Bears Postseason Hopes Most Likely End With Disappointing Performance in Minneapolis

| December 2nd, 2013


There is a lot to take from Sunday’s loss to the Minnesota Vikings – most likely the second consecutive year an unexplainable loss to the Vikes on the road will cost the Bears a chance at the playoffs. Here is the rapid fire recap from Sunday’s disappointing performance.

  • People who want to blame Marc Trestman for attempting the overtime field goal on second down are simply lost causes. Chicago has the most accurate kicker in the history of the sport! He makes that kick in his sleep! Why risk a mistake on offense? Robbie Gould should have made the damn kick.
  • Bears also should have never had the chance to make the kick.
  • Craig Steltz wasn’t great today but there is no way on earth Major Wright should go back to the starting safety role. Steltz earned the right to start next week. Hell, I’ll be there.
  • Julius Peppers delivered a magnificent first half.
  • Alshon Jeffery delivered the most magnificent performance by a wide receiver in the history of the Chicago Bears.
  • Numbers can be confusing. Josh McCown’s numbers were brilliant Sunday. His performance was not. The Bears needed Cutler’s accuracy and arm strength against the Vikings.
  • Hey Kyle Long, don’t catch footballs.
  • Hey Josh McCown, don’t act like Brett Favre. Take the sacks…and occasionally throw the football away.
  • Bears need to stop pretending they have some power running game. They don’t. Their short yardage runs have been abysmal.
  • 4th and 11 defines the season, defines the defense, defines the futility.

  • Matt Forte is a terrific running back. But you saw the difference today between a terrific running back and a powerful running back. AP gets every inch on third and one, regardless of blocking. Forte doesn’t.
  • Jon Bostic should be ashamed of himself. What did he make, three plays all game? Does he need to be taunting after one of them?
  • Worst thing that happened to the Bears Sunday? Ponder got hurt.
  • Can’t remember a quieter performance from Jared Allen in a Bears v. Vikings game.
  • I thought Adam Podlesh had a nice day punting the football. Nothing great but at least he dropped the ball nicely around the ten instead of pounding it through the end zone.
  • On Josh McCown: his numbers are wildly deceiving. McCown has proven himself to be a wonderful backup but if people think the Bears offense can thrive with him over the course of a sixteen-game season, they are lost. McCown can accumulate yards, sure, but he can’t execute with the precision required in the red zone. And that is the sport. (Anybody else miss the Cutler throws to Bennett at the back of the end zone and the Cutler back shoulders to his receivers at the goal line?)

Is the season over? No. Is it close? It sure is. The Bears now need a two-game swing with Detroit over the last month of the season. They also need something else: their starting quarterback to return in the howling Soldier Field winds Monday night against the Cowboys.

  • bigrobstunner

    Needed the win today…..

  • tobijohn

    Once again, the Bears find their fate in the hands of others. It’s getting old…

  • 4ever85 (AKA Butch Deadlift)

    4rth and 11.

    Put that on the tombstone of the 2013 Bears season.

    • 4ever85 (AKA Butch Deadlift)

      One can also carve in a little footnote that a backup QB Matt Cassel with no reps marched them down the field throwing from his own endzone.

    • Ghost of Waffle

      I hear you but part of me is disgusted that they even had the ball back after our interception return to the 50. Just get a first down and win it.

      • 4ever85 (AKA Butch Deadlift)

        That game was full of disgusting moments.

        The 4rth and 11.
        Not converting on 2nd or 3rd and 1
        Settling for FGs earlier
        Trest playing the bizarro version of the lovie D on O
        And naturally, the best K missing a 47 yarder

        And, oh yeah, AP rushing for 211 with a bad groin.

        We lost this game at every level. It was a complete team loss. The offense, defense and special teams just created a masterpiece in the same way aids is a masterpiece.

      • Scharfinator

        I think we got conservative after that for some reason, and that doomed us.

  • Ghost of Waffle

    I find it sort of amusing that Alshon can have this monster day which is exciting to watch but no one discusses the lack of targets to M.Bennett and Brandon Marshall. Those two guys usually are the ones moving the chains too which would account for our fucking pitiful 3rd down conversion ratio today. That is a huge reason for the loss. If you can’t call plays to get a 6’6 265lb TE the ball in short yardage you’re fuckin up.

