Reviewing the Bears First Half, Previewing the Second

| October 23rd, 2013


Most would consider the eighth game the halfway point of a sixteen game season. Those people are what I refer to as math-dependent. The Bears have played seven games and now must wait fifteen days before playing again as they lick their injury wounds. Hell, the team is off this entire week. If ever there was a line of demarcation signally HALFWAY, this is it.

So what follows are responses to the first half, thoughts on the second half and the normal awards, predictions and general folly that have filled this space lo these eight years. You’re not going to see everything below but you’ll see the things on my mind. I’ll leave it to you from there.


  • Phil Emery gambled in 2013 by hiring a caretaker defensive coordinator in Mel Tucker. Tucker not only didn’t come to Chicago with a specific approach to defensive football but he was willing to leave Lovie Smith’s calls in place; desperate for continuity. The goal was status quo and it was the only approach possible with the shear number of veteran defenders and expiring contracts. But the Bears lost all their defensive tackles. Charles Tillman hasn’t finished a game yet. Julius Peppers has become a run-stopping defensive end making premier pass rusher money. Major Wright and Chris Conte have been a disaster. The result is the Bears are now playing their worst defense in a generation.
  • As poor the defense, that’s how inspiring the offensive output has been. Phil Emery added wide receivers last season to the quarterback/running back combination of Cutler and Forte. This year he added tight end and offensive line to the mix. But he also added an offensive head coach to breathe new life into a organization that felt like it was sinking into the Stone Age. Another gamble. The result of this one being an offense ranked 11th in yards per game and 2nd in points. Every Bears fan on earth would have signed for that before the season.
  • He’s taken a lot of criticism but Devin Hester is once again the most dominant and feared kick returner in the sport. While fans still greedily expect a touchdown every five returns and chastise The Skunk for not reaching that “ridiculous” goal, opposing coaches are staying away at all costs. There’s simply never been anything like him.
  • The saddest part of Lance Briggs missing the next 4-6 weeks is just how good his first seven weeks were. Briggs, James Anderson’s early work in coverage, Corey Wootton’s move inside and Tim Jennings’ ballhawking have been just about the only positives on that side of the ball.
  • Alshon Jeffery has been every bit the key to the offense I thought he’d be. His emergence has opened up the playbook for Brandon Marshall to play the role of number one receiver without having to receive 75% of the targets. Jerry Angelo never seemed interested in acquiring a true number one receiver. Phil Emery’s first moves seem to have been the acquisition of two.
  • Pro Football Focus has given the Bears a significantly negative grade when it comes to pass protection but I don’t see it and I think PFF can not accurately grade an offensive line without knowing the protection assignments. Bears are getting solid play from four of five offensive linemen and Jordan Mills, while struggling, is showing signs that he was a steal in the fifth round.
  • I predicted Matt Forte would have 1,750 yards in his first season under Trestman. He is on pace for 1,817.
  • First Half MVP: Jay Cutler, QB. His evolution was constant and while he wasn’t without momentary lapses one can not overlook his late plays to win the Bengals, Vikings and Steelers games.  Before suffering a depressing groin injury Cutler had climbed into the NFL’s top ten in every important QB statistic. The downside of Cutler’s first half performance (aside from Detroit/injury) has been his unwillingness to accept the easy throws in Trestman’s design and move the chains.
  • First Half LVP: Major Wright, S. We entered the 2012 season concerned the Bears did not have a viable player at the safety position. After a surprising year, we entered 2013 without anyone questioning the combination of Conte and Wright. Both have been bad through seven games. Wright has been abysmal. Poor angles in run support. Missing tackles. Late to everything. You name an element of safety play and Wright has struggled. Without a pass rush, Wright has been forced to cover  deep. He’s proven incapable of such, especially when the opposing quarterback uses the dreaded pump fake.
  • Is the Record Fair? More than fair. The Bears did not deserve wins against New Orleans and Detroit and their defense could not have played worse in Washington.


