Audibles From the Long Snapper: Jackasses Badger Trestman’s Daughters, Gabriel & More!

| November 11th, 2014


If you abuse one of Marc Trestman’s Daughters Because He’s Lost Some Football Games, You Don’t Deserve to Be Part of the Human Race

Deadspin reported the story on Monday about Bears fans harassing the daughters of Marc Trestman because, you know, he’s struggling as a football coach. The article’s author, Samer Kalaf, summed the entire ordeal up perfectly: “The Bears suck, but these people suck more.”

Sports are fun. They are life’s great escape. And I don’t judge anyone emotionally investing in a football or any other team because it is the one element of life where a human can be completely unselfish. We have nothing to do with these outcomes, even though we often blame the sandwich we ate or where we sat or what jersey we wore.

You’d hope these assholes harassing the Trestman girls are teenagers but unfortunately they are not. They are useless non-entities unhappy with their own existence who’ve put too much of their self worth on the wins and losses of football team. To any of those individuals who might come across this site I encourage you to grow up and get a fucking life. Marc Trestman may not last as the coach of the Bears but he’s achieved more in his last two years on this earth than you’ll achieve in all of yours.

It is people like these pricks starting fights in parking lots and giving sports fans a bad name all these years and I’m tired of it.

Greg Gabriel on the Bears

Brandon Marshall spoke to a lack of confidence inside the Bears locker room on Waddle & Silvy Monday, even suggesting the team might need a sports psychologist. Greg Gabriel went further in a column for CBS:

It has become obvious this Bears team has no confidence. Is it no confidence in themselves or no confidence in the coaching staff? Or is it a combination of the two? When I was working in Halas Hall, I could have easily answered that question. But being on the outside now, I have to rely on what I hear from different sources.

There have been rumblings that the players — or at least some of them — don’t buy into the current coaching staff. When I say that, I mean both Marc Trestman as a head coach and Mel Tucker as the defensive coordinator.

Something is clearly rotten in the state of Illinois and if the players have ceased buying into the offensive philosophy it would at least explain how one of the most talented offenses in the sport is this bad.

 Can Someone Defined ‘Guaranteed’?


From Florio over at PFT:

The new deal signed earlier this year by Bears quarterback Jay Cutler carries $54 million in guaranteed money. But there’s a caveat.

Like so many other long-term veteran deals, the Bears can stop the bleeding in March of 2015 or March of 2016, cutting off the flow of guaranteed money by cutting Cutler.

For example, if the Bears dump him by March 2015, they’ll avoid $16 million in guaranteed money. If they part ways with him by March 2016, they’ll save the final $6 million guaranteed.

How can one avoid guaranteed money? Doesn’t that make the money not guaranteed? Either way, if Phil Emery remains the GM of the Chicago Bears there is no chance the Bears are quarterbacked by anyone other than Jay Cutler in September 2015.

A Test for George McCaskey

There has been a lot of talk on the internet about boycotting the Bears next season in some silly and inane attempt to send a message to the McCaskey family. The belief is that the failure to sell Italian beef sandwiches for three hours will cripple the family and force them to change GMs and coaches.


Check out this story at Forbes. If you’re not a reader I will spoil it for you: the Chicago Bears are valued by Forbes at $1.7 billion. (If they were for sale they would fetch closer to $2.5 billion.) Every team ahead of them OWNS THEIR STADIUM AND LAND. If the McCaskey family does not make changes to the football infrastructure it does not mean they are worried about finances. It means either (a) they don’t have the football acumen to make such decisions or (b) losing doesn’t bother them. The problem is not the cheapness of the McCaskey family. The problem is we don’t know how much football means to them.

We All Need Joy…

So watch this.

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  • Scott W.

    Eh. Good morning board. The people shitting on themselves by harassing Trestman’s family? Fucking trash. What I refer affectionately to as “throw aways”.

    • GPLDAN

      Trestman is inept and over his head, but he strikes me as somebody who is a fundamentally a good person. Nice guys finish last and all that, esp. in the NFL locker room that responds to head hunting bounties and other nefarious activities.

      His family doesn’t need assholes spooking them and the world could use a few less people making threats over the interwebz.

      I imagine most of these guys to be Hector Xavier Montsegur in real life.

      • Scott W.

        Except that would imply an IQ upwards of double digits…

  • wreckinball

    It’s time, be creative. When you are this bad all you can do is laugh.


  • Scott W.

    I know one of Trestman’s daughters actually reached out to Jeff after he was first hired.
    So, if by some off chance, after the relentless shellacing we’ve heaped on him this season one of you still reads over here, let me assure you, the regulars on this board are sickened to hear you are being mistreated. We are Bears fans, not human litter.
    And we are sorry to hear that someone calling themselves a fan would act like this.
    They aren’t worth a second of your neuronal time.

    • DaBearsBlog

      Very sweet kid. Proud of her dad and she should be.

      • Scott W.

        Yeah. I remember. She must have thought it great for her dad. Tough stuff now. She probably runs from the news now.

        • CanadaBear

          Hopefully they have enough sense to get off twitter while their dad is coaching the Bears.

