Audibles From the Long Snapper: Namesake Update, More Legal McMahon, Lyerla to Pack

| May 21st, 2014



Pat Mannelly, the namesake for this column, is attempting to recover from January hip surgery. Special teams coordinator Joe DeCamillis commented on the organization’s approach to Mannelly in this post from ESPN Chicago:

“I’ve been in contact with Pat and there is no pressure one way or the other,” DeCamillis said. “We just have to let it play out. He’s had a great career, and I hope he continues his great career, but we just need to let it play out and see how it goes.

“I don’t [have a sense which way he’s leaning]. I just hope it’s the best situation for him. That’s really what I hope because he’s such a great person and such a great guy. Winning the Ed Block Courage Award is a big deal. Couldn’t be a better guy to win it, I can tell you that.”

Here are some facts about the world when Mannelly joined the Bears:

  • The reigning Best Picture winner? Titanic.
  • Seinfeld was the top rated television show in the country.
  • Dave Wannstedt was still coaching the Chicago Bears.
  • Barack Obama had yet to serve his first two-year term in the Illinois State Senate.
  • Brian Urlacher was a teenager.

Pat Mannelly is a Chicago Bears institution and deserves a proper, year-long sendoff. Here’s hoping he returns for a final season.


Former Bears quarterback Jim McMahon is leading about 500 other ex-NFL players in a new legal battle against the NFL. From an article in the Salt Lake Tribune:

The lawsuit, which seeks unspecified damages on behalf of more than 500 ex-athletes, charges the NFL with chasing profits over protecting its players’ health.

To speed injured athletes’ return to the field, team doctors and trainers administered drugs illegally, without obtaining prescriptions or warning of the possible side effects, the plaintiffs contend.

Some football players said they were never told they had broken bones and were instead fed pills to mask the pain. One said that instead of surgery, he was given anti-inflammatory drugs and excused from practices so he could play in games. Others said that after years of free pills from the NFL, they retired addicted to the painkillers.

One look at McMahon’s Twitter timeline will give you an indication of how fans are reacting to this new suit. McMahon responded on the TwatMachine:

To all the haters out there what the f—k do u now what we went thru !!! U only no what u saw on a Sunday & what the media wanted u 2 !

Two questions. (1) If ex-players begin suing the league for EVERYTHING that’s bothered them post-career, will this ultimately dilute the impact of the concussion litigation; in my opinion, the only important litigation alive? (2) Would Richard Dent have entered this lawsuit if he were not yet inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame?


Because the guy actually Tweeted this.

The parents of the kids that supposedly died in the sandy hook situation are liars.

— ..::⚡C⚡::.. (@ThaRealCL) March 21, 2013

Isn’t there a point in life where you just don’t want to root for a guy? Isn’t there a level of grotesquerie that leaves a fan thinking, “You know, I am not going to clap for this scumbag?” These were gruesomely murdered children. Families ruined. A community completely destroyed. At some point doesn’t the NFL just say, “No, touchdowns are not more important than decent humanity”? I guess not.

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  • My first thoughts on Mannelly are the only ones that matter – the man can snap the long ball. Lots of other men can also snap the long ball. Dude’s been a Bear for eons, but if he’s not healed and good to go, how can you give him a roster spot?

    Bears did the right thing with J.Knox after his shoulders touched his anus, keeping him on the roster for that extra year so he could qualify for benefits. I trust they’ll do right by Pat, whatever that right thing may be.

    • gpldan waiting 4 Funukkah

      Mannelly is the Carlton Fisk of Chicago Football.

      Fisk got a Harley rolled out for him during his farewell game. If Mannelly hangs it up, I think he should get a regular season halftime presentation where he also gets a Harley.

      • oh, give the man gifts. i’m all for that. but don’t give him a year-long sendoff if his hip isn’t up to snuff.

        • gpldan waiting 4 Funukkah

          The Bears aren’t so charitable as to sacrifice a yearlong spot on IR based on tenure.

          Besides, Mannelly all but has the booth slot on WBBM and a show on 670 wrapped up. He has a healthy media career ahead of him in Chicago.

      • MB30SD

        THIS carlton fisk?

        • MB30SD

          oh, and what happened to will smith’s son. Doucheyne… smh.

  • gpldan waiting 4 Funukkah

    Jeff –

    Before dismissing Dent and McMahon and Van Horne, maybe you ought to read the actual lawsuit.

    It’s here:


    Team doctors were shooting these guys up with Halcion and providing them with Voltatren and Naproxen and telling them these were shots of “Special K” and other nonsense. And because they were MDs, they were trusted by McMahon and others. The team also had giant jars of percodin just sitting in the midle of the locker room.

    Van Horne’s repeated use of benzodiazepines enlarged his heart and probably has shortened his life considerably.

    Is it really fair to say these guys knew the risks and should shut up? Is that honestly your take on this?

    Because they probably didn’t know the risks. In some cases, it’s so clearly over the line into medical malpractice the judge should issue a summary judgment. Dent was told when he had a broken bone in his foot that playing on it would cause no further harm. Now he has extensive nerve damage in his foot – from playing on a foot with a broken bone in it.

    If your doctor did that to you, you would just accept it?

    I find it very odd that you republish stories that you think ingratiate you to current players, like how brave Marshall is – but casually dismiss the lawsuits of ex-players as whiners and never write stories about ex-players living under bridges and things to highlight the NFL’s lack of health coverage for former players. I think it’s self-serving, personally, and I’d rather see you just sidestep trying to be some press champion for some active players cause while casting aspersions on former Bears – former GREAT Bears by the way – by saying they wouldn’t dare raise their head unless they were already in the Hall of Fame.

