year” says it all.

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            The QBs taken in the first 2 rounds since the rookie contracts changed are: Newton, Locker, Gabbert, Ponder, Dalton, Kaepernick, Luck, RG III, Tannehill, Weeden, Osweiler, Manuel, Geno Smith. 13 QBS.



            So if there isn’t some huge game changing event they get 3 years. I think this was rather standard before the contract changes, but maybe it takes time to adapt how franchises think. Maybe all it takes is one GM dumping his early pick QB after 1 year and the other ones will go to class and realize it’s nothing to cry about.

          • Big Mike

            How many would GMs have taken if they were paying out Sam Bradford money? ($78 Million $50 million guaranteed). Teams that hit on a rookie QB, have a cap advantage for years, based on what they have to invest in the QB spot vs teams with veteran QBs.

          • Barb UMihai Mar

            If Bradford would have been Luck those 78 m and 50 M guaranteed would have still been pennies.

          • Big Mike

            If my aunt had balls she’d be my uncle 🙂

          • MB30SD

            technically, she’d still be your aunt… just with balls now.

      • Barb UMihai Mar

        Because Manning was the 1st overall pick and he was clearly a future franchise QB. Very smart player also so they could trust him on not getting hurt. They had 600 pass attempts and he was sacked 22 times. Luck -for example- had 700 pass attempts and was sacked 41 times.

        Carr and Manziel instead are just -maybe- solid middle of the pack wannabes.
        Manziel went 6-for-17, 83 yards passing last night against a tired 3rd string Bears unit. They don’t have the talent in order to win now and neither the skills to not get hurt. So all they want really is to buy some time. They both must finish the year so the GM/HC can sell the improvements and keep their jobs.

        Plus… remember… this isn’t the case of a wasted year, it’s only about starting the season as the Week 1 QB. They both might start by week 6. What’s the difference ? 16 games, 10 games. It’s all the same from an evaluation point of view, but it allows you to chose the perfect timing and limit the games so limit the injury risk. It also helps you by understanding better who you are and who the opponents are. For example the Browns have no idea what their O can do (new OC, no Josh Gordon, new RB corp). They are the Panthers or the AFC. Without Gordon basically no WR from this year caught passes last year for them. Only one did… like 4-5 catches.

      • beninnorcal

        He did his struggling INSIDE the pocket. As others have noted above, it’s only a matter of time with Johnny FB.

    • MB30SD

      I watched a little of the game last night. .. man zels will be in a wheelchair on a ventilator by game 3 if he keeps playing like that. Our 3rd string scrubs almost killed him a few times.

      He’s brutal, and between him and rg3, I think that experiment is almost done in the nfl. Guys like Wilson and kap… hybrid scramble guys, but who can also throw are the mold, not pure escape guys. Manziel better hope he doesn’t get caught too badly like chris sims… cause getting your liver torn in half by vicious gforce must really suck.

      • Barb UMihai Mar

        You know those D guys really, really want Manziel on their kill list.

        • MB30SD

          me too. guy’s a turd. I have patience, it will happen. This isn’t college anymore.

          • Scharfinator

            It will be glorious when it does happen too. I want to say I was shocked at how badly Manziel threw long… but in all honesty, it wasn’t unexpected.

  • For your consideration….

    lol, Jeff, i just watched that ice bucket challenge. That was funny.

  • For your consideration….

    the 6th LB and 6th Corner to make the team aren’t going to get us to the Super Bowl but they sure as hell would be great fucking stories: Jerry Franklin at LB and possibly Hurst/Louis Jean/CJ Wilson at DB, all guys that have given everything to make it in the league and were undrafted tryout guys.

    • Barb UMihai Mar

      They will start SB on ST. Can’t wait to see them.

  • Viva

    Jeff is a flat brimmed hat guy?

    • Barb UMihai Mar

      At least he isn’t a frat guy…

    • DaBearsBlog

      I won that hat on a boardwalk. It sits on a shelf. And it may now be ruined by the challenge.

      By the way, you’re called out.

      • Ososfan

        Please make more t-shirts. I love Repping the site here in Jersey!