    • MikeBrownhadaPosse

      Totally agree – the world is never lacking for a-holes. As mad as I am about this season, that doesn’t make Trestman a bad guy, and certainly doesn’t excuse going after his family. That’s beyond stupid.

  • MichiganBearFan

    I made a change to my Confidentiality Notice. It goes out to all my customers this week:

    CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: The information accompanying this e-mail is
    confidential and is intended only for the sender and recipient shown. If you
    are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that taking any action
    as a result of knowledge of the contents, forwarding or copying this
    information or any other use of these contents is prohibited. Please delete
    this message from your computer immediately. And oh my goodness do I hate
    the Green Bay Packers. If a meteor would strike Lambau Field; I wouldn’t
    mind a bit. It would be a bonus if Clay Matthews hair was singed off his head.

  • CanadaBear

    There are a lot of bullys/cowards out there that get by due to anonymity. I’ve faced it on the road riding a bicycle all my life. People have thrown trash and lit cigarettes at me, threatened me, run me off the road, reached out from the passenger side and hit me on the ass and one guy pulled a tire iron out of his trunk. My crime, somehow ruining their day by causing them to slow down and lose 5 seconds of their valuable time. Whenever I’ve challenged these idiots, they utter threats and then go on their merry way. Even the fuck head with the tire iron. In my opinion, you could dispose of all those worthless fuckers and the world would be a better place.

    • GPLDAN


      Canada is a bad-ass. Do NOT fuck with Canada.

      • CanadaBear

        Not at all. I’m a people pleaser so I’m relentlessly friendly. If you make me super mad, I tend to get irrational. I wouldn’t confront people now but I will still stick up for myself (up to getting a beating, I’m not up for that!!!!).

  • TheBigCheesy

    I’ve been facetiously thinking about that Cutler contract question this whole year but now the Bears are at a point where it’s an actual possibility.

    Jeff, would you consider cutting Jay in January and eating the $18 million for 2015 so you could recoup his 2016 salary? And if you wouldn’t, is that because you still have hope he can turn it around? If it’s obvious by December that Jay has already hit his ceiling, would you then consider?

    • NewBearInTown

      I wouldn’t make that move. Cutler is overpaid, but the Bears will have a much better chance of staying relevant if they keep him on the roster. Its much healthier for the cap to keep him for 2015 and then cut him after that, even if all he does is back up a rookie. But call me crazy, I still hold out hope that we can win with him.
      John Elway had a terrible attitude. He had average stats for the first 10 years of his career. In 1993, something clicked with his coach and he became a Superbowl winning hall of famer. I think Cutler has the same potential.

      • johnnywad

        They already have won with him. They had better defense then, but they won with him. Perhaps a hard bounce off of rock bottom will be good for any Bears that remain on the roster for next season, including Jay.

      • BerwynBomber

        You’re off your rocker. Elway took a half-assed team to the SB his third year in the league by executing what many consider the greatest drive ever. He was all of 24 at the time.

        I wouldn’t compare QB stats from thirty years ago to today. Hell, I wouldn’t even compare QB stats from ten years ago to today. But going back thirty years is akin to comparing HR stats from the deadball era to the McGuire/Sosa one.

        • NewBearInTown

          Not comparing Elway’s stats to Cutler, comparing Elway pre-’93 to post-’93. I was a little young to experience his career first hand, but the general story is that he turned a corner later in life and all of a sudden turned into a much better QB. Similar comments could be made of Drew Breese.
          And its not like Cutler hasn’t had some amazing drives himself. That’s what’s so maddening – he flashes absolute brilliance sometimes. I remember last year they were calling him “Mr. Fourth Quarter.” But he’s so inconsistent – if only we had a coach who could help fix that.

          • BerwynBomber

            You’re reading the wrong history. Elway “got better” late in his career because a) D finally got an offensive-minded coach in Shanahan, and b) he finally had some talent surrounding him.

            But in reality Elway was a better player when he was younger and losing SBs. He carried those team single-handedly from an offensive standpoint. He had no weapons around him but he was a perennial Pro Bowl player and won three AFC title games.

            Comparing Cutler favorably to him is laughable. Sorry.

          • Cormonster

            Ironically, Elway played pretty shitty in his first Super Bowl win against Green Bay, aside from his spectacular touchdown run. Terrell Davis owned the Packers defense that day. Elway only had 12 completions in the game and a pick. That was a glorious day. I watched it at a bar with all Packer fans, about 100.

          • Elway’s mom

            It’s not laughable. It’s just stats. Elways’ stats sucked the first ten years. Fact. He threw a LOT of interceptions and his comp% was in the toilet.. The fact that he’s better than Cutler is irrelevant. Not making excuses for Jay but his O-line is NOT good.

      • Donnnnn’t Caaaaarrrrrre!

        thank you New Bear. With all of the Bears issues, the one that doesn’t need to be addressed right now is the QB. I am not saying it never needs to be addressed, it’s just that it’s about the 28th thing that needs to be addressed.