    So what? Dent is acting rationally. Getting himself in the HOF increases his earning power over his lifetime and gives his family some honor to remember him by after he’s gone. He’s spent a fortune keeping himself on pain killers all this time because the pain is so great. But you prefer to do a spit take on his timing?

    Man, that is callous.

    • Trac

      I agree 100% GP. To Jeff’s comments, they are a classic display of an elitist mindset amongst the beautiful people. Concussion lawsuits more important? One human being is just as precious as the next. The claims in the lawsuit are believable and to me, that speaks volumes in itself.

      • gpldan waiting 4 Funukkah

        If Trac and i agree on something, it might be time to actually look at it’s merits. Either that or I stepped into some mirror mirror universe via a wormhole.

        • MB30SD

          the apocalypse is nigh!

          • Sactowns#1

            I gott aagree with y’all. These players deserve their day in court and if what they accuse the league of is to be believed they deserve a healthy payday.

        • Trac

          Even scarier still El Rushbo agrees with you. TV money is behind this lawsuit being buried.

    • Irish Sweetness

      I believe them. It’s sick. I saw a clip of Ickey Woods in a hospital treating ex-NFL players. Remember the body on Ickey? Man he can barely walk, he’s crippled, gained a lot of weight. Terrible.

      • Sactowns#1

        You dangeld your participle. I was sitting here thinking Ickey Woods became a Doc and was now treating ex NFL players.

        • MB30SD

          I got your dangling participle right here pal!

          (yeah, it’s alls I gots)

      • SC Dave

        The weight gain is likely at least partially his fault, as it is with just about everyone else.

        • DaBearsBlog

          I passed no judgement on lawsuit but for these players to now act as if they were not complicit in these acts is disingenous. These guys subscribed to a warrior, play at alal costs mentality and were celebrated for it. Now 20 years later they have realized that was not a smart idea and thry are looking for someone to blame.

          Thr concussion settlement was about the brain and about a perceived league coverup. Pain killers and injections not only have never been covered up but they are still prevalent in 100% of nfl locker rooms today.

          • Trac

            Not trying to be combative Jeff but you should try applying the same arguments to the concussion lawsuit that you are for this lawsuit and see if they meet the sniff test. Personally, I’m sick of the unions position of limiting the urin tests the way they do and there does seem to be a double standard when it comes to player accountability in some of these matters but the bottom line is that the NFL is the parent. Or at least they’re supposed to be. The mentality back then amongst sports organizers and team owners was horrific.

            If anyone has Netflix, I’d recommend watching Lauda vs Hunt. Classic juxtaposition of the dangers that occur when you mix TV money and profits with competition without regard to individual safety. Nicki Lauda was the man back in the day and was horribly burned in a race that should never have been allowed to take place. The mindset of player safety was nonexistent 20 or 30 years ago.

      • IBNO

        Not to mention Wilber Marshall. That dude was a terror on the field, and now he’s a broken old man.

    • tobijohn

      Count me in on this too…

    • CanadaBear

      I know this was 20 years earlier but Sayers and Butkus got atrocious treatment from the Bears medical staff back in the day. I’m guessing the players definitely have a case and it should be heard. Even if they lose, so what? It’s not my money being spent and I’m quite certain the McCaskey’s have enough to stay in business.

  • Shady

    On Mannelly, I also hope he returns for a farewell tour of sorts. As long as he can still play physically, there’s no reason to break up what has been a staple of the Bears special special teams unit for a decade and a half.

    On the lawsuit, I’m not sure exactly how to feel about this. On one hand, I feel like most players knew what they were doing by taking these drugs. But at the same time, the league probably knew what these drugs were going to do to the athletes but couldn’t care less about their long term health. I’ll wait for more info and details to come out before passing judgement on this one.

    On the Packers TE, yeah he’s an idiot with some pretty fucked up beliefs and a criminal background. But is he the only one? Absolutely not. This is America. You can speak your mind no matter how twisted your conspiracy theories may be. Like with most “troubled” athletes, teams will have to weigh the crazy versus the on the field production. If the fudge believe this guy can play, they’ll do their best to deal with the crazy. Maybe BMarsh can give him some advice on dealing with his illness.

    • gpldan waiting 4 Funukkah

      You can speak your mind no matter how twisted your conspiracy theories may be.

      In America (Yakoff Smirnoff voice), you are free to voice opinion.

      But you are not free from the consequences of stating that opinion. Please note the owner of the LA Clippers, Catfish face from Dick Tracy – Stern.

      The NBA is asking him to sell his team, forcing him out of the ownership of his own business, because he said he doesn’t like blacks at his games. Note: he didn’t enact a policy in defiance of race discrimination laws to prevent blacks from buying tickets; he just told his ho-bag that he didn’t LIKE it.

      And he’s being forced to give up his business and his ownership stake. I’m the supposed liberal here and I think that is terribly un-american. You can have terrible thoughts, stupid thoughts, be racist or deny global warming or whatever – but to force economic sanctions on people because of those thoughts have to be within the guise of the law.

      If the NFL has an outrageous speech policy, then it has to be clear what effects it caused otherwise it is protected speech. We can not root for the Packer (we hate them anyhow) but I don’t personally care what the beliefs of the players or owners are – as long as they aren’t breaking the law.

      • Shady

        And Catfish face didn’t even post it to his Twitter or Instagram account. But he is/was an owner of an NBA franchise. Certain individuals should be held to a much higher standard. If the NBA didn’t take action against Sterling, this situation had (and still has) the potential to do serious harm to the long term viability of the association. Once the comments were made public, the commish had a duty to take action against Sterling. But I can guarantee you the sharks who ate one of their own to save the league are now terrified of their own closeted skeletons being made public.

