Tickets Now on Sale for DBB / Otis Wilson Charitable Association Dec. 8 Fundraiser!

| November 18th, 2013


DaBearsBlog will be co-hosting a charitable benefit in Chicago on Sunday night, December 8th with Bears legend Otis Wilson. The event will be a Mike Ditka Lookalike Contest, celebrity judged by Otis Wilson, James “Big Cat” Williams and other Chicago luminaries. The contest winner will receive two tickets to the following night’s Bears v. Cowboys game, featuring the Ditka jersey retirement ceremony at halftime.

The event will be co-hosted by a new organization called Art of Men (pairing men with volunteer projects across the country) and raise money for the Otis Wilson Charitable Association.

TICKETS WILL ONLY BE $10 and will include drink deals. All proceeds will go directly to the OWCA.

Any attendee who brings a toy for the Otis Wilson Charitable Association Christmas Toy Drive will be entered into a raffle to win a signed jersey. There will also be other Bears-related raffles for charity.


Sunday Night, December 8th. Doors Open at 7:00 pm. Contest begins at 8:00 pm.


Double Door. 1572 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago. Wicker Park.


After the jump you can see the glory that is the event’s poster…


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  • NewBearInTown

    No Ditka at the event 🙁

    • Viva

      Ditka is omnipresent.

  • Shady

    Big Cat Williams?!? Oh, hells yes.

  • Trac

    The Bears just won a pivotal game so yeah, invoking Ditka is apropo. I love that word. “Ditka”! Just saying it makes you feel good.

  • Trac

    Otis Wilson explains a little about his Charity organization back in 2011.

  • CanadaBear

    If I lived within a few hours drive I’d be there. I’d go just to meet Big Cat. He was one of my favorite players for years.

    • Trac

      Hey Canada, I left a tribute to MB on the last thread for your enjoyment.

      • CanadaBear

        Thanks. I’ll check it out!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CanadaBear

    Johnny you and I have gone round and round about Cutler but overall our opinions aren’t really that far apart. To say you are defensive when anyone says anything critical of Cutler is an understatement. I get Cutler’s your guy and I applaud you for your single-mindedness and passion . However, when posters compliment McCown it’s no knock on Cutler.

    • Trac

      lol. I love back handed compliments.

    • Ghost of Waffle

      I respectfully disagree. I don’t get defensive when people say something critical of Cutler. I get frustrated and lash out when people don’t use logic or reason when being critical of Cutler.
      I could write a 10 minute article on it but it wouldn’t make a difference.
      I watched a video of a college basketball player that has scored over 100 points 2 separate times. The comments section consisted of guys saying it’s not that hard to score 100 when you don’t play good competition.
      I saw a guy mention that Giselle Bundchen looked like a man.
      You can’t fix someone’s intelligence level. That has been my mistake in the past. If someone doesn’t want to realize how many factors go into playing the game of football then I can’t help them. I refuse to help them.

      • Trac

        I can vouch for Waffle. It’s true, only my vast knowledge of the game has saved me from rebuke on many occasions. he he

      • bearsfantillend

        really?!? I usually understand most of your views/opinions of Cutler, and honestly agree with some of them, however I sometimes find your views/opinions to be very narrow-minded and don’t take in all the factors that go into playing football. Unfortunately, you have proven to me that you are not capable of having any open debate about Cutler because of this narrow-mindedness. So before you lash out at someone, why don’t you use that “Logical” mind of yours to try to understand where the other person is coming from. Until you do that you are living proof that you can’t fix someone’s intelligence level.

        • Trac

          While some of you seem to be engaging in brutally honest conversation, can you please consider finding another avatar? Maybe for the female Bears fans that browse the site from time to time. There, I said it.

        • Ghost of Waffle

          I do understand where the other person is coming from and I disagree with the logic used and usually with the analysis of the situation.
          I try not to care and I hold off as long as I can from getting frustrated but some of you I fucking swear to god are the incarnated spawn of Tom Jackson, Trent Dilfer, David Haugh, Steve Rosenbloom, etc. mixed with a Chicago City Worker who played Freshman B team ball and once came in 2nd in your company’s fantasy football league.