    • DaBearsBlog

      No reason to eat that money next season. Cutler is the starting quarterback in 2015. And you won’t draft a quarterback if the head coach stays because the organization doesn’t know who’ll be coaching the QB after next year. Coach decision has to be made first.

      • BerwynBomber

        Agreed except for the “starting QB in ’15” assurance. I would say Jay is PROBABLY the starter for ’15, but I think one of two things might happen in the off-season. A) The Bears might not be looking for a QB in the draft but if they think their future falls in their lap they would be insane not to take him. Or B) they will pull in more of a threat as a back-up than Clausen to compete for the job.

        As of right now, there are only a handful guys you assure starting jobs for next season: Forte, Fuller, Bennett, Long, and Slausen. Mind, there are certain guys who should have little issue retaining their starter’s job: Marshall, Jeffrey, Jennings, chief among them. But unless there is a dramatic turnaround in the final seven games, only the five guys I mentioned would be penciled in. Everyone else? You’re competing for your job.

        • Peanut FTW

          Young is pretty safe. Just sayin. 🙂

          • BerwynBomber

            Yes, I missed him, though I will say ideally he seems more a 3rd down specialist than every down DL.

          • Peanut FTW

            I like the idea of keeping him fresh, but I think he plays decent vs the run.

      • Peanut FTW

        I wouldn’t say the questions at HC definitively rule out a QB. It isn’t ideal certainly but if there is a high value prospect there at that position, Emery will take him regardless of HC concerns.

      • Scott W.

        The coaching position is the most important, yer right about that.
        My question is, why is Emery not at all held accountable? This is his mistake, and it’s huge. Hell, it’s everything. So I just don’t believe it stops with Trestman. It can’t.

        • Peanut FTW

          If anything, it is more Emery’s fault at this point. He created the Cutler situation, he created the Tucker situation and he forced both onto whomever would take the HC job, Trestman is just the one guy who applied that was willing to deal with it all.

          • TedPhillipsIsaTool

            And still nobody points the finger at the CEO of failure? How does the guy who employed Angelo and Emery and overseen incompetence at every turn not get the bullet?

      • SC Dave

        Unless, of course, there was an Andrew Luck coming up. Which there isn’t, but your statement is not categorically true.

  • BerwynBomber

    We should keep in mind that we got strafed by two all-timers in Rodgers and Brady. Doesn’t make the shrapnel any less sharp. Doesn’t mean the losses weren’t embarrassing. Doesn’t mean heads should not roll at Halas. But a smidge of oppositional perspective is warranted.

    Anyway, onto Minny. Should be an intriguing game. Zimmer seems to be doing a decent job up there. Lost AP and their #1 QB yet they are a last-second neckbeard toss from being 5-4. From what I’ve read their rook Anthony Barr is now the lead D-rook of the year, supplanting Fuller, and though Bridgewater isn’t lighting the world afire he has also avoided being a rookie disaster.

    The Bears should keep their gameplan practice squad simple. I’d be inclined to eliminate virtually all O and D audibles. This is a team that needs to re-start from ground zero. Don’t get cute.

    • TheBigCheesy

      The Bears can’t really start from ground zero until 2016-2017. They went all in this offseason with contract extensions to veterans and a few free agent signings. Marshall, Cutler, Slauson, Jennings, Houston, Allen all just got paid. Win-now moves generally set you back a few years. They can start from ground zero in terms of upper management and philosophy I suppose, but that would require the McCaskey’s to empty their own pockets (Emery and Trestman still have multiple years remaining on their contracts.

      The bears put all of their eggs into Jay Cutler’s basket and they are fucked.

      • BerwynBomber

        Fair enough but I meant in terms of a game plan. This is a team that needs their assignments to be as clear as possible. Both offensively and defensively there are too many players on opposite pages. Offensively, run the play that is called. Defensively, stay in the package/coverage that is called. It is like the Keystone cops out there. This is a team that should not be changing plays on the fly.

      • Donnnnn’t Caaaaarrrrrre!

        Cutler = least of bears concerns at this point.

        • SC Dave

          Bull fucking shit.

      • Peanut FTW

        Personally, I’d rather get rid of the Allen contract, that is absolutely dead money with no ROI whatsoever.

    • Before the season, I look at games and try to divide into categories:

      1) Won’t win. No chance.
      2) Likely loss
      3) Toss up
      4) should win

      I never say will win 100%.

      I had two “won’t wins” this year: at NE and at GB. Any time Bears are on the road against Rodgers, Brady, or Peyton, I chalk that up as an automatic loss.

      It’s not THAT they lost, it’s HOW they did it.