  • Big Mike

    Here are my notes.
    Pre-season sucks.
    Trestman always needs to keep his hat on
    Chris Williams is a fast man.
    Christian Jones didn’t do much to win a job.
    Jordan Lynch needs to make a team.
    Santonio Holmes looked like he was playing against the JV.
    Cleveland’s Varsity is slightly better than our JV.
    There JV is substantially better than our Freshman team.
    David Bass won a spot last night,
    Cornelius Washington did not.
    Our punter did well.
    Special Teams were a B- (which is way better than they have been)
    Pre-season was a overwhelming success (no injuries).

    Bears 31- Bills 17

    • MB30SD

      Good notes mike

    • Barb UMihai Mar

      No injuries other than Wilson and Miller, important depth elements. Plus Mills.
      No injuries on the ‘on the clock D’ that was huge indeed.

      • Big Mike

        Wilson was the only one that hurt. Miller would have been a great bonus, but going in to the season, he wasn’t being counted on. Mills will be fine.

        What I really meant was none of those front line guys where you go “oh noooo”.

        • Barb UMihai Mar

          Yeah I know.

          It’s huge when your ‘injury hits’ are like this in the NFL. When you only lose depth, even if important one.

          The NFL is a crazy sport.

    • Bears only played 35 last night. It was the freshman team all night.

      They seemed to wear down as the game went on. Browns played 69, so stayed fresh, which is why our scrubs held their own against their starters but got pasted by their scrubs.

      • Big Mike

        Both excellent points.

        • I also heard that Aaron Kromer, not Marc Trestman, called plays in the 2nd half.

          • Big Mike

            Not much to work with. But I couldn’t tell the difference in play calling. Good assignment from Trestman to Kromer.

          • trying to get him experience for an eventual HC gig, I think.

    • re: Jones, I think he did earn a job last night. Just not on defense. He looked good in ST coverage, which, as the 6th LB, is the only thing he’s playing this year anyway.

      • Big Mike

        You know, I didn’t look for him on ST. But the Bears looked better. I’m glad he stays. I think he’s got upside.

      • For your consideration….

        better than Franklin? Jerry is a ST workhorse, there are going to be some tough decisions.

        • I think both could stick. Both did a lot of ST last night, and ST looked good. Coverage and returns.

    • Ososfan

      I actually think both Bass and CornWash did well, Mike. Just seemed like they lost steam at the end.

      • Big Mike

        Didn’t watch everyone on every play, just looked like the few I did catch of Washington, he didn’t look very good. I do not recall if these were late in the game. Also did not realize until this AM how few guys we played. Going to be a tough call. My dark horse on the d-line is Austen Lane. I’m pulling for him to make it.

    • beninnorcal

      I was hoping to see more of Lynch.

    • Big Mike

      I also forgot to note that Manziel is going to be a pain in the ass to defend. He squirts around like a bumble bee on speed.

      • Cormonster

        A 90+ year old lady Bears fan once told me how much she hated Fran Tarkenton. “He ran around like a flea on a skittle.”

        • CanadaBear

          She was right! I remember the Bears D chasing that asshole around for years. Complete jerk. Although one of my fondest memories as a kid involved Tarkenton. Some DLman (from the G-Men if I remember correctly) chased him all day and finally got close enough to put a cheap shot on him. That was pretty good but Tarkenton turned around and fired the ball at his head from close range. Fucking Bulls-Eye! Hit him between the back of his head and his ear. Man was that DLman pissed. They both got tossed.

  • His Twitter link to this specifically said he was challenging his regular crazy commenters.

    Since I’m not crazy (that’s my wife’s role), I’m assuming he didn’t mean me. Carry on…

    • DaBearsBlog

      You are absolutely called out.

      • here’s the thing: I already did it (and donated) under my real name. Johnathan Wood is my writing pseudonym, because I don’t want my real name splashed all over the internet when I’m applying for jobs in the near future.

        So unfortunately I can’t post the video on here, as I have never done anything connecting my face with this account.

        • For your consideration….

          your writing pseudonym sounds like a porn name.

          • CanadaBear

            Big Jon Wood!