  • Everything starts with the ability of Marc Trestman to design an offense Josh McCown can execute over the next few weeks. With the defense sure to struggle even more in the absence of Lance Briggs it will be incumbent upon the offense to carry the day and secure at least two wins from the next four games: at Green Bay, home Detroit, home Baltimore, at St. Louis. 2-2 over the stretch would put them at 6-5 and give them a chance. Better than 2-2 and they’re well into the race.
  • Bears special teams need to continue the improvement shown in Washington, especially punter Adam Podlesh and the coverage units. The Bears defense is simply not going to be good. I can’t give you a single logical reason why they would be. Podlesh and the coverage units need to keep opponents traveling long fields because long fields and ten-plus play drives will increase the possibility of the Bears creating turnovers. Without turnovers I don’t see the defense succeeding.
  • One can’t understate the importance of Game Eight, Monday night November 4, in Green Bay. And the Bears don’t even need to win the game! They need to play well. They need to be competitive. They need to send a message to their fans, the blood-thirsty media and the rest of the league that the team is not going to let injuries tie weights to the feet of this season and toss it into the ocean.
  • These are the most pivotal games of Mel Tucker’s coaching career. Does he answer for the injuries to the defensive tackles, Tillman, DJ Williams, Briggs…etc.? No. Does he answer for Shea McClellin being an ineffective pass rusher or Julius Peppers declining? No. Does he answer for the regression of Major Wright and Chris Conte? He has to, at least somewhat. But now the Bears will be working young players consistently into the rotation at both linebacker and defensive line and Tucker is in charge of their development. Many have been rightfully critical of Tucker’s first seven games. He has nine more to stop the hordes from calling for his head in January. (Even that may not be enough.)
  • Of the nine games remaining, only four are against teams that would currently make the postseason. Three of those games – Lions, Cowboys, Packers – will be played at Soldier Field and two of them should feature Cutler back on the field. The other is the next game at Lambeau. The schedule is not particularly difficult.
  • I mentioned earlier Forte is on pace for 1,814 yards. With Jay Cutler’s arm strength out of the lineup over the next few weeks, I think Forte’s role in both the run and pass games will increase. I see him reach 2,000 yards from scrimmage this season.
  • The Bears offensive line, especially Slauson-Garza-Long, need to start playing better at the point of attack and springing the run game. Bears may need to rely on Forte during the McCown starts.
  • Second Half MVP: Matt Forte, RB. In case the last two comments didn’t make it clear, I believe Matt Forte is going to carry this team through the next month and a half.
  • Second Half LVP: Julius Peppers, DE. First off, I would love to be proven wrong. I would love to see Peppers emerge from these fifteen days off and plant Aaron Rodgers fifteen feet below the city of Green Bay. But I don’t like the way he’s talking about his 2013 season and I just haven’t seen anything by way of a pass rushing burst. His entire game this season has felt reactionary and it was quite sad to see Robert Griffin’s option read runs pass his edge without so much as a hand on him. I think Peppers’ 2013 gets worse before it gets better.
  • Record Prediction: 9-7. Remember, I thought this was a 10-6 team with a healthy Jay Cutler and a good defense. Now with Josh McCown for about a month and a nonexistent defense, how can I predict them to double digits? 9 wins would mean 5-4 down the stretch and would be an impressive, inspiring result for Marc Trestman. I think he get em there and they miss the postseason.

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  • DaMurph

    Have to disagree on this Hester thing, his stats dont back up what you are saying. He leads the league in yardage, but that’s the result of our D sucking and Hester getting more opportunities to return.There are four kickers in the top ten that average more than 4 yards per return more than Hester. He’s a good returner, but not the feared returner he once was, and far from being the most dominant.Punts he’s only attempted 9 returns and has the second best average, but he only chooses to return when conditions are “optimal” otherwise he loves the fair catch or not fielding it.

    • DaBearsBlog

      No other kicker in the sport is avoided by opponents. Hester is. And I can show you tape breakdowns of Hester season. He’s being railroaded by “blocking schemes” wherein no one blocks.

      • gpldan

        I’d like to see this tape.

        • DaBearsBlog

          If I were tech savvy, you would. All I can show is still photos of missed blocks. Maybe if I send the NFL more of my money?

          • MB30SD

            Give it over to Noah maings. He’ll figure it out.

          • 4ever85 (AKA Butch Deadlift)

            Does the NFL own animated GIFs? That seems like a gray area between pictures and film.

      • 4ever85 (AKA Butch Deadlift)

        I have a feeling teams are kicking it away from Hester to avoid ‘momentum’ shifting plays.