  • johnnywad

    This blows. For the first time I can remember, I have lost interest in watching the Bears Sunday. I recently purchased a new antenna, which mounted on my roof, would give me Fox out of South Bend, which carries the Bears. I’ve always had a way to watch them until this season. This year, I’ve been to the bar, been to friends with the Sunday Ticket, and of course, we’ve had some national games this year. Well, I’m sending the antenna back, without even opening it. I will make no effort Sunday to get in front of a TV showing the game. Fuck em. If Ownership and Management don’t give enough of a shit about the team to make some kind of a change following the worst performance by a football team I’ve ever seen, then what’s the point? Why should I give more of a fuck than them? Answer: I don’t. There is nothing to watch here. The Vikings are going to beat the Bears like a drum. And all the while, Trestman will stand there, looking like an adult dressed as a Bears coach at a Halloween Party, and Tucker will stand there wondering which end of the football he’s supposed to be fucking, and Chris Williams will keep getting tackled at the 14 while some other Bear I don’t know gets called for an illegal block, and any fucking second, Forte is going to get the kind of injury that effectively end his career in a meaningless game. So screw it. I’m going to clean the garage on Sundays until further notice. Until somebody at Halas Hall says “enough”. There is no point in paying attention to this team.

    • Shady

      Can’t argue with that. The Jeffersons have been unwatchable, unless you’re into that sort of thing.

    • Peanut FTW

      I am stealing that Tucker line for poker night, just lettin you know.

    • SC Dave

      I did not watch the Packers game intentionally. You had to know this was coming. I doubt the Bears beat the Packers again with Cutler at QB.

    • SC Dave

      You’ll have to post a picture of your garage about week 15. I’m sure it would make Martha Stewart proud!

    • guest

      Pirate feed. HDMI cable from PC to TV. Job done. Nobody gets killed.

  • Trestman’s presser was insult to injury. Sunday night was like getting gang-raped in prison.
    Oh, but that wasn’t enough for the Bears.
    Then the McCaskeys, Emery and Trestman had to gauge our eyes out and piss into our ocular cavities.

    • Peanut FTW

      I have my fill of knowing I’m going to be upset and doing it anyway watching the Bears play. I don’t need anymore by watching pressers or listening to Boers and Bernstein.

  • For the first time since forever, I may actually start a player in FF against the Bears because I WANT to see them lose.
    Those quitters deserve to get beat severely until someone gets fired.
    I won’t be going against the Bears. I’ll be going against The Jeffersons.

    • SC Dave

      By someone, I would assume you mean some of the QUITTERS?

  • Peanut FTW

    Oh… Happy Veteran’s Day
    Thank you to all the men and women who are serving or have served this great nation.

  • As for the “Cutler” debate, many moving parts. Two big considerations.
    1. New Coach
    2. Draft position/QB class

    1. If an A+ candidate like Harbs will take the job only if he cans Cutler – so be it. Blue chip coaches (like Arians) don’t like being saddled by players and personnel before they’re even in the building.

    2. If we end up 10 and beyond, drafting a QB is a risky proposition. This is where many GMs dig their graves with the Ponders, Genos, Lockers of the world. If we get closer like in the top 5, then I hold to my original set up:

    Draft a QB, make him sit for a year or two behind Cutty ala Rodgers/Young, etc.

    What’s the worst case scenario? Cutler becomes good, and we have a blue-chip QB in our pocket for trade-bait?
    Guarantee you some team will want a QB in a year or two.
    Cutler crashes and burns, new QB will have a year or two under his belt in the new system, so he won’t go out there like a chicken with head cut off.

    • BerwynBomber

      Tend to agree and so long as Cutler’s not a locker room cancer and/or won’t play nice in the QB room (both Erik Kramer and Kordell Stewart had that rep) then there is probably little reason to cut him. Though if we are serious about competing next year, I do think they pursue a more formidable back-up than Clausen as an alternative.

      • We need a high-draft QB. No doubt about it in my book (BUT ONLY if the HC is all in on him, not because we’re desperate, cuz we’re not at QB).
        Cutler doesn’t strike me as Farvre-ian, and even if he is a little of that, it seemed to work in GB.
        If Hoyer and the Browns could handle Johnny Football on the bench, no reason why we can’t.

        Throwing away picks on 6th rounders ala Martz is a waste, IMO, unless you’re willing to make him your 2nd QB and commit years to molding.

        • BerwynBomber

          Yeah, but I wouldn’t say Favre wasn’t potentially damaging just because Rodgers turned out well. That might more have do with the Cheese’s coaching staff, front office and Rodgers himself than the idea a Favre-like dude wouldn’t damage a kid with potential. But yes, I agree that protecting the veteran starter’s ego is silly.

          In terms of the drafting a late round QB thing, wasn’t that R. Wolf’s theory at GB (even while they had Favre)? Always draft a QB late because if you can develop them as decent back-ups they are valuable trade chips? I seem to recall they did that often there.

          • I think the big IF is that a franchise has to commit to developing.
            It makes little sense to draft them, then stash them on the practice squad for any team to poach.
            I mean, when was the last time we heard about David Fales?
            Maybe that 6th round pick could’ve gone to a S, CB, LB, or Returner.
            Shit, maybe even an Olinemen.

          • BerwynBomber

            Of course: all comes down to development unless you’re going high (and even then). Btw, interesting bit of trivia: when the Pats drafted Brady they started the following season with four QBs on their roster and Brady was fourth on their depth chart.

      • GPLDAN

        Erik Kramer had a rep as a clubhouse prima donna?

        I didn’t know that. Source?