          • For your consideration….

            even though it’s very similar to my real name. I actually have the same name as a porn star. No , my name is not Lex Steele.

          • beninnorcal

            Jon Holmes?

          • MB30SD

            warmer. hahaha

          • The Hedgehog?

        • DaBearsBlog


  • MB30SD

    I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this on the blog because it’s very personal, but my mentor and good friend passed from ALS about 4 years ago now.

    It is a cruel, torturous, and undignified way to go. Especially for the type of guy that he was. He was 50.

    He was a nuclear physicist and a brilliant guy. He worked on the nuclear collider at CERN, he was a speaker, an entrepreneur who made it big in technology during the bubble… but he wasn’t a nerd. He was also a very good athlete who climbed many peaks here and abroad. He was a runner, a surfer…
    even though he never got good at surfing. Our birthdays were exactly 20 years and 7 days apart. We were both INTJs who could be Es when needed/wanted. He was a brilliant mind, a great person, and just a really good dude. He gave me an internship at his company out of college and got me my first job… that would kick start my career.

    We had a falling out because he HATED my ex, and having basically the same personally as me, he never hid his dislike for her very well. As in love (weaker) men have a tendency to do, I let it effect my
    relationship with him. He moved to Telluride and started to pull away from all of us here. He never visited and didn’t do much communicating with any of us in the old crew. We’d been tight, 20+ years and 9 -10 trips to cabo and scorpion bay to surf, countless other nights and days together. We always threw our birthday parties together because they were so close.

    I hadn’t seen or communicated with him in 2 years when I got the call from our other buddy.

    “Hey, it’s john. Uhhhh… where are you? Ok, turn your
    music down for a sec………………………………………………………………………. Nicky has ALS. Doctor said he’ll have about a year left if things go well.”

    I remember exactly where I was, what the day’s light looked like, the road, grass, trees, what everything looked like in that moment. For some reason I have everything about it frozen in my mind like a
    picture. He moved back to SD from Telluride because the cold of the mountains effected his body… and we all reconnected. I got to tell him that I was sorry, that I missed him, and that I loved him – that moment is also seared into my head. We both cried and hugged. I sat at a lunch at his house with ‘just the boys’ one day, and in between sessions of his wife suctioning the spit and mucus that his body could no longer help him get rid of…. he broke down sobbing because he wasn’t going to be there with us for much longer. I did my best to stay strong and composed in the moment, but after it had come and gone and everyone was back joking and laughing, I excused myself to the bathroom and totally broke down. It was the most horrible thing I’d ever seen.

    After I’d gotten the call out of the blue one day… it was about 3 days after I’d seen him and 2 days before we all had our next team dinner planned. It was a hard call to get even though we all knew it was coming any day. The actual finality of it was hard, but I was glad he didn’t have to be like that anymore. I know he hated every minute of it… but I know he stuck around for his wife. If she hadn’t have been there, he would have gone to Stockholm and taken care of business MUCH earlier.

    We did a paddle out circle to spread his ashes at our favorite surf spot. I’d been surfing for 25ish years at that point and I’d never gotten stung by a stingray. That day as we were walking out in the surf to paddle out, I was stung by one. It hurt like hell but we all laughed in between the tears. I don’t really believe in that shit, but it was one hell of a coincidence. And if Nick could have picked one thing to do to me to show me he was there that day, getting me stung by a stingray would have been it. It hurt like hell, but in some way I was happy about it. A fitting send off. I miss him a lot.

    Well done Jeff. I’ll see if I can find my bears luchalibre mask and do some filming soon.

    • yeah, ALS is a bitch and a half. Cripples and kills even the strongest of people. Sorry for your loss.

      • MB30SD

        thanks maing. You a fucking speedreader too? Jesus.

    • Ososfan

      Wow. Very brave of you to share MB. First. I wish I had a mentor as awesome and second thank you for the story.You guys are deff on another level. I somewhat understand the feeling seeing someone you care love being cripple by a disease/illness. My father suffered a stroke back in 2001 and is slowly devolping Parkinson’s.

      • MB30SD

        hang in oso. good luck to your dad.

    • For your consideration….

      thank you for sharing that MB.