        • MB30SD

          mmmm… quite.

          • Doooonnnn’t Caaaaare!


        • SC Dave

          So, are you saying that those that don’t own professional sports franchises should be held to a lower standard?

          • Shady

            You can’t hold standards for the common man, but owners should be held more accountable for their behavior because of the inherent power and influence they wield.

          • MB30SD

            Woo Hoo!

      • Irish Sweetness

        If one argued it Constitutionally, could he be guilty of incitement to hatred … or curtailment of a man’s right to the pursuit of happiness ?

        • SC Dave

          I would say no on both counts. As GP pointed out, he did not stop them from going to the games.

          • gpldan waiting 4 Funukkah

            Apparently, Lyerla’s pursuit of happiness means pursuit of Scarface sized mounds of coke. This is a guy who missed a game at Oregon so he could go do more coke.

            We here have more benign pursuits, like chicks with fantastic racks.

          • MB30SD

            Mmmmmm…. quite.

          • Trac

            Scarface reminds me of Jimmy Carter for some strange reason. He he.

          • Big Mike

            Packers run is ending….

          • MB30SD


            fuck the packers.

          • bearsfantillend

            how is this a very un-Packer thing to do? the packers gave Johnny Jolly and Koren Robinson a chance despite their drug/criminal history.

          • IBNO

            There are limits to free speech. The courts have repeatedly affirmed this.

            Thus, “fighting words” are not unfettered. Yelling “fire” in a crowded movie theater is verboten. Etc. etc.

            So yes, inciting violence is not protected speech.

            Problem is, that’s a pretty high bar to reach. Neither Sterling nor Lyerla come close. Their speech is protected.

            Unfortunately, both are involved in privately-held organizations where there is NO right to free speech. The NBA is a club of owners that have an agreement that allows them to vote out a guy like Sterling for saying racist crap, or, if they really wanted, they could vote him out for bad hair dye… so long as bad hair dye was in the contract (“constitution”) of the NBA.

            Me, I’m for more free speech. Sure, that means idiots spew their stupidity left, right, and center… but at least then we have no problems figuring out who the idiots are!

          • SC Dave

            Inciting violence is a *very* different thing than inciting hatred. If the courts start ruling that you can’t say something because it might make someone *think* the wrong way, it’s long past time to find a land that still believes in freedom.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Surely it’s breaking laws somewhere to make racial slurs? The Constitution was a bad example, but basic legislature , no?

      • Sactowns#1

        I still think the NBA will have an uphill climb in court. I think they could exclude his team from the NBA (a business assosciation) but they wont be able to force him to sell his property.

        • gpldan waiting 4 Funukkah

          I agree. The NBA constitution is a closed, private document. I would love to see it.

          I highly doubt it has a hate speech or even a generalized conduct unbecoming clause. The owners would never do that to themselves.

          • IBNO

            The “legal experts” I referred to above were lawyers with knowledge of the document who were on Mike & Mike. They said there was indeed a “conduct detrimental to the league” clause. And they said a guy making racist remarks in an organization that’s more than 2/3 African-American is indeed “detrimental to the league.”

          • gpldan waiting 4 Funukkah

            I’d like to see Mark Cuban stand up, pull his pants down and do that thing that Jim Carrey does where he makes his butt cheeks talk and go “is this detrimental to the league? Is it?”

          • Irish Sweetness

            You want to see Mark Cuban’s ass.

          • MB30SD

            no thanks.

        • IBNO

          I think they CAN force him to divest. The legal “experts” (real, actual lawyers) who have some knowledge of the NBA constitution agree that the owners have the standing and the power under the contract.

          At worst, the NBA can ban Sterling, and then impose all sorts of punitive measures on the franchise until/unless he sells.

      • Trac

        Let’s be honest GP. The Sterling fiasco has little to do with the constitution and everything to do about penis envy and the NBA protecting their private boys club.

        Un American? It’s en vogue these days.

      • Bear Down in Tampa

        “I’m the supposed liberal here and I think that is terribly un-american.”

        That’s because you’re a Kennedy liberal of the mindset “I may not agree with what you say but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” The Kennedy liberal has been replaced with the Radical liberal who has a mindset of “I don’t agree with what you say and you’re a (racist/sexist/homophobe) who should be thrown in prison.”

        • MB30SD

          whoa whoa whoooooaaaaa… I’m waaaaay too pretty for prison.

          (Ask Erik)

        • gpldan waiting 4 Funukkah

          Well I am a old school democrat and Irish and raised Catholic, so I guess that makes sense.

          • Irish Sweetness

            I don’t trust career politicians, but JFK was a great President – a man that wanted the best for his people, and all people around the world. He wanted to end The Fed, make peace with Russia, and have full disclosure on the alien agenda. Honorable and righteous ideals. Damn them all to hell that killed him and his little brother.

      • I don’t like it either. And if Magic does end up buying the team, I’m gonna dust off my tin-foil hat and call it a conspiracy. How easy would it be to set up known racist who speaks like that?

        “Hey, TMZ, just tape this guy at the game. Trust me, you’ll get your story.”

    • AlbertInTucson

      This Sterling crap is a very dangerous, slippery slope, Boys & Girls.

      • SC Dave

        Absolutely agree.

      • I agree too. I’ve never been a fan of corporations firing employees for what they do in their own personal lives. I’ll give a personal example.

        I know someone who is pretty much an alcoholic. However, he has a good job. He doesn’t miss work and fulfills all his functions. From time to time, he’ll miss a day of work (but does it matter why? Sick days are sick days). His boss actually knows he’s an alcoholic, but his boss was an ex-alcoholic himself, so he’s very understanding and tries to help him out.