  • RenoBear

    Oh hey… Speaking of zero ROI on Allen, he’s apparently the curse too. He never won in Soldiet Field as a Viking… And now he’s still never won there as a Bear.. And I think the Vikings roll the Bears this’s weekend.. I liked the paper bag idea put out a couple threads ago

  • Hey, Data, maybe do a piece on the rook DTs? (Feel free to include Paea since he’s on a contract year).

    I’m curious if they’re “grading” out well.

    I like the Sutton pick, esp for his draft position, but I wasn’t exactly thrilled about Ego. I wanted a fat nose, but curious to see how the DTs are holding up.

    • depends on how you grade. PFF doesn’t love any of them. I think the rooks are doing meh. They’re not really making plays in pass rush when they’re in there, but they are holding up pretty well against the run. Chicago is in the top 5 in the NFL in yards per carry allowed up the middle, which reflects well on the DTs.

      • That’s what I’ve been seeing. Not getting trucked over, but not penetrating on a consistent basis either. But if we’re truly playing a ‘two-gap’ 4-3, not sure exactly if they’re supposed to be shooting through the gaps like under Lovie.

        DT is a very hard position to master. It’s rare for any rook DT to make an instant impact. Even Aaron Donald has been relatively quiet.

        Maybe a more fruitful assessment would be to compare them to other DTs drafted in the 2nd/3d rd.

        • yeah, I don’t know how much of that is scheme. I’d like to see more of a penetrating DL personally. Right now they’re holding a good pocket, but not collapsing it.

        • NewBearInTown

          If we’re lining up in a traditional 4-3 (which we are), we’re playing one gap just like we were under Lovie. Tucker is making some scheme changes, but he’s running a traditional 4-3 defense, and that means one gap.

  • CanadaBear

    I thought this article summed up things pretty well when it comes to Nessman.


  • Echoing previous comments on here: going after family members on Twitter is fucking stupid. Hell, going after players/coaches directly on Twitter is fucking stupid.

    But the dumbasses who take it beyond football and say shit like “I’m gonna rape you” (actually said to one of the Trestman girls) or “I’m gonna kill you” (said to many athletes/coaches) should go to jail, IMO. Has to be some sort of law they’re violating for threats.

    Start catching them, make them pay for being assholes, and watch how fast that stops being a huge problem.

    • At the very least, they should be fined like $1000

      • Community service could be good.
        Or even some charge that does not require any real punishment but goes on their permanent record.

        • NewBearInTown

          The way to deal with guys like that is you put them on probation for a year, they have to submit to their web accounts being monitored, and they have to do some kind of community service. Maybe a modest fine also just to fund a justice system that has to do all that monitoring.

          • I think that’s too “big brotherish”, NB.
            I assume finding the person behind the avatar is rather simple.
            Just fine them $1,000 + community service.
            If they do it again, fine them again, like $5,000 + community service.
            They do it a third time, maybe fine + some jail time + community service + mandatory therapy on their own $

          • NewBearInTown

            Random monitoring is actually really common. Sort of like random testing for drug offenses. Just makes it a lot cheaper for the parole officer to quickly and efficiently see if the bad behavior continues. After 1 year of parole, the monitoring stops, the guy can get a new set of twitter handles, life goes on.

          • It just seems like more bureaucracy.
            The way I see it, if douchebag tweets, “I’m gonna rape you.” The victim turns him in, fine, etc.
            He tweets something again along those lines, and someone else reports him, see above.
            It seems easier and cheaper.

          • freedom?

            So in other words, remove freedom of speech and leave no-one in any doubt that we’re a fascist police state? Wish everybody a happy veteran’s day with another comment? Make up your minds if you’re grateful for your veterans sacrifices in WWII or not.

          • Huge Bear’s Penis

            court ordered gay porn for the “I’m gonna rape you” comment.

          • They should be forced to become Bear fans.

    • SC Dave

      You would think that there are some laws against threatening violence.

  • Aaron Rodgers “After the game my lower back hurt, and I think that was from standing around watching.”
    The Jeffersons…

  • Artoo

    Somehow the past six years, our offensive coordinators have struggled to call proper plays or adjust.

    Are we sure it’s not Cutler? Like 100% sure because this just can’t be a reoccurring theme.

    • Well, in Cutler’s defense, Martz didn’t allow him to audible. So that was mostly on Martz (though it could very well be that Martz knew Cutler was a nit-wit, and didn’t want him running his O).
      Tice was NEVER a real O.C. and it was obvious Cutler never believed in his system.
      So, to get a better view on Cutler, we might have to turn to the Shannahan/Trestman years because both are proven quality O.C.s.

      Still, like I advocated before, we must lean on Forte, and limit Cutler, like the Cowboys limit Romo.

      The problem is that Cutler never sees a defense he doesn’t like audibling to throw against.

      I found it very telling that Trestman pointedly stated that he indeed did call running plays early, but that Cutler audibled to passes.

      Same thing he did on the 3rd and shorts in the previous games.

      But, hey, keep on trucking Cutty.

      • Donnnnn’t Caaaaarrrrrre!

        he said on the first drive that happened, the first drive. you guys need to start making comments based on facts and what actually happened instead of inventing history and adjusting what was said to fit your post.
        Everyone knows what kind of O Martz ran.