    • beninnorcal

      Sad to hear, MB, sorry for your loss.

      • MB30SD

        thank you Ben

    • CanadaBear

      Nice. Glad you and your friend reconnected before he passed. Totally understand the rift. No matter how much one of your buddies wives sucks ass you just don’t say anything until after the D. Even then it’s best not to get too carried away because some guys go back to their exes.

      I had a casual friend that had ALS. His wife had a party for him towards the end. He was in a hospital bed at a reception hall. Amazing evening.

    • johnnywad

      Its simply put, “the worst.” I’ve seen it up close and personal three times now, which is odd as its pretty damn rare.

      In each case, none of them were close friends, but they were loved ones of friends. It is astonishing how unbearable life is, both for the afflicted and their loved ones. I arrived at the point, where I just couldn’t bring myself to ask, “How’s your mom?” again. I hoped they just weren’t thinking about it at that moment and I damn sure wasn’t going to put their minds back on it.

      In any case, if there is a benevolent God looking after all of us, he dropped the ball on this one. The disease is evil incarnate.

      I’m very sorry you lost such a good friend that way. May none of us ever have to face it head on.

    • Paul Stuart

      Beautifully expressed. You do him credit.

      • MB30SD

        thank you paul.

  • MB30SD
  • For your consideration….

    If all of us know that it makes more sense to try to lock up Clausen as a longer term backup and let Fales go the Bears brass have to know it too right? AMIRIGHT!!?!!?!!?

    • Peanut FTW

      I don’t think it is a definitive must choose. We’ve seen Fales in one preseason game, we have no idea what his ceiling is. I think you designate Wilson to return from IR, when he does you cut Fales, by then noone will be in position to cherry pick and you stash him on the Practice Squad.

      • For your consideration….

        let me clarify, I think it makes more sense to go after and secure low cost, experienced veterans in a position as complex and important as QB. The odds of success with this type of QB has to be much greater, albeit still low compared to prime qb talent, than somehow “grooming” a young guy taken in the late rounds to be a meaningful player in the league.
        I’d keep a kid like Al Louis Jean on the practice squad 10 times out of 10 than a David Fales. I’d keep a Christian Jones type on the PS instead of David Fales 10 out of 10. I’d keep a 6’7 320lb OL project over Fales 10 out of 10.

        • Peanut FTW

          Well 3 things to think about..
          1.)The 3rd QB spot on a roster gets basically no work, no snaps – none. They are taking mental reps and that is it; so it kind of wastes a roster spot and provides do development for the #3 QB and no value to the roster. This year, with our STs we need every roster spot to be usable.
          2.)The practice Squad QB can run the scout team and while he isn’t getting reps in your offense, he is getting reps. So it does make some sense to try and stash a young QB here to let him work on mechanics and general stuff until next season when you can re-evaluate him.
          3.) 2 extra spots on the PS this season takes it up to 10. The extra room helps keep any kind of gamble especially a late round QB.

        • Peanut FTW

          I doubt Christian Jones get cut – Emery gambled on Mclellin in the first round simply based on measurables.If you look up measurables for LB in the dictionary, there is a picture of Christian Jones; that alone probably earns him a spot.

          • For your consideration….

            Jones was a key contributor on a championship team against top talent in college. McClellin played in an 8 man cornfield football league. I don’t know if he makes the team though. It’s a weird year, we’ll know by tomorrow.

          • MB30SD

            OMFG THIIIIIS!

            FInally, someone else on the blog said it!!

            If CJ pulls his dope smoking lazy head out of his ass… he can be a starter (based on paper and his college experience/pedigree)

    • why would Clausen sign long-term here? A McCown situation is definitely in play for him, only he’s much younger. Has potential to become a starter somewhere else still if he gets a shot and looks good this year (or at least compete for a starting job).

      Clausen will be a year to year thing, like McCown was. If Jay gets hurt and he looks good filling in for a few games, he just priced himself out of Chicago’s plans and they move on to the next guy.

      • For your consideration….

        because I want him to goddamn it.