        Now, lets say his boss was more P.C. and fired him. I have no doubt that this guy’s life would probably spiral pretty fast, then what? Instead of society having a productive worker who pays taxes, abides by most laws, and in general is a good citizen, and maybe in time overcome his addiction, now this guy will become maybe a bum or worse.

        I know that the Sterling case and the NFL are different animals, but this is all beginning to feel a little too 1984ish for my taste.

        • Shady

          I think you’re missing the point.

          • I’m talking more about the everyday jobs (like employees getting fired for DUIs and the such).

            The NFL, NBA, etc are always going to be different. That’s just the reality. I’m not sure what Jeff is arguing, that Lyerla should be blacklisted from the NFL because of his beliefs?
            Seems to me that Lyerla already paid the price by not being drafted, and possibly not even making a team based on his tweet.
            What if Luck tweets that 9/11 was a CIA job? I almost want something like that to unfold just so I can see how the NFL responds.

          • Shady

            That would certainly be an interesting situation. Luck is a player, and players say and do stupid shit all the time… But Luck also happens to be the new Gallant face of the franchise. I don’t believe the NFL could or would do anything in that situation, but I would imagine the Colts org would go into full crisis management mode as soon as the tweet hit the twittersphere. That’s why teams have to be so wary of social media. These players are paid to crack skulls, not give thier opinions and analysis of world affairs. But the Sterling case and your DUI example are apples and naranjas maings. An OWNER. Of an NBA franchise. Just can’t get away with being so blatently racist.

          • Doooonnnn’t Caaaaare!

            especially when the league and culture of the NBA is a black culture, and the community identifies itself so intimately with it…..and that black people used to be slaves of white owners. it’s a unique situation and I think it’s ridiculous for that scumbag to have the chance to keep owning the team. I know it’s a slippery slope but in this exact instance taking the team away is the right thing.
            Now, i’m sure people will eventually try to use this to force other people to forfeit gain because of dissenting opinion but let’s cross that bridge when we come to it in the future.

  • FQD1911

    The Pack can have that POS Lyerla. We have a unicorn at TE (lol)

    • IBNO

      Let’s be honest: the guy was a UFA. He’s damn near radioactive. He’d have to be Gronk + Gonzales to make the team.

      • I think he’s either the week 1 starter for them or not on the roster. tough to see much in between

  • MB30SD
    • gpldan waiting 4 Funukkah

      The car needs so much air it’s hood scoop wasn’t enough. The inside headlight, if you look straight on, is an air intake halo’ed by a LED lamp, to add two more intakes to the engine compartment. Fucking Dodge.

      • MB30SD

        damn. can it go around a corner without fucking breaking loose though… or cut a decent line for that matter?

      • Irish Sweetness

        It sure do look purty though …

  • MB30SD

    you guys like Charlie Day?

  • MB30SD

    Oh hooray!

    The season’s first rank!

    Spoiler alert: We’re 10th… GB is 4th (hee hee). Oh, and Az, Philly, and Cinci are ahead of us (hee hee)

    Enjoy: http://nfl.si.com/2014/05/21/nfl-power-rankings-post-2014-nfl-draft/

    • gpldan waiting 4 Funukkah

      Don Banks gave it up?

      • MB30SD

        yeah, he was too good at it.


    • Irish Sweetness

      4th. Jebus.

  • Doooonnnn’t Caaaaare!

    I’m torn boys.
    On one hand you’ve got stories of hidden medical reports, falsified or omitted info to keep some important players on the field. That is weird and shady.
    On the other hand you’ve got the players who play through anything they can to stay on the field to earn more than the president of the country or some CEO’s of corporations. These were grown men coming back and now saying they didn’t know what pain killers would do to them but the secret evil scientists knew all along that their kidneys would fail eventually. They hid their own concussions and injuries as well. What about the speed that was consumed and the coke that was blown and the booze that was guzzled like a fucking 24hr frat party? What about guys partying so fucking hard, because they were the biggest thing in the city and making more money than god and in the fucking 80’s and early 90’s, that they came to work fucked up, hung over, etc. How do you recover from a hangover to ball out? coke dude….coke. Speed and whatever else you got your fucking hands on consumed all the while living out the mystique of the fucking Chicago Bears.
    On a third hand you have to understand that these fucking guys were Maniacs playing a maniac’s game. This is not your FF League 50 passing TD’s for a QB in a season. This was the closest thing to hot barbarian on barbarian action/gladiator academy shit.
    My co-worker was boys with Hampton and the boys in the 80’s and early 90’s and I’ve heard the stories of our poor overworked, hoodwinked players.
    All I have to say is “dude”, let’s not act like they were a bunch of short bus kids being controlled by their slave masters to survive another day in the field. These guys were the Wolves of Rush Street.

    • I think there’s some of both here. Players want to play, especially because nobody is gonna pay you to sit on your ass on the medical table.
      But when doctors are giving them misleading information about the long-term ramifications of some things they’re doing, that’s wrong IMO. Like telling somebody playing through a broken foot, if you can handle the pain, won’t have any long-term effects when that’s simply not true.

      • Doooonnnn’t Caaaaare!

        I am in agreement about that. You have to admit it’s a little amusing to watch an 85 Bears highlight film of some of the biggest headhunting motherfuckers ever assembled that are now complaining about the culture they participated in.
        Would any old school football tackle or hit even be legal now? You can twist off someones head knowing you fucked him up beyond repair but when it happens to you there is somehow no comprehension of any repercussions medically? you just consume pills and nod your head in agreement all the while you are rejoiced by the world because you broke some guys collarbone or leg?