        Teams now know they can score on the Bears at will, so really it’s just ‘as long as our SP/Teams don’t fuck up, we can win this game with a few stops’. Opposing teams know that Hester doesn’t just fire up the SPteams, but defense (and even offense) as well.

        So it’s just risk management. Don’t give the defense/offense any extra life – make a few stops on D – and run them over on O.

        Most kickers can kick it out of bounds too, but they don’t vs Hester. Instead, they prefer to squibb it. Maybe that’s more disrespect for DeCamilles than fear of Hester.

        It seemed Toub always had an answer for that which DeCamilles doesn’t.

    • AlbertInTucson

      I never said Hester was “done” and I never subscribed to calls to cut him,
      but , “Most Feared” ? Sorry, but I don’t see THAT either.

      Too much dancing around, only to get buried.

      Too many “Bobby Wade Impressions” AKA not fielding punts that SHOULD have at least been fair caught.

  • gpldan

    Vegas put out stats today. Bears 2% chance to go to Super Bowl. Highest probability of final record: 8-8.

    I agree with this – this is an 8-8 team, maybe 7-9 if the D can’t right itself.

    All Sports talk is about next year and what Emery does. This offseason we find out if we have a visionary GM or a kook. For me, the book is still out on Emery. There are days I think he can navigate the icy waters of running a NFL team – and there are times I think he’s an example of the Peter Principle and we’re going to sink this thing full on.

    • DaBearsBlog

      The offense is wonderful. Talented, deep, well-coached. Emery tried to let this crop of veterans make one more run as a defense. And they all got injured/old at the same time.

      I don’t think this season has anything to do with next year yet. Remember, Detroit stinks and Green Bay is losing 3-5 players a week. There’s not a great team in the NFC North.

      • gpldan

        I agree with you that if anybody can find a way to fuck a season over, it’s Jim Schwartz. And the Vikes are terrible. But the Pack wlll find a way.

        I will watch because I am a Bears fan, it’s what I do. But I think the Pack will be ready for McCown. He looked good against the Skins because they hadn’t even looked at him. But the Pack will.

        • AlbertInTucson

          You see it time and again. Back-up comes in in relief. Does an admirable job. then gets a start and looks like a different QB than the one who performed so well in relief.

  • gpldan

    To me, the saddest part of this season – by far – is the Briggs injury.

    His play was not only going to get him to the Pro Bowl, it was going to open up conversations if the guy belongs in the HOF. Now, it won’t.

    Everybody goes around saying Lach is a lock for the HOF. I don’t think so. I don’t think he was as good, or as much of a game changer, as Briggs was. Briggs was overlooked and in Lach’s shadow, and he stepped out in a big way and was playing some lights out ball. His career can directly be compared to Derrick Brooks. And, for me, Briggs > Brooks and I would argue that one with stats, tape, anything you want.

  • BearFanInDE

    Bring back Sexy Rexy Grossman! The TrestRex Offense!

  • Shady

    Nice breakdown Jeff, but I think Forte is going to have a difficult time reaching 2000 without Cutler around. Teams are going to be focusing on stopping 22 more than ever and forcing McCown to beat them with his arm. I just don’t see it happening.

  • gpldan
    • 4ever85 (AKA Butch Deadlift)

      I still can’t get over that young Trestman was a dead ringer for the NightStalker (see what I did there?)

  • gpldan

    Jeff –

    Look at this site for a sec:


    See that video widget? If you mouse over it, it grows like MB’s libido at the bar. And no sound plays unless you mouse over. It’s for delicious buttery french fried potaters.

    You need to be all over that like White on Rice with all this whitespace to the right. Get you some of that lovey tv advertisement action. Seriously, I don’t see any monetizing going on here. We are ASKING you to shove ads down on us, Jeff! We WANT to know about waffle fry 2 for 1 deals at Dominick’s, or at least until Dominick’s goes out of business at the end of the year (this makes me Chicago sad).

    • Shady

      At least we’ll still have “The Jewels”.

      • MB30SD

        you guys like Lou’s?

        I thought it was pretty standard fair. Nothing mind blowing.. although their free little doughnut hole thingys looked damn good.

        • Shady

          Lou Malnati’s? Fucking delicious bro, don’t know what standard fare you’ve been eating in SD. When did you have LouMal’s?

