• AlbertInTucson

    Hey kids! What time is it!? Time for BLOGFATHER RADIO!!!

    • MB30SD

      who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

      (yeah, I have two kids under 5)

  • Sactowns#1

    Now lets go get a win and a playoff birth! Bear down!

    • Trac

      Winning out would be crazy good.

      • SC Dave

        Agreed, but one at a time please…

  • TheBigCheesy

    “So the nightmare scenario for NBC is Cowboys, Packers win & Lions lose. then you have a SNF game with two lifeless opponents”

    I thought about that as well…… however, The Bears and Eagles would still be jockeying for seeding with each other. If bears win both games, they’ll be the 3 seed. If Bears lose to Eagles but still win division they’ll be the 4 seed (if eagles win).

    Difference between 3 and 4 seed could be pretty huge this year. 3 seed could host Saints and then travel to Carolina. 4 seed might have to host SF and then go to Seattle.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Yup, winning out is everything. We could beat the Saints and Carolina. Niners and Seahawks at home? Good luck.

      But the #3 seed!! Can you imagine it? A shot at the superbowl … but you just know that good looking bastard Brady will be there and he’ll tear us a new one in the snow, just like last time. Handsome fucker.

      First Turtlehead, then the Brady Bunch. Christ, if we meet Turtlehead again, it’s going to have to be Devin Hester running it back .. then running over to the Denver sidelines, pulling a pistol out -make sure it’s the right one Dev – and blowing a hole in the back of Peyton Manning’s massive forehead. This is technically possible from a number of angles in all planes and all directions (in a dome made of alien-strength lightweight metal e.g Honeywell metal, likely designed on level 4 or 5 of S4 -the correct name for Area 51, Indian Springs, Nevada.)

      See what I did there?

      Football. every inch matters. The whole nine yards. Giving it your all and then some. Yada Yada. Yada.

      There are alien bases on the dark side of the moon and everything you know is a lie. They have landed. They have been engaged by military forces the world over and shot down or forced to crash on more than a few occasions. They are in constant contact with and indeed resident within U.S. Military bases under the general guidance and jurisdiction of the U.S. Navy. They have been here a lot longer than us and are related to us in many cases. They created us, nurtured us, and one day found the kids had been playing with the matches. We are playing around with nuclear forces for which we do not have a complete set of rules, and that’s dangerous on many levels.

      Former Naval Intelligence officer, John F. Kennedy, wrote memos to Naval Intelligence requesting file details relevant to the UFO phenomenon, knowing rumors of restricted areas which contained alien material to be true. JFK was aware of certain things which led him to believe that not only were the so-called ‘aliens’ real, but that they were already here, and had been for a thousand millenia, on a planet shared by plants, animals, and a galactic DNA experiment called Man. Go back and listen to his American University ‘peace speech’. He’s not talking about just Soviets there. And why did Reagan offer the protection of the SDI to the Soviets on National television ? Who the fuck was threatening both of them?

      After discussions with Kruschev, it was agreed between the two men that they should exchange UFO data in order to prevent WWIII. This included full disclosure to the masses of the UFO data. Misunderstood encounters etc. during WWII, meant the U.S. thought the Germans had saucers, and vice versa. Then Roswell, New Mexico became the focal point when two ‘alien’ craft were downed/crashed in 1947. Bodies and craft were retrieved, non-human, and there were some 250 witnesses. The Day After Roswell is accepted at the highest levels as being the most factually correct work on UFOs. former Canadian Defense minister Paul Hellyer has confirmed this. In 1947, what else happened ? The NSA happened. The CIA happened. The National Security Act happened ….

      The last man to speak to Marilyn Monroe alive, at least ‘publicly’, was a Spanish reporter to whom she claimed that she would “blow the top off the whole thing” – the ‘thing’ not being the fact she was fucking the President’s brains out,but that she knew of things related to UFO intelligence that perhaps a couple of tables of people on the planet would have known. That’s the kind of thing that would have turned Marilyn on. She was a very smart woman. I watched a wonderful film on Marilyn where it was just reel of her, with only her voice over it, speaking in soft, intelligent, deeply thoughtful tones, for about ninety minutes. She had a keen keen mind that questioned everything. JFK released the first government issued money since Lincoln;s greenbacks, trying to wrest power over nations away from the banks, and hand it back to the people. Both men were shot in the head, in public. The files on Marilyn and internal memos are public record now. She wasn’t shot in the head. The Majestic 12 don’t shoot you in the head.