        • MB30SD

        • how long would Dick Butkus last before Goodell kicked him out of the NFL? a game? a quarter?

          • SC Dave

            Butkus’ reply to that sort of question, was, if I recall correctly:

            “I’d adapt.”

      • bearsfantillend

        I agree with it being wrong misleading players about injuries. BUT did these guys not think of getting a second opinion from maybe a doctor that is not associated with the NFL? I think if i had broke my leg, i would definitely get suspicious after several weeks of pain and having to take a multitude of painkillers just to play. Hmm, something is still not right about my leg maybe i should get it checked by someone else.

        • not their fault if medical professionals were intentionally giving them incorrect advice though. pretty sure that violates the Hippocratic Oath.

    • gpldan waiting 4 Funukkah

      Prefiero el arma que sólo tienes que disparar una vez…

      • MB30SD

        Claro que si caballero… EL JERRRRICO Putas!

        (roll the R)

      • Ososfan

        “*la” firearm is feminine in Spanish lol

  • MB30SD

    Don’t point yoar focking tenticles at me!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wx1WCPXzuG4

  • MB30SD
    • Manziel tramp-stamp. Only in Cleveland.

      • Shady


  • MB30SD
  • AlbertInTucson

    “Isn’t there a point in life where you just don’t want to root for a guy?”

    Unbelievable comment. Unfathomable signing.

    Has the Packer organization ever TRIED to spin this signing in some way, shape or form?

  • Barb UMihai Mar

    Can’t wait to see Lamarr Houston in Bears uniform.

    • he’s one of a number of defenders who are big-time wild cards this year. Can he take the next step and become more of a pass rusher, or is he what he is (great run stuffer who can provide some pressure too)?

      • Irish Sweetness

        Would you guys have given up a fourth to move up one spot and get Donald from the Rams .. or is beefier better ?

        • I wouldn’t have, just knowing how many needs they had and how deep this draft was. If they missed on Donald, I wanted Sutton, and they got him.

          • MB30SD

            bingo! AND Ego. I think we came out on top of that one.

      • Barb UMihai Mar

        Lamarr Houston is no wild card. In my eyes he is Bear’s best defensive player. PS: He had a ton of pressure last year. Thank god he didn’t get too many sacks with those because his cost would have been 30% higher.

        • I know he’s had a ton of pressures in the past, but when I watch tape of him he looks like a good but not great player.
          I think perhaps playing in a good defense instead of the dumpster fire in Oakland could help bring greatness out of him, but haven’t seen it yet. Ergo the “wild card.” That’s the question for me: will he be good or great?

    • MB30SD

      can’t wait to see this D. The koolaid is running strong in the veins right now. feels good.

      • Irish Sweetness

        The boner you have for safeties, and you’re looking forward to seeing us go to war with these guys? We’ll need to go with a lot of Briggs and DJW and have Fuller on the field as much as possible to compensate. I’d throw Vereen in there from day one, he can’t be any worse than Conte even as a rook. Conte actually got worse last season, if that’s possible.

        But as always, if that offense starts running on all cylinders and getting in front quickly …

        • Sactowns#1

          Do we really have to rehash the Conte issue? The guy made as many tackles as our top two D linemen combined. If the d-line does its job and you can put Ginny back there at Safety

        • MB30SD

          well if I’ve started to listen to the 2-3 guys on the board… we don’t neeeeed any safeties, just a dline… right? just a dline and two fucking tackling dummies back there will be fine. right? FUCKING RIGHT?!?!?!

          Don’t get me started.

          I think vereen and mundy is probably the call, but to be honest, I think phiil has a couple more pick ups planned at FS yet. He basically stated it outright in his post-draft presser. We’ll pick a decent guy up off the waivers somewhere, that’s pretty much what I’m counting on.

          SS – Mundy
          FS – Some 3-5 year vet who gets let go because of cap/new guy

          Second string is dodgy at both… vereen will play, hopefully at FS. Maybe he’ll totally surprise and turn into a solid starter?

          And yes, a looooooot of nickle and dime with fuller front and center.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Over Allen? I can’t wait to see him roping A-Vadge, and Pep being shepherded off the premises by Kyle Long. It’s time for a shut-out in the rivalry methinks.

      • Doooonnnn’t Caaaaare!

        I’m going to say it right now. I feel Pep will be a beast this year and that he must be accounted for. He is going to tee off opposite of Matthews and the Bears best believe if we allow him a shot at Cutty he will try to put him down for the season.

      • Barb UMihai Mar

        The Bears play 49ers at their new place and play in Foxborough. Those are the games that are key for me.

  • SC Dave

    Tell you guys what… no more Hawks watching for me. Don’t work so well

    • Shady

      That was turrible.

  • Anyone know if S Steve Gregory is worth anything?

    A solid if unspectacular safety option for the teams that failed to
    address the position earlier — and the lack of options in the draft left
    a couple possible suitors. Gregory started 12 games for New England in
    2012 and then another 11 last season, making 79 tackles in his Patriots
    swan song. On any of the teams listed above, Gregory would be able to
    compete for a stating gig during the preseason.


    • MB30SD

      sure, why the hell not. Let’s get as many into camp as possible.

    • it cracks me up that they list RB as a need for CHI over S in that article.

      As far as Gregory, I wouldn’t mind him, think he’s an upgrade over anybody on the roster. At worst he could be 3rd S. Doubt it though; Emery already added all the competition he’s likely to IMO

    • Irish Sweetness

      We’ve got Danny McCray and Cattouse. Ya never know …

      • Doooonnnn’t Caaaaare!