          • MB30SD

            No. The breakfast place. Lou Mitchell’s: http://www.loumitchellsrestaurant.com/

            We had it when we were there. All of us (and I mean the ‘all of us’ without you or GP because you were both home nursing sore labia), went to breakfast there before going up the tower to give rabbit a bit of immersion therapy for his fear of heights.

          • Doc Nitty

            I’m still bitter about not getting any authentic Chicago pizza when I was there. Thanks, MB. Ass.

      • gpldan

        Shopping at Jewel is like an episode of Chad Vader.

    • MB30SD

      I resemble that remark.

  • MB30SD

    Good one Jeff. Here’s my $.02.

    * Still not sold on hester, but then I’ve only seen one full game this year and another on replay, but not much else cept highlights. Thus, I don’t feel completely qualified to give my thoughts, but if hester can stay and at least help our bad STs with presumed fear by the other specials coach, then fine. Let’s see how he does the rest of the year and if he doesn’t deliver much else but a couple returns against turrible opposition, let him go. Time to start with someone new anyway.

    * From what I’ve seen, Tucker is exactly what you describe jeff… and he needs to be gone the second the last game ends. We need a visionary in the DC position opposite the mad genius of trestman. A guy who can basically totally and completely own the D so that trestman can focus all on O. I think Jeff mentioned wade P in a tweet. Not sold on him, but I’m sure there’ll be plenty of great DCs out there.

    * DeCamillis just needs to go. I know he’s not toub, but he’s not even good. We shouldn’t expect toub units any more, but we have to get someone that’s better than what we have now. It’s like we traded in our real F40 for a Pontiac Fiero Ferrari kit car: http://www.carkitinc.com/carkit2.php?id=13

    * Not sure what to say about our safeties that I haven’t already, but we need to make it a focus this off-season once and for all. period.

    * I think we have to let pep go man. Sadly, HeDone.

    * Timmy J is a great ball hawk, he’s just an abjectly turrible coverage guy. We need two new corners in the new, Richard Sherman mold.

    * I have to agree with GP, this team smells like 8-8 without cutty. Remember the last time we hung our hopes on a back-up after Jay went out

    • gpldan

      A Fiero Ferrari kit with Right-hand drive? You are a sick man. Sick, I say.

      • MB30SD


        decamillis and tucker are every bit r-h drive fiero ferrari kits. Smh.

    • Barb UMihai Mar

      Mate, why don’t you watch them games ?

      • MB30SD

        Wish I could barb. Finishing up a divorce and sunday’s were just part of the custody award. I took whatever I could get my man. I didn’t care if I had to miss meals or sleep, as long as I got to be with my babies as much as possible.

        The ex and I are actually getting to a much more amicable place now, so going to bring up a sunday > saturday change as soon as the divorce is final and official.

        semicolon…… close parenthesis.

        • Barb UMihai Mar

          Serious circumstances I understand. What I’m saying is that you can download and watch them at a later date. My question went in that direction… I got the fact that the live has out of the question and wondering why not watch latter: a choice or lack of ‘sources’ from where to download them. Offering my help for the last one.

    • johnnywad


      I agree with almost everything you have here but let’s remember something. Cutty’s backups haven’t had Trestman, Kroner, Bushrod, Slauson, Long, Mills , Alshon , BMarsh, or Black Uni. Okay so last year B Marsh was here for Campbell. But weren’t Forte and Alshon out for the Niners game?

      Anyway, I’m not getting my head out over my skis but McCown stands a far better chance to succeed than any of Cutlers backups in recent memory.

      • MB30SD

        sup… dawg, wheres you beens?

        • johnnywad

          Work blew up. Two kids in three sports. Nuts.
          Plus I’ve had to DVR the last two games and watch later so I stay tech free til I can get to it.

          I’ve also been planning a DBB excursion ti Thailand to rescue Irish from the hermaphrodite hookers

          • Sactowns#1

            Dead serious, if there ever is a DBB trip overseas, espescially to Thailand, I’m there!

          • MB30SD

            Nice. ALWAYS do a nut/adam’s apple check before you take anything home in that joint. Yikes!