      Are they free … or are we slaves to a purpose, a master’s hidden agenda .. .not understood by his dog. Are we free .. or are we the dog?

      They are masters of gravity, and all the electromagnetic forces – some unknown to us – and invisibility and complete mind control is within their power. We share this planet with at least twelve species and they are in league with at least the USA on some mutually-beneficial deal. This planet that is orbited by a body that never reveals its ‘dark side’ to its mother planet – the only moon in the solar system – out of 166 – to have this odd feature. We have photographed structures not made by man there. We have back-engineered and currently fly, craft commonly known as ‘flying saucers’. A Nazi saucer was captured and returned to, likely, S4 at Indian Springs, Nevada. It had most likely been engineered by Werner Von Braun, the former Nazi-turned-highest-level-clearance-USA. The scientist who defected to America and was ultimately and entirely responsible for its space program. American SF and black ops are routinely and unwittingly silencing U.S. patriots in order to keep a lid on what would be the greatest discovery mankind could make. Not only are we not alone, but the universe – every universe- is teeming full of life … and we’re riding on the short bus right now. We’re really fucking stupid because we don’t know what’s going on.

      Not only are we the dog staring at our master, but unbeknownst to us, our master has a master behind him …. and that master is invisible to everybody.

      Is that the truth or just a great story ? I don’t know, but there’s a hundred ex-military folk – not all bottle-washers – who have given testimony to the above, and much, much more, and will testify to same. A lot of 50 year gag-orders are up, and and some folk’s aren’t, but in order to say they had broken secrecy agreements and were traitors, the powers that be would have to accept they were in fact secrets that were being kept. The Sirius Disclosure group. Great stuff. Check it out. And only one of them has to be telling the truth remember. Just one.

      We return you to normal football programming.

      Why are NY Quarterbacks always dicks?

  • Trac

    Jeff? Jeff? The iggles will put up 250 plus on the ground? Jeff? C’mon pal, tighten up bro. Don’t you realize what’s gonna be at stake on Sunday night? No way the Bears allow that, IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN!

    I predict the Bears will find a way to keep the Eagles playing catch up all night.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Here’s the thing Trac. Jackson can put up 250 on the ground in the air, he can run in three touchdowns. But the Eagles will not beat us this week. Not this team, not this week. No how. We’re a better team. We might be the Miami Sharks and Pacino’s grayed sideburns, but we’re the better team and I say you go out and mortgage that house because it’s Guaranteed Irish this week. Bears. 5/4. The element Au in the bank my brethren. Eight teams win at home every week. Philly ain’t one of ’em this week. No sir. Won’t happen.

      Although personally I don’t think Briggsy would allow 250, but certainly a hundred shy of that. Regardless, McCoy runs in four TDs? I don’t care. We win.

  • SC Dave

    Bears simply must win. Don’t give a shit what the Lions do, or the Packers. Bears MUST WIN.

  • Trac

    By the way Jeff, I don’t think you can blame them for giving you the hook. You kinda had motor mouth at the end there.

  • SC Dave

    Jeff, are you nuts? You’d *really* like to see Rodgers against our horrific defense for the NFCN title? Did you learn nothing from the 2010 NFC Championship? Do you *really* want to watch that shit *again*?

    • Trac

      In his heart of hearts, he would prefer Flynn Dave.

      • SC Dave

        Gawd, I sure hope so. Unless he’s banking on Dinner putting him down on the other shoulder this time around, you know, as the karma circle thing for Charles Martin.

        • gpldan

          I would offer to buy Chicken Dinner a Steak Dinner if he did that.

  • Still a Doug Plank Fan

    Okay, so I’m splitting hairs with a ball peen hammer here, but Jeff, does Briggs make a difference or not? Listening to your predictions for Sunday, I couldn’t figure out if the Eagles rack up a thousand yards rushing in 4 quarters, or if Briggs’ return holds them to under a hundred.

