Contract Details For Cutler, Jennings, Slauson

| January 6th, 2014



Here are the details for the Bears quarterback, via Aaron Wilson at National Football Post:

In 2014, Cutler has a $22.5 million base salary and salary-cap figure with $2.5 million of his base salary deferred until March 30, 2014 in addition to another $2.5 million paid out over the 2015 regular season.

In 2015, Cutler has a $15.5 million base salary guaranteed and salary-cap figure.

In 2016, Cutler has a $16 million base salary and salary-cap figure.

In 2017, Cutler is due a $12.5 million nonguaranteed base salary and a $15 million salary-cap figure.

He has $2.5 million in per-game roster bonus paid out for $156,250 for every game he’s active.

In 2018, he has a $13.5 million nonguaranteed base salary with a $16 million salary-cap figure.

That includes the same $2.5 million per-game roster bonus.

In 2019, he has a $17.5 million nonguaranteed base salary with a $20 million salary-cap figure. It has the same $2.5 million per-game roster bonus.

In 2020, Cutler has a $19.2 million base salary plus $2.5 million per-game roster bonus.


Here are the details for the Bears starting corner, via Brad Biggs in the Tribune:


Base salary $1.355 million

Roster bonus $6.045 million

Workout bonus $100,000

Total cash $7.5 million

Salary cap figure $7.5 million


Base salary $4.4 million

Workout bonus $100,000

Total $4.5 million

Salary cap figure $4.5 million


Base salary $4.9 million

Workout bonus $100,000

Total $5 million

Salary cap figure $5.0 million


Base salary $5.3 million

Workout bonus $100,000

Total $5.4 million

Salary cap figure $5.4 million


Here are the details for the Bears left guard, via Brad Biggs in the Tribune:

Base salary $730,000
Workout bonus $100,000
Roster bonus $3.17 million*
Total cash $4 million
Salary cap figure $2,747,500
* ($1.67 million of roster bonus is OATSB, Other Amount Treated As Signing Bonus and is pro-rated from 2014 through 2017)

Base salary $2.75 million
Workout bonus $100,000
Total cash $2.85 million
Salary cap figure $3,267,500

Base salary $2.85 million
Workout bonus $100,000
Total cash $2.95 million
Salary cap figure $3,367,500
(Escalators worth up to $160,000 available)

Base salary $2.9 million
Workout bonus $100,000
Total cash $3 million
Salary cap figure $3,417,500 million
(Escalators worth up to $240,000 available)

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  • CanadaBear

    In Cliff we trust. They usually pay out most of these contracts thanks to Stein and Co. Seems fair for both sides.

    • 4ever85 (AKA Butch Deadlift)

      Cliff is so good. If he were my accountant, I’d have a mansion in the Bahamas.

      I often wonder if his talents can transfer over to GMing.

      • CanadaBear

        He’s good with money. Not sure about his scouting skills!

  • gpldan

    Mannelly is 40 years old. He’s probably wrapping up.

    Garza should teach himself to long snap better, and he can play another 5 years, at Mannelly’s old salary.

    Then, we go get Mack and there you have it.

    • CanadaBear

      Good point about long snapping. Great gig.

    • SC Dave

      Getting Mack would be great for sure, but not sure we can afford it given all the work that has to be done for the defense.

      • Irish Sweetness

        Yup, he gone. He’s easily worth $10M a year to somebody. Sad to lose him, he’s the best QB we’ve had since Mac in my book.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Wasn’t jeff Van Note, the Falcons Center, about 42 when he retired ? Mannelly should aim for that – I’d rather he snapped it than Garza. Garza can’t even get the shotgun right and we’re talking about long-snapping here. Garza’a like a sophomore center, and he’s not very good at it IMHO.

  • NewBearInTown

    Was going to make another long post on our off-season once the new thread started. Jeff set me up perfectly.