    • gpldan


      How do you feel about Cutler? I’m not sure. 🙂

      • Ghost of Waffle

        I feel that Cutler has been treated badly and unfairly since he got here. He will be run out of town as the franchise leader in everything.
        No one can ever admit that the guy had nothing until this very year. Every other successful QB had multiple pieces to the puzzle. He was given horseshit to work with and our GM fucked us so hard by not knowing how to draft and we are feeling that assfucking now aren’t we?
        Chicago fans are the dumbest in the land. We have a decent playcaller and weapons and a line that can pass block a bit and 2 QB’s that can run the system yet we still somehow feel compelled to say Fuck It , let’s get a college QB and make a journeyman our starter in addition to needing to overhaul the D.
        We fucking deserve to lose. We are so fucking dumb.

        • SC Dave

          Well, at the moment, Josh McCown is the franchise leader in single-game completions and single-game passing yardage. So Jay will have to pass those first to be the “franchise leader in everything”.

          I’m not saying McCown is better than Cutler or should be starting instead of him. It’s just that you refuse to even get the facts straight about Cutler. You can do better.


          • Ghost of Waffle

            C’mon Dave, even McCown has been hampered by Trestman’s scared playcalling. It took him an entire half before he began to call plays down the field.

            My comment about Jay being run out of town being the franchise leader in everything was obviously meant to illustrate that he’s done so much with so little and he’s treated like a fucking afterthought. Then we get the pieces we’ve been missing and that every other successful qb has and because our backup doesn’t suck at football people act like he’s Joe Montana and that our prayers have been answered.

            I have my facts straight and I know what we have in both of those guys and I like it. If Trestman starts calling plays commensurate with the talent on our offense we may even be scary some day. Until then we’ll go 2-11 on 3rd down and score 20pts against a team that we should annihilate.


          • Ghost of Waffle

            plus the seasons not over so, joking around, what if he ends up breaking McCown’s illustrious record? What if he does it with 3 or even 4 TD passes? What if they (gasp) convert 3rd downs and win the game? 🙂

          • Sactowns#1

            Waffle’s Cutler man-crush is too strong for him to see the facts. Bottom line is if you cant play all 16 games then what good are you?

  • jimmychange

    Time to tank… seriously. No reason to rush Briggs or Tillman or Cutler back. See what you got in the young cubs and then play for a higher draft choice. The difference between the 12th and 20th pick is huge and worth a lot of currency. Let’s not screw that up by winning some games here that don’t matter.

    • 4ever85 (AKA Butch Deadlift)

      With our D, we wont’ even have to try to lose. Just gotta keep doing the same thing.

  • A7Xthebest

    “Are simply lost causs.”

    Regardless of who refutes this there is not a legitimate argument against the fact:

    Kicking that field goal on second down was moronic and inexcusable. There was no valid reason to. None. Anyone who has played 10 games of Madden knows that you don’t kick on 2nd Down unless time is a constraint-which it wasn’t. In fact time was a factor in the complete opposite manner: he needed to take more of it away from Minny.
    47 yard has not ever been nor will it EVER BE a sure thing in the NFL.

    The call to me said: “Let’s hurry up and win this game because I have an appointment I’m fucking running late for.”

    Lazy and irreconcilable to a winning mentality. I like Trestman but FUCK that was lazy and stupid.

    And it’s lazy and stupid to say ‘We shouldn’t have been in the game or made it to OT anyway so fucking up is acceptable.’

    • IBNO

      You ignorant slut. You kick on 2nd down when you’re in range with one of the best kickers in history. Why?

      Because if something gets fucked with the snap or hold, you fall on the ball, then have a down to get a little closer for a second attempt on 4th down.

      There is NOTHING to question in kicking on 2nd down. You think Gould is going to hit from 41 out on 4th down, but not from 47 on 2nd?

    • IBNO

      Oh, and using MADDEN to judge game management? You are high.

      • A7Xthebest

        Hey dumbfuck, he would have made it from 41. His kick was about 2 feet off. That is all.

        With no kicker no matter how fucking good do you kick on 2nd down. I’ve never ever seen a coach make that call. You kick on 3rd. And everyone knows it.

        • bearsfantillend

          no need for name calling. Gould could have shanked it from 41 too.

          • A7Xthebest

            He could have. Because like everyone he’s human and prone to mistake…just saying though, the same kick would have made it from 41.

