Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings: A Different Kind of Game Preview

| November 29th, 2013


For years I have written game previews and for years I’ve picked the Bears every week. But I think the more attentive readers of the site understand I give multiple clues in the previews when I don’t ACTUALLY think the Bears will win. (As much as I’d like to see it happen I have never predicted the Bears to win 16 games.) A week ago, against the Rams, I could have populated Da Bear Concerns with eleven different elements and said during my appearance on 1490 the Jock in Des Moines I believed St. Louis was a match-up nightmare for Chicago. They were. Losing that game could not have surprised me less.

Sadly, the same goes for Sunday’s contest in Minnesota. I can’t make a single, plausible argument for the Bears defense containing Minnesota’s offense. And Minnesota’s offense isn’t very good. When these two teams played the last time the Bears only allowed 16 offensive points. But that was before this unit collapsed completely. Last week the Vikings ran the ball 40 times for more than 200 yards. Why would anyone expect a different approach this week? Why would you not expect BETTER results for Minnesota?

Why, oh why, do I like the Chicago Bears this week?


But I do not like the Chicago Bears defense. You name the player on the Vikings offense and I will give you a half dozen reason he can be successful Sunday. We all made a big deal about the Bears porous rush defense but when they had the Rams in advantageous down-and-distance Sunday Kellen Clemens was able to chuck the ball to wide open receivers and tight ends all over the field for massive gains. It hasn’t just been a failure in run support. It’s been across the board.

No, I like the Chicago Bears this week because I like their ability to score a lot of points against this Vikings defense. The writing is on the wall for Josh McCown and it was written by Jay Cutler during his appearance with Waddle & Silvy on ESPN radio this week. The starting QB intends to return for the Cowboys on Monday night, December 9th. And the Vikings have given up the most points in the NFL this year. If this season is going to be salvaged it is going to be salvaged by the best players on the Chicago Bears: McCown, Forte, Marshall, Jeffery, Martellus Bennett and the offensive line. They have no other choice.

Chicago Bears 38, Minnesota Vikings 30

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  • Viva

    First. That is all.

  • Viva

    Tucker cannot let another team convert on 2nd and 19 (see Rams) with a QB who’s knees buckle at the first inclination of pressure (see Kellen Clemence) without dialing up a blitz. Our front 4 is shit. To assume the risk that they will be able to force the opposing QB into making bad decisions is, in fact, assuming more risk (that our safeties will be in position to make a play).

    Blitz. Blitz. Blitz. But Viva, we might give up a big play. Yes, we might. Just like we have all fucking year. Blitz.

    • 4ever85 (AKA Butch Deadlift)

      I agree. I always say, look at Billichick. He takes away that ONE guy and makes everyone else beat him. Against the Broncos he let Moreno rush for over 200, but he wasn’t about to let Peyton beat him. Worked too, especially since Moreno limped off the field after 35 carries.

      We put Major in the box, dare someone else besides AP to beat us, clinch our butt cheeks and hope Jennings, Bowman and Conte can at least slow down their receivers. Only way we’re in this game.

  • SC Dave

    I don’t think 38 will be enough to win.

    • Viva

      Good Morning Dave. I am now eating a leftover turkey sandwich (white bread, turkey, stuffing, mayo, salt and pepper, and a cold glass of milk.) Is this heaven?

      • MB30SD

        That sounds delicious

      • SC Dave

        Close enough

    • Trac

      Are you saying the team the tied the Packers who got annihilated by the lions last night are gonna put up 38? Nay I say, nay.

      • SC Dave

        Sure hope you’re right, Trac.

  • AlbertInTucson

    With AP to run with and capable TE, Carlson, who replaced the injured Kyle Rudolph, the Vikings would seem to have just what they need to “make their day” and exploit the most glaring Bear defensive deficiencies.

    They also got production from Toby Gearhart last week.

    Hell, they could probably suit up Chuck Foreman Sunday and HE’D get 100 yards.

    The Bears must be as proficient and efficient on offense as they have been at any time this season when it comes to moving the the ball, keeping the ball and putting it into the endzone

    And they have to win the turnover battle.
    AP has a history of laying it down against the Bears.

    STOP with the parade of penalties, already.

    Not getting down by double digits before the seats get warm would be nice.

    Getting ahead earlly for a change would be even nicer.

    • gpldan

      Big Al, with the holiday Chuck Foreman name drop. +44 blog points.

      • AlbertInTucson

        He was a hell of a back and, as I recall, hell on the Bears.

  • tobijohn

    Don’t know why, and I’m willing to eat crow over this, but I have a hunch that the Bears’ D is going to surprise us this week. And I mean in a good way…

    • 4ever85 (AKA Butch Deadlift)

      Sadly, that’s the only way they can surprise us from now on.

      • SC Dave


  • Trac

    The Bears have too much riding on this game, they will not lose to an inferior team like the Bi-Queens. If they are a matchup nightmare for the Bears then I think it would be stupid for the Bears to not try and lose every game for the rest of the year. Any team with a running back is a matchup nightmare for the Bears Jeff, stop hedging your bets.

  • MB30SD
  • gpldan

    Is Jay Ratliff playing?

  • MB30SD
    • Cormonster

      That was hilarious.

  • gpldan

    WIth our Boy Roy done ceased and desisted, I can find no All-22 photos of Da Bears ‘cept wif Da Hubbz.