  • Trac

    Per Jeff’s twitter concerning McCown finding a job as a starter. I’ve got to believe that there are more than a few salvageable QB’s not starting around the league that given the right situation, can thrive in certain schemes. I can’t believe that there is such a small pool of talented qb’s in today’s NFL. I guess what I’m saying is that physical attributes have become more of an emphasis that it used to be. I love the fact that Trestman can facilitate a successful environment for a player like McCown and I think this will be a huge plus when the time eventually does come to replace Cutty.

  • MB30SD

    I REALLY like what bostic is doing and I think he can grow into a solid MLB for us… but here’s a little wake up call about what a true high 1st rd IMLB sounds like,

    “2. Buffalo linebacker Kiko Alonso – Alonso has been a monster so far this season and went past the 100-tackle mark during the lopsided win over the New York Jets. Alonso led the Bills’ improving defense with 13 tackles and the Bills had four sacks and four turnovers. Alonso’s instincts are truly stunning. He reads plays so quickly that he rarely takes a bad step in pursuit. Throw in four interceptions and a forced fumble this season and you have an extraordinary player. Between Alonso and Luke Kuechly of Carolina, this could be the next version of Zach Thomas and Ray Lewis.”


    That one was for you dave. This guy and Kechly come in as rooks and basically do better than most all-pro prow bowler IMLBs. Damn it would be nice to have one of those…. and another at free safety.

    • Shady

      Wasn’t he a 2nd rounder? Had character issues coming out of Oregon, let’s see if he can stay out of trouble.

      • MB30SD

        I think he might have fallen last minute because of those issues, but yeah… he was slated to go high first. Pretty much a known bad ass.

        And we’ll see about the character issues, if burfict can become an upstanding NFL citizen anyone fucking can. I personally thought he’d be starting on the 3:00 yard exercise slot at the local state pen. Good for him.

    • 4ever85 (AKA Butch Deadlift)

      I really liked Kiko. I was hoping he would fall to us. I think he played in a 3-4 for the Ducks, but he looked a lot like Lach.

      The Bills snatched him up a few slots before us though. Oh well.

      Bostic can be serviceable, but if a LB like Kiko falls to us in the 2nd, wouldn’t mind one bit if they take him, make him MLB and move Bostic over to SAM and eventually WILL where many scouts originally opined he would flourish.

      Bostic made a big play, and that’s nice to see especially since coverage is his weakness.

      But on runs I’ve been seeing him getting washed out too much, taking bad angles and just generally getting lost while the RB sprints right past him and to the second level.

      Hopefully Bostic is just getting used to the NFL speed.

      • MB30SD

        a halfway decent dline might also help that quite a bit.

    • SC Dave

      Thanks, MB. One of the more frustrating things about being “competitive” is finishing up in a bad spot on draft day with trophies to show for it.

    • Ghost of Waffle

      Kiko Alonso is a baller.

    • hard to get 100 tackles by game 10 when you don’t start until game 5. that would be 5 consecutive Urlacher-in-Arizona games and we’d sizing him up for his yellow jacket. =]

  • MB30SD

    damn, these guys are starting to fall like flies. High stress gig.


    Heart attack or bad bacon wrapped mini weenie?

  • Shady

    Need to root for Brady and the Pats tonight.

    • MB30SD


      no ps4, but they did ok without me. $400M in the first 24 hrs. I’ll throw my money on the pile soon enough.

      • Shady

        Sony could have done more if they kept shipping units. Let me know what you think, I have my reservations.

        • 4ever85 (AKA Butch Deadlift)

          Me too. First gen consoles always have tech issues too. You’re our ginny pig MB.

          • MB30SD


            although i am fighting the huge urge to pick up the Note III with Gears (space-age jetson’s-like watch). If the wireless companies didn’t charge such ridiculous prices to upgrade before your ‘time’, I’d already be having secret, hushed conversations in the corner of a coffee shop via my spy watch. Giving furtive glances over my shoulder as I whisper into my wrist.

          • 4ever85 (AKA Butch Deadlift)

            I soooo want that watch…maybe this is the year when I just go 20 years into the future, buy that watch-phone, that one-card for all credit cards, implant some sort of chip into my brain, and buy this new wardrobe


          • MB30SD

            do it

          • MB30SD

            btw, part of my newly found ability to resist awesome new technology is that the Gear V1 has kinda been getting crushed by reviewers. Everyone says wait till VII.

