Marshall Column Addendum: Cameron Worrell on Concussions [AUDIO]

| October 15th, 2013


Yesterday in my column about about the NFL fining Brandon Marshall, I wrote:

What if the word concussion did not exist? What if the NFL was forced to label the injuries sustained in football games as what they are: traumatic brain injuries. Would there be traumatic brain injury-related symptoms? Would they put traumatic brain injury in parentheses like hip or ankle?

Limited: Matthew Stafford (Traumatic Brain Injury)

Last year I did an interview with Cameron Worrell that I hadn’t intended as a discussion on concussions. But that’s where the conversation went. What he revealed was quite frightening and I think it is a perfect addendum to yesterday’s piece.

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  • Shady

    Are you not entertained?!?

  • Still a Doug Plank Fan

    “….something that I hope down the road doesn’t get too bad”.
    What a statement.

  • Waffle

    Fuck Worrell, ask him how RG3 is doing with that knee that he so valiantly played on. He fucked his career Cam, that’s how he’s doing.

    • MB30SD

      Yikes! Angry Jay honey badger is angry… and he don’t give a shit.

    • Guest


      • Waffle

        thank you for your support, Guest!

    • i’m sorry, but shouldn’t we direct all questions related to other players’ knee injuries to Maurice Jones Drew? isn’t he the accepted expert on the topic?

      • Waffle

        he was already in a meeting of Other Players Knee Injuries Inc. so he was not available. It was necessary to call on Cam Worrell, the executive secretary of “Wants to stay relevant by being in good with Vick, MJD, RG3 and other acceptable members of the inner circle of “legit ballers” with street cred.

        • CanadaBear

          Let it go Johnny. Nobody cares at this point. Not even Cutler.

          • Waffle

            haha Canada, was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

          • CanadaBear

            Apparently not!

  • MB30SD
    • Willie

      Hahahaha… That’s good. Who would have thought such thugs would ask permission for such a trivial thing.

      ALLOW ME TO INTRODUCE MYSELF – MY NAME IS FILLER LINE. (commence rhyming with “Miller Time”)

  • Taking the concussion train over to baseball land for a moment, where Torii Hunter is quoted thusly after going over the wall in his attempt to catch Big Papi’s grand slam: “I’m an old-school cat. Thirty years from now, if I forget how to ride a bike, that’s O.K.”

    But it’s not ok, Torii. Not for you, not for the people who will have to take care of you, and not for the kids who look up to you and will follow your example of ignoring your own well-being.

    • DaMurph

      If we had a bunch of professional athletes contemplating the safeness of making a play before they take that action, we are going to end up games that people wont watch. Tori made 18Mil last year and 12mil this year. If he is not the type of player to lay it all on the line, then he doesnt get paid that kind of money. Its a gamble he is willing to take to make that kind of money, and I dont think the people that will take care of him will give a shit if they are highly compensated. All the football players we all look up to and admire were the big hitters, the guys that gave it all. Not one of us has quit admiring any of these guys because they took chances with their health.

      • MB30SD


        …and not just cause I love murph and his big swollen nuts

        • DaMurph


      • MB30SD

        Oh and he plays fucking baseball… for $30m?!?!?

        Baseball is like professional ball scratching and standing around with occasional short distance sprinting.

        $30m for that… uh… count me in please

        • CanadaBear

          I think I’m one of the few baseball fans on this site (being a Cubs fan I hesitate to use the word professional) and I get why people have such disdain for it. Having written that, I must point out it does take big brass balls to stand in there when a ball is coming at you at 90-95 mph. Not to mention the skill it takes to hit said baseball that is ducking and diving at those speeds.

          • MB30SD

            Meh, I wouldn’t call it disdain canada, just ain’t my cup. I find it really boring to watch. Going to a game on a sunny day when there’s nice scenery and cold beer is cool.

            And for $30M I’ll stand in there and get thrown at, hell I wouldn’t mind even getting hit now and again If I could go home and put a cold compress of $100 bills on the owie.

            And I think more highly of the athletes in baseball than I do in golf (insert john daley joke here)

          • the only way to help people appreciate baseball is to do a crossover sports tv show:

            Watch Brandon Marshall try and track down a screaming liner headed towards the gap.

            See Billy Hamilton run go routes for Peyton Manning.

            What do we call this?

          • Scharfinator

            I think BMarsh would get his glove on it… catching with a glove is another thing.

          • Cormonster

            I liked watching baseball when games were much shorter, like under 2 hours. Evan DeJesus used to drive me nuts by stepping out of the batters box between every pitch. Now every player does it and the pitchers fuck around a lot more too.

          • CanadaBear

            Yeah, that shit drives me crazy. It’s OK at the park because you have plenty of distractions. On TV I’m always thinking “get in there and hit”.

          • Cormonster

            Tedeschi Trucks Band in Calgary on November 10. You going?

          • CanadaBear

            I will be out of town. I check out the local music scene fairly often but haven’t gone to a big show since Bob Seger last Spring. I wouldn’t have gone to that one but my buddy’s wife broke her hip the day before the show. I really enjoyed the show but the ticket was almost $100 and the seats weren’t all that great. Oh well. I’m turning into a cheap old fart!

      • apologies. i should have provided better context. that quote was given in reference to his refusal to take a concussion test because he knew that it might rule him out of upcoming games.

        i’m all for players going full tilt. that’s why they’re the ones on tv and the other 99.9% of athletes to ever lace ’em up are not. but how can you argue that their cavalier, insouciant attitude towards even getting tested for injury won’t cause harm to the people who are coming up behind them?

  • Sactowns#1

    I take chances with my health for the entertainment of my friends and myself all the time. Of course it’s usually alcohol fuelled but still..