  • ChiBears34

    Bears are again #32 in Rushing Defense, giving up a league high of nearly 154 yards per game, Mel Tucker you own that. The Vikings got 246 yards on the ground yesterday, with AP getting 211 of those. Enough said. How does a team beat the Bears? Run the ball and then run it again.

  • Maddbearfan

    That hurt to watch the game yesterday. But I agree that we back off on hurrying any one back and get them healthy first. Evaluate the younger guys on the defense and let them learn. Gonna have to replace some older guys before too long…Pep..Briggs..Peanut. Seems like the rebuild process should be kicked into high gear.

  • bearsFanatic

    Pathetic loss. I was on the road and kept up with it, but I’m glad I didn’t actually watch it. At this point, the season’s over. Not mathematically, but realistically. Even if Stafford, Megatron, and Bush all decide to do some Christmas shopping in downtown Detroit and get hit by a city bus or gunned down in a drive-by (which one is more likely?), it’s still over. If the Bears can’t beat an absolute dumpster fire of a team in Minnesota, they can’t beat anyone at this point. Where would we get the wins to complete the two-game swing? Maybe one against Cleveland, but even that’s no gimme for this team. GB at home if Rodgers doesn’t return. Who else? We can blame injuries, but there’s no excuse for not winning at Minnesota. Hell, even the Packers managed to tie them, and you saw that team get pummeled something fierce on Thursday by a team that lost to TB at home. The Bears are simply not a playoff team, not even close.

    As for kicking it on 2nd down, I’d maybe consider it if it was inside of 30 yards, but there’s no way I’d do it from 47, not even with Gould. It’s not even a thought. That kind of call shows absolutely no faith in your offense to not screw up. A field goal attempt is what you do once your offense has failed to get a touchdown, not something you try from 47 yards out on 2nd down with time left on the clock. Even if you believe you can’t get a TD, get what yardage you can to make it an easier kick. Starting to seriously question Trestman’s so-called genius.

    Go fig. Rodgers finally goes down, and it’s the freakin Lions who take advantage.

    • gpldan

      Downtown Detroit is so abandoned, you can’t shop there. You would hear the drive-by coming from a mile away as there are no other cars and it’s fucking creepy like 28 Days Later opening montage creepy.

      Also, the buses don’t run.

      Maybe Gym Shorts flies into a rage and guns them down. That might happen.

  • gpldan

    Jeff – I’m beginning to think you are a lost cause. As a homer.


    “People who want to blame Marc Trestman for attempting the overtime field goal on second down are simply lost causes. Chicago has the most accurate kicker in the history of the sport! He makes that kick in his sleep! Why risk a mistake on offense? Robbie Gould should have made the damn kick.”


    “On third down, maybe to allow for bad snaps or false starts, you kick early. But on second down, I don’t care how good your kicker is, you don’t go from 47 when you’ve moved the ball well all day long. Of course, he missed.”



    And every radio broadcaster on the air this morning. You are on an island on that one, Jeff.

  • Johnathan Wood

    The take on McCown here is spot on. He moves the ball but can’t finish drives. No red zone TD again today. There is no excuse for not dropping 35+ on this sorry attempt at a Minnesota defense, but they only scored six points in the first half because McCown couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn.

    • gpldan

      McCown decided he was Brett Farve with that shovel pass that ended up in Long’s hands. Shit like that has to stop, or he will lose his rep as the guy who won’t lose you games. Because he did.

  • JerseyBear

    A 47 yard FG on 2nd down makes no sense at all! There should be no defending it.

  • gpldan

    Crypt Keeper is going to pull his math professor hat out at his conference today, you can book that.

    So here’s some stats.

    Gould’s worst range is 40-49. He’s actually got a higher 50+ percentage than the 72.3% he carries in this range.

    For every yard you gain, the percentage of making a kick (for all kickers) is increased by 1.7%.

    On 2nd down, if you gain 7 and make it to the 39, the chances go up almost 10% and Gould’s personal percentage inside that range jumps almost 18%.

    So there’s some math for you, courtesy of Lawrence Holmes this morning. For when the Crypt Keeper tries to use that passive-aggressive his-IQ-is-higher routine.

    • johnnywad

      In his defense, his IQ is higher than nearly anybody that listens to day after, sports radio coach speak. The fact that he’s playing with a JV defense is magnifying every mistake he makes. He gets a pass for now. Deservedly so.