            My ‘free’ upgrade comes in April. I’m going to get the Note III and whatever version of Gear is available then no matter what. I’ll let you know if you haven’t already gotten it by then.

      • 4ever85 (AKA Butch Deadlift)

        Hey, is PS4 charging to play online now?

        • MB30SD

          yes. $10/month i think. well worth it if you ask me (based on my play before my ps3 took a crap)

          • 4ever85 (AKA Butch Deadlift)

            Wow. Well, I guess I’ll stick to my PS2 “Star Wars Battle Front 2” lol

            I think I play that game more than all my PS3 games put together. I don’t even think I’ve played one on-line Madden game in my life.

            I’m just waiting for the Bears to win the SB so the following year the team will be bad ass. That might be the last Madden I ever buy.

          • MB30SD

            naw maings. $10/month to play as much MW3 as we did… well worth it.

          • Doc Nitty

            $10 a month for something I used to get for free and after I pay 500 for the system and 80 for the game? FUCK. THAT.

          • 4ever85 (AKA Butch Deadlift)

            It’s like your wife suddenly charging you $10 a month for sex.

            It’s not much, but the principal of the thing!

          • MB30SD

            pay to play… or not play at all?

            I’ll pay thanks. One rbv

          • Shady

            Thought I read somewhere it’s $50 a year.

          • MB30SD

            even better. In.

          • Shady

            Even better if you can get the black Friday bunduru:

            (Please do yourself a favor and find and watch the whole episode online or on-demand. Thank you.)

      • Scharfinator

        I wish I had gone to the Walmart where Dez Bryant got his.

  • MB30SD

    I haven’t read him in a about year and a half cause I think he’s a fat lazy dbag… but there’s a nice little piece on our game and some insight into the 2 hr delay locker room

    Here you go, it’s on the ‘second’ page: http://mmqb.si.com/2013/11/18/peyton-manning-denver-broncos-kansas-city-chiefs-monday-morning-quarterback/6/

    • CanadaBear

      I still read a lot of his stuff. I think a lot of his stuff is hooey but it’s pretty easy to pass over that BS. At least he doesn’t strike me as a Bears Hater like that douchebag banks.

  • DaMurph

    Is anybody going to this function?

    • 4ever85 (AKA Butch Deadlift)

      Not from L.A. Too bad, I can grow a mean ‘stache too, though I don’t have the widow’s peak.

      I’d like to hear from someone who did though. Looks like fun. Jeff wrote on twitter that Big Cat Williams is one of the judges.

      One of the few times I wish I were in CHI over L.A. (Looks out the window at 80 degree weather and blue skies…)

    • Jokey

      I’m going, to support dablog and all that. And to buy blogfather a beer, even if it is an Old Style Light. /shudder

  • 4ever85 (AKA Butch Deadlift)

    I hope this is one of those ‘momentum games’ which turn around our season. I’ve said it before, but certain games launch teams on a run. Check out every SB winner’s game in review. They always cite that ONE game in the season which made them believe. Players usually say something like, “Well, we knew that we were good, but after that game, we knew we it was our season…” Now, SB losers probably say that too, but maybe this game is that game.

    I’ll say this about the Bears. They are resilient. Maybe more resilient than us fans. After that utterly deflating Redskin’s game, everyone just assumed we were losing to the Pack on the road. I didn’t, but obviously I didn’t forsee Rodgers going down, so maybe I’m just more delusional.

    They won that game; then again another deflating loss to the Lions at home, and once more fans doom-and-gloom.

    The Bears then win in a monsoon with a back up QB against the desperate SB champs.

    The Bears are like Braveheart beseeching us to join their cause. We win at Falkirk and still you did not join us. We won at Sterling and still you did not believe.

    Well if you do not join us now, I call you cowards!

    (Que epic romantic melody…)

    • Big Mike

      Need 2 in a row. BAD. Rams game is now huge.

  • 4ever85 (AKA Butch Deadlift)

    So, once more into the breach…the Score is harping about field turf-vs-natural, again.

    Maybe my logic is faulty, but if our team is used to the divets and crappy field conditions, and the other team isn’t – doesn’t that give US an advantage?

    Kind of reminds me of the old Celtic hardwood where the ball would bounce funny in certain spots, and naturally the Celtics knew where all those spots were.