  • 4ever85 (AKA Butch Deadlift)

    I have a feeling we’re only touching the tip of the ice berg when it comes to concussions, subconcussions, head trauma, etc. I have a personal theory about them that goes well beyond the NFL.

    I know someone who was abused as a kid. I mean, his step-dad used to whale on him to the point where his mom actually used to give him a buzz cut so the step-dad couldn’t grip his hair to punch him in the face. How much did this affect the kid? A LOT. When he grew up he actually let his hair grow long because he wanted to make a statement, “Fuck with me now that I’m not a kid.” Needless to say, he got in a lot of fights growing up because he was a “hot head” (and even though he was just avg height/weight, he often won because he was just a tougher SOB).

    He’s older now, mid 50s, but he still loses his cool very easily and has violent tendencies (though he no longer gets in fights, he’ll punch walls, destroy remotes – if someone cuts him off, he’s one of those drivers that will go and tailgate and harass the ‘offender’, etc). He’s an otherwise calm, kind, honest hardworking american. But I’m beginning to think that the ‘head trauma’ made him a bit of a ‘hot head’. When I listen to these stories about normal dudes like Duerson, Seau, etc who suddenly become violent out of character, it reminds me a lot of some of these ‘hot heads’ I know who seem to step out of character on the slightest provocation. Even as Worrell was talking about him being more emotional for no reason I was recalling some folks.

    Naturally, violence breeds violence, but repeated head trauma seems to contribute to making one more volatile. It seems like that violent urge which we all try to control manifests itself more easily in a person with repeated head trauma. My cousin who was in Iraq, and I know suffered more than a few concussions, kind of exhibits the same tendencies. He’s normally very peaceful, but sometimes he just goes off now. Something which he never did before.

    Now obviously being in war or abused has psychological affects, but how do you explain football players following a similar pattern? What’s the underlying cause? I’m no expert, but it might be head trauma. It might be that head trauma reduces that part of the brain that reigns in primitive drives, like violence.

    That’s just my hypothesis from personal experience and reading and hearing a lot of what’s out there.

    • CanadaBear

      I’ve known two people that suffered head trauma (both from motorcycle accidents). I didn’t know them before the accidents but both of them had crazy, irrational tempers.

      I think your friend that was abused as a kid, his temper is more from growing up with that bully asshole for a father than head trauma. My dad had a crazy Irish temper. I did too but finally grew out of it. Once you realize your turning into your old man, it’s time to do some self-assessment.

  • Trac

    Jeff, have you ever played football? I don’t think it’s possible to play at any level past pewee and never get a concussion if you are a baller. This is nothing new. What’s your point? Can’t make up your mind whether or not to continue supporting the game?

    • i’ve definitely had my bell rung. from pee-wee through junior year of high school (when i had stopped growing but everyone else kept getting bigger and bigger) i can count a number of times when i got up seeing stars, or saw a nice flash of white at point of impact. then throw in all those times i smacked my head on the mountain doing things on my snowboard i wasn’t quite good enough to do, and i suppose i have a decent little history of head trauma.

      • Sactowns#1

        I’ve posted before about playing LB and taking some pops. I think there was a much different mentality back then…. when we were told we couldnt get water unless we got permission. Then a kid at BV died of heat stroke and suddenly we could get water whenever we liked. I imagine this will all play out the same way. A little more caution and everyone accepts the risk.

        • SC Dave

          Well, that no water thing was just some retard of a coach not having the slightest notion of how the human body works. That people of such minimal competence were allowed to be in control of anything sort of boggles the mind.

    • Shady

      That’s the point of this conversation Trac. Breakthroughs in science has taught us a lot over the years, including the damage to the brain this game inflicts. In light of these discoveries, many people are wondering on what level should they be supporting the game. Parents in particular are having to make these difficult decisions which obviously impact the future of this game. So yeah I’d say it an important conversation to have.

      • Trac

        Get rid of the pads, go back to leather helmets or go no contact above the waste. Problem solved.

        • Waffle

          yeah, what could wrong?

          I’ll try one:

          when Brandon Jacobs collides with a guy and the tackler goes for his legs and the defender’s head literally caves in.and he fucking dies.


          • Trac

            You’re right. Flag football or bust.

  • MB30SD
  • gpldan
  • Shady

    My guilty pleasure.

    • MB30SD

      you can’t be serious man?? really?

      Here, let me upgrade you by about 6 Billion levels. Here, this is real car racing myboy: http://www.formula1.com/

      • Shady

        I know, F1 has better drivers racing better cars on better tracks. But F1 doesn’t make me feel gulity like watching NASCAR does so it can’t be my GUILTY pleasure. The crazy drivers, the fans, the ridiculous lifestyle. It’s like WWF of motorsports and I can’t get enough of dirty dirty drama. Like Breaking Bad or The Walking Dead it’s must watch TV for me. To make it even better, Kurt Busch is driving the the Wonder Bread car at Talladega this weekend ala Ricky Bobby. #ShakeAndBake

        Boats N’ Hoes.

        • MB30SD

          The fuckin catalina wine mixer

      • Trac

        Have you ever been to a Nascar event? I saw Bill Elliot win the Brickyard 400 and it was one of my all time favorite sports memories. The whole day was a blast. Watching Jody Sheckter win in the ’75 South African Grand Prix was huge too but I was surprised at how fun the brick yard was. I’d have to say both experiences were awesome.

        • MB30SD

          been to the manaco, that’s my next race (again).

          Now, think about that experience vs. some shithole shitkicker race in Tennessee or wherever BFE location that hold those abominations.

          I know, I sound like such an elitist prick. Yeeeep. I’m mostly kidding, and I know that a NASCAR event would probably be fun… kinda like a baseball game.

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