  • Barb UMihai Mar

    PFF can’t know the assignments, but it does not matter if you talk about the unit, non the individual. The pressure was there… changes nothing if it’s the Guard or the Center at fault.
    I think the D has to ‘evolve’ into a run stopping unit while playing nickel. The Giants and NO are doing that and have found new life on D. A big NT should be acquired… the GM has to try instead of just doing nothing. Ah…and put Tillman inside on the killer TE or double team him if you have to. Stop the run and don’t get beat by Tight Ends. Enough with nonsense like sacks, stunts, 3 technique. zones,…..

    • Shady

      I think the Bears gave up on trying to get sacks weeks ago.

      • Barb UMihai Mar

        If they did they did it poorly…the run defense is getting worse every week.

  • MB30SD

    OMMFG!!!!Are you serious?!?!

    Don’t watch this if you can’t handle seeing babies hurt. Wow man, I am seriously blown away and disgusted. I couldn’t watch past the first 30 seconds. Fucking barbarians


  • 4ever85 (AKA Butch Deadlift)

    I was going to do my own mid-way report, but Jeff beat me to it. So, here’s some tid-bits which I was gonna use.

    1. Through seven games in 2012, Julius Peppers had 10 tackles, 5 1/2
    sacks for 35 1/2 yards in losses, eight quarterback pressures, one
    fumble forced and three fumbles recovered. This year, he has eight
    tackles, one sack for 14 yards in losses, six quarterback pressures, one
    fumble forced and one fumble recovered for a touchdown. Perhaps even
    more problematic than the lack of production is the reality that, in the
    past, Peppers has always commanded double teams and, at times, even a
    third blocker. Right now, he is being single blocked a good part of the
    time. His performance in Detroit suggested he is still capable. The
    question is when will he start to consistently produce?

    Shea McClellin had two tackles, six quarterback pressures and 2 1/2
    sacks for 11.5 yards in losses through seven games a year ago. This
    year, he has 10 tackles, six quarterback pressures, 1/2 a sack for 2.5
    yards in losses and one fumble recovered. Statistically, he has actually
    regressed as a pass rusher.

    3. In 2012, the Bears had 16
    interceptions in their first seven games, six returned for touchdowns.
    Right now, they have nine interceptions, three of which have been
    returned for touchdowns.”


  • 4ever85 (AKA Butch Deadlift)

    Randomly came across this on the interwebs. If we want to go down the new QB path, buyer beware:

    Starting Cleveland QB’s Since 99:




















    • gpldan

      Garcia was so scrappy.

      • 4ever85 (AKA Butch Deadlift)

        He’s still available! Garcia also essentially called JaMarcus fat and lazy.

      • MB30SD

        He lives in SD and just told the bucks maybe, that he’s ready to play if they want him… he’s 43

        • gpldan

          He seemed more like a NoCal kinda guy. NTTAWTW.

          • MB30SD

            No way. 100% SD boy. Also saw J.carne at a pool party this summer. that dude was auto-matic for the chargers for a long time. He’s small, but still ripped. Supposedly he’s a bible thumper… whatever works for you maingses.

    • AlbertInTucson

      Don’t forget. Pre-Cutler it was basically the same story in Chicago.

  • jimmychange

    I do not want to go 5-4 and not make the playoffs. With all the injuries, I’d much rather pack it in and play for next year. Play tough, no blowouts, but get those precious extra spots in the draft order and let Emery work his magic.

    • MB30SD

      this is a horrible, defeatist route, but I have to agree that it does have its merits come draft day.

      We all remember lovie being classic fucking lovie and getting lach’s knee blown out in order to beat the vikings… and mean absolutely nothing, but losing a spot and losing a player we wanted by 1 pick (can’t remember who it actually was)

      • listen, we can only draft at 18-22 for so many god damned years in a row. i want a top 5 pick, or #32. screw those in-betweens.

        • MB30SD

          I get you maings, I really do… but the only good way to do that is to get seriously belicheat-style crafty and pull out your best trade strateegery to get those picks. THAT is where GMs earn their paychecks in my mind, and why I thought angelo was such a fucking turnip.

          I don’t want to pick there because we abjectly suck balls, I want to pick there because Emery was fucking genius and sold some shitty team a package deal of devin hester and both our safeties for a good OL back up and a high first… or some such magic shit.

    • Big Mike

      There is no half speed in football. Each game is it’s own battle. Now
      if you’re talking as a fan and saying that is what what you are hoping
      for, than that’s another thing. Packing in your emotions and
      expectations, absolutely. But for the Bears to tank, for draft choices.. no way.