        • Trestman did say on the first drive. Early, first drive, almost synonymous. But either way, results are the same.
          Cutler is audibling to passes when Trestman is trying to establish the run.
          Now, if there’s 8 in the box, then I can see. QBs should be allowed to make certain audibles, but sometimes running the ball even knowing it won’t gain much at least keeps defenses honest, and limits strip/sacks/ints, which Cutler has a knack for.

          • NewBearInTown

            Who cares. Cutler isn’t the OC. If he’s audibling the wrong pays, Trestman needs to tell him to run the ball and not permit any audibles. Not a hard thing for a coach to do. Doesn’t speak well of Cutler, but not an excuse for Trestman either.

          • And add that to the list of why Trestman needs to be fired.
            I can easily envision alpha-Cutler just doing his own thing over Nessman protestations.
            dooont caaarrree.

          • SC Dave

            Same way he told TIce(?) to fuck off, perhaps?

          • Donnnnn’t Caaaaarrrrrre!

            he told Martz to fuck off

          • EnderWiggin

            “Tell Martz I said Fuck You!”

          • BerwynBomber

            I had forgotten that Cutty/Tice incident. “Gimme another OC, stat!”

          • Donnnnn’t Caaaaarrrrrre!

            he would never do that for gods sake.

          • guest

            That’s still on Trestman. What do you do if your dog shits on the floor? You just let him? If your QB won’t follow instruction, you bench him. Period. Ditka couldn’t bench McMahon because he was smarter than everyone else in the room.

      • BerwynBomber

        Yeah, as nutty as Martz was he might have been onto something. I actually thought the best Jay looked was under Martz before the broken thumb.

        • Ososfan

          Yea man. Remember that game against the chargers? He was lights out for most of the game before the INT and broken thumb.

          • BerwynBomber

            I remain a fan of one but I liked Martz as our OC. Yeah, he was nutty and some of his schemes were well-known but fuck it looked like we had a clue.

            What killed him was that he had a bad rep he couldn’t shake, Jay was pissed at him because he wanted to audible and then Hanie was a total disaster when Jay went down. But remember, Martz hadn’t wanted them to keep Hanie in the first place. Talk about irony.

      • guest

        To get a view on Cutler, look at his record, look at what he’s won, then decide. There’s a nine year body of work there.

    • Donnnnn’t Caaaaarrrrrre!

      yet we had a winning record and went to the NFC Championship…..with shit OL and shit WR. Jesus dude.
      Use your fucking heads….please.
      Don’t you dare call Tice an OC. Martz ran a fucking offense from the 90’s…..The offense was top ranked last year…..

      • BerwynBomber

        And we did even better with Rex Grossman. And we won with Jim Miller and Kyle Orton.

        Mind, I am not saying any of those three are better Cutler (though Orton might be outplaying him right now), but the point is all those teams, including Cutler’s, were carried, largely, by specials teams and defense. Let’s not get carried away with the “Jay once beat a 7-9 Seattle team in the playoffs at Soldier.”

        • Donnnnn’t Caaaaarrrrrre!

          Bomber, my head is about to implode. I was responding to Artoo’s comment about the OC’s under Cutler and only to that.
          Everyone loves to discount the success that was achieved and magnify the failures… then proceed to ignore all of the reasons for it. It’s annoying.

    • NewBearInTown

      You make a valid point, but its really hard to know without knowing the playbook.
      If Cutler and a receiver aren’t on the same page, the question is which one of them was thinking of the wrong route. And if the answer is that the WR got it wrong, was Cutler not clear about communicating the play. And if Cutler was clear, was it the WR or was it the coach that installed the play that messed up?
      Likewise with audibles. Cutler isn’t just calling whatever he wants. These plays are designed with one play in mind and with one or more audibles the QB can call instead. If the coach says “use Audible A if the Defense shows man coverage” and Cutler does as he is told, then its not necessarily his fault. Even if the Defense ends up in zone in that scenario, it still might not be Cutler’s fault, depends on the read. Point is, its not always clear when a play breaks down where the trouble happened.
      You also have situations where the defense just gets lucky. The coaches call a play that will work great as long as the Defense doesn’t blitz two guys from the weak side. Defense makes the lucky correct call, Cutler gets sacked, its really nobody’s fault. So, yeah, really hard to tell.

      • Scott W.

        Well articulated. I’ve often realized I had no idea where the fault line was.

    • BerwynBomber

      There is never a shortage of bulbs for the Jay Cutler Excuse Tree.

      I actually think it’s a combo of each. Jay’s an average QB who swerves wildly between very good and very bad (and the mean is average). And the coaches have been average themselves.

  • Artoo

    Holmes just got released

    • Peanut FTW

      There we go finally some accountability around here, they cut that dipshit Tucker…. wait… what you mean the fuckin wide receiver?! WTF!

    • Bear Down in Tampa

      Opens up a spot for Marquess Wilson…

    • This also means that Williams will most likely return Punts and Kick-offs.

      • Peanut FTW

        May as well, he has as many return TDs as Hester this year. Oh snap.