    I’m a little surprised at the Slauson deal only because I expected us to want to get another young guard for the line, but I’m fine with it. I think Jennings comes in at a steal. Cutler’s deal, as previously discussed, is about market rate, but is extremely team friendly in terms of the risk long term.

    Here are some other observations:

    1) Cutler and Jennings’ deals are both front loaded in terms of cap number. According to Spotrac, we’re down to around $12M in cap space, which could have been closer to $25M with some different contract terms. But with the front-loading the way it is, we can expect to have some cap space in 2015 and beyond as well.

    2) I just said we’ve got $12M in space this year, but the reality is we’re going to have to do something with Peppers’ contract. Cutting him yields $10M in cap savings. And if we want want, we spread the $8M of dead money into two years, giving us $14M in savings. That’s huge and bumps up back up to as much as $26M in cap space. Its possible the team wants to keep Peppers and sign him to a modified deal with a possible extension to push the cap savings even further out, but its too early to tell.

    3) Players like Earl Bennett and Michael Bush offer additional possible saving via cuts, though there’s no indication what direction the team would go in that respect. Biggest concern for me is that neither of these players is reported as planning to join Brandon Marshal’s crew in Florida. That’s particularly surprising regarding Earl.

    4) Remember that we still have to sign our draft class, which costs around $5M.

    So the punch line is, once we deal with Peppers, we will have $20M+ to play with in free agency. But we have basically nobody on defense except Conte, Jennings and a bunch of outside linebackers (Bostic, Briggs, Shea and Greene).

    Look for the following players to be at least in talks about new deals before March:
    – Hester (the team won’t want to offer much, but does he think anyone else will)
    – Mannelly (Dan points out he’s not so young anymore, but we could keep him)
    – Garza (hopefully will not be the next Olin)
    – Melton, Collins and Ratliff (all viable at DT, none worth a mega-contract, so we might need to let them test the market first)
    – Wootton (Emery spoke highly of him, but again won’t spend big, so we’ll see when the deal happens)
    – Peanut (Hopefully not the next Lach)
    – DJ Williams (Our only solid MLB right now)
    – James Anderson (Might not have a spot if we movie Bostic and Shea to OLB)
    – McCown (Rated the #1 FA QB by Walterfootball)

    Emery has shown that he prefers to have a “complete” roster prior to the draft. Last year, we knew we were drafting a MLB, but we still signed DJ Williams first. Likewise Slauson and Long, though they both ended up starting. I expect Emery to have 12 starting quality players (including a nickel) for our defense before the draft. Right now we’re short one safety, one corner, one MLB and at least three D-linemen.

  • gpldan

    It’s -45 degrees wind chill today, I had to walk through downtown to work and Memesay has folded shop.

    At least the fucking Packers lost.

  • NewBearInTown

    On the draft. Interesting point about the value of a higher draft position.

    A lot of mocks have us taking Ra’Shade Hagemmon in the first round. When we were expected to make the playoffs and pick around 22 or 23, he was almost universally mocked to us. Now that we’re up at #14… he’s still getting mocked to us.

    Meanwhile, I could see us forgoing the DT position in round 1 in favor of pass rush help or a DB. But for those positions, moving from 22 to 14 does not appear to land us the player we would want either.

    I know it will matter more in the later rounds, but something to think about next time you want your team to tank.

    • BerwynBomber

      I like Hageman. I saw him play three times this year and he’s a Suh-like beast. But a) I put little faith in my ability to project lineman to the next level (though I did accurately predict Michael Haynes would be a bust as I also saw him play a few times his final college campaign and came away unimpressed/A. Adams, IMV, was the best D-lineman on that PSU team) and b) Hageman was thought to fall short of his potential until this his final year, leading some to questions his drive/motor. But again I like what I saw. Interesting how these mocks have us taking him no matter our position. Sounds like laziness in avoiding having to reconfigure the whole thing.

      • Cormonster

        Berwyn, did you have a different name on the old site?

        • BerwynBomber

          Nah, I’m a rook. But thanks for asking.