        Danny McCray is interesting. DeCamilis obviously saw something in him that made him suggest that we bring him to Chicago. I’m not saying he’s a starter but he certainly is cheap NFL depth with years of experience and some size/speed to him.

        • MB30SD

          agree… kid’s 100% an athlete. Big, fast… maybe an ideal gunner?

          • Doooonnnn’t Caaaaare!

            sure, shoot the kid out of a cannon and let’s see if he can field murder someone.

  • I enjoy these “why didn’t they get drafted” pieces by Walt. I always wonder why some didn’t get drafted. Most are because of medical/off-field issues us draftniks aren’t privy to. On Jones, however, it was his brain. Hopefully, he’s a fast learner.


  • Cormonster

    Speaking of racism, I dealt with it growing up. But I was on the other side. I got jumped several times because I was white by black and hispanic gangs. The bad ass Latin Kings and Devil’s Disciple’s beat my ass a few times. My crime? Being white and walking by myself. Because all those pussies would never fight unless they had at least 4-1 odds. That’s my experience. The idea that ONLY white people can be racist is such a joke.
    I grew up in a neighborhood of mainly white and Hispanic people. Noone had a problem coming into our neighborhood. But whenever I went through a black neighborhood, I had people trying to attack me right away. That’s a fucking fact. You couldn’t even ride your bike through their neighborhoods. That’s a fucking fact.
    I won’t go further, lest I be considered a racist for stating some obvious facts of my life. Oh yeah, a good friend of mine for the last 37 years is black , so I got that going for me.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Pack animals. In Ireland when I was a kid everybody was white but you got your ass kicked anyway for walking alone if you were in the wrong part of town.

      Ey up, another military coup in Thailand is going down right now. Awesome.

      When the two parties in political opposition represent the poor and the middle class-Elite respectively, it’s always going to be interesting.

      Imagine the Democrats in the U.S. represented the poor, and the Republicans the rich. Fox news would be worth watching then.

      • MB30SD

        two party enter, one party leave?

    • gpldan waiting 4 Funukkah

      I knew a guy in my 20s, he was the brother of this chick I was dating. He was a true blue bleeding heart, something you really got to watch out for amongst us lefty types.

      Birkenstocks, environmentally aware T-shirts, listened to Hootie, really all the warning signs. He wanted to be a math teacher to the disadvantaged so he taught school at a Puerto Rican neighborhood school. His sister (my gf) and I went to see him at his school, and a couple punks came up to us and said to her, “hey you want us to get rid of this guy for you?” but they were way too chicken shit to take me on and left. Her brother KEPT getting his ass beat down (and robbed) by the Puerto Rican thugs in the school who didn’t want his skinny white ass there. Did not want.

      I kept telling him he was wasting his time, and that it wouldn’t stop. The Chicago Police Department told him he should probably quit. He kept thinking he was going to make some connection to them, like in some movie or something. Never happened, he finally gave up and starting tending bar in a white neighborhood in Chicago. Chicago has race boundaries and you need to accept that, it’s often block by block – but if anybody tells you it’s a melting pot they are full of shit.

      • And it’s not just race, I don’t think. I was going to relay this story earlier, but we were in full draft mode.

        So someone I know goes to visit his dad in Chicago. The son is latino, a marine, and not exactly small. I think he’s a sergeant.

        So, long story short, they’re all getting drunk, when a big fat dude and a smaller one go up to him. They ask, “So, you like the Kings?” To which the marine replies, “Yeah, I love the Kings” then points to his hat.

        These two characters then look at each other in somewhat disbelief. I guess you’re not supposed to respond like that in that neighborhood. So they begin closing in on him. The marine goes into marine mode, sensing something is up. He then gets serious. “Is there a problem?” to which they say, “Nah. No problem.” He then tries to diffuse the situation and tells them, “Good. Then let me get you guys a round.” they respond. “No, that’s alright” while inching in. He then stops. Puts his drink on the table, looks them dead in the eye and says. “I don’t have a problem. Do you?” They both stop dead in their tracks. I’m guessing he turned into combat mode, and knew he was no longer fucking around. Again, they looked at each other and said, “No. There’s no problem. But you shouldn’t wear that hat around here.” He then replied, “Hey, I’m visiting my pops from L.A.” They didn’t say anything and just walked away.

        Those idiots don’t care if they’re fucking with a white burkenstock hippie, or a latino war veteran from the streets of East L.A..

    • Shady

      Who said only white people can be racist? Did anyone on here call another poster a racist? Where are all these seemingly random stories coming from? Butch last night, Corm this morning. Are we all missing the point here? It’s like this site has been linked to the drudge report or something.

      • gpldan waiting 4 Funukkah

        Huh..huh….huh….huh…huh..huh… he said Drudge.

      • MB30SD

        Here’s a fucking story for you.. SHADY!

        In college I moved from ILB to SS (because I was only 5’9″ 205) so while a had a couple black friends in HS, when I got to college there was about 5 white guys in the DB group the rest were black. They were all great guys and we were all friends pretty much. We didn’t hang out much together outside of fb tons, but we still did. And the guys that didn’t… still when we ran into each other there was always much love.

        Anyway, I was a freshman and in film sessions I was ‘picked on’. The starting FS was a 6’4″ black guy named Mo. He and the rest of the upper class DBs sat next to each other and the greenies in the front. in almost every film session, I’d get a, “PSSSSSST…. MB!”

        I’d turn around and Mo (or one of the other guys) would have their huge dick hanging out of their pants. They all crack up and point. Every. Meeting.

        How’s that for some interracial love.