        • I would like that too, but you have to look at this from his perspective. The Bears will sign him every year at this point as long as he wants. Unless he gets hurt, which he won’t without playing (aka as the backup). So he has job security without a long-term deal. The one year deals keep his options open for a bigger deal elsewhere.

          • For your consideration….

            you are very very wise round eye.

          • MB30SD

      • Clausen might sign long term (3 yrs) for a few reasons:
        1. He realizes that teams are now drafting and discarding QBs like candy. Let’s put it this way, the Jets, THE JETS, prefered to draft Tahj Boyd in the 6th rather than kick the tires on Clausen. Many other teams rather gamble on a later round QB OR more proven experienced QB (Mark Sanchez, Mike Vick, et al). Clausen sees this in a vision, and quickly signs whatever crumbs Stein puts in front of him.
        2. Hmmm…who would you rather be a back up of…the Bears with QB Guru Trestman who just made McCown $10M, or a Jets like team who break starting caliber QBs (Mark Sanchez).
        3. The pizza.

        • the point is that, if he’s signed long term, he can’t leave for more $$ like what McCown just did even if Cutler gets hurt. He will sign 1 year deals to stay in CHI until he gets significant play time, at which point he’ll run for greener pastures like McCown did if he looks good.

          • MB30SD

            the problem is, the McCown project will come crashing down as a viable replicable model this year… when McCown looks like doggie poopie. : (

          • For your consideration….

            lol, did Palmer throw 3 picks the other night? that sucks.

          • johnnywad

            9 of 22 for 73 yards with 3 pics and no TDs. Hot fucking garbage.

          • That’s a HUGE gamble on his part.
            I wouldn’t do that if I were him.
            He’s basically gambling that Cutler will get hurt again, and that he’ll reproduce McCown.
            Also, that another more desirable QB doesn’t come along (ahem, Orton, cough cough)

          • most likely is series of 1 year deals, unless Bears want to throw decent $$ at him, which I doubt.

      • MB30SD

        because he’s jimmy clausen… from Noter dam

    • The Ghost of Super Bowl XX

      what I watched, I still would sleep easily if Fales went to other team.

  • FF ALERT Apparently, Trac backed out of the league, so we’re now down to 10. So, this is what I’m going to do. If I don’t get two emails by mon, I’m going to make it a 10 man league, which would work out too since it’s two QB.
    Remember, draft is now Sept 2, Tues, 8:30pm EST. (All cuts and last minute roster changes should be set)
    If I don’t go out partying this weekend, I’ll try to remind the DBBers about 2 open spots, if I’m too hungover in a gutter in Huntington Beach, feel free to do it in the name of the league.
    Carry on.

    • NewBearInTown

      Huntington Beach? I grew up there, where are you going to spend the long weekend?

      In other news, I freed up last night that draft. I have my son’s parent teacher conferences on Tuesday night at precisely the start of the auction. Can you push the draft off an hour?

      • An hour later? like 9:30 EST? Sure. That shouldn’t be a problem (Assuming no one else has a schedule conflict)

        I might hit the beach (it’s been insanely hot in L.A.), maybe go to the the main strip by the peer and all the shops/bar after swimming and trying not too leer at hot chicks in bikinis too much.

        I would never have figured you for a HB guy. You’re full of surprises.

    • Scharfinator

      If you guys are still hankering for another player, what’s the FF email address?

    • Frank Schoenburg

      I’ve never drafted a punter before.

  • I think the way GMs operate these last few roster spots is unique. For the most part, I think they play “keep away.” Who is most likely to get poached, not necessarily who is the best player or who would help out our specials more.
    For that reason, I think we might keep Lynch as the 3rd HB.
    Draughn came off the scrap heap, while Perry is a late round flyer. There were other later round HB flyers playing around the league; heck, I think one rushed for 100yds, so we can stash Perry away on the PS if need be.
    Fales is tricky. I think we could stash him away based on performance alone, HOWEVER, he’s a “Trestman pick/qb.” That might be enough for another (wouldn’t surprise me if the Packers kick the tires for spying purposes alone). I would risk him on the PS since I never thought we should have drafted him in the first place (same with Carey, but, I guess we’re stuck with him).
    I echo others, Bass played like a beast last night. Honestly, I thought a lot of our Dline guys flashed – really athletic (Lane, Washington), but Bass is our guy.
    None of the LBs stood out, but based on the theory of “keep away” who would teams poach, Franklin or Christian Jones? I think the latter, so, that might be who we keep.
    Boy oh boy Louis-Jean impressed me all PS. Just always was around making plays. Maybe he’s the reason why we let go Frey.
    Keep in mind that there might be a few surprise “cap casualty/stupid-coach-casualty” cuts, and I’m sure Emery has his eye on a few prospects on other teams.