    • bearsfantillend

      sounds like we have an opportunity to move down in the first round and pick up some more picks.

  • Sactowns#1

    So we still have about 20 million in Salary cap? And if we cut Pep.. whats that free up like $15 mil?

    • NewBearInTown

      According to Spotrac, we have $12M. Cutting Peppers saves about $10M (just under actually), but we can get that up to $14M if we spread the dead money over two years. I go through all the details in my post above. I said at the end that we’ll have $20M after all of that plus paying our draft class.

      • 4ever85 (AKA Butch Deadlift)

        and off the top of my head, the avg draft class cost about $5M, so $20M – $5M = (don’t know how to make the approx = sign on comp) $15M


        • 4ever85 (AKA Butch Deadlift)

          ah, didn’t read down yet (I see you got that draft class covered).

  • gpldan

    Colts sign Branch so they can use him this week to dissect Brady’s play calling and attack plan.


  • NewBearInTown

    There are some lists of free agents popping up now, but remember that a lot of these players (Greg Hardy) will be tagged before they hit the market and a lot more (Jay Cutler) will sign deals with their teams before March. The other thing to remember is that a lot of guys not currently on those lists are going to get cut as teams make cap moves. Here’s a pretty good list of those guys:


    Biggest area to look at is pass rushers. There were several one year deals last year around the league that won’t get re-upped. One guy to target is Seahawks Chris Clemons. There are also a lot of guys in the 30-33 age range that might be good value pickups.

    • 4ever85 (AKA Butch Deadlift)

      Soooo many on that list, and it really depends on what scheme we run (I’d hire Wade Phillips in a heartbeat. He doesn’t have that Ryan temperament, but he’s a superior DC than Bubba Gump. Horton is an option too I think).

      DeMaco Ryans I liked since his days in Tex, but I think the Eagles will re-sign.

      If we switch to a 3-4, how cheap will some older FAs be like Wilfork, Polamula, Carriker? all a little older and with some inj risk.

  • Cormonster

    Not football related. Any Queensryche fans on the blog? Gonna kick it old school on Friday and see the 25th anniversary of Operation Mindcrime in Atlanta with two friends from childhood. We seen the original show together back then in Milwaukee after an epic pre-party at their place at the time.

    My friends wife arranged the whole thing as an Xmas present for him. Flying me and the other friend from Milwaukee to their place in SC for five days. She also paid for the tickets and hotel. Great Xmas present for all three of us and great way to start the new year. Pretty cool wife.

    • johnnywad

      Jeez. Big gift.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Yo. Operation Mindcrime is one of the best contributions to Hard Rock/Metal I ever came across. Fucking awesome album. I still listen to it, and it’s more relevant than ever. Almost every song was a classic. Saw them in the SFX, Dublin in ’89 I think. I even remember the support band, a thrash metal band called Prong. It was the Empire tour. They really don’t make music like that anymore. I say Metal is dead, but long live metal

      Sweet dreams … you bastard

      • gpldan

        British Steel biotch

      • Cormonster

        I figured you were a big fan of the album, and your right it is more relevant now. See My response to IBNO.

    • IBNO

      Huge ‘ryche fan here. Saw ’em on Empire and the Promised Land tours. I was at the store the other day and saw ANOTHER CD out–and we had just gotten a new one with the new singer, so I had to look up what the deal was. Holy hell… WHICH Queensryche are you going to see? Geoff Tate’s abortion? I’ve read some bad reviews of the album and the live performances… guy used to have pipes, and now his voicebox is like Urlacher’s knee.

      Sad to say, when Chris DeGarmo left, that was the beginning of the end, even though there was still some gas left in the tank for the rest of the band. Come to think of it, DeGarmo was like the Mike Brown of Queensryche…

      Anyway, have a good time at the show. I remember on the Empire tour, Tate asking at one point, “How many of you believe in love?” All the kiddies and johnny-come-lately’s who got into the band because of “Silent Lucidity” cheered and said “me me me!!!” And then as DeGarmo played the opening to “I Don’t Believe in Love,” Tate snarled, “Well, I DON’T!”