  • BillW

    George Halas; Jim Dooley; Abe Gibron; Jack Pardee; Neill Armstrong; Mike Ditka; Dave Wanstadt; Dick Jauron; Lovie Smith; Marc Trestman.

    I have seen all these coaches in my approximately 50 years of following the Bears. I have gone to games through season ticket holders (my Dad, then a friend, then me) for all that time.

    I say that not because I think that makes my opinions any more valid than any others; just to say that I do in fact have credibility.

    I’ve seen bad coaching and Trestman is a bad coach.

    We will be arguing about if/when he should be fired no later than this time in the 2015 season (two years from now). (Probably Emery too but I’m focusing on Trestman now.)

    He has made some very curious decisions this year; we all know that and I have posted that I give him the benefit of the doubt being a new NFL HC. After yesterday, I can’t anymore. He has a bizarre way of thinking – I won’t give it respect by calling it unconventional. It’s bizarre.

    Fourth down decisions; end of half decisions; leaving in an obviously injured Jay Cutler; short yardage calls; running the same Jeffrey reverse into the ground. They all seemed “questionable” up until yesterday.

    But after trying a 47 yard FG on second down with over 4 minutes left – now it’s gone into the bizarre. Especially hearing his explanation. How do you keep a team focused when you are publically saying you decided to kick on SECOND down because you were afraid they’d commit a penalty or fumble or lose yardage?

    Sorry Jeff if you think I’m a lost cause; Robbie MISSES that field goal about 3 times out of 10. If nothing else run some clock; there were over FOUR minutes left and the defense SUCKS. But the most maddening thing is a TIE would have been as good as win in this case. (Have to overcome 1 game on the Lions if we won OR tied; now it’s two.)

    Seriously Jeff – how long have been watching football? You are too rah-rah to be taken seriously.

    No other way to spin it – Trestman fails at in-game decisions by often doing something bizarre.

    Even the short yardage calls. They DON’T work but he keeps calling them same type of play and then says it was a good call but poorly executed. If they can’t execute your “good” calls then they are not good calls!

    Yesterday was NOT on the defense – and I say that because they put in exactly the type of poor performance we can expect every week. Alex Brown said today that the defense probably doesn’t respect him due to lack of success in Jax. Whatever – they did nothing out of the ordinary they and gave up only 20 points. So if Trestman’s offense (his specialty) scores 21 (or 23) they win.

    Lots of yards; not a lot of points. WHY? Poor play calling on third down. NOT poor execution. That’s a coach-speak cop-out; exactly what we got from Lovie. Trestman is falling into the same trap.

    Since the offense got a lot of yards and made several big plays, it’s NOT lack of execution. Going 2-11 on third down when the team moves the ball otherwise is bad play calling on third down. Saying otherwise is not taking responsibility.

    I won’t dwell on his mild manner nature – but that probably will play a part in his losing the team. No REAL accountability – starting with him. He can SAY he takes responsibility, but unless he starts acknowledging he may be overthinking, it’s just words. And if the coach can’t take REAL responsibility, then the players will begin to react negatively. Saw it with Neill Armstrong; saw it with Jauron; seeing it again. Trestman is not an anomaly – he’s acting out what I’ve seen before. Mild coaches don’t succeed. Name one that has a championship.

    Flame away – just do two things please: don’t question my Bears loyalty given the time and money (including two PSLs) I’ve committed. (Again – it doesn’t make me right but it does give me credibility.) And give me an idea of how long you’ve been following the Bears.

    • gpldan

    • DaMurph

      Bill Walsh seemed pretty mild and didn’t do too bad in the championship thing. Tom Flores pretty mild mannered. Tony Dungy Don Shula. I don’t think the mild mannered thing excludes him, but with bad decision making he will lose the team.

    • Johnathan Wood

      I think Trestman has generally done a good job of preparing his team to play on Sundays, as can be evidenced by their ability to remain competitive through the rash of injuries this year.

      I also think his in-game management leaves plenty to be desired; hopefully that will improve as he gains experience.

      In regards to the 3rd down and red-zone failures, I am waiting until he has Cutler back to judge on that. I don’t remember this being much of an issue in the first 6 games with Cutler, although I know it was in the NO game (again a ton of yards but not many points).