        • Shady

          This explains so much…


        • Doooonnnn’t Caaaaare!

          lol, it’s amusing when regular people try to place regular people constraints on high level athletes. It’s just not the same.
          you’re story is fucking hilarious on so many levels. i’m laughing out loud just picturing the lunacy.
          My old boss was a big time D 1 lineman. He told us stories about how there were groupies that would engage in gangbangs all the time and loved that they were property of the team. WIld animals man, you can’t read a story about top level athletes and ascribe the same societal behaviors to them. I’m not saying it’s right just that poor average shmucks trying to force or expecting that wild animals will be docile house pets is never going to work.

          Don’t get me wrong, illegal is illegal but a low mid level HR manager is not going to think the same way as a 6’5 265lb dude that runs a 4’5 has a 10 incher, has superhuman abilities and gets paid millions of dollars to do it.

        • Trac

          Murph said you were only 5’8″ 3/4. Hmmm

        • Did you ask 4 Mo?

      • I don’t think my story was random. It was relevant. It signals the general trend in our society that firing a man from his job for what he does or thinks in his off time is disturbing, at least to me.
        And I never mentioned if my friend was white/black/brown/purple whatever.
        I’m not a Silver apologist by any means, but his racism was pretty well known here in L.A. for a his practice of trying to keep rentals ‘pure’ is more reprehensible than anything he sputtered on TMZ.
        I think Silver should be out of the NBA.
        But where does it go from here? Every major sport’s now must put in clauses in their respective constitutions that their owners can’t be racist, misogynist, homophobic etc?

        • Here’s an interesting test case. What if an owner of a major sport’s team is caught on camera saying “fag’s should burn in hell”? There’ll be an uproar, but then he cites Leviticus and claims it is his religious belief, so too bad.

          So I guess if bigotry is backed by a religion, then it’s tolerable, or will he also be forced to sell the team?

          • Shady

            Again, in the Sterling case, where an owner with a checkered past (as you mentioned) makes such blatantly racist remarks against a race that makes up a vast majority of the league, it isn’t hard to decide what to do with the guy.

            In your example, the MLB would probably fine and suspend the owner for his remarks. If he were an owner of sorts in an industry that was predominantly homosexual like fashion, figure skating or soccer, I would tend to think he, like Sterling, wouldn’t have much of a future in that particular field.

          • Firing someone for his/her religious belief is unconstitutional though.

          • Shady

            Saying something like “I don’t support gay marriage” versus the hate speech you mentioned would probably be treated differently. But again, I’m no Jackie Childs.

          • Doooonnnn’t Caaaaare!

            didn’t see your post Shady. I feel like i’m sloppy seconds now.

          • Shady

            I enjoyed your responses.

          • Doooonnnn’t Caaaaare!

            if the league was predominantly comprised of gay men and the gay community lived and breathed the game and our country had a dark shroud over our heads due to hundreds of years of gay slavery I could see that being a bigger issue.

          • Doooonnnn’t Caaaaare!

            this theoretical league that I speak of would be fabulous of course. The greatest warm ups and team road and travel luggage of all time.

        • Shady

          General trend? Are there stats to back this up or are we just basing this off of was lines in the news. If it IS a trend, I would assume it’s because more and more people are posting things on social media outlets that put their employers in a position where they HAVE to discipline the employee.

          In the case with your alcoholic friend (which I’m assuming is really you by the way) I don’t believe the employer could do much if the problem didn’t affect his Jon responsibilities. I’m not a HR expert or employment attorney, but as long as your private life doesn’t unreasonably interfere with your work duties, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

          I think you meant Sterling, not Silver. And while I understand the slippery slope argument, I think in this case his blatant bigotry and racism makes this case relatively… Wait for it… Black and white.

          • I assure you, I am not the alcoholic in the story. I am a totally different alcoholic. Yes, Sterling/Silver etc.
            Bottom line is, if he violated the NBA’s constitution, then he’ll get ousted. Like I said from the start, firing an employee because he hurt’s the bottom line of big business is nothing new.

  • gpldan waiting 4 Funukkah

    This story just keeps getting more juicy and salacious. Now Madden says announcers used to get Toradol shots before games!

    hahahaha, that’s insane


    • Shady

      Yeah, when I saw that headline on da drudge I thought to myself, “Well, now it all makes sense.” But when I read the article and realized Madden wasn’t admitting to drugging himself before games I became confused again.

      So who do you think he was talking about? Summerall? Collinsworth?

      • MB30SD


      • gpldan waiting 4 Funukkah

        Might explain why Summerall was so mellow. A shot of Toradol and a double scotch on the rocks, and everything is smmmooooth.

        Honestly, it was probably guys like Tim Ryan or Dierdork, lineman with alot of pain in the knees who didn’t want their voices off pitch or to say OW during games.

  • gpldan waiting 4 Funukkah

    “The difference is that the concussion case claimed the NFL knew or should have known,” Silverman said. “We’re saying this was intentional, putting profits ahead of players’ health — and in violation of federal controlled substance laws, as well as state laws. You don’t order hundreds of narcotic painkillers in their names without telling them.”

    Ed Zachary.


    • Shady

      I would imagine most, if not all NFL players put profits ahead of their health.

      • MB30SD

        mmmm… quite.

  • This article (of mine-SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT) really sums up why I’m having trouble projecting Chicago’s defense this year.

    on the one hand, they have a ton of top-shelf talent. You can make a legitimate claim that Lamarr Houston is their 6th best defensive player, which is impressive.

    On the other hand, the players ahead of him will be 33 (Tillman, Briggs, Ratliff), 32 (Allen), or 30 (Jennings) when the season starts. Once you hit 32-33 you’re expecting a dropoff in performance, and injuries become more common (and heal more slowly).