        • I don’t mind giving him a shot, esp since the Jeffersons are a 3 win team.
          What I don’t understand, why don’t they give others a shot? like Christian Jones, Bostic, Greene, etc etc.

      • worth noting that Chris Williams only returned 12 KOs in the CFL (and was below average in that tiny sample size)

        He was far and away the best PR in CFL history. I’ve been screaming for the Bears to put him on PR duty for weeks.


    • EnderWiggin

      My father went to the Carolina game this year. He says what stuck out the most for him was:
      1) Santonio has no hustle/
      2)Bostic flies around like a mad man and with coaching could be a probowler
      3)McClellin is not a linebacker.
      … For what its worth.

      • BerwynBomber

        His Bostic take was pretty much everyone’s after the very first preseason game Bostic played. At this point I think most will settle for serviceable starter or even contributing back-up.

      • Bostic has the “blind dog meat market” syndrome, which might not be entirely his fault. Might be Tucker’s, but boy is he an absolute liability in the pass.

  • Donnnnn’t Caaaaarrrrrre!

    I’ve reached my insanity quota for the day. I will try to read comments tomorrow.

    • Trac

      Where’s the beef?

  • BearDown100393

    Just a brief comment. This social media ordeal is a proverbial black eye to all fans here. Despite its obvious stupidity (IMO a classic example of cyber bully behavior which can be prosecutable), if continued also serves as a bit of a deterrent to any future coaching candidate. The job itself is beyond stressful to a mere mortal. In all seriousness, how many are truly qualified to handle every real or imaginary job miscue under a huge microscope open 24/7 to the public? Now tack on cyber bully behavior toward a coach’s daughters? That must never be part of the deal. Yet here we are. Future coaching candidates (and agents) have no doubt taken notice.

    • BearDown100393

      Clarification: “here” meaning Chicago in general.

      • GPLDAN

        You don’t think Rex Ryan’s family gets shit on social media?

        THere are nutterz everywhere, and football attracts the worst of the loons.

  • SC Dave

    Oh for God’s sake listen to you all. Fulminating scorn, anger, and probably a touch or two of hate at Mark Trestman and now professing your sensitivity towards his daughters. Please.

    • Peanut FTW

      There is a pretty large, grand canyon-sized line between thinking someone sucks at their job and needs to be fired and thinking they should die or have someone in their family harmed.

    • Big Mike

      No hate here, just think he wasn’t the right guy for Chicago.

    • Scott W.

      You know, that’s more short-sighted and overstated than those you are judging Dave. Surprises me a little.


    Jeffy Tweeties:

    Mike Ditka on Twitter harassment of #Bears coach Trestman’s daughters: “These people ought to be rounded up and kicked right in their ass.”

    In fairness to Ditka, he thinks that about lots of people. Democrats, his colleagues at ESPN, tree-huggers, vegetarians, etc.

    • Trac

      Gotta luv da coach!

    • Cormonster

      Too bad Ditka never ran for office. Didn’t he consider it once a while back? That would have been fun to follow. That was great when Jesse “the body” Ventura was Governor of Minnesota.

  • Trac

    The Bears have finally made the changes we all know will turn the season around. Yup, Santonio Holmes has been cut. He he.

    • GPLDAN

      THAT was the root of the clubhouse cancer!

      It’s all rainbows and Unicorns farting skittles from here, guys!


    Now that Marcuss Wilson is back, Holmes could go.

    We now have a TRUE deep threat!

    This will make ALL the underneath routes open up, the running game click, and we’ll soon be back to 2013 form. Rainbows and Unicorns!

    • AlbertInTucson

      Yeah, for the game or two before he’ll likely get hurt again…?

    • Big Mike

      Holding out hope I guess….

    • Trac

      I am glad I got to read that. Thanks GP.

    • Cormonster

      Great read. Thanks.

    • NewBearInTown

      Always interesting to hear from men and women who’ve lived such full lives.

    • huntinbare

      Great article on veterans day GP….
      A quick story about what happened to the Japanese when we captured them.
      My father “The Butcher” quit high school to join the navy during WWII ’cause the household needed money. He served on the USS Callaghan, a Fletcher class destroyer that was the last allied ship sunk by a kamikaze during the war. The Butcher was shot off his gun and rehabbing in Idaho when the ship went down. During the war the boys shot down a Jap. plane and rescued the pilot. The pilot was told all sorts of lies about what would happen when captured by the Americans. He was stunned when the medics treated his wounds and took great care to make sure his imprisonment was 1st class.
      After the war he went home healthy and safe to Japan and the survivors of the Callaghan began to get together on a yearly basis stateside. Well it turned out that the pilot was from a prominent family; and when he got home he increased the wealth of the family significantly through his brilliant business skill. He was forever grateful to the G.I.s and looked them up through the state department. He showed up at one of the reunions and foot the bill for all the festivities; telling his story at the formal dinner that was held. This touched the remaining survivors deeply. What honorable men do in the face of destruction matters….always

  • Ososfan

    I read the article, and the comments by those disgusting people. I was embarrassed to be a bears fan after reading that. One of the daughters got so fed up she started cursing out some of those losers and good for her! I think they both have their Twitter accounts set to private. Those cowards are beyond vile. Coach Trest sure seems like a good person and it is unacceptable for his family to be harassed over his hardships at the moment. Fucking cowards…..