    So, let’s do photo #1, shall we:


    This is the type of play where a healthy Lack used to backpedal. Lack would have been standing on the Rams’ eyeball there. But Bostic is…. what exactly? Spying Clemens? Child, please.

    If they are going 4-3 and dropping all the backers into soft zones like this, Bears D is going to continue to eat a bag of dicks every week. With that front 4, you gotta blitz one. MB will spit when he sees Conte position on that photo.


    Greene and Bostic. Kids, either go or step back out and pick up the handoff. Don’t get sucked into the wash like that. That is some rookie shit.


    RIght frame of pic 7: Are COnte and Wright leaving the stadum? Did they forget something back in the locker room? If they were any deeper, they would be out of frame on an all-22 pic, which is designed to, you know, pick up all 22 players. That’s softer than Kate Upton up the middle. They have lost confidence to come down and stalk a hit. Also, Greene’s job there is to run with Cook. He’s gotta DO IT.

    • MB30SD

      30-35 yards off the QB. ho-ly-sheite-,muslim.

  • Big Mike

    Bears safety Wright injures hamstring, questionable for Sunday.

    How will we even notice?

    • 4ever85 (AKA Butch Deadlift)

      Anthony Walters is dealing with a groin inj too. We may have to bring up someone from the practice squad for SS unless we want Steltz there.

      • Big Mike

        Steltz comes up, they did bring up a practice squad guy. Forget the name.

  • 4ever85 (AKA Butch Deadlift)

    I just hope Ratliff plays a lot of snaps. Getting him back is like getting two players. Ratliff at DT, which should shore up the run significantly since he actually played some nose in a s 3-4 (even though he’s not huge), and Woot back at DE is an instant upgrade against the run over Shea (who wouldn’t be?).

    It would be nice if we saw good Pepp too, the rest are just bodies. Paea, Bass, etc just gotta not fuck up.

    The LBs also have to stay discipline. Way too many times they’re jumping on PA, guessing the wrong hole, taking bad angles, not wrapping up, getting washed out…Gotta go back to football 101.

    The safeties, well, by the time it gets to the safeties it’s already too late.

  • Big Mike

    Bears safety Wright injures hamstring, questionable for Sunday
    Oh no. What a big loss

  • 4ever85 (AKA Butch Deadlift)

    That’s odd. Did some posts just vanish?

  • Big Mike

    Adrian Peterson, might just rush for a single game record. The good news is, the Bears might still win. Anything under 150 is a win. 150-200 still favors Bears. But he might go for 250-300 or worse. Bears need 30+ to win.

  • NewBearInTown

    Best case scenario for the Bears D.
    Ratliff and Paea and Izzy rotate at DT and we have stability at the position for the first time in over a month. That frees the linebackers to actually make their blocks. That frees the safeties to take better angles and have an extra second to diagnose the play. That helps the DEs set the edge and actually rush the passer. That helps the cornerbacks cover their guys and maybe even get a pick or two. In a cover-2 system, its amazing what good play from DTs can get you.
    In that scenario, Peterson runs for 125 yards and 2 TDs on 30+ carries. That still stings, but if that’s the Vikings’ entire game plan, we win.

    • bearsfantillend

      Izzy who?

    • CanadaBear

      Unfortunately no Izzy. We could have used him this year for sure. Hopefully Ratliff/Paea at DT and Woot back at DE will be enough to slow down AP. If Pep decides to show up that also will help. Maybe Bass can have an impact play or two. I have zero expectations about CD. Hopefully we go to a 3-4 next year and CD turns out to be a decent 3-4 LB. Otherwise, if we stay in a 4-3 we should bite the bullet and release him in the off season.

      • tobijohn

        I was just thinking about that earlier today. Is OLB in a 3-4 the only salvageable position for him? No chance at any LB position in a 4-3?

  • MB30SD
    • SC Dave

      At Suh, the fine, or both?

      • MB30SD

        suh. fuck that animal.

        for once the fines are deserved.

  • Trac

    Bears are 1 pt dogs. Waffle needs to jump on that.

  • MB30SD

    wait what?!?!?!

    the dude had a fantasy about being killed and eaten?!?!? Holy fucking shit.


    What the hell is wrong with people?!

    • SC Dave

      A weird s.o.b. can always be found to satisfy an audience that likes to read about them, and the Huff Post knows that.

      • MB30SD

        I just click on links on my yahoo home page dave. I don’t give a rat’s ass which publication they lead to.

        And explain to me the connection in your head between the HP and anything whatsoever do do with the actual story?? It’s just a story they repeated from their AP pickup right?

        Which conspiracy theory am I missing here?

  • MB30SD

    watching clowns vs cheetah

    My god, chris johnson looks ridiculous with those grillz on his teeth. common man, take that stupid shit outta your face.

    http://www.rick.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/justin-grillz-twitter-tbv-071613.jpeg (btw, someone please punch the biebs right in his grillz)

    And I still can’t understand a word devin says. Dude, enunciate, just a tiny bit. please. Oh, and they billed devin as a “wide receiver for the chicago bears”. Hee hee

    • MB30SD

      Hahahaha… so they show a real cheetah running after an impala. The commentator keeps referring to the cheetah as “she” to create a persona… then the cheetah slows down and this big set of nuts is hanging down.

      Devin won. was lame though.

  • MB30SD

    DaBearsBlog @dabearsblog
    Major Wright has been questionable all season.

    “questionable” is a euphemism for, “abject dogshit” right jeff?

  • Trac

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