2014 Chicago Bears Schedule

| April 24th, 2014


Week One

Sunday September 7th – Noon


Week Two

Sunday September 14th – SNF


Week Three

Monday September 22nd – MNF


Week Four

Sunday September 28th – Noon


Week Five

Sunday October 5th – Noon


Week Six

Sunday October 12th – Noon


Week Seven

Sunday October 19th – Noon


Week Eight

Sunday October 26th – Noon


Week Nine


Week Ten

Sunday November 9th – SNF


Week Eleven

Sunday November 16th – Noon


Week Twelve

Sunday November 23rd – Noon


Week Thirteen

Thanksgiving Day – Early


Week Fourteen

Thursday December 4th – 7:05 pm


Week Fifteen

Monday December 15th – 7:05 pm


Week Sixteen

Sunday December 21st – Noon


Week Seventeen

Sunday December 28th – Noon



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  • SC Dave

    First? Oct 5…. hmm

    • MB30SD

      THERE it is Dave! Well done!

  • SC Dave

    Damn, this Looks favorable with saints home late and pats mid season

  • Big Mike

    Don’t like opening uo the new stadium in SF but the rest seems to lay out nice. Heading to soldiers week 11 going to Carolina week 5

    • We always lose in SF anyways, maybe this new stadium snaps that tradition.

      • Big Mike

        Schedule starts tough. We will know who the Bears are this year. No overinflated record for sure. Just like it should be. 10-6 this year would be a way better team than the 10-6 team from Lovie’s last year. No way to get 10 wins without beating quality teams.

    • SC Dave

      Working for Carolina tix too, dude

  • I lllllove this schedule.

    -Bills at Bears. Please. No better way to open up a season than with a victory.
    -9ers early. They won’t have Aldon, maybe he’s out the first year, but he’ll def be suspended for our game.
    -Bears at Jets. Hopefully, the Jets won their opener cuz they like following every win with a loss.
    – Packers at Bears. Both teams should be healthy and ready to go. Our D will get 3 practice games to shape up.
    – Bears at Panthers. The Panthers struggled mightily early on last season. Who are their receivers again? This will be a test for our front 7, esp our LBs.
    – Bears at Falcons. Tough dome, but they’re soft. Almost as soft as Shea’s physique.
    – Dolphins at Bears. Too bad this ain’t a road game. Fins are wildly inconsistent.
    – Bears at Pats. Well, at least it won’t a blizzard-bowl, which should benefit the Bears (how odd is that?)
    – Bears at Pack. After a bye? Hell yes.
    – Vikes at Bears. Week 11 is just about right for them to either bench their drafted QB, or start him off the bench.
    – Bucs at Bears. Hester should break the record by then, and the Bucs offense should also implode by then too in typical Lovie late season collapses against good teams fashion (how you like them apples?)
    – Beart at Lions, turkey day. Get out the turducken, cuz the Bears are going to put a pilgrim’s foot up their ass.
    – Cowboys at Bears. We’ve owned them the last few years. Their RBs should be injured by then, and Dez might demand to be traded.
    – Saints at Bears. Like this late season meaningful game. Good primer for our playoff run. Last year the game was close, but never really within reach. We’ll see how much our team has progressed from last year.
    – Lions at Bears. SWEEP. Division. Game. Blouses.

    • Max

      Hester plays for Falcons … Not the Bucs

      • Oh yeah. Can Hester break the record in 3 games? That’ll be close. Melton in Dallas ought to be fun too.

    • Irish Sweetness 4 StephTuitt

      I like that we’re done with the Packers in November – hopefully two wins with a healthy roster. We get to the Niners early. Niners, Panthers and Pats away look like the only tough games.

      • This is the year Irish…when we sweep the Pack. It’s been a long time coming, and this too shall pass. You heard it here first. (UNLESS Cutler goes down again).

    • Eagles 11 point fav over visiting Jags.
      Donkeys 7 point fav over visiting Colts

      Bears 6.5 point fav over visiting Bills.

      Top 3 favorites for openers.

  • Max

    Don’t like SF early. Do like Saints late at home and Pack after a bye week.

    That said, 9-7 or 10-6. I think it’ll take a miracle defensive turnaround to sniff 11 wins.

    Lions are no pushover, we drop one if the two. Pats at home are tough. We drop one of the two back to back away games vs falcons/panthers. We don’t sweep the Pack or the Vikes, although if we win the first Viking game, we may be facing a rookie come the second game, so there is hope. And maybe drop a game we should win (Bucs, Dolphins?)

    • SC Dave

      Naw… sweep through sec country sees bears 2-0

    • Johnathan Wood

      I like both Cowboys and Saints at night in December.

  • Shady

    Let me be da first to say da Bears are going 19-0 my friends. Super Bearce Super Bowl.

  • Dolly Parton wackiness. You musicatos/country fans might find this interesting.


  • NewBearInTown

    Week 2 at the Niners is tough, but that was going to be a tough game no matter when. Better early in the season – a win would be a huge confidence booster. A loss would not hurt so bad – most every team loses an early one to “cobwebs” or some such so we’d just blame it on that.

    Week 4 hosting the Packers stinks because we’re coming off of a short week road trip for MNF. If we lose, we will come out losing division tie-breakers for weeks with an 0% win record. If we win, we win tie-breakers for weeks with a 100%. At the end of the season, that will be meaningless since everyone plays 6 games, but mid-season, it can be important psychologically.

    At Panthers is tough, but early season health will help our offense. Early season jitters may still hurt theirs. Following up with at Falcons makes it really tough. But I’m not sure either of those teams will be a powerhouse next season. I see them both being wild card contenders at around 10 wins.

    At Pats, at Pack is a tough stretch. But the bye week in between really helps. No matter what happens in New England, that’s motivation for the Packers game.

    Bucs at Bears will be exciting to watch. Lovie is a much better coach than the blog gives him credit for, but I just think its amazing how little our current team resembles the one he coached.

    The Thanksgiving game is actually really helpful. It means that we play on a short week against the Lions who also have a short week. And it means that we get a full week to prepare to play the following Thursday night game (against the cowboys, who oddly also get a full week’s rest).

    I like the closer. There are three possibilities. (1) Both teams are competing for playoff position. Jared Allen can return home and put on a clinic against his old team for the win. (2) The Vikes have fallen out of contention. Again, Allen provides a spark for the defense to help prevent a spoiler loss. (3) The Bears have fallen apart, and then who really cares?

  • Any word on Bears and Hardknocks? I think the NFL has a hard on for Emery, Trestman and the Bears in general (the NFL, not necessarily the media). And who better to play the anti-hero than Cutty-badger? Comic relief provided by Black Uni. Drama and inspiration provided by Marshall.

    • AlbertInTucson

      I would be stunned if the Bears agreed to do HARD KNOCKS..

      Also disappointed.

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