    Maybe I’m wrong.

    Also, the pro field turfers always cite the Pack, but don’t they get decimated by injuries every year?

    We got the inj bug this year, but the Pack have been going through it for like 5 straight years.

    • CanadaBear

      I know they have to fill air time but what a crock. I love the natural grass field. I wish the Bears were the only team to play on it but that’s the way it goes. Until the Park District gives control to the Bears there is always going to be a lot of games, concerts, events, etc.

      • SC Dave

        Any statistics injuries at Soldier Field vs. league average?

        I’d go look, but gotta scoot in like two minutes…

      • DaMurph

        The Bears do have the say on the turf. Park district would prefer the synthetic to.natural. Way less upkeep and less cost overall.

        • 4ever85 (AKA Butch Deadlift)

          That’s my understanding, and the Bears indeed have conducted a study and have concluded that natural grass does reduce major injuries, though I haven’t exactly glossed over that study since I got a life.

  • Trac

    From Uncle Larry:

    “I feel that Charles Tillman
    is the most underrated cornerback in NFL history. He has consistently
    played great football. Do you think the Bears will move him to safety to
    give him a few more years as a top defender?

    Dwayne S.

    don’t think that will happen, at least next season. When Charles
    Tillman spoke to the media Monday after tearing his right triceps the
    day before, he made it pretty clear that he wants to remain at
    cornerback, saying: “I think my athleticism is still there to play
    corner in this league, whether it be for the Bears or somebody else. But
    I still think I have some corner left in me.” I personally would agree
    with him. Tillman keeps himself in great shape and hasn’t lost a step on
    the field. Plus he’s only 32. It’s not like he’s in his mid-to-late 30s
    yet. The big question is whether he’ll return to the Bears next season.
    Like a slew of his teammates, he’s in the final year of his contract.”

    So there you have it boys. If the Bears want to retain Peanut, it’s gonna cost.

    • MB30SD

      pay the man

      • johnnywad

        Want to. But what’s up with the knee? That’s the $64,000 question

        • MB30SD

          much more than that

    • “…whether for the bears or somebody else.”

      shit, nut. why you gotta go there?

      • Trac

        It’s called a shot across the bow evan. When the Bears moved on from Lach, the players stood up and took notice. That’s the business side of the game rearing its head.

        • i know. but that doesn’t mean i have to be happy about it. i would have said the same thing if emery came out and said, “he’s been a great bear. i hope he finishes his career here, but if not – i wish him the best of luck.”

  • tobijohn

    As for all that chatter yesterday about Trestman rookie HC mismanagement of his timeouts at the end of regulation. If you haven’t seen this already, give it a read. You might not agree with his logic but the man was thinking. And on another note, can you imagine Lovie spelling it all out for the media?


    • tobijohn

      Save yourself the click here’s the text:

      Marc Trestman responded on Monday to those who questioned his decision for not spending one of his three timeouts in the final minutes of Sunday’s game:

      “I think it’s a very fair question,” said Trestman. “But let me just give you a big picture. When you call timeouts at the end of halves, you want to call them in succession if you can. If you’re calling them just hit or miss, there’s really no value on that. So just a little bit of history, when you start a drive from the 16-yard line, you have a 13 percent chance probably in the last five years to score a touchdown. And you have to take that into consideration when you go into the game. And then when a team’s driving, you need to know what they have and you need to know that you have. They had two timeouts at the time. And we had three timeouts.

      “Well, the normal thinking is you never want to leave a game with your three timeouts. You want to get them back, especially in those situations. But the fact of the matter is that there was really no time to use the timeouts. And when you’re in a two-minute situation and if you use your timeouts and there’s no way you can call them in succession, you give them more time on each and every play to get the people out there that they want to complete that, to get that play done. So you have to consider that.

      “So really, only the first time where I considered really calling a timeout was after Ray Rice had the 11-yard run down to the 5 yard line. And he took that ball with, I think it was about 1:16 when he had that ball. That was the first time. I was down there with the official. That was the first time. But when you put it all together, the numbers all together, if you call three timeouts right there in succession, you’re still only getting the ball back at 18 seconds. OK? If you let it run, they’re in a 2-minute mode and now they’ve got to call two timeouts. So a couple things come into play with them using their two timeouts.