  • Trac

    So there we have it, dirt bags be damned. Trestman is our coach and until he isn’t, he has my support.

  • huntinbare

    Some more about the smile thing….

    Jeff’s modern version of Turkey In The Straw seems light years away from the original .http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VsnZxfkkoKQ

  • huntinbare

    I want to extend my apologies to the Trestman family. This city still has a lot of love for you; despite these difficult times that have caused the fan bases’ focus to become skewed. I know that Marc is giving every fiber of his being to the success of our football team; and for that I will be eternally grateful. You sir are the head coach and it is my prayer you have the good fortune of experiencing the greatest rewards your job has to offer. It hurt me to know of the horror that your family has experienced; nothing like this should ever happen; and I want you to know that everyone here on this sight wants God to smile on you and may you be rewarded with nothing but the best for all your dedication. With Love and Gratitude …The Boys and Girlson this sight and in the stands.

  • huntinbare

    Sunday turned from unbearable to tragic for me. Just when I thought I had bottomed out I got this horrible news about one of our most honest and brave servicemen. If you never saw his story watch the movie
    BODY OF WAR. Godspeed Thomas and thanks for a life WELL LIVED.


    • Perceptions

      A life well-lived? He joined up to go shoot people in a country that had done NOTHING to him. He got popped by somebody defending their own country from a foreign invader. Genius.

      • huntinbare

        If you take the time to watch his story and understand that he entered the service after 9-11 to seek out the people that participated in that attack; then finds himself deployed to Iraq ….a place he did not intend to “invade” and ends up in situation he did not support because it was not connected in any way shape or form to 9-11….then gets put in harms way by leaders who wanted to plunder a countries natural resources; who had no intention of keeping him safe while he performed their ” fools play”….then accepting the miserable conditions he had to live under while getting no resolution for why he joined …then having the courage to speak truth to power while he wasted away…yep that is a life well lived….he exposed the folly of fighting wars for natural resource enhancement ….just curious…if you did watch the movie tell me what you think about the press club dinner and all the creeepy people who laughed while Bush made light of his ability to lie this population into his madness.

  • Barb UMihai Mar

    I think Jeff is an intelligent and considerate individual, but sometimes I’m confused by his rationale ways on different concepts.

    Any form of fan ‘rebelion’ is a powerful weapon and it can take many forms: not going to games, not watching on Tv, not buying gear shit and yes, not even buying sandwiches.

    It’s not about money per se for these wealthy fuckers. It’s all about power, status and in part adoration. The money are the highway which makes it happen and -also- closely and tedious monitored image builders.

    But at the end of the day they want power and status. Power at their business level and status in their social gatherings. If fans boycott, even at the most basic level the Bears product they’ll lose power at the NFL level and status inside their dinner parties and social events.
    Everybody’s filthy rich at that level. They’re in it for the ‘game’ as much as anything else. The ‘game’ between themselves.

    For a regular fellow, fans not buying polish hot dogs it’s stupid and naive because it’s not going to move the arrow one bit… for the wealthy that makes for a high level meting.

    It’s how these wealthy psychopaths get there and stay there.

    PS1: Another facet are the internal battles for power than happen inside power-wealthy families. Shit is brutal and everything matters.

    PS2: 15 years ago, my then best friend went to New York with his father who was there as the new GM of a local chemical company just bought by a the 158th American Largest Private Companies (ICC Industries) owned by a dude named John Farber. This dude is in the Forbes 400 and they say he’s worth $1.9 billion.

    The story goes like this: My friend’s family meets this dude for dinner and then they walk towards his Manhattan office. The Forbes 400 75 years old sees a coin on the ground and hurries to pick it up. My friend asks how come you pick up the penny when you have so much money ? (this part of the story is bogus, there’s no way a 14 year’s old asks such a big gun ‘what a fuck are you doing?’, most likely he wanted to gloat and assert himself before his new employe). He tells him ‘I never leave money on the ground, money is money, it also reminds him of before he had money’ stuff like that.

    The moral is simple: these fuckers are a bunch of wankers. I mean that 75 years old piece of shit had more than $1 billion in his pocket, but if he wouldn’t have picked that quarter of the Manhattan street he would have ruined his day. He couldn’t stand such a feeling.

    PS3: I could give you countless examples of fan power as I was/am an extreme european football fan. You have $100 billion companies that own teams and that didn’t have the balls to do what fans didn’t want them to do. You wouldn’t believe it.

    6 months ago Erick Thohir new owner of Inter Milano, part owner of DC United and Philadelphia 76ers reneged on his world and stopped the transfer switch between Mirco Vucinic and Freddy Guarin with Juventus. Fans didn’t want to do business with Juventus and Thoir (family member of one of the most rich family in Asia) listened, even if he gave his personal word hours earlier to Andrea Agnell (family member of one of the most rich family in Europe).

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