    Can those guys all play like they’re still in their prime this year? If they can, then IMO the Bears are a top 5 NFL team and legit SB contenders. If they can’t, well… the D still shouldn’t be as bad as last year. So I’d say they should be in the playoffs but not serious title contenders.


  • Doooonnnn’t Caaaaare!

    Brandon Marshall press conference. An appreciative man reflecting on those that have helped him survive and thrive:


  • Shady

    DaBearsBlog @dabearsblog
    More days go by more I feel firing of Lovie Smith & hiring of Marc Trestman will prove 2 most important decisions in modern Bears history.

    I would think getting rid of Angelo and hiring Emery would have to rank near the top of that list.

    • Doooonnnn’t Caaaaare!

      agreed Shady. Emery has a plan and is executing it. I’m not going to fake like I agreed with the Shea pick or even the Long and Fuller pick but it’s becoming more evident that this guy has a very clear vision on how to have consistent post season success and has the balls and foresight to make moves to get there.
      Trestman is a dynamic coach it seems and has the players respect and it’s sad that Lovie/Angelo couldn’t create a clear vision of a developed offense because they had it on D and Specials. It also didn’t help that Angelo couldn’t draft for squat.

    • MB30SD

      Do I even need to chime in here?

      Didn’t think so.

  • MB30SD

    this kid is a fucking moron. Thank god it was before the crab legs and not this week. That would have been bad: http://www.tmz.com/2014/05/21/jameis-winston-stealing-soda-burger-king-employee-stealing-soda-911/#ixzz32RhSDauG

    That said, this kid is either a klepto, or he’s really poor and the NCAA needs to step the fuck up and do something to help these kids

    (or both)

  • Doooonnnn’t Caaaaare!

    Before….Chicago was the place receivers go to die, now it’s the place they go to die and sleep with 72 virgins.

  • So apparently, you don’t need RBs OR WRs to win a SB. Nice to know now that we actually have not one, but two studs at the position.


    • I’d argue the WRs were pretty damn important in BAL’s SB run, though neither is a superstar
      DEN too, though they lost

      • MB30SD

        Uhhh… boldin and smith ring any bells. That’s just a silly statement by that dude.

        Boldin almost singlehandedly got them there.

        • Doooonnnn’t Caaaaare!

          it’s silly when they talk about one guy getting a football team anywhere.

  • bearsfantillend

    On Colt Lyerla, he is an idiot. but does it really surprise anyone that someone with a drug problem is a paranoid conspiracy theorist?

    • CanadaBear

      You don’t need drugs to be a crackpot.

      • bearsfantillend

        it doesnt help either.

  • Doooonnnn’t Caaaaare!

    Looks like Earl and his agent made a bad move:

    Bennett got a mere $75,000 guaranteed money
    Bennett will get $730,000 in base pay if he makes the team.

    I’m pretty certain the bears had him in the 1.25mil range even after the pay cut.

    • Shady

      Guess Earl will join the ranks of Kruetz, Urlacher and Melton in the “grass isn’t always greener” club.

      • CanadaBear

        Hopefully he will have more chances and have a great year. If he does, he’ll be money ahead the following year.

      • Doooonnnn’t Caaaaare!

        Maybe Wood has a point. If Bennett shows his quality he may get a nice little extension.

    • it’s about more than just this year though. Playing for next contract. With the Bears his numbers were gonna be even lower than last year as Wilson takes the WR3 spot. Would have ben 6th on the target list at best.
      He’s only 27, so likely looking for one more decent contract after this year. Likely #3 target in CLE.

      • Doooonnnn’t Caaaaare!


  • gpldan waiting 4 Funukkah

    Joining @trentcondon on 1490 the Jock to discuss intricacies of an appendectomy…and Bears at 4:20 CT. Listen live: http://www.mainstreamnetwork.com/listen/player.asp?station=motm

    Jeff – are you coming on? They haven’t even previewed you. Did you get bumped?

  • gpldan waiting 4 Funukkah

    Patrick Stewart as a young man wasn’t THAT far away from McAvoy.



    • We must be on the same Funukkah wavelength. I just read an article on Stewart in AARP.
      Apparently, his dad came back from the war as an abusive weekend alcoholic. Stewart senior used to beat his mom, and they were so destitute that his mom and him used to hide from the creditors knocking.
      His escape was acting.
      Stewart then later discovered that his dad most likely suffered from PTSD. This is why Stewart is a huge supporter of Amnesty International, Violence against women, and Combat Stress, a Brit vet organization that helps with PTSD and the such.

      Interesting cat, to say the least.

    • Bender McLugh

      that doesn’t even look like Patrick Stewart.

  • How long did it take Jeff to bring up the new punter? Not very long.

  • MB30SD

    landon donovan cut from the US side?!?!? WiTF?!?!?!

  • MB30SD

    didn’t he do this once before: http://tennis.si.com/2014/05/22/serena-williams-tweets-support-for-caroline-wozniacki-break-up/

    The guy strikes me as the perfect recipient of the statement. “I don’t know, he just strikes me as a little twat.”

    He just does…. and I know nothing about him. cowardly little douche.

  • MB30SD

    Here’s madden on the announcer getting a toradol shot: http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2014/05/22/john-madden-says-nfl-broadcaster-gets-pre-game-pain-killing-shots/related/

    btw, about a year ago, blew out my lower back flipping tractor tires and a training partner who’s a sports doc came over with one of those shots… hurt like a motherfucker and didn’t do shit for my back. No thanks.

  • For your consideration….

    Kromer talking about Long is scary. He likened him to a baby that couldn’t walk or feed himself on day one of last year to a college graduate today. I think he is going to put boots to assflesh this season.

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