      In regards to the “Trestman fails by doing something bizarre,” I think his failures yesterday came mostly from being too boring and predictable. Two straight runs up the gut when they needed one yard, punting in MIN territory with 22 seconds left before halftime on 4th and 1, etc. The only truly bizarre call he made yesterday was the 2nd down FG attempt, which was incredibly stupid no matter how you look at it.

      In regards to the Jeffery reverse, I actually think that has been great this year. It has been effective in and of itself (run 14 times for 115 yards, 8.2 yards per play) and also opened up runs for Forte by faking that to Jeffery. He only ran it one time yesterday because MIN was ready for it (and is averaging only a little over one time per game so as to not wear it out) , but still used the fake a few times and let Forte get some decent runs in off of that.

      In regards to the mild mannerisms, there have been a variety of temperaments in successful coaches. Tony Dungy is one name who jumps to mind as a successful coach who was extremely mild mannered, I’m sure there are more too (Murph threw some names out there).

      • Johnathan Wood

        and as to my “credentials,” I’m a bit of a youngun. Bears were always my favorite NFL team, but basketball was my sport as a kid, so I didn’t follow football all that closely until HS (sometime around 2003). Lived in MIA then, so couldn’t watch the Bears much.

        Came to CHI for college in 2006, and have missed maybe one Bears game since then.

      • Johnathan Wood

        in regards to Emery, I am much more sold on him as a GM than I am as Trestman as a coach. He has done a magnificent job fixing Chicago’s weaknesses. When he inherited the team two years ago, their OL and WR were among the worst in the NFL. Now they have arguably the best WR duo and a solid young OL.

        You can blame Emery for a lack of defense this year, but honestly what GM can prepare for losing as much talent on one side of the ball as Chicago has? They’ve had 6 expected starters or major contributors miss at least 5 games on defense, including 3 guys who were in the Pro Bowl last year (one an All Pro). Nobody overcomes that.

        Yes, he busted on the McClellin pick, but otherwise he has done a pretty damn good job so far. Don’t forget he’s brought in Long, Jeffery, Mills, Bostic, Greene, Frey, and Bass through the draft, all guys who have logged serious playing time this season. Has also scored in UDFA in a way Angelo never did and done a good job playing the FA market. If his first draft after having his scouts in place and a full year to prepare is any indication, the future is in good hands in Chicago.

  • Shady

    The Bears are 0-5 when Alshon “don’t call me Jeffreys” Jeffrey gains at least 100 yards.

    • Ufficio

      It’s “Jeffery”.

      • Shady

        Perhaps, but I still said it write.

        • MB30SD

          Hee hee

  • DaMurph

    Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is for Rex Ryan to keep losing, get fired, come to the Bears and be the opposite of Trestman and run a defense that puts some fear in the opposing offense.

    • Shady

      I’m not a Mel Tucker fan, Murph, but the Bears just don’t have the horses. Santa himself couldn’t coach this defense. Even though they racked up 500 yards, I was surprised the Bears were able to hold Minny to 23 points.

  • AlbertInTucson

    I have nothing to add to the Blogfather’s post today.

  • Shady

    I know Trestman is catching a ton of shit for his decision to kick it on 2nd down in OT, and I believe the criticism is warranted. However, there were SO MANY other calls and missed opportunities yesterday that, in my opinion, had a bigger impact on why the Bears lost that game.

  • Johnathan Wood

    PFF says Shea played 64 snaps to Bass’ 19 yesterday.


  • Ufficio

    On the missed field goal drive, Forte had averaged 5 ypc on 5 runs, with Minnesota knowing he was going to run the ball every play. Absolutely no reason not to keeping ramming it down their throat there.

    • Johnathan Wood

      Trestman won’t say it, but I think he simply didn’t trust McCown and was worried Forte would lose yardage on a run (similar to what happened with AP on MIN drive right before that, which turned a 54 yard FG into a 57 yard one). CHI had shown for most of the game they couldn’t pick up yards in obvious rushing situations.

      And I can’t blame him for not trusting McCown. His late game play had been awful. The atrocious turnover (technically on Kyle Long, but that was McCown’s fault), the waste of Hester’s big return that could have won the game in regulation, and the fact that he was holding the ball too long when dropping back.

      With all that said, I still give Forte at least one more run there. Try to get him outside the tackles (although he probably shied away from that because those are runs where you can lose yardage if it goes wrong).

  • Shady

    So it turns out MB not being able to watch these Sunday games is a blessing in disguise.

  • el_caney

    We shouldn´t have this discussion if the most accurate kicker in this sport have done his job winning the game.

    • Ghost of Waffle

      we definitely shouldn’t my man. I don’t think Robbie misses from 39…unless it’s Washington and we need it to win or tie.

  • BillW

    I’ll admit I’m wrong about mild mannered coaches; Walsh and Dungy are good examples; I suspect though they have more fire in the locker room and meetings than Trestman does, but I certainly have nothing to base that on.
    It disturbed me to hear Alex Brown say that players may not trust Tucker because he doesn’t have strong credentials / credibility. One – he may very know that from talking to players/friends on the team; and two – if that’s the case then it’s inexcusable for professionals to let that translate on the field.
    A LOT went wrong in that game I realize. Any loss in OT comes down to one play somewhere and there are bound to be MANY “one plays”. I can handle lack of talent because that can’t be fixed now. I can handle (some) mistakes by the players as long as they are not frequent or dumb. (Anyone realize that Bostics penalty actually helped put the Bears in position to ice the game? Without it, they kick a FG (probably – though Trestman probably figured they’d fumble or get a penalty or something “unique”). Instead we get an INT brought out to midfield.
    Anyone remember John Shoop taking a knee three times then punting? He was worried about a fumble (or maybe something “unique” happening.)
    I had optimism about next year until yesterday. It’s gone.

  • BillW

    By the way, I mentioned Bostic as an example of dumb, not because it turned out beneficial.
    Not reading much about the fact that a tie would have been as good as a win. Why didn’t Trestman figure that one out going in to OT? Not to PLAY for a tie, but at four minutes left running the clock and THEN kicking made infinitely more sense than kicking on second and giving them so much time if he missed (30% or better chance of that happening.)

  • Ghost of Waffle

    A solid read about why Trestman playing it safe with this offense is silly:


    • BillW

      Yes – very well said about Trestman. Take your pick: coaching conservativley; coaching not to lose; coaching scared; coaching Shoop-like.

  • Willie

    Week 14 – Scoreboard watching followed by draft prognosticating.

    Ah, the more things change the more they stay the same.

  • Sactowns#1

    Doom and gloom all around. Buck up gents!
    Lions play
    Packers; If Rodgers is back it will be a tough one. If not they cruise for a W
    Eagles- Nick Foles has been on a tear. I’d be shocked if the Lions win this one in Philly
    Ravens- MNF and the Ravens are fighting for their playoff lives. Again I’d be shocked if the kittys win

    • BerwynBomber

      Kittens are done with the Cheese (they split). I think you meant the G-Men who are an improved team since we beat them.

      • Sactowns#1

        Ah yeah saw the G on my cell without thinking. Anyways they have a tough road asside from Minnie.

    • bearsFanatic

      I’d love to be optimistic about the division, but I just can’t see it. If you think the Eagles will beat the healthier Lions, then you have to think they’ll beat the Bears worse. If Rodgers comes back, we could be screwed in the finale, too. If we lose out, and we definitely could judging from yesterday, it won’t matter who the Lions play or how many they win.

      The way the Bears played (and coached) yesterday makes them not deserve any kind of playoff talk. What’s the point? Cue the Jim Mora “playoffs!?!” rant. It ends with “I just hope we can win a game.” As in any game. That now applies to the Bears.

  • BerwynBomber

    Can’t throw in the towel yet. This is Detroit and Gym Shorts ahead of us, not GB and Rodgers. I look at the Kittens schedule I can see them going 1-3; likewise I can see us going 3-1. Only Philly scares me. Dallas self-destructs on the road. Cleveland sucks. And there is a good chance GB brass will sit Rodgers for the year.

    • bearsFanatic

      The Bears just self-destructed against the worst defense in the league (yes, rated even worse than theirs). I’m not taking ANYONE lightly, and the Bears shouldn’t either. I just hope they’re competitive at least. Maybe with Cutler back, they will be, but the defense and coaching is still questionable at best.

  • BillW

    Waiting for Jeff to take back the “lost causes” statement. Way too many commentators with a lot more knowledge than you saying what I and others are saying about the kick on second down.
    I think I read somewhere a sarcastic comment on him punting on first down. You know what – if they were up 8 and had the ball at midfield and four minutes left, by his logic punting on first down really IS the right call. (By his BIZARRE logic that is.)
    “No guarantee we’d pick up any yards.” But a 47 yard field goal WAS a guarantee? Prob of miss = about 30%. Prob of fumble/penalty/loss of yardage is GREATER than 30%???? I thought it was DEFENSE that was bad and the OFFENSE was GOOD!
    OK – I need to get over it. I am hoping Trestman will come back and at least admit in retrospect it was not the right call (AGAIN – a TIE would have been as good as a win for playoff purposes!) But I suspect he’ll channel Lovie and stubbornly deny it was the wrong call.
    Maybe they need to check the water supply in Lake Forrest.

    • gpldan

      I’ve seen your name here before, I know you are not new.

      Waiting for Jeff to retract something is like waiting for Godot.

      I think he still backs his decision to sign Lack to another year and retain Olin Kreutz.

  • 4ever85 (AKA Butch Deadlift)

    And on a lighter note, dragging a player down by his privates is allowed. Read the comments, they’re worth the price of admission.


    • Sactowns#1

      I thought they had the uniform inspector on the sidelines and now hip, thigh and knee pads are required along with a cup.

      • 4ever85 (AKA Butch Deadlift)

        I don’t think anyone’s volunteering for the cup check. Maybe the NFL can hire some inspectors from the TSA.

  • BerwynBomber

    Regarding the Rex Ryan talk … call me skeptical. Even if he’s canned I suspect he will hold out — at least initially — for another HC position. Like Lovie, Ryan probably won’t accept a DC position until he has exhausted all HC possibilities and those won’t be exhausted in a single off-season.

    • gpldan

      You could see Mel Tucker down from the booth on the sidelines screaming, doing his best job of self-PR there since the Bears have given up 500 yards in the last two games in rushing and people are openly calling for his head now.

      • 4ever85 (AKA Butch Deadlift)

        It’s simply unacceptable. Here’s my fear.

        the Redskins.

        How so? Well, many, including me, assumed the Redskin’s D would improve dramatically this year because they would be healthy.

        If you remember, last year the Redskins suffered as many injuries as we did this year. They were decimated. So, they sucked.

        This year, they’ve remained relatively healthy, and guess what? They still suck. So obviously it was the DC as much as the talent.

        I don’t want to gamble another year to find out if it’s Tucker or the Injuries.

        Take out at least one variable. We know Rex is a proven DC. We can’t say the same about Tucker.

        But we’ll prob stick with Tucker much the same way we stuck with Tice.

    • 4ever85 (AKA Butch Deadlift)

      It’s possible, but Rex would have to get in line.

      ONE, DCs as HCs are not in vogue. OCs and college hot shots are.

      Maybe Chico might alter that fad, but even if some teams are willing to buck the trend and hire a DC for HC, Lovie will get first crack before Rex, and maybe even Del Rio for what he’s doing in Denver.

      Rex might sit a year out, but a chance to fix the D that made his father a legend? I think that would be the ONE DC job he’d jump at.

  • MB30SD

    Kick. To. The. Balls.

    The fucking vikings?!?!?!?! 2-8-1?!?!?!?!

    Jesus fucking christ.

  • Trac

    Listening over the airwaves, even Millsy said Trestman made the right call to kick it on 2nd down. It seems a pass was not an option due to fears of a pick or sack in that kind of a situation and that no way a run would have worked cause teams play the run heavily in those situations knowing that a coach would not likely call a pass play. If the same scenario presents itself next week, Coach T would probably make the same call and lets face it, Gould makes that kick 9 out of 10 tries. Specially in doors.

    • 4ever85 (AKA Butch Deadlift)

      My problem with Trestman is that he seems all over the place. One game he’s using numbers and advanced analytics, the next game he disregards them.

      One day he’s going for it on 4rth and 1 from his own 30, the next he’s punting it on 4rth and 1 on their 45.

      Playing it by instincts is fine, when the results equal success. So far Trestman’s brains and instincts have equaled mediocrity, no different than Lovie.

      It’s like watching Batman with Clooney or Val Kilmer. Different people, same crappy product.

      • johnnywad

        Except that he’s nothing like Lovie at all. This current Bears team would not be .500 with Lovie. I’m pissed as hell that the defense is historically bad, but I’ve settled on giving him a cautious pass. This is his rookie season and the D is remarkably injured. If we get the same steaming pile of shit next year, then its time to really hold his feet to the fire.

        • 4ever85 (AKA Butch Deadlift)

          Clooney and Kilmer were different too. Same result. Aweful Batman.

    • BillW

      Then why don’t we see kicks on 2nd down more often in OT?
      And what’s missing still is the fact that running a play or two would run down the clock some more.
      Sorry – but no matter how anyone tries to explain it, they leave out that key factor. A TIE would have been as good as a WIN.
      (Gould DOES NOT make that kick 9 out of 10 times even indoors. Maybe 8 out of 10.)

    • BillW

      “It seems a pass was not an option due to fears of a pick or sack in that kind of a situation and that no way a run would have worked cause teams play the run heavily in those situations knowing that a coach would not likely call a pass play.”
      This is where I say Trestman overthinks. They know I won’t pass so I can’t run. And so I clearly can’t choose the wine on front of me. But I can’t pass either becasue they might sack or get a pick. And so I clearly can’t choose the wine in front of you. And liek in the Princess Bride, we die either way.

  • 4ever85 (AKA Butch Deadlift)

    From listening to Trestman’s conference, the biggest reason for kicking it on 2nd was…wait for it…the ball was in the middle of the field.

    That means, by my wacky logic, he didn’t want to run the ball to outside. OK.

    But that also means he didn’t believe running up the middle would gain any yards and might even lose yards.


    Did he decide that before or after he ran up the middle TWICE in 2nd and 3rd and 1?

    There’s something not right here. This is like when one first encounters a terminator. He looks human, sounds human, feels human, but something is off.

    Trestman’s defense of his decisions reminds me of when I used to press my philosophy professors. They would confound me with convoluted terms and arguments, and I assumed I was just an amateur and should just nod and listen.

    After a while I began to realize they’re just as fallible as I am, and while more knowledgable, can conclude erroneously – some were astoundingly wrong.

    I’m begging to get the same feeling here with Trestman. Hope I’m the one who’s wrong this time.

    • BerwynBomber

      I seriously wonder if he blanked for a moment and thought he was still in Canada where there are only three downs. Sounds crazy but people can make glaring mistakes and revert to old habits in pressure situations.

    • Shady

      To your previous point, I don’t sense a common strategy or approach from Trest, he seems all over the place. If he had a certain philosophy I could understand his decisions a bit more clearly, but each time he’s asked why he did something a certain way, he responds with a different answer. That uncertainly and ambiguity can’t be good for players either.

      • bearsfantillend

        i actually like the fact that he is all over the place with his approach, although i agree his approach to short yardage needs some work. who knows there might be a grand philosophy of randomness. as far as his explanations who cares. most coaches don’t tell you crap in press conferences, ie Belichick. What he tells the press and the fans has no bearing on what he is telling players. He hasn’t really thrown any specific players under the bus to the press so the players probably don’t really care. I for one enjoy his press conferences, lot more entertaining than ‘We get off the bus running’ or ‘Rex is our QB’, at least he gives plausible response when he answers questions.

        • 4ever85 (AKA Butch Deadlift)

          I don’t mind a coach being off-kiltered or not dogmatically following a style, or philosophy. That means the coach is flexible.

          But like I stated, when a coach’s instincts results in a 6-6 record, houston, we got a problem.

          “Instincts favor a prepared mind.”

          He seems to stop on green and go on red. It’s still too early to judge him a failure, esp since we all know the crap Angelo gave us all, but his game time decision making needs to improve dramatically.

          We’re 6-6 and none of those victories were impressive. A two win team with a back-up QB just beat us even though we were playing for the playoffs.

          That’s a disturbing trend.

    • Johnathan Wood

      I think he just didn’t trust the offense right then. Didn’t trust McCown after spotty play late in the game (which is why that drive featured only runs), didn’t trust the offense to run it and not lose yards given how they were stuffed up the middle earlier in the game 2x and MIN would surely be expecting run there.

      I still say I would have run a pitch or something to Forte to get him in space and let him pick up some yardage outside.

  • Barb UMihai Mar

    The coaching has been very, very poor. The players have done their best. When I saw Trestman going for the FG on 2nd down I became depressed. It’s like playing a soccer friendly… stupid. Keep the clock rolling, stupid…take 40 seconds off the clock in case you miss, genius. THERE WAS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A TIE AND A WIN !!! You’re 1 game behind Detroit either way… win or tie. Fucking analytics.

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