  • AlbertInTucson

    Think the Saints don’t miss Jermon Bushrod? They just benched their starting left tackle. Kicker, Garrett Hartley, was just excused from their roster, too.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Aha. So that’s why the Panthers are 4/7. Nice spotting Al. Are any other teams really banged up roster-wise for value-betting purposes?

  • AlbertInTucson

    I say it’s time for Nick Foles first multi-interception game of the season. Saw him do it here at U of Arizona.

  • Shady

    Can we have our own radio podcast?

    “We have our first caller here, a Michael Brown from San Diego. Go ahead caller.”

    “Donnnn’tttt caaaaaare”

    It would be great.

    • MB30SD

      my name is not Michael Brown… but it’s kinda close to my dad’s.

  • AlbertInTucson

    “I got the hook on 1490! ” Sorry, Blogfather, but 13 minutes is a HUGE block of time in today’s radio world. No doubt your boys were “up against the clock” and your last response was running up on a minute and a half in length, In broadcast terms, that’s an “Epic”. You have to be briefer in you responses so they casn keep the show, and you, on schedule.

  • MB30SD
  • MB30SD
  • EnderWiggin

    60% chance of rain Sun pm in Philly. Does this slow their run game? http://weather.philly.com/US/PA/Philadelphia.html

    • AlbertInTucson

      McCoy lit up the Lions for 200+ in the snow.

  • Maddbearfan

    Bears just win 2 and they’re in. THEN worry about who they get to play! One week at a time…and a whole lotta luck!

  • johnnywad

    The Bears are going to win Sunday. The Eagle’s D is only better than Dallas and Minnesota. Its a perfect mismatch for the Bears O. While the Bears Run D is a great mismatch for McCoy, it is not the same defense it has been. Ratliff is playing well and getting Briggs back is an upgrade that can’t be overstated for the run D. This to me, feels like one of those games where we used to watch Lach dominant Michael Vick. This is a perfect game for Trest to flex his muscles and score 40+ and hold the ball.

  • Irish Sweetness

    Damn. You log in and there goes two hours. See? Damn. I’m gonna blow me up some tanks. 5/4 Bears. later.

    • gpldan

      +T34 blog points for dropping a World of Tanks ref in here.

      • gpldan

        Oh and this one line from what shall be known as “The Screed”:

        This planet that is orbited by a body that never reveals its ‘dark side’ to its mother planet – the only moon in the solar system – out of 166 – to have this odd feature.

        is demonstrably untrue. There are several moons whose rotation always aligns with the planet they are orbiting. Sorry to buzzkill that one.

        It happens for a reason, not higher powers but simple physics. It’s called tidal locking and it’s explained here:


        Again, sorry to pull out my Carl Sagan scrotum and teabag that wonderful Lewis Carroll tale, but that one stuck out (pun intended).

        • MB30SD

          I prefer to believe in things like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WoM2bHfr48

        • Irish Sweetness

          Sagan? That loon believed that in a universe of trillions of stars, there was no way we were alone in the universe. What kind of fucked up scientifically sound argument is that? Given the distance we’ve come technologically .. .how long ago was it covered wagons in America? – in a relatively short space of time .. what kind of head-start does another race of beings have with a billion year civilization behind them? He was crazy. He should have been down in a hole getting drunk talking about football and looking at tits, shouting ‘love it or leave it!’. Dr. Edgar Mitchell and Gordon Cooper and Buzz Aldrin should be locked up too. Crazy fuckers say they have multiple experiences of encounters with races. They need to shut up and get with the program. The program of not talking about it.

          5/4. Evens on the over +56. Bless they Briggs. Go Bears.

  • gpldan

    McCoy says he’s going to “roll up” on the weakling Bears


  • George Hernandez

    So this cat says “lesser QB’s have won Super Bowls” Then mentions Dilfer and Brad Johnson? Both those guys were game managers with legendary defenses. Bucs had 3 pick 6’s in that Super Bowl and 5 INT’s overall and that 2000 Ravens Defense is considered the 2nd best EVER and they allowed 0 points on offense in that Super Bowl. Bears don’t have that kind of D this year, it will fall on the QB and I think Jay has that extra “it” factor to put the Bears over the top more so than McCown does although I would concede McCown does possess the most consistency of the two.

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