      Great band, great music, great memories. I remember now!

      • Cormonster

        I became a big fan when Warning came out and kind of lost track of the band after Empire. First time I seen them live was right after Operation Mindcrime came out. They opened for Metallica at the Packers Hall of Fame. We were up front and the crowd was pushing so hard from behind people were passing out and had to be passed out of the crowd.

        The next year they headlined and played Operation Mindcrime straight through. Awesome show. I guess that’s what Tate’s doing on this tour. I’ll let you know what I think of it. Kind of a nostalgia show. That would suck if his voice is gone. Agree on DeGarmo.

        • Irish Sweetness

          Queensryche …… opening for Metallica ….

  • 4ever85 (AKA Butch Deadlift)

    Also, in honor of the Pack losing…here’s something else that can melt that cold icy north (NSFW?) And you say Twitter sucks.


  • 4ever85 (AKA Butch Deadlift)

    Since this is a money-blog, I’m wondering what’s the most blatant over the top rap video about money? There’s so many, I’m having a hard time coming up with a top 5…

    • Shady
      • 4ever85 (AKA Butch Deadlift)

        haha…going back to 85, kicking it old school.

        I feel like Mike Tyson needs to come out in a top-5 over the top rap vid about music.

        Story goes, he would buy a Bentley, then when it ran out of gas, he simply called his dealership and bought a NEW Bentley. They drove out to wherever he was, full tank of gas, here you go Mr. Tyson.

        Straight Pimpin (and how he got broke).

        I somehow feel there should be a New Jack City vid about music somewhere, but maybe that’s more about Dealing.

    • Irish Sweetness

      There are many rap bands who took this ball and ran with it. But the search is over. Look no more. This is where it all started. Antonio Fargas as Fly Guy in I’m Gonna Git you sucka – the funniest movie of the last 25 years. My bitch … betta have … my money.

      And if you haven’t seen the movie, it’s on Youtube :

      A 13 year old Chris Rock steals the show in a scene with Jim Brown. “I want some ribs!”

  • Shady

    “The Bears not only locked up Jay Cutler for seven years with the contract the quarterback signed last week, they created financial flexibility if the team sees an impact defensive player it wants to pursue in free agency.

    According to multiple sources that have reviewed the contract, the Bears included an “automatic conversion” clause that allows the club to create salary-cap space as needed moving forward.”


  • Irish Sweetness

    Hit my treble at the weekend, but thinking a value double looks to be IND + SD …. can’t see any blow-outs at this stage.

    What say ye?

    New Orleans Saints at Seattle Seahawks (-8)
    Indianapolis Colts at New England Patriots ( -7)
    San Francisco 49ers (-2) at Carolina Panthers
    San Diego Chargers at Denver Broncos (-10)

    • IBNO

      I want the Saints to win, but I think the home field is too much. I think it’ll be a close game, so I’d take the Saints to cover.
      Colts will cover, if not win. They’re higher and hot, and New England has been on ice for a week.
      Panthers deflate the 49ers, though.
      Broncos spank the Chargers. I’m leery of saying the Chargers won’t cover, though. Take the Chargers & the points

      Just realized that I’m saying “all underdogs” with my picks. Weird..

      • AlbertInTucson

        Colts? I dunno.

        A win like the Colts had Sunday uses up an AWFUL lot emotional energy that is often tough to recoup the following week.

        The Colt defense made Alex Smith look kind of like Tom Brady.

        In their own building.

        Makes me wonder what they’re going to make Tom Brady look like in HIS building.

        • Irish Sweetness

          If the Colts fall behind to a Pats quick start, I don’t see the Pats letting them off so easily. but the Pats defense is nowhere near as good as KC’s.

      • Irish Sweetness

        The spreads are very generous … and given that games are often so tight now … it makes me wonder what the books know ….

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