      Playing younger guys, resting older guys sure.. Injuries have pretty much determined that to be the case on defense. This isn’t baseball where the shitty teams bring up 15 AAA guys and stick them on the field.

  • MB30SD
    • gpldan

      Freeman was experiencing “concussion-like symptoms,” and that Christian Ponder would more than likely get the starting nod on Sunday night.

      I wonder how they distinguished the symptoms from Freeman’s every day fucked up personality.

    • Trac

      Unfortunately, I think our Team has more in common with the Vikings than the Packers or Lions at this point in time. We don’t have a viable DC and our URFA’s are going to be signing with teams all around the NFL next year. The Lions and Packers stock is rising, ours will go into free fall if most of our guys walk. Does anyone have a realistic idea of how many guys we’ll be able to sign next year?

      • MB30SD

        meh, I don’t buy that. Stop jock-sniffing the lions trac, it’s going to break your sensitive little heart in the end. (ha!) Remember who their HC is? Exactly, this fucking dbag: http://31.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lse08h5NWm1r1ang0o1_250.gif

        Also, I disagree. I think if emery pulls the same job he did on the O in one off season we’ll be a pretty strong team on all sides next year. Lot of IFs there sure, but it’s 100% possible.

        You guys know I think emery’s first draft had lovie and his merry band of idiots written all over it… we’ll never know if that was indeed the truth… so next off season will go a long way to telling us if emery is the real deal, or if he just got lucky this year.

        If he can get a very good DC (what about the saints DC that got hammered by rodge, is he available now… gregg williams I think) with his own innovative/dynamic/flexible system, a just half-way-decent specials coach, and then on D we get a couple safeties (FS is #1 priority), a DE or two and maybe a very good 3rd corner, we can 100% be a strong D next year with specials that are unspectacular, but that don’t shit the bed. That’s all we need.

        Oh, and a QB that lasts the whole season (settle down sac… jesus)

  • MB30SD

    interesting. Though you guys might be interested in this: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/longform/bison-dele/?sct=hp_t11_a2&eref=sihp

    • Doc Nitty

      That was a damn good story, MB. Thanks for posting.

  • gpldan

    If you want to view paradise
    Simply look around and view it
    Anything you want to, do it
    Wanta change the world?
    There’s nothing
    To it

    There is no
    Life I know
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    You’ll be free
    If you truly wish to be


    • Shady

      Damn it, now I’ve got that fucking song stuck in my head.

      • MB30SD

  • Trac

    I have a question. Did Emery gamble on Tucker or did he get caught with his pants down when old sauce quit? I don’t think anyone else was available.

    • CanadaBear

      All i know is Tucker sucks moose wang. No innovation at all. When it’s not working, change something. I hope they really are opening up some jobs on D. CD, Wright/Conte all need a fire lit under them. Wright just seems to make the same mistakes constantly. Either he’s not too bright or poorly coached. Conte just looks lost.

  • AlbertInTucson

    “One can’t understate the importance of Game Eight, Monday night November 4, in Green Bay. And the Bears don’t even need to win the game! ”

    Can’t endorse that comment

    It sounds an awful lot like rooting for the fabled “Moral Victory:”

    • CanadaBear

      Exactly! This isn’t college and we scheduled a powerhouse for the money.

    • Trac

      Who knows, maybe we catch the cheese thinking the Bears game will be a gimme and we beat em? You’re right, we can do better than this.

  • Viva

    Please confirm PE was responsible for hiring Mel. Usually HC’s have hiring/firing power over their staff. It doomed Lovie.
    I wouldn’t call Mel a bad hire yet, bye the way. Too early, too many injuries, and an inherited roster. I will say that, his playcalling in the Preseason was much more agressive than it has been in the regular season, which I can’t explain. I wouldn’t mind seeing something new in GB.

  • MB30SD
    • Shady


  • Bears-4-Ever

    It was great to see Hester take one to the house again…Man it was a long time coming.

    On a side note I left a comment on the Game day thread and it never showed…anyone else have that problem?

  • Bears-4-Ever

    Test test test…come in Houston….

  • Bears-4-Ever

    Never mind…I didn’t see the load more comments button…DUH!

  • MB30SD

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