    • And obviously we keep Santonio Holmes, esp if he can return kicks. I knew he made the team when he was chit-chatting with Brandon the second half without his helmet.

      Now, let’s all pray to Papa Halas that Briggs is not as fat, old and slow in the reg season, and that DJ Williams stays healthy and reverts back to “PED-DJ” cuz neither impressed at all.

      The SAM almost doesn’t matter, but hopefully Fuller becomes a stud sooner rather than later.

      Our S position still sux, but like we’ve all said ad naueseum, can’t fix everything in one off season. If the front 4 apply pressure, and if Briggs and DJ revert to form, that should help out the S tremendously, like beer helps out C- Chicks at a bar.

      • MB30SD

        can we brownbag mail DJ some Winstrol… from canada? Just have it show up at his door labeled, “cereal sweetener’.

        He can just sprinkle some on his wheaties every mornin’

        (yes, I know it’s in an oil-based substrate that you inject (I’ve read). Just go along with the fantasy please)

        • For your consideration….

          Jeff can collect cat pee from his felines and send them to DJ to mask the Winstrol use.

          • MB30SD

            ohhhh…. i like that.

        • Maybe Briggs can get a contact high and go back in time like 2 years.
          Before PS, I was just worried they would get injured.
          Now, I’m worried that even if they’re healthy, they’re gonna run like a 77Oldsmobile.

    • MB30SD

      what about scott on the dline. is he basically already making the 53? Every time I looked up in PS he was making a play.

      • For your consideration….

        he is 4th DE

        • MB30SD

          gracias mi amigo

          • Yeah, I think he’s in. Biggys thinks too, and as it says in the bible, so let it be written, so let it be done.

            I’m pretty sure we’re keeping 10Dline cuz of what happened last year.

          • MB30SD

            I would be willing to part with one for a surprise ‘holy shit’ FS pick up from a cap strapped desperate team. next year I guess. Sigh.

  • DocNitty(BallsStillOrnamental)

    Holy shit, is that you, Jefe?

    As for the ice bucket challenge, I scoff at thee. I’m a polar bear type. Often seen swimming in icee lakes and glacier fed rivers on cold mountain hikes. Never one to shy away from a swim, no matter the weather or conditions. A few cups of cold water on the head? Please.

    It’s time to step up boys. I hereby initiate the glacier river challenge. Donations will be paid to Johnny so he can ornamentalize his nuts.

    • MB30SD

      I live in fucking san diego… I’d have to break into the polar bear enclosure at sea world!? Getting mauled by a polar bear and a regular bear in the same day are not part of the challenge.

      • DocNitty(BallsStillOrnamental)

        You just keep dipping your nuts into what you’ve been dipping them. Vicariously through you, I live.

        • MB30SD

          My doc. If you would like fun pictures and/or stories delivered to your mobile device, I would be happy to oblige. Just give me the yay… don’t want to get you into trouble.

          • DocNitty(BallsStillOrnamental)

            Um, YAY please. Yay!

          • MB30SD

            ring ring

    • For your consideration….

      i’m touched Doc.

  • Here’s Biggsy SP Team snipet:
    (As always, his entire articles are worth reading)

    The Bears thought they replaced Blake Costanzo, who led them with 375
    special teams snaps last season, when they signed veteran linebacker
    Jordan Senn March 13, the opening day of free agency. But he was in the
    club’s first wave of cuts earlier this week, indicating a miss. Wide
    receiver Eric Weems and safety Craig Steltz, who each logged more than
    300 snaps on teams last season, are departed. Weems hooked on with the
    Falcons quickly. Steltz, coming off groin surgery in the offseason,
    wasn’t moving well enough. Costanzo wasn’t moving real well at the end
    of last season. He’s already out of the picture with the 49ers after
    being released from injured reserve.

    The problem isn’t necessarily
    who the Bears have shed here as much as who they have to fill these
    core positions. That’s the big question for DeCamillis. McManis is a
    very good performer on special teams. After that, DeCamillis needs to
    find some core guys that will be regular four-phase contributors. The
    list of last season’s play-time leaders on special teams:

    Blake Costanzo 375

    *Dante Rosario 352

    Eric Weems 309

    Craig Steltz 306

    *Sherrick McManis 248

    Anthony Walters 248

    Devin Hester 246

    *Jerry Franklin 192

    Michael Ford 187

    Zack Bowman 173

    *Job Bostic 170

    Robbie Gould 167

    Corey Wootton 163

    Adam Podlesh 146

    *Khaseem Greene 131

    Pat Mannelly 126

    *Tony Fiammetta 123

    Derrick Martin 105

    Cheta Ozougwu 103

    James Anderson 100

    * — still with club


  • Frank Schoenburg

    Anyone else surprised Spurlock didn’t play yesterday?

  • MB30SD

    GP, think this is old, but just as painful to watch: http://www.cnn.com/video/data/2.0/video/us/2014/08/28/erin-moos-bugatti-lagoon-crash.cnn.html

    (btw, jeanne moos is a hoot!)

    Or there’s this: http://www.cnn.com/2014/08/29/tech/innovation/can-levitating-appliances-take-off/index.html?hpt=hp_c3

    …that this is basically a big human slapchop. Good luck with that first flight chris, hope you come back with all of your limbs intact.

  • Anyone else worried about Gould’s PS struggles?
    Remember, he missed that FG last year that cost us the game. Hopefully, he got it all out of his system.

    • CanadaBear

      Nah. They will get it together or someone not named Gould will be gone. That miss last year was a pisser but he’s been money for a long time. That rarely happens and he’s been really good at +50 in the last 2-3 years. Plus his kickoffs are routinely out of the end zone.

      • For your consideration….

        didn’t he miss two kicks contributing to 2 losses?

        • CanadaBear

          He missed one against the Wash Unmentionables but it didn’t cost us the game per se. As in, we fucked that game away on so many levels … The miss against the BiQueens was a pisser. We would have won if he makes it.

  • Boy, we seem snake-bitten at safety.
    First, Conte, not exactly the savior, has late shoulder surgery. Then, he knocks himself out.
    Then, Mundy, again, just a guy, needs 16 stitches on his head because his helmet apparently is maldesigned. He might actually sue the company according to Biggsy.
    Obviously, you can’t go around knocking ppl down with your head if it has 16 stitches. Can the NFL medics even find a way around that?
    Goes back to Mike Brown’s injuries. Man, we really need a safety next draft.

    • CanadaBear

      I think they were on his forehead. I wonder if that will break open all the time. YIKES!

      • That’s what I’m thinking. I’m not a doctor; I only play one on DBB, but I would imagine that 16 stitches on the part where you slam into ppl violently might not be the best place for stitches. I worry he might not be ready for week 1.

    • Frank Schoenburg

      Manuel can’t throw so we should be OK until week 2

      • They have a great run game though, and I’m not sold we don’t give up 5yds a run either.
        I’m not even cautiously optimistic about our D. More like, “I hope she doesn’t notice the missing condom in my wallet” consternation.

        • Frank Schoenburg

          On paper, we came a long way shoring up the run D. Preseason doesn’t tell me anything. Can’t wait to see how we do Sept 7. Go Bears!

  • Random PS BS.
    The god damn Browns kept booting the kickoff deep into the endzone like it was a real game! WTF!
    We needed to see which KR looked good, and we never truly got the chance cuz the Browns were playing it like it was a play-off game!

  • Frank Schoenburg

    Very suspicious that Palmer is let go 2 seconds after being picked up. As Cutler said “They still have to stop us.”

  • bearsfantillend

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