      “Number one, they didn’t call a timeout on the first one which means they had to call a play out of their 2-minute package instead of using their red zone package. So that’s number one. They didn’t call a timeout and get into different personnel groupings. They called a play. And then by using their two timeouts, we knew what they had to do on third down. They had to throw it. Because there wasn’t enough time left to do anything else. So we cut the percentages in half of run to pass and then it was just one big leap of faith.

      “If we had called three timeouts in a row, we’ve got 19, 18 seconds left at the max. So, the percentage of them scoring … It’s a leap of faith. They went all the way down the field. Three points yes. Tied the game. Seven points? We’re talking 13 percent. And then from an offensive standpoint as a playcaller, I know if you call timeout, you get what you want out there. If not, you’ve got a limited bag of plays you can use. So that’s the reasoning behind it. I would have loved to have been able to have a situation when they were running the ball and they started to get into that field goal area, where we could have plugged the timeouts, each one on top of each other. But that wasn’t the case.”

      • AlbertInTucson

        And, if Flacco had not been able to field that crappy snap on 3rd down, the clock runs out before the ravens can get there FG unit in place.

    • CanadaBear

      Great read. Thanks Tobi. While watching it unfold, at first I thought Trestman was an idiot. As the time was ticking down and Baltimore started panicking I realized Trest was a genius. Those announcers (Sims/Nance) were getting on Trest (and openly rooting for Baltimore all game). The more they bitched the more I was convinced they were wrong.

    • Doc Nitty

      Certainly is nice to hear a head coach explain his decisions like we aren’t idiots.

  • Shady

    So there’s a different address on the poster than the one listed in the post. I Google mapped both and both lead to approximately the same location. If you do a Google street view of the address on the poster, you can see what I assume to be the Double Door Liquor Store located next to a creepy ass tag of a clown. If you do a Google street view of the N. Milwaukee address, there seems to be a store front that is a bit more inviting, although the padlocked metal fence and graffiti across the doors and windows doesn’t exactly scream “welcome” to me. At least Big Cat Williams will be there to keep the riff raff out.

  • Doc Nitty

    So last week after we lost to Detroit, on the chat I heard at least one dumb-shit suggest we should start tanking. Funny, We’re now tied for first in the division. We may be able to qualify for a wildcard and we’re still very capable of winning the division, especially considering that Detroit specializes in finding ways to fuck shit up. It’s amazing to me how fickle, emotional, and short sighted some fans can be. I’m not an idiot, I know the bears look like a team that would be one and done in the post season at this point. But looking at history, the teams that are clear faves to win the SB throughout the season, rarely end up winning it. See NYG twice, Baltimore last year, Pittsburgh in 2005, NE’s first SB, I could go on and on.

    The NFL is so great precisely because of the ‘any given sunday’ factor and precisely because a person almost never has the ability to predict the winner until the big game itself. Houston and ATL were the darlings last year…nothing. So while Seattle and Denver look head and shoulders above the field, history has shown that you just have to make the playoffs and anything can happen. Again, I’m not so myopic as to believe the bears are any kind of favorites. But until they’re mathematically out of it, I’m gonna keep rooting like they are favorites.

    Go Bears.

    • 4ever85 (AKA Butch Deadlift)

      A big part of the reason why favorites in Sep/Nov fade in the playoffs is injuries.

      They’re cruising along, suddenly they start losing bodies and crawl into the playoffs.

      While teams like the Bears on the other hand, have had time to absorb early injuries and can still adapt.

      Just got to make the playoffs.

    • johnnywad

      You’re spot on Doc. And don’t look now but I think the defense is slowly gaining traction and will only get better with Briggs coming back. I’d like to see Cutler just rest until he’s got all his shit back together. With an improved defense and a healthy Jay Cutler, much is possible.

  • Maddbearfan
    • 4ever85 (AKA Butch Deadlift)

      Yikes. NBIT, or any other lawyers, what say ye?

      Also, I think I found another way to stream games without having to go through DirectTV.

      It’s called Rabbit TV.


      Long story short, you can pretty much watch any game from the local TV channels.

      So for instance, you could’ve watched the Bears-Ravens game either from the local Chi or Balitmore/Wash channel (whichever one was showing it).

      I have to make sure to try it, but I think it works.

      • Shady

        I knew MBHAP